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December 30, 2012

Good evening all. We're holding off on our weekly updates until the 1st of the new year. It just seems a better time to do them.

See you then!

December 23, 2012

Good day all. Not a lot happening here in the Anger Central offices. We are having our Christmas party tomorrow. In the Angry Webmaster Real World job, we won't be having an office party. There's only 3 people left and it would be very depressing.

We had a couple of people complain about the site. One didn't like the time between updates. The other was whining about how the site is put together and maintained. Neither one of them could spell worth a damn and we all loved the random punctuation that was used.

This will be the first Christmas for the Webmaster without his father. As you recall, the Webmaster's father passed away last summer. We all miss him.

Have a Merry Christmas!
(None of that politically correct crap about Seasons Greetings here!)

December 16, 2012

Good evening. There has been a massacre of school children in Sandy Hook Connecticut. The Webmaster has his say on the blog.

The Webmaster has purchased Mrs. Webmaster's Christmas gift. It arrived last week at the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. The Webmaster is working at home these days and it was also Mrs. Webmaster's day off. She saw the Amazon box and thought it was another book the Webmaster bought himself.

He told her No, it was her Christmas gift. Then he asked her if she wanted it now, or on Christmas day? She said Christmas day, but wanted to know what it was. :D

Well, not much else happening. A couple of recruiters called but the Webmaster wasn't interested. He did point them at a long ago former coworker who recently got laid off and is looking for a job.

in any case...

Stay Angry!

December 9, 2012

Greetings all. This has been a very quiet week. The number of postings is down as mentioned last week, but this may also be the time of year.

The Webmaster has bought Mrs. Webmaster her Christmas gift. Hopefully she will like it.

This week was also the anniversary of the previous sneak attack on the United States. December 7th, 1941, a day that will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

At least the Imperial Japanese concentrated on military targets which could, and did, shoot back. Muslim terrorists don't like going after people who can shoot back. Basically they're cowards.

And to those who are Jewish, Happy Hanukkah to you, and Merry Christmas to the rest. (None of this politically correct "Season Greetings" crap here!)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

December 2, 2012

Hail and Salutations. We are coming up on the end of another year. The Angry Systems Administrator is starting to look at stats, and the Webmaster is supervising him. ;)

Another coworker of the Webmaster's, in his Real World Job, has been let go. She was a contractor and we've all been expecting it. Hopefully she lands something fast. Frankly, we aren't expecting things to improve on the job front.

Speaking of which, the Webmaster has pulled back from his search for a bit. His current manager is giving him more responsibilities which bodes well for his continued employment. Considering the bills this month, the Webmaster is hopeful.

On the back end, posters may have noticed a change to the captcha on the ADD page. The Webmaster made a few changes which increased the difficulty a bit. It does seem to have helped since the crap we get from that page has dropped significantly.

Finally, the USS Enterprise, (CVN-65), the worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, has been retired and will be formally decommissioned next year after 50 years of service. The Webmaster wrote up a post for this event on the blog.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 25. 2012

Greetings all. We hope you had a good Turkey Genocide day. We sure did! Many turkeys were sacrificed for the dining pleasure of the Anger Central crew and their families. We all enjoyed making the PETA moonbats scream, rant and rave as we chowed down on roasted turkey. :)
Even Mrs. Webmaster was able to get the day off for a change.

On the back end, it looks like someone is using our add form and possible the contact form to send in loads of spam. The Angry Systems Administrator is looking into remedies not to exclude hunting the spammers down. castrating them and then crucifying them. (Use rope, not nails. They suffer more)

This has also been an expensive months for the Webmasters, so please use our Amazon links to buy stuff. Mrs. Webmaster wants a GPS for her car and who is the Webmaster to deny the Beautiful, intelligent Mrs. Webmaster what she wants? ;)

In any case, until next time,

Stay Angry!

November 18, 2012

Good day Angry Fans. The Webmaster saw James Bond Skyfall last week. The Webmaster wrote a detailed, spoiler laden review of it. Long story short, he liked it.

The Webmaster is also taking some time off from his real world job. He found out he had 19 days of vacation time he had to use or he would lose it. As to the new responsibilities, he is digging in and learning things, however he still needs to understand the processes he has to go through when he wants to handle maintenance tasks.

This week is Turkey Genocide day. Please kill a turkey for mommy on Thursday!

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 11, 2012

Good day all. Today is Memorial day. Please visit the Blog to see Anger Central's remembrance of those who gave their lives for our freedoms

We had an election this week. Because of Memorial Day, we will refrain from making political comments here.

The Webmaster has been given new duties at his Real World Job. This bodes well for his continued employment.

Mrs. Webmaster has a second part time job. She is teaching children how to speak and read Chinese. She does this on Sunday's before she goes to her regular job.

The Webmaster is planning on seeing the new Bond film later this week. :)

Until next time,

Stay Angry!
(And take a moment to think about those who lost their lives so you could post your rage here)

November 4, 2012

Well, that was an interesting week, in the Chinese meaning of "Interesting." Last weekend we had Obama bothering people and then in came Sandy. From out point of view, Sandy was the lesser of two evils. ;)

The Anger Central primary dwelling lost a single pane from a window and that will be repaired shortly. Otherwise no issues. Of course, New York City has had to deal with Hurricane Sandy and then Moronic Michael.

