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December 31, 2017

Greetings one and all. Today is the last day of the year and what a year it has been. We haven't seen a massive increase in postings here on the main rant site. We suspect that Google is playing their usual politically correct totalitarian games with listings and ratings. *shrug*

The Webmaster is happy now. He has a full time job at last, with benefits. The last time he had one was in 2014, and he was let go from that company when his business unit was spun off and set up as an independent company. Reflecting on that, the Webmaster came to the conclusion it was the manager, (Now CIO) of his business unit. He always hated the Webmaster and wanted to get rid of him.

2015 was spent working under contract for most of the year. 2016? The Webmaster couldn't find anything and things were looking dark. Then came the election and Felonia von Pantsuit was crushed. 2017 and things started to look up.

The webmaster took a job with a Managed Services Provider. It only lasted 3 months and he hated the job. Later on he took another part time job with another MSP. He found he didn't like this job either, but the people he worked with were far more supportive and likable. They also spoke English as a first language.

The Webmaster was there for only a month, continuing to interview. He finally landed a job near his home and one he actually likes. Things are looking up and we can thank President Donald Trump. If Felonia had won, well, the Webmaster would probably be out on the street right now, homeless.

The next year looks like it's going to be an interesting one, in many ways, particularly in the Chinese understanding of "Interesting times." We shall see what happens.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas to all from Anger Central!

December 17, 2017

Greetings all. The Webmaster has received his first full paycheck and is very happy. He is also finally getting his access at his new "Real Life Job" squared away and is now happily getting very busy. He is really liking his new job and the people he's working with. Additionally, the company offers bonuses if employees refers potential new hires to them. Our hero is taking advantage of that, and one person is interviewing there tomorrow, and he has just submitted another person's name as well.

Thanks to the money coming in, (For a change), the Webmaster is actually buying Christmas gifts this year. He still loathes Christmas, since this was when the now former Mrs. Webmaster moved away from him forever. Still, the Angry Niece, The Angry Nephew, and the Angry Grand-Nephew, (Oh God does that make the Webmaster feel old), along with the Angry Brother and Angry Brother In-Law are getting something nice in their stockings. The Angry Sister and Angry Sister In-Law are still on the "To Do" list.

A few weeks ago, we had a new section open up regarding the Federal Communications Commission and their plans to repeal Net Neutrality. There were a couple of posts that came in, with the second one a real blast at Ajit Pai, the current head of the FCC. The Webmaster responded with a couple of notes, pointing out that we're generally "Neutral" with regards to the discussion since no one has actually defined what Net Neutrality is.

The poster decided to try and engage the Webmaster in a debate in the typical Progressive manner. With insults, and threats. The Webmaster didn't post that one in the FCC section. He decided to make it a full on blog posting instead, allowing the original ranter a place to make comments and get replies. One comment has come in stating that he doesn't expect to hear from the original ranter since, in his opinion, the ranter is a flaming progressive liberal moonbat coward.

On the back end, aside from the FCC thing, we received several rants this week. This makes up for the lack of rants from last week. Also, the angry Systems Administrator has decided to look into a replacement for the search function on the main site. He's not happy with it. Research is ongoing.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

December 10, 2017

Greetings all. The Webmaster has completed his second week as a full time employee at his new position. The company has finally gotten most of his network access rights configured and he's now able to start doing the job he was hired to do. he likes the people he's working with and his manager seems like a good sort.

The company also is on a hiring binge. (Thank you President Trump!) He has submitted the Angry Brother InLaw for a position he was interested in and hopefully, he will get the job. then the Webmaster will get a nice bonus.

On the rants front, we had none come in this week. We suspect all the normal posters are trapped in Mall Hell doing Christmas shopping. The Webmaster is doing his online like most smart people. Otherwise, it's been a fairly quiet week. So...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

December 3, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! The Webmaster has completed his first week at his new job and he likes the opportunities there. He has a steep learning curve, but this is exactly what he wants to do now. His access rights aren't configured fully, but that isn't a surprise. He's also being used as a guinea pig for their new employee process. This means that he's going to be on what amounts to the customer help desk for a couple for weeks. Not exactly what he wants to do, but this does make sense.

The Webmaster is also doing some Christmas shopping. Presents for the Angry Grand-Nephew, (Oh my GOD! I can't be that old!!! A/W) are now on order and he is looking at things for the rest of the family. Since he now has a paycheck coming in, he's feeling somewhat better regarding Christmas. (Although it was two years ago that the former Mrs. Webmaster left. *sniff*)

We had 4 new rants come in, including one regarding the chairman of the FCC.  It was probably posted by a progressive moonbat judging from the verbiage. Our response was to let us know exactly what Net Neutrality is so we can have a discussion on it's merits, if any.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

November 26, 2017

Greetings all. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. The Webmaster certainly has much to be thankful for. After 2 long years, he has finally landed a new fulltime permanent position and will be starting on the 27th. It has been a very long, very frightening period for him as he watched his savings basically vaporize. He recently had to give up his medical insurance due to massive cost increases, all due to Obamacare.

Recently, the Webmaster has been doing part time work for a managed services provider. This one was a far cry from his previous stint. He actually learned a few new things, and didn't have to worry about language issues. (The last one was owned by and staffed predominately with native Spanish speakers)

As is the Webmaster's habit, he will not name his new company or the others. It is local to him and is in the Software as as Service industry, something the Webmaster has been trying to get into for a few years now. There will be a steep learning curve, but the Webmaster fully expects to master it.

On the rants front, we had several come in this week. Surprisingly, nothing came in regarding Black Friday. Well, the Webmaster and the others here at Anger Central prefer to do most of their shopping online. It's much safer since we all know that "Black Friday Lives Don't Matter!"

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 19, 2017

Good day all. The Webmaster has received his new employment packet and has a load of paperwork to fill out. He's going to be very busy doing this for the next few days.

