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This page is meant to keep all our angry fans informed about the goings on here at Anger Central

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  • December 23, 2007
    Jingle Bells...Bah! Humbug! The Webmaster isn't feeling very cheery right now since this will be his last week of gainful employment for the foreseeable future. There is a slight glimmer of hope however. He was contacted by his contracting firm and asked if he was interested in a technology security job. The Webmaster had seen that job posted, but didn't apply for it since he didn't feel qualified.

    One of the Webmaster's biggest problems is a tendency to underestimate his abilities. While this is a good thing for his employers, (They get a pleasant surprise rather then a nasty one from a resume inflator), it does make it harder for him to actually land a job.

    However, he is hoping that he will at least get an interview. Since it's with the same company he just finished a contract with, he has a slightly better the normal chance. His manager knows people over in that business unit and is quite willing to help him get the job. The Webmaster doesn't expect to hear back one way or the other until after the new year.

    Now, since some people seem to consider this news, it looks like the younger Spears sister has decided to get her self in the family way. Why people give a damn about these two is beyond us. Granted the elder Spears sister is amusing as she runs herself aground at flank speed. All we can say regarding the younger Spears is, "The trailer trash doesn't fall far from the dumpster." ;)

    Global Warming once again reared it's ugly head again. There's now about 3 feet of snow in the Webmaster's front yard. He's been out clearing snow all week long. An interesting thing he read this week was the global temperatures have actually gone down a bit over the last few years. We've also been reading about the Antarctic ice sheets getting thicker over the last few years.

    Fanatics from the Church of Global Warming don't want to consider the fact that the Earth has been a lot hotter in the past as well as a lot colder. At one point the Earth was a snowball with ice sheets reaching to the equator. These boneheads would have ranted and raved back 12,000 years ago hen the last ice age ended. Screw 'em we say! Bring it on! It's a lot easier to get cooler the it is to keep warm.

    Next week will be the end of the year posting. This is the point when we create a new News page and archive the previous years news. We also clean out the mailbox and store all our rants for the year. So until then, Merry Bleeping Christmas!

  • December 17, 2007
    Oh this is just so wonderful! The Webmaster, planning to get an early start this morning, got up and looked out the window. First he looked at is front walk, and seeing no snow breathed a sigh of relief. Then he saw his driveway, the one he spent 2 hours clearing out after the storm Sunday. It was completely blocked. Yes, the highly efficient city department of public works had made a pass after the Webmaster finished shoveling out. There was a 4 cubic foot of compressed snow in the entrance.

    Of course, the Webmaster had put away his snow blower. He expected some filling in of the driveway, but this was pathetic. It seemed to the Angry Webmaster that this was done in a deliberate manner, as if the plow driver had pushed the snow in and then hit it with a water hose. The Webmaster spent 45 minutes chopping that block of ice up and tossing it on to a nearby snowbank. This is real fun to do with a plastic snow shovel and an entrenching tool. We would really really like to thank those Boneheads in Bali for all their Global Warming crap. In fact The Angry Webmaster was thanking them with every swing of his shovel. Where do we send our heating bill?

    In political news, our man Fred! Picked up a major endorsement today. Iowa's 5th district Representative Steve King has endorsed Fredrick Dalton Thompson for president. Although the Webmaster doesn't know a lot about Iowa, (Other then driving from Des Moines to the northeast a very long time ago), we understand that this is a big win for Fred! Apparently, Mitt Romney thought he was going to get the endorsement and was rather surprised not to get it. The Anger Central political consultant isn't. Gov. Romney is basically a RINO and will say anything to get elected.

    Anger Central sends a big Thank You! To Representative Steve King.

  • December 16, 2007
    The Webmaster heard back from three jobs he applied to. "Thank you but we don't want you." They put it nicer then that, (The two that wrote back personally. The third was a form letter), but it was still a rejection. So the great employment search continues!

    In other news....

    The Webmaster is sitting at his desk, sipping a cup of fresh coffee and looking out his window at the heavy snowfall. Great! More shoveling to do! What happened to all this "Global Warming" that blithering idiotic hypocrite Algore has been screaming about? Once again he has proven that he is a natural born heat sink. Every time he opens his mouth, freezing cold and massive amounts of snow appear. Maybe they should have their next subsidized vacation...err conference, someplace that is actually a cold miserable place and can handle the parking for all their private jets. Might we suggest Yellowknife. Canada? ;)

    In technical news, Something odd has been happening to the Data Center's WAN connection. The last few days we've been seeing up to 30% packet loss to various sites across the internet. We aren't sure if it's a problem with the local node, our Service provider, or something further up line. We tend to think it might be further up line, unless our service provider is playing games again.

    And getting back to the horrors of Global Warming, the Webmaster just spent an hour digging out Mrs. Webmasters car so she could go to work. Mrs. Webmaster's employer, who is more evil then Satan's Mother in-law, told her she was opening up and that she had no trouble driving to her business. The fact that The Evil One lives down the street from her business means nothing of course.

    They won't have any business today since no one is going anywhere unless they have no choice. As of this moment, there's about 12" of snow out there and it's still coming down at a fair clip.

    Well it's time to whip the Angry Facilities manager and get him back out clearing the Anger Central Data Center parking lot. The Angry Manager is taking the hint from Satan's Mother in-law and ordering everyone in to work.

  • December 8, 2007
    And now the search begins! The Webmaster met with a recruiter yesterday, will be going through his exit interview next week, (Now that's a first. The Webmaster is usually just tossed out the door with no notice), and will be meeting yet another recruiter on the 18th.


    The Webmaster really hates going on interviews. An interview is basically a sales job. You are trying to sell yourself to a potential employer. (Hmm, sounds like prostitution to us. Pity the Webmaster can't just dress up in revealing clothes and flash his "goodies") Now if the webmaster wanted to go into sales, he would be a salesman. Since he hates dealing with people, (No, really? I would never have guessed! The angry Psychologist), Shut up you quack! Anyway, as we were saying, the Webmaster isn't really good at selling himself. No doubt this has hurt him in the past. Oh well.

    In political news, We have been watching the rise of Governor Huckabee with growing horror. This clown makes Jimmy Carter look good. If he doesn't flame out soon, we might have to open a section here just for his idiocies. Of course, We continue to support our man Fred! In fact, we have come up with our dream ticket. Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter. Those two will crush our enemies and create peace, tranquility and economic success for this country. :)

    And finally, yesterday was the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Up until the 9/11/2001 attack, the worst attack on the United States in history. The 9/11 attack was worse in that it killed more people, and was a flat out terror attack. At least the Imperial Japanese went after military targets that could shoot back. (And did)

    Each year the number of veterans of that attack grows smaller and smaller. We must remember what happened and honor their memory.

  • December 5, 2007
    The Webmaster has been told his last day at his real world job is December 28th. Oh well. It was expected since this was a contracting job. The sad part is that he has nothing else lined up. It hasn't been for lack of trying though. Meanwhile, he has a meeting with a headhunter later this week.

    Now who let Algore out? It snowed here and it's about 17F outside as this is typed. The Angry Facilities manager is ion a tear. He tested the snow removal device a month ago to make sure it was fully functional. So what happens? 6AM and the damn thing wouldn't start! The now REALLY, REALLY Angry Facilities manager had to get out the old snow removal system, better known as a shovel, and clear the parking lot by hand. He finally was able to check it last night and found the problem. While testing the system, he forgot to put more gas in it. (Feel free to laugh and make sport of the Angry Facilities manager)

  • December 1, 2007
    Here we are, heading into the home stretch of 2007. The Christmas season is upon us, (Yes, Christmas you politically correct morons), and 'tis the season to spend money. It would be nice if the Anger Central bank account was overflowing with cash, but it isn't. :(

    The Webmaster has once again been told his job will be ending no later then the end of the year. Of course that is when his contract is scheduled to end in any case. It could end sooner of course. The Webmaster continues with his job search and actually spoke to real live people this week! *Shock*

    He had a phone interview with a company less then 2 miles from the Anger Central Primary Dwelling and it was a job he was really interested in. He spoke with the HR person for about 20 minutes. At the conclusion the HR rep thanked him and mentioned he had another 40 people to call. Needless to say the Webmaster saw his chances screaming out the window at Mach 3. The next day he got the formal "Thank you, but we don't want you working here" email. Oh well. :(

    The Webmaster will be meeting with a Headhunter next week and we will see ho that goes. He's also applied to 30 companies this month and might get a call back. (HAH!)

