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This page is meant to keep all our angry fans informed about the goings on here at Anger Central


  • December 30, 2005
    Well we found out what crashed the home page. It turned out to be the Amazon.com add at the bottom. We removed it and the page started behaving again. Now we are rebuilding the page from backups.
  • December 29, 2005
    A few things...First the Webmaster mother was taken to the hospital Monday with problems breathing. It appears she had an emphysema attack. She was kept for a couple of days and put on oxygen. She is now home and resting comfortably. Yes, the Webmaster's mother used to smoke and did so for 40 years before giving it up.

    The second item is an interesting tidbit. We received an email from ABC's Good Morning America. A producer wanted contact information on some of our posters for a segment they are looking into regarding Dysfunctional In-Laws . It seems she was reading through our little page on all the wonderful things people have to say about their spouses families. We informed her that we can't provide any contact information since all postings are done anonymously. I have offered to put her contact information up if she would like, however we have not heard back yet and we will not post that without her consent. We're sure she gets enough spam in her email account as it is. :)

    Also you will notice that the home page has changed. Something broke on the last update and we're working to correct it. Something hosed the formatting and we have had to revert to...this...look for now. We hope to have it corrected soon.
  • December 24, 2005
    Well, that just...sucked. The Angry Sysadmin decided to upgrade the Angry Webmaster's computer to Windows XP Pro. Just one small problem occurred. The Webmaster's development system has two SCSI hard drives in it. One is used as the O/S and Applications drive and the secondary one is for data and backups. Before the upgrade he moved all his important data to the secondary drive. Then he and the Angry Sysadmin downloaded all the applications that would be needed and also loaded them on the secondary drive. Would you care to guess which drive failed? You got it! The secondary drive is now toast. Once the system was formatted and the new OS was being installed the drive let out this ear piercing death scream. The error from the SCSI bus basically said it couldn't be initialized. Fortunately the Angry Backup administrator had copied all the data to a backup server so it looks like nothing has been misplaced. Time to talk to the Angry Accountant about getting the parts to finish that system the Angry Sysadmin has been working on for the last year.
  • December 22, 2005
    Bad news from China. It appears that Mrs. Webmaster's sister was rejected for a K-1 visa. We don't know the details yet, and we haven't been able to talk with her fiancÚ in Alabama. We hope we can reach him and work with the two of them to correct this horrible injustice at the hands of our incompetent government. If you would like to see a picture of Mrs. Webmaster's sister, just follow this link: She is the attractive young lady in the white turtleneck on the lower left. Believe it or not she is older then Mrs. Webmaster and has a handsome young son. Note: If the FiancÚ of this lovely lady reads this site, or someone in Alabama knows him, please have him contact us so we can help out as best as we can.

    In other news, The webmaster is going to need a new manager in his real world job. Monday his manager handed in his notice. He lasted 5 months. He just couldn't deal with the frustration and idiocy of the company, especially the IT department that the Webmaster slaves for. That makes 4 IT people from the East Coast that have left or are leaving this month alone. Some day, we will tell you the name of this company, but since we haven't been able to find a new opportunity for the webmaster, we will be circumspect in this regard.

    And in closing, A Merry Christmas to you all! And F*** the ACLU!
  • December 17, 2005
    Mrs. Webmaster's driving lessons are going well. So far she has only destroyed half the city she lives in. ;) 愚笨的坏丈夫 *SMACK!* Oww! Yes Dear, you are a very good driver.

    On the immigration front, last week the Webmaster received a letter from the USCIS containing the check he had sent in the month before. The letter said "We have reviewed the record and found that you have already paid the fee. The check is returned to you." Huh? The Webmaster and his beautiful, wonderful, highly intelligent wife, *SMACK!* 糖嘴 "What did I say now!! Anyway, they called the USCIS number Friday to find out what is going on and when she might get her green card. We are even more confused now then before. Mrs. Webmaster wants to visit her sick mother, so it looks like she will be filling out the advanced parole, (I-131), form. She will decide in the next week or two.

    In other immigration news, Mrs. Webmaster's sister is going to Guangzhou this week for her K-1 interview. We all know you are wishing her good luck...right???
  • December 10, 2005
    Interesting things going on here. Mrs. Webmaster is continuing her drivers education classes and will be having her first road class on the 12th. She is very nervous, but we know she will be just fine. (Memo to Staff: On December 12th the offices will be closed and it is recommended that the staff go someplace far away for the day) The webmaster has met her first instructor and other then his tendency to speak at a high rate of speed, he should be good for Mrs. Webmasters self confidence.

    In other news Mrs. Webmaster's mother is not doing very well. She is still waiting for her green card so is not able to travel. As we noted last month the Webmaster sent them a check for more fingerprints. The strange things is, the check has not yet been cashed. We are both getting a bit worried since we had until January to send in the money or her case would be considered abandoned and we would have to start all over again. This would put Mrs. Webmaster at risk of deportment due to some bungling boneheaded bureaucratic screw up. The Webmaster had planned on calling the USCIS support line Friday but was trapped on the highway with everyone else due to that miserable snowstorm we had in the Northeast. He will be calling them Monday. If Mrs. Webmaster's green card is going to be delayed we will be filing a travel permit request so she can go back to China to see her mother.

    On the work front, the Webmaster was notified of a Raise in Pay at his real world job. Not a lot but it wasn't as insulting as the last one, which was immediately eaten up in health insurance costs.

