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Welcome to the Anger Central News and Information page. This page is designed to keep our readers informed on the goings on here in the Anger Central corporate offices.

On the left is a picture of our Lord and Master, the Angry Webmaster. A nice and stable looking sort isn't he? He bears a strong resemblance to a certain figure who went by the name Dr. Strangelove. Interesting that the two have never been seen together, hmm?

On the right is our typical Poster. Note the blind rage in his face, the eyes popping out, mouth wide open. Yes, he does seem to be a bit annoyed at something.

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December 25, 2016

Good day all. Yes, it is Christmas day, however the Webmaster is definitely NOT in the Christmas spirit. we've been working her to keep him out of the Christmas "Spirits" actually. He's incredibly depressed this year. He's been out of work for over a year, and has been suffering one rejection after another. One year ago today, the former Mrs. Webmaster walked out of the front door for the last time.

So, yeah. He has absolutely nothing to be joyful about.

Until next year...

Stay Angry

December 18, 2016

Good day all. We had one rant come in this week.

On the job front, rejections, rejections and no feedback at all. One position he was looking at, he was told they were going with someone else, BUT that the manager was impressed and would like to consider the Webmaster next year. Of course, no mention was made if "Next year" was in January or next December.

The Angry Sister and brother Inlaw will be moving to new digs this week. They have sold their old money pit and bought a new money pit. (Yes, they are going to refurbish it) The new digs are quite close to Anger Central's main offices, so now the Webmaster can visit them  whenever he wishes, instead of driving for a good 25 minutes through deep snow, floods, going uphill, both ways.

On the technical front, the Angry Systems Administrator has downloaded a trial version of Microsoft's Server 2016 and is playing with it on a virtual machine. Microsoft put the start menu back in, just as they did with Windows 10. (YAY!! no more crappy Windows 8/Server 2012 interface!!) The Webmaster is also looking at it and hopefully can leverage it for a job.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!!

December 11, 2016

Good Day all. It was another week with no rants coming in. We suspect most of the angry people are taking it out on Mall Santas instead of posting here.

On the job search front, the Webmaster had another face to face interview last week. Feedback was not good. The hiring manager said "I'm on the fence with you. You have a broad base of knowledge, but if I find someone who fills more of my check boxes, I'm going with them instead." Well, at least this is some feedback for a change. Usually the Webmaster hears crickets.

No news on the last face to face interview. According to the jobs page, he is still "Under Review". He's trying to reach the HR drone he's talked to in the past, but suspects he's being ignored.

Hopefully, President Trump will be able to turn things around and the Webmaster will be able to find a decent job before he loses everything.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!
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December 4, 2016

Good day all. The Christmas season has begun, and the Webmaster is in full grinch mode. It's been fairly quiet here at Anger Central, with two new rants that came in.

For the Webmaster, there is still no news on potential jobs. He's still waiting to hear back from the one he interviewed for and should get the bad news some time this week. He's also waiting to hear back on another one a head hunter called him about. An interesting, if angering statistic the Webmaster heard, was that people over 50 are averaging at least one year of unemployment. The Webmaster is in that group, and is almost certain that in two cases, he was a victim of age discrimination. He just can't prove it.

Perhaps things will improve next year when President Trump takes office. He could drastically improve the STEM market, (Science, technology, Engineering and Math), by canceling the visa's of the hundreds of thousands of H1B Visa holders working in the United States. Yes, it will suck to be them, but since Companies have started firing Americans and bringing in H1B's as their replacements? Screw them! The last we heard, some 800K H1B's were doing the jobs Americans, (and legal resident aliens), want to do, but can't get hired.

We shall see...

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

November 27, 2016

Good Day all, we hope you have recovered from your Tryptophan overdose from Thanksgiving. No one at Anger Central has as yet. (Leftovers don't you know) We didn't have any new rants come in this week, but that is understandable, considering the holiday. We did have some terrific news though. Fidel Castro is dead, Dead DEAD!!!

As for the Webmaster's continuing hunt for gainful employment, no news as yet. We heard back from the HR person who set up a face to face interview with the hiring manager and his team about 10 days ago. He had nothing to report regarding feedback, and said they were still interviewing people. He also said he would reach out to the Webmaster in a week or so. The Webmaster isn't holding his breath.

Which brings up a Rant from the Angry Webmaster regarding interviews. He recently went on a face to face interview and has received no feedback at all from anyone in the company. His repeated efforts to reach the HR person who set things up have been ignored. This is really angering, not just for the Webmaster, but for anyone who is looking for a job. When you actually go in for an interview, common courtesy would be to tell the applicant that they aren't being considered.

The Webmaster has also had this issue with any number of "Headhunters" (Recruiters for third party agencies), They tell him they are submitting him to a position, and then...nothing. His attempt to contact them are met with droning silence. The Webmaster, along with many others, are also besieged by these fly by night Indian Call centers claiming to represent some agency or other. Generally the Webmaster ignore them.

Rant over...

Until the next time...

Stay Angry!

November 20, 2016

Good day all. Well, the diaper pin wearing crybabies on the left continue to amuse us. I'm sure future employers of these worthless whiners are taking note of which colleges are "Empowering" these morons and will automatically exclude them when resumes come in for job openings.

Speaking of which, the Webmaster has gotten several rejections, and is being ignored by the company in Boston he interviewed at. Several attempts to reach the HR individual who set up the meetings have gone unanswered, and the one reply was "Who did you meet with?"

On the other hand, last Thursday, the Webmaster had an initial phone screen wit an HR person for a position he applied to a month ago. That caught him a bit by surprise. The HR person was impressed and sent the Webmaster's resume over to the manager. Less than two hours later the HR person called and asked the Webmaster to come in for an interview the next day.

This surprised the Webmaster. usually he likes a couple of days notice so he can scope out the location. In this case, he already knew where the company was, so he was more than happy to say yes. Last Friday though, as the Webmaster started up the Angry Mobile, he thought he heard a rattle. As he was backing out, he turned off the music. Just as he did, he her a loud *KLUNK* followed by a *THUD*. As he backed out, he saw a piece of the Angry Mobile sitting on the driveway.

He checked the part and it looked like some kind of cover had fallen off of something. He checked the engine, didn't see anything and didn't see anything obvious under the Angry Mobile. He made a decision. He didn't want to call off the meeting, so he decided he would risk it. If the vehicle exploded, then he would die and not care if he got the job or not. It turns out this was a heat shield for the muffler. He will be getting it repaired this week.