    In other news, the Webmaster classes are proceeding. He's working with the Angry Systems administrator to set up several Virtual Machines for his MCSA courses. He's on his last class, and needs to work on the DNS stuff. Due to the condition of the systems in the classroom environment, he was having issues getting things to work.

    If you were watching the news yesterday, you may have seen the reports of a maniac storming the Hillary Clinton for Tyrant...err President office in New Hampshire. All ended well, (In that no one was hurt), and Hillary proved her metal by running away and hiding rather then carry on with her campaign. Bodes well for her administration if there's a crises don't you think? ;)

    When this was first reported, we wondered here if this was Dennis Kucinich trying to get people to actually pay attention to him. Sadly no. It was some poor man suffering from a real mental illness, (Schizophrenia) as opposed to Kucinich's normal delusions of competence.

    And finally, some moron appears to have placed an order for snow. According to the weather reports, we are supposed to get snow this week. Where's global warming when you want it?
    (Al Gore must be shooting his mouth off again)

  • November 24, 2007
    Hello from Anger Central! As you may have noticed, we have been making a few minor updates to our RSS feeds. We've also been looking for a better RSS feed editor and we did see one that looked nice. However, we decided to stay with the one we have now to avoid a repeat of the last RSS screw up. However, we are still playing with the feed so don't be surprised if things change.

    Still nothing on the job front for our hero, the Webmaster. This video went viral last summer on YouTube.com. It was a seminar given by a law firm on how to comply with the labor laws in this country, but not actually hire an American. It was all about getting H1B visa holders into those jobs at a much lower cost. Basically, it shows that most of the job postings, (at least in the Information Technology field), are fraudulent.

    The law firm in question was blindsided when this video, which wasn't supposed to be made public, was. They were spinning faster then a Clinton Press Secretary. We heard that there was some congressional interest in this, but we don't know what came of it.

    In other news, The Webmaster has posted an editorial on why he is supporting Fred! Thompson for president. As usual it is in multiple formats for your convenience. He will also post the text in the RSS feed as well. It is rather lengthy so be aware of that.

  • November 22, 2007
    Oops! :)
    We've been playing with the RSS feed and in one of our readers older postings suddenly showed up, pushing the normal ones further down. This might just be a small bug in the RSS editor we're using or a small bug in one of the feed readers we run. It only appears to happen with FeedReader so far as we can tell. Oh well. 8-D

    Mrs. Webmaster is in the Anger Central cooking complex preparing some tasty h'orderves for the Angry Family Thanksgiving Feast. We will be traveling over hill and dale to the Angry Sister and Brother in-law's home for victuals and adult beverages. Mrs. Webmaster, being from a foreign land, doesn't like the traditional meals and will bring something for herself.

    The Angry Entertainment director recently purchased a box set of DVD's. The crew here at Anger Central will spend the weekend with popcorn and beer watching Battlestar Galactica, the miniseries and Season one in preparation to watching Battlestar Galactica: Razor this weekend.

    So, to all our fans, have a great Thanksgiving, drive safely, and try not to take potshots at the politically correct morons who want to ban all our holidays. Bloodstains are so hard to get out of the carpets after all. ;)

  • November 21, 2007
    Now that was interesting. The Webmaster just got a call asking if angry.net was for sale. Umm, nooo, it isn't. Not unless you're going to pay us enough so that we can retire and never work again, living a life of total debauchery. ;)

    Caller ID is an interesting thing. We were able to track the number back to a name, (Neither of which we will make public), but haven't had a chance to see if this was someone interested in a private sale or if a megacorp was interested. Oh well, we have absolutely no doubt that the caller will see this posting. Feel free to drops as a line explaining why you're interested in our humble little domain name. ;)

    In RSS news, we are now looking at posting the entire rant in our feeds. Normally we just put up a sentence or two and hope you will come on in and pay us a lot of money...err a visit.
    (Sorry, the Webmaster has dollar signs floating in front of his eyes) We may decide that this isn't a great idea and go back to the old method. We'll keep you informed.

    Also, if you are subscribed, you may want to re-subscribe to our RSS feed. We like seeing all the purty stats at feedburner. :D

  • November 20, 2007
    Just a quick note. We've reconfigured our RSS feed to work through Feedburner. We'll be tweaking it out, but we think it will be helpful to our readers.

  • November 17, 2007
    Well, the Webmaster is still employed for the moment. This state of affairs should last about another 2 weeks if he's lucky. Oh well, as we've said in the past: "hen the phone doesn't ring, you'll know it's that great job you wanted."

    The Webmaster has added a link to donate money to Fred! Thompson's campaign for president of the United States. As stated earlier, we have decided to back Mr. Thompson. If you are tired of the usual morons, please donate to Fred's! campaign.

    Speaking of politics, we received a rant, (Poorly written), regarding the governor of Michigan. Since her full name was supplied we went online and looked her up. (No one at Anger Central had heard of her) We posted the rant under a new page titled "Governors". The Webmaster was wondering why he hadn't thought of creating this before. In any case, since the governor is an elected public official, and the ranter made no threats, just his/her opinion on how the governor was handling things, we put it up. We will be moving around the site looking for other postings on governors and moving them in.

    The Webmaster is talking with the others here at Anger Central on how best to handle postings regarding other countries. The United States is unique in having a system of governors as well as independent States. Most other countries have provinces. We're afraid that our lack of knowledge of other countries method of sub-national government is showing.

    Still, if you have a province with a moron running it that you are angry at, please post it. Also post a little history for us so we can better understand how things work.

    This week is Thanksgiving here in the United States. Turkeys everywhere are running for their lives as the turkey genocide begins in earnest. (You can run, but you can't hide Gobler! There's a platter with your name on it! HAHAHAHA! The Angry Chef)

  • November 11, 2007
    Today is Veterans Day. Please take a moment to remember those who served and gave their lives so that this country could remain free. Yes, this means you idiot Nutroots! If it wasn't for the soldiers you hate so much, most of you would be lying in an unmarked pit somewhere.

    The Webmaster is still not hearing from companies that should be begging him to work for them. If they only knew what they were missing...

    Mrs. Webmaster is taking a few days off this week. She is going to another business run by a friend and is going to be learning another job. If she likes it and they want her, she is going to quit the hell job she is in now.

    In silly news...
    Last night the Webmaster went out with his parents, sister and brother in-law to try a new restaurant. The food, when it finally arrived, was plentiful and tasty. The floor show was fun too. Some whacko stormed in and started campaigning for President. When he was forcibly thrown out, screaming that he was being assaulted, The Webmaster's father commented, "So much for Ron Paul." ;)

    There was some nervousness though, since this guy was a real whack job. The Angry Brother in-law was on his feet to help toss this bozo out if needed. The Webmaster, who's proclivities towards the use of unnecessary force are well known, remained seated. He had discovered a new ale and was imbibing far more then he normally does. (That stuff really packs a wallop!)

    However the staff at the restaurant had no trouble ejecting Dr. Paul and to the loving arms of the local constabulary. The proceeded to practice their training in tasing, night sticking and water boarding on this yahoo. ;)

    Speaking of this fine ale, The Webmaster wasn't able to pronounce the name. It just looked good on the menu. Normally, if he partakes of adult beverages, he only has on or two at the most. Last night he had three. However, because the chef was distracted with tossing the bum out, he botched the Webmasters order. He was given another drink as compensation while his dinner was readied for consumption.

    4 large glasses of the dark brew later, it is safe to say that the Webmaster, with his well known low tolerance for alcohol was feeling no pain. While he is not one of those who gets obnoxious or loud, he does tend to get a bit silly. He let the server know that he wasn't driving, and that since he lived nearby he would be knee-walking home. He then started a pool on how many tries it would take for him to get his key into the lock on the palatial Anger Central digs. (only took 2 tries)

    When Mrs. Webmaster got home from work a few hours later she found her husband in bed with the lights on. Since she wanted to talk to him, she held his nose closed to wake him up. She was very amused. ;)

    Speaking of Mrs. Webmaster, she has contacted her sister now living in Alabama. It seems that her husband has just landed a job in Tennessee and will be moving north in a month or so. This will put the sisters closer together.

    Well that's enough for this week. Stay angry, post that anger, and buy stuff in the Anger Central Company Store.

  • November 3, 2007
    We have updated the FAQ page. Someone could figure out what the Chicken Switch would do and blew away a posting. Oh well.

    The Webmaster and his beloved bride are fighting colds. Needless to say, they are taking turns on who can act the most miserable around others.

    Halloween was this week as well. The Webmaster, not feeling in the Halloween mood, had planned on handing out cans of Tuna fish to all the little urchins. Mrs. Webmaster talked him out although she thought it was rather amusing.