The Anger Central Data Center had a problem with some failed UPS's. The Angry Systems Administrator ordered replacement batteries from Amazon.com. Even though they were listed as "Prime" it took a week for them to arrive. The bad news? One of them was DOA. The Angry Systems Administrator has just contacted Amazon to see about a return/replacement.

Finally, this week is Turkey Genocide week, and we intend to partake in the mass slaughter of poultry. ;)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 12, 2017


Good day all. The Webmaster has some joyous news. He was given an offer with the company he's been interviewing with for the last month. His tentative start day, pending the background investigation, is November 27th. It has been a very long two years for the Webmaster. He has watched his savings drain away. Currently, he is working part time, and will be speaking with his employer this week about his future. The salary he will be getting isn't the highest he's seen, nor is it the lowest. It is offset by two things. One, the company is 15 minutes from the Webmaster. Two, it's a full time regular job.

On the rants front, we had one come in this week that was worth posting. That's one more then last week. The Webmaster also had a few small technical issues at the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. His two remaining UPS's completed a suicide pact and died within hours of each other. He's ordered replacement batteries for them. Once those two are back online, he will look at replacing the batteries in two other units he has that croaked last year.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

November 5, 2017

Greetings all. Well, the webmaster has some news on the job search front. He had a second face to face interview with the local company. He spent 45 minutes with the hiring manager's manager. (He had been out of town on business travel) The next day, while the Webmaster was on a call, the hiring manager left him a voice mail that seems to indicate that they are moving to the next step. The hiring manager has sent the request of to the executive committee for approval. He also mentioned that there would be a background check.

The Webmaster replied via email saying thank you and that he had no problem with the background check at all. (Those are usually for criminal activity and financial checks. The Webmaster's credit score is really good so no worries there)

He also got a surprise phone screen from a company that had already rejected him. It seems they wanted to "Revisit his resume." He talked with the hiring manager. The Webmaster will take the job if nothing else is available, but honestly, it didn't sound all that good. It seems the company is basically rebuilding their IT staff,

The Webmaster also got a call for a face to face interview for another company in Summerville MA. He needs to follow up on the timing and details so he can scout out the location prior to the interview dates.

Another recruiter out of the Washington D.C. area called and said that her first question had to be, "Do you have a security clearance? " The Webmaster does not and has never had one. The Recruiters was very frustrated. She has a large number of openings for clients in the area, but can't fill them due to qualified applicants not having clearances. The last we heard, getting a clearance from scratch runs about $30,000.00 and they are running a good year behind.

On the rants front, we had one come in regarding Walmart Shoppers. We stay far away from Walmart and the posting is just another reason why.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

October 29, 2017

Greetings all. Well, the Webmaster has landed a low paying part time job. It's better then nothing, but won't come close to paying the bills. He also had an interview with a local company. It was scheduled for 2 hours and went for nearly three. That was a far cry from his last interview that was scheduled for 2 hours and was done in less then 40 minutes, with not all of the attendees actually bothering to show up. (An aside. The Webmaster happened to notice that the very same job was reposted last week)

The Webmaster was told that the interviewing managers liked him and wanted him to meet with the VP. He was out on business travel, and should be back this week. Hopefully, the Webmaster can meet with him and impress him. One of the things the Webmaster was told, was that there are actually four openings, not one. The company is expanding. As always, the Webmaster will not be holding his breath.

We didn't receive any rants this week. Not an unusual occurrence, but a sad one. We suspect the problem is Google and their tyrannical management of the Internet through their search system. We don't anticipate putting SSL certificates in place since, frankly, we don't really need them. Any commerce done here is through third parties and they have their own security systems.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

October 22, 2017

Greetings all. Well, another week, another rejection for the Webmaster. This one was for an interview he had 2 weeks ago at a nonprofit. He was a good fit for the job with one exception. They also wanted him to be a manager. That was NOT in the job description and caught him by surprise. To be honest, he wasn't all that interested in the position, and was surprised when he was asked to come in. An initial phone screen was not done, which probably would have save everyone some time and the Webmaster the money used for gas.

On the other hand, the Webmaster had two more phone screens last week. One for a global company with a local office, and the other down in Boston. The calls went well and both managers said they would like him to come in for a face to face. The Webmaster is trying to find out the details on the local opening. The one in Boston, he doesn't expect to hear back until after the 1st. The manager will be on vacation.

The Webmaster is meeting someone tomorrow regarding a work from home part time job. It's not much, but the Webmaster will be taking it. Money coming in, even the small amount this job may bring, is better then nothing.

On the rants front, we had three new ones come in this week. One of them was probably from a Black Lives (And no one else), Matter person, or a privileged white social justice wimp warrior blasting David Clarke. You can find that under politics/police. All in all, about typical for the number of posts these days.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

October 15, 2017

Greetings all. A quick follow up to the interview the Webmaster had. He was contacted last Monday and told that his technical skills didn't meet the requirements and good luck. The Webmaster found that interesting since almost no discussions of his skill levels took place, and the person who would know about them was a no show. It looks like this is what someone referred to as a "Check Box Interview." By that, the company was simply checking a box so they cold then hire an H1B visa holder for significantly less money then what it would have cost to hire the Webmaster. In other words, this company was committing fraud. If this is the case and the Webmaster can confirm it, then a call to the Justice Department might be in order.

In the flip side, the Webmaster did have a face to face interview with a Non-Profit organization. It looks like it would be challenging, and the Webmaster does think he did ok, but, as we all know, we've been down this road before. He should find out later this week.

The Webmaster also has a phone screen scheduled with another company for a position in his local area. It would be nice, but again, he isn't counting on anything. And finally, the Webmaster has to go into Boston for another "Meet and Greet" with a recruiter. We don't expect much from that other then a waste of time and money.

On the rants front, just one came in this week. However, the Webmaster has been, like pretty much everyone else on the planet, ragging on Harvey Weinstein, or as the Webmaster has named him, "Pervy Winestain." His collapse this week has been something to behold. One of the Democrats biggest moneymen in Hollywood is a sex fiend and rapist apparently. It's amusing to watch the politicians who benefitted from his pool of cash squirm.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

October 8, 2017

Greetings all. Well, the Webmaster had a face to face interview last week for what would have been a great job. We say "Would have been" because the interview was a disaster from the Webmaster's point of view. To the Webmaster, it came across as if they really weren't serious about actually interview him.

