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December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy new year all! Yes, we didn't post any news last week due to the press of time. So what's up? The Angry Webmaster went to a couple of movies last week and posted reviews on them. He saw the new Sherlock Holmes and Mission Impossible movies. He also took over the the Angry Facilities manager and handled the removal of the tree from the Webmaster's primary domicile. The bad news there was the Christmas bonus budget went out the window so no toys for any of us poor schleps.

The webmaster did get a rather interesting gift though. He posted a picture on the blog so take a look and feel free to drool. ;)

On the job search front, the Webmaster applied to a craigs list posting. It's a job at a manufacturing plant. They asked what his salary requirements were. This is the usual HR code phrase of "We want everything and will pay you minimum wage." He sent in what he wanted but expect to hear back saying that "You want to much, have a nice day!"

Mrs. Webmaster is getting ready to head back to China for 4 months. Her mother is in a really bad way and this may be her last chance to see her. :(
Of course, as is the tradition, the Webmaster should be losing his job a month or so after she leaves.

The Webmaster, working with the Angry Accountant, is in the process of refinancing the primary domicile. The Appraiser is due this week. Mr. and Mrs. Webmaster have to see a lawyer this week so that the Webmaster can sign Mrs. Webmaster's name to the various documents. She will not be in the country when the closing is scheduled and she needs sign a ton of papers.

Finally, we're coming up on the New Year and as usual, the anniversary of Angry.Net. The lucky Webmaster will be working on New Years Eve and will be awake right through the falling ball in Times Square. Lucky him.

Until next year....

Stay Angry!!

December 11, 2011

Good evening all. The Webmaster is on vacation from his Real World Job. He's been posting some biting remarks on the Blog, one of which was a really nice fisking of an idiot commie perfessor from Iowa. (Emperor Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler said so) Normally he doesn't have the time to do a right proper hatchet job.

No news on the job front. The Webmaster was called regarding a phone screen, but they never called back. Losers. We really are terrified that the Webmaster is going to be laid off in a few months and won't be able to find a job, thanks to the Democrats and Obama.

The Webmaster is also going through refinancing the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. The paperwork is annoying. What's worse, Mrs. Webmaster will be out of the country at the time the closing soe they have to see about getting the Webmaster a power of attorney so he can sign for her.

Oh yeah. Mrs. Webmaster is going back to China for 4 months January 9th. He is most unhappy. Traditionally, when Mrs. Webmaster is back in her home land, the Webmaster becomes unemployed. Needless to say, he is scared bleepless about this.

And finally, the Angry Facilities manager has located a tree company that will finally get the tree and the limbs out of the Webmaster's garage and backyard. It's only going to cost $3000!! So much for Christmas this year...And next.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

December 4, 2011

Great. December. As you may have noticed, Anger Central is not run by people with an overabundance of the Christmas spirit. Basically we hate it. It also means that the Webmaster is that much closer to gainful unemployment.

The Webmaster is STILL trying to find someone to get the damn tree off his garage. He's now talking to a fourth company that does this. He will be meeting them this week for a quote.

The Webmaster will be on vacation for two weeks starting December 7th. Actually it will be a "stayvacation" since he can't afford to go anywhere and Mrs. Webmaster has to work like a slave this month at her job.

Speaking of Mrs. Webmaster, she will be going to China January 9th and will be gone for 4 months. :(
As is traditional, The Webmaster will probably lose his job while she is out of the country. This has happened every time but one since the happy couple were married in 2004.

The Webmaster is looking hard for a new job of course, but the market, despite what those liars in Washington are saying. The Webmaster has been looking for a year now and has had exactly TWO interviews. He's had about a dozen phone screens and a number of offers for contract work. Since he is a full time employee at the moment there is no reason for him to take on the uncertainty of a contract position with no benefits.

Yes, the Webmaster is VERY concerned about his future.

And finally, the Webmaster has started the process to refinance his mortgage. After nearly 10 years of paying, he has at best $5000 in equity in his home. We would like to thank that retiring scumbag, Barney Frank for wrecking the housing market.

Well, time to get drunk and wallow in self pity.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 27, 2011

Greetings all, We hope you have recovered from your turkey overdose. Not to much going on here at Anger Central. The Angry Facilities is still looking for someone to get the tree off the Angry Webmaster's garage. He found someone but he wants $1000 to do the job. The Angry Sister contacted the Facilities Manager and told him about another vendor. The Facilities Manager has sent him email and hopes it's a better deal.

The Angry Accountant is talking to a finance company with regards to refinancing the Angry Webmaster's primary dwelling. Preliminary results are a 2% savings, which is good news, however, it looks like the Angry Webmaster's property is worth $50K less than he paid for it. It looks like he's right at the cusp if going under water, but is hanging on. If he losses his job though...

On the posting side, it's been another slow week. This is probably due to the holiday and many of our fans waiting in line for Black Friday. ;)

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

November 20, 2011

This was a VERY slow week on the main site. We received very few postings, but a ton of spam. Oh well, maybe next week will be better.

The phone screen the Webmaster had didn't pan out as expected. It seems the hiring manager wanted to pay dirt for a job that would require some travel. The Webmaster had all the requirements except one. He's week on Microsloth Active Directory. Since he has never been in a place where he could administer it, he hasn't been able to put his classes to use. It's not something he can't pick up quickly. However, during the discussions, the Webmaster heard a salary of $35-$45K mentioned instead of what he was asking. That level would have been a serious pay cut for him. It's obvious the company doesn't plan on paying for good people.