    Oh yes, the Red Sox won the series in 4. whoopee. :|
    (Sports fans we are not)

  • October 28,2007
    This week the Angry Niece turned 18. Where has the time gone. It seems like yesterday when the Webmaster handed her back to her father with the remark "Here you go, I think the tide just came in and there's a few logs floating around as well." Mrs. Webmaster gave her a nice dress. There was much ooohing and awwing over it.

    Now that the silly season is in full swing, the silly people known as campaign workers have been annoying everyone at the Anger Central main office. First it was the rich white liberals in their Volvo's asking, more like whining, for support for Obama, and yesterday it was some young skull full of manure campaigning for the Hillarybeast. The Webmaster told her there was no way he was going to support her, but perhaps she should ask Mrs. Webmaster for a donation. After all, she is a Chinese citizen and isn't allowed to vote. Recent history indicates this is the preferred donor for the Clinton campaign. We should get that "Angry Webmaster for Tyrant" campaign sign up in front of the main office. That should get a few chuckles and perhaps the nitwits will leave us alone.

    The Angry supply clerk made a run to the local confectionary store and picked up some sweets for the little monsters due out later this week. The Webmaster's first thought was to hand out cans of Tuna to the "Little Darlings." The Angry Chef has a huge supply of that item from his last visit to the local superstore. ;D

    And finally, Go Sox!

  • October 21, 2007
    Unbelievable. Last Monday we checked our overnight rants and in there was something from a 911 truther. The Webmaster read through it with disgust before deleting it. Thank you, but no truthers need apply... Unless you want to be used as live fire targets for the Marines that is.

    Another thing we're starting to see is angst postings. These are mostly aimed the "Angry at myself" section. A lot of these don't get posted. We're not here to make you feel better by letting you whine. We need blind fury! Rage! Anger! We're not interested in how depressed you feel because you're such a loser. Tell us why you are angry about being such a loser. Take inspiration from Islamic Rage Boy's picture. :)

    The Webmaster is still not hearing from any potential employers. As we've said before, "When the phone doesn't ring, you'll know it's a potential employer.

    Mrs. Webmaster's sister will be arriving in the U.S. this week! Now if Mrs. Webmaster will quit her crappy job and allow the Webmaster to help her find a new one...

    And finally, The Angry Niece will be 18 this week. Where does the time go? The Webmaster still remembers when she was screaming her head off and loading her diapers. The moral to this story? Don't get old. :)

  • October 14, 2007
    We've been getting a few posts regarding people with significant weight problems. These were flat out insults as opposed to being angry about something. Additionally, this is NOT Jeopardy. Sending in something in the form of a question probably won't get it posted. 'Nuff said.

    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster's sister will be arriving in the United States around the 25th of this month. YAY! No doubt the Angry Brother In-law, Southern division, will be overjoyed that his wife will finally be coming to her new home. The Webmaster foresees a large number of telephone calls in his wife's future. ;)

  • October 6, 2007
    The Webmaster's father is about to celebrate his 83rd birthday this week. Please send along your best wishes with a generous cash deposit via our Paypal link on our home page, or by visiting our Company Store. :)

  • September 30, 2007
    What to say, what to say. Not to much going on. The Webmaster is still looking for a new job before the old one ends. (He would like to leave on his terms just once) It's the old story of "When the phone doesn't ring, you know it's a potential employer". He's sent out 30+ résumé's this month and only gotten 4 calls, all of which were for positions he wasn't interested in or way to far to commute. (Look at a map guys)

    You know, it's really hard to get motivated when you know you're going to be on the unemployment roll soon. Another pet peeve of ours is the headhunters who call. They are pretty much a useless bunch. They make all these promises then you never hear from them again. It doesn't help that the turnover rate on those people is sub-orbital.

    In any case, we're futzing around with our site, seeing if we can actually generate some money. Traffic has gone up significantly. How about it people? Buy some stuff! :)

    The Webmaster has been toying with the idea of posting some political diatribes, but is holding off. There are plenty of people out there doing that now.


    Until next week.

  • September 22, 2007
    Quite a few updates this week. We had a router failure in the Anger Central Datacenter and had to replace the unit. We have finally gotten it up and running and it looks like everything is working. The Angry Network Engineer isn't overly thrilled with the Linksys Router. It's not a bad router, but doesn't have all the capabilities of our old Netgear unit. We have noticed a significant difference on network performance. Also it looks like the SSH connection to the Anger Central BBS is working a lot more reliably now.

    In political news it looks like everyone is all in now. Anger Central normally stays out of the political debates, with the exception of our Notes from Anger Central responses to some posted stupidity. This time we are announcing that Anger Central is backing Fred Thompson.

    "Fred Thompson?!?" You scream in utter outrage. Yep, We're with Fred! Our reasoning is simple. Rudy Guiliani is another Bush in drag. His antipathy to the Second Amendment as well as his past statements and actions on illegal immigration preclude him from our support.

    We've watched Mitt Romney for 4 years as Governor of Massachusetts. We weren't impressed. John McCain hasn't made a good choice since he banked left instead of right and ran into that missile over Vietnam. Most people don't remember, but he was part of the Keating 5, a group that helped a number of Savings & Loan companies basically steal their depositors blind. McCain wasn't indicted, but because of that his judgment has always been suspect. His hostility to the First Amendment is well known. (See McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform law)

    Tancredo and Hunter are two others we could support, but neither one has any chance at all.

    On the traitor...err...Democrat side, Osama Obama is a flat out empty suit. He would like to surrender to Al Qeda and invade Pakistan. Hillary Clinton? Please! She is a greedy self-centered little tyrant wannabe who thinks the rules do not apply to her. By rights she should be cooling her heels in a federal penitentiary. John Edwards? In our opinion he is a flat out crook. The others are even worse.

    If any of these bozo's became president, we really doubt that the U.S. would survive. A full scale civil war is not beyond the realm of possibility if these twerps get in.

    Now, where does Anger Central stand politically? Over here more or less. :)

    Actually, we tend to believe in a far smaller government at all levels, low taxes and a good strong military that blows away islamofascist scumbag terrorists. We also believe that if you are in this country illegally, you have no rights at all except to leave quickly. If you commit a crime here, a quick hanging will do nicely. Deploying the military along with civilian volunteers at the borders with orders to shoot on sight anyone crossing illegally would also be a good idea in our view.

    "But Webmaster, isn't your wife an immigrant?" Yes she is. However, she and her sister obeyed the laws and waited their turns to enter this country legally. We don't have any problems with people who immigrate legally and work as hard as they can to assimilate as best as they can. To all you others? Leave now.

    *pant* *pant*

    Ok, this probably should have gone into the editorial pages, but what the heck? We have no doubt that the code pinko's and other fellow travelers will be blasting away out us soon enough. That's why we have this extra large bit bucket handy. ;)

    Until next time.

  • September 20, 2007 Part II
    Well, the Angry Network Engineer has installed the new router and our Notwork is back to being a Network again. The BBS server is now accessible via telnet and SSH connections. FTP is a bit iffy, and mail and News groups should be working again. We'll keep working on it, but let us know if you have any problems. Try accessing it at Anger Central BBS

  • September 20, 2007
    We lost our router yesterday and had to get a new one. Our old router, a Netgear that was 6 years old died yesterday morning. The Angry Network Engineer went out and bought a Linksys router. He's never worked ith one of those before so it's going to take a little time to get it all configured. Because of this you may not be able to access the Anger Central BBS this week. We hope to get it back up and running ASAP.

  • News September 16, 2007
    Finally some good news! Mrs. Webmaster's sister has finally gotten her visa and will be joining her husband in Alabama! (Sorry about having to go to Huntsville Sister In-law)

    On the less then good news front, The Webmaster is still looking for a job. He hasn't been told the actual end date for his present contract, only that it's in October.

    He's had a lot of calls from headhunters, but only one from an actual company. He was asked when it would be a good time to speak. Hopefully the potential employer will call back soon. The Webmaster has seen a number of jobs that looked interesting and has sent in Résumé's As usual, when the doesn't ring, we know it's a potential employer.

    We have begun to get the hang of this RSS editor. It has a few little bugs in it, but all in all it does just what we want it to do. If you see any issues, let us know.

  • September 10, 2007
    Boy when we screw up we really screw up! The Webmaster toasted the main site and we had to restore from yesterday morning's backups. We don't "think" we lost anything, but we aren't sure. If you find a broken link let us know at links at angry.net.

  • September 9, 2007
    Hmm, posting dropped off a bit. Probably due to school reopening. We're pretty sure it will pick up again soon.