No news on the job front although the Webmaster's current job is handing him more duties. That is making the Webmaster feel a little bit better of course. The Webmaster heard from a former coworker who has landed a job near his house. However, it looks like another company that the Webmaster has applied to in the past, (And a large number of former coworkers from the company that screwed him years ago), is circling the drain. It seems they have laid off 75% of the people there including all the people who knew.

As the Webmaster has told us, "Been there, Done that, and all I got was that lousy unemployment check."

On the posting side, it's been light this week. Perhaps there will be more next week, And speaking of which....

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

October 28, 2012

Good day all. Well, that was fun...NOT! A good friend of Anger Central lives in New Hampshire. (Actually not far from the Anger Central Corporate Offices). President Obama came to town and the poor guy happened to live on the street they used to channel every single person who was going to the rally. We were fortunate that we weren't that close, otherwise this weeks updates might have been delayed for...oh 15 years or so. (The Webmaster is not known as a supporter of Obama)

Our friend, (actually he's the friend of the Angry Systems Administrator), took a lot of pictures and posted them on Faceplant Facebook. He referred to the lines of people backed up to City Hall as "Lemmings heading for the Kool-Aid."

BTW, don't forget we have a fan page available on Faceplant.

Absolutely nothing new on the new job front. On the current job front, the Webmaster is in the middle doing his review. He hates doing his own review. Still, he wants to both keep the job and get a raise.

We have a massive storm coming up the coast, and while the main office and the Datacenters are inland and above the flood zone. We don't anticipate any problems, although we might lose power for a bit.

Well, we need to get going now. The Webmaster thinks the Secret Service has finally located his hideout. Until next time, (Provided Guantanamo has internet access available for the inmates)....

Stay Angry!

October 21, 2012

Greetings angry people, it's been a rather quiet week here at Anger Central. Nothing but contract job offers. (Which the Webmaster isn't interested in since it would mean giving up a permanent job)

The Webmaster also discovered that Anger Central's favorite liberal was posting her video blog again. Yes, it's Paula Priesse. Also, the Webmaster was flipping channels the other night and saw Mitt Romney addressing the Al Smith dinner. The poor guy split a side he was laughing so hard.

We also had an earthquake last week. The Angry Systems Administrator posted a full report on the complete lack of damage that was done to the Anger Central offices and Data Center.

Otherwise, not much at all.

In any case...

Stay Angry!

October 14, 2012

Greetings all, Another week, another debate and another Vice-President making a complete ass of himself. The Webmaster has written a couple of postings on that so feel free to look at them. Or not.

The Angry Systems Administrator would like to note that Mozilla has upgraded Firefox again, and so badly botched the upgrade, they rolled back until the could fix the hole they made. They have released a new version.

The Angry Brother has bagged Bambi's twin. Bambiburgers for everyone!!

As usual, nothing new on the job front. It looks like everyone is waiting to see how the election goes. We suspect that if Romney wins, there's going to be a major change in how business perceive things and they may start spending the money they have been banking for the last 4 years. (Expansions, new hiring, etc)

If Obama wins, we will see a new raft of layoffs coming. We shall see. One thing the Webmaster noted, in 2008 he was tripping over Obama supporters walking around and annoying him. This time? He mentioned one collage student knocking on doors and she was holding Romney/Ryan literature. She was informed that the staff at Anger Central is voting en mass for Romney, even if we really don't like him much.

We also had a rant aimed at the Webmaster. We haven't had one of those in a while. Since the jerk in question was probably assuming it wouldn't be posted, here's the link to the rant. ;)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

October 7. 2012

Greetings all, we hope you enjoyed the utter demolition job the Republican Candidate did to the current president. We did.

In other news, nothing new on the job front. No surprises there of course. If the Webmaster was willing to give up his permanent position for the world of contracting, he probably would find something in short order. Of course, the Webmaster detests contracting and will only do it if nothing else is available and he is out of work at the time.

Also, when the Webmaster is preparing the weekly updates, he tends to listen to the TWIT podcast as it's going out live. However, there appears to be some technical issues and he just killed it. Besides, they were going on about how wonderful Obama and Steve Jobs are/were. In other words, the Webmaster got bored.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(And some moonbat seems to have taken offense at something the webmaster said on the blog, This should be interesting)

October 1, 2012

Good day all. Sorry for the delay in posting, but the Webmaster was busy yesterday and the Systems Administrator couldn't be bothered.

Otherwise, no major news to report.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

September 23, 2012

Greetings all. As expected, the job fell through for the Webmaster. He got a call lat Monday for a second phone screen. He set it up for Thursday but never got a confirmation. Thursday cam and went with no call. He contacted the HR blivit he was dealing with and "Oh I forgot to let you know they are going with an internal candidate."

Oh well. From what the Webmaster heard, this was a good group to work with. Perhaps they will call him in again. One of the issues he has is another coworker has been told her job is done in a month. She's a nice kid and the Webmaster is hoping she lands on her feet.

The Webmaster also went and saw Resident Evil: Retribution. He wrote up a review and he was rather disappointed in it. He's already planning on Judge Dredd for his next viewing/review.


Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 16, 2012

Good day all, quite a bit of news this week/ The Webmaster had a phone screen with another company and the hiring manager was interested in bringing the Webmaster in for an interview. This is a good sized company, but as usual, the Webmaster isn't holding his breath.

On the flip side, his current company is starting to bring him in on projects and process they have...after TWO YEARS! He has been basically twiddling his thumbs and keeping his creaking infrastructure going while they try and move things into the purchasing company's network. Again, he isn't holding his breath.

