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January 25, 2015

Good day all. We had a number of posts this week, which sort of makes up for the previous 2 weeks of nothing.

The Webmaster has been going through all the things he needs to do for his new job. He's had his drug test, and due to the company, he is also required to have blood tests and a checkup before he can start. Due to the logistics, it's likely that the Webmaster will have to push off his start date by one week.

We're looking down the barrel of a "Historic blizzard" starting tomorrow. We are looking at two to three feet of snow by Wednesday. We are NOT looking forward to this. At least the Angry Groundskeeper has the Snowblower serviced and working, There is also an ugly rumor there might be another storm next weekend.


Well, it's time to make sure the Angry cafeteria is fully stocked with Beer and Bacon.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

January 18, 2015

Good evening everyone. For the second week, no new rants have come in. We're finding this rather odd considering the hits we're seeing on the site. We're having some problems believing the stats since traffic is a lot higher then normal. We don't think the Blog can be the sole reason for this. Oh well, maybe someone will complain this week.

On the job front, some good news. The Webmaster has landed a contract job in the healthcare industry. It's three months and then can be converted to full time employee. The Webmaster is glad for the job, but is a little concerned with the direction the job is taking. He can keep his options open and see how the job proceeds. The Webmaster has to get a few medical tests, a criminal background check and he's going for his drug test next week.

On a more personal matter, the Angry Webmaster is now a great uncle. The Angry Niece had a baby boy last week. Mom and Son are doing well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(And post about it here please)

January 11, 2015

Good day all. First, absolutely no rants came in this week. We are most unhappy.

On the Great Job Search, the Webmaster was contacted by a headhunter about a job that is a bit of a step backwards, but has the potential for major growth and damn good pay. It's also a company the Webmaster is familiar with and would like to work for. No, we won't be naming it as is our policy. (Need to protect the employees of Anger Central from Corporate retaliation) The Webmaster is starting to see an uptick in job postings, both permanent and contract. Obviously his preferences are to a permanent position.

We also renewed the Angry.net domain for another 5 years. It wasn't due to expire until the end of the year, but we just decided tog et it out of the way now. It wasn't cheap, so feel free to hit the Paypal icon and send is a few Shekels.

The Webmaster has been posting up a storm on the blog the last week. We think it's safe to say that the Speaker of the House won't be happy with one of the posts.

All in all, it was a dull week last week, other than the serious temperature hikes due to Global Warming. Oh Wait! Sorry, hypothermia was the real issue last week.

Oh well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 4, 2015

Happy New Year one and all! The Webmaster was able to attend a new years party for the first time in 5 years. The reason for this is that he no longer has a job. :(

The Webmaster has spoken to a couple of companies and headhunters, but is not holding his breath.

On the systems front, we didn't have all that many posts this year. We've seen a major downturn over the years, probably due to people thinking the site isn't "l33t" and loaded with bells and whistles. Hey! Neither is Craig's list!

All in all, 2014 sucked and 2015 is off to a crappy start. Perfect for the cynicism that is the Angry Webmaster.

So, until next time...

Stay Angry!

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