    The search for new gainful employment for the Webmaster continues. While he has a job, it's scheduled to end soon and he isn't waiting around to start looking. So far he's had a lot of calls from assorted recruiters, none of whom seem to understand that when you say "I'll email you my contact information." you really should email your F***ING CONTACT information!! Unfortunately the quality of recruiters has plummeted in the last few years. One the Webmaster spoke with had been on the job for three WEEKS!

    Oh well, if you know of a company in need of a Network/Systems Administrator, drop a line to Jobsforthewebmaster@angry.net. Be advised that if you use this link you will get a bounce back asking you to confirm that you are a real person. The Angry Mail Administrator does go through the filters each morning, but it's better if you just reply to the request.

    On a different note, the Webmaster has been playing with a new application he found called Libra. It's a database for all your books, CD's and DVD's. You can get it for free at Getlibra.com. So far the Webmaster has loaded over 300 books and 50 DVD's. He hasn't started on the CD collection yet. Mrs. Webmaster wants him to sell everything. Sorry sweetheart, I'm keeping everything!! ;)

  • September 4, 2007
    More brief notes. We have updated our back end scripts that tie into our Add page. We have seen a few evil scummy slimeball spammers try and punch through our filters, all to no avail of course. Still, we dislike getting the few pieces of crap that do manage to get through. So we recently went off to one of our favorite scripting sites, Tectite.com, and downloaded the latest and greatest revisions. They seem to work and we'll see how well they deflect the scuzzy scum sucking sleazoids pretending to be actual peoples attempts at annoying us with Viagra ads. ;)

    If you see any issues please drop us a line at errors@angry.net.

  • September 3, 2007
    Just a quick update. Our old RSS editor has decided not to work the way it should any longer. It was a very basic tool and worked for years. However, for some unknown reason, it started dumping it's configuration settings into an entirely different directory. This is why we lost our old listings. We have found a new editor and it seems to do the job we want. Like the older one, this is also free which is why we like it. :)

    We will be testing it during the days ahead so don't be surprised if you see changes appearing in your RSS feed readers.

  • September 2, 2007
    All sorts of things going on here this week. To begin with, it looks like the Webmaster has a month left on his Real World Job. The contract will be ending in October sometime. :(

    So it's back on the Resume express. The Webmaster actually started sending out Resumes a month ago but now he is moving into desperation mode. We knew going in this job wasn't going to last, but we had hoped the Webmaster would find something internally with this company. He has applied to a few internal jobs, but nothing has come of it. His manager likes him and if given a choice would keep our hero. Unfortunately, it isn't his decision. Oh well.

    You might notice that our RSS feed doesn't look quite right. The Angry Systems Administrator took the Webmaster's PC from him and formatted everything down. Backups were made, but for some odd reason the RSS generator we use didn't carry over correctly. Oh well. These things happen. In any case everything else transferred correctly. We'll see of course.

    So have a good Labor Day weekend all!

  • August 26, 2007
    Well, you may have noticed a small change to the graphics of Anger Central. After nearly 10 years of searching we have found the perfect representative of Anger Central. Yes, it's Islamic Rage Boy! Nothing else come close to the blind rage and anger of this guy. The popping eyes, the mouth wide open, the upraised fist, he is the perfect representative of all that is angry.

    Of course this guy is flat out bug house nuts. With any luck he'll strap on a suicide bomb belt and go on a practice live fire exercise before he hurts anyone.

    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster has done it again. She managed to get pulled over the other day for "Avoiding a traffic signal." She got a written warning this time, (Probably because she pulled the old "I only speak little English" bit). Apparently she was coming up on an intersection near the Happy Couple's primary residence when the light turned red. It was late at night, and she didn't feel like waiting so Mrs. Webmaster cut through a gas station, thereby avoiding the light.

    The police officer was not amused.

    When the Webmaster saw the warning notice he was a bit confused. He to has gone through that same gas station with the intent of avoiding the light. He'll need to get with the Angry Attorney and check the traffic laws. This must be a fairly new Revenue Enhancement procedure.

  • August 19, 2007
    Well the Webmaster's trip to the dentist went well. The lost crown was reattached and the two replacement fillings were done. The bill was large of course. :/

    The Webmaster has also been putting in some overtime at his real world job. Great! more cash in the governmental coffers. (Damn tax happy socialists!) Other then this, not much has been happening around here. Still keeping an eye out for another job in case the one the Webmaster is in now comes to a conclusion.

    In other news a former co-worker will be starting at the Webmaster's real world work place in about a week. While he was looking through the internal job lists he spotted one that would fit his friend to a "T". He connected his friend with an HR rep and an offer letter was sent. YAY! :)
    Meanwhile the Webmaster keeps an eye out for himself. His manager wants him brought on full time, but he doesn't get to make the decision. He's a good sort though and will put a good word in for the Webmaster if he finds something in another department.

    Mrs. Webmaster is "To Busy!" in her job. The happy couple have differing shifts so they don't get to see each other much. WAAA! Mrs. Webmaster plans on quitting her job and looking for another one. First she needs to go back to China to see her Mother. She isn't well and recently fell and broke her hip. :(

  • August 12, 2007
    Oh now this was just wonderful! Last night the Angry Webmaster was out with his parents having dinner. As he started chewing a bite of chicken he felt something like a bone in his mouth. He spit it out and then felt something funny with one of his teeth.

    A crown had come off. There it was, sitting on his plate laughing at him.

    He called his dentist knowing that the office was closed and got an emergency number. He called that and got voice mail. The Webmaster, who was rather living up to his first name of ANGRY, left a message. The on call dentist called back a couple of hours later and let him know that he wasn't actually the on call dentist. Someone screwed up at the office.

    He and the Webmaster spoke for a few minutes and determined that this could wait until the work week. Nice way to spend the weekend. In addition to that, the Angry Webmaster is also scheduled to have two fillings replaced later this week.

    In other news, it looks like the Webmaster's contract is going to end sometime in October. His manager, who wants to keep him, was talking with him and pointed him to the internal job postings. The Webmaster applied to a couple of them, but doesn't expect much to come from it. He's also posting resumes to other companies. He's not going to wait until the hammer falls this time.

  • August 6, 2007
    Quick update. After yesterday's posting we went through our Immigration section. We found several broken links that led to various forms the USCIS requires for immigration. We did a quick update on that and published last night.

    Also today id the anniversary of the nuking of Hiroshima. Although it isn't politically correct, two members of the Webmaster's family celebrate this and the Nagasaki bombing each year. Mrs. Webmaster, (Who's home town was occupied), and the Webmaster's father who was scheduled to be transferred from Europe to the Pacific for Operation Downfall. None of the soldiers or marines scheduled to land in Japan had any real expectation of surviving. The casualties on both sides would have been enormous. There are a number of books on the subject of "What IF" and we suggest you pop over to the Anger Central Company Store and take a look.

  • August 5, 2007
    Well, traffic has picked up finally. Not a lot, but some. This makes the angry statistician happy in any case.

    On the personal front, Mrs. Webmaster has yet another one of her friends from Fushun in the U.S. Legally of course. In fact this is why she told the Webmaster. She asked if the Webmaster would speak to her friends husband about immigration things. Of course he would. The Webmaster spoke with the gentleman in question and spent a pleasant 30 minutes chatting away about things including Mrs. Webmaster's sister.

    The gentleman in question, who shall be known as "Agent Smith", was concerned about what needed to be done. He thought the Immigration service was going to send along a packet of forms to fill out, and he was also worried about his new bride's visa running out. The Webmaster informed him that the USCIS, better known as Clusterfuck Central, won't send anything out except requests for money and fingerprints, and that he will need to get the forms himself. He also informed Agent Smith that as far as his wife's status, the clock has stopped.

    The Webmaster pointed Agent Smith to the USCIS web page and told him that he will need to get forms for the Adjustment of Status for Mrs. Smith and her daughter, Ms. Smith, forms for an EAD, (Work permit), and also forms for an advance parole in case the Smiths want to go back to China to visit family before the green cards come through.

    The Webmaster also pointed Agent Smith to his web site and specified the link to his Immigration page. (Proved here in case Agent Smith drops by for a visit) Hopefully we will have been helpful in some small way. Considering the hassles that Clusterfuck Central put the Agents through, (23 months to get the visas), we would also recommend that they consult with an immigration attorney.

    Agent Smith can to all the paperwork himself, but have the shyster go through it and make sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed. We also recommended that Agent Smith get several copies of his marriage certificate. Knowing Clusterfuck Central, they will lose the one he sends in.