The anniversary of the 9/11 attack was this week. The Muslims decided to celebrate by storming our embassies and murdering a few diplomats. Obama's answer to this was to deny that it was a planned attack and have someone who made a really bad movie arrested in California.. The Webmaster wrote up a few posts on these atrocities along with his opinion on what needs to be done.

Follow the Blog for more of the Angry Webmaster's rantings and ravings pearls of wisdom.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

September 9, 2012

Good day all. Not a lot happening this week due to the holiday. As you will notices, even new postings coming in are few.

So, until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 2. 2012

Happy Labor Day! Anger Central is laboring hard making sure that no one here accomplishes anything of note.

Until next time!!

August 26. 2012

Good day Angry Fans.

Well, that job the Angry Webmaster was called about went to someone else. The Webmaster was called by a headhunter and the company in question hired someone directly. Unfortunately this does make sense. If the company hired the Webmaster through the headhunter, they would have to pay him in addition to the the Webmaster's salary. In any case, the money was not good.

Yesterday, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, passed away. The Webmaster wrote up a posting on the blog honoring him.

The Webmaster also found out that the Democrats have stolen the Cheney Halliburton Hurricane Machine in order to drown the Republican convention this week. It makes for some interesting reading. Be advised, don't have anything in your mouth that may spew. ;)

Otherwise, not much else is going on.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 19, 2012

Greetings all. It's been fairly quiet here. We've been getting slammed with spam, as we mentioned last week. It's being handled. With luck we'll get a good price for them in the Somali slave markets.

That job we mentioned for the webmaster? The headhunter passed on a link to him to some site that gives online sql classes and a test. The Webmaster skipped the classes and took the test and was surprised at the results. He got a 75%. The headhunter has submitted him. No word as yet, but the Webmaster isn't expecting to hear back one way or the other until next week. One of the problems with this job is the compensation. It's a lot less then he's getting now. In fact it knocks him back to close to where he was 6 years ago. He's negotiating of course.

Mrs. Webmaster is happily enjoying the Chinese "Lovely" stories on Netflix. She got up early last week to watch one and was so engrossed she lost track of the time and was almost late for work. One of the problems with the Webmaster trying to find good movies for Mrs. Webmaster is language. A fair number are in Cantonese, and Mrs. Webmaster speaks Mandarin. Still, we've found about 20 hours of movies for her to watch and cry over. :D

Until next time.....

Stay Angry!

August 12, 2012

Good day all, as expected, no calls from the job the Webmaster interviewed for. He has heard from another place but they want more SQL ability than the Webmaster has. We shall see.

The Webmaster has been looking at Netflix streaming. We just discovered all sorts of Chinese language films for Mrs. Webmaster. One problem. The free trial ends tomorrow. The Webmaster is going to continue the service for a few months, but we would love it if you donate to Mrs. Webmaster's Chinese Language, (Mandarin), Movie Fund. :)

The Webmaster has been banging away on the Blog. He was rather happy that Romney had decided to do something bold...for once.

Well, things need to be done, so until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 05, 2012

Greetings one and all. Well, we got one hell of a lot of spam this week. Looks like someone managed to crack the highly secure CAPTCHA system. Ok, it isn't all that secure, we know. It's only there to slow them down a bit.

The Angry mother is out of the hospital and feeling much better. The Webmaster, being a good son, has arranged to get Comcrap cable television into her room, and will be paying for it for a very long time. (We hope it's a long time) Feel free to donate to The Angry Mom's cable Television Bill

On the job front, as expected, no further response from the company the Webmaster spoke with. pity really, it sounded like an interesting job. One of the issues for the Webmaster is VMware. He understands it but has never worked with it, can't afford the time or the cost to take the classes and even if he did, in his current role will never use it. :(

In any new job the Webmaster takes, it will be 4-6 months to learn the systems, processes etc. and he could pick up what he needs to know on virtualization in a couple of weeks.


Oh, with regards to Chick-fil-A. None of us knew there was one near the Anger Central offices and by the time we found out, Mrs. Webmaster had dropped off two tons of product from the restaurant she works at. We found out later that the local franchise was mobbed just like all the others.

The Webmaster also saw the final installment in the Batman trilogy last week. He has written a review of course so feel free to take a look at it.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 29, 2012

Good evening all. First, we had a rant come in from a wife that was a classic call for help. It's titled "Lazy, Inconsiderate Husband 8" We wrote an extensive note and we hope she sees it. In out inexpert, unprofessional opinion, this marriage can't be saved. We recommend that she begin the process of leaving and protecting herself and her children. We are concerned regarding her talk of violence in the marriage. Please seek help asap.

On the job front, the Webmaster had a phone screen with a local company. Local as in walking distance from the Anger Central Primary Residence. If the money is good enough the Webmaster will give this position serious consideration. Of course, the Webmaster is NOT holding his breath.

Mrs. Webmaster is having some back problems and is actually considering seeing a doctor. The Webmaster has been trying to get her to do this for some time now, however, it took one of Mrs. Webmaster's good friends, who is a doctor, to convince here. Mrs. Webmaster actually went to an acupuncturist and has marks all over her back. Mrs. Webmaster has always said that she would never go to one because she was afraid of the needles. This disappointed one of her sisters who is a trained acupuncturist in China. ;)

The Webmaster's mother has moved to a retirement home, but last week was taken to the hospital. It turns out she has walking pneumonia and apparently has been suffering with it for a while. They should be able to knock this back with antibiotics and she should be returning to her new home soon.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 21, 2012

Good evening all. First Baen Bulk. We're happy to announce that Baen Bulk met it's goal in about 72 hours and closed the donation window. We have no doubt that it will be reopened at a later date once the current Bulk has been ordered and shipped. We have been informed that the Webmaster has been selected for an incredibly gory death at the hands of Tom Kratman. Couldn't happen to a nicer webmaster. ;)

We completely missed that yesterday was the anniversary of the moon landings. We would like to thank President Obama for ending any chance of the United States returning.