    FYI, We have added some new quotes to our front page generator. Let's just say the French won't be to happy with some of them. ;)
  • December 4, 2005
    Just a quick note to let you know the Webmaster has survived his first driving lesson with Mrs. Webmaster. No damage was done to the Anger Central Company Car or to other peoples property. The Webmaster's nerves are another matter. ;)
  • December 3, 2005
    Well, Mrs. Webmaster has started her driving classes. Her first one was last Thursday. She wasn't to happy with it. The classroom teacher spoke way to fast for her to fully understand. The manager called the Webmaster to tell him she was having problems and offered a few suggestions. The Webmaster will be basically re-teaching his wife what she should be learning in the classroom. In any case, the Webmaster will be taking her out for a true driving lesson this afternoon, so if you never hear from him again, well we think you know the answer as to what happened. ;)

    In other news...We have ripped Microsoft Office from all of the systems in The Anger Central Data Center. The only things remaining are M$ FrontPage and MS Visio. We have also upgraded to Firefox 1.5. In most cases it was a painless update. In most cases. There was one system that bitched about the update. The Angry Systems Administrator had to back up the bookmarks then rip the entire thing out, directories and all. Once this was done reinstalling went fine.
  • November 26, 2005
    Oh happy happy joy joy, Mrs. Webmaster has finally got a single Social Security card and a single Social Security number. This only took about 5 MONTH to straighten out! *SNARL* We only have one more trip to make there and that will happen once Mrs. Webmaster has her green card. We will have to have the SS Card reissued without the "For Work Only" stamp. If we're lucky we won't end up with Ms. Frigidaire again. What do you mean Ms. Frigidaire you ask? Well the woman the happy couple have been dealing with since this nightmare began was rather attractive. In fact the Webmaster thought she should give up her SSA job and go to work in the adult film industry. At least there she would be providing someone with real services. However, we decided that wouldn't 't work for her. That industry prefers female stars who can at least fake being interested even if they aren't really interested in their work.
    In other news regarding Mrs. Webmaster, she has signed up for a driving class, so if any of our readers are in the northeastern United States, RUN! AWAY! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES! Mrs. Webmaster is very excited about these classes. The entire staff at Anger Central is living in Terror about her behind the wheel of anything more powerful then a pedal powered go cart. *THWACK!*
    Oww! Ok Dear, I was just joking. Mrs. Webmaster will be a very good and safe driver once she has completed her classes. (坏丈夫我是一个好汽车司机 Mrs. Webmaster)
  • November 20, 2005
    Not to much going on here. The Webmaster is going to take 23rd off this week to try and straighten out Mrs. Webmaster's Social Security mess. Also he wants to go to a driving school and enroll her in a class. Mrs. Webmaster has already decided she wants either a BMW or a Benz. (Mercedes to us Americans) The webmaster is driving a 6 year old jeep with over 90,000 miles on it. "Sure sweetheart no problem!" ;)

    Actually, once she has a license the Webmaster will be getting a reliable used car for her to destroy. Something so cheap that all he will need to do is get liability insurance for her in case she crashes into someone.

    In the New Toys department, The Angry Systems administrator has bought a new keyboard with a fingerprint reader built in. He took it to his real world job and is having a ball with it. The only problem is that it requires Windows XP to work. Because of this Anger Central had to dip into the petty cash and order two copies of Windows XP Pro for the work stations in the office area. In order to save money we went with OEM versions. They have shipped and should arrive later this week. If the O/S CD's arrive we will be upgrading the Webmaster's laptop first as a test. Since nothing is important on there it won't matter if we have to restore it to Windows 2000. If that goes well we will then load the Webmaster's main workstation. This will be a bit more involved of course. We may not be able to do the weekly update to the site if we do make the upgrades. We will keep you informed of course.
    One of the changes that will be made is no more Microsoft Office. The Angry Systems Admin has decided that for most of our needs OpenOffice is perfect. The Angry Accountant is in full agreement. The Webmaster has flat out refused to give up FrontPage however. Oh well. Other things that will change is no more Norton Antivirus. We have found a free antivirus that works just as well called AVG. We may even move to the commercial version since the price is so much better then Symantec's, especially with the new pricing structure they introduced recently.

    As you are aware, this week is Thanksgiving. This will also be Mrs. Webmaster's first Thanksgiving in America. It should be quite an experience for her. She has never had turkey in her life, and has decided that she doesn't like it. "Huh?" you ask? Mrs. Webmaster is pickier then a 5 year old when it comes to food. She basically doesn't like American food and automatically doesn't like anything new. It's always a challenge to get her to try anything, and most of the time she discovers she actually likes it. We suspect more pictures will be on her web page soon. ;)
  • November 13, 2004
    As expected, Mrs. Webmaster has two, count them TWO! Social Security cards under her married name. Of course both numbers are different and valid. The webmaster will be taking a day off work to once again trek to the black hole of Cygnus X-1, err we mean the local SSA office and try to get this fiasco cleared up once and for all. At least she now has a number to go with her work permit. The webmaster is now telling her "Go out and get a job!" ;)
    Recently we posted a notice from our good friends, (Dripping sarcasm) at the USCIS. Read below for details. Anyway we found out what they really want. MONEY!! CASH!! DOLLARS!! They sent a notice to Mrs. Webmaster that she needs to cough up an additional $70 for fingerprints. Once they get the money they will send us an appointment to take care of that chore.
    Now some of you may remember that earlier this year we trekked up to the local USCIS office and fingerprints taken. So, why do they need new ones? It seems that when Mrs. Webmaster changer her name her fingerprints mysteriously mutated into an unrecognizable form and need to be replaced. Don't ask, this is just one more mystery of "Our Government at Work!" We sent off the check Saturday.
    In other news the Anger Systems Administrator bought and set up a new computer for the Angry Financial Advisor better known as the Webmaster's father. He needed a new one for his home office and the Angry Systems Administrator ordered an IBM StinkCenter for him. He is very happy with it and is taking it to his office to have all the super secret double handshake financial applications installed. Then the A.S.A. will set up his DSL line with The Angry Network Engineer.

