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This page is meant to keep all our angry fans informed about the goings on here at Anger Central


  • December 26, 2003
    F*** Christmas!
    (No we won't be going into details this time. Suffice to say it was not a pleasant time with the family)
  • December 21, 2003
    FINALLY!! The webmaster has finally received the approval to bring his fiancée over from China!! It only took the intercession of a United States Senator to get the BCIS off it's collective asses and finish up the paperwork. On December 17th, they sent out the formal approval to his lawyer's office. It should arrive in the next week or so, then will be sent to his fiancée. Hopefully she will be flying to the United States sometime in the next 4-6 weeks. Perhaps this will make the webmaster a little less crabby now. :)
  • December 14, 2003
    Not to much happening here. The webmaster is STILL waiting to hear from the cheese heads at the Immigration service about his fiancée. Also he is grumbling about all the bills he has to pay now. Last weekend he had to buy a snow blower to the tune of $849. He put it to use, but he wasn't happy about that bill.

    Another little mess is his stereo receiver. It didn't survive the move from his old place to his new house. His brother in-law took to a friend of his to see if it was fixable. The guy said that after he cleaned out the dust dinosaurs, he found that several boards will need to be replaced. Cost? $200. Price of a new receiver of similar ability? $250. Guess what the webmaster is going to do? ;)

    Also he discovered that the roof of his jeep is starting to rust. That will be another $1000 to be repaired. That last little expense wasn't planned for and blew a gaping crater in his budget. What does this mean? Now Christmas presents for his family. :(

    You can help him out by going to the Anger Central Company Store and buying something, preferably expensive.
  • November 23, 2003
    Well, we have completed the move to the new digs. The webmaster is in his new house, with a new Tivo unit and a cable modem instead of his old DSL connection. He has also seen this months credit card bill. Hopefully he wasn't hurt when he fainted. ;)
    We have now reopened the Add page, so feel free to post away.
  • November 9, 2003
    The add page has been temporarily closed. The webmaster is moving this week and will be far to busy to deal with updating the website. The add page should be back online in 10-14 days.
  • November 3, 2003
    Sorry, no updates this week. The webmaster has been very busy working on his new house and just didn't have the time to do anything. IT didn't help that the phone line there didn't work either, so he was unable to use his laptop to push out the updates. We have a number of rants in our email that we haven't gotten to either. Hopefully we will be able to take care of it later this week. If not, the broadband connection goes into the webmasters house next weekend. (Now to call Verizon and verify they actually turned the damn line on when he took ownership!
  • October 25, 2003
    Just a few updates. The webmaster has picked up his check for the closing on his house which will be Monday October 27th at 4pm EST. This is too exciting!! :) (So is writing a check for $35,000 too!)

    The BCIS has acknowledged receipt of the "Additional evidence" they demanded. Hopefully the answer will come in the next week or so. When all this is done the webmaster will be flying to China and bringing home his fiancée. Needless to say the add page will be shut down for a couple of weeks when that event happens. Notice will be made of course.

    It was review week at the webmasters company. He received his annual review with his annual "No raises again this year" as usual. He needs another job.
  • October 19, 2003
    Closing day is coming! Not for this site, but on the webmasters new house. In one week the webmaster will become a man of property. He has been busy getting all the services arranged for. This means gas, water, electric, internet etc.
    We are also still waiting on the BCIS and the webmasters fiancée. Needless to say he is rather antsy right now and we are all treating him with kid gloves. We really wish he would stop looking at those firearms magazines. He keeps grumbling and saying things like "call in an air strike on those f***ers!" and "Nuke those incompetent SOB's from orbit. It's the only way to be sure."
  • October 12, 2003
    Well the Angry Webmaster has found out what the BCIS wanted. And guess what? It not only made no sense what so ever, but went against their own policies as well!! The webmaster's attorney spoke with the webmaster and was furious at what was happening. She told him "I called the INS and actually spoke with a real person!" What the morons there wanted was the original Divorce Decree of the webmasters beloved Fiancée. They didn't like the certified true copy that was submitted with all the other paperwork they demanded. The interesting thing is, BCIS policy is NOT to send original documents. After the webmaster's lawyer finished "discussing" this with the bureaucratic idiot on the other end of the phone, she FedEx'd the requested document off to them. Needless to say she has put them on notice not to lose this.
    As an aside, the BCIS center the webmaster is dealing with is the one based in Vermont. We have heard that Congress is considering an investigation into how that center is run. It appears there have been a large number of complaints on how poorly it is being managed. Also the webmaster may call his Senator and ask for his assistance. Since his family and the Senator's go back a ways, help should be provided if required.

