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This page is meant to keep all our angry fans informed about the goings on here at Anger Central

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  • December 24, 2006
    Merry Christmas! To all you politically correct anti-religious leftwing bigots, HAH!
    Ok, now that we have that out of our system, Tis the night before Christmas and all through the data center, not a computer was stirring, not even a Mac. :)
    We hope you all have your Christmas shopping done, lord knows the Webmaster hasn't. Anger Central is having a cash flow problem this year due to many unexpected expenses. We're keeping it simple for everyone this year, nothing extravagant. We'll be working on our 2006 roundup this week, figuring out the stats, problems and stuff like that there. So until next weekend, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
    (Suck on That ACLU!)

  • December 16, 2006
    It's been a very quiet posting week here at Anger Central. Only two rants came in worthy of the name. We're just chalking it up to the Christmas Season. (Although we did expect a flurry if "I'm angry about Christmas" style postings)

    In other news, At the Webmaster's real world job, another member of his QA team was hospitalized this week with a serious illness. The person in question developed a blood clot that went to his lungs.  they caught it in time and he is going to have a full recovery. This makes three people on this project who have been injured or struck down by illness, and there are only three people on the team! Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a conspiracy! The Webmaster is demanding hazardous duty pay now. It doesn't help that he has also been fighting off a nice head cold this week too.

    Mrs. Webmaster is applying for a new job. The one she has now is seriously wrong for her. The owner makes her work like an illegal alien. Mrs. Webmaster has a green card and doesn't need this crap. The Webmaster will help her fill out the application when she brings it home.

  • December 10, 2006
    Not to much happening here at Anger Central. The Webmaster has signed up for classes and is going to work towards updating his skill set. Can we say "Big Bucks?" Sure we can! He needs to talk with the school and arrange  to pay the required tribute to them. The annoying thing about this is the classes won't be finished until late spring.  Oh well. Hopefully a better job will come of it.

  • December 2, 2006
    Lots of news this week. Today is Mr. & Mrs. Webmasters second Chinese wedding anniversary! Yay! Yippee! Yahoo! It was 2 years today that Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster became man and wife. As reported two years ago, the wedding there had no legal basis due to the immigration laws of the U.S. Still, the Webmaster always likes to do something nice. Of course, for the second year in a row, Mrs. Webmaster forgot what day it was. :D

    The Webmaster bought a small gift for his beloved wife. While shopping for some household items he spotted a big stuffed Nemo. It took him all of one second to decide to buy this for his wife. She loves that movie and has watched it many times. Mrs. Webmaster's first question was "How much?" It wasn't expensive, but anything more then $1 is to expensive for Mrs. Webmaster. That was one reason the Webmaster didn't bring Mrs. Webmaster along. ;)
    (Mrs. Webmaster has managed to get herself a free cell phone and a free car. You can't argue with free)

    In other news, the Webmaster has gotten the results of the tests from his recent illness. The tests all came back normal. Very normal in fact. The Angry Physician told the Webmaster that this was the fastest recovery from a stroke he had ever seen. This makes the Webmaster very happy.

    The Webmaster doesn't appear to have suffered any ill effects. He does have occasional bouts of light headedness, but has found that it isn't affecting his balance or abilities to work. It seems to happen if he is sitting to long. It clears up very quickly if he is walking around.

    The insurance bill has been posted. This little incident is running about $20K. The Webmaster has an HSA and has purchased a high deductible plan. He will have to cover $2500.00+ on the bill. Plus? you ask? What is this plus? Now it is time for the Webmaster to rant a bit. For some reason the last two days of his hospital stay aren't being covered. He's trying to find out why this is. He had three doctors tell him he had to stay those extra days even though he was ready to go over the wall. Since he was told to stay, it should be covered. We will get it all straightened out eventually. In the meanwhile, fee free to donate to our little web site or buy things from the Anger Central Company Store. :)

  • November 23, 2006
    I'm stepping out of character for this news update. Normally I refer to myself in the third person. Today I won't.
    Last Thursday morning, November 16th, I had a stroke. I woke up when I usually do, around 3am. I came into my computer room and turned on the lights and my primary computer. I then went to the bathroom to take care of the morning business. While in there I heard a buzzing sound in my left ear. Since I hadn't bothered to turn the light on I didn't see anything and thought it was just a bit of tinnitus. When I stood up I suffered a massive attack of vertigo and fell into the sink on the left.

    I thought I had just stood up to fast so I sat back down and waited a moment. When I stood up again the room was spinning and I had to lean against the wall on my right side. I was able to make my way back down the hall to my computer room and sit down. The room was spinning at 200 RPM from my perspective.

