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I am so fucking sick and tired of the fucking media and their fucking agenda they have been pushing as of late.

The Omicron Variant is MILD it's not that dangerous but the media has been nonstop shoving it down our throats how it's not.

The Media is clearly paying Hospital Patients to lie just to push their agendas and further their own careers while the rest of us suffer.

How is it there are people who are perfectly healthy and fully vaccinated and boosted that are testing positive for COVID?

All of these COVID tests are inaccurate and about 85% of the time the tests are all False Positives but the Media Pundits will inflate those numbers just to overcrowd Hospitals all while these lying pundits on the news keep getting richer not to mention giving people more reasons to not get vaccinated because what's the point of getting vaccinated if you'll end up catching Omicron where it's symptoms matches that of a Common Cold.

Remember when CNN told everyone America will run out of money? That was a fucking lie they made up to spread fear rather than doing their jobs and being honest with the American People and guess what we all still have money but those liars at CNN ended up getting richer by lying to the Country about The Country running out of money.

Now we're hearing reports of another food shortage much like last year and now it's back and it's like the Media really has an Agenda against it's people because they are afraid the moment they tell any truths that they will instantly lose ratings.

Food Shortages are caused by all of the idiots panic buying shit anytime you tell them the Sky is going to fall because they are that Gullible.

The last Food Shortage didn't last because Food is always coming back in stock and once the Media gets called out for lying like they always do they go back to talking about COVID numbers like can't you fucking losers let it go and actually tell true and honest news instead of lying to The American People just because you care only about yourselves you fucking pundits.

I hope the F.C.C. hands out massive fines to CNN and NBC News for all of their lies about Shortages, economic collapses, and shortages just so they can push their selfish agendas and believe me they will fucking deserve it as soon as it happens.

Note from Anger Central
We fully agree with you on the Omicron variant. (Head over to the blog and read the contempt the Webmaster has been showering on the "Powers that Be" ofver this whole Panicdemic)
The Media does have an agenda and it's the end of the United States as a free, constitutional Republic. They want it replaced by single party rule.
The FCC will do...nothing. They are whjoly owned by the Deep State ans the Uniparty Globalists.
The Webmaster hates is when all his good conspiracy theories actually prove out. He has to come up with new ones.

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