The first indications of a problem came when they changed the location of the meeting. The new location was actually beneficial to the Webmaster, (Closer to his home), but should have sent up warning signals. He arrived on time, (A few minutes early), and was escorted to a meeting room. There he sat for about 10 minutes before the first interviewer came in. She was the department manager and announced that she couldn't spend the full 45 minutes scheduled, since she had another meeting in about 20 minutes.

The next interviewer came in after she left, and announced that he had another meeting he had to go to in 15 minutes. He also stated that he wasn't a technological person, and simply asked some basic questions on how the Webmaster handled certain situations, (Brilliantly he would say), This manager then announced that the tech person, the one who would know what questions to ask, had to leave due to an emergency. The interviewer asked if the Webmaster's number was valid and that they would either arrange for the third person to call him or have the Webmaster come in again to finish the interview.

Needless to say, no call was received. The Webmaster then tried to reach the Human Resources recruiter who set this mess up. She's not been responsive. The Webmaster will try her again next week.

The Webmaster does have two more interviews scheduled, but the jobs aren't as good as the one he wanted. One is only part time, but it's work.

On the Anger Central front, no rants came in this week.

Finally, the former Mrs. Webmaster checked in with the Webmaster via text. She was checking to see if he had found a job and remarked that her old boss, The Dragon Woman from Hell, wanted her to come back to work for her. The Webmaster advised that the former Mrs. Webmaster should ask for $10,000 a day plus relocation costs. The former Mrs. Webmaster thought that was a good idea.
(FYI, The Webmaster considers this former employer to be one of the main reasons his marriage failed, and hates the cow)

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

October 1, 2017

Greetings all. Another month has passed with no employment for the Webmaster. He did have several phone screens, one of which led to a rejection. :(

He also finally was able to speak with the first line of interviewers for a contract position that should be good for a year if it comes through. He's also finally been able to speak with another company on a permanent role and is waiting for the next step. (Scheduled face to face interview)

On the rants front, we had four come in and they are available for your snarking pleasure.  Our repaired internet connection has been rock stable, which makes for a nice change.

On the entertainment front, the Webmaster saw the Kingsman: The Golden Circle last week. He hasn't done a review yet, since he's still complaining about their killing off Roxie early in the film. (Of course, the way she was "Killed" could allow her to come back if the outrage is loud enough)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 24, 2017

Greetings all. Our issues with Comcast continued earlier this week Recently, the Angry Systems Administrator wrote one of his infrequent posts regarding what we had to deal with. Long story short, they deregistered our cable modem and we had to get them to reset it.

On the job front, the Webmaster had three phone screens scheduled. Two of them occurred, and the third one was a no show. The Webmaster is still trying to contact the person who he was supposed to speak with. On the flip side, the Webmaster did get a call from a company he had applied to six weeks ago, That one also had a phone screen scheduled that never came off.

When he spoke to the Human Resources person, and she described the position, he recognized it and informed her he had applied to it before. This surprised the HR person, (She had pulled his resume from Monster.com), and when the Webmaster remarked about the failed phone call, she asked if the person he was supposed to talk to was <Name withheld>. The Webmaster confirmed that this was who he was supposed to speak with and was told that this person was no longer with the company. In other words, the ball was dropped. We suspect that's what happened to the missed call from last week.

On the posts front, we only had two come in that were worth anything. We suspect that Goolag has downgraded Anger Central in their searches, probably due to our complete lack of political correctness. Well, their day is coming and someone is going to sue them into oblivion.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

September 17, 2017

Greetings all. Still no news on the Job front. Lots of rejections of course, and a number of "We'll keep in touch. lies as well.

On the rants front, a we had 4 new ones come in, along with one rejection. (It made no sense) On the back end, the Webmaster had Comcast come out to the Anger Central primary Dwelling and find out why his connection was constantly dropping. (It made it hard for him to work from home) It turned out that they had to replace the cable coming in from the pole. The Angry Systems Administrator may post a full update on this, or not.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!!

September 10, 2017

Greetings all. Still no movement on the gainful employment front. The Webmaster did hear back from one company he's been trying to get in to for a while. The HR manager asked if the Webmaster was still available. The response? HELL YES! The Webmaster is still waiting to hear back on some contracts, but nothing as yet.

On the rants front, this was a busier then usual week. We had four (4) posts come in. This is something we haven't seen in a while. We suspect this is due to students returning to school and reading our site instead of actually studying.

Currently, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida. This is a massive storm, and for those of your who are in Florida and reading Anger Central, What the Hell are you still doing there? Get out NOW!

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

September 3, 2017

Greetings all, and happy Labor Day. Well, for most of you it will be a happy day off. The Webmaster is still searching for gainful employment. He went down to Boston last week to meet with yet another recruiter. He may have something, but as usual, the Webmaster is not holding his breath.

We had a couple of rants come in, one of which was a desire to shoot police officers. That moron, if he is stupid enough to try it, will end up in a morgue.

Getting back to Labor Day, this is the traditional "End of Summer" and for the New England region, today is like late Fall. It's damn cold out! So much for Global Warming...again. It's been a very cool summer.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

August 27, 2017

Greetings all. Well, as expected, another week of no job. The Webmaster did have a couple of phone screens. He won't hear back on either of those for a week or two. A third company he applied to emailed him asking when would be a good time to do a phone screen. The Webmaster replied with days and times, and the response was.....


The Webmasters attempts and reaching this Human Resources person have failed. This may have been another fake job, or the HR twerp had several other candidates and decided to not proceed. This, unfortunately, is pretty standard when it comes to human resources departments these days. Utterly unprofessional. There is even a word for this sort of thing. It's called "Ghosting."