    At first I thought I was just dehydrated. I had a bottle of water so I opened that and drank it right down. I had no problem opening the bottle or drinking. Apparently one of the symptoms of a stroke is trouble swallowing. This didn't help. In fact I felt worse. I had a severe case of nausea with the expected results. Good thing I have a plastic trash can in reach.

    Now I was getting very scared. I didn't feel any numbness or have any vision problems other then the vertigo. I tried checking my strength and found I hadn't lost any in either my right or left sides. When I tried touching my fingers together, I did have trouble with my left hand.

    Now I was really scared. I managed to wake up my wife. When she came in she took one look at me and panicked. She asked me if she should call 119. For those of you who don't know, China uses 119 as its emergency call number. I told my wife yes and to call 911. Even at this point there was a moment of humor. She said she would call 991. I was able to tell her that it is 911 in America.

    I was a bit concerned about her English. I heard her connect with the emergency operator and attempting to make them understand. I called to her to bring me the phone. Then I heard her talking in Chinese. It seems the local emergency services dept. has people on hand who speak Mandarin Chinese.

    About 5 minutes later the ambulance arrived. The helped me down the stairs and took me up the street to the hospital. (Note from Anger Central: When buying a house, location is everything. We're 2 minutes from a fire station and three minutes from two hospitals)

    I was admitted to the emergency room at about 3:30am and spent most of the day there. I was given a CAT scan to see if there as any obvious bleeding in the brain. None was found and they gave me some aspirin. I was also given an Echo Cardiogram to check my heart. Later on I was admitted to the hospital and taken to a room.

    That evening I was given an MRI. They wanted to see if this was some sort of transient problem or if I had a stroke. After that I was taken back to my room. At about 7PM I found that I was able to get up and walk around without any vertigo.

    The next day my doctor came by and spoke to me about what may have happened. Since he is a GP he said I would be seeing a neurologist. He also said that there was something on the Echo Cardiogram and that he wanted me to have a more formal examination.

    Later on the neurologist came by and told me that I had indeed had a stroke, albeit an apparent minor one. He showed me my MRI and pointed out to spots on my brain that had been affected. These spots were on the part that controls my equilibrium which explained my vertigo. He said the Exam of my heart, a TEE would be done probably on Monday. Lucky me, I got to spend the weekend in the hospital with no internet access. :(

     Monday morning I was taken down for the TEE procedure. I as given a nice shot of Demerol, said hello to the doctor who was going to do the procedure, and the next thing I remember I was waking up and wondering where the doctor had gone.

    I was finally cleared to go home and my wife picked me up at around 7pm. I went back to work the next day. I won't say that I'm not feeling any after effects from this. I do feel a bit light headed now and then, sort of like sucking on a balloon full of helium. I'm seeing my doctor next week to find out the results of all the tests and see what I need to do next. My sister wants me to go don to Boston and see a neurologist there. I'll decide what needs to be done later.

    In the meantime, I can say that the smartest thing I've done is to buy my own health insurance. I lost my coverage when my old company kicked me out the door. I was smart enough to get an HSA and a high deductible plan. This keeps my monthly premium somewhat reasonable. I'll find out how reasonable in the next month or so.

    So there you have it. I'm feeling ok and everything is working fine. Hopefully the doctors will figure out what the cause was and how I can prevent this from happening again. Needless to say I'm a bit more aware of my health now. I just need to keep my inner hypochondriac in check. :)

  • November 20, 2006
    Sorry that there has been no update this week. The Webmaster has just returned from a week in the hospital. It appears he suffered a minor stroke last Thursday and was taken by ambulance to the local hospital. He is not suffering any ill effects and has pretty much recovered. The details will be posted soon along with the normal updates. Feel free to donate money or buy something through the Anger Central Company Store. The Webmaster has a high deductible health insurance plan and needs to cover the deductible.

  • November 12, 2006
    Mrs. Webmaster has completed her first week on the job. The Webmaster is not happy. They business is making her work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. This is in the food service industry so they do tend to work people hard. Of course the problem is that now the happy couple don't see much of each other. The Webmaster is working to find Mrs. Webmaster a better job elsewhere.

    The election was held this week and the Republican party lost the House and Senate. The Webmaster is of mixed emotions on this. Of late the Republican Party has been acting more like Democrats domestically and frankly deserved to lose. However the Greatest Nation in History doesn't deserve the likes of the Democrat Party in its present incarnation.