The interview went well, but the Webmaster has been in this position before. He is not holding his breath. It's a good job with lots of potential, and he wants it. The money is good too. We expect him to be passed over again of course.

On the posts front, we had only one come in this week. We expected a lot more from the whiny crybabies who are freaking out that their crooked candidate lost and is now looking at a potential indictment instead of completing the job of turning the United States into a Socialist third world hell hole. All we can say is, "Suck it up, Buttercup. We won and you lost."

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 13, 2016

YAHOO!! Good day all, and it IS a very good day for American. We have a new president and his name is Donald J. Trump! As you might have noticed on the Blog, Anger Central has been supporting President-Elect Donald Trump since last February. The Donald has won the election and the Obama Tyranny is now coming to a close. As you would expect, the media, the Social Justice Warriors and democrats are a might unhappy with this. We would suggest they vent their rage here, (Keep it clean), instead of risking a load of buckshot in the face when you try and loot a liquor store.

On the job front, the news is not so good. The Webmaster has one confirmed rejection from a face to face interview and is not able to get any response on the second face to face he had two weeks ago. He also got a slew of rejections, and is not able to find out if he will be invited in for a face to face with another company he applied to. He did speak with the hiring manager, but has not been able to gain any further responses from the Human Resources person who set up the interview.

We had two rants come in this week, one dealing with Democrats. Since they are refusing to believe that their candidate, Felonia von Pantsuit, lost, they are busy rioting, looting, making threats and generally acting like...democrats.

With a new president who is diametrically opposite of the current one, there is a good chance the economy is going to pick up massively in the next few months. Hopefully, this will help the Webmaster find a new job before we lose everything.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

November 6, 2016

Good day all. This is the final weekend before the election...thank God! This time next week, we will know whether or not the Untied States will have a chance to continue, or if we will see the beginning of the end of a United states.

On the job front, the Webmaster had another face to face interview in Boston. The job is good and interesting, and of course the Webmaster has no chance at all of getting it. We haven't heard back from the last face to face interview, and the Webmaster also had a phone screen with another company right down the street from the one he interviewed at. (Also a very good job) He also has another phone screen tomorrow, (Monday), for what doesn't appear to be a great job. We shall see.

On the Anger Central front, we had a nice flood of new posts this week, with only one rejected as being really stupid. Hopefully, after the election, we'll get a whole slew of new ones.

Tuesday is election day for everyone voting for Donald Trump. Wednesday is voting day for anyone voting for Hillary Clinton. This is the tightest race we've seen in living memory, so remember, Vote for the Trump of your choice, but VOTE!

Until next time ...

Stay Angry!

October 30, 2016

Good Day all. Yet another week of no new rants coming in.

On the employment search front, the Webmaster interviewed for a position in Boston. Not the greatest position and the money isn't good, but it's a job. He also had a phone screen with another company and the interviewer, (HR contractor), asked the Webmaster to contact her assistant to set up further interviews. the Webmaster has not been able to reach anyone. He has also heard from a third company that would like to speak with him.

On the entertainment front, (Meaning the 2016 presidential election), the biggest "October Surprise" yet was just dropped. The FBI is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server. Even better, Felonia von Pantsuit wasn't aware of it until a member of the Clinton Propaganda Corps asked her about it after landing for a campaign event. It seems the WiFi system was down on the plane and no one knew what had happened. We understand that Felonia was not amused. She went off on James Comey for sandbagging her.

After that, well, Director Comey, considering the Clinton Body Count, has a lot to worry about, especially after this.

The Webmaster is following all this and commenting on the blog. The office popcorn machine is going full bore too.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry

October 23, 2016

Greetings all. Once again, no new posts came in this week. *sigh*

The Angry Webmaster has another job interview next week. It's not a great job, the pay isn't what he should be making, however it will keep the lights on here at Anger Central as well as keeping a roof over his head.

He's also waiting to hear back on another position, however the headhunter he's been dealing with is not the most communicative around. (Damn worthless millennials) The last word he received from the head hunter was that the hiring manager hadn't had a chance to look at the Webmaster's resume. Interestingly, the Webmaster saw the same job posted directly from the company yesterday. Needless to say, he will be having a few words with the Head Hunter.

On a technical note, Friday there was a major internet outage on the East Coast. A local DNS company, dyn.com, was hit with a Distributed Denial of Service attack. They were able mitigate it after an hour or so.

On another technical not, the Webmaster created a Pinterest account. Why escapes us, other than it's a good place to store images and not use up our server space. He's still organizing it and experimenting with it. He does have a few interesting meme's on it though.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

October 16, 2016

Greetings one and all. Another quiet week here at Anger Central. The Webmaster had a couple of phone screens with companies. Unfortunately, the salary is less then he wants, but at this time, beggers can't be choosers.

We had a question come in last week.

"I just wanted to ask you, where do you live? I live ii Atlanta, and jobs are just as scarce here too! Juts very curious since your job situation is like so many that I know. Over here, people can have the interviews, and then never get called back for the job. It can be so awful to find work here, so I just wanted to share some sympathy even if you don't respond."

Anger Central is based in New Hampshire. The Webmaster and others in the area generally work at large companies on the coast, (Portsmouth), or in the People's Democratic Republic of Massachusetts. Most of the working life of the Webmaster has been in Massachusetts, so he has been forced to pay their taxes.

The Webmaster is now hearing that dreaded phrase, "Well you haven't worked in a year and companies wonder about anyone out for more than 6 months." The Webmaster nearly reached through the phone and ripped the head off the headhunter with that remark. The Webmaster has not just been sitting around doing blog posts.

He's been going online for every single online class he can find. He's also set up a virtual Active Directory network, WSUS, and a number of Linux based virtual machines. Of course, he doesn't have 15 years of experience with Amazon Web services AND Microsoft Azure or 5 years experience with Windows Server 2016. Of course, the fact that NOBODY has that level never crosses the minds of Human Resources morons!!

*Pant* *Pant*

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

October 9, 2016

Good day all. We hope none of our 5 fans suffered any damage in the hurricane last week. We had no rants come in, which disappointing.

On the job search front, the Webmaster had a phone screen with a company. While he did apply for the position, he was a bit surprised by who was on the call. He thought it was just going to be a preliminary screen with the HR person. It actually ended up being a conference call with the technical team as well. Hopefully, the Webmaster did well enough to be asked in for a face to face interview. He is not holding his breath.