On the other hand, there is another company the Webmaster applied to in June. He has been going back and forth with the HR manager since then, trying to find out what is going on. The HR manager has informed the Webmaster that not one of the resumes for several different positions has been acted on, and that he can't get any information on what is going on. The Webmaster cans see his frustration with the internal hiring managers actions.

However, he has been talking to the Webmaster and is showing HIS professionalism. This is the way things should be done with HR departments when dealing with candidates. Even an auto-response is better then silence.

We only had one rant come in this week, dealing with bathrooms. Oh well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!!

August 20, 2017

Greetings all. Well, the Webmaster heard back on the interview he spent three hours in. "Thank you, we are continuing our search." This one is really disappointing to the Webmaster since he thought he did very well. The only fly in the ointment he can think of was meeting the college president. While the webmaster felt that he "clicked" with the IT manager and others, he just didn't get warm and fuzzies from the rest. He has no other interviews scheduled and things are not looking good for him.

On the rants side of the house, we had one come in from a Proglodyte moonbat Antifa supporting never Trumper. We must congratulate this walking Sturmabteilung wannabe. It's been 8 months since Donald Trump was sworn in and proceeded to Make America Great Again, despite the swamp vermin in Washington.

And finally, the Webmaster binged on Netflix's new series, The Defenders. The HazMat team is sceduled to come into the Anger Central Entertainment Center tomorrow morning.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

August 13, 2017

Greetings all. Another week of now job for the webmaster. He hasn't heard back from his interview yet, but that was anticipated. The location was shut down all last week. Hopefully he will hear back this week that he's been passed over. Another job he has been looking at for the last 6 weeks is still on hold. The HR manager is trying to get the attention of the hiring manager. Interestingly, the position is still showing up on Dice.com

We had a few new postings, including one that came in regarding the Charlottesville incident that occurred yesterday. As of this update, information is still in flux. We've heard it was a white supremacist and we've heard it was a leftist. We've also heard that it was a pure tragic accident. We simply don't know what happened as yet.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!!
(And post here instead of rioting please)

August 6, 2017

Greetings all. Another quiet week on the rants rants front. We had one come in late this week.

On the Webmaster's job search, he had a face to face interview last week. He was supposed to hear back Friday, one way or the other, but didn't. This week the business will be closed and no one around, so he wont' hear anything until next week.

The Webmaster also applied to a local company and had an initial call from from their HR people. Yesterday he checked the status and it went from "Under Review" to "Position cancelled." He's also waiting to hear back on a couple of potential contract positions, and he's still waiting to hear back on another position he applied to a month ago. His last communication with the company HR manager was frustrating. The manager can't  get any information from the hiring manager on any candidates he's sent to him.


Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

July 30, 2017

Greetings all. Well, the Angry Webmaster has an actual, face to face job interview this week. He's been scheduled for a three hour interview with a whole bunch of people. This will be for a permanent position. As always, the Webmaster is not expecting anything good, such as getting the job.

There is also the possibility of another interview for a contract position. This is rather an odd system for interviewing and might be a simple phone screen and then being brought on board. It's great money though even if it is only for about 5 months. Still, it's with a company the Webmaster has tried to get into before, so we' shall see.

We had a few new rants come in this week. We've also had a ton of spam. When will spambots figure out that nothing goes online here without the express programming consent of the staff of Anger Central?

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

July 23. 2017

Greetings all. It's been a hot week for Anger Central. Thank you Mr. Carrier for the invention of Air Conditioning.

The Webmaster went through his appeal regarding unemployment benefits, and as expected, was denied. He was also called in to have another meeting after being denied. He called in and told them to drop dead.

On the job front, the Webmaster has an interview the first week of August! He also has a phone screen on Monday for a contract position. He's also still waiting to hear back on another position he wants. In that case, the HR manager is also a bit frustrated. The hiring manager hasn't made any choices.

Finally, the Webmaster saw the new Spiderman movie. He was surprised that he actually liked it, considering the disasters that have been made over the last 20+ years.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

July 16, 2017

Good day all. No new posts this week.

The Webmaster is still on the unemployment rolls. However, he is not getting unemployment. His former employer has decided to contest his getting any benefits. The appeals process is ongoing, however, the Webmaster does not anticipate winning. (Other reasons) We suspect that the Webmaster will be posting his opinions soon on Glassdoor.

The Webmaster also has to put in an appearance at the "Funemployment" office later this week. If he loses his appeal, he won't be attending.

On the job front, no news, no interviews and nothing but calls from Indian boiler room operations trying to push fake jobs. The Webmaster is still trying to find out where he stands on the 2 places he is trying to get into. Honestly, this is one of the worst times to look for a job. Everyone is on vacation.

The Webmaster also is going in for some serious dental surgery. He can't afford it since his insurance is canceled, but he really has no choice. He expects to be really miserably from Tuesday onwards.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 9, 2017

Good day all. We decided to take last week off and not post anything to the main site. Of course, nothing came in worth posting, so it was a moot point. The Webmaster is dealing with his lack of employment. He spoke with two companies, one he's been trying to get into for a few years. This was just before the 4th of July weekend and since it was a short week, he didn't expect to hear back. This week, he's going to be making some follow-up calls.

In the matter of Unemployment benefits, it looks like the Webmaster is going tog et shafted yet again. Despite the promises of his now former employer, he was denied. Part of this may be due to the fact that the Webmaster only worked for 3 months, not the required 6 months. He has filed an appeal, but is not holding his breath.

On top of all that, the Webmaster is now looking at a $6000 dental bill. He has to have some oral surgery done. While his dental insurance may still be active, he isn't counting on it, not that it would pay for the whole thing anyway.

Over on the blog, the Webmaster posted a new word and it's definition. The new word is "Proglodyte" and the definition for it can be located on the Blog. Please head over and read it, and try to use it in your daily conversations.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

June 25, 2017

Well, that sucks. The Webmaster is back on the unemployment rolls. He was terminated from his position due to "Not meeting expectations." No warning, no indications there was a problem., nothing To be honest, the Webmaster wasn't happy there, and in hindsight, was set up almost from the beginning to fail.

