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January 1, 2023

Greeting one and all.

After much thought, we have decided to put the site into archive mode. The Add Rants page has been deactivated. Anger Central has been online for 25 years now and we have garnered ten's of thousands of rants, raves and insults. However, thanks to Google, we have seen taffic to this site drop to near zero, with the exception of spam.

We are seeing a lot more traffic to our sister page, The Musings of the Angry Webmaster. Mostly what we have been seeing in regards to rants over the last few years have been trolls, spam and other assorted garbage. The site has never been automated, and we have hand edited all the posts that have gone online. We simply don't have the time any longer to wade through the garbage looking for the very few pearls.

On the plus side, Anger Central has gotten several women out of dangerous situations. (They contacted us directly to thank us for our support and suggestions) We have also tried to aid our military with what little we could do, including providing advise to the wife of one soldier who had recently returned from overseas. (We have no idea if she saw it or if we were able to help her)

The Angry Webmaster will continue posting on our Blog site with occasional technical updates from the Angry Systems Administrator. We will leave this site up and hope that you enjoy the rants, raves and in some cases, flat out idiocy of people.

It's been an interesting 25+ years.

Thank you.

The Angry Management

December 11, 2022

Seasons Greetings from Anger Central and a merry Bah! Humbug to you all! Yes it's that most annoying time of the year. The Webmaster has already volonteered to work at his Real World Job on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so he won't have to deal with shopping and other assorted holiday crap.

On the back end, we discovered something very annoying with a third party vendor that the Webmaster was using to store images for the "Blog." He's been using Pinterest, and it looks like they've shadowbanned Anger Central. He's no longer able to drill down and reach the image URL's. He and the Angry Systems Administrator spent the day yesterday downloading their images and backing them up. To say they were not amused would be an understatement. Currently, nothing is broken yet, but we expect that to change soon. When Pinterest, which is owned by Facebook, Zucks us, we're going to have a ton of work to do. We have been able to recover the files at least.

Until Next Time..

Stay Angry!

October 30, 2022

Greetings all. It's been uneventful on the Rant side of the house, with one new rant cominng in. The blog side has been active with the Webmaster writing up a storm.

We had one new rant come in this week, dealing with stinky Walmart shoppers.

The weather is getting colder now, and the Angry accountant is worried about the costs to heat the Angry Webmaster's office. He's put in an auxiliary heating system. He's burning candles for heat and light now. (FJB)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

October 23, 2022

Greetings all. It's been a month since the last update and one of the reasons was a lack of new content. We had something come in regarding Warner television, and that was pretty much it.

It's also been a really bad month for the Anger Central finances. SWMBO's car is back from the body shop and they did an excelletn job. Thankfully, insurance covered almost all of the damage, and we expect her to get her deductible back eventually. (This time the clown who hit her has insurance) The webmaster vehicle, on the other hand, decided it wanted a new transmission. That has put a dent into their finances, but has been paid in full so no debt. The Webmaster is on the list to get on the list to get a 2023 Ford Bronco. He expect to see it sometime in 2135.

The Webmaster has been concentrating on the Blog for the last month, working with the Angry Systems Administrator to change out the comments section. Disqus finally jumped the shark and they decided it was time to drop them.

Speaking of the Blog, one of the posts went viral and generated something like 8000 paghe views. Once the Webmaster recovered from his faint, we wondered why it took off. All it the post was, was a commentary on Massachusetts being hit with a Bruen lawsuit regarding the 2nd Amendment. It would be nice to see things like that happen on a regular basis, but with Googlag actively suppressing sites that don't meet their critera, (Slobbering Communists), we have given up expecting great results all the time. (We'll take what we can get)

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

September 25, 2022

Greetings All. Who here has heard of the latest dumb idea, the Nyquil Challenge? We hadn't, until someone posted a rant about it. We now have a ne section called Dumb Ideas.

The weather has changed and the Angry Facilities Manager has switched off the Air Conditioning units for the year. Now the heating season, followed by the bankruptcy season is coming along.

SWMBO will be taking her damaged car into the body shop this week, two months after the accident. Fortunately, she wasn't at fault and the guy who rammed her is going to get it in the shorts, or his boss's insurance company that is.