No news on the Job front for the Webmaster. Not surprising of course.

The Webmaster's mother has moved into a retirement center. The house was just to large for her and she isn't in the best of health. The Webmaster and his beloved Mrs. Webmaster visited the home and found it to be very good. Mrs. Webmaster was very impressed. They have nothing like this in China. Hmm, possible business opportunity?

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 15, 2012

Good day all, Rather than go over the usual things going on in back office of Anger Central, I'm going to post a blurb I put it up on the Blog regarding Baen Bulk.

Operation: Baen Bulk 2012

Good day all. If you have paid any attention to the Musings of the Angry Webmaster, you will have noticed that we spend a fair amount of time on Baen’s Bar, a web forum for authors and those who enjoy their works.

The Angry Webmaster was contacted by one of the “Barflies” who, for the last few years has been organizing a support network for entire military units instead of just the individual military personnel. He asked him to post this request for people to send in donations for this most worthy of causes.

WHAT is Operation Baen Bulk??

OBB is a different kind of support for the troops. Instead of focusing on individuals, we support entire UNITS, by finding what they need, or want, and can’t easily or quickly get while deployed. . .and get it to them. In LARGE quantities. Think of it as the Warehouse Club approach to Soldier Support: we use

the power of buying and shipping in bulk, to maximize the stuff delivered to our troops, out at the pointy end of the spear, and minimize things like waste, shipping costs, etc. And in the process, generally deliver a lot more to the individual soldier than normal “CARE Packages” do.

WHO is Operation Baen Bulk?

Operation BAEN BULK started in the fall of 2009, when our founder got a 90-day layoff notice, and moved into the Layoff Pool. With nothing to keep him busy, he corresponded with a few deployed Gis, and noticed that while they had individual requests, there were a number of things they mentioned their entire outfit needed or wanted. And he needed a project to keep him sane while looking for a job with the economy going south And thus, was BAEN BULK born: a bunch of SF fans, all of whom read the military SF that Baen Books published, pooled our money and resources to insure the ZombieKillers (a training detachment somewhere in Afghanistan) could have some Christmas Trees and good coffee. And kept him busy, productive and sane. (and yes, he did find another job. A BETTER job, in fact. . . )

Since then, we’ve provided for the oddball requests and creature comfort needs of several deployed units. . . and now, we’re moving on to a crowd-sourced model for raising funds, with achievement tiers so as soon as a threshold is reached, items will be ordered and sent off to the Ammo Dawgs. . .

HOW do we do it??

First, we get in touch with an individual at a given unit. We talk to them, and find out the specific needs and wants of the unit. Then we find the best buys we can find to deliver those wants. We then raise the funds, and when we get enough, we order the stuff, and send it to the troops.

So, you want to help. . .what do YOU do???

This one’s easy. You go to our website at http://OBB.TeddRoberts.com You make a donation, using a major credit or debit card, or PayPal. And then, once we pass the “tipover” point, it’s on. We keep collecting donations until the scheduled end of campaign OR we hit $2500. (if THAT happens, we cut off donations, and prep for the next unit we’re helping, and re-open as soon as we have their needs. . .), then PayPal turns the money over to us, we order the stuff, and it ships to the soldiers. Anything over the “tipover” allows us to send more stuff, which we list on the site. . .

The next step. . .is up to you. We’ve been doing this for three years. We’d love to have you join us. . .

Both myself and the Angry Systems Webmaster will do our small part to help out. Please open your wallets and help support our boys and girls serving overseas. Let them know we care and will do what we can to make their lives over there a little better.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

And give to Bean Bulk 2012 until your wallet screams in agony...they whack it some more.

July 9, 2012

Good day all. Sorry for the delay but real life intruded for the Webmaster this weekend.

On the job search front, as expected, no call backs from the companies he spoke with. Not surprising considering the economy is crap thanks to the morons in DC. (Some want to blame Wall Street, but they just ran with the hand dealt them by the oligarchs in Washington)

The Webmaster also had to spend money he didn't want to this weekend. The Angry Systems Administrator might chime in on the blog about it. Or not. :)

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

July 1, 2012

Good day all. With all the things that happened we failed to mention that the Webmaster had to more phone screens a week ago. One was for a very promising company. The manager liked the Webmaster, but the to technical people didn't like the fact that the Webmaster has not been able to get any experience with VMware. The manager will no doubt defer to the other two, and as usual, the Webmaster will be coming closer to that point when he is on the street, never to work again in his chosen field.

Then will come the massive taxes people will pay for NOT buying health insurance, courtesy of Chief Justice Roberts. The Webmaster is now calling for his impeachment along with the other 4 totalitarian statest who have now ended Freedom in the United States.

The Webmaster's father was buried this week with military honors. Mrs. Webmaster was a wreck during the whole funeral. The Webmaster wasn't much better. We did get some condolences from one of our fans. Thanks.

Well, we're still in mourning, so until next time...