Speaking of which, if you look at technical requirements for jobs posted these days, it's disgusting. They want someone with every known certification but will not pay for it. Did you know it takes about $250-$350K over 10-12 years to train a doctor? If the Webmaster were to go for all the classes and certifications these companies are asking for, he could spend that same amount in 1-2 YEARS!

An average Microsloth class runs about a week and costs between $1500-$3000. VMware is over $5000. They also charge for the tests and you pay whether you pass or fail. It doesn't help that the tests don't have any basis in the real world either. At least the training has real world uses, unlike the degrees in advanced Star Trek the Useless Dregs of Humanity, otherwise known as The Occupy Whatever protestors.

Oh well. This week is the annual genocide of Turkeys everywhere. Murder a turkey for PETA!! ;)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 13, 2011

Greetings all, not to much happening around Anger Central. The Webmaster has finally found someone to come to the Anger Central primary domicile to give him a quote to get the tree of his garage. Also the health insurance and tax bills arrived. Anger Central would like to thank the government for screwing up everything. :(

The Webmaster reports he has another phone screen Tuesday. No idea how it will come out, but we aren't optimistic.

Other than that, it's been quiet.

Until next time..

Stay Angry!

November 6, 2011

Greetings all, it looks like we've finally gotten things back together after the little accident we had last week. It mostly affected the Blog, but there was other damage as well. Basically, when the Webmaster hit the publish button, he was offered the choice to delete things that weren't also on the development system he was using. He said yes.


We've now backed up the entire site and will do so every week. One of the things that happened was the ADD page broke. We've since recovered it, but we've also built a new ADD page over at the blog, Just in case the Webmasters Bobo's things again.

As we mentioned earlier this week, The Webmaster had a job interview scheduled. The morning of the interview, he was told that it was being canceled. The company had just taken over another company and offered his job to someone from the other company.

Needless to say, the Webmaster was bitterly disappointed. He was wondering why they didn't pull the job listing. The Webmaster has some sources in this company and he's been hearing some interesting things. Apparently the other person will have to relocate from a fair distance and there will be no relocation assistance. Additionally, the company has also been low balling compensation while demanding that applicants know everything. This is another reason the Webmaster never expected to be offered the job. He's a generalist and freely admits he isn't an expert in every aspect of computer systems. What he is, is very good at problem solving and finding out things.

Oh well...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 3, 2011

Oh we're on a roll today! We just discovered the ADD page is broken. We know what the problem is but there's no easy fix. We are trying to rectify the problem, but it's going to take some time.

You can always use the our Contact forms. Just put a bogus email address in. We're working to get this corrected asap.

And in other wonderful news...

The interview the Webmaster had scheduled was canceled. They went with someone internal. :(


We've managed to get the add form working again. In addition we've created a backup form "Just in case" Like the original it strips out identifying information. The Backup form can be accessed here.

October 31, 2011

Good evening. We just had a major incident with the blog and it's down. We hope to have it restored soon from backup. Our apologies for the mess.

Thank you

October 30, 2011

*grumble* Damn Snow!

Yes we have several miserable inches of Global Warming on the ground. The Webmaster has a tree sitting on his garage and the Angry Facilities Manager sent the snow blower in for servicing the day BEFORE the storm. The Webmaster just told us his parents had to abandon home due to power outages. No doubt this is a precursor to the rest of the winter.

On the job front, the Webmaster has an interview scheduled this week. He doesn't expect to get the job but what the heck? It's close to the Webmaster's primary domicile, and the money is good. He will also get a chance to play with new technology too.

And finally, the Webmaster has been moved off of Windows XP and on to Windows 7. He did a test post last week and this week's updates will be from the new system.

We'll let you know how the interview goes. No doubt they will say "Thanks for playing, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out."

Until Next Time.

Stay Angry!

October 16. 2011

Greetings all. This has not been a good week. At the Webmaster's real world job, the company laid off half the people in his office including three of the 4 full time employees. (The Webmaster is the fourth employee)

He has been told that his job is guaranteed at least until March. Needless to say he is NOT holding his breath. The powers that be also announced that the office the Webmaster spent a good part of last year designing and wiring up is to be closed as soon as possible, probably in the next week or two. The remaining people will work from home with occasional meetings at another, very crowded office.

As if life isn't stressful enough.

The Webmaster has been looking for almost a year, but in this economy, no one will talk to him. He has had 2 interviews and a couple of phone screens. Employers want literally every skill and won't pay anyone who meets those criteria what they are worth.

And to top it off, the Webmaster has been suffering vertigo the last two days. We think it's a mild inner ear infection, and if the Webmaster wakes up tomorrow with the room spinning, he's calling his doctor. The effect fades after a few minutes to the point he isn't falling over and is pretty much gone in an hour or two. Still after what happened a few years ago, it's very nerve wracking.

We will keep you informed.

Until Next Time,

Stay Angry!

October 9, 2011

Greetings to all of you who are 1 percenters. The Angry Webmaster has been teeing off on the so called "99%'rs" presently having a gang whine around the country. What a bunch of useless and dirty losers. Pop over to the blog and read the Webmaster's remarks.