    The Angry Webmaster just got off the phone with a friend of Mrs. Webmaster. As you may recall Mrs. Webmaster is Chinese. One of her friends wants to set up an Online Dating service and is asking the Angry Webmaster for help and advice. Other then making the technical arrangements, (Domain name, hosting company etc), the webmaster is trying not to get to involved with this. One of the major reasons is language. Another is the webmaster doesn't have the needed skills to build a good page. If anyone of our fans in China might be interested in this endeavor send us email and we will pass it along.
  • November 4, 2005
    Ok, now for some real fun. The webmaster has been informed that his wife is finally getting her social security cards and that they are in the mail. What's that you say? You are saying the Webmaster has made an error by referring to Social security cards, as in more then one card? We all know that you are only given one card and one number. Bzzzzt! You are incorrect! Mrs. Webmaster has been issued 2 Social Security numbers. One in her married name and the other in her maiden name. "WTF, over?" you say? Well here is what happened as we understand it.
    Our contact in another office called a few days ago with good news and bad news. The card had been issued and mailed, but the local office created a new record instead of updating the original one. Then we get another call telling us that both cards are on the way. Oh joy!
    So, what shall we do? The Webmaster has a few ideas of course, none of them legal. First, use one number for Mrs. Webmaster's good credit records, financial history etc. Use the other number to get all sorts of credit cards, loans, etc. and then declare bankruptcy. ;)
    Second idea, Mrs. Webmaster's sister should be coming to the U.S. early next year. Give her the card to save time for her. Third idea, take it to the local area illegals hang out and sell it.
    Of course we won't be doing that, but it is fun to think about. We'll be trudging back up to the local SSA office yet again, waiting for the morons to finish their coffee and then talking with the stupid cow who seems so put upon to actually do her job. We need to get the two numbers merged into one record. Of course this is all predicated on the cards actually showing up! We will keep you informed of course.
  • October 30, 2005
    Hmm, this is interesting... The webmaster has been checking the progress of his wife's AOS, (Adjustment of Status better known as the Green Card), when he noticed something on the USCIS status page. When he entered in his wife's receipt number, he got this interesting message back:

    Case Status

    The status for this Receipt Number cannot be found at this time in this automated system. Please check your case receipt number to see if it is correct. If you have questions or concerns about your case status, please contact the National Customer Service Center.

    Needless to say this concerned the webmaster just a tad. Rather then worry his wife, (Who is still steaming mad over her Social Security card fiasco), the Webmaster decided to post to a USENET news group he has been following for a while. This news group is a support group for people who are marrying foreign nationals and bringing them to the U.S. The replies he received are rather heartening. They told him that other people who have their cases transferred to the California office have been getting their appointment letters very quickly, and in some cases the Green Cards were sent out with no appointment. They told the Webmaster to watch his mailbox for a "Welcome to America" letter. We will wait and see what happens.

    And on the Social Security card front, the Webmaster heard from the gentleman who appears to be the only competent SSA employee in the country. He called to update the Webmaster on what is happening. First he called the USCIS and asked if they had received the forms. Of course they hadn't. So he got the office fax number and called the local SSA office in the city the happy couple live in. He spoke with the "genius" the Webmaster has been dealing with for almost a year. When he introduced himself she replied "Oh, are you calling about the Angry Webmasters? I just pulled their file."

    Yeah, right. In any case the competent employee has faxed the information to USCIS. He hopes everything will be ready in a couple of weeks. Uh huh. Please excuse us if we don't hold our collective breaths over that ok? Thanks. :/

  • October 25, 2005
    Well, Anger Central should live for at least another 5 years. The Angry Systems Administrator has renewed the domain name. :)
  • October 24, 2005
    The webmaster had some fan mail from a man looking for information on Fushun, China this weekend. Mrs. Webmaster is from Fushun and the Webmaster has been there a few times. We sent him our best wishes, some advice and a couple of places to go when he goes over there. So to DW, Good luck to you from the crew here at Anger Central. You may want to go through our news archives to see what the poor Webmaster has had to go through, and is still going through.

    In other news, still now Social Security card for Mrs. Webmaster. We were contacted by the only competent person working for that agency. He told the Webmaster that he was following up. It seems the forms that needed to be vetted by the Immigration service never arrived. Big Surprise there! NOT!! He then contacted the local office and the woman he spoke with said to him "Oh, you're calling about the <Name hidden>. I just pulled their file." Yeah sure. Anyway they are now faxing the relevant forms to the Immigration service. We'll see how that goes.
  • October 16, 2005
    Not to much new happening. The webmaster has been invited to his Niece's Sweet 16 birthday party next weekend. Yep, just what a 16 y/o wants. Adults in the house "protecting" her from her boyfriends. ;)
  • October 9, 2005
    Sad news from the world of Anger Central. A former co-worker was killed in a motorcycle accident last week. He started  at the Webmaster's real world workplace two weeks before the webmaster. He left the company about 2 years ago and went to work for another one down the street from the Webmaster's office. From what we know here the friend was going home late at night and went off the road when he missed a turn in the fog. He left behind a wife and three children. The crew at Anger Central will miss you Dave.