    Now all that remains is Mrs. Webmaster's sister. Hopefully she will be arriving in the deep south very soon.

  • July 29, 2007
    Not to much happening here at Anger Central. We have found a new service we like and we think you should take a look at GrandCentral. It's a call forwarding service and once set up, lets you have one number that forwards to up to 6 other numbers. The Webmaster has set it up to dial his home, cell and Skype  numbers.

    The company was recently bought by Google, so funding won't be to much of a problem. It's also in Beta and invite only. Eventually, the service will have both a free and pay service. If they start charging for what we use it for, we'll drop it like a hot potato.

    Meanwhile, on the real world job front, the Webmaster is starting to send out resume's again. He is still employed, but as we stated last week, he is not getting a warm and fuzzies. We hope the Webmaster is wrong, but he was talking with some co-workers and all of us feel that the manager is being eased out. We all hope he succeeds and he wins the battle. Still, the Webmaster can't count on things. Oh well.

    And finally, would Algore start talking about Global Warming again? It's rather warm right no and we need him to start shooting his mouth off and there by suck the excess heat out of the air. ;)

  • July 21, 2007
    The Webmaster isn't getting "Warm and fuzzies" about continuing at his present place of real world employment. He was signed on as a contractor, so he never expected the job to last. His manager is being transferred to another part of the country, and only accepted it if he would be continuing his job role.

    His manager, who he has "some minor issues with" has basically pulled all his responsibilities and is giving them to a close personal friend. The Webmaster likes his manager, and hasn't met the Big Cheese manager. From what he understands, the person who may end up taking over everything is a bit of a micromanager and likes to take credit for other people's work. In addition, this new manager will not back up his subordinates if it will affect him.

    Oh well, the Webmaster has started sending out resumes again. He expects this contract to end in the next 6-8 weeks. The webmaster really hates corporate politics too!

    In political news, we read this week that Presidential wannabe Obama says he's fine with Genocide in Iraq if we pull out. He is fine with the mass slaughter of innocent men, women and children. Now you should ask yourselves if you really think this scumbag, now to be known as Adolph Hitler Obama, is really qualified to hold the office of meter maid?

    Mrs. Webmaster went to New York City this week to get a new passport. Her old one expired and she will need it to travel back and fourth to China, or to other countries. It will be ready next week for pick up.

  • July 15, 2007
    Once again there has been a dearth of postings to our little rant site. This is one of the reasons we didn't update the site last week. Our apologies. The other reason is the webmaster's new toy.

    "Uh oh, Trouble!"

    No, not really. The webmaster bought a new Cell phone, and he also dumped Verizon as his carrier after many many years. (Going back to the old Nynex days) The Webmaster found he could get a good deal through his company if he went with AT&T. Since AT&T doesn't cripple the phones they sell or support, which is the main reason the webmaster left Verizon, he signed up with them.

    The phone is a Samsung A717 and to date The webmaster has had great fun with it. He bought a Bluetooth connector for the primary development system, (Webmaster, we're going to have to have yet another little talk about installing things on systems. The Angry Systems Administrator), and has been downloading and uploading music, pictures and addresses with great pleasure.

    As we mentioned, one of the reasons the Webmaster ditched Verizon is their habit of crippling the features on a cell phone in order to force you to use their very expensive data transfer services. The Webmaster, being a cheap bastard, wouldn't pay for the service. because of this, he rarely used the built in camera, (1/2 megapixal), and has lost a few pictures of his beloved Mrs. Webmaster.

    The new phone has a 2 megapixal camera and it looks like it takes pictures at least as well as his Sony digital camera. (Which is a 2MP camera and in serious need of updating) It's also about the size of a Razor, but a bit more substantial. Go ahead and follow the link and take a look.

    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster will be heading don to New York City this week for a day trip. Her passport expired last week and she needs to go to the Chinese Consulate and have it renewed. She won't be driving down, but will take a bus instead.

    And finally, the Webmaster is fighting a *AAACHOOOO!!* cold right now. Being a typical male, he's moping around and being miserable. Unfortunately he can't take time off from work. Being a contractor, no work, no pay.

    So, thanks for stopping in and start posting more good stuff!

  • July 2, 2007
    All's quiet on the Angry front. To quiet in fact. We miss the 50+ postings a week we used to get. Now all we get is spam. :(

    Now a few things making us angry...

    We came upon this blog yesterday by Michael Yon. He's a blogger embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq. Last week the unit he was with engaged Al Qaeda in an attempted ambush. (Al Qaeda attempting to ambush the troops) They had rigged a small village with enough explosive to sink a battleship. The U.S. and Iraqi forces didn't fall for that and took care of a number of terrorists.

    What they found when they entered the village was something right out of a horror movie. The town was very quiet. The reason was simple. AQI, (Al Qeda Iraq) had murdered every single man, woman and child, then rigged a number of the bodies with booby traps.

    Mr. Yon took a lot of pictures and wrote the story of what they found over there. We recommend that you go there and read what he saw. Be advised, don't do this on a full stomach. For those of you who think the U.S. should run away, what happened in this village is just a small taste of what will happen if we pull out before the New Iraqi Army is fully prepared.

    For those of you to young to remember, the U.S. did this in Vietnam. Half the population of Cambodia was slaughtered afterwards. If we run away, we will just have to go back in 5 years, and that will probably be on a nuclear battlefield. Think on this after you read the article.

  • June 22, 2007
    We're sorry for the lack of updates last week, but nothing came in, other then porn spam. (We really need to fix that captcha script)

    We received a few posts this week and they have gone online. Mostly the crew at Anger Central has been working to deep six this load of crap called an immigration bill. What part of NO don't those crooks in congress not understand? The "N" part or the "O" part? We think it's time for another tea party. This time, instead of tea into the harbor, how about politicians into the Potomac?

  • June 10, 2007
    Well, at least that stupid immigration bill failed...for now. Be on your guard, those scum in Washington want to jam this thing down our throats. It's a bit early, but Anger Central is looking at the next election. It's time to get rid of all of them. More on this later.

    In other news...
    For some reason postings have dropped off. It looks like the crypto-fascist totalitarian scum at Google might have banned us. Don't know why. For a company whose motto is "Do no evil", they are a pretty evil bunch. Not to worry, they will get their comeuppance, probably in front of a congressional hearing. ;)

  • June 3, 2008
    Now the Webmaster is ANGRY! In case you have been living in a cave, you will know about the new immigration bill being proposed by President Bush. Because of this bill the Webmaster has now contracted BDS. (Bush Derangement Syndrome) This disaster of a bill, if it should become law will essentially end the United States. The Webmaster has no problem with lawful immigration, (See Mrs. Webmaster), but this POS being shoved down the throats of America is nothing less then a reward for breaking the law.

    While we support Bush in regard to the War on Terror, and Iraq, domestically he has been a disaster. He likes to spend money that doesn't belong to him. (Can we say Democrat?) This is one of the reasons for the deficit. The only smart thing he did was cut taxes, which had the effect of generating more tax revenue. (No we are not going to teach a course in economics)

    If this bill becomes law, these criminals won't have to pay taxes, and can start demanding welfare, medical and social security. All these welfare systems are on life support now. With an additional 12-20 million? Collapse in 5 years.

    Oh it gets better. The people they want to bring in generally don't speak much or any English and have no desire to learn. They have no skills, and to many of them are illiterate in any language. In other words, a drain on society.

    Now before people start screaming that Anger Central is "Anti-immigration", remember that the Webmaster went through the process with his wife. There is nothing at all wrong with legal immigration. It is what built this nation and will continue to do so. We have nothing but respect for those who go through the process to come here.

    We know that these fine people generally want to assimilate as best they can. They try to learn English. They work hard to make a better life for themselves and their families. More power to them.

    The immigration system does need a complete overhaul. It is beyond an reformation. Blow it up and start all over again. People need to know just what they can expect, what is required of them and how they can move forward. Right now, the U.S. immigrations system provides none of that.

    So, first secure the borders. Second, deport every person in this country illegally. Don't waste time with courts and holding areas. Just ship them out and send the bill to their countries. Third, go after these business that knowingly hire illegal aliens. If you find five people working illegally out of a company that has 5000 employees, they slipped through the cracks. If you have 200 illegal's out of a work force of 500, the managers, directors, owners, whoever, need to go to jail.

    If you think this won't affect you, think about that job you are looking at. Now think about you not getting it and instead the job being given to one of these amnestied criminals who will work for 1/3 what you are willing to work for. So you think that won't happen? It already is.

    Enough of our rants. We will work to prevent this abomination from being passed. We will do all that we can to get the so called "Representatives" in congress to pull the plug. And every one of them that supports this trash? Vote them out!