He also has been working with a recruiter on a position at another company. The problem here is that the Webmaster applied to and spoke with someone at that company last spring. He wasn't to sure he wanted the job after hearing what the hiring manager had to say. According to the recruiter, this is a different manager and wasn't working there at the time of the Webmaster's last application. There is also another small issue.

The manager had to leave town late last week for an emergency business trip...To Florida...near Miami...Just before the hurricane hit. No word yet on when he will be back, or if the sharks got him. :(

Finally, there was yet another recruiter who called about a position as a tech support engineer. The money is good, but the hours aren't great. (12-8pm Tuesday-Saturday) Also it's in a very different direction than the Webmaster wants to go. Still, it's a job.

Finally, for the elephant in the Room. The recordings released showing Trump has a vulgar way of addressing women when talking with men in what he thought was a private setting. The Never Trumpers and RINOS4Hillary are in full roar trying to make sure Hillary Clinton, who has enabled and protected her serial rapist husband for decades, wins the election. Tonight is the next Presidential debate, and I'm sure we'll see how Trump handles it. As for all those "Republicans" who can't wait to abandon Trump? We will deal with you later. (In a non-violent, totally lawful manner)

Until next time...

Stay Angry! (And the Webmaster is furious right now with the GOP Establishment)

October 2, 2016

It has now been one full year since the Webmaster last had a job. He didn't have a single interview last month. In the last year, he has filed over 800 applications, had over 100 phone screens and perhaps 15 face to face interviews. As of the first of the year, he will have no choice but to give up his health insurance since it has skyrocketed some 60% from last year. (Thank you Democrats)

We had three rants come in this week, with one that looked like the poster was typing between hits off his crack pipe.

Generally, it's been a quiet week with the Webmaster spinning up VM's and building a home Active Directory network for practice. That and watching every training video he can find.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 25, 2016

Greetings all. Another week of involuntary time off has passed. The Webmaster is now coming up on one full year of unemployment, and we will be honest. The savings are running out and soon bankruptcy and loss of everything will happen. That includes Anger Central.


We received on rant from someone complaining about their boss. At least that person has a job.

Tomorrow will be the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The Webmaster may watch it for the entertainment value alone. He has figured out the ultimate nightmare scenario for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton, in the midst of answering a question, locks up, and starts falling to the floor. Donald Trump see's her going down and manages to grab her before she faceplants and dents the stage. Game over for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

No doubt the Webmaster will post something about that next week.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 18, 2016

Greetings one and all.

Well, the job the Webmaster was looking at, like every other one for the last year, fell through. The company was looking for a Microsoft  Exchange Administrator. While the Webmaster can handle Exchange, it isn't something he's done in a long time. Basically, the job was mis-titled...again.

On the political scene, Donald Trump managed to Rick-Roll the media, again. The Mostly Stupid Media isn't handling it to well.

Another thing that has blown up in the faces of the Democrats was Clinton's attempt to call anyone who supported Trump, "Deplorable." Trump and his supporters took that and have run with it. Trump had a campaign rally where a modified poster of Les Miserables was used as a back drop titled Les Deplorables. The Webmaster may have more on that on the blog later.

On the rants front, we had one come in under Celebrities. It was someone we had never heard of and frankly, don't care about. However, it was the 100th entry. The Webmaster has created a new page, which you may see on the index page under people. All it is at the moment is a placeholder, so send us some rants on celebrities so we can fill that one up as well.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

September 11, 2016

Today is the 15th anniversary of the Islamic attack that destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, causing the deaths of almost 3000 people. Normally I would repost my blog entry "I remember." It's obvious to me that with some exceptions, most people would rather forget and surrender to Islamic terrorism. This is what that dog eating, golf playing surrender monkey has done to this country.

On the job front, more rejections and a possibility or two. The Webmaster has already had one phone screen with a company and will be having another tomorrow afternoon. he has a slightly better chance then his normal no chance whatsoever, in that a former coworker is also a recent hire there. The Webmaster did a bit of consulting for his friend, helping him actually get the job he now holds. Here's hoping.

The Webmaster also received some annoying news. The mortgage holder on the Anger Central Primary Dwelling has sold his mortgage. Now he has to to and get everything reconfigured for his new mortgage holder. The problem is, he won't be officially transferred until later this week and his next payment is shortly thereafter. Can was see a potential problem there? Well he read the fine print and his current holder is obligated to forward any payments made prior to the transfer. The webmaster just sent in next month's payment so that will give him a good 6 weeks to get things squared away.

We received on rant this week and it was a beaut. Smelly feet and everything. You can find it in the RSS feeds or under people/unhealthy people.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 4, 2016

Good day all. We hope you had or are having a good Labor Day weekend. The Webmaster isn't of course. He's still out of work, (Thank you Barack Obama). He had three phone screens with three companies this week. One he doesn't expect to hear back from. The other two? No clue as yet. He also spoke with a headhunter for a bank job that looks really good. Due to the holiday weekend, he doesn't know yet if he has been submitted to it. He will check in with them Tuesday. If he hasn't, well, he discovered the bank and will submit himself.

We had a nice uptick in rants this week. Of course, anything above zero would be an uptick.

In political news, the FBI dropped a nice load of documents late Friday on their whitewashing of Hillary Clinton's criminal activities. A quick perusal of the documents does not improve the image of the FBI as the F***ing Bunch of Incompetents. The documents also show that what Clinton and her cronies did was far far worse than anyone really knew.

So, until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 28, 2016

Hello all. Another week of no job for the Webmaster. The opening he was called about last week didn't pan out and this can be laid directly at the feet of the recruiter. The job was a 6 month temp to perm contract for a small medical device company. Once the Webmaster was able to speak with the hiring manager, it rapidly became clear that the job was not what the one the Webmaster was told about. There was some serious miscommunications here.

Meanwhile, the Webmaster has been scarfing up any classes online he can find that don't cost anything. Currently, he found a series on YouTube for administering Microsoft Office 365. From what he's seen so far, and he's only a few hours into it, the Administration for the basic Office 365 is very simple. Tying it into a domain will take some more research and training for the Webmaster. He's actually thinking of registering a new domain and setting up a small Office 365 account. Where he'll get the money for it is anyone's guess.

