Michigan weather

The weather here sucks ass! It is never just right. It is always too cold or too hot. Either it rains for days or there is snow up to my balls. I swear God HAS to be a woman because she cannot get the weather here right for shit.

New Jersey's weather 2

I am so angry because the winter here in New Jersey sucks really bad. Yesterday it was actually nice out, it was sunny and mild but overnight it got cold and today it snowed. I hate when that happens! New Jersey weather is so unpredictable in winter and it pisses me off! I want to move to Florida so bad but unfortunately I don't make enough money to move there right now and I am stuck here in crappy New Jersey with the sucky cold weather.

Ontario weather 3

The weather in this country is so harsh!!! We only got 2 weeks of "summer" Other days it's been cloudy and painfully cold. The lake wind is so bad, I can barely walk though it!! I can't stand this. I'm depressed and my migraines got worse. I want to immigrate so bad. It's been my dream since I was a teenager. It gets stronger every year as the weather gets worse.

Snow 4

"save the environment" what the hell are those hippies mouthing off about? trees? the climate? mother nature has a shitty way of throwing us back down on our asses after we think we are the great and dominant species. besides this giant, horrible tsunami tragedy that makes you want to kick nature in the hypothetical balls, I had a horrible encounter with this "pretty" and "tranquil" looking stuff called snow. is it really necessary? I went to south lake Tahoe, CA for the weekend and that shit completely ruined my trip. the stupid hotel refused to cancel my $400 reservation leaving me forced to drive up there. once I hit the highway I realized that I was looking at one of the biggest winter storms to ever hit norcal. it was complete bullshit. thanks a bunch nature. for causing my car to spin out on the god damn black ice and crash into a fucking snow bank. really needed my insurance to go up! and of course the highway behind me just had to be closed so I had to complete my drive up in my newly fucked car. thanks also for dropping a fucking truckload of snow on my car both mornings. and thanks to the inbred fuckers in Nevada who just stood there and watched my friends and I try to shovel snow off our car with our hands. no, really, I love standing in 20 degree weather for 2 hours. and again to these same bastards for not even offering help to get out of the stupid ditch we slid into on our way home. I really didn't know you could spin out going 5 mph with chains on. Fuck you mother nature. I'm buying an SUV and using aerosol cans. thank god for global warming! 

Weather forecasts 5

I'm damned sick and tired of all of the overblown TV weather forecasters who can't just tell us the damned forecast. First they start with air masses and fronts thousands of miles away and track it into the area. Gimmie the damned forecast, I could give a shit less about a goddamned tropical depression in Cuba. I don't want currect conditions in Anchorage, Alaska. Stop peppering your forecasts with phrases like "rain activity," or "significant snow event." Just tell me it it's gonna be clear, dry, rainy, snowy or windy and give the high and low temps. Can the crap forecasters, just give me forecast and be done with it and stop making wise ass cracks about what we should or shouldn't be doing outside. If I wanna wash my damned car in a pouring rain, I will. It's a free country.

Oh yeah, if you're a lady forecaster and your're visibly pregnant, take maternity leave, I don't want to see your bloated belly bocking the way of the weather map that shows the fucking tropical depression in Cuba or the cold front in goddamned Ireland!

weather today 6

What in the name of God is UP with weather today?! I mean, a hurricane killing over 10,000 people, a tornado hitting Kentucky, which happens to be the state I live in, is also hit with all kinds of severe storms, at the end of NOVEMBER! If mother nature were a real person, I'd find her, shoot her, and hang her head on my wall for all to see!


WTF man, it's more than foot outside! I dont like the snow, it's nice to look out the window watch it fall, but damn walking on it sucks..And trying to get your frigging car out of a parking spot..argg! I know finding parking this whole week is gonna be a bitch, i hate it, hate it, hate it, especially after is all done falling then it gets all muddy and piles everywhere and the sidewalks are slippery! I don't like the retard neighbors who dont clean their sidewalk, WTF you also have to fucking walk on your damn property..CLEAN IT!

And..don't even get me started on all the idiots out there who all of a sudden forgot how to drive, pisses me off!!

Snow is nice but it should stay in the mountains, we dont need it in the city where we walk and drive!!