  • May 28, 2007
    Today is Memorial day in the United States. This is the day we remember all those who have died in the service of their country. Please remember the high price soldiers pay so that some of you can make complete asses of yourselves.

    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster is a might peeved at her husband. He went out and bought some new phones for the house. He got a good deal, but spending more then $10 is "To Expensive! Don't Buy!" in her mind. The Webmaster didn't tell her how much the new 22" wide screen LCD monitor cost. <wink>

    In other news, the Webmaster is progressing nicely through his MCSA classes. He has purchased a series of practice tests that should help him get through the certification tests he will take in a month or so. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • May 19, 2007
    ell the Webmaster is having fun. He took a minor spill yesterday while moving Mrs. Webmaster's car and managed to twist his ankle. Not to bad, but he was also called upon to run all over his real world job's building tracking down data for a bunch of moves. Funny thing...It isn't his job! However his manager got roped into it, so off he limped on his appointed duties.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Webmaster called her husband from her job. She had a flat tire. :/
    The Webmaster long ago signed up with AAA so that wasn't a problem. The problem is Mrs. Webmaster isn't comfortable talking on the phone with English speakers.

    The Webmaster went to her job, (10 minutes from his job), and took a look at the tire. There was a nice, shiny roofing nail stuck in it. He then checked her spare tire. It looked like it hadn't been removed from the car since it was first put in there. *sigh*

    "Hello, Triple A? I need someone to fix this please."

    AAA told the Webmaster that the car would be towed to the nearest garage to get the tire fixed. The happy couple lucked out. The operator had a patch kit and was able to put a plug into the tire. Mrs. Webmaster went on her happy way. :)

    We like AAA. :)

  • May 12, 2007
    Happy Mothers Day! Now is the day to be nice to your mothers...for once in your lives. ;)

    As we reported last week, Mrs. Webmaster was trying to get a new job. She was called in for an interview, and the manager liked her. However the assistant manager, (Or "Chef" as Mrs. Webmaster referred to him), didn't like her. He stated that he didn't think her English skills were good enough. Mrs. Webmaster's English isn't great, but it is functional. (Hell, she aced the written part of her driving license last year) Also she tends to lose her English a bit when she is extremely nervous, such as going to a job interview.

    The Webmaster contacted the manager and thanked him for his time. He was good enough to reply and said he was happy to meet Mrs. Webmaster and that when she feels that her English is better, to call him and try again. We will keep that in mind.

    As we reported last month, we had a Northeaster come through and damage the Data Center. We have been getting estimates for repairs and it looks like it's going to be close to $500. GAAAAK! Oh well, we'll just have to fork that over. :(

  • May 6, 2007
    The Anger Central housing complex is being visited by a city tax assessor. Oh joy, oh whoopee. Of course, since they are city workers, they want to make it the responsibility of the home owner to be available when it is convenient for the tax assessor. Oh gee golly wilikers Mr. Taxman, we sure would be happy to assist you in sending our taxes skyrocketing into geosynchronous orbit.
    Mrs. Webmaster will be available that day, which could work out nicely. If the assessor starts asking her questions, she will suddenly forget how to speak English. ;)

    Speaking of Mrs. Webmaster, as we noted previously, the Webmaster put a job application in for her. He heard back from the hiring manager, He was not able to reach Mrs. Webmaster due to a busy signal. We recommended that he try again on Mrs. Webmaster's day off. We also told him the phone might be off the hook. (It was, and glued to Mrs. Webmaster's ear) With luck they will connect and Mrs. Webmaster will have a new job. :)

    Also, Mrs. Webmaster was called by her family in China. Her mother had a fall and has broken her leg. Not good. The Webmaster has offered to arrange a plane ticket back to China, but Mrs. Webmaster has decided to wait a bit and see what's happening first. The cost was also part of the equation, even though the Webmaster told her that wouldn't be a problem.

    In other news, the Webmaster has another editorial up. This one was originally written by Michelle Malkin in reference to a group of Muslim Imam's that got tossed of an airliner last fall. They thought it would be great fun to act like terrorists and be nice and suspicious. The passengers and crew weren't about to take any chances and had these bozo's removed from the plane. Now they are suing everybody for having their "civil rights" violated.

    Oh Boo F*****g Hoo!

    Please read this editorial, titled "I am John Doe", and pass it along. We had meant to do this some time ago but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Better late then never we say. :)

    So, stay anger and keep those rants coming in!

  • April 28, 2007
    We're sorry there was no update last week, but basically nothing came in. Also the Webmaster has been extremely busy in real life. He has started his new classes and will be dealing with those for most of the summer.

    About 2 weeks ago there was a rather big storm here at the Anger Central corporate offices. We suffered some damage, and have been looking into repairs. Nothing major, just annoying. Still, we have to get this done and we're not looking forward to the bill.

    Last week the Webmaster sent in a job application for Mrs. Webmaster at his place of work in the real world. She would be working in a different area, (Food services), but the job would pay better, have benefits and far better hours then the place she is at now. We haven't heard back yet and we aren't holding our collective breathes.

    We have also been watching our loyal and patriotic democrat run congress try to figure out the fastest way possible to surrender to Al Qeda. The founders of our great nation must be spinning so fast in their graves that the Earth is in danger of going off its axis. There is a word for what these "Leaders" of our nation are doing. That word is Treason.

    President Spineless NoBalls has decided to go fishing since his reelection. There is sufficient grounds to have at least a half dozen members, both the house and senate, in the public record to have them charged. Will President Milquetoast actually do this? Hell no!

    We have the leader of the U.S. Senate saying that we have lost the war and should run away. He refuses to look at reports or speak with people who can show him just the opposite. We have the Speaker of the House negotiating with a terrorist state in violation of the Logan Act and not being arrested as soon as she steps off the plane.

    We here at Anger Central hope that President Wimpy Jr. wakes up and actually starts doing his job before it's to late. We are not hopeful. All we can say is, at least he doesn't want to surrender, unlike the new holders of the title "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey's", better known as the Democrats.

  • April 15, 2007
    Happy Tax Day! In the United States, it is that time of year when the shake down artists known as the United States Government demands its annual tribute. Anger Central filed their tax returns a few months ago, since we knew they were getting money back. (In other words, we overpaid our taxes again)

    For those who may not know, the U.S. tax code is slightly more complicated then the mathematics for Planck's Constant. If you are a true masochist, feel free to read our wonderful tax laws so thoughtfully created by our highly skilled and ever so considerate Congress. U.S. Tax Code Online

     The Webmaster received an emailed rant this week. Per out policy he replied and explained that posting it would end all anonymity for the poster. We didn't put it up of course. It seems some people may be having problems with the add form. We are looking into it, but since the Webmaster isn't a .PHP coder, he's having problems determining the problem. One thing to remember, after writing up an extensive rant, go into the main entry field, select all the text and copy it into memory. This way if you have a problem you won't lose that rant you just did.

    The Webmaster will be donning his propeller topped beanie and returning to the Halls of Academia this week. He is going back to school to update his technical skills. These are night classes he will be taking twice a week after he completes his real world work day. These classes should go through most of the summer. Feel free to head into the Anger Central Company Store and purchasing a few items, or just using the Tip jars liberally spread throughout this site. These classes are expensive!

  • April 8, 2007
    Happy Birthday Mrs. Webmaster!!
    Today Mrs. Webmaster has her  <Say and I hurt you husband!> birthday. The Webmaster bought her a couple of stuffed animals and gave her a birthday card with her most favorite gift. CA$H! For someone who grew up in a communist country, Mrs. Webmaster is very capitalistic.

    In any case, Mrs. Webmaster liked the little plushy's she got. She really liked the stuffed moose. (She also got a stuffed lobster as well) The real bummer is she has to work today.

    Speaking of which, the Webmaster is looking at getting Mrs. Webmaster a job where he works, probably in the mail room. It would be a much better job for her and she seems to like the idea. The Webmaster just needs to find a contact and talk to the manager of that department.

    And to all, Happy Easter! The Webmaster is now off to annoy PETA by eating Tasty Animals. ;)

  • April 1, 2007
    Nope, no April fools jokes like "This site has been taken down by order of  RIAA" or something to that effect. That's been done in the past and was lame the first time. No, a good April Fools joke does no harm can be laughed at by all, does no damage and can be cleaned up in minutes.

    One such joke pulled by the Webmaster, (Not on 04/01, that is amateur day as far as he is concerned) consisted of taking a coworkers office and turning it into a murder scene, down to the chalked outline of a body, police crime scene tape and blood stains on the floor. That one took the better part of an hour to set up, but was cleaned up in 5 minutes. The "Victim" of the joke loved it.