In other news, we had a system outage yesterday resulting in a few hours of down time for the blog. The Angry Systems Administrator posted the updates about it. Basically something went wrong with the hosted server we have Angry.net on. The hosting service finally ended up transferring the site to another server. The changes were dramatic. See what the Angry Systems Administrator had to say about it.

Today is the birthday of the Angry Father. Yes, today the Angry Webmaster's father is 86 years old. He is one of the Greatest Generation and served in the European Theater of Operations. He was briefly part of Patton's 3rd army, until he could get a transfer to another unit. ;)

The Webmaster's father still works as a financial adviser/stock broker. He has a home office and the Angry Systems Administrator helps the Angry Webmaster keep the Angry Father's work system in tip top condition.

On the job front, still nothing for the Webmaster. IN fact he saw a job posted by a company he interviewed at last winter. He didn't even bother applying, but he did point the Angry Brother In-Law at it. Whether he goes for it or not is up to him. If he does they will offer him the job. Then the Webmaster's cunning plan kicks in. ;)

Until next time, Stay Angry!

The Webmaster will continue his plotting and planning. Muhahahaa!

October 2, 2011

Another week, another update. In fact we had a lot of updates this week. A fair number of them are husbands and wives really angry at each other. (Not via this site) We've always been amused at the differences between the two. There are 4 times as many postings by angry wives as there are angry husbands. How strange is that? We gather that not everyone is as happy and contented and Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster. :)

In happy news, the Webmaster put up a post of a woman, profoundly deaf, who heard her voice for the first time. We like happiness once in a while. :)

Until next time..

Stay Angry!

September 25. 2011

Greetings all. The Webmaster has been really busy this week so not to much news. It also explains the dearth of postings on the blog as well. We were lucky the Webmaster updated the dev site during the week. We had a large number of postings come in.

More later, maybe. ;)

September 18, 2011

Hi all, not to much going on. The Webmaster has been having great fun at Obama's expense, as usual. In this case he posted something on a new informer web site the Obama campaign stupidly started. It's called Attack Watch. No one here can believe they were this stupid. Pop over to the blog and take a look at the posting, then go over to ATTAAAAAAAACK WAAAAAAATTTTCCCHHHH and inform on Anger Central. ;)

As usual, no news on the job front. The Webmaster was offered a 2 year contract. However, once he got a look at the job he turned it down. He was totally unqualified for it and wasn't about to risk his current permanent position on a contract.

In back end news, The Angry Systems Administrator is starting to dig into MySQL. He's looked at it in the past, but since he isn't a DBA and doesn't know anyone who works with MySQL, he's struggled. So far he's managed to export and import the blog's database. :)

Since we upgraded our hosting plan, we turned on stats again. We were startled at the number of unique visitors to date. We may post some stats next month.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

September 11, 2011

Good day. We won't be posting any news here this week. Everything we have to say is on the Blog.

Never forget, Never forgive, NEVER AGAIN

September 4, 2011

Greetings all, We're not going to be talking to much. It's Labor Day weekend and we're finally taking the time to clean up the fallen trees. The only problem is, the chainsaw is down so we've had to break out the axes.

Also. we were notified by one of the advertising aggregators we use that they were dropping us for lack of page views. Well, considering they kept denying ads because some of the posts had naughty words in them, good riddance. We're doing a lot better with Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Exit Junction and of course Chitika. We're now able to actually cover our costs. Getting rich? HAH!

Oh well, back to chopping up downed trees.

Until next time

Stay angry!

August 28, 2011

What a fun week. First an earthquake and now a hurricane. And then there was the usual fun at the Webmaster's Real World Job. Well, the Webmaster has been writing about all that fun on the blog. Feel free to take a look.

We got a rant in that the Webmaster has converted into an entry on the FAQ. The question was why we don't have comments on the main site. There are a number of reasons and we put them into our Frequently Asked Questions page.

No news on the jobs front. Lots of contract work, but why would the Webmaster want to give up a full time job for the insecurity and lack of benefits in a contract position? Since he does have a job, he's going to avoid contract work. If he loses his job, then of course, he's going to take whatever is available.

The Angry Systems Administrator has upgraded our web hosting account. We now have unlimited bandwidth and space. :)

The Angry Systems Administrator wrote a glowing review of Hosting Matters, the service we've been using for the last few years. They are very good and very responsive to our needs.

Well, we have some tree limbs to clear away.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 21, 2011

Good day all, Not a lot happening around Anger Central. The Webmaster is looking at 100 hour weeks again since the contractor at his Real World Job found a permanent job elsewhere. We wish him luck of course.

The Webmaster is getting more and more frustrated with his job. His manager is turning into a PHB and it's becoming clear that he really is in over his head. The Webmaster has been applying to jobs all over the area, but no one is calling back. He could get a contract job, but why would he want to do that? He has a permanent job, (for as long as it lasts), with benefits.

There may not be a lot of postings on the blog this week due to the Webmaster's workload. But there may be too. ;)

In any case...

Stay Angry!