One of the major problems was the owner and other employees. Spanish was their first language, (Which the Webmaster does not speak), and whenever something was going on, they would all drop English and start speaking Spanish. This made it impossible for the Webmaster to know what was going on or learn anything. The supervisor, while ok technically, didn't come across as someone who really knows how to manage people.

The Webmaster has had good managers, who cared about his success in a role and bad managers who just wanted to screw him over. This one was mediocre. A very good inside the box thinker. The problem was he wouldn't work with the Webmaster much and when the Webmaster was trying to explain a problem, would cut him off and then tell him to do something that had nothing to do with the problem at hand.

Now the Webmaster has lost his health insurance, and has just been hit with some major and expensive dental issues that have to be taken care of. As soon as the Webmaster returned to the Anger Central Primary Dwelling, he started firing off applications and has a phone screen Monday with a company he's been trying to get into for years. He isn't holding his breath of course.

In other news, you may notice that the button for the Anger Central Company Store is missing from most of the pages. Amazon.com has decided to close down their Astore system in the next few months. We never made any money from it, so no great loss to us.

We also didn't post anything last week because there was nothing to post. We had a few come in this week, along with the bad news for the Webmaster. Here's hoping he finds something fast, otherwise....

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

June 11, 2017

Good day all. Well, Global Warming has finally arrived. it's supposed to be 90+ degrees today at the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. The implements of cooling have been made ready.

We didn't have much in the way of rants coming in this week. One came in that was posted, and one that came in we looked at for sometime before rejecting it. There was just something off about it.

And the Webmaster saw Wonder Woman yesterday. He hasn't had time to review it yet. He's still drooling over Gal Gidot. The Angry Systems Administrator is waiting with baited breath to break the news to the Webmaster that she's married and just had her second child. Next weekend, he might see The Mummy.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

June 4, 2017

Good Day all. It's been a slow week for Anger Central. We had just one rant come in. This is probably due to the Memorial Day weekend.

On the work front, the Webmaster is continuing to understand things. One of the problems is how the company does things verses how it should be done. The Webmaster is learning though. Meanwhile he's working on conversion projects.

On a personal front, the Webmaster went to his dentist. He's been informed he will need gum grafts. This isn't the first time for him, and he is NOT looking forward to it. Painful and expensive are the two words that come to mind. Thankfully, he has dental insurance now, but even that is limited.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!!

May 28, 2017

Good day all. This is Memorial Day weekend when we remember those who died protecting our freedoms and this great country. We're just going to leave it at this this week.

Until Next Time...

May 21, 2017

Good Day all. Yet another quiet week at Anger Central. The Webmaster has been busy making repairs to the Anger Central primary living location due to winter damage. (A section of fence broke) The Angry Brother Inlaw aided and abetted in the repairs. We bought the fence section at Home Depot. We found we needed another piece, (Vertical post), and the Angry BiL insisted on Loews. The Angry Webmaster remarked as he left that he preferred Home Depot.

Of course, carrying an 8 foot fence post did bring out the mirth in the Webmaster. He was making comments about "Going Viking" and using the fence post as a battering ram to break through the lines at the cash registers.

On the work front, work is work. The Webmaster has a new project he's starting tomorrow. The owner and Ops Director want him to get more involved with the mail system. (Hosted systems) The Webmaster is fine with this, since he needs to work on dealing with MX records and encryption systems. He just hates calling around to all the people. Oh well...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 14, 2017

Greetings all. This has been a quiet week on the back end of Anger Central. We had one new posting come in on landlords. We've also started digging out all the Chitika code since we won't be using them as an advertising aggregator any longer.

The Webmaster's new job continues. He now has insurance through his company, for the first time in 12 years. Currently, he's trying to cancel his old plan, but they aren't making it easy for him. Basically he has to MAIL a LETTER to them saying he wants to cancel. You think they would take the hint when he stopped making the extortionate level payments to them.

Next up, the Webmaster and crew are looking at seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soon. They, along with pretty much everyone else, have no plans to see the latest Hollywood disaster flick, King Arthur. Yes, it wasn't meant to be a disaster movie, but it's the biggest bomb dropped since the MOAB was detonated over Afghanistan.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

May 7, 2017

Greetings one and all. The Webmaster has completed his first month of employment. He now has health insurance through his company and a significantly lower cost. Previously, he was paying for his own insurance. Last fall the insurance company, thanks to Obama and the Democrats, increased his premiums by 60%. The Webmaster was paying close to what his monthly mortgage costs were. The new company plan doesn't allow him to add to his HSA, (And here's hoping the Congress fixes that issue) but he can spend it down.

We received three new rants including one from a teacher. It was obvious from the posting that this is a competent teacher. there were no misspellings or typos and the sentence structure was excellent.

The Webmaster received a few more rejections from companies he applied to prior to taking his current gig. No surprises there of course.

On the back end of things, we have started ripping out all the Chitika advertising code. We're going to stick with Amazon primarily and another company as a secondary. You may see a few PSA's from Chitika, but they changed their model a while back and we aren't receiving any revenue from them at all.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 30, 2017

Good day all. The first month of full employment for the Webmaster is drawing to a close. THe position is not what he wants to do, but it is a paycheck. He did hear from a friend about a possible opening at the place where the friend works. The Webmaster has interviewed there before but had a problem with the hiring manager. that person was an idiot. Apparently, that manager has been transferred and a new one has taken over. According to the friend of the Webmaster, this manager is much better. The Webmaster updated his resume and sent it in to his friend. Please note, none of us expect much from this.

On the Rants front, we had three new ones come in at the last minute. We've also seen one that is a nice piece of spam. Whoever is attempting to post it is some sort of troll. It's a repeat with variations and we toss it into the bit bucket when we see it. Whoever you are, you may as well stop wasting your time.