    Since the 1970's, the Jackass party has been moving further to the left then Karl Marx. These bozo's want to surrender to the islamofascists, reinstitute the draft, and tax everything in existence. However there is one minute ray of sunshine in the darkness is that a number of the new members of congress are old style Reagan Democrats. This could throw a large monkey wrench into the left's plans to destroy the country. We shall see. In any case we expect lot's of political anger postings in the coming two years. :)

  • November 2, 2006
    Just a quick note here. Earlier this week our domain's IP address ended up in the Spamcop.org DNSBL. (Blacklisted) We don't know what happened but somehow Spamcop thought we were spammers. Needless to say we aren't! We contacted our hosting company asap to let them know what was happening, and they contacted spamcop. Their system as already in the process of removing us from their list.

    We suspect there was a spammer out there who did some hijacking, or there was some twit who listed us with Spamcop as spammers. We believe their automated systems verified that outbound mail from out IP address is minimal. We also checked Spamhaus.org and verified that we were not listed there.

    In other news...Recently a U.S. Senator who ran for president in the last cycle managed to put his foot in his mouth yet again. He insulted our troops and said they were ignorant, lazy and stupid. Our Glorious Forces took time out from their job of crushing the Islamofascist Forces of Darkness in Iraq to respond to Senator Kerry's (D-Massachusetts), latest insult. We won't post the picture, but here is the link for you: Stuk N Irak

    Anger Central would like to thank our Valiant Forces of all that is Right and Good for their great sense of humor and their ability to tell Senator Stupid to go commit an impossible physical act upon himself without actually telling him to. :)

    Please show your support by contacting the Public Affairs office of the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the 34th Infantry Division and letting them know that we appreciate all that they are doing for us and our Great Nation.

  • October 29, 2006
    Another day another job interview...and another rejection. Last week the Webmaster went to a job fair. It turns out a former manager of his was the person he met with. It took both of us a few minutes to know the Webmaster wasn't what he was looking for.
    (Note to your HR Dept. K, They need to update their job descriptions and pass on resume's sent to you. This saves time for everyone)
    We chatted for a few minutes, discussed others who went from the hell company we both used to work for to the nice company he's in now. He may have something available in a bit on second shift.

    Another company the Webmaster applied to called him back. It was a rather insulting call from an HR person who sounded put upon. The short version is, The Webmaster applied for a Network Administrator position, and they called him and offered him an entry level helpdesk job. We wonder if anyone there actually bothered to read the Webmaster's skill set before offering a job that belongs to someone just starting out in the field? Needless to say we turned that one down.

    In other news, Mrs. Webmaster joins the workforce! She will be starting a new job next week. Because she is certain the Webmaster will starve if she isn't home to cook for him, she is preparing a huge amount of food. The Webmaster has compared her to a little squirrel storing nuts for the winter.

    Speaking of Mrs. Webmaster., her English skills continue to improve. Why just last week she learned a new word. She loves this new word and all it's variations. The new word is "Dominate." She likes to say that she dominates the Webmaster and that she is a domineering wife. The Webmaster thinks she is now passing this word to her sister who will soon be coming to America as well as to her new friend Fang, (pronounced "Fong") back in Fushun. Fang may be coming to America to marry and Mrs. Webmaster wants to make sure that Fang lets her future intended know who's boss. :)

  • October 21, 2006
    We received a rant regarding communists this week. While we agree completely with the sentiment, we didn't post it. Yes we know you hate communists, but why are you angry with them?
    We also received a posting from someone complaining about how a lot of the rants on fat people are hate as opposed to anger. Yep, you're correct. We may go through there eventually and do a purge. Oh, perhaps we shouldn't have used that particular word. ;)

  • October 14, 2006
    Hmm, it seems no one is visiting our new and improved Anger Central Company Store. That's annoying. :/

    <queue phony German accent>

    Well ve haf vays of making you buy. Ve vill just turn loose ze heard of rabid vildebeests! And if  zat does not convince you, zen ve vill call in ze carnivorous mutant bunnies! Muhahaha!


    Knock it off Webmaster! Ok, that's it! You're being cut back to 2 pots of coffee and one 6 pack of of Jolt Cola per day.

    We apologize to the fans of Anger Central for the behavior of the Webmaster. Recently he has been indulging in way to much caffeinated beverages.

    His excuse is that he heard last week that his former company is being hauled up in front of a Grand Jury regarding this stock options mess, and also that someone in upper management had resigned in disgrace over this mess. We can understand his celebrating, but we must maintain our professional demeanor at all times.
    The Anger Central Management.