August 14, 2011

Greetings all. As expected when the phone didn't ring, the Webmaster knew he wasn't getting the job he wanted. *sigh*

At the Webmaster's current Real World Job, (For however long it lasts), the Webmaster was called at home last night by the hosting service his original, presale company uses. It seems the DBA's decided it would be entertaining to max out the drive space the production database. Fortunately Our Hero was prepared for that eventuality and was able to open up extra space very quickly as he was berating the DBA's for their stupidity.

While he was in the company network he decided to check his email. Long story short, he discovered that the new owners of his old company had let the domain name used by many things expire. He spent an hour on the phone with the new company's Network Operations Center yelling at them. It took 12 hours for them to break out the credit card and renew the domain. *grumble*

Also, for those who have been following Anger Central's Favorite Moonbat, Paula Priesse over on the blog, it looks like the last posting she made was a few weeks ago and the Webmaster has posted all that are available at this time. She has been rather popular.

Oh well, back to the job search. We would like to thank Obama and the Democrats for utterly wrecking the economy.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 7, 2011

Good evening from Anger Central. The Webmaster has been burning up the internet this weekend. He must have done a number blog posts on everything from Cowboys & Aliens to the Verizon strike. Even the Angry Systems Administrator got into the act, complaining about a really crappy and now canceled TV show. We would link to it but he was so pissed he scheduled the posting for later this week.

On the job search front, no word yet on the interview the Webmaster went on. Also he had a phone interview with another company, but he got the impression he wouldn't be a good fit. They said thank you and told him he wouldn't be considered. He replied back thanking the manager for at least telling him and not leaving him hanging.

At the Webmasters real world job, he is ramping up the migration of his systems into the new company's data center. He was sort of told he would have a job after this was concluded, but he isn't counting on it. Additionally, the contractor who was brought in a month ago handed in his notice and will be leaving at the end of the week. Welcome back to the world of 100 hour work weeks. :p

Oh well..

Until next time, Stay Angry!

July 31, 2011

Greetings all, it's been a fun week. The Webmaster had a JOB INTERVIEW Friday. It's an interesting company and we're all hopeful that he will get the job. However, the Webmaster is not expecting anything and expects to never hear from them again. :(

The company has an interesting product and frankly the Angry Webmaster wishes he had heard of them last year. His current Real World Job could have used their services. He passed on some suggestions to the VP he was meeting. Oh well, we'll see.

The Angry Systems Administrator blew away our Google+ account the other day. There was no way in Hell we're giving those Bozo's at Google any of our legal Identification. So we set up a new one that meets their rules. We used our "name" of Jonathon A.W. Smith on this account. It's essentially what we had to do with Facebook to protect ourselves. So if you are on Google+ put us in a circle. If you would like a Google+ invite, use our contact pages on the Blog. Send us your email address and will send you the invitation.

To reach the Angry Webmaster, follow this link.

To reach the Angry Systems Administrator, follow this link.

Until next time, stay angry!

July 24. 2011

Good day all, we hope all of you aren't suffering frostbite. Yeah neither are we. Mrs. Webmaster's workplace is averaging about 115F and the customers are complaining. (2 out of 3 AC units broken)

Once again, we're in a fight with Google. A week ago we opened a Google+ account. yesterday we found it wasn't working right. We could see things but we couldn't post. The Angry Systems Administrator did a little investigating and found the account had been crippled because Google doesn't like pseudonyms. he has posted a real slam about this. Read his posting, Google+ blows chunks.

Also, the Angry Webmaster has bee posting the video blog of a young Progressive, (Don't call me liberal), woman named Paula Priesse. She's been very active and the Webmaster has been posting her archives. (Hopefully that search link will work)

On the job search front the Webmaster has an interview scheduled. Well tentatively anyway. The original meeting is Tuesday and the HR person asked to reschedule later in the week. The Webmaster is still waiting to hear back on a date and time. Keep your fingers crossed.

Until Next Time....

Stay cool and Angry!

July 17, 2011

Greetings all, we have a rant aimed at us! :D
The rant had several parts but one is actually a good question/complaint. The ranter complained about the double underlines that appear on this site. These are links that one of our advertising companies use. We were a bit concerned about it when we signed up with them, but as we've said in the past, please, feel free to use the ad blocker and NoScript and block the ads.

However, please consider that for the FIRST TIME EVER, we're actually able to pay for this site out of ad revenues!! YAY!!! Getting rich is something we would like we would like, but it isn't going to happen. We have better odds playing the lottery.

At the Webmaster's real world job, he has been asked to run the scrums. He hates meetings and loathes scrums. However, his coworkers like it when he runs them because they rarely last more than 15 minutes. Normally they can run an hour easily.

And speaking of real world work, the Webmaster is still applying for jobs all over the place. When the phone doesn't ring and the email doesn't arrive, we know it's that great job he isn't getting. He's getting worried about his current job. The company that bought the one he originally worked for is making no attempts at integrating his team.


Until next time,

Stay Angry!
(And keep clicking on the ad links and buying stuff from the advertisers)

July 10, 2011

Good day all. Sorry for the lack of news last week but the Webmaster couldn't be bothered. He was to busy blowing fingers off. ;)

This week bit the Webmaster and the Systems Administrator have been posting up a storm on the blog. Why not pop over and see what they have to say.

Mrs. Webmaster has been working to hard. Her cruel and evil boss has been calling her in on her days off because she keeps firing other workers. Allow me to provide a piece of advice. Don't work for a Taiwanese boss.