    In other, happier news, the Webmaster's father is celebrating his 80th birthday today. Mr. and Mrs. Webmaster will be heading over to his parents home for victuals, merriment and good times. :)
  • October 1, 2005
    Well, Mrs. Webmaster has her Social Security number, no thanks to the local incompetents, err...we mean the local and very helpful SSA employees. Yeah, right. The only actual employee who helped The Webmaster and his wife works out of another state. Even he had trouble with the twits that flopped in the office that the Webmaster has been dealing with. When the webmaster mentioned his problems to a friend at his real world job, she knew exactly who he was talking about. She ran into the same twit when her ex-husband died in an accident and she had to take care of business for their children.
    Oh yes, no card yet. All we got was a printout indicating that the number was issued, what the number was, (Very Important!),  and that the card should arrive in the next few weeks. HAH! We shall see about that!
  • September 25, 2005
    Guess what? No Social Security numbers for the Webmaster's wife. Surprise!! Grrrrr.
    The local office is now saying the card should come "No later then 2-3 weeks." Right, and we'll believe that when monkey's fly out of our collective butts. Mrs. Webmaster was so angry she lost her English for a while. This made the Webmaster angry. (Not at Mrs. Webmaster, but at the government moronocrats at the local SSA office. There is one in another office who is doing his best to help us and even he is a bit annoyed with the local office the Webmaster visits to try and get this straightened out. We really like the extremely unhelpful bitch who always seems put out when we have visited trying to get information. Useless as tits on a bull.

    Meanwhile Mrs. Webmaster has decided it is time to learn how to drive. <Terrified looks from the staff at Anger Central> She has informed the Webmaster that he is to contact a driving school and enroll her forthwith and without delay. (Gulp!)
  • September 20, 2005
    Looks like whatever broke is now corrected. We apologize for the problems. We ended up reinstalling the Microsoft FrontPage extensions. (Yeah, we know. Microsoft. What did we expect?)

    In other news, The webmaster spoke with the person who said Mrs. Webmaster's SSN card had been mailed out. He was shocked when we told him what happened. Within 5 minutes the Webmaster had a call from the local  SSA office manager. He confirmed that the card had been mailed and that the post office didn't deliver it for some incredibly stupid reason. He said to come on in again and they would have the card or at least be able to issue the number to her. Also we received a letter from our Senator stating that the number had in fact been issued. Mrs. Webmaster will be going back to the office this week with her Mother in-law to get the numbers. Mrs. Webmaster Sr. will have all the documents and the letter in case the moron at the window ties to stall again. We will keep you informed of course.
  • September 20, 2005
    Something appears to be wrong with our add page. We are looking into it now and hopefully have it fixed shortly.
  • September 17, 2005
    Well, the Angry Webmaster is really furious today! Why you may ask? Simple. He took the day off so he and his wife could go to the Social Security office and find out what is going on with her SS card. Previously we had been called and told that the number had been issued and that the card was in the mail. If the card had not arrived by the 5th we should go to the local office and see what is going on. We did this and were informed by some little bureaucratic twerp that not only had no number been issued, it wouldn't be issued until clearance was give by the USCIS. Excuse me? Do you see this little item called a work permit that I am about to shove up your arrogant skyward pointing nose?

    The upshot is that I had to call the USCIS helpline and after sitting on the phone for 20 minutes was told two things. First schedule an appointment with the local office and then send in a form to have the typo on the work permit fixed "at no cost to us." Gee, that was nice of them the morons.

    So in two weeks the Webmaster will be taking another afternoon off and heading to the local USCIS office with Mrs. Webmaster. (Who we may add is extremely upset now. This makes the webmaster absolutely blind with rage) We're now thinking about getting a lawyer to handle this mess if it goes on much longer.
  • September 5, 2005
    More news on Mrs. Webmaster's Social Security card. We were contacted by a gentleman with the SSA and he has informed the Webmaster that his beautiful and intelligent wife's Social Security number has been issued and that the card is due now. He also stated that if it hasn't arrived that Mrs. Webmaster will should go to the local SSA office and ask them where the card is. In any case she will need to go there since they issued the card in her maiden name, and she will need to change it over to her married name. This is rather annoying since the Webmaster filled out the forms with her married name and provided proof of marriage.
    In other news, as you all know New Orleans has been all but destroyed by hurricane Katrina. The crew here at Anger Central sends out our hopes and prayers to the people displaced. Now for the rant. It is blatantly obvious that the mayor and his staff along with the governor of Louisiana and their entire emergency services staff needs to be tied to one of the buses that they didn't use to evacuate people and dropped into the deepest part of the Gulf of Mexico. The incompetence we have seen here is criminal. They had up to three days warning that a category 5 storm was bearing down on the city and even a near miss would cause major damage. They had a plan to follow and they ignored it. Click here to view the plan.
    One person the Webmaster knows has been happily blaming the Bush administration for this disaster. He is one of these people that never lets the facts interfere with his beliefs. He blames Bush for the fact the levees collapsed. When the webmaster told him that A) the levees were designed for no more then a category 3 storm, and B) that the sections that had collapsed had been recently improved, he refused to listen. The webmaster is tempted to make him a tinfoil hat for him to wear so he can block out the radio waves beamed into his brain by Halliburton. ;)
  • August 28, 2005
    Well the Webmaster finally is getting a little action regarding his wife's Social Security card. He contacted his senator, (yes the same one who has helped kick loose a few bureaucratic clogs in the past), to try and clear up this latest screw up. His office sent us a letter asking for permission to look into the case, (Which Mrs. Webmaster signed), and hopefully he will be able to beat some of these moronic gerbil-brained clot heads into sending her that small little card.
    Also the webmaster noticed that the processing date for his local Immigration office suddenly changed and not for the better. Previously they were working on AOS forms sent in by April 14, 2005. As of Friday it now says April 14, 2004. WTF, Over?!?!? Well it looks like the Webmaster will be putting in for an advanced parole so his wife can go back to China to visit her family. :/
  • August 21, 2005
    Someone is going to die. The angry systems administrator racked up over 70 hours at his real world job this week thanks to some little scumsucking script kiddie and the Zotob Trojan. If we get our hands on the writer he/she/it is dead! The Angry Sysadmin spent 12 hours just dealing with the daily stuff last Tuesday. He got home and was just drifting off to sleep when he was called back in to clean up the mess this thing caused. He didn't get home until 1PM the following day, and still had to go in on Saturday to fix a laptop for someone that is traveling to another site Monday. Due to the condition of her laptop it had to be completely rebuilt. Oh, she's an oracle programmer too so that means extra fun apps to install. (Did we mention that the Angry Sysadmin loathes and despises oracle?) Well at least he's hourly so he gets paid for his time. To top things off the other remaining tech is on vacation this week so the poor Admin is going to be flat out all week long. :p