Stay Angry!

June 24, 2012

I'm stepping out of character this week.

Last week my father passed away.

Nothing else is really important right now.

June 17, 2012

Good evening all. The Webmaster has a lot of things going on in his personal life so there won't be much in the news tonight.

June 10, 2012

Greetings all. This has been an eventful week. The Webmaster was contacted by two different company's, out of the blue. The Webmaster has applied to both these companies, but that was quite some time ago. Both are good, well known corporations and the opportunities are interesting. Hopefully the two managers will ask the Webmaster to come in for a formal interview. It would be nice to have two separate offers for once.

In the Webmasters Real World Job, the Webmaster's manager called at 9:30pm for a problem. It was a serious one, but was due to a programming error the Webmaster had seen before. It was a quick fix. The hour long reaming the next morning was not pleasant. However the error was explained and he saw it as a coding issue that the Webmaster has to work around on the servers. Well, at least they are continuing to expand his duties in the corporate system.

An aside. When the Webmaster got this job, he was the sole Systems admin for the small company he worked at for almost two years. They finally hired another one, and as you may recall the company was sold a few months later. The other Admin left shortly after the new year. The new company hired a contractor and the Webmaster spent several month training him up. He also left when he found a permanent position elsewhere. A few months later they brought in yet another admin. He left a month ago when he saw the writing on the wall. What do all these occurrences have in common? The Webmaster was flat out working his butt off during the busiest time of the year with no backup. This will be the fourth year this has happened.

Please excuse him if he goes off the deep end on occasion. :)

Today was the Angry Niece's graduation party. Now she is looking for a job. Fortunately she has no debt to worry about. A relative left her and her brother sufficient funds in trust to get them through 4 years of school.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

June 3, 2012

Greetings all. If you happened to visit the Blog, it looks like Anger Central is in need of a new coffee machine. The Angry Systems Administrator is going through caffeine withdrawal and posted a cry for help. ;)

The Webmaster spoke with his "Real World Boss" last week and now has a new title. If you recall, the company he works for in "Real Life" was merged with another one and they just completed the HR work. Frankly, although the money is the same, it is a demotion.

He also informed his manager that moving is just not an option at this time. Mrs. Webmaster is against it, and the Webmaster is deeply involved in aiding his parents. His "Real World Manager" will see about getting him into one of the local offices or working from home. He has also given the Webmaster a series of new duties which bodes well for continued employment.

Speaking of which, the Angry Parents are going to move from the Anger Central Ancestral Home in a couple of weeks. The Angry Sister has been handling this and there are three offers on the table. The only problem is, this will be a short sale since the property is underwater on the mortgage. The Angry Father has been keeping up with the payments at least.

Well, the Webmaster has to go pry the Angry Systems Administrator out from under his desk. He's planning on making a stop to get a new coffee machine and some fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

May 29, 2012

Good day all, sorry for the posting delays, but Anger Central decided to take the weekend off and remember those who died so we could be free.

Thank you

The Staff at Anger Central

May 20, 2012

Greetings all. Not a lot happening here at Anger Central. Mrs. Webmaster is back at work at the job the Webmaster hates. The webmaster has been rejected yet again for a new job AND he was tasked by his manager to basically reapply for his current job due to the latest merger.

The Angry father is back at home, and the Webmaster will be spending time helping out. His father is not doing well. The angry family has decided to put the Angry Ancestral Home up for sale. The problem is, the mortgage is underwater.

In other words, the Angry Webmaster is going to be a bit preoccupied. So...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 13, 2012

Good evening all. Things have been rather quiet here. Mrs. Webmaster has been getting over her jetlag and is working tonight at one of her old restaurant jobs. For now she is work "as needed", but she has a history with the local Chinese restaurants and is very popular with most of the owners.

On the job front, that company that has been playing ping pong with the Webmaster? The HR person he has talked with in the past called him to let him know that the hiring manager was still interested but had been traveling out of the country for the last few weeks. Needless to say, the Webmaster isn't waiting and is sending in resumes everywhere.

He also met with a headhunter last week. This is for a very large contracting agency, but this one handles only permanent openings. As usual, breath is not being held.

The Angry Systems Administrator put up a posting this morning on a problem the Webmaster was having with his computer. It'd very interesting and you might want to read it. If you find yourself with a similar problem, this might be able to fix your problem.

The Webmaster saw The Avengers Friday and has written up an extensive, spoiler laden post on the movie. Long story short. He loved it. ;)

The Angry Father is expected to return to his home next weekend. Her can't wait to get out of that Rehab center and get back to work. The Angry Systems Administrator will go over to the Angry Father's house and make sure his computer is up to snuff.

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

May 6, 2012

YAY! Mrs. Webmaster is back at long last!! The Webmaster is no longer acting like he should be mercy killed. (As in put him of the Anger Central Staff's misery) She is totally jet lagged of course and is still on China time. She also brought back a portable drive with some 200+ Chinese tv shows one of her nephews ripped for her. She's happily staying up all night and watching them all. (And sleeping all day)

Nothing new on the job front, as usual. The job submission mentioned last week? Nothing has happened and the Webmaster isn't expecting anything. So much for being awakened from a sound sleep by a hiring manager.

At the Webmaster's current Real World Job, the third Systems Administrator he's brought on in the last 18 months has handed in his notice. This is his last week. He's a contractor and he saw the writing on the wall. We wish him luck. At least he will have a job when the Webmaster gets handed his pink slip. :(

Oh well

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 29. 2012

Hello Angry fans. A number of items this week.