On the rant side of thigns, it was another dry hole with nothing coming in. We suspect this is due to late summer vacations as people get ready to send the little brats back to the Government Sponsored reeducation centers masquerading as public schools. Perhaps things will pick up next month.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 21, 2016

Good day all. Well the job the Webmaster really wanted is not to be. His recruiter notified him Monday that they were "Going to look at more resumes." She was as perplexed as the Webmaster was. His suspicion was flat out age discrimination, although he can't prove it. He also went in for the interview for the 6 month contract. He didn't get that one either and this time he got a reason, and it was an incredibly stupid one in our opinion. The Hiring Manager told the recruiter that the Webmaster "Didn't have a commanding enough presence."

*Head Desk* *Head Desk* *Head Desk* *Head Desk*

What makes that more amusing was a job description he received from another head hunter right after he was told he wasn't wanted. There was a line in it that basically said: "Must be easy going and non-confrontational."

In any case, late Friday yet another head hunter called about yet another job. The Webmaster looked at it and it's a good job and asked to be submitted. Here's the thing. The head hunter is president of the placement firm and he has placed his own daughter with the company in question. This indicates to the Webmaster that he will be around for a while and might actually help him get the job. It would be a contract to perm position. We shall see.

On the Rant section, we received Nothing. Nothing at all this week. Just spam.

Oh well...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 14, 2016

Good day all. The Webmaster went in for his interview and it seemed to go well. He's waiting to hear back from the Head Hunter he's working through. This job is even better than he could have hoped for and although the commute will be a bear, (He will be taking the trains into Boston then Cambridge), it's still a great opportunity.

On the flip side, the Webmaster has a job interview for a 6 month contract, with no extensions or conversion to full time at a place he has worked at in the past. The job is rather junior, and the money isn't great, but it is a job. He will be interviewing there tomorrow. He's already explained to the contracting agency that if the full time job comes through, or if he finds another position, he will leave.

We had a few rants come in this week, including another one regarding a husband annoyed at his wife. Also the Webmaster is finally getting his production computer back into shape. We are having an issue with his old Windows 7 laptop. He wiped it a while ago because it was no longer updating. It's still not talking to Microsoft's Windows Update Services. Apparently this is an ongoing issue for a lot of people and Microsoft doesn't appear to be all that interested in fixing the problem.

Finally, the Webmaster saw the movie "Suicide Squad" last week. His review is online and available here.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 7, 2016

Good day all. It's been a painful week here at Anger Central. Something happened to the Webmaster's primary system and he had to rebuild it with the help of the really Angry Systems Administrator. Luckily, nothing was lost. All we had to do was reinstall Winblows 10. The Webmaster is still working on configuring everything to his tastes.

We had on new rant come in, someone complaining about his wife.

On the Job Front, the Webmaster applied to a position, was asked to take an assessment. The problem is, the assessment was meant for a programmer not a Systems Admin/engineer. Since the Webmaster isn't a programmer/developer, "No job for you! Go away!" He also got a number of rejections on applications.

Now the good news. He spoke with a potential employer and as soon as the details are worked out, he will be going in for a face to face interview. The job is exactly what he is looking for, and the employer, who will not be names, is very prestigious. The down side is that it's in Cambridge Mass. It looks like the Webmaster will be taking the train and subway to the job if he is hired. During the discussions with the hiring manager, he mentioned that parking was not available at the location, and that it will run about $1800/year. Taking the train in might be a bit more expensive, but not having to deal with traffic would be a benefit.

Speaking of jobs, a former coworker of the Webmaster, who had been out of work for over 2 years finally landed a job. He had called the webmaster a month ago for some coaching on dealing with Disaster Recovery, load balancing and other things. The coworker is not a systems or infrastructure person, and the role he is taking doesn't deal with systems directly. He just needed an overview and it looks like it helped. Congrats to him!

Until next time...

Stay Angry! (At Hillary Clinton)

July 31, 2016

Greetings all. We had a couple of new posts come in last week, otherwise it's been quiet.

On the Job front, The Webmaster was notified that one job he had interviewed for had been cancelled. The message was the Job will not be filled. Since this was a government job and it's about that time of year for budgets, it looks like the money ran out. When the Webmaster went back to the jobs page, he saw three more openings for different departments, so he applied to them. We shall see.

The Webmaster did talk with the HR person at another company and was asked to do an assessment, which he did. We shall see where that goes. He also talked with a Headhunter about a short term gig. It's three months but it's good money. The problem is, the head hunter went on vacation a day later and won't be back until later this week.

And now for something completely different. yesterday Some idiot jumped out of a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute and landed in a net.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 24, 2016

Good day all. It's been reasonably quiet here in Anger Central. No more dead bodies found nearby by Pokemon Go players at least. We had one rant come in, but reading it, the Webmaster decided to not post it. The rant was a reply to another rant and in general, we don't do those here.

On the job front, the Webmaster has not heard back from the government job as yet. He did go to a face to face interview with the defense contractor. He is still questioning why they invited him in, since the priority will be to hire someone with an existing security clearance. He did OK with the interview, but isn't holding his breath. He also heard from an HR person for another job he applied to and will be doing a phone screen Monday. He also heard back on another, more local job he was very interested in. The hiring manager decided he wasn't going to have him in for an interview. We suspect it was due to money issues alone. The Webmaster does have experience, albeit old, with that industry.

The Republican National Convention is over and a few things happened and didn't happen. First was any real attempt to "Dump Trump." The #Never Trump(ers) and the #RINOS4Hillary were shut down hard. Trump's family gave generally well received speeches, although there was something about his wife's speech that annoyed the holier than thou types.

Then there was Senator Ted Cruz's overly long political suicide note. Cruz went way over his allotted time and then pointedly refused to endorse Donald Trump as he had promised. Up until the final paragraph, he was being seen as a potential president in 4-8 years. With his remarks to "Vote your consciences" he has pretty much ended his political career. Even his big money supporters are turning on him now for his classless acts.

Finally on the convention, where were the riots? We were expecting massive riots, anarchy, all sorts of things, yet nothing much happened, other than a Moonbat protestor managing to set himself on fire when he tried to burn the American flag.

Speaking of riots, next week is the Democrat National Convention and there are already signs of major issues. Wikileaks published stolen documents from the DNC and it shows they were pretty blatant about supporting Hillary Clinton and doing everything they could to shaft Bernie Sanders. It should be fun to see what happens there.

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

July 17, 2016

Greetings one and all. We had a little excitement this week at Anger Central. Someone playing Pokemon GO found a dead body floating in a pond near the Anger Central offices. The Angry Systems Administrator wrote about the incident last week when it happened. Perhaps it's time to start a new site? Pokemonbodycount.com?

