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Here is where you can mouth-off to the world about everything that ticks you off. Fill-out the blanks on the page and hit the "Submit Rant" button and this page will format your info and create a web page for the to put it on the site in the next site addition.

Please be as brief and as specific as possible when you give us the name of what angers you because the web page maker gets all screwed-up if you give us some long-ass title for the new page. We want your anger here at Angry.Net, but make it good and bitter (and watch your spelling!!)

Your submission will be anonymous because all the data transmission takes place on our server (our web cgi works with our email system)

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Posting Guidelines
Skip the guidelines, I wanna rant!

Because of the enormous number of rants we get that have little or nothing to do with what this web site stands for, we have been forced to create these guidelines on what is acceptable.

  1. This is NOT a hate site! 
    We don't want to hear that you hate someone or something. We aren't interested. We want to know why you are angry instead. For instance. I hate George Bush! That will not be posted. I am Angry at George Bush ad telling us why is acceptable
  2. No Names!!
    Do not post full names, addresses or anything that can be used to identify a person. Example: A posting saying that John Smith of Topeka, Kansas makes me angry will be deleted. Saying john of Kansas makes me angry is acceptable
  3. Racist drivel will be deleted! 
    We tried creating a racist page but it backfired. To many Klansmen, neo-Nazis and all around scumbags kept posting about ethnic groups and how they hated them. We finally deleted that section and will no longer accept anything about why blacks, whites, Armenians suck. We don't care why you think they do, and in fact you are just showing us you are stupid and should be put down like a rabid animal.
  4. I despise my boss!
    Don't we all? Now why are you angry at him/her? And please do not post things that can identify where they work. This ties in to the last guideline.
  5. I hate this company!
    Very nice. You hate a company. So what? We want to know why you are angry at this company, not why you hate it.
  6. Please avoid Slander/Libel
    We have gotten tired of dealing with threats from lawyers. Of course they don't understand we would throw them out of their office windows if they came after us, but how about we avoid the whole problem.
  7. No excessive punctuation!
    We are tired of seeing three lines of exclamation points or question marks. No more then three please if you wish to emphasize a point.
  8. Avoid multiple postings
    Please avoid doing a large number of postings in one sitting. Granted they are probably different subjects, but when we see them most or worthless. Try writing one good one instead of a bunch of mediocre ones. Besides we get annoyed when we see 90 new posting first thing in the morning. :)
    (This isn't a guideline so much as a request from a haggard and flustered webmaster)

As always Anger Central will make the final determination of what goes online and what doesn't.

If, for some reason, this form does NOT work, please use the Add Page on the blog as a backup.

For those concerned about security, please feel free to use our GnuPG key to encrypt the rant before sending it in to us. You can also download our public key for your keyring.

What category does your anger fall into?

What is the object of your anger?
please be brief and specific
the text you enter will be a part of the title of your web page
Why are you so damn angry?
the text you enter will be the substance in your web page so please
watch your spelling and other potential sloppy language habits

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All post submitted are final and will NOT be removed.

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