We've also decided to discontinue our advertising association with Chitika. It will take some time to move through both the Blog and the main site to dig out all the code, but we haven't made a dime from them in several years and they haven't actually put up an ad, other then PSA's in months. Please excuse any disruptions.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 23, 2017

Greetings all. We had a nice uptick in rants this week. We were pleasantly surprised. The Webmaster's new job continues and he's using it to learn as much as he can.

The Webmaster is also on a bit of a tear at the moment. He ordered some new sheets from Amazon and they arrived with a hole in them and defective seam. He will be sending them back asap of course for a refund.

The Webmaster has also been binge watching Bosch on Amazon Prime. we aren't looking forward to cleaning that mess up. If you haven't seen the series, get Amazon Prime and watch it. It's very good.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 16, 2017

Greetings one and all. The Webmaster is actually in a good mood for a change. He has just seen his first paycheck in 18 months. Granted, he is not happy with the deductions taken by the government, however, it beats not having any income at all.

He is learning the job, and it's very different in mindset to his previous jobs. This is the first time he's had to interact with actual customers in over 20 years. For the last 10 years he hasn't had to actually talk with anyone outside of his own business units. However, his natural charm and wit will carry him through. (Ok, you can all stop laughing now)

One thing we have noticed is a sudden down turn in visits to the Blog. We suspect this is due to the Webmaster having to pre-publish entries over the weekend since he doesn't have time to do it during the week. He pushes the publish button early in the morning and then leaves for his new job. Since the posts are now going out much earlier, and he isn't as up to date as he would like, we suspect that is affecting the views.

We had three rants come in this week, one of which blasts United Airlines for it's passenger bumping procedures. Guys, you don't bump a passenger by smashing his head against the floor.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 9, 2017

Greetings one and all. Well, the Webmaster has completed his first week on the job. It's not a great job and is a major step back from him careerwise, however it is a job. He obviously has a lot to learn and is picking things up.

On the rants front, we only had one addition this week. We also had a problem on the Blog. An update to a plugin was bad, with a really nasty bug in it, and the only way to fix it was remove it entirely. The developers issued a quick fix which corrected that bug but introduced new ones. They have issued yet another fix and it seems to be working. However, it has caused some structural changes to the Blog. These don't seem to have impacted the user who reads the site.

Another bit of news is that due to the new job, The Webmaster isn't able to update the blog as often as he likes. He's gone back to writing up a number of posts over the weekend and releasing them during the wek. This will cause delays when he comments on current events. Please bear with him.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 2, 2017

Greetings one and all. We hope you weren't hit with to many April Fools jokes. We decided not to partake this year since we didn't want to be prosecuted under California's "Fake News" bill.

We had a few new rants this week. On average we've been getting in 2 or three a week, usually after Wednesday. We also had a problem with the Blog last Sunday. We aren't certain what happened, however a number of files and directories disappeared. Happily, we have backups and nothing was lost. We were also notified that there were viruses on our sites. We worked with our hosting company to clear them out and there doesn't seem to be any further problems.

On the job front, we have some good news. The Webmaster starts a new job tomorrow. It isn't the job he's been trying to get and the money is not good, but it should be enough to keep the lights on and a roof over his head. He will continue searching for a better position of course.

Until Next time...

Stay Angry!

March 26, 2017

Greetings One and All. Well, the Webmaster has finally found a position of employment. It's not a great job. In fact, it's a major step backwards in his career, and the pay is half what his last gig brought in. Still, it's better than nothing.  He also interviewed at another place. They seemed impressed with him, (He met the CEO as well as the technical manager), and the opportunity is better then the one he has an offer on. The money is still poor though.

This poses a dilemma for the Webmaster. The earliest he can hear back from the second opportunity is midweek, but he has to send the signed offer letter in no later then Tuesday. He has mad a decision that if the second company makes an offer he will take it.

Then there are a couple of other openings he applied to. One is actually at his last place of employment, in the same department and it looks like it's the same job. This time, it would be as an employee, not a contractor. He has yet to hear back, and is wagering he won't. (Due to HR being incompetent)

The other company is a great opportunity, and also for a lot more money. The Webmaster spoke with the hiring manager and he was promised that they would let him know, again, probably this week if he was going in for a face to face interview. As usual, the Webmaster will not be holding his breath that he will ever hear back from this company.

On the Rants front we had two come in. *shrug*

And finally, RINOCARE was defeated and Speaker of the House Paul RINO Ryan might just lose his speakership over it. Everything indicates that this bill, meant to "tweak" Obamacare was a disaster looking to happen and was not what many in Congress ran on. Ryan always was a little Eddie Munster wannabe.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 19, 2017

Good day all. It was a rather quiet week here at Anger Central. The Webmaster has been aiding and abetting in the demolition of a kitchen for a friend. He's made a number of runs to the local landfill with truckloads of junk. He's remarked that it feels satisfying to shove an old stove off the back of his truck and drop it on top of an old microwave. It makes a very satisfying crunch sound.

On the job search front, the Webmaster had a face to face interview with a company. This is a Managed Services Company, and the Webmaster will sit in a call center remotely fixing clients computers. It's a major step backwards for the Webmaster and the money is not good, but it is income if he is offered the job.

The Webmaster also has a couple of phone screens scheduled next week along with one that is tentative. (He's waiting to hear back from the HR person) One interview is for a big company, and the other is for a job at another Managed Service Provider down the street from the one he interviewed for. Again, the money is bad and it's not great for his career.

On the Rants scene, we had one come in late this week. We're all actually surprised we aren't being inundated with "I hate Trump!" rants. We ran into the same issues with "The Great Mistake" Barack Obama. In 8 years, we didn't have all that many come in on him. Not even racist garbage that we would have sent to the bit bucket.


Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 12, 2017

Greetings one and all. It's been rather quiet here at anger Central. 2 new rants came in late this week.

On the job front, no news is bad news. It was dead for the Webmaster. The recruiter who had the Webmaster come in for a "Meet and greet" is not returning the Webmaster's attempts at communications. Meanwhile, the Webmaster has been going through a self study course for Cisco certifications. He recently completed the coursework for a CCENT test and is currently blowing the practices exams. (Decimal to binary and back without a calculator?)