On the job front, the Webmaster went into Boston and met with three people. All in all it went well, with only one question stumping the Webmaster. On the flip side, he tossed a couple of curves back at the hiring manager, things they hadn't thought of. Considering how long it was before the Webmaster was invited in for an interview, it may be a while before he hears back, if he ever does.

Also, late Friday, the Webmaster was invited to interview with a major defense contractor for a position he had applied to. He had pretty much given up on that one as well since it requires a security clearance. Normally, these places go with someone who already has a clearance, such as former military or former secretaries of state and current presidential candidates. However, I think they've decided it's time to start from scratch and have someone go through the entire process.

We also had another Islamic Terrorist attack in France. This time a terrorist rammed a heavy duty truck through a crowd French revelers celebrating Bastille Day. Nearly 100 people including several Americans were murdered by that animal. As expected, Der Fubar, Barack Obama's first thought was to blame "Road rage."

We also had an attempted coup against the president of Turkey, some guy named Estrogen or something? The coup was crushed and he's now going after anyone who has said anything negative about him. Some are wondering if he didn't set fire to the Reichstag start the coup himself in order to secure his power and start Turkey on a path to radical Islam.

Finally, Donald Trump has selected Governor Mike Pence as his VP. I don't know enough about him to really comment, but others have. It looks like he's a GOP(e) type and is nothing more than a bone thrown to the RINO's. We shall see.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

July 10, 2016

Greetings all. Well now we know where FBI director James Comey stands. Four square in support of the Clinton Crime Cartel. The Webmaster has gone over the disgrace of James Comey's white washing of Hillary Clintons crimes on the Blog so we don't need to do so here.

Friday night, a black racist opened fire on the Dallas Police during a Black Lives, (and no one else's), Matter protest, killing 5 officer and wounding 7 others. Eventually they ran this guy to ground and terminated him with extreme prejudice. We've seen a few people complain about how they whacked this guy, (Used a bomb on a robot), claiming his right of due process was suppressed. Our response was "Tough" He had plenty of opportunities to surrender and he didn't, Why should the police risk more lives trying to grab him?

On the job front, the Webmaster is heading into Boston tomorrow for a face to face interview. This is for a job he applied to some 6 weeks ago. While there is hope, he isn't counting on it. He hasn't heard back on the local position yet, but wasn't expecting to. They're closed for the week and he was told it would be a couple of weeks before he heard back one way or the other.

The Webmaster is still trying to figure out how he is going to cover the 60% increase in his health insurance. At best, he can cover it until the end of the year, then he has to give it up. It really does come down to a choice of paying for insurance, or eating and keeping a roof over his head. So much for Affordable Care.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 3, 2016

Greetings one and all, this is the 4th of July weekend where we celebrate our independence from Great Britain. We were the first to do a "Brexit" and we welcome Great Britain in following our lead.

We had two new rants this week. One was a blast at some Youtube celebrity we never heard of. The other was from some kid complaining about his/her mother.

On the job search front, the Webmaster has an interview scheduled for July 11th in Boston. In preparation for the interview, he took public transportation into the city for the first time ever. He hopped the commuter train and then walked to the job site from North Station. An interesting experience and one he can do if needed.

He also heard back on a contract position that he had written off. It's not in Boston, and if things go forward, could go permanent if the Webmaster is selected.

He also heard from a local company he applied to and spoke with the HR manager. It's an electronics shop not dissimilar to one he started out in 18 years ago. While different, the HR person said they had hired people from similar backgrounds and it was an "Apples to apples" comparison. Granted, the Webmaster won't be working on the machines much, but he does have experience in the environment. Frankly we hope something pans out soon. Why?

The Webmaster was just notified of a 50% increase in his monthly health insurance premium. He can't pay that, especially since he is without a a job. He needs a new job that can cover his health insurance now. We would like thank Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats who have worked so hard to destroy everything this country once stood for.

Finally, Hillary Clinton was interrogated questioned by the FBI. People believe this is the final part in the investigation of her criminal behavior and that the recommendation to indict her will be dropped on Loretta Lynch's desk in a couple of weeks. Of course, since Lynch managed to utterly blow her ethics out of the water last week by meeting Bill Clinton in secret, everyone assumes that Clinton will never stand trial and that Lynch is under orders to bury the report. We shall see what happens.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(And consider clicking on the Amazon links or using Paypal to send us money)

June 26, 2016

Greetings one and all. We had another week of no posts, but lots of spam. Oh well, it's probably due to the start of the vacation season.

On the job front, the Webmaster has an interview scheduled on July 11. It's in Boston and that will be a commute nightmare. He will be taking a train in this week to scope that out. This should prove amusing since the Webmaster has never used public transportation. The Webmaster also talked with an HR person in a company near Boston last week, but hasn't heard back yet. He will drop her a note to see if he's being passed over...again.

In other news, Brexit won! Britain has regained their freedom. However the political elites are up in arms over this and are demanding that the vote be ignored or a new election with proper rigging be scheduled.

Well, back to watching the Webmaster's savings drain away.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

June 19, 2016

Good day all. As usual, the Webmaster was rejected for one of the two jobs he mentioned last week and can't reach anyone at the other company. The first one isn't a total rejection, but it's as good as. The HR person said that "The Team" thought he would take to long to train up.

Excuse me???

The Webmaster spoke with a programmer for his technical phone screen. The programmer did not speak English as a first language. The same HR person said that the programmer liked what he had heard. The Webmaster expected to at least have one face to face interview or another phone screen with someone who spoke English.

The second company, same issue. The person's accent was so thick the Webmaster had trouble understanding him. Then there was the issue of a point of contact. No one gave the webmaster one. Well, the Webmaster has yet another phone screen Monday with another company. We shall see where that one goes. He's also going for yet another face to face with a recruiter. That will kill most of the day for him, and we all know that these kids, on the job for 3 months, will be gone shortly and the webmaster will have to do it all again.


We had one new rant come in this week. Otherwise, it was quiet. The Webmaster has started going through the CompTIA self study online course he acquired, and is very glad he didn't pay anywhere near full price. 10 hours and he has learned nothing he didn't already know except a few bits of terminology.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(The Webmaster sure is)

June 12, 2016

Greetings all. It was a slow week here at Anger Central. We had one rant come in from someone who hates his/her mother, otherwise, it was quiet.