No word on the Bronco that the Webmaster has put his reservation in on. They should be putting the order in sometime this or next month. The Webmaster shuld see delivery sometime in 2030.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

September 19, 2022

Greetings all. Well, the weather has started to change, which is making the Webmaster happier. (He hates it when it's hot. Of course, the heating bill for this winter is going to be pretty much unaffordable, and it's beginning to look like the Webmaster's Real World Job is going to close his office and force people to work from home again. (Upper Management doesn't have the guts to doe what Goldman Sachs did and order people back or else)

We had two new rants come in, one of which was a threat to a sitting member of congress. We did post it, since it appears that this bozo is just another leftist blowhard, however, if the Capitol Police want to look into it, we wil provide what help we can. (We like the target of this losers abuse) adly, we do not log IP's to the add page are track things on the main site.

Until next time..

Stay Angry! (At Joe Biden)

September 11, 2022

Greetings all. Well the most expensive year for Anger Central just got a lot more expensive and very worrisome for the Webmaster and the Angry Accountent. The natural gas bill came in and it was three times what it was for the same period the year before, with no changes in usage. This does not bode well for the winter months.

We had one new rant come in on an unpecified car dealership. Someone needs to review their credit rating we suspect.

At least the hot weather appears to have broken finally, but the electric bill isn't going to make the Angry Accountant happy either. We're also anticipating a massive increase in proprty taxes this year as well. To all this I say "Let's Go Brandon! #FJB

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry

September 4, 2022

Greetings all. Happy Labor Day! This is Labor Day weekend in the United States, where we take time off from our working lives to work around the house. (The spouses will have a list for you to do, always)

The Anger Central Primary Dwelling is a case in point. the clothes dryer bit the big one and now no loner functions as anything but a dust magnet and an object to hold the ground in place. The Webmaster has ordered a new one and it will be delivered next week. More money he doesn't have that he has to spend.

Speaking of spending money, the Webmaster has put a reservation in on a 2023 model Ford Bronco. The old Toyota is becoming a "garage queen" and it's time to trade it in. Fortunately, he has kept it in good shape and should get at least $10K for it. His neighbor is interested in buying it so it might be worth more. (The Angry neighbor bought a 1980's Chevy Blazer last year in mint condition, so he likes old cars)

We had two posts come in this week. One we had to give a lot of thougth to but rejected it. It was a bit to broad and could be misconstrued. We moved it to the rejected folder so we can go back and reconsider it.

We also had the usual level of spam, garbage and crap come in. We are still seriously considering putting the site into archive mode and winding down the rants section in favor of The Blog. We have been talking about it for a few years, and no decisions yet. It has been almost 25 years since the site went live. Well, we shall see.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

August 21, 2022

Greetings all. It's been an interesting couple of weeks. The Webmaster has taken time off from his Real World Job, and had to work with the Angry Systems Administrator to replace the Blog's theme. The old one was no longer supported and the back end needed to be upgraded. (Yes we don't like it either)

We've started getting reimbursed for SWMBO's medical expenses from her accident in July. Her car is scheduled for repair at the end of September. Hopefully the parts will be in then.

We had one new post come in. It wasn't the best, nor the worst. We also had the usual spam com in as well.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry! (And on vacation)

August 7, 2022

Greetings all. Apologies on the dirth of posts. Real life has been getting in the way of things.

We finally have the estimate to repair the damage to SWMBO's car, and it's coming in at over $4000. This will go up once they pull the damaged parts off and see what else was broken. We're also starting to get all those wonderful medical bills. We have been talking to her car insurance company and she shuld be covered. It's just going to take time for everything to be processed. She's pretty much recovered from the crash as well.

We have just one new rant that came in regarding those wonderful additions to humanity, CHILDREN!

Otherwise, it's just been a hot and quiet summer here. The Webmaster has been concentrating on The Blog, especially since we're seeing the entire economy starting to slide into into an economic depression, and the idiots in Washington doing everything they can to make things worse. The Webmaster has been writing up a storm, not that anyone actually reads his rants, raves and screeches.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

July 24, 2022

Greetings all.It's been another quiet week here at Anger Central. Everyone is melting from the heat of course, but that is why we have air conditioning. (The Angry Accountant is NOT looking forward to the electic bills this month. FJB)

We had one new rant come in. Why somone hates ketchup is a mystery to everyone here.