One of the reason the Webmaster didn't put up any news was his review of the movie Green Lantern. He was disappointed.

On the job search front, the Webmaster applied to a company and was rejected within hours. It was pretty obvious his resume never reached a live breathing human being, or at least an HR drone. It was spit out by a computer.

And there's the problem with looking for a job. It's not so much ignorant HR drones who don't know what they are supposed to be looking for, it's the damn computers and their badly programmed filters.

Oh well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

June 26, 2011

Greetings all. It's been rather quiet on the back end of Anger Central. The Angry Systems Administrator has continued playing with Bitcoin. He really wants to get rich on the damn things. You'll see the bitcoin generators on the blog as well as in the footers of some of the pages here. It's harmless, and you can shut them down if you wish.

We also had a rant come in complaining about popups. We may be guilty of this, since some of our ad aggregation companies are rather aggressive. Feel free to use your favorite ad blockers.

Still no news on the search for a new job. It's really bad out there. The Webmaster and the Angry Systems admin are both employed but who knows how long those jobs will last. At least Mrs. Webmaster owns her car outright. We can always sleep in it if we need to. ;/

Otherwise, not a lot going on.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

June 19, 2011

Happy fathers day! Today is fathers day and we have a gift for the Angry Father. The only problem is it hasn't arrived yet. :(

It should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday.

Yesterday was the graduation of the Angry Nephew. It's hard to believe that he's now 18 and finished High school. It seems like just last week he was screaming his head off and loading his diapers.

Oh wait, he was. ;)
(Yes, I expect to hear about that as soon as he reads it) *grin*

As usual, no news on the job search front. Well no good news. The Webmaster talked to an HR person but he wouldn't meet his salary requirements. Considering the distance he would have had to travel plus traffic, not to mention taxes, the salary offered was just to low. We're seeing this more and more now. The economy is so bad that companies are low balling salaries.

And finally, the Angry Systems Administrator is fooling around with BitCoins. You'll see a generator on the blog and we've inserted a hidden element in the footer of the people section. We'll see if it's worth anything.

Until next time,

Stay Angry!

June 12, 2011

Well, Mrs. Webmaster is happy. She has paid off the loan on her car and is waiting for the title to come. She did it in 2 years on a 3 year loan. Granted the Angry Webmaster helped her quite a bit, (About half the cost of the car), but that is what true love is all about. :)

No news on the job search front. The Webmaster has been sending out resume's but when the phone doesn't ring, you know it's the job offer you aren't getting. He's getting very nervous now. He has no idea how long his current job will last.

Anger Central would like to thank the Democrats and the Obama administration for utterly destroying the economy.

Well that's a story for the blog.

And that was a surprise I wasn't expecting. River Song is Melody Pond! Now we have to wait a few months to see ho the new parents deal with a daughter who is older than they are. ;)

June 5, 2011

Good day to you angry people, how are you doing? ;)

Ok, silly question, considering this site.

The webmaster missed out on ANOTHER job last week. He was scheduled for a phone screen but after working 27 hours in 48, he got home and fell asleep. He missed the call by 15 minutes. He called back, but as expected, the head hunter didn't call him back...the putz.

In other news, we got a payment from another advertising aggregator last week. We were rather surprised with this one since we had pretty much given up on them. It seems they changed how they determine when to pay you, which makes us happy. We might actually make enough to pay for this site for the first time ever. :)

Now, we understand that the ads we run here may anger you and we fully understand and accept that you might be using an ad blocker. That doesn't bother us. (The Angry Accountant is another matter of course)

If you don't want to be pestered with our ads, then run noscript and adblocker and block the advertisers. You can always click on our tip jar and send us money that way. *greedy grin*

Well, back to sleep. It's going to be another 900 hour work week again.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

May 31, 2011

Greetings all. Sorry for the delay in postings this week. The Webmaster was forced to work all weekend. He did manager to sneak out and see Pirates of the Caribbean: A Stranger Tide. He wrote a review of it over on the blog.

Not to be outdone, the Angry Systems Administrator started venting over the recent increase in spam coming in of late.

Speaking of work, The Webmaster lost out on another job opportunity this week. He had an interview scheduled but had to cancel when his real world job interfered. he rescheduled and then THAT one had to be cancelled all because his manager held him in the office for a critical software update that NEVER HAPPENED!
(Which is why he was working all weekend)

Mrs. Webmaster is way to busy and showing signs of exhaustion. He boss is a vile evil bitch who cheats her employees. But, with this economy, she's stuck there. (Thanks Obama, Thanks Democrats)

Well, until next time..

Stay Angry!

May 22, 2011


This is going to be short and sweet. The Webmaster has been working all weekend and is ready to fit  a number of programmers with concrete combat boots and see how well they can swim with them. He's now closing in on 80 hours for the week and is getting very frustrated.

Back to work now.

Until next time.


May 15. 2011

Not to much time to say anything. The Webmaster is doing 65+ hours a week and is looking at burnout any time now.

He's been so busy he wasn't able to write anything for the blog. Even the Angry Systems Administrator is flat out these days.

So until next time

Stay angry!

May 8. 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Osama Bin Laden sleeps with the fishes courtesy of the United States Navy SEALs!! After last weeks update the news came out that Bin Laden received two in the turban and was rolled off the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. YAY! The Webmaster wrote a great deal about it over on the blog. Pop on over and read his remarks.