On the job front for the Webmaster, he had a phone screen with a VP of a company. The job is interesting and the company looks good. However, the VP's first language was not English and the Webmaster is once again afraid things may have been lost. It didn't help that the connection was bad as well.

A second job the Webmaster interviewed for is still in the evaluation phase. He had a technical phone screen a couple of weeks ago and has been waiting to hear back. He contacted HR there and was told the HR person was meeting with the manager and would get back to the Webmaster. This was last Friday, so it may be a few days. The Webmaster is continuing to look for positions and is also taking classes. He just landed one for CompTIA certification, something that didn't exist when he started out in the business. So far, it's been things he's known for years, just that the terminology is different. We shall see.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

June 5, 2016

Greetings all. It's been quiet here this week. No new rants came in, probably due to the Memorial Day weekend and the school year winding down. Hopefully, things will pick up next week.

On the job front, rejections and phone screens. The Webmaster had a phone screen with HR people for 2 different companies and one technical screen. Both are good jobs, although one is closer to home. The Webmaster' feeling very jaded and cynical, isn't expecting anything to come from either of these. The Webmaster is no longer collecting unemployment and now is no longer being counted as unemployed. This is why the May job numbers say that Unemployment is down to under 5% even though only 20K new private sector jobs were created last month. Yeah, Der Fubar lied again.

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

May 29, 2016

Good day all. This is memorial Day weekend, where we remember those who have fallen in defense of our freedoms. Unless you are an America hating moonbat and decide that defacing a war memorial is a good idea. Please note that the cowards who did this made sure no one saw them. Why? They probably would have been beaten half to death before the cops arrived.

We had a few rants come in, although the Webmaster thought that two of them might be from the same person on the same subject. He still put them up as separate entries.

On the job front, The webmaster had a technical phone screen Friday. Hopefully it will lead to a face to face interview and then a job. On the same day he was also rejected for a position he had done a phone screen for with the Information Technology VP. The last thing he said was that he wanted the Webmaster to do a second round of calls or a face to face with his technical people. Then, nothing. The Webmaster followed up and was told Friday that he was no longer being considered.

He suspects that it was pure age related reasons. From the look of the company's LinkedIn pages, the average age of the senior staff is 32. On the flip side of things, the Angry Brother retired from his job of 35 years last week and will be eligible for a full pension. He's also starting a new job for his local city government, working towards another pension. Nothing like a little double dipping is there?

The Angry Sister, who was also out of work for a good chunk of last year, picked up a contract gig and has now been offered a full time job with the company. She's working out the details now. Basically, everything is coming up roses for the Webmaster's siblings, but not for him. (Gee, cynical much there AW? The Angry Staff)

On the political scene, the Webmaster met an actual Comrade Bernie voter. She voted for Comrade Bernie in the primary of the state she lives in. When asked why, she said "Because he isn't Hillary." She also understands what a disaster Comrade Bernie would be for the country...we think. When asked if she was going to vote Trump in the general she commented, loudly, "He doesn't have a plan!" The trump supporters at the party, who outnumbered the opposition tried to explain to her that he did and was also bringing people in to build on his ideas, but #NeverTrump!

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 22, 2016

Greetings all.

No new rants came in this week. We're also seeing a significant drop off in visits as well. This seems to happen every spring, probably due to students going on summer vacation.

As for the Webmaster, things are not good. His unemployment insurance has officially run out and he is now living on his savings. Those might last a year at best.

The Webmaster did have a phone screen this week and the VP seemed interested in him. The job is a good one and the Webmaster was told by the VP that the he would either have him come in for a face to face interview or another phone screen with the more technical staffers. This was Last Tuesday and the Webmaster hasn't heard back yet. He'll drop a line to them later this week to see what's happening,

One of the things that might be slowing things down a bit is the fact that assorted headhunters are also involved in this job. The Webmaster applied directly to the company in question, and then saw a similar job on a job board. He applied and when the Headhunter called him he found it it was for the same job. Needless to say, the HH won't be submitting the Webmaster to that job. It would screw things up for him.

On the back end, we found that the contact forms on the Blog weren't working correctly. There was an issue with the Captcha. The angry Systems administrator has corrected this problem and the forms should be working normally now.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

May 15, 2016

Good day all.

Well, we had a pickup in rants this week, along with a bunch-o-ton of spam that our filters caught. We did see an uptick in rants as well.

On the job front for the Webmaster, the answer is still no job and the unemployment has run out. He has a phone screen this week but he doesn't expect it to go anywhere. He also spoke to a headhunter who told him about a job that sounded interesting. As is the normal case, the recruiter said he would send the description over and didn't. This time, the Webmaster had another contact at the agency in question and emailed him about it. He said he would look into it and...nothing. The Webmaster was able to locate the company and they had just posted the position. It was interesting and he applied to it, cutting the headhunters out.

We're also playing with a new direct link to the Amazon site. All you need to do is book mark it and it takes you to the main Amazon page, but lets Anger Central get a bit of credit for it.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 8, 2016

Good day all you angry people out there.

Anger Central has seen it's draught of postings come to an end this week. We had three new ones come in.

On the job front, still no offers for the Angry Webmaster. He's applied to a number of positions, interviewed with many and still, nothing. Several recruiters have put him in to companies, but nothing has come back on them. Several of his friends and family are wondering what is going on. One position he applied to, the hiring manager emailed him asking when would be a good time for a phone screen. The webmaster replied and...silence.

The Webmaster, being a paranoid type, has googled his real name and basically, there's nothing coming up on him that is negative. There's actually more coming up on his 18 month old grand nephew. (No, we aren't giving out his name)

Well, at least Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican Nominee. The Webmaster is enjoying all the Never Trump losing their war with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Yes, the Webmaster is officially supporting Donald Trump for President. After decades of settling for one GOP(e) loser after another, it's nice to see someone who is turning the Establishment Republicans' into quivering bowls of jello.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 1, 2016

Good day all. Once again, no rants came in this week. It was school vacation, but we've seen a general decrease across the board. Oh well.

On the job front, the Webmaster had a face to face interview last week. He doesn't expect to hear back from them. Yes, he thought he did well with the technical person he would be working with, but he didn't get warm and fuzzies from the manager. He's also noted that job postings have dropped rather suddenly. That would be thanks to Obama, the first president to never have economic growth above 3%.

Until next week.

Stay Angry!

Or at least get off the happy pills and post something here.