  • October 8, 2006
    Well, the part for Mrs. Webmaster's car has been located. The dingdongs from FedEx delivered it to a house down the street from us. Don't they teach these idiots how to count? The only reason we were able to locate the package was the neighbor who called the Webmaster at home. He was nice enough to drop it off.

    The Angry Mechanic installed the part later that day. Unfortunately, when he went to the "Official Inspection Station" to have the sway bar connector installed they had closed for the day. The Webmaster went back there today, and they put Mrs. Webmaster's car on the lift and started to install the new part. Lo and Behold, another problem. The matching part on the other side had snapped from the stress. According to the specialist, it looks like it broke in the last day or so.

    Off to the parts store for another part! While he was there the Webmaster also got the front connectors as well. It makes sense to have them all taken care of in one go. Hmm, this free car is sure costing the Webmaster a bundle!

    On another note, the Webmaster accompanied his better half to a Church social. Now the Webmaster isn't particularly religious, but the church in question caters to the Chinese community in his home town. He found the church for Mrs. Webmaster so that she wouldn't feel lonely and isolated when she first came to the Great United States, the best nation in history! (Now that should set some of the readers here foaming at the mouth)

    This was a pot luck dinner. For those of you who like to frequent Chinese restaurants here in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, you should know that what they serve is, to put it nicely, crap! If you want real Chinese food, go to China. If you can't get there, go to a Chinese church and chow down.

    While the Webmaster's grasp of Mandarin Chinese is minimal at best, he enjoys going to these gatherings once in a while. It's always good to see Mrs. Webmasters friends. The food is good too. ;)

    Last but not least we have reopened the Anger Central Company Store. We built this using the new features through Amazon.com. It will be undergoing significant tweaking, but it's quite usable and rather nice. So check it out and spend a lot of money please. :)

  • October 1, 2006
    Hmm, why do we dislike FedEx? How about when they say they have delivered a package to the front door of the Webmaster's primary dwelling, and nothing is there? Well the part the Webmaster ordered for Mrs. Webmaster's car was shipped and according to FedEx was delivered yesterday at 10:33am. The Webmaster looked for the package, but nothing was there.

    Could it be that FedEx is now using a new stealth package? Possibly, but we don't think so. More then likely they delivered it to the WRONG HOUSE! We have contacted the idiots to see what happened. We have also contacted the person we bought the part from to see if he has another available in case we have to replace the lost shipment. Needless to say we won't be happy if we have to do this. We don't hold the seller responsible. He fulfilled his part of the bargain. However, if we have to replace this part we will request he use either UPS or the post office and request a signature.

    This isn't the first time we have run into problems with this company. When the Webmaster was courting his beloved future Mrs. Webmaster he sent her a nice present. FedEx screwed up and it got stuck in Customs for 2 weeks, then the Webmaster found out that they don't deliver to Mrs. Webmaster's hometown. It had to be transferred to a local shipper.

    Another time the Webmaster was waiting for a very important package. FedEx came by twice, but since the Webmaster was at his real world job, no one was available to sign for it. Did they call him to make other arrangements? Nope! He had to drive 30 miles to the FedEx center to get his package. This place is not the easiest to find either, particularly when it's dark out. This is why we avoid FedEx if we can.

  • September 24, 2006
    Well now, Mrs. Webmaster has managed to scam herself a free car. Granted this thing looks like a reject from Rent a Wreck, but it's actually in fairly good shape. It's a 1991 Ford Taurus sedan. It did fail inspection but the repairs are quite minor. The Webmaster has already picked up one part, but needs to find a drivers side rear reflector for this thing. After a few visits to the local parts stores, it has been determined that this part is no longer available. Now the Webmaster gets to traipse around some junkyards. :/ Still Mrs. Webmaster is happy now and that's all that matters.

    In other news, we found a piece of crap in our mail filters. It seems someone was complaining about the politics of the Webmaster, accusing the Webmaster of not liking liberals. Really? It took you this long to notice? The writer then went on a nice liberal rant regarding Mrs. Webmaster. You can substitute the word racist for liberal. The fool emailed the webmaster directly so we have dimwit's email address. We also did a quick web search and it looks like the knuckle dragging low life has made a career of flaming people he/she doesn't like.

    We wouldn't call them flames, more along the lines of crap that would be right at home at a KKK or Nazi rally. In other words, a typical modern liberal. Pitt that Liberalism has mutated into the newest hate group. If our readers would care to do a little research, look at some of the diatribes on liberal blogs and compare the terminology with Germany in the late 1920's and 1930's. There isn't that much difference. So sad.