The Webmaster also wrote about the Kentucky Derby. He won $10 and can now retire. /sarc
The Angry sister won $45.

And as usual, the phone isn't ringing offering the webmaster a great new job. :(

Well, until next week.

Stay Thirsty my friends... Oh wait, wrong tag line. :)

Stay angry!

May 1, 2011


Well it's happened again. The company that bought the Webmaster's Real World Job company was itself bought last week. This has no effect on our hero, the Angry Webmaster. His job disappears once the migrations are completed.

Speaking of the job front, the Webmaster has been submitting resumes and as you may recall from his previous bouts of job searching, "When the phone don't ring, it's that great new job you wanted."

On a more humorous front, the Webmaster, not to be outdone, has put a poll on who people think will be president in 2013. As you might expect, his selections were not the standard ones. ;)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 24, 2011

Greetings. Happy Easter. Not a lot to say this week. The Webmaster's real world job is about to become a nightmare. His coworker left Friday and the Webmaster is stressing all over the place.

Other then that, not much else is going on.

Until next time,

Stay extremely annoyed. ;)

April 17, 2011

Well we hope you all enjoyed paying your taxes. We sure did. /sarc

On the real world work front, the Webmaster's workload has just doubled. His co-sysadmin handed in his notice last week and will be leaving end of this week. They're doing the transition now. This makes 4 people who have left since the first of the year with one replacement. The worst part? The Webmaster was considering applying for that position. He was concerned on the commute time. And to top it off, they called his co-worker, not the other way around.


The Angry Webmaster has struggled his entire work life. Finding and getting work has always been difficult for him. This is one reason he started looking as soon as his new resume was ready.

Well we wish our soon to be former co-worker the best and hope we can join him in a new position as well. As for the current company the Webmaster works for? He owes them the same loyalty they have shown him...NONE!

Anyway, if anyone reading this has an opening for a Windows Admin in the North East, pop over to the contact page and drop us a line.

The Angry Webmaster also wrote up a post on the blog regarding Donald Trump. He isn't thrilled with him running for President. He said something about killing puppies for their hair? ;)

Until next time..

Stay Angry!

April 10, 2011


The Webmaster made a slight booboo and we had to restore a few files from backup. If you find any broken links, head over to the Webmaster's contact page and let him know. Also, feel free to give him a piece of your mind for being so stupid...again.

The webmaster has been busy dealing with his real world job and has also been applying to other jobs. In this environment, finding a new job is really hard. This is why he isn't waiting around until he gets laid off from his current job.

Other then this, not much else is going on.

So, until next time,

Stay Angry!

April 3, 2011

Greetings all. Not much happening other then the huge blizzard we had April 1. No, it wasn't an April fools joke. The last news we had before shutting down Thursday night was 8-12". Because of the standard accuracy of the Weather Channel, everyone worked from home. The one exception was the Angry Systems Administrator who broke out his sled dogs the night before.

In other news the Angry Systems Admin bought windows 7 pro to install on the Webmaster's system. It's a lot of work to do this so we haven't scheduled the down time. When we start, we're looking at several days to bring the system back up, and we may not be able to do the updates. It's probably going to be a few months anyway.

Other then this, not much else is going on...other then the spam levels exploding. Our filters are catching most of it, but it's very annoying.

Well, until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 27, 2011

Greetings all. We have a lot of posts this week. Also both the Angry Systems Administrator and the Angry Webmaster put a number of posts up on the blog this week. The latest one was a review on Battle: Los Angeles. The Webmaster appears to like it. It looks like they may be posting a few more items as time permits.

Other then that, it's been rather quiet in the Anger Central offices. The Webmaster continues his job search. Thanks to Obama and the democommies, the economy has all but collapsed. Feel free to part with a few of your hard earned <Currency of choice> and hit up our tip jar or buy something at the Anger Central Store.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(And watch out for alien invaders leveling LA. even if it does deserve it) *wink*

March 20, 2011

Thank god the snow is gone! Just 6 weeks ago the snow was deeper then Mrs. Webmaster is tall. None of us will miss it at all.

The Angry Systems Administrator has been doing some back end changes on the Blog again. He's added a contact system so you can email us directly now. You can access the contact forms on the title bar. Look for "Contact."

Speaking of the Blog, the Angry Webmaster teed off on the golfer in chief again. In case you didn't know, Obama decided to bomb Libya to help the rebels. Of course, there is the small problem that the rebels have all but LOST. Six weeks ago it may have helped. Now? They're toast and this is a waste of time and resources.

As expected, when the phone didn't ring it was that new job the Webmaster was looking for. :(
Oh well, I'm sure Mrs. Webmaster will be alright back in China while the Angry Webmaster starves to death under a bridge next year.

And on that depressing note...

Stay angry!

March 13, 2011

Greetings. There's a lot of news, none of it good, and not all of it having to do with Anger Central. Over on the blog the Webmaster posted a missive for Michelle Malkin with regards to her missing cousin. If ANYONE has any information, please contact the Seattle PD ASAP!