SWMBO has pretty much recovered from her accident and we will be taking ehr car in for an estimate later this week. Thanks to the supply chain issues, (FJB), it may be months before the parts come in. At least the car is drivable.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 17, 2022

Greetings all.We have been dealing with a lot here at Anger Central. She Who Muct Be Obeyed was rear ended and had to go to the emergency room. She has significant damage to her slightly more then a year old car. She is currently recovering from a mild concussion and we're dealing with all the insurance stuff. At least this time, the driver didn't hit and run, but then, despite SWMBO's insistence, this wasn't an amazon driver according to the police officer. Her car is drivable and we're taking it in for an estimate for the repairs and how long it will take to get the parts, (FJB)

We had one new rant this week and the usual drivel and spam come in. There is lots going on over on the blog of course.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

July 3, 2022

Greetings all. It is the 4th of July weekend, where all real Americans, (and those who want to be Americans), celebrate our independence from the British Empire. Sadly, far to many moonbats hate this country and everything it stands for. Pity they don't know what happens in the society they think would be perfect. MNost of them would be in gulags or dead. Oh well.

The Anger Central Primary Vehicle had some major repairs down this week. When the Webmaster pulled out to do some shopping, he noticed fluid on the ground, and a nice trail leading from the main street, down their street and into their driveway. He also felt the transmission malfunctioning. He lucked out. It turned out to be some tranmission lines that had rotted away. Still, $1300 he doesn't have. (How about visiting Amazon from out links and buying stuff?)

We had one new rant come in this week regarding furniture. Ok. Why people keep returning to the same place after getting repeated bad service is beyond us.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!
(And try not to blow off to many digits)

June 27, 2022

Greetings all. As you no doubt noticed, we haven't been posting rants that much to the main site. This is due to not seeing anything good come in. One we did get is questionable at best. The Webmaster has been constrating more on the blog in any case.

In other news, the Anger Central Primary vehicle is in the shop with what appears to be transmission problems. (The trail of fluid coming down the street, into the driveway of the Anger Central Primary Dwelling, and the gears slipping privided a hint there was an issue) This is going to be costly. We're going to blame Joe Biden since if it wasn't for him and his failure of a secretary of transportation, Pete Buttplug, the Webmaster would probably be driving a new Ford Bronco right now. None are available until the next model year, and no doubt, thanks to Bidenflation, will cost more then the Anger central Budget can afford.

Until next tine...

Stay Angry!

June 5, 2022

Greetings all. We have been rather quiet for the last few weeks and we apologize for that, Part of the reason is nothing new has come in worth posting. The Webmaster has been concentrating more and more on the Blog, so there is plety of "Grist for the mill" as it were.

We have been getting posts from a troll who doesn't seem to understand that insulting the Webmaster is not going to get his fake rants posted. He also doesn't seem to comprehend the deferences between posting about what makes you angry and hurling insults at everyone. (Liberals seem to suffer from this syndrom the most)

The Webmaster has also set up an account on Truth Social. We're starting to see more and more people following the account there. Our Twitter account is flat and we suspect we have been shadow banned. Parlor isn't doing all that well for us, and the same for GAB. GETTR is also growing for Anger Central. We may decide to "Cut our loses" as it were and drop Parler and Gab.

We also have a presence on Faceplant of course, (although we think we're being shadow banned there as well), and MeWe. That account seems to have slowed a bit, but MeWe is growing and with additional work on their interface, crush Zuckbook like a bug.

Well, it's back to the Blog.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

May 1, 2022

Greetings all. We had no new rants this week, surprising us considering all the news coming out. Well, the Webmaster is going to be busy preprring the blog for updates for the week. His Real World Job is getting busier now.

The Angry Systems Administrator has been playing around with the Plex server. This ties into the lifetime subscription to PlexTV the webmaster decided to buy. The Angry Sysadmin is grumbling about haiving to buy some equopment and setting up a dedicated system to handle the over the air media.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 24, 2022

Greetings all. Yes it's been a couple of weeks since we posted. The reason is simple. We've had nothing to post. We have a couple of trolls trying to put stuff up, and when we read it, we can tell fairly quickly it's trash and toss it into the bozo bin. Likewise, there is someone who like to make things up about how he punches people for any reason. Sorry Charlie, we won't be aiding and abetting your felonies.