    Meanwhile the webmaster is still working at his consulting gig, and looking for something permanent. Mrs. Webmaster is also looking for a full time job too.

  • September 17, 2006
    Just a quick update on the new Television the Webmaster ordered. Care to guess what happened when he and Mrs. Webmaster went to get it yesterday? It still hadn't been unloaded, and when they finally got it off the truck it was the wrong model. We will say this much. They made good on this. We now have a superior model for less money. Instead of a Sharp, we took delivery of a Samsung. It is far superior and we saved $200 on it. In addition the 3 year service plan we bought was less for this model so we saved even more. Still we had to travel to a different store to pick it up. Mrs. Webmaster did all the driving too.

    Speaking of Mrs. Webmaster, she has decided she wants a new car, not a second hand model. We'll have to see how we will swing that of course.

  • September 16, 2006
    Another job interview, another rejection. :/
    Oh well, at least they were kind enough to meet the Webmaster and send him a nice rejection letter. Most of the time his resume's and applications disappear into a black hole somewhere. All we can do is continue cheering the Webmaster on in his search for gainful permanent employment.
    In other news...

    The Webmaster's primary entertainment deployment system suffered a catastrophic power inversion Monday. Translation? His TV set blew a circuit. The system was at least 8 years old so it had done it's duty. It also gave the Webmaster the excuse he needed to get a new LCD flat panel. So Monday night Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster headed down to the place America Shops, (more commonly known as Sears), and sampled the wares in the Electronics section. They selected a Sharp 32 in. LCD TV/HDTV, AQUOS® Liquid Crystal Widescreen Television and plunked down $1600 for it. (Including the 3 year extended warranty)

    Just after signing his life away the sales droid informed him that none were in stock and that it would be Friday before anymore came in. To say the Webmaster was a tad annoyed would be an understatement. No matter, the Tivo was already programmed for this weeks entertainment so neither he nor Mrs. Webmaster would miss anything.
    Friday night after work the Webmaster heads down with the Angry Brother In-law to pick up the new system and remove the old one. The Webmaster went to the pickup area, scanned his receipt and was told "We're sorry, your item has not arrived yet. We will call you when it comes in." The Webmaster was not amused. He sought out the sales droid and asked, "WTF, Over?" It turns out the system had been delivered to the store, but had not been taken off the truck yet. It seems they have a new manager of receiving and she had sent everyone home rather then pay the overtime.

    So, no TV for the happy couple for yet another night! We will be heading down there this weekend to get the system and if it isn't ready at that point demands will be made. (Like a major upgrade at no additional cost to the Webmaster) We'll keep you informed as to how this saga turns out.
    Mrs. Webmaster had a little adventure behind the wheel of the Anger Central Transportation device. She isn't used to driving at night and while traveling through a small town to return the Angry Brother In-law to his dwelling, was pulled over by the local police.

    Because Mrs. Webmaster isn't used to night driving, she was going a bit on the slow side and was weaving a little. In other words she was doing a perfect imitation of an intoxicated motor vehicle operator. She was stone cold sober of course. The Webmaster was in the passenger seat and explained to the nice policeman that Mrs. Webmaster was a new driver, had only gotten her license a few months ago and had just returned from a three month visit to her homeland. The officer checked her out of course, but could see she had not partaken of adult beverages. He checked it off to inexperience and sent her on her way.
    No problem of course. Remember that Mrs. Webmaster had never been behind the wheel of a car until she arrived in this country. As she drives around, she will gain experience. Practice makes perfect after all. :)

  • September 11, 2006

    I remember

    I remember September 11, 2001. I remember the fear when I couldn't find my sister who was traveling that day. I remember watching the first tower on fire after the first plane crashed into it. I remember when the second plane hit and understanding that we were now at war. I remember seeing the people falling from the windows of the World Trade Center rather then burn. I remember the fall of those great towers. I remember the Pentagon burning. I remember the people running from the Capitol building terrified that they were the next target.

    I remember the heroes of United Flight 93, who after finding out what had happened decided to attack the terrorist hijackers and regain control of their plane. I remember the grounding of every civilian flight in the United States for the first time in history. I remember the police officer and firefighters of New York City who died trying to save others.

    I remember..

    How could so many have forgotten?

    "Are you guys ready? Let's roll!"
    Todd Beamer, November 24, 1968 – September 11, 2001

    We have written a rather long editorial on this subject. Please follow this link to read the our thoughts on 9-11

  • September 7, 2006
    Mrs. Webmaster arrived in Manchester Airport at approximately 2230 hours last night. It was a long and tiring flight. Mrs. Webmaster started by driving from Fushun China to Shenyang, China, and from there flying to Beijing. In Beijing she caught her international flight and returned to the United States. There were no problems with customs or immigration.