    Now, on the house front. The webmaster has been buying household things, and will be closing in 2 weeks. (Oct. 27th) Needless to say he is a bit nervous, something about writing a check for $35K or something. :)
  • September 28, 2003
    Well, these should really be put under "Rants from the Angry Webmaster", but we'll just place them here. First an update on the webmasters K-1visa application for his Fiancée. As you might expect, they have been anxiously awaiting the visa. Well Last night the webmaster went to the BCIS web page, plugged in their registration number then exploded! It seems that 2 pounds of documentation wasn't enough, they want more stuff. It continued that a letter will be sent detailing what they need now. This will probably go to the webmaster's lawyer. He has sent off an email and probably will call this week to find out what the <Expletives deleted> is going on. To say he is upset is like saying  the Hydrogen Bomb is a bit destructive. We will keep you updated as soon as the all clear sounds and the webmaster has cooled off a bit. (Does anyone know the half-life of an Angry Webmaster??)

    The second thing that has been annoying us is viruses. Namely the Microsoft patch e-mail's we have been getting here for the last 2 weeks. Our antivirus program has been cleaning them and we are no filtering for that virus. In fact it has become so bad the Angry Systems Administrator has been contacting ISP's asking them to call their users. The main problem is these things are coming in from all over the world. Very few have come in from United States systems. So to all our fans out there, PATCH YOUR SYSTEMS AND KEEP YOUR ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS UP TO DATE!
  • September 17, 2003
    Well the owners of the house have accepted the offer the webmaster made on the house he looked at. Closing is October 27th. So, if the site doesn't seem to be updating at the normal pace, you can assume the webmaster is probably a bit preoccupied. :)
  • September 15, 2003
    Sorry for the delay in this weeks upload. The webmaster was rather preoccupied this weekend. He bought a house! Needless to say he was a little busy with contracts and writing checks. The closing date is in late October. He really lucked out with the house he is buying. It was completely renovated. More details on this as they become available. :)
  • September 7, 2003
    Just a few personal notes. The Webmaster has received the registration/tracking number for his Fiancée's visa. According to the INS website, (Now renamed to something else), we should hear something in the next few weeks. :)
    Also the Webmaster is searching for a new house. When last seen he was trying to pick his jaw up off the floor after seeing the housing prices. He has also received his pre-approvals for a mortgage. Pity that all he can afford is a packing crate under a bridge somewhere.
  • August 25, 2003
    It seems we had a problem last week with the site. Because we were so busy we didn't notice that no new rants had come in since Tuesday. It was a problem with the hosting server and has been corrected. Our apologies for the outage.
  • August 24, 2003
    No time for an update this week. You can think MSBLASTER, etc. for that! Nothing got into Anger Central, but the company he works for was slammed. He is to tired after a number of fifteen hour days to do much right now. All rants are safe though and will go up as soon as he has time.
  • August 5, 2003
    The Questions and Answers page has been updated.
  • August 3, 2003
    Well for those of you who are interested, (and those who are not <EXPLETIVE DELETED>), the webmaster has submitted all the paperwork to bring his fiancée over to the Immigration service. According to his lawyer who has been handling all this. the future Mrs. Webmaster should be able to come over by late October to mid November of this year!! Needless to say the Webmaster is very busy now. He is searching for a house for himself and his soon to be wife, not to mention making all the arrangements for her to get a drivers license, green card and all that other fun stuff. And as to the wedding date? That is still a bit up in the air. Because of the time limit, it appears they won't be able to have a really fancy wedding. They have only 90 days to get married, or she will be sent back. :( Still, they will manage. :)

    On a sad note, last week the father of the Webmaster's fiancée passed away. It was not unexpected. He was very sick for some time now and was in the hospital when the Webmaster went to China to meet his fiancée. He was able to meet her father and was approved by him. May he rest in peace.
  • July 12, 2003
    Well we haven't been saying to much of late so we thought we would bring you up to date on the back office at Anger Central. Last week the Angry Systems Administrator was part of a group that had to Re-IP his real world workplace. He was there until just after midnight on the 4th of July. Others were stuck there until 3am. This should have been done a month previously, but one plant manager who didn't know what he was talking about managed to get the whole thing delayed until the holiday weekend. We're still cleaning up this mess. (Going from a Class B to a non-routable class C). Not the idea of the people who actually work at the site.

