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How did this all get started? Well in the spring of 1996 I was surfing the web when I came across a site known as Angry.Org. I went through the site and laughed my head off at the rants, vents and fury I saw listed there. I contacted the owner of Angry.org and asked if I could set up a mirror site.

The owner of the domain name, Jonathan Mergy said to go right ahead and Anger Central was born. Originally I borrowed some of the posts and some of his graphics to get things started but as time went on more and more people found their way to my site and began to add their rants to my site. The original site was under the domain name of my then employer Empire.net. At the end of October 1997 I was told I was being laid off for budgetary reasons. The owner of Empire.net handed my my paycheck, and two weeks pay and told me that not only was I being let go, I was going to have to find a new ISP to get access to the net. He wasn't even going to allow me to pay to stay there. To top it all off, when I got home I found he had locked me out of my web site so I couldn't even notify the world that the site was going to move, or download all the pages to that site.

Anger Central, then at http://www.empire.net/~bofh/Angry was dead. I was able to rescue most of the site from my back ups, but some of the rants were lost forever. I have been trying to repair the damage ever since. I have since subscribed to XTDL.COM and had restored Anger Central to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, no one knew about the switch, so the number of posts dropped from about 10 a week to 3 in the 3 months since I was so unceremoniously tossed out the door. Over the Christmas holiday I began to think about registering a domain name and making it far easier for people to find me again. On New Years Day 1998 I registered Angry.net and asked that my provider activate this site.

My only problem, is that I now have to pay for this site. This is only fair since I no longer work for an Internet Service Provider. Anger Central will not accept advertising since to do so would compromise the integrity of this site. Would you trust a site that had paid advertising to not censor whatever you posted? Of course not! Because of this policy I am paying for the domain name, activation fee and the monthly hosting fee out of my own pocket. However, I will accept donations to Angry.Net. If you would like to send a contribution to Anger Central, please send me an e-mail message and I will give you the details of how to go about this. Just send all enquiries to .

Now, as to Angry.Org. Sometime in the fall of 1997 Angry.Org seemed to have dropped out of sight. I was unable to contact Jonathon and while I could ping www.angry.org. I couldn't bring it up. I contacted the owner of another mirror site, Angry@U and he told me he to was unable to access the site. It appears that Angry.Org is gone.

Now if you happen to do a view source on my site, you will see that it has been done with Microsoft's FrontPage HTML editing software. Normally I would use Hot Dog Professional to put together a web site, but my previous employer started insisting that all web sites we did be done using FrontPage. I sort of got into the habit. I still hand code parts of this site, but in anticipation of the posts I will be getting, I decided it would be best if I had my provider activate the site and install the FrontPage extensions. HTML purists will no doubt complain about this, (And if you do, please go to the ADD page) but I just don't have a lot of time anymore to hand code an entire web site. This way I can edit the site from home and do it real time. It's simply done as a labor saving device, and after all, isn't that what a computer is for?

Well there you have it. The story of Anger Central. Feel free to drop me a line. If you want to complain, then please go to the add page I just listed. That's what it's there for. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 18, 2003
A few updates since we first put this about page together. We have once again moved hosting companies after Wave Wizard Internet inc. went bankrupt last week. Wave Wizard was formally known as XTDL inc. 

We have also found that Angry.org is now back online. Anger central was originally a mirror site and took the name Angry.net when Angry.org seemed to drop off the map. Of course we will re-link to the site.

January 16, 2005
Anger Central has moved hosting companies. We are now hosted through WEBSter Computing Services based in Oxford, Massachusetts.

Sunday, February 19, 2006
It appears that Angry.org is offline and the domain is due to expire in April. It isn't known if the owner will renew or not and that is up to him. Angry.Net will NOT attempt to gain control of the domain.

March 2, 2009
Anger Central changes hosting companies and signs up with Hosting Matters. It appears we change hosting companies about every 3 years

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