There is also one that constantly refers to the Webmaster, usually in a derogatory way. (The last one was accusing him of racism, which indicates that the moonbat doesn't know anything about the Webmaster) On rare occasions we get a threat. The Webmaster just checks his ammo and practices his marksmanship and draw.

On the other hand, the Webmaster has been consentrating on the blog and is getting overrun with new material. He has a lot in his queue and a number of posts ready to go up.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 4, 2022

Greetings all.Yes we're a day late with the weekly update. The Webmaster was working at his Real World Job this weekend and so was unable to push out the updates.

Speaking of updates, we had two rants come in. one from a sufferer of road rage and another who has no life and is upset with Will Smith. No one here cares abut Will Smith or his wife, baldylocks. ;)

SWMBO has a new job and while she has to drive further than she likes, she does have reasonable hours for a change. Still, the Webmaster would like to see her get something better and closer to home, but whatever SWMBO wants, SWMBO gets.

The Webmaster is also taking the week off. As such, he will probably be doing a lot of blog posts, since he is an extremely opinionated individual.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

March 27, 2022

Greetings all. It's been a fairly quiet week in the Anger Central offices. SWMBO is looking for a job, but she is rather picky. She had one lined up, but was called at the last minute and told that the job, along with the business, was gone. (Seems the owner forgot to pay taxes)

Bidenflation is really starting to kick in and the Webmaster is having fits when he pays bills. He's still able to set aside funds each pay period from his Real World Job, but at the rate things are going, and the fact his Real World Job basically stiffed him on pay increases this year, is starting to cause real pain. (It's not like we make anything off this site, especially since we're pretty sure Goolag has shadowbanned us)

We had one new rant come in regarding a restaurant we never heard of. A quick check and we found they aren't local to the Anger Central offices. Oh well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 20, 2022

Greetings all, or perhaps we should say "A belated Top of the Mornin to ya!" Last week was Saint Patrick's Day when everyone pretends to be Irish, except those who are actually from Ireland. They just go into hiding for 24 hours and wait for the whole thing to blow over.

We didn't have any new rants come in last week. Just the usual loads of spam and other assorted manure.

The war in the Ukraine grinds on and we've been watching the Fake President looking to bumble his way into a nuclear war with Russia and China. Most Americans are dead set against sending U.S. Forces into the Ukraine. They have no problem giving the Ukrainians everything they need to defend themselves, including Mig-29 fighters that the Polish government has offered them.

The weather has changed and now the refrain from last year has been renewed:

Spring is here
A-suh-puh-ring is here
Life is skittles and life is beer
I think the loveliest time
Of the year is the spring
I do, don't you? 'Course you do
But there's one thing
That makes spring complete for me
And makes every Sunday
A treat for me

All the world seems in tune
On a spring afternoon
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park
Every Sunday you'll see
My sweetheart and me
As we poison the pigeons in the park

When they see us coming
The birdies all try an' hide
But they still go for peanuts
When coated with cyanide
The sun's shining bright
Everything seems all right
When we're poisoning pigeons in the park
We've gained notoriety
And caused much anxiety
In the Audubon Society
With our games
They call it impiety
And lack of propriety
And quite a variety
Of unpleasant names
But it's not against any religion
To want to dispose of a pigeon

So if Sunday you're free
Why don't you come with me
And we'll poison the pigeons in the park
And maybe we'll do
In a squirrel or two
While we're poisoning pigeons in the park

We'll murder them all
Amid laughter and merriment
Except for the few
We take home to experiment
My pulse will be quickenin'
With each drop of strych'nine
We feed to a pigeon
(It just takes a smidgin!)
To poison a pigeon in the park

(H/T to Tom Lehrer)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 13, 2022

Greetings all. SWMBO has returned from her 1 month vacation in Hawaii. She is now resting from her vacation. :D

It's been rather quiet here at Anger Central. We had one new rant come in.

The Webmaster has given up on buying a new Ford Bronco this year. The order book has closed and Ford has sold out the 2022 model year. Besides, with Bidenflation climbing into the double digits and the economic future in doubt, it doesn't seem like this would be a good time to make that sort of purchase.

Lots going on with the blog of course.The Webmaster has started posting a weekly reminder of what day it is on Fridays.