    On a sad note, the Webmaster's uncle past away last Friday. Due to work matters he wasn't able to attend the funereal. It wasn't unexpected. His uncle was very ill and had been for some time.
  • August 14, 2005
    An interesting 2 weeks since the last news update. Another member of the Webmasters real world work group handed in his notice and has since left the company the Webmaster works for. This leaves two people to support about 100 local people and another 40 remote. That doesn't seem like a lot you say? We also support over 60 servers of various types and a fair number of the users have more then one system. Realistically we need 4 people. There are no plans to back fill the lost person's position. We can't blame him for pulling the ejection handle and bailing out. His reasons to the manager started with "I'm tired of having wet ankles." Translation: He's getting off the sinking ship.

    On the Social Security card business for Mrs. Webmaster... The Webmaster was able to get home early a week ago and with his beloved wife called the SSA (Social Security Administration) helpline. They got a translator on the phone to talk with Mrs. Webmaster and the upshot of all this? "The local office will call you shortly." Since it was almost closing time on a Friday we didn't actually expect them to call us. However we did expect a call by no later then the following Tuesday. Did we get the call? Nope! The webmaster called the local office, spoke to someone who then transferred him to "Someone who can help you out." This was someone's voice mail. The webmaster dutifully left a message asking for a call back. Did he get one? (Queue the chirping crickets)
    The webmaster has decided to bring in the big guns again. This weekend he wrote a third email in his saga to his ever helpful senator's office. Hopefully they can sort through this fiasco. It's been close to 10 weeks since Mrs. Webmaster received her work permit and the SSA form was submitted for her card. We will keep you informed.
  • July 31, 2005
    Anger time at Anger Central!! The webmaster's wife informed him that the USCIS had rejected her request for a Social Security card. We don't know why. The really stupid part is that Mrs. Webmaster HAS a valid work permit. The Webmaster will be making a few calls this week.
    In other news the Webmaster has met his new manager. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully better then the last one he had for about 3 weeks.
  • July 24, 2005
    We found the problem with the RSS feed. It seems when we uploaded the site, not all the new or updated pages went online. We reposted and that seems to have fixed things.
    In other news, the webmaster's real world job has just gotten tougher. At the moment we have 3 people supporting 200 local users plus another 30 or so off site users. In addition they are also supporting some 65 servers. (Mix of Wintel and Sun) The webmaster is in the process of building number 66. Last week one of the other two techs handed in his notice and will be leaving at the end of this week. The webmaster and the remaining tech both feel that the company we work for will not replace him.
    In other news, the webmaster's wife has returned from another sojourn to the Big Apple. Pictures are now online here. More coming as soon as I get them out of the camera. :)
  • July 16, 2005
    Someone emailed us regarding a broken RSS feed. We checked and couldn't find any problems, however if you see any please let us know ASAP so we can check and verify things.
    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster is still waiting for her Social Security card to arrive. The SSA said 4 weeks, and that it should arrive around the 10th of July. Has it arrived yet? (Queue crickets chirping)
    And speaking of Mrs. Webmaster, one of her old friends who moved to the states a couple of years ago came for a visit with her husband. He is an American and they live in San Francisco. They came to the right coast to visit his daughter and came up to say hello.
    We went out to a local Chinese restaurant Mrs. Webmaster likes. A good time was had by all especially when Mrs. Webmaster and her friend, both chatting away in Chinese, started looking around. When our server came to the table they both looked at him suspiciously. Mrs. Webmaster then asked him "Do you speak Chinese?" He replied "No senorita I am from Mexico" The webmaster and friend both started laughing. (We both knew he wasn't going to speak Chinese but couldn't resist seeing how the ladies would react)
    The next day Mrs. Webmaster and her friend went to New York City for the weekend to visit other friends from the old home town. The friend went to Boston and then to his daughter's home for the weekend and the Webmaster is doing the bachelor thing until his beautiful wife returns from her latest adventure in the Big Apple.
  • July 10, 2005
    We hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July last weekend. Mrs. Webmaster certainly did! The happy go lucky couple went to the local fireworks display with some of Mrs. Webmaster's friends. Fortunately they all spoke English well enough so that the Webmaster could speak with them. Turns out the webmaster had things in common with some of these nice people. A few were from a City in China the Webmaster has visited and others work for a company the Webmaster's company gives the business to...err I mean does business with. Yeah, that's it, does business with. :)

    Mrs. Webmaster's dental trips are done for a couple of months. She needs a breather and the Webmaster needs time to pay off the bills. Damn insurance only covers about 1/2 of the cost. Good thing he set up an HSA this year.
  • July 3, 2005
    Happy 4th of July all! Anger Central is going to busy blowing stuff up this weekend. :)
  • June 25, 2005
    Not to much going on her at Anger Central
    We're working to improve our new BBS system, adding more features and games. It's been a long time since we did anything like this so we have a lot of work and experimentation to do on our Dev box. Just follow the links and sign up for an account. It's free although we will take all donations via our Tip Jar.