The Webmaster has been busy with other things this week. The Angry Sister and Angry brother In-law have begun renovations on their new domicile. The Webmaster has been aiding them in destroying their kitchen and hauling away the debris in the Angry Pickup truck. Only two water pipes broken so far!!

Finally, it looks like we're going to be suffering under yet another bout of Global Warming. Predictions indicate that we're going to get at least 12 inches of al Gore's dandruff Tuesday and Wednesday. Currently it's near zero at the Anger Central office. Of course, we all know this is #FakeWeather since everyone knows that snow is a thing of the past, the polar bears have died out and their are palm trees at the south pole.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

March 5, 2017

Good day one and all. Another month has passed with no signs of gainful employment for the Webmaster. His latest rejection, after going through 3 months of singing and dancing, came after he was finally granted a phone screen with the hiring manager. The call lasted about 20 minutes and the Webmaster got the feeling that the manager was just checking off a box on his To Do list.

The Webmaster met with yet another headhunter, and this one dropped the "Well you've been out of work for a year" nonsense. Still, he's putting together a team where the Webmaster would actually be an employee of the Recruiting company and not a contractor. He'll take it of course.

The Webmaster has been checking his records, and since the 1st of the year, has applied to 250 positions. Of that he's gotten a 15-20 phone screens and maybe 3 face to face interviews. He has faced actual age discrimination, and suspects racial or sex discrimination. (The Webmaster is a white male) No way to prove it of course.

We had one rant come in this week regarding Illegal Aliens. We also had a couple come in that were actually sent to the "Rejected" bin. One was an obvious troll, with the moron making threats The troll claimed to be a member of the United States Marine Corps, however the remainder of his shriek indicated that if he ever was, he was probably booted out, either through a dishonorable discharge or medically because he was certifiably nuts.

The general consensus in the office is that this troll was just another lefty liar and was discarded.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

February 26, 2017

Greetings one and all. We had a nice uptick in rants this week, most coming in late Friday.

On the job front, the Webmaster had a phone screen for a position in Boston. he's been working on this one since January. He didn't get warm and fuzzies however. What he did have was some technical assessments he took for a contract position that didn't pan out. These were nice, detailed and he sent them to the hiring manager. The Webmaster also has an interview tomorrow with another contract firm, but this one is a bit different. He will be an employee of that firm, and sent out on jobs. once the job is done, he goes back on the bench, instead of unemployment.

The Angry Systems Administrator has discovered Let Go, an online site for buying and selling used stuff. He's already listed a few items for sale. Due to our desire to be anonymous, (In other words, we're hiding from potential employers), we won't link to the things he's listed.

The Angry Systems Administrator has also fired DirecTV and hired the Dish Network. DirecTV just became to expensive to use. We now have a full High Definition system, and the Angry Systems Administrator also bought a new 50" 4K television for the anger Central Office entertainment center. The entire staff is quite happy with the upgrades, and it looks like Dish will be cheaper in the long run than DirecTV. The Angry Systems Administrator plans on selling the old equipment once we're certain we're clear from DirecTV.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

February 19, 2017

Good day all. We had a nice uptick in rants this week, including a couple of firsts. One of these caught us by surprise, since we thought it had been added some time ago.

On the job front, The Webmaster spoke with two companies. One is trying to schedule a phone screen with the hiring manager, and the Webmaster is waiting to find out if things will be proceeding on the second possibility. One position is in Boston, the other is local to the Webmaster. (15 minutes away) The local one does involve some traveling, however, since the Webmaster has no attachments, he can travel.

Speaking of attachments, the former Mrs. Webmaster called and asked the Webmaster to handle her taxes. The Webmaster is currently doing his as a single person. the former Mrs. Webmaster told him she was sending him some 1099's and wanted to know if the Webmaster knew what they were.

He does, and he has a bad feeling the former Mrs. Webmaster is going to have to send in money to the government. A lot of money.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 12, 2017

Greetings one and all. Last weeks uptick in rants was matched with a downtick this week. We still haven't received anything yet from the ever so tolerant and peaceful left on President Trump. They're probably to busy peacefully rioting and tolerantly beating anyone who disagrees with them.

On the job front, one rejection, which the Webmaster isn't finding surprising. Another one, the company has not bothered to respond to the Webmaster's requests for an update. This unprofessional behavior usually signifies that he has been passed over and they can't be bothered to just tell him. The Webmaster also talked with a staffing company he's worked for in the past.

The recruiter, who placed the webmaster at his last contract job, was stunned that he hadn't been able to find anything since his last contract ended. He was calling the Webmaster regarding a job he had applied to. The money wasn't great but better than nothing, however there was a problem. The recruiter told him that he had been sending over a lot of qualified people, but the hiring manager was rejecting them. The recruiter couldn't prove it, but suspect that the manager will not hire anyone over 30.

In other words, blatant age discrimination. However, the putz was smart about it and not saying that he won't talk to anyone over 30, otherwise his company would be sued and he would be looking for a new job. The Webmaster has one more company to contact. He was asked to hold off until this week by the HR drone he spoke to. He will send something in tomorrow to find out if he's been screwed again. However, it's very likely no one will be there thanks to the expected 12+ inches of Climate Change we're expecting up here.

That was one reason the Webmaster applied to a position he saw in Florida yesterday. Good money, he can do the job, and he can hold on to the Anger Central Primary Dwelling, and possibly rent it out.

And now, the Webmaster is going to prepare his winter storm chili.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

February 5, 2017

Good day all. We had a slight uptick in rants this week, including one complaining about the obnoxious and violent crybabies known as the "Special Snowflakes." Nothing yet regarding President Trump, which is surprising. We've been looking forward to the Social Justice Warriors firing in one rant after another. (With appropriate snarking by everyone at Anger Central)

On the Job front, the Webmaster spoke with three companies. Two were with the HR department and the third was with the hiring manager. The third one is in New Hampshire, the other two are in Massachusetts. The Webmaster is interested in all three of course, but would like to stay in NH and not pay the Mass taxes. Of course, it won't matter since he isn't going to get any of these positions.