First, Mrs. Webmaster is due back Tuesday. May 2. Yay!! Maybe now the Webmaster will stop moping around like a castrated monkey.

The Angry Father has been moved from the hospital he's been in for the last month to a formal rehab center. This one is much nicer than the one he was in last year. The only issue is that it isn't close to the Webmaster's primary dwelling. It is 5 minutes from the Angry Brother's home so he gets to stop by every day and cheer him up.

Speaking of which, he is doing a lot better now. He has a private room which is not decorated in institutional white.

On the job front, the Webmaster received a formal "Buzz off, we don't want you working here!" letter from the company he applied to. They also promptly reposted the position. This is leading the Webmaster to suspect they are trying to low ball the compensation.

On the other hand, that night the Webmaster, sound asleep, was awakened by a call from a major company. He had submitted to them 2 months ago for another job but turned it down when he found out it was second shift. The manager, who has difficulty telling time, (10:30PM?), told him to submit directly to the job he was talking about.

The Webmaster promptly tried to and ran into issues with the company's HR site. The job was listed as expired. He wasn't able to submit until late Saturday.

Well, the Webmaster needs to get things ready for the glorious and triumphant of Mrs. Webmaster.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 22, 2012

Greetings, As expected, the Webmaster has not heard back from the company he interviewed at and assumes that he won't be getting that job....DAMN IT!!

The Webmaster also applied to another company and was sent a link to take some sort of an aptitude test. When he looked at it he withdrew his resume. This "test" had absolutely nothing to do with the job he was applying to. At first glance, it looks like one of those things Google gives to their prospective employees.

An interesting thing about that test Google gives. As you may know, Google buys companies. One of the things they do apparently, is to grandfather in the people they want to keep. They don't have to take that test. It seems that if they did, most would not meet Google's qualifications. Since Google is constantly getting into trouble, making mistakes that other internet companies don't, they might want to rethink that test.

In any case, the HR cretin's who sent that test out obviously aren't qualified to do THEIR jobs and should be terminated.

The Angry Systems Administrator has been playing with his new Kindle. He wrote up a review of it today. In fact, the Angry Webmaster has been using it and has ordered one for himself.

Well, that's it for now.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

April 15, 2012

Good day all. The Webmaster went on his job interview and it was much better than the last one. Of course, he won't be getting this job either. :(

It looks like the Webmaster will have no choice but to move to a failed communist state in order to keep his job. Still, it will be a week before he is told, (Or just ignored) by the company he interviewed at.

The Angry Father is improving steadily and should be returning home in a week.

And on this date 100 years ago, the RMS Titanic became one with the fishes after ramming an iceberg.

Somehow, interviewing fore a new job the same week the Titanic sank seems rather poetic to me.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to Mrs. Webmaster!


Mrs. Webmaster is still in China and will be there for another month. The Webmaster is unhappy because he can't shower her with birthday gifts. :(

The Webmaster's father is doing much better and is starting rehabilitation for his hip. This was delayed because the doctors had to adjust his medication for his heart issues. He will be starting the torture rehab treatments this week.

On the job front, the Webmaster has another job interview. This place is actually not far from his current office location. He also spoke with his manager, (Who was pressuring him about moving to Maryland), when the Webmaster made the suggestion about working in a different office nearby or even working at home. The Webmaster would prefer that since it would mean changing his paycheck location to a tax free state. Yay! Instant raise!! :)

We'll see how that goes. Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 1, 2012

Good evening all. No jokes this year. The Webmaster has to much on his mind. The Angry father is improving and with luck should be back home in a couple of weeks. However the Angry Family is looking at moving the Angry Father and Mother into an assisted living community. This will mean selling the Angry Family Ancestral Estate in bad housing market.

The Angry Webmaster has been working at home with regards to his Real World Job for the last week since the accident and will continue to do so. Besides, it's depressing to be in his office. It looks like two more contractors will be let go in the next 4-6 weeks, dropping the number in the office to 4. This is an office designed to hold 35 people.

Oh well...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 25, 2012

Good day all. A lot of news not much of it good.

The Angry Webmasters father took another spill and this time broke his hip. This is very serious, and the Angry Father had two choices. lie in bed for 3 months while it healed, and pretty much go into a wheel chair if he didn't die of pneumonia, blood clots or other infections, or have surgery to put a plate in and fix his hip.

The problem is that the Angry Father has heart problems and the doctors only gave him a 40% chance of living through the surgery. The Angry father decided if he was going to go, he was going in a blaze of glory and chose the surgery. He had it today and came through with flying colors. The doctors plan on having him walking around tomorrow. :)

Needless to say the Angry Family is very happy with the outcome.

As usual, nothing on the job front. The opening the Webmaster applied to that turned out to be in Boston and not where they listed it in the posting has probably gone to someone else. The manager probably picked up on the surprise of the Webmaster and decided to pass him over. The Webmaster has been getting a lot of offers for contract jobs, but since he has a full time position, for however long it lasts, doesn't see the need to go to one that might last 6 months.

Internally, we only saw 6 postings come in this week. That was surprisingly low. Our guess is the weather was affecting the posting public. ;)

Anyway, the Webmaster is off to the hospital.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 18, 2012

Greetings all. Well, the Webmaster had his interview last week. He was disappointed and doesn't expect to get the job. If offered, he will have to seriously think about turning it down. When he arrived and started talking with the manager he was told that the job was not where it was listed in the job posting, but in down town Boston.