Also, there's been a massive earthquake off the coast of Japan. It's been upgraded to a factor 9. Additionally there was a tsunami that appears to have wiped out several towns, and also severely damaged a multi-reactor nuclear station. It is believed that at least one core has partially melted, but the containment systems are working. From what information we have, the techs on scene immediately scrammed the reactors and began the cooling process when the earthquake was felt. However it appears the site was hit by the tsunami and their auxiliary power systems were either damaged or destroyed. There was a hydrogen explosion but the containment dome is intact.

Unlike the Chernobyl reactor, and like Three Mile Island, the containment systems are working as they should.

We wish both Michelle Malkin's cousin and the people in Japan well and pray for good endings.

On a more local note, the Webmaster went on a job interview this week. It's an interesting job. Pity the Webmaster blew the final telephone tech interview. :(

Oh well, he did get a massive 2% raise at his current job with a humongous bonus that the IRS promptly diminished to pay for the screw ups known as the U.S. government.

There was a posting that came in that was on a one way trip to the bit bucket. However, the Webmaster decided it would be more fun to post it over on the blog and rip the idiot a virtual new one. It's titled "A Rant by an idiot" and demonstrates why certain people should be drowned at conception. ;)

Until next...

Stay Angry!

March 6, 2011

Hey all, Not a lot going on. The Webmaster wrote up a rant on the blog regarding gas prices. The way they're climbing, it's really beginning to hurt him.

The corporate taxes have been paid, (See previous news item), and the refund has arrived. A pathetic refund it was too.

The Angry Systems Administrator bought himself a new toy. He decided it was time to replace his bluetooth earpiece with a new one. He ordered it from an Amazon seller. The only problem was it came in DOA. He's shipping it back for a refund. He ended up buying the same model for about $15 more at the Verizon store. Of course he doesn't sue Verizon, he uses AT&T.

There's a few interesting things happening next week for the Webmaster. He can't talk about it, but if things pan out, he'll alert the world.

Until Next time....

Stay Angry!

February 26, 2011

Well the damn taxes are filed. We had 6 more inches of Global Warming, and the Webmaster spent some money he doesn't have on a new laptop backpack. His excuse was that he's tired of hauling 3 separate bags into work each day.

On the lighter side. The Webmaster went out to dinner with his parents for the first time in 2 months. The Angry father is much better and the Angry mother is happy to have her license back. (It was taken last year after an accident. She was NOT at fault, but being in her mid 80's, the state decided to yank it anyway) The Webmaster drove last night so he was unable to consume adult beverages.

Another aside is our ads. We use Chitika primarily, (although not exclusively) and recently there is an ad popping up for Angry Birds. We gather this is in reference to that game we've heard Leo LaPorte go on and on about. Although we aren't supposed to, The Webmaster did click on the ad. He's thinking about buying one of the stuffed toys for Mrs. Webmaster. ;)

The Angry Systems Administrator has been sick this weekend. To protect the public the Angry Webmaster put him down this afternoon.
(The HELL you did you Son of a #%^$E)

Oh great. Now we have a Zombie problem.

Until next time..

Stay Angry!

February 20, 2011



See blog


To angry.

Until Next time...

Stay angry! (Although the Webmaster beats all of you pikers hands down this week)

February 13, 2011

Yes! A miracle happened! It didn't snow this week! Someone must have gagged Algore and his minions.. ;)

This has been an exceptionally busy week. We must have gotten over 40 rants. We've actually lost count. The Webmaster can't recall the last time we received this many rants. A couple of them seem to have been from our annoying cousins across the pond in England. It looks like they're suffering from delusions of meaningfulness. ;) As usual, not all are going online.

We also received a couple of direct emails from someone asking about an update page. We don't have one for the simple reason that this is an old tech site and everything is done manually. It allows us to sort through the garbage and select the rants truly worth putting up for the world to admire.

We also received a posting from a young woman who seems to be attached to a real closet case loser. We advised that she ditch him and find someone else who is more worthy and deserving of her attention.

The Webmaster has been so busy this week that he hasn't been able to add anything to the Blog. He's very hesitant to do so from his real world job, since his new company has switched his office over to their network. They monitor everything and being a good little paranoid, the Webmaster won't put anything on the company issued laptop, unless he encrypts it first.

Well, that's it for this week.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 06, 2011

Yeah, we got even more snow. The Angry Facilities manager was able to fix the snow blower so we didn't have to break out the alternate means of parking lot clearance. This is a good thing since the alternate device is on the verge of catastrophic failure. Anger Central is now in the market for a new shovel. ;)

Mrs. Webmaster is celebrating Chinese New Year. According to her, it is the Year of the Bunny. Mrs. Webmaster doesn't use the word "Rabbit" much, but does like the word bunny ergo it is NOT the Year of the Rabbit, but the Year of the Bunny. ;)

The Angry Father has returned home from his medical leave. He's mobile and much better now. He's anxious to get back to work and loot the economy of millions, just like Obama and his minions. *evil grin*

Now this is odd. The angry Webmaster just noticed he's bleeding. He didn't feel anything, no pain, nothing. Well, that just goes to show you the old saw about "No Pain, No Brain" is true. 0:)

On the posting front, it's been rather busy, especially the last few days. Oh well, busy is good. Now if only people would <Shameless marketing ploy> click on some of the ads, or go to Amazon and by stuff. *greedy grin*

Well, time to ignore the super bowl.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 30, 2011


We had another snow storm last week, (Thanks you POS Al Gore!), and the Angry Facilities manager wasn't able to reach the primary domicile of the Webmaster. He had to go out and clear the driveway himself. Only one small problem. THE DAMN SNOW BLOWER WAS BUSTED!!