     Also, the paperwork for the webmaster's fiancée is in the hands of their lawyer. The lawyer sent off one last form for a signature to the webmaster's fiancée for a missing signature. That took 2 weeks to get there. Nothing like the efficiency of the US and Chinese  postal services. She has since signed it and sent it back. With luck everything will be submitted to the US Immigration service by early August.
  • June 8, 2003
    All is quiet at Anger Central. (Saying that things should start going wrong now) Postings have been coming in, and the quality is improving. On another note the webmaster has sent all his paperwork for his fiancée to his lawyer and is now waiting rather impatiently for the lawyer to finish her work and submit the whole mess to the INS.
  • May 11, 2003
    We have updated the links page and the FAQ page.
  • May 6, 2003
    A poster sent in this link in reply to people whining about our recent site rebuild. To the poster who mentioned Archive.org, please contact us so that we can properly attribute this to you.
  • May 4, 2003
    Well, the vote is in and it looks like no one wants an Anger Central mailing list. Oh, when we say vote, we mean vote. As in the singular. Only one person bothered to send us an opinion. Since she was opposed to the idea, she has made the decision for all of the others who follow this site.  Democracy in action.
  • April 27, 2003
    We have been playing around with a mailing list. This would be a list were people can piss and moan to each other. However we haven't really decided on whether this would be a good thing. We're a little nervous that it might become a mailing list that is completely out of control forcing us to kick people off or shut down the list. We would be very interested in what you are readers think. For those who like to rage at the webmaster, here's a chance for you to add your two cents. Of course he may not respond or even follow the list except as a general monitor.
    To let us know if you think this is a good idea, email the
  • April 26, 2003
    Well the webmaster's Fiancée has sent him all her completed immigration forms...Almost two $&*&#$ POUNDS OF IT!! Now he is completing his part and he is making everyone here absolutely miserable. He actually had to go out and get a typewriter to do this. No online forms available. Unbelievable! Well his fiancée did include two new pictures and that has pacified him a little. At least he isn't looking at driving a bulldozer through the nearest INS office anymore.
  • April 21, 2003
    Well it looks like some people haven't quite gotten the word yet. We keep getting postings on "I hate this, or I hate that!" along with long diatribes about people and especially politics. Some of these were actually very good, and would have been added to the old site. However, we dumped them since they didn't meet the new guidelines. Please remember, this isn't a hate site it is an angry site. Nor are we here to deal with your complaints about companies or groups. This site is not meant for consumer affairs.  The hate sites are 3 doors down and on the right. It really disappointed us that some of the rants had to be dumped. They were very nice and well written.
    Thank you
  • April 13, 2003
    Tax time in the United States is right around the corner, so where are the rants about taxes and the IRS?? We thought that if anything would get people steamed it would be the annual reaming we get from our government. Oh well, people must be waiting until the last moment. :)
    We have been getting some complaints about the new guidelines and also the fact we blasted out the old site. Here is our response: Don't like the guidelines? TOUGH! Angry that we deleted the old pages? To Bad! Anger Central has been looking at doing this for some time now. We just decided that now was the time. Don't worry about the apparent lack of postings though. More are coming in every day.