The Webmaster has had to go into Boston in the past, and isn't looking forward to doing it day in and day out. Also the job may require him to go to Connecticut as well. He might consider the job IF the money is good enough. Of course, The Webmaster probably won't be offered the job. He thinks they may have picked up on his surprise that the job was in Boston.

The other interview never went off. It was a phone screen with the hiring manager. The original recruiter who called the Webmaster out of the blue left out one small detail. This is a second shift job. The Webmaster doesn't do second shift. He thought long and hard and then emailed the manager to withdraw his resume. He said he just couldn't do those hours.

So it looks like the Webmaster might have to move to...ugh...Maryland if he wants to keep his job.


Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 11, 2012

Happy daylight savings time!! *grumble* So, how many of you forgot to move your clocks ahead? The webmaster forgot.

The Webmaster does have some interesting news. He has a face to face interview and a phone screen with 2 companies next week. The phone screen is for a second shift job and the Webmaster really isn't interested in that. (Something about not being a night person, unlike Mrs. Webmaster) He has also been told that he can keep his job of he moves to Maryland. This would be a major problem for the happy couple. It would be like moving from the United States to North Korea, or Cambodia under Pol Pot. Maryland is a basket case thanks to Governor O'Malley. He has run that state right into the ground, much as he did to Baltimore when he was mayor of that blighted city. Still, if it means not going bankrupt. The Webmaster hasn't been able to talk to Mrs. Webmaster about it yet.

The Webmaster went out with his parents last night. His father recently fractured another vertebra, much as he did last year. This was a different one, and they decided not to do surgery this time. Not he's using a back brace and feels much better.

And the Webmaster is also steaming about the $500 he had to spend on new lenses for his glasses. His prescription didn't change, but the lenses are scratched. He does have extras added to the lenses, but the basic lens is still $200.

As you will see, it was a light week for ranters. Well, the Webmaster was busy blasting away on the Blog. Even the Angry Systems Administrator got into the act. Pop over and take a look.

Anyway, until next time...

Stay Angry!!

March 4, 2012

Good evening all. Not much happening. The Webmaster has been getting pressure to move from his current location to the location of his company's HQ. He's not really interested but since he can't find a job locally and the alternative is poverty.

There are a few issues of course. Essentially he will be forced to move from a free state to a Marxist/totalitarian state that is, for all intents and purposes, bankrupt. The current governor there has a simple motto. "If you can dream it, we will tax it." Needless to say the Webmaster is desperately looking for a job locally. Besides, ion this market, the odds of him selling the Anger Central Primary Dwelling are very low.

And of course, Mrs. Webmaster has to be part of the decision and she isn't aware of what's happening at the moment. She's more concerned with her mother, which is as it should be.

Oh well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 26, 2012

Good evening all. Just a brief update. We only got in about 8 posts this week that were usable. We also got a lot of spam as well.

The Webmaster is deep into his taxes and is ranting about where the hell the money went. He looked at the combined incomes of himself and Mrs. Webmaster and can't understand why they aren't doing better. He is able to save money each paycheck, but it isn't anywhere near what it should be. Inflation is the problem. That and the fact that taxes are going through the roof. Well that's a rant for the blog.

The Angry Father is doing much better. He's home and is working a bit. Not bad for a man in his late 80's who just fractured a vertebra.

Well, until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 19, 2012

Good evening. The Webmaster had a scare this week. He was called at work and was told that his father was being taken to the hospital and that he might have had a stroke. Many speed laws were slaughtered by the Angry Webmaster as he headed to the hospital. It turns out it wasn't a stroke.

The Angry Father had suffered another fractured vertebra, similar to what happened a year ago. That time he was in the hospital for a week and in rehab for almost a month. This time, the Angry father suffered a compression fracture of the L4 vertebra. The doctors decided that surgery wouldn't be required this time and gave him a back brace.

The Webmaster, who lives just down the street from the hospital, worked at home for the remainder of the week. The good news is the Angry Father was released and is resting at home now.

On the job front, no news is bad news. The Webmaster continues to apply and is constantly getting offers for contract work. He isn't looking for contract work at this time since he has a full time permanent position, for however long that lasts. A couple of weeks ago a company that he applied to emailed him asking when would be a good time to call. He emailed the HR person his schedule and as expected, never heard from them again.

The Webmaster also had to replace his primary monitor this week. The old one, which he really liked, seems to have suffered some sort of damage to the power control board. As long as he left it on and set it to never power down, it worked fine. If he turned it off or allowed it to go into powersaver mode, he would have to keep hitting the power switch to get it to come back on.

And here is where the fun began. He found a good monitor and picked it up. However, he found that it had ONLY HDMI and VGA connectors. The Webmaster's system has VGA and DVI. DVI is the superior of the two. He had to take it back and swap it for another. The second one is fine and also $100 cheaper.

And finally, Mrs. Webmaster called last week. One of her friends, who the Webmaster met during their wedding week in China has just gotten married herself. She is an evil woman, (In a good way). She kept taking the Angry Webmaster and Mrs. Webmaster out and getting them really drunk. That was also the last time Mrs. Webmaster had anything to drink. ;)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

February 12, 2012

Good day all. It's been a quiet and boring week here. The Webmaster has been bashing the "Inevitable" Republican candidate and he hasn't been nice about it.