The Webmaster had to get the backup system out and she was very unhappy about being dragged out of a warm bed. Yes, Mr. & Mrs. Angry Webmaster had to shovel the driveway the old fashioned way, with real old fashioned SHOVELS!


The Angry Facilities Manager, working with the Angry Mechanic were able to fix the damn piece of junk this afternoon, just in time for the next storm due in later this week.

The Angry Father is doing much better and should be home fairly soon. The entire family is working to upgrade the house and prepare for his return. He is going through physical therapy and is walking around, albeit with help.

The Angry Webmaster was posting again on the blog. One story was on Egypt and the other was on a book he wasn't to thrilled with.

Other then everyone at Anger Central getting royally pissed off with the winter, not much else is going on. So until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 23. 2011




In case you haven't figured it out yet, we've been digging out from yet the latest round of Globull warming. We understand there's more Globull Warming coming later this week.

The Angry Webmaster's father is in a Rehab center and is undergoing Physical Therapy. He should be returning home by the end of the month if not sooner. We did have a small problem with his medical care. His lower teeth were misplaced by the hospital and now he has to get another set. Well, since the hospital lost them, they're paying for them, and those solid gold, diamond studded dentures aren't cheap!

Otherwise, it's been rather quiet this week. The Webmaster just responded to a jerk who wants the United States to go Commie. He was not kind. Also, unlike our liberal friends, the Webmaster prides himself on not using foul language. He chooses his words carefully when ripping an idiot apart. :)

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 16, 2011

Greetings one and all. Anger Central brings you news. The Angry Webmasters father is doing well and is out of the hospital. He had a procedure Thursday that basically consisted of injecting cement into his fractured vertebra. When the Webmaster visited him Friday he was sitting up in a chair already planning his escape from the nursing staff. He's now in a Rehab facility and should be back home in a week or so. Truth be told, the Webmaster thought that his father was looking at major surgery consisting of knives, steel pins and a long recuperation. Ain't modern medicine grand? :)

In other news, The Webmaster was writing on the blog again. He posed an interesting question. Are liberals and the practice of liberalism evil? We think you'll be surprised at his answer. We sure as hell were!

It was a slow week posting wise. One problem was a lot of people responding to posts. As we keep saying, this is not a forum or a discussion site. If you have something to say, pop over to the blog. That has a comments section.

We also got a load of global warming dumped on us last week. Close to 2 feet of global warming with more on the way next week. *grumble*

Well, we need to head down and see the Angry Father. He's demanding lobster and pizza. ;)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 9, 2011

Good evening. I'm stepping out of character tonight. My father was taken to the hospital this afternoon. He's in his mid-80's. It appears he fell last August and didn't tell anyone. Friday he went to his doctor with severe back pain and other issues. It looks like he suffered a compression fracture of one or more of his vertebra. Because of this I won't be saying much here. I am pushing the normal rant updates since I worked on those as they came in during the week.

Thank you.

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everybody!

Yes, it's the year 2011, and Anger Central has been online for 13 gloriously enraged years. We're all amazed that we've lasted this long. The number of times the Angry Webmaster has contemplated taking this site down are to numerous to mention. Rather then take the site down, we've added a Wordpress blog. The Webmaster and the Angry Systems Administrator both take turns posting odds and ends there.

We've been asked if we will migrate this site over to the blog, and the answer is no. One of the reasons is comments. We don't allow comments on the main site for a very good reason. They would get out of control in no time.

So now for some statistics.




How about them numbers?? :)

Ok, some translations are in order. Let me bring in Mrs. Webmaster so she can translate. Oh, you would prefer English? Oh, Ok.

We received 1088 postings. 733 of them were put on the site. 349 of them were rejected for one reason or another. we also got 6 pieces of fan mail. As to the actual web traffic, due to space issues we delete the logs periodically, but it seems we've been seeing about 7000 unique visitors each month.

Another interesting statistic is where these people come from. Basically it's from all over the world. We get a lot of traffic from the US of course, but also from places like Burma, China, Thailand and even Ethiopia.

One thing that really annoys the Angry Accountant is how this traffic isn't turning into cash. Part of this is due to Chitika dropping the site for several months and then changing their minds. We now have several advertising aggregators, but we haven't gotten back to the point where the ads pay for the site.

So, what is on for this year? We're not sure. The Angry Webmaster's Real World Job is in flux. The company he worked for was bought by a much larger, (Fortune 500) company. The Webmaster doesn't see his job continuing much past next fall. (We hope we're wrong, but he's been through this before)

Since he don't want to be out of work for a year or more again, he has already started looking. Unfortunately, the current Administration seems hell bent on completely wrecking the economy. We'll talk about that over on the blog.

As to changes on the site, we don't see anything coming up on the horizon. This may change of course, but it's doubtful. We're very happy with the hosting company, Hosting Matters, and they have done a great job keeping the connections hot and normal. (Well as normal as any of us are) *grin*

So, keep those posts coming in, but remember please send in things that make you angry. Leave the hate stuff at the door and don't bother rebutting other posts. (That's why there were 349 rejections)

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!!

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