    When Mrs. Webmaster came through the gate in Manchester she and the Webmaster fell into each others arms with happiness and joy. Then the Webmaster got to work doing all the heavy lifting. Mrs. Webmaster went on a shopping spree and came back with four large suitcases loaded with stuff. Where she is going to put it all is a mystery. We think we will be building a new closet on to the house soon. Perhaps we should call it the East Wing. ;)
  • September 6, 2006 2100 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster's flight has left Chicago after a slight delay. She is now on her final leg back to her home. The Webmaster is preparing to leave the Anger Central Data Center to meet her and bring her home.
  • September 6, 2006 1730 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster's flight has landed in Chicago. She is now deplaning and moving through immigration and customs. She will then board United Airlines flight 1246 at approximately 1930 hours EST  for the flight to Manchester, NH. If Mrs. Webmaster has the opportunity to call in we will pass on the good words to you all.
  • September 6, 2006 1640 hours EST
    United Airlines Flight 850 is about 10 minutes out of Chicago and has begun it's decent into O'Hare Airport. Mrs. Webmaster should be heading through customs and Immigration in about 30 to 45 minutes.
  • September 6, 2006 1630 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster flight has now crossed into Wisconsin and is an estimated 230 nautical miles from Chicago Il. Altitude is 37,000 feet and air speed is 500 nautical miles per hour.
  • September 6, 2006 1545 hours EST
    Our coverage of Mrs. Webmaster's return continues. Mrs. Webmaster's plane has now crossed into the United States from Canada. She is now flying over Minnesota, air speed is 502 nautical miles per hour, altitude is 37,000 feet.
  • September 6, 2006 1515 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster flight has now entered the province of Manitoba, Canada. Altitude is 37,000, air speed is 510 nautical miles per hour.
  • September 6, 2006 1430 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster's flight, United 850, has now crossed into the province of Saskatchewan. Altitude is 37,000 feet and air speed is 544 nautical miles per hour. Mrs. Webmaster's flight is ahead of schedule even with the delay in Beijing.
  • September 6, 2006 1400 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster is now over the Northwest Territories in Canada and about to the province of Alberta, (Provided the Webmaster can actually read a map. We are now tracking Mrs.. Webmaster's flight via AeroSeek. They also tie into Google Earth.
  • September 6, 2006 1230 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster is now back in U.S Airspace. When we last looked she was over Alaska at 35,000 traveling at approximately 500 nautical miles per hour. We have been tracking her flight using Google Earth and a connector from Fboweb.com. It works rather well. We have ditched Flytecomm since they didn't seem to work very well at all.
    Also, some of you may have been following us as we posted updates this morning. The webmaster did a bonehead maneuver and overwrote the updates with the last one done before he left for his job. Sorry about that. :/ We will keep you up to date and remind Bonehead that when he is posting remotely to copy from the site, not to it.
  • September 6, 2006 0721 hours EST
    Mrs. Webmaster's flight appears to be delayed on the ground in Beijing. We don't know why as of this time. To say we are angry is an understatement. Of course this is the right place to be angry, isn't it?
  • September 6, 2006, 0412 EST
    Mrs. Webmaster's flight is at this moment preparing to take off from the airport in Beijing. She is due to arrive in Chicago at 1500 local time. Our fans can watch the status of Mrs. Webmaster glorious return via Flytecomm. She is traveling on United flight 850.
  • September 2, 2006
    We have started using the new Captcha system on our Add page. It isn't perfect, and we are still working on getting everything working correctly. Hopefully we will have this system functioning normally this weekend, Another issue we're having is that some of the posts seem to be getting truncated. We're not sure what is happening, but we are working behind the scenes to fix this as well.

    What this means to our fans is that over the long weekend you may notice things not working or not showing up at all. This is due to the Webmaster working on the site trying to get things fully functional.

    In other news Mrs. Webmaster will be arriving later this week. The Webmaster is pacing back and forth in anticipation and driving everyone else up the wall. ;)
  • August 26, 2006
    Now that was annoying. As we posted earlier our add form broke and we weren't getting anything. We corrected it, but on the back end things weren't working right. Instead of the nice neat email we get, we were getting the posting with everything in the subject line as well as in the message field. This made us very unhappy.
    We spent the last few days looking for some sort of resolution. We have found one that seems to work, albeit not as neatly as the old method. We will continue tweaking it over the next few weeks.