April 24, 2016

Greetings all. It's been a slow week here at Anger Central. We received no new rants this week. We've als noticed a general slowdown with regards to traffic. This could be due to school vacations.

On the job front, the Webmaster has a face to face interview scheduled for tomorrow. This will be his 12th face to face interview in 6 months, along with close to 100 phone screens. Speaking of phone screens, the Webmaster had one a couple of weeks ago with a company he really wanted to join. He never heard back from them. The Webmaster then met with a recruiter, and mentioned the phone screen. The response?

"Oh! I know that position. we just filled it yesterday." Grrr. Why did that hiring manager even bother to call the Webmaster if they had pretty much already decided?


Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 17, 2016

Greetings. As usual, nothing to report on the job front for the Angry Webmaster. He did get a call from a company out of the blue, (He didn't submit to them), and had a phone screen with the HR teenager representative. He also spoke with a headhunter who seemed to think he was doing the Webmaster a favor even talking to him.

The Webmaster did several phone screens last week, most late in the week. Two of them are jobs he is very interested int. As is the normal case, they said they would notify him on the next step and haven't bothered to update him. Email's will be sent out Monday asking for a status on his status. (The response, if any, will be "Thanks for playing, don't call us, we'll call you!")

We received one rant this week, and it came in this morning. it was a very nice rant regarding banks. The poster ran into an issue after he deposited his check. The bank sat on it for 2 days before they released the funds. Unfortunately, this is a well known game banks play. They're using the funds to garner interest for themselves. For a small amount, such as a paycheck, the amount is minuscule. However, multiply it by millions in deposits and it amounts to real money. In this day and age of instant communications, this is nothing more than a scam by the banks.

The Angry Systems administrator put up a couple of posts last week, one of which was getting and installing the Amazon Fire Stick into the Anger Central Entertainment Center. We've only had it up and running for a few days, but it is far superior to the older system, where we were streaming from an internet enabled Blu-Ray player.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

April 10, 2016

Good day all, or should we just say hello since there's nothing good about today. The Webmaster is in a very foul mood since he had to cut a check for major dollars to the Obama Regime.

On the job front, the Webmaster had three rejections last week. He had a couple of phone screens and has another one scheduled this week. He is getting very frightened now about his prospects.

We had a couple of new posts come in this week. All in all, very quiet here.

Until next time..

Stay Angry!

April 3, 2016

Good day all. Still no job for the Webmaster and his unemployment is due to run out. He did meet with yet another recruiter for an interesting job, and has sent in over 20 applications last week alone. He also has spoken to a different recruiter about a contract with a government agency. That one will require a security clearance. Once the unemployment runs out, the Webmaster will start looking at selling the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. Where he will live is not known. Bankruptcy is a clear possibility.

We had one new rant come in yesterday. Another thing you may have noticed is how there is some sort of blank spaces where Amazon ads were running. About a month ago we were invited to try out Amazon's new CPM ad system. We did and we liked it. Amazon however, didn't like us and sent us an email saying they were dropping Anger Central from the program. The reasons they gave were outright manure and indicates two things. First, they didn't really look into the site, and second, if they did, they didn't like the Webmaster's apparent political views. We're going through the site finding replacements for the CPM ads we've lost.

First Google Adsense dropped us and now Amazon. We're smelling a Left Coast conspiracy.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 27, 2016

Good day all. Not much new to report on the job search front for the Webmaster. He had another face to face interview this week. An interesting job with a noprofit. The Webmaster was their first face to face interview. The Webmaster is not expecting anything to come of it. H also spoke with another headhunter who mentioned that they are also sending resume's over to the same hiring manager the Webmaster met with. The only advantage for the Webmaster is that he applied directly, so the nonprofit won't have to pay any agency fees.

The Webmaster has been seeing a lot of jobs for Red Hat admins. While the Webmaster is able to muddle through various flavors of Linux, he is not a Linux admin. He went off to the Red Hat site to look up training classes for certifications. It would be cheaper for the Webmaster to go to medical school.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

We had no new rants come in this week, and one that came in on a typo. If the Webmaster feels motivated, he might try and track it down and correct it.

March 20, 2016

Greetings. Well the two jobs the Webmaster was looking to fell through, including the one he spent close to 7 hours in various interviews on. He suspects that he's seeing age discrimination, but there's no way to prove it of course. He has another interview for a non-profit this week. The money is low, no future that he can see but if it keeps him in the Anger Central primary Dwelling along with keeping this site open, well..

We had an uptick in rants this week. This makes up for the lack of them last week.

The Webmaster binged on season 2 of Netflix's Daredevil. He's still recovering, and we're sure the Angry Systems Administrator will have something to say about it. (He usually does)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 13, 2016

Good day all. We had no rants come in this week. We did suffer from a Dedicated Denial Of Service attack for a few hours earlier last week. The attack actually hit the hosting service we used and all of their customers were knocked offline for a few hours. They were able to resolve it quickly.

On the job front, the Webmaster had a face to face interview last week. this was after 3 phone screens. Hopefully he will be informed on the status this week sometime. He also had a phone screen with a company he didn't expect to hear from. He had received an automated message saying the job was filled that morning, and later that day, he received an email from the HR department asking for a phone screen. The HR person liked him and was forwarding his resume to the hiring manager. Hopefully, he will have an interview with them as well.

The Webmaster is getting very worried now. His unemployment will run out next month and he honestly didn't expect it to be out this long. He is getting very nervous that this might be a repeat of the 2008 terror he went through. This time, he will be forced to sell the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. Where he will live after that?

Until next time....

Stay Angry!
(Just not at Donald Trump, 'kay?)

March 6, 2016

Greetings all. Things picked up a bit and we received a pair of rants. We're also playing around with a new Amazon ad system, so you may or may not see those ads popping up here and there. As always, we won't complain...much, if you use an ad blocker.

On the job search front, the Webmaster had a face to face with a local company last week. He isn't at all sure about this position even if offered. He suspects the compensation may be way to low for him. He also had a second technical phone screen with a company he is interested in, and they have now called him in for a face to face interview. Keep your fingers crossed.

He's also seen, and applied to an opening at the company he was contracting at last year. The job description is terrible and if history is any guide, may have no basis at all on what the actual job entails. It's entirely possible that this is the same job he was doing last year, and his former manager now has the budget to hire permanently instead of a contract. We shall see on that one as well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 28, 2016

Greetings all. This was a slow week on Anger Central. We received on rant, and it came in overnight. We expected that there would be no rants at all this week.