    Of course that "Victim" was such an inviting target that the Webmaster bagged him several times. It finally reached the point of total paranoia for the "Victim." That was the just what the Webmaster was waiting for. The poor victim went on a trip. He called in to the office to see how things were going. The Webmaster had arranged it so that every single person the victim spoke to would always finish the call with "Don't worry about your office. Nothing has been touched. Absolutely nothing at all."

    After the 5th call from the victim to his coworkers, he had become so paranoid that when he returned, rather then go home he went to the office....at 11PM. ;)

    And what did he find when he got there you ask? Well, as promised nothing had been disturbed in his office. In fact the Webmaster had placed signs on everything in the victim's office attesting to this fact. Things like "This computer has in no way been altered." and "This chair has not been touched or rigged to collapse." and so on and so forth.

    What was amazing was that the victim admitted that he came in to the office that late. He told everyone later on that he remembered the last few events and was terrified of what he would find this time. (Each joke was more involved and complicated then the last)

    So, that is the way to do a good joke. Pick a target and patiently drive him insane. :)

  • March 25, 2007
    The Webmaster was just thinking about things lately, (OH HELL! Here we go again! Someone cut his LAN connection quick!) Nice try guys, but I've got multiple redundant connections. Muhahaha!

    Anyway, It looks like someone shoved a stack of carbon offsets down Gorbots throat this week. As is normally the case, it was freezing cold and snowing when he was giving his propagandistic pseudo-religious screed to Congress. As soon as he quieted down, the temperatures shot up, the snow melted and the Webmaster saw his first Ice Cream truck rumbling around town. It was a near perfect day around the Data Center yesterday. Not a cloud in the sky.

    However, when the Webmaster woke up this morning and looked outside, he saw more snow on the ground. He hasn't checked the news yet, but he was wondering if someone had ripped of the duct tape that had recently been applied to the Gorebot's vocal orifice?

    Again it has been a very light posting week. Only one post came in. So disappointing! We suspect that our little site is being blocked in some way by assorted filtering applications. We know it is at the Webmaster's present place of employment. Disappointing, but understandable. Also we do not think this site is appropriate for children and small animals. No doubt that is another reason it's being blocked.

    The Webmaster's new Real World job is going well, however he never thought he would be spending so much time under desks. His title is Disaster Recovery Analyst. (DR Analyst? How the hell did you get that job? You don't prevent disasters, you cause them! The Angry Sysadmin)
    No comments from the peanut gallery! Don't forget who pays the bills around here.

    As the Webmaster was saying before he was so rudely interrupted by his flunkies, (That's staff you egomaniacal chimpanzee!), Just ignore them people. I'll put them back in their boxes later on. Anyway, The Webmaster is looking into a Virtual Machine system for Disaster Recovery purposes. His new manager, a very competent person who does know his way around a computer, apparently hadn't looked into VM's for DR purposes. Not surprising, since he is really overworked, and VM's have only come back in the last couple of years.

    One of the problems will be the internal politics of his new company. The Webmaster thinks he has an idea on how to short circuit that issue. He needs to speak with others at his level, (The bottom), from the different groups and get them interested in the idea. Then put together a small test environment along with a well written proposal. Then he needs to bring his new manager in, then they can gently nudge the idea up the ladder. The big thing of course is once this is up and running, costs of DR plummet since you don't need to keep identical hardware running.

    If the Webmaster does this right, he will cover his manager in glory as well as make himself look good as well. As the Webmaster has been explaining to his compatriots, "Our job is to make sure everything goes well, figure out how to do things more efficiently, save money, and make our boss look good." Hopefully we will succeed in all our endeavors.

    Until later, keep those rants coming!!
    The Angry Webmaster

  • March 18, 2007
    The Webmaster successfully navigated to the other site last week. Now he gets to do it again this week. The nature of his job requires that he make this journey several times a month. Oh well he gets mileage and overtime. :)

    As was reported in this august web site, the Angrymobile was acting up last week. The Angry Mechanic determined it needed a tune up. $335 later and it's running like a top.

    The Angry Statistician has noticed that postings and visits to our little rant site seem to have dropped off in the last month or so. We aren't sure why. There are many possible reasons, but we aren't going to worry about it. This is just something we do here for fun and what little profit we can get from Amazon.com. :)

    The Webmaster has been looking into the reason why the captcha image is so small on the add page. We went to the site we got it from and haven't seen anything on the forums yet. If you have trouble reading it just refresh the page and a new code will come up.

    And finally, will someone please tell Al Gore to put a sock in it? Every time that hypocritical loudmouth starts ranting and raving about global warming, he sucks the heat out of the atmosphere and causes major snow and ice storms or large drops in the temperature. The Angry facilities manager has been complaining about the heating bill and having to hire someone to plow out the parking area after the last snow storm we just had.

  • March 11, 2007
    The Webmaster has completed his first week at his new job. Whew! So much to learn! He is slowly getting his feet under him, and should be ok in a month or so. Meanwhile he has to go to another city for a day next week. This is another site for the company he is with now. There is a small problem or two. First, he has no idea where it is.

    No problem! He planned to drive down yesterday with the Angry Applications manager who knows the city well. The only problem? The Webmaster's Angrymobile decided to have engine problems. They had to turn back. It isn't serious, (We hope!), however we won't know the issue until the Angry Mechanic takes a look at it. We suspect it need a tune up. The Angrymobile is about due for one.

    In any case the Webmaster will be borrowing a car to take the trip down this weekend to scout out the location. He has his GPS, maps, directions, bloodhound, mirror, two hands and a compass. At the very least he should be able to locate his a**! ;)

    Which brings us to something we need to consider. It may be time to replace the Angrymobile. It is 7 years old and has over 100K miles on it. The Webmaster was doing some online shopping yesterday and found that Jeep Liberty's have a deal running through the end of the month. He is also looking at Ford Rangers. 4x4 drive is a must of course. The pickup is attractive since the Webmaster is finding that he has a lot of things to carry that won't fit into the present Angrymobile. Of course we really don't want to spend that kind of money right now but it looks like we may not have a choice. However, feel free to peruse the Anger Central Company Store and spend money. Or, you could just donate directly to us. Every penny helps!

    In other news...
    It appears we have a small issue with the CAPTCHA image on the add page. Small being the operative word. We don't know why it has become so tiny all of a sudden, but we are looking into it. Additionally, if you blow the code and have to go back, copy your text, (Just to be safe), and refresh the page. This will generate a new code for you to enter. We will see what we can do to correct the size issue.

  • February 27, 2007
    Happy Happy Joy Joy! The Webmaster is gainfully employed once again!! He went in for an interview yesterday and was offered a one year contract position with a chance of extension. (Of course it could always go the other way as well) He starts Monday. Yay!

  • February 25. 2007
    A very quiet week here at Anger Central. Only three postings came in. We suspect that this is due tp the no robots file we have loaded into the site. We did this for the time being to protect the owner of Anger Central from Google searches by potential employers.

    It was rather surprising when the owner did a search and his name came up attached to the main page, especially since his name appears no where on this site. That was when the Angry Sysadmin decided it was time to block the searchbots for a while.

    In other news, the Webmaster has a JOB INTERVIEW!!! WooHoo! He will be going to a company near the Data Center on the 26th. Needless to say the Webmaster isn't holding his breath. While he will do his best to make a good impression, he has never been good at interviews.

    The job is another contract position. It should be good until the end of the year and may be extended. It might also result in a permanent position down the road....Probably for the actual winner of the job. :/

    The company? We aren't going to say for obvious reasons. Suffice to say that it has never been listed here, which is surprising. We will keep you informed of course.

  • February 18, 2007
    Well now, has it been two years already? Why, yes it has! What are we talking about you ask? The second anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Webmasters wedding is February 19th. YAY them! :)
    The staff has been informed that they happy couple plan on dining out on lobster and other expensive items. Feel free to donate generously as someone who wishes to remain anonymous did last week.

    In other news, no job yet for the Webmaster although he has had a few feelers. With luck we may have a nice little announcement next week. The Webmaster isn't holding his breath. He's been down this road way to many times to count his chickens before the eggs have been laid.

    Also don't forget the Anger Central server will be offline for a bit on the 24th. See below for details.