    We are also looking into instituting a Catpcha system. The reason being, we are getting a pile of spam through our form. Obviously the spammers think we use an automated posting system and that it might be a few days before the spam is located and deleted. WRONG you scummy spammers! We get it all directly and just delete it in a second or so.

    If we can get the Captcha system working posters will need to enter in a randomly generated code. We're sorry, but you can blame the Russian and American spam scum for this.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Webmaster has already purchased her tickets from Shenyang to Beijing. She will be returning very soon, and the Webmaster is eagerly waiting for his beautiful, intelligent and talented wife arriving in the local airport. In preparation of Mrs. Webmaster's glorious return, the Webmaster instructed the Angry Housekeeper to clean the house, mow the lawn and trim the hedges of the Anger Central apartments. The Angry Housekeeper flipped the Webmaster the bird and told him to go take a flying f**k at a rolling doughnut.
  • August 21, 2006
    The Add page is broken so we aren't getting any postings. We don't know what has happened, but it will be a few days before we can do anything about it.

    (An hour later)
    We got it working again.
  • August 19, 2006
    Well the first week at the new job is done. All we can say is, it pays the mortgage. The Webmaster finds this job is totally different from what he has been doing in the past, and is not what he wants to do in the future. It's only for 6-8 weeks, and he does have an interview at another place for a permanent position doing something he is actually trained for. The Webmaster wishes he could tell you more about what he is doing now, but he signed a Non-disclosure agreement. However he can say he is testing software and hardware.

    Now what's so bad about that you ask? All he does all day is test a feature and report if it works to spec or not. Over and over again. It takes a certain mindset to be a tester or Q/A person. The Webmaster is more towards the "It's broke, so how do I fix it?" side of things. He finds it a bit frustrating that he can't fix a problem that he finds. Well at least the people there seem nice.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Webmaster has met the lady that another reader asked us about. It looks like they have hit it off. We hope all goes well with them, and it is good to know that this nice Fushun lass now has someone in the States to talk to if/when she arrives here. We also pointed the gentleman to another friend of the Webmaster who's wife is also from Fushun. She will be heading back in a week or so for a family wedding. Perhaps she they will meet as well. As we say her at Anger Central, the more friends the better. :)
  • August 12,2006
    ***NEWS FLASH****
    The Webmaster has a job!!!
    He has landed a 2 month contract position with a company just up the street from the Anger Central Data Center. After that, it's back on to the unemployment rolls. :/

    The Webmaster does have another interview scheduled in September after Mrs. Webmaster's triumphant return to the United States.  It is for a permanent position, however he has a feeling they won't accept what he is asking for in compensation. The contract position he is starting Monday is a bit less then his last job, but for a short term project it will do. He also has applied to another place and this is the one he hopes to get into very soon.
  • August 11, 2006
    Well, the Webmaster has written a check to his form employers to cover the overpayment they made to him when he was shown the door. Please feel free to send us money to cover the 4 figure check we had the Angry bookkeeper write to those incompetent morons. How they can keep screwing up like this is unknown to us. Well, we won't have to deal with them any longer.

    Meanwhile the Webmaster continues to send out resume's. Last week he had an interview for a temp job near the Anger Central Data Center. Also the Webmaster has started getting his checks from the Unemployment office. yay. :|

    He has also signed up with a private health insurance company for himself and Mrs. Webmaster. Because the Webmaster has an HSA, (Health Savings Account), he has gone for a high deductible plan. Still it's over $350/mo for the two of them.
  • August 6, 2006
    Still no job for the Webmaster. His brother in-law, the Angry Network Administrator, has finally landed a new job near the Anger Central Data Center. He also gets to work from home several days a week. With a little luck he will be able to get the Webmaster in to this company in a month or so. Meanwhile he had to make yet another trek to the local unemployment office to meet with a "job counselor." There wasn't a lot she could do for him. The Webmaster asked about training since he does need to get a few certifications under his belt. She wasn't to promising.

    Later on the Webmaster got a call from "Unemployment Adjudicator's office." They apparently wanted to confirm his vacation payout. Hopefully that's all it is and he will start getting checks soon. He isn't getting "warm and fuzzies" about this. He suspects his old company may try to screw him out of any unemployment pay. Considering how this company treats it's present and past employees, this wouldn't be surprising at all.

    He also heard from one of his former co-workers. The poor guy is on day 36 of a bad headache. Oddly this is about how long ago the Webmaster was released from gainful employment. He also said that another co-worker in a different plant had left and he was now being asked to cover both of them. On top of all this he has been slammed with a huge amount of paperwork by the morons running the IT department in this company. (And if you morons are still reading this site, "FOAD") And they are wondering with the stock price is dropping so fast.