    In other news. Mrs. Webmaster has been making many trips to the dentist this month. In her homeland, people only go to the dentist if a tooth hurts or is being held in their hand. Preventative care is not done under socialized medicine. The upshot? She hasn't been to a dentist in over 6 years. She is now going through scaling, has had to make 2 trips just for basic cleaning and will need to have three wisdom teeth removed. In addition she will probably need two or three crowns on some of her molars. Needless to say she is not a happy camper regarding all this.
  • June 18, 2005
    We have added links to the new Anger Central BBS here and on the main page. Come on in. Don't be shy. Have some fun and see how we used to do things before the World Wide Web.
  • June 15, 2005
    A midweek posting, mostly to announce a new thing. We have set up a BBS server. For those of you to young and naive to remember, a BBS was The Big Thing before the internet took hole. BBS stands for Bulletin Board Service (Or server), and was a place people could go to chat, post and read messages and play online games. Now the main things is, it's all text based. There is no graphical interface. Still we hope you will come in, create an account and stick around for a while. We're really having a great time playing Pimpwars. ;)
    To access the server simply telnet to evilned.dynalias.com. there is also a web site attached were the more textually challenged can go. You won't get the full access but you can look around a bit. Just click on The Angry BBS.
  • June 11, 2005
    A few things here, First we have started playing with a BBS server. We doubt many of the people who read Anger Central are familiar with the old BBS network, but in some ways it was the precursor of the internet. People would dial into the servers and chat, read message boards and play games. With the advent of the internet and especially the World Wide Web component the old BBS's faded away.
    We downloaded some software and installed it. We are working on configuring it now, and once it is fully tested, (and we load it on its own server) we will make it public. There is no GUI interface for this, it's all text based. We're trying to locate an older PC to run this one. The nice thing about this is it doesn't require a powerful machine and it doesn't use a lot of bandwidth either. :)

    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster received her work permit! Of course they spelled her first name wrong, but it's only valid for a year and once she gets her green card she will be turning it in. Friday she and a friend went down to the Social InSecurity office to apply for a Social Security card. She should have that in a month, hopefully less.

    Did you know that an American Citizen has to work for 40 quarters before he/she becomes vested in the system, but a legal resident alien only has to work 10 quarters? Hmph! Well it isn't like any of us are going to see a dime of that money in any case. :(
  • June 4, 2005
    The webmaster has been on an enforced vacation for the last few days. His real world company has ordered everyone to take 40 hours by the end of June, whether or not they have the vacation time. The webmaster does have the time luckily. The webmaster and his wife went to the beach, visited the Clydesdales, went to have Mrs. Webmasters teeth cleaned for the first time in years and generally had a good time together. Pictures have been posted. It's off to garage on Monday for new brakes for the Anger Central company car.
  • May 30, 2005
    Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. Please remember those that gave up their lives so that some of you could be complete morons.

    We have also added more pictures to Xinqing's page as well as reconfigured it a bit. We have also added a link on the Anger Central home page.
  • May 29, 2005
    The Anger Central staff was treated to Revenge of the Sith today by the Angry IT Director. We have read the reviews both pro and anti regarding the final installment of the Star Wars franchise. The Webmaster went to see Star Wars back when it first opened in 1977.
    (Back in the dark days before he discovered coffee)
    The Webmaster isn't one of those who dresses up like a wookie or a storm trooper. He goes to be entertained. So, was he entertained today? Yes he was. We all agreed that the best actor was Ewan McGregor playing Obi-Wan Kenobi. In some ways he seems to have captured the role as it would have been played by Alec Guinness when he was that age. We also agreed that Natalie Portman may be good looking but she could have just phoned in her dialog. Hayden Christensen just didn't get the role. In our opinion he was miscast from the beginning. As for Jar Jar Binks? The 15 seconds of screen time was still to much.
    The effects were great of course, with plenty of lasers and exploding starships. However we couldn't help but to notice a few things. For instance, Why aren't Obi-Wan and Anakin dead from explosive decompression? During the rescue the cyborg general blew out a window and all the air escaped. A second thing we noticed during this battle was the ships cannon. Since when do laser cannon eject a spent shell casings?
    Well we do recommend seeing it, and the Webmaster has said he plans on adding the DVD to his collection once it comes out. Meanwhile, Mrs. Webmaster wants to go see the Budweiser Clydesdales next weekend, but that is a horse of another color. ;)
  • May 27, 2004
    The Webmaster is taking the day off from his real world job today. Why? 2 reasons. First he and his wife, the lovely Mrs. Webmaster have to go to the Immigration office to get her fingerprints taken. The second reason is his company blew 1 billion dollars last quarter and decided that everyone was taking a mandatory 40 hours off. Oh, the CEO? They gave him a 14 million dollar raise.

    Later this same day:
    Well we just got back from the immigration office. No fingerprints were taken. Why you ask? Well when the Webmaster filled out all the forms he used his wife's maiden name on most of them, but used her married name on the application for a work permit. He now has to go to City Hall and get certified copies of their marriage license and then the two of them and the translator Mrs. Webmaster has arranged for will need to drive back to that office again later today. The webmaster had spoken to the Immigration service regarding this issue when he arranged for the appointment. He was told that he should straighten it all out there. Fine. No problem. Not once did they mention anything regarding marriage license.

    And still later this same day:
    Well the webmaster and his wife have returned from the second trip to the immigration office. This time we had everything we needed and Mrs. Webmaster has had her fingerprints taken. We did ask for them back but they said no. ;)
    What should have taken 90 minutes with travel time basically blew the entire day. Now we have to wait for the work permits to come through and the notice for her green card appointment.