  • February 15, 2007
    Anger Central will be offline for a period of 2-5 hours Saturday Feb the 24th, starting at around 11:30pm EDT. During this period we will moving servers to a new state-of-the-art data center housing unit which data center. This will require the physical movement of all servers and networks affected. During this period our Web site will not be available. In addition email to Angry.net will not be processed through or received.
    Thank you for your patience, and please, visit our store and buy cool stuff. ;)

  • February 11, 2007
    Another week of "If the phone doesn't ring, you'll know it's a potential employer." This is getting really tiring. Oh well, all we can do is have the Angry HR manager continue sending out Resume's on the Webmasters behalf.

    In other news...

    It's almost Valentine's day. That will be the 4th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster's first meeting in Beijing. Five days later will be the happy couple's second wedding anniversary. We have been informed that they are planning a night of lobster devouring. Feel free to send them wedding presents in the guise of cash. ;)

    This week also saw the announcement of the death of Microsoft Clippy. Here is the obituary along with the Angry Systems Administrators comments:

    It is with great sadness, (Yeehaw!), that we announce the demise of Microsoft Clippy.
    (It's about F***** Time! Break out the beer boys!)

    Clippy had not been well for several years, and with the release of Office XP had to be coaxed out of his bed.
    (Ya mean you finally got the message after people kept throwing monitors at that idiot Gates don't you?)

    We know that Clippy and his helpful friends will be missed by our loyal users of Microsoft Office,
    (Sure. I'll also miss having a proctologic exam twice a week too)

    We ask that you bow your heads and give a moment of silence in memory of Clippy.
    (F*** That! I'm going to have a party! Yeehaw! *BLAM* *BLAM*)

    Thank you from the Microsoft Marketing department
    (Oh it's you guys again! Ya'll just stand right there now while I reprogram this here cruise missile. I'm sure the Iranians won't miss it)

    As you can see the Angry Systems Administrator isn't overly broken up with regards to the demise of Clippy. ;)

  • February 3. 2007
    We are still looking to find gainful employment for the Webmaster. He is most unhappy. Mrs. Webmaster thinks it should take no more then a week for him to find a new job. While we agree with Mrs. Webmaster, the jobs he would like are far away from the Anger Central Data Center.

    The Webmaster has been offered a few jobs, but they really weren't a good fit. He isn't interested in working third shift or being paid less then a fry cook at McDonalds.

    On the flip side, the Webmaster did stumble across a job that was very interesting...Just not for him. He heard that a number of people were let go from his old job including a director. He sent the job off to one of his former co-workers who sent it off to the now former director. He was very grateful to see it and will be applying for it. We hope he gets the job.

    While the Webmaster didn't report to the director, he did support the director and his group. He was a fair manager who got a raw deal, (Like almost everyone else at that site). The Webmaster did offer his support as a reference, and if called the Webmaster will sing his praises. Who knows? Perhaps he will find something for the Webmaster. ;)

  • January 26, 2007
    Sigh, the Webmaster is gainfully unemployed again. Such is the lot of a contractor. In this case the project was finished and there was nothing else available so he and two others were bid a sad farewell. It's possible he will be called back in a few weeks, but the Webmaster can't count on that. Unlike his last company, the managers at this company actually treated their people well.

    In any case, it's back to the job sites. If anyone knows of a server admin/network admin opening in Northern Massachusetts or preferably southern New Hampshire drop us a line via the add page.

  • January 21, 2007
    Now this was fun. Mrs. Webmaster brought in the laptop the Webmaster bought a few weeks ago. This was for a friend of Mrs. Webmaster. It seems the friend was having some problems with the webcam and a few minor things. "No Problem!" the Webmaster said. "Bring it in and I'll take a look at it."

    Well he did and the first major problem was Windows XP. Now never mind the snide remarks. In this case, the friend had another friend load Windows XP Pro, (Which the friend had a license for), on the laptop. The problem is, it was the Chinese version! The Webmaster can't read Chinese. The second problem was, this was a bootlegged copy. This means no updates. Not good!

    The Webmaster did what he could, but recommended in very strong terms that Mrs. Webmaster's friend contact Microsoft and look into getting a licensed copy of Chinese Windows XP. From what we have heard, it shouldn't be a problem. It will either be a small cost or no cost at all.

    The other thing that could be done is load Linux on the system. :)
    Not our call of course. We got everything working as well as we could and it all seems to be good. The first thing we did was load an anti-virus application on the system. That should help a bit.

    In other news, our retirement is still growing. It looks like no one has won the lottery and our take when we win will be $250 million or so. ;)

  • January 14, 2007
    Hmm, looks like the Anger Central Retirement Fund didn't come through last night. In other words, we didn't win powerball. ;)

    To all our posters, did you know that the latest version of Firefox has a built in spell checker? No? It does and you should really go and download it. Doing so would make life so much easier for the Webmaster when he's doing up the weekly rants. It takes a long time to go through Spell-check on FrontPage. You can download it from the links on the main page.

    The Webmaster has been applying for positions all over the place. It would be nice if some of these companies would at least call and interview him. We won't bother going into recruiters. :/

    We're still waiting for Angry Wife #200. It's been two weeks since the start of the new year and no one has posted about how angry they are towards their husbands. We guess that they are all to busy arranging their divorces.

  • January 7, 2007
    Hello there Angry People! Another year has started. We have been doing some checking on the posts this year and we are a bit disappointed. We received thousands of postings, however only 617 were worth anything. Come on people! We know you can do better then that!

    One of the problems that caused so many to be discarded was that most of the posts were just people insulting other people. Some of those did make it up, but most went into the bit bucket.

    Another little statistic was husbands. We had to add a new page last year when we went over 100 postings on Husbands 1. We created a second page, and towards the end of last year it started coming up on post number 200. Sad to say we didn't reach that magic mark. We came in at 199 for the year. No doubt we will see the 200th posing in the next few weeks. We find it amazing that so many women are angry at their husbands. On the flip side, we only have 13 posting about husbands angry at their wives. Hmmm. makes one think, no?

    We have also posted a new Rant from the Angry Webmaster. We haven't put one of those up for a long time. To be honest, he forgot the page was there. ;)

    Normally, web sites like to crow about how many people visited their site. We don't bother keeping those statistics. Part of it is that it's meaningless. The other part is protecting posters anonymity. As long as people give us money or buy things through the Anger Central Company Store, we're happy. :)

    So, stay angry, and rather then shooting up the streets or something, post here when you're mad. It's a lot better and won't cause injury, death or incarceration. :)

  • January 1, 2007
    And another year has gone by in the saga of Anger Central. Angry.net is now 8 years old although the basic site is closer to 10 years old now.

    This has been one of our more eventful years to say the least! The Webmaster lost his real world job with a company he had been with for almost 8 years. The termination was politically motivated by people who basically ran the corporate IT department into the ground and treated people like the Webmaster like something to be scraped off their shoes. Revenge is sweet though. Two of the three people responsible for his unemployment were forced out, the company its self just restated their earnings and the profits they claimed over the last few years suddenly disappeared. A grand jury is investigating them and with a little luck everyone will go to jail. :)

    The Webmaster also heard that his last co-worker from the old job left for a new one as of the first of the year. Way to go Matt! Just don't forget us little people. :)

    He was the last of the original IT people from the company the Webmaster originally signed on with, one sale and two mergers ago. Now the only person left at that site is a contractor and he probably will leave soon enough. Are we bitter? Of course we are! <grin>

    In other news, the Webmaster had a stroke this year. He was very lucky nothing permanent was done and was able to return to work within a few days. It was a very scary situation though. Fortunately the Webmaster bought health insurance and was covered for this incident.

    Mrs. Webmaster finally got her green card this spring, and also passed her drivers test...on the fourth try. She then returned to China to visit her family leaving the Webmaster all alone for the summer. He was very sad about this. Upon her triumphant return in September, Mrs. Webmaster scored herself a free car and landed a job. The Webmaster doesn't approve of the job, but it does allow Mrs. Webmaster a chance to get out of the house and earn money.  She will probably get another job in a couple of months with her friend Shuhua, who is now returning from that island in the Pacific. Oh boy! The terrifying twosome riding around in Mrs. Webmaster's reject from rent a wreck! Now there is a scary thought!

    We have reopened the Anger Central Company Store with cool things from Amazon.com. Please go there and spend money. we are desperately poor and need all the cash we can get. ;)

    So, what are the plans for the New Year? Well the Webmaster is going back to school and update his skills and get some certifications. He knows most of what they will teach, but needs to get the paper to prove it to potential employers. We hope to move to a new job this year, sooner rather then later. What he is doing now isn't what he is trained for and isn't all that challenging. He works with nice people, but this contracting stuff is for the birds.

    So, thanks for coming by and we'll keep posting your rage.
    The gang here at Anger Central.