Finally, it's tax time and the Webmaster has done his taxes. He is not a happy camper of course. He also did SWMBO's taxes. She is a happy camper.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

March 6, 2022

Greetings all. Yes, we know we didn't post anything last week. The Real World got in the way. The Webmaster has gone back to his Real World Job's office since his local has finally deigned to free the mask slaves and remove the shackles. However, he has gone into shock over the costs of gas, (FJB), and may be forced to work from home simply due to costs of going to his real world office.

We have a few new rants ready to go online. Nothing spectacular. Surprisngly, nothing regarding the Russians and the Ukraine either.

SWMBO is due back from Hawaii later this week and the Webmaster is getting things ready for her.

Until next time, (whenever that may be)...

Stay Angry!

February 20, 2022

Greetings all.Well, the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada has been brutally suppressed by Castro's lust child, Justin Trudeau. When we say brutally, we meant it. This was something right out of a police state. We're not sure what the next steps may be, but a nationwide truckers strike would, frankly, show the meatheads in the Canadian parliament who is really running things.

We had two new rants come in. One actually had two different rants in it, but we're feeling lazy this week.

SWMBO is having a great time in Hawaii. The Webmaster spoke to her and she's just lazing around.

Finally, in regards to the Freedom Convoy in Canada:

"Fleeing from the Trudeau tyranny, the last 18-wheeler, Molson, leads a rag-tag fugitive convoy of pickup trucks, campers, jeeps and minivans on a lonely quest...a shining state of freedom known as Texas"

February 13, 2022

Greetings all. Some interesting news for the Webmaster. SWMBO has quit her job, (No real surprise there. The drive was a killer for her), and she has decided to go on vacation for a month. She is visiting her sister in Hawaii. The Webmaster is banging his head agains a wall because he wasn't able to go. (Real World Work), SWMBO made a spur of the moment decision. Her last day was Sunday, she decided to go on Tuesday, got her tickets that night and flew out of Logan Airport on Thursday. The Webmaster talked to her Friday night and could here the wonderful weather in the background. (Currently snowing at the Anger Central Primary Dwelling)

We had one new rant com in this week, and, of course, 100 junk messages.

The Webmaster is also on call for his Real World Job. His Real World Job has a big customer and that customer likes to have a 12 hour conference call going during ther Superbowl. In years past, nothing has happened. They also have a specific person they work with, but he had a family emergency and may not make it today, hence the On call for the Webmaster.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 6, 2022

Greetings all. Once again, the totalitarian paranoid hypochondriacs on the city council have decreed that "YOU VILL VEAR MASKS OR ELSE!" This means another month working at home for the Webmaster for his Real World Job since he will not wear a mask in his office. (Or anywhere else for that matter if he can at all avoid it)

The Webmaster went out car shopping over the weekend with the Angry Brother in-Law. The checked out the Ford Bronco's that the Webmnaster is very interested in. When the Webmaster enquired about the estimated delivery dates, he was told "12-18 months) We knew about the chips shortages, but this is not funny. FJB! Let's Go Brandon! The Webmaster is calling around to other dealers, since the local Ford dealership is not noted for competence. (The did have a 2 door display model, and the Webmaster is interested in the 2 door models, so there is that)

We had three new rants come in. One is someone who's rather annoyed with children. Another appears to be a political troll. Well, we put them up anyway.

Until next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 30, 2022

Greetings all. We're a bit behind today with the update. The entire Anger Central staff just finished cleaning off the 12+ inches of Global Warming we recieved yesterday and last night.

This brings up our rants for the week. One of them was about snow. We whole heartedly agree. The Webmaster has repeatedled asked where the Global Warming he ordered is. The last response we received was that due to supply chain problems, there was know estimated time of arrival.

We had three new rants come in, including the one on snow. We also had some garbage and a couple from the Angry Stalker who likes to insult and threaten the Webmaster. (Here's a hint bozo. Threatening him is a really bad idea for...reasons)

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry! (And warm)

January 23, 2022

Greetings all. Well, the Angry Systems Administrator has purchased a new toy for himself. (The Angry Webmaster is furious too), He bought a new Samsung S21 Ultra to replace his no longer supported LG G8. He's been working with it and he seems to like it. There are a few quirks he's working through of course, but all of his critical apps transferred over with no issues. As mentioned, the Webmaster is living up to the name of the site and is angry. He wants one too, but there isn't a budget available for him to buy one, (FJB! Let's Go Brandon!), and the Angry Systems Administrator bought his out of his own pocket.