    Besides the former co-worker in the other plant, his old friend told him that another person from his site had turned in his notice. That makes 5 people who have left for one reason or another in 30 days. We might add these are all very experienced people and it will hurt the company, to which we say GOOD!
    (Bitter? Now why would our fans think we were bitter towards our old real world company?)

    Mrs. Webmaster has reported in from China. She is suffering a sore throat and a fever. The Angry Physician has recommended tea with honey and bed rest.

    We have been contacted by another person who is looking to marry one of the wonderful ladies in Fushun, China. We have given him a little advice and have passed on a message to Mrs. Webmaster to call the nice lady. We hope all works out for them.
  • July 29, 2006
    Ok, who turned the heat on? It has been rather warm here in the Anger Central Data Center. Because of this we have had to run the A/C units more then we want to. The Angry Facilities Manager blames it on Global Warming caused by loudmouths spewing hot air regarding Global Warming. He thinks if they would just shut up it would cool things down nicely.

    On the job search front, the Webmaster met with a couple of recruiters this week. Hopefully something will come of it. One of the meetings also included the Jr. Network Administrator of Anger Central. He is also looking for a position, and we sat together with a recruiter to discuss our options. We suggested that teaming us in a company would be "A good idea".

    In any case we will soon be relaxing in the Angry Network administrators new hot tub. Now, all we need are waterproof laptops and we will be good to go. ;)

    Mrs. Webmaster's permanent drivers license arrives in the mail this week. The one she was issued was a temporary one and expires this week. Of course she isn't using it at the moment, seeing as she is in China.

    And speaking of new drivers, The Angry Niece has passed her drivers test this week. Her father was nice enough to buy her an old Dodge Neon. We would like to extend our congratulations to the Angry Niece, and we really appreciate the early warning from her mother. We are in the process of installing crash barriers around the Anger Central Data Center, just in case. ;)
  • July 23, 2006
    Minor odds and ends going on here at Anger Central. The Data Center lost it's CSU/DSU, better known as a cable modem. We had to go and dip into the ever diminishing petty cash to buy a new one. It looks like the old one had been sick for some time. When we plugged this one in and had it provisioned, our download speed doubled. Granted the old one was almost three years old and tended to get hot enough to fry an egg on it...literally!

    Not much news on the job front for the Webmaster. Two places he applied to turned him down as "Overqualified." Looking back at one place we tend to agree. They wanted an entry level person and the Webmaster is way above that. The pay they offered was substantially below what the Webmaster is expecting too. The other place had two openings listed, but the manager hadn't decided to go with one person or two. Looks like she made her decision. Oh well.

    The Webmaster has two interviews next week with recruiters. Also his brother in-law is looking for a position in Boston. He was supposed to  find out Friday if he got it but they haven't called him yet. This is the one thing we both find annoying. Managers who won't call back and tell you they chose someone else. Even an email sent out generically would help. Oh well, the Webmaster will keep looking of course.
  • July 16, 2006
    The Webmaster spoke with Mrs. Webmaster last night. Mrs. Webmasters mother fell last week and has suffered a broken leg. Mrs. Webmasters mother is in her late 70's and isn't well. Please send her your wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • July 15, 2006
    How can we miss you if you won't go bankrupt and go away? What do we mean? This week the Webmaster got a message from Human Resources at his former employer. They want him to send a check to them for $1577USD! Why you ask? The utter and complete incompetents in the Corporate payroll office doubled the amount they gave the Webmaster for his vacation pay. How did they manage that you ask? Natural talent. While the Webmaster was on the phone he could hear the HR manager  that another person's check was also fouled up in some way. This was someone who left last week.

    The Webmaster hasn't spoken to Mrs. Webmaster for a week so she isn't aware of this turn of the knife. When she finds out she is going to explode. This is going to put a big dent into the Anger Central corporate finances. Besides this, the Webmaster had to go out and buy Job Interview clothes. In other words, a new suit. That is going to come to about $600USD. The Angrymobile is also in need of new tires. The ones on the vehicle have over 50K miles on them and won't make it through the winter. Best guesstimate is another $500USD. Hopefully we can delay that purchase until this fall.

    On the job search front, the Webmaster has sent out a number of resumes. He has been rejected by one company as overqualified. After re-reading the job specifications, the Webmaster had to agree. He did point them to a former colleague who should fit the bill. Also, the manager at this company is the former manager of the Webmaster who left in disgust after 5