    And in Conclusion:
    We have been futzing around with the quote generator and the Page O' Links. With the Quotes, we have added a few more. With the links page we reconfigured it and added a few things.
  • May 20, 2005
    We haven't had a lot to post about lately on the news front. The Webmaster has been working like a dog at his real world job dealing with SOX 404 garbage. However Mrs. Webmaster and her friend Shuhua decided to take a trip to New York City this week. Mrs. Webmaster managed to score some free bus tickets to the Big Apple and Ms. Shuhua works for a hotel chain so she was able to get comped room for the two of them. Needless to say the two of them took Chinatown by storm. Many pictures were taken and as soon as Ms. Shuhua gets them developed we will scan them in and post them for you.
    On the language front, Mrs. Webmaster is working hard to improve her English Language skills. This has made for many interesting moments. For instance the two ladies visited "Library Island" while they were in New York. It took the webmaster a moment to realize they were talking about Liberty Island. On the other side, the Webmaster was making himself some dinner last week, and was putting together Shish Kabob. Mrs. Webmaster asked what the English word for this was. (She normally refers to it as Beef on stick)
    When the Webmaster told her she turned beet red, (Ok, orange. Red blood under yellow skin) and started laughing. It turns out that the word Baba basically means sh*t in Chinese. Ok, watch those comments out there!
    Lastly we have been playing around with a plugin for Winamp. This is like the shoutcast plugin but we feel it is a more stable then the Shoutcast plugin. If you want to listen to the music the crew here at Anger Central listens to, just download Winamp and point to our Radio Station. This is not kept online 24/7, but we tend to leave it going during the work week and on occasion overnight. The plugin is from Jetaudio and is called jetcast. Do a Google search for it. There are 10 slots open although if it bogs us down we will limit the number.
  • April 30, 2005
    There has been a lot going on in the Webmaster's family. Not between his wife and himself, but with other family members. We will not make the details known, but will say that the Webmaster's entire family is rather angry at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and leave it at that.
  • April 16, 2005
    Our hosting service has informed us that they are doing a major upgrade to the web server and that this website will be offline sometime around 12AM EST April 16th. Estimated downtime is 30 minutes, but considering what the hosting company is planning we expect the site to be down for several hours at least.
  • April 16, 2005
    Once again the Webmaster has been dealing with the USCIS. We finally received notification that they were now processing Mrs. Webmaster's applications. She needed to contact them to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. No problem, this was expected. Mrs. Webmaster doesn't like to talk to English speakers on the phone. She can't see them and can't read their body language when talking. Again no problem. The Webmaster called them to set up the appointment, however they wouldn't allow him to. Why you ask? Because they need to speak with Mrs. Webmaster to confirm she is actually allowing her husband to speak for her!
    Ok, so the Webmaster calls from their home. Gets right through. Mrs. Webmaster speaks briefly authorizing her husband to speak for her. Great! "Oh, I'm sorry, but we don't have anything open. Call back first thing in the morning."
    Hello? The Webmaster is at work and his wife is at home, how do we do this you moron? Well we were able to handle this part. The Webmaster set up a conference call between the USCIS, his wife and himself. The only problem this time was being stuck on hold for 20 minutes. Well it is done and we have an appointment. 8am May 27th. I think the Webmaster is looking at an extra long holiday weekend now.

    And on another note...
    The happy couple received a letter from telling them that Mrs. Webmaster had to report to the city nurse due to her false positive TB test. Someone should get them out of the stone age and explain to them that China used to use drugs that create an antibody that will cause a false positive for that type of test. We meet with them next week.

    Well, we have one more thing to add. It seems that one of Mrs. Webmaster's sisters is now starting to go through the K-1 visa process herself. This one has a son and is a few years older then Mrs. Webmaster. (Mrs. Webmaster looks like she is 30 and her sister looks like she is 34. Both are a bit older)
    The webmaster doesn't have all the details yet, but his sister in-law will be coming to the Madison, Alabama area hopefully very soon. This one was very sad when Mr. and Mrs. Webmaster left China. The sisters were very close to each other. Now they will be much closer to each other and won't have to worry about time zones as much. ;)
  • April 9, 2005
    Happy Birthday Mrs. Webmaster!! Mrs. Webmaster celebrated her *9th birthday yesterday. The happy couple went to another Chinese restaurant hoping to find one that actually serves authentic Chinese food. Mrs. Webmaster found a dish that she liked, (Although it wasn't real Chinese food), and had a good time.
  • April 3, 2005
    All the forms required for Mrs. Webmistress to work in the U.S. legally, as well as her Adjustment of Status, have been submitted to the USCIS. Hopefully she will have her work permits in a couple of months and her green card soon there after.

    And speaking of Mrs. Web Mistress, she has started to add her comments to this web site. Of course English is not her first language, so she likes to write updates in Chinese. Therefore, if you can:

    A) read Chinese
    B) actually see the following words, 招呼从这个人真实负责这个站点

    You will be able to read her Pearls of Wisdom. :)
  • March 19, 2005
    The Webmaster and his wife had a scare last week. Mrs. Webmaster had to go in for another immigration physical, and she had two problems. The first was the doctor. Dr. Quack N. Sticker has to be at least 80 years old. Poor Mrs. Webmaster came back with more holes in her from his attempts with a hypodermic needle then the Titanic after it hit the iceberg. He kept missing the veins in her arms.
    In addition, Mrs. Webmaster had to have another Tuberculosis test. She had an x-ray done in China for her visa, but Dr. Quack N. Sticker didn't even look at it. He gave her the standard skin test, and it came back positive.
    Now there is no history of TB in Mrs. Webmaster's family, or in her home city. Needless to say were were very concerned. The Webmaster scheduled an appointment with our Primary Care Physician, (Who happens to be Chinese and is significantly younger then Dr. Quack N. Sticker), so he could get this X-ray on his insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Webmaster went in last Wednesday and had the picture taken. As expected, the results were negative.
    According to our P.C.P. it isn't uncommon for Chinese national's to have false positives on a TB test of this type. This is due to the immunizations given to people back in the 70's and 80's. One of the immunizations creates an antibody that will cause a false positive. Needless to say they both breathed a great sigh of relief. Now on to filing ever more forms and documents with the USCIS.
  • March 5 2005
    We have created a new page. This page is called the Page of Honors and is dedicated to listing people who have in some way honored Anger Central.
  • February 26, 2005
    We are going to start a chat room. If we see to much abuse in here we WILL shut it down. This is a java version and can be accessed by following this link.
  • February 20, 2005
    The webmaster has now been formally and legally married to his blushing bride. Click here for pictures. :)
    In other news, we have pretty much stopped using the New and Updated graphics. Since we have started using the RSS feeds, we have found it to be much easier to maintain.
  • February 13, 2005
    A few things. There may not be any posts next weekend. The Webmaster has a Must Attend engagement. This will take all day and will probably tie up the entire weekend. What is this? He's getting married! Yep, this is the big day. The ceremony he had in China was not legally binding, so in order to satisfy the drones at USCIS the Webmaster will be tying the knot next Saturday.

    Another note. Since we have implemented the RSS feed, the little New and Updated tags have become rather obsolete. We may be discontinuing them in the near future. There are many clients that will handle RSS feeds. Our preferred one is Feedreader. A link to this can be found on our links page. Also Mozilla Firefox also has a built in RSS reader as does Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • February 5, 2005
    For the past few months we have been getting postings from some moron who has been attacking the webmaster and his new wife by name. This person has been using some extremely racist terms and all around garbage. It also appears that this person has been using the whois database to locate the administrators of this site, and has mad what we consider threats to us. Because of this we were forced to turn on a tracking system. We have located the perpetrator of these posts and informed his ISP. It appears that he is in New Zealand, so we won't worry to much regarding our personal safety. From the style of the postings, it looks like some loudmouth jerk is using his mommy and daddy's dial up account.
    For our normal posters, all tracking information was promptly deleted and erased to protect them, and we will be turning off the tracking shortly. We do apologize to our normal ranters, but when apparent threats are made to the Webmaster and especially his wife, we will take whatever action is needed to protect ourselves. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. The management.
  • January 23. 2005
    Not to much happening here at Anger Central. The webmaster and Webmistress spent several hours digging out out from that large snowstorm we had Saturday night. Gotta love them snowblower toys. I really should post a rant regarding the city snowplows and what a wonderful job they do of filling in the driveway just as you finish digging it out. :[ Another day perhaps. Also we may not be doing posts next weekend. The webmaster has to move to a different office in his real world job while his present office is renovated. Since the entire IT area is being done we have to move close to two tons of stuff. Oh well, at least this means overtime. :)
  • January 16, 2005
    We had a number of postings that went straight into the bit bucket this week. We are particularly peeved at the insults directed at the webmasters wife from some moron. We are also seeing insults directed at the webmaster by name. Not good people! Out of all the junk that came in only three postings went up this week. We would suggest laying off the sauce before posting people.
  • January 9, 2005
    Things are rather quiet here in the Anger Central Data Center. Mrs. Webmaster will be starting her ESOL, (English as a Second Language), classes Monday and is very excited. The webmaster's real life job continues. He received his review Friday. It was faxed to him with instructions sent by Instant Message to sign it and take it to HR. Oh, he also got a 1% raise. (whoopee *yawn*)
    Well at least he still has a job.
    Preparations and plans are now being generated for the two happy love birds. They need to be legally married and are aiming for February 14th. We think it will be a very small ceremony with a much bigger one next summer.
    In the meantime the Webmaster needs to fire up the old analog snow removal system and clear out the driveway after yesterday's snow storm. :p
  • January 1, 2005
    Happy New Year!
    And Happy Birthday to Angry.net! This is the 8th birthday of Angry.net. In that time many many changes have come about. If you want a list, check our news archives. ;)
    So, what big things happened this year? The webmaster went to China again and brought home his new wife. (Who is presently vacuuming the customer service area like there is no tomorrow) We still need to get legally married in the U.S. to meet her visa requirements, and then file even more ^*)%% paperwork!

    There were major changes at the webmasters real life job. His supervisor was stabbed in the back by his manager and lost his job. The webmaster was almost transferred to another plant in a different state that probably would have cost him everything he has. (That was reversed and the manager who tried the sleazy stunt has left the company)

    We have moved Anger Central to a new hosting company. We did this due to the repeated problems old hosting company was having with their equipment. We liked the people there, but didn't see any choice in this matter. The new service does offer more goodies at a lower price too. (Speaking of which, our tip jar remains extremely empty people!) We have also added an RSS feed to the site. This lets people who use RSS feeds know when an update has been made, and also gives the first sentence or two of the rant as well as a link to the rant its self.

    Now for the usual stats and stuff. We received something like 2000+ rants this year. Of that only 537 were worth putting online. People seem to forget we want to hear why you are angry, not that you hate something/someone. It would also help if people were a but less intoxicated when posting, and not use that damn SMS shorthand we keep seeing! When we see things that are so badly written it takes us half an hour to translate it, it gets a one way trip to the bit bucket.

    So what is up for the new year? Well a formal marriage for the webmaster of course, continued updates to Anger Central and with a bit of luck a new and better job for the webmaster in real life. We are looking for improvements to Anger Central of course, and hope we will see a better quality style of rant come in. As we become more familiar with the tools provided by our new hosting service we will be adding new things to the site.

    So to all of our readers, thanks for stopping in, hopefully the new year will be a better one and stay angry!!