We had a "Blast from the Past" this week. The owner of the original Angry.com web site that Anger Central is based on sent in an email. He was surprised that it was still a going concern after almost 25 years. (We're surprised by it too)

We had two new rants come in. One on crypto currency and the other on UPS.

The home city of Anger Central is one of three run by Fascist Paranoid hypochondriacs in the State of New Hampshire that ordered mask mandates put back in place. That is due to expire in a week, and hopefully, the Webmaster can return to his Real World Office and not have to worry about keeping the Anger Central Primary Dwelling at a livable temperature during the day. (No one would be home) If the city government doesn't get a clue, well, there is always Article 10 of the NH state Constitution to refer to.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 16, 2022

Greetings all. It's blazing cold here in the home state of Anger Central. The Anger Central Accountant is not looking forward to the heating bill. (She keeps mumbling things like "Let's Go Brandon and FJB" over and over)

The Angry Systems Administrator bought himself a new toy and is currently working on a blog post about it. Stay tuned.

We had two new posts come in this week, both very good ones. One regarding the manager of a Target who fired a man's daughter because she wasn't legally able to do what he demaded. The other was a rant against the Media. We've opened a new page under "Things" for it

The Webmaster's Birthday is this week and SWMBO wants to take him out for dinner. The only problem is that the city they live in is one of three in New Hampshire that decided to put masks mandates back on. (It's about the science political power don't you know) He's been looking at a restaurant he likes in another town. He needs to check to make sure they haven't been mainlining "The Kool-ade" and won't demand a mask.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 9, 2022

Ok, who ordered the forzon white stuff currently on the ground? Greetings all. It has finally snowed and the Anger Central parking area needed to be cleared for the first time this season. As usual the Weathermorons got it wrong so we weren't ready for it. The really angry facilities manager had to trudge to the local gas station, through deep and blowing snow, both ways to get gas for the Snow removal system. (The only thing green about it is the color)

The new internet connection is working spectacularly well. We're seeing speeds generally far in excess of what we expected and we are not complaining. Compared to the old Comcrap system, it's night and day, especially since the Webmaster is now forced to work from home again for his Real World Job. (The city went Faschist and ordered useless masks again) With the fast upload speeds and no data caps, the Webmaster is not to concerned.

We didn't get anything but spam in this week. Some loser keeps posting about feet and another keeps making up things that lead to his hitting someone. Both have been sent to Dev/Null.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 2, 2022

Greetings all and welcome to 2022. The Webmaster worked right through Christmas and has been off all week. He has been extremely busy. Working with the Angry Systems Administrator, they have upgraded their internet connection and service. They have dumped Comcast and signed on with a new company, Fidium. (Spun off from Consolidated Communications) The connection went from 100Mbs download, 5mbs upload to 250mbs download and upload. It's also a lot cheaper than Comcrap as well.

The Webmaster also had to replace his glasses. His perscription changed enough that he was having some issues seeing and his eye doctor wrote a new one. He picked up the lenses last week and they are definitely an improvement. He will be ordering a second set of lenses for his spare glasses and possibly some sunglasses as well.

The Angry Systems Administrator has also "Pushed the button" and ordered new mobile phones for himself and the Webmaster. The LG G8 ThinQ that he and the Webmaster use are no longer supported and are coming up on 5 years of service. They are still good phones, but it's time to replace them, and since LG has left the mobile phone market. the Angry Systems Administrator has been doing a lot of research.

One of the things that annoyed him was how most of the manufacturers are no longer supporting SD cards. We both use those to store data we use, as well as pictures. Since the SD cards are no longer available, the Angry Systems Administrator has to look at phones with greater internal storage capacity. After many YouTube videos, he went for the Samsung S21 Ultra. This is the top of the line Samsung smartphone and should be good for a few years.

Since this was the holiday season, we didn't get any new posts in. Hardly surprising of course. The Webmaster is still thinking about putting this site into Archive mode and not accpeting any new posts, but as yet, he hasn't decided. We are coming up on almost 25 years of Anger Central. We have seen a marked decrease in traffic, and we believe this is due to Google playing games with their search results. (No! Say it isn't So! Google would never do something like that, would they?) We shall see what he decides of course.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

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