Finally, tonight is the SuperBowl, and we are all looking forward to Tom Brady doing a little Falcon hunting.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 29, 2017

Good day all.

It was another light week on inbound rants, which is surprising since we are now in the "Age of Trump." We have large numbers of Moonbats barking madly that their feelz has been hurt. We fully expected far more rants coming in attacking President Trump. Oh well, it's only been a week. We're sure things will pick up.

On the Job front, yet more disappointment. A job that the Webmaster was interested in, and one where he spoke with the Hiring manager for a good hour appears to have gone to someone else. The Webmaster doesn't know since the company won't reply to his attempts to reach them. This is, of course, standard procedures for way to many companies. The Webmaster also had an initial phone screen set up with the HR department of a company that the HR person blew off. Now it's been rescheduled for lat this week. He also has a phone screen with another HR person tomorrow. At least we think it's tomorrow. The invite came up as Sunday.

Next week is the Superbowl. All we will say is "GO PATS!!" :)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 22, 2017

Good day all. The Great Mistake is over and the Age of Trump has begun! (Feel free to rant on this) Friday, January 20th, 2017 Donald John Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. As you would expect, the Progressives were not happy. To celebrate their unhappiness, LtC. (Ret) Tom Kratman initiated "The Great Triggering." The plan was, and continues to be, doing everything possible to "Trigger" the assorted Social Justice Warriors, Progressives, Moonbats and other worthless trash that wanted Felonia von Pantsuit to rule America. The best expression of this occurred in Australia where a bunch of idiots decided to "Show solidarity" with a womyn's march protesting Trump over the weekend. A group of Trump supporters arranged a message to be created via a sky writer. Operation "Great Triggering" will continue for the duration of the Trump administration or until the utter collapse of the Politically correct into utter irrelevance has been accomplished.

On the job front, another rejection from the interview the Webmaster went to two weeks ago. However, the Webmaster had a phone screen with a start up last week for a position just a couple of miles from the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. He hasn't heard back yet, and will contact the company this week for his formal rejection notice.

On the rants front, we had a couple come in including a long screed regarding video gamers. Otherwise it's been quiet. We fully expect the moonbats and morons to start ranting and raving about Trump crushing their dreams of a soviet totalitarian United Socialist States in the next few months.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

January 15, 2017

Good day all. Well, the job in Florida has fallen through. Not unexpected, but the reasons were unexpected. The Webmaster spoke with someone at the company, (It turns out that the person was being promoted and the Webmaster would have taken his job). Still, considering the costs of hiring and moving the Webmaster down there, it's obvious they are looking for a "Perfect match." Good luck with that. If the job had come through, the Webmaster was looking at renting the Anger Central Primary Dwelling to the Angry Niece. Oh well.

The Webmaster went to the local company and spent two hors meeting people. It's an interesting job, and he will once again be the "Man for all things". While he was there, they also had another person being interviewed for the same position. It was some kid, probably fresh out of school. While meeting with people he did run into one person who said "You seem overqualified." The Webmaster did not punch him in the face, but took that as "Thanks for playing old guy, drop dead now. We're hiring the kid because he's cheap." We shall see.

The Webmaster has yet another interview this week. The company's office is less than 2 miles from the Anger Central offices, so it's easy to get to. For some reason, they want him to do a Skype interview instead of a face to face one. Oh well.

It is now T-day -5 and counting down. :)

January 8, 2017

Good day all. As of Friday, January 6, 2017, over the violent objections of the Moonbats, Social Justice Fascists and Democrat members of the House of Representatives, Donald J. Trump was certified to be the 45th President of the United States of America. He will be sworn in to the office January 20th, 2017 at about 12PM Eastern Time. The moving vans to begin the process of evicting Barak Obama have already shown up.

On the job front, the Webmaster applied to a position late last week and spoke with the HR person Friday morning. Friday afternoon, the VP of IT called him directly and asked him to come in for an interview on Tuesday. Also, earlier in the week, the Webmaster was contacted by a Head Hunter about a position at a large company in Florida. The Webmaster whet through a "Virtual Interview" which was "interesting." He had to read questions and then give a verbal response while being filmed via his webcam. He hasn't heard back yet, but he isn't holding his breath. Still, he will relocate Anger Central if an offer is made.

We had several new rants come in, including one regarding the filth masquerading as humans in Chicago who kidnapped and tortured a young man with special needs. The "Accused" criminals were nice enough to provide the evidence needed for their prosecutions, so we expect them to be spending most of their lives in the House with Many Doors.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 1, 2017

Good day all and welcome to the year 2017. Hopefully, it will be better than 2016. The previous year for the Webmaster has been one of absolute Hell with only one single bright spot. The defeat of Felonia von Pantsuit, (aka Hillary Clinton), and the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency of the United States of America.

The Webmaster has been out of work now for 15 months and has no prospects in the pipeline. Last year he took classes in VMware, and last week started working on the Cisco series of certifications. One of the things that has really bothered the Webmaster is hiring managers who ignore experience and focus only on certifications. The Webmaster lost out on one position due to such a manager. The Webmaster has worked for such a manager in the past and he was, bluntly, a fool. His certified people generally screwed up by the numbers and it was the others without certifications that corrected their mess. All certifications do, is show you can study for a test.

On the backend of Anger Central, it was very quiet. We had 71 rants that we posted. That was out of about 80 that came in. The Blog has also seen it's ups and downs this year, averaging about 1200 views per month. Advertising revenue is flat, as in we aren't getting anything, not even from Amazon links. (We are considering discontinuing some of the advertising since it just isn't generating anything for us)

Hopefully, things will improve for the Webmaster and the nation now that we have a president who isn't an outright traitor and tyrant. With luck, the Webmaster will finally land a new job. If not, then it's all over, and we will shut everything down and move to the new digs under a bridge somewhere. (Yeah, the Webmaster is very very depressed)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

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