    The webmaster's Fiancée has received all the paperwork she needs to fill out. The webmaster heard the scream of frustration all the way over here. Stay tuned to rant from the angry webmaster. No doubt he is going to be posting quite a few in the coming months.
  • March 29, 2003
    Well it looks like we have figured out what was going on with the links. We upgraded our HTML editor and of course they changed things. Hopefully we have it all sorted out.
    Now, the webmaster has started the process of arranging for his fiancée to come to the United States. Talk about paperwork! We spoke with a lawyer last week and have picked up all the forms we need for now. There will be a lot more later on.
  • March 23, 2003
    We are reopening!! Finally after a month of work we are reopening the site. You are going to find it rather empty, but that was the whole point. We have also written up a set of guidelines for you to follow. As always we will decide what goes online and what doesn't. Thank you for your patience.
  • March 15, 2003
    Yep, we're still here. We have been working like mad to complete the overhaul. Basically we are making what will appear to be subtle changes in the layout of the site. We are also cleaning up old files that were not connected to anything, but were still available on the server. It's slow work, and we know you are getting impatient, but we are doing our best. Please remember, the webmaster's first concern is his fiancée and getting her through immigration. Thank you for your patience and we will try to work faster. If you want to see what the new layout looks like, the home page has been reconfigured to reflect the changes.
  • March 9, 2003
    The rebuild is continuing on the development server. We are now working on the new policies on what will and will not be accepted. We know that these policies will be ignored by the stupid, but they will be going up anyway. We are also working on minor redesigns of the pages as well. We are trying to come up with a fresh look. We'll see how well that works out.
  • March 5, 2003
    We are cleaning up Anger Central on our development system. So far we have deleted about 5000 posts. We have also completely removed the racists page. The original site has been backed up, both to a CD and also to a Zip disk. Once we have finished cleaning things up, we may replace some of the better rants.
    We are also doing some redesigning of the site. Basically we are going to try and have just one format rather then the half dozen or so floating around here. We are also working on posting guidelines. These will be made available before we reopen the site. This is all going to take some time, especially since the webmaster is concentrating on getting his fiancée a visa and permanent resident status in the US. He is also working on the pictures he took while he was in China meeting his beloved. :) Those will be posted as soon as he has them cleaned up.
    Among the other things he is doing, is looking for a house. While mortgage rates are low, house prices in the northeast are ridicules. So he is looking on the web for a nice place for himself and his soon to be wife to live. We will keep you informed as things progress.
  • March 2, 2003
    The webmaster has returned from the Peoples Republic of China. The trip was very interesting and successful. The webmaster is now engaged!! He will be working to bring his soon to be bride to the United States. This is going to take a while but all good things will come to those who work for them. :) The webmaster is working on the 200+ pictures he took, cleaning them up and preparing them for viewing. This will take a few weeks.

    Meanwhile...We have been doing a lot of thinking about this web site. We have seen it go from a site dedicated to angry people and what they are angry about to essentially a hate site. WRONG! We have decided to close the racists page and reject all further racial crap. We have also decided it is time to clean house completely. Therefore we will be deleting all the old rants and starting from square one. Some of these postings have been around for years with nothing added to them, so it's just time to do a big purge. The first item will be to copy the present site to CD, then delete all the old files. Once that is completed we will be doing a little revamping on the submissions page. Basically trying to give some guidance on what we will post and what we won't post. Until then the Add page will remain closed. This will all occur in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for further developments and stay ANGRY!
  • February 10, 2003
    The webmaster is going on vacation and has closed the Add page until his return. He will be flying out to China on the February 13, and should return on February 24th. Allowing for jet lag and what not he should reopen the add page the next weekend. Now, why is the webmaster flying to China? No, it isn't to start a one man assault on a communist country, (No matter what his co-workers may say). And you really don't need to build a fallout shelter guys. No the reason he is going to China is to meet a lady. She may become Mrs. Webmaster. Or not. We are hopeful though that the webmaster will get married. He may actually calm down a bit. :) If you would like to see her, just follow this link to the communications page.
  • February 2, 2003
    As stated below we have been dealing with a moronic company in England that is attempting to use English libel law in the United States. This company appears to have a problem with its customer relations. Several people posted about this company. Late last year they sent a very threatening email to us. We ignored it. They then sent another threatening email. This one we passed on to a lawyer we know. His response was to say "Fuck em!" Last week they sent another message to our former ISP, (now bankrupt). The former owner told them to talk to me. This time they said they were turning it over to their American lawyers. (The author of these threats appears to be a British lawyer) As far as we have been able to tell, they have no grounds to sue us. It appears to us that the lawyer for this company is completely unfamiliar with the American Constitution and previous decisions by the United States Supreme Court. (As we recall they informed a foreign company that opinions posted on a web site in the United States are protected speech and that they could go pound sand)