On the job search front for the Webmaster, he has had two phone screens with a company and is going to go through a third one Monday. If all goes well, the next step will be one or more face to face interviews. The Webmaster is also waiting to hear back from the other company he interviewed with a little over a week ago. He was told he would be notified one way or the other by tomorrow. Hopefully, they will make an offer.

The Webmaster also has another interview with a small company later this week, but it looks like he wont' be able to take the job if offered. The compensation, which he didn't find out about until after he submitted his resume, (They hid it), is ridiculously low, almost less than what he is getting from unemployment. Well, we shall see.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 21, 2016

Greetings. Well, the Webmaster spent 2 hours meeting 4 people in a face to face job interview this week. It's a great job with a lot of growth potential. This means that the Webmaster will be rejected.

You may be wondering why the Webmaster seems to have such a cynical view of his employment potential. The reason is very simple. He's been through far to many bitter disappointments in the past. While he works to be very optimistic during interviews, once he's alone, his inner cynic comes out in full force. He lives by the mantra, "Plan for the worst, Assume the worst is going to happen and you will never ever be surprised."

We received one rant this week, something to do with bare feet in a restaurant or something. Check the RSS feed.

And Juan! Ernesto Arbusto, (Jeb Ellis Bush), got his head handed to him and has dropped out of the presidential race. We're sure the Webmaster will post something about that on the blog later today.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 14, 2015

Greetings all. Today is Valentines day and the Webmaster is ignoring it from now on for...reasons.

The Webmaster is also having issues in the Primary Dwelling. It got very cold here last night and he has frozen pipes. He also has a bit of water dripping into his kitchen which is making him very worried that one pipe may be cracked. He wont' know until the pipes thaw, hopefully before summer. He really doesn't need that kind of bill right now.

We had one new posting this week and it came in late.

On the Job Search front, the Webmaster had a phone screen with a company and then another screen with the VP of operations. The VP wants to have Our Hero come in for a meet and greet, and he's just waiting for the date/time. He was expecting it Friday, "The screens were last Thursday" but nothing came in from the HR person. If the Webmaster doesn't hear from that person by the end of tomorrow, he will contact them and ask what the status is.

And finally, Justices Antonin Scalia has passed away. Now we have the possibility of a hard left justice being appointed by Der Fubar. However, news coming out of the Senate is that King Putt shouldn't even bother trying.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry! (And warm)

February 7, 2016

Greetings all. Yet another week of "No job for you!" for the Webmaster. He is seeing things pick up and has sent in a number of resumes.

Postings picked up a bit this week, with 4 new ones. Not to bad, considering we've been averaging one per week.

And, it snowed this week. We were supposed to get less than an inch, and we got about 6" of heavy, wet snow at the Anger Central offices. Tell us again how this is all due to Global Warming?

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 31, 2016

Greetings all. Not a lot of news this week. Several more job rejections issued by robots, two phone screens with one rejection. The Webmaster is waiting for a call back on the second one telling him he isn't wanted there either.

It's also been fairly quiet in the Anger Central offices, although the Webmaster is wondering why he used 500mb of data on his phone when it should have been connected to the office WiFi network. For some reason his phone has started disconnecting from the WiFi system. Both he and the Angry Systems Administrator are looking into this. The Angry Accountant isn't happy about the extra data and what that's going to cost this month.

The Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary are coming up and we have been getting literally a ton of hunk from the various campaigns, particularly the Juan! Ernesto Arbusto (Jeb! Ellis Bush), campaign. He seems to be determined to use up every penny of that $100 million he started with to massively lose the campaign. Works for us.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

January 24, 2016

Another week and more rejections for gainful employment. The Webmaster was rejected from several more positions he was interested in, and as usual, if he hadn't asked for the status, they would have left him hanging. He also spoke with a couple of recruiters who said they would submit his resume to several interesting positions, then stopped communicating with him.

The job market may be drying up as the economy does a repeat of 2008, the last time the Webmaster was out of work for any length of time. It doesn't help that the political class decided to increase the number of H1B slaves for their paymasters. (Does the Angry Webmaster sound a bit angry here? What do you think?)

We had a couple of new posts come in, but not all that many. The angry Systems Administrator decided it was time to roll the Angry Webmaster's production system to Windows 10. It's different, to be sure, but at least it has a start menu, unlike that pile of garbage Microsoft released known as Windows 8.

On the bright side of things, Anger Central did not get slammed with snow this time. The staff is here gloating at all those in the Mid-Atlantic states that are digging out now.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 17, 2016

Well, life sucks for the angry Webmaster. He received notice this week that his divorce is now final. This was one of the few times he wished that he liked consuming mass quantities of adult beverages.

No news on the job front, although the Webmaster did have a phone screen with some IT people at a company he applied to. The job looks interesting, but being the cynical type, he doesn't expect to get the job, or a face to face interview.

The postings from ranters is off to a nice slow start for the year. One came in last week and it was from someone who is also looking for a job.

All in all not much is happening for the Webmaster.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 10, 2016

Greetings one and all. It's been a quiet week for the Webmaster. He met with a headhunter who was kind enough to give him a nice cold. He also spoke with a few other and had a phone screen with a company he applied to prior to Christmas. They want to do a follow up with him this week. We'll let you know how it turns out.

The Webmaster also saw his doctor last week regarding his should. It looks like he has a nice little bone spur floating around in there. It isn't affecting his mobility and the tendons are healing nicely, but if it shifts are starts causing problems, the Webmaster will need to see an orthopedic surgeon about having it removed.

All in all it's been a quiet week.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(and vote Trump, Cruz or Carson in the GOP primaries) ;)

January 3, 2016

Happy New Year. Well we hope it was happy for you. The Webmaster is very unhappy. He is out of work, and his marriage has fallen apart. The former Mrs. Webmaster has left and is now with her sister in the Deep South, and will be going back to China soon. The Webmaster is still in shock over this, although he has been dealing with the paperwork for several months now.

The Webmaster also saw the new Star Wars movie, (Now with less Lucas), and wrote up a review on it. Basically, he liked it. We also had a couple of new rants come in this week.

The Webmaster's shoulder is healing nicely and he has most of his range of motion, if not strength back. Another couple of weeks should take care of that.

So, a new year. An election year. The final year of the Tyrant Obama. God help us if you morons put Cankles Clinton inot the oval office.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

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