On the job front, The Webmaster was contacted by another company. the HR person asked when would be a good time to call and he gave this person some times. As was expected, he hasn't heard back from them.

It's been over a year since the Webmaster started looking for another job. He has been offered many openings for contract jobs, but why would he want to leave a permanent job for a temporary one, especially in this economic environment?

Oh well.

Until next time..

Stay Angry!!

February 5, 2012

Quick notes, the Game is on.

The Webmaster finally took care of the refinancing of his home.

Still nothing on a new job.

Gotta go

Stay Angry!

January 29, 2012

Good evening all. This is going to be a short update. The Webmaster hasn't heard back from the phone screen, so he's assumed it was yet another "Thanks but no thanks" deal.

Mrs. Webmaster hasn't called this week, but considering her mom's condition, this isn't surprising.

And now, it's time for the taxes to be done. :P

January 22, 2012

Greetings angry people. It's been a quite week with regards to rants coming in. No idea why. The Webmaster has been posting on the Blog quite a bit this week. Most of it was political, but some was amusing. We even had a world famous Military/Scifi author post in our comments section. (Thank you Tom Kratman)

On the job search front, the Webmaster had another phone screen. This was last Thursday so he isn't expecting to hear back until at least the middle of this week. Of course, the Webmaster doesn't expect to hear back at all. :(

Mrs. Webmaster called from China to say she was fine and to wish a happy birthday to her husband. Unfortunately, she is still suffering a bit of jetlag and called a day early. (Well it was the correct day in China!) Mrs. Webmaster's mother is really bad. Mrs. Webmaster will be spending the next 4 months there since this will probably be the last chance for her to be with her mother.

The Webmaster's refinancing of the Primary Dwelling is all but stopped. The closing was supposed to be two weeks ago, but thanks to Chase, the paperwork was all screwed up. The Webmaster finally did something he has never had to do before. He asked to speak with a supervisor. It looks like the issue has been taken care of and we all hope this gets done soon. The last thing the Webmaster wants to do is call in a lawyer.

Oh, as of this posting, the New England Patriots beat Baltimore!! HAH!

Until next time....

Stay Angry!!

January 15, 2012

Good evening all. It's been a slow week for rants. Only about a dozen or so came in and a couple were rejected. (We want rage people, not arguments or insults)

Mrs. Webmaster is back in China taking care of her mother. The Webmaster is absolutely miserable of course.

On the job front, still nothing. A recruiter would like to meet him, so he might take a day from work. However he has dealt with people from this place in the past, (Headhunters), and they were pretty much useless. On the plus side, the Webmaster got some "graft" from a vendor, 4 pounds of very tasty Kansas City steaks! YUM YUM YUM!!!

Ah well, until next time,

Stay Angry!

January 8. 2012

Greetings and welcome to Hell, I mean the Election season. The phones here at Anger Central Central Command have been ringing off the hook for the last week. In one 45 minute period, we had 12 calls from Ron Paul. The Webmaster finally sent out a tweet that said "Stop calling! I'm not going to vote for that nutjob!" One more day and it's over for about 8 months.

Mrs. Webmaster is leaving for China tomorrow morning. She will be gone for 4 months, although it is possible she will come home early. (That would mean her mother has moved on to a higher plane of existence)

The Webmaster will also be getting his review at his Real World Job. As usual, he isn't thrilled. He still has no word on his future, but since Mrs. Webmaster will be gone, he will no doubt lose his job. This has happened every time since she came to America with one exception.

Speaking of which, no news on the job front. Companies aren't hiring, thanks to Obama, and the jobs he does see are either for short term contracts or they want a ridiculous amount of skills and certifications. They also are offering stupidly low compensation levels. If the Webmaster, or anyone else went for the levels of training and certifications these nitwit IT managers and HR people want, it could cost over $500,000. A person, if very good and timing it correctly, could do all these classes and tests in a year. It takes less to train a brain surgeon!

Getting back to the election, Tuesday is Primary day. The Webmaster lives in New Hampshire and will be voting in the primary. He hasn't decided yet who he is going to vote for, but he does no who he is going to vote against *cough* Romney, Paul *cough*

For those who visit our blog, you will see links to Hot Air. The Webmaster found out that Blogger Ed Morrissey was visiting the Webmasters home town. He was annoyed that he didn't know, otherwise he woujld have gone over and gently prodded him about supporting Mittens Obamney. ;)

Oh Well...

Until next time

Stay Angry!

January 1, 2012

Greetings all, it's a new year and time to clean the house a bit. First, as you can see, we've trimmed the News section. The old section has been moved to the archives and you can follow the link above. We've also trimmed down the RSS feed. It now has the last few posts from December that hadn't gone up yet as well as the ones that came in today.

The Angry Systems Administrator posted a long entry dealing with our monthly stats and the back end things. He also mentioned that we have been online for 14 years. Yes, it's been 14 years since the Angry Webmaster registered Angry.net and activated the site. He also noted the Webmaster's rather fruitless job search.

He wants to move on while he can rather then wait for the axe to fall and who can blame him? He's been seeing a lot of contract work but nothing permanent. While he has done contract work in the past, he doesn't like it and would rather have a long term permanent job with good potential for learning new things and growth. Sort of like where he was at before the company was sold and the buyer began shutting down the old company. :(

Mrs. Webmaster will be heading back to China for 4 months. The Webmaster will be very unhappy of course. January 9th until May 2nd? Yes he will be miserable.

Oh well, until next time...

Stay Angry!

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