    Well for the time being we have removed the posting until we can get someone to give us some clarification on the law. If they continue to press this we might just pay a visit to these idiots and explain to them that we won the revolution, not to mention saved their butts in 2 world wars. If they continue to pursue this matter we will be filing a countersuit against them for violation of the civil rights of the Anger Central team. So if anyone can find the relevant case law, please send it to us so we can put the rant back up, with a few choice words from the Webmaster.
  • February 1, 2003
    At 10am Eastern Standard Time the staff at Angry.Net heard that the space shuttle Columbia had exploded at 200,000 feet over North Texas during re-entry. As of this update there is no word on survivors. Considering the pictures we have seen it is doubtful that anyone survived. The staff offers our condolences to the families of the crew of the Columbia.
    In respect any posting regarding this flight or it's crew will be deleted. We will wait for the reports of what happened. Our speculation is that something happened to the shuttle during re-entry and a burn through into the cabin occurred. When the ship reached denser air the shuttle's aerodynamics were disrupted causing the structural collapse of the ship.
  • January 30, 2003
    Once again we have been threatened with yet another lawsuit. This is actually a continuing threat from a company in England. We spoke with a friend who works in the IT department of a law firm. He talked with a lawyer and his answer was to tell them to go pound sand. We didn't bother to respond to the email that was sent to us. This company has now stated they will be contacting their American lawyers about taking action against Angry.Net. From what we can tell from the threatening emails that this counsel has sent to us, we do not believe he is at all familiar with the American Constitution and the First Amendment. We also recall that the United States Supreme Court has ruled that people posting their opinions is considered protected speech. However, we are not lawyers, (thank god!), and do not know the case law in this. If any of our readers is a lawyer, or knows one that specializes in these sort of cases and would 
    A) provide free advice/service
    B) provide the relevant case law regarding companies attempting to sue for slander/libel. 
    We would be most appreciative. Since we don't have a lot of money, we hope that there are fans out there who will assist us in our time of need.
  • January 19, 2003
    Ok, we have gotten our internet access pretty much straightened out. We shipped off a bunch of money to the web hosting service that handled our providers business so there should be no outages other then a few broken email links. We have reactivated the add form and we should be back in business now.
  • January 12, 2003
    We have just been notified that our ISP is declaring bankruptcy on January 15, 2003. As of this time we have no idea what is going to happen to this web site. It may go down if we can't find a new hosting company quickly. One of the problems is that the hosting company has been good enough not to charge us for this site since the webmaster is a former employee. Hopefully all will be well for us. One thing that will happen is the add page and all email links will cease to function. We have another ISP we use and we will change the links as soon as we can. If things stop working, you will know why. Thank you for your patience and support.
  • January 11, 2003
    Well we had barely updated the site and reactivated the add page when the first rant of the new year came in. Since then over 200 have arrived. Most we deleted. We are really going through the postings now. We have a lot of people who still can't seem to get it through their thick head that this is NOT a discussion/debating page. 
    We have also been getting a lot of rants about Armenians and Turks, mostly screaming back and forth at each other. Not ONE of those postings made it online. As it states on the moron page, it will not be updated as frequently as the others. This site is NOT meant for small minded racists who are to ignorant to breath. It is a site where people can vent their anger. Frankly we are considering closing that section. We will see how that goes.
    Now, on the lighter side of the news, we're sure you would like to know just how dumb the webmaster can be. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, he isn't perfect. Recently his Regional Manager transferred into his site when the company he works for mothballed the plant he was working out of. The webmaster was called upon to transfer his email from the old server to the one where he works.  Well, to make a long story short, there was a mis-configuration on the other server and the export went wrong. The manager's mail went into the bit bucket. Well guess what? This was not acceptable. The webmaster had to get a backup tape from the other site, build an NT server box and install MS Exchange 5.5 on it to restore the post office. He was lucky though. The manager uses a laptop and we were able to recover the .ost file from there and pull it in after sacrificing many chickens.
    So there you have it. The webmaster has been known to make a mistake....once in a while. ;)
  • January 4, 2003
    Well a new year and more angry rants. Last year we received over 6000 rants, ravings and insults. We are very disappointed over the number of morons posting to the racists page. We have also been threatened with several lawsuits. An attorney we consulted with said to ignore them so we have. We aren't sure what the new year will bring, other then a trip to China for the Webmaster. Yep! He is going to China in February. We will close the add page when we leave. 
    We will be taking plenty of pictures with our new Digital camera, and we will probably post them here. So, in the meantime stay angry!