I should move to somewhere warm, fucking cold, fucking snow..Is it spring yet??

ALL fucking weather!! 8

I fucking hate the weather EVERYWHERE! Why the fuck is the human body designed so we are constantly either too hot or too cold? I am either burning up and sweating my ass off or I am freezing piling on clothing. I hate heat, rain, snow, humidity, dryness and ALL of that shit! When there is no sun I am too cold and when there is too much sun, I get SUNBURNED! I could go on a huge rant about how the human body is designed stupid but that would take too long. The bottom line is: I am fucking angry because the weather was COLD last week and BOILING this week! The temperature constantly makes me pissed off. I wish I could just move somewhere where it is 80-90 degrees with a nice breeze ALL THE TIME! Wherever I go it seems there are only a few days a year where the weather is perfect. FUCK THE FUCKING WEATHER! I HATE IT!

Winter weather 9

After a decade of good weather in Indiana, we finally had a bad snow storm. The ground and everybody's cars got covered in 1/2 inch thick ice. Thankfully I have an awesome grandpa and he helped me get the ice off my car. Love you Grandpa!

Back to the point, I now have a bunch of checks to cash at the bank. I try to drive out of the driveway, but the ice is holding my car in place. What a bunch of garbage! My front yard now smells like burning rubber due to the tires rubbing on the ground.

Hand painted shield 10

I just spent 8 FUCKING hours painting my new shield for reenactment. It had 6 colours and I left it to dry outside and it rained and even though I was asleep and it was undercover it was COMPLETELY FUCKING RUINED.



Idiot Weather 12

This fucking weather won't make up it's mind and it's pissing me off. First off all it feels like the hot ass summer of 2011 won't go away and it's Spring of 2012. Last Fall the weather was fuckinng hot even on Halloween and in some parts of the Country it fucking Snowed as in a fucking blizzard. Seriously a fucking blizzard on Halloween in someparts of the country but yet where I live it feels 50 degrees. Then we had nothing but sunshine blinding my eyes and no snow at Christmas where I lived. I look forward to snow at Christmas and we get none fuck you Mother Dumbass Nature. Also Janurary and Feburary where I live had Spring Like Weather instead of Snow. I like to look forward to spring and the reason whi is looking at the snow makes me wish it were. and it feels like summer and it's been so goddamn hot in April and May I don't even wish it was Summer makes me wish I lived in Antarctica. Fuck you Mother Nature you stupid bitch you're not doing the weather right at all fucking make the weather for the right season you dumbass bitch.

Chicago Weather 13

Everyone knows Chicago weather sucks, but this winter is horrid. It is so fucking freezing today I couldn't even leave my apt. I tried with all my might but I am just feeling the chill from outside. I sit in front of the heater all night and when I got the mail downstairs I almost fell over and died from the freezing wind trying to kill me. It's cold for a week or so then warm above freezing for one. Then back again. There is no snow this winter except for one day then it rained and melted the next. At least if it is going to be damn freezing have some fucking white snow to look at and walk through so I remember the purpose of the cold. Nope this winter sucks. Not looking forward to summer either because it goes straight to sticky humid and frizzy hair where you can barely breath or get a fresh breath of air. I hate you Chicago weather. I have had enough and I am moving where Mother Nature doesn't hate the town so fucking much. Thank you.

Snow 14

I am so fucking sick to death of the snow I mean I enjoy it during Christmas Time but for God's sake does it half to snow every single fucking week in January?

I had plans to go out today and was so looking forward but the biggest known Karen in the Universe Mother Fucking Nature ruined my day by blowing snow in my area and closing businesses and it pisses me off so fucking much that it makes me wish Mother Nature were a real person so I could take a knife and slit her throat.

i'm so sick to death of fucking Snow and anyone who is happy with snow needs to be buried in it and maybe then you will feel how I feel about snow ruining plans I had for today and fuck you Mother Nature you stupid bitch I hope you burn in Hell.

*Note from Anger Central
Preaching to the converted here. The Webmaster ordered Global Warming and he's still waiting for it, as an expected 1-2 FEET of white frozen crap comes down
We blame Gretat Thunberg. That twit has sucked the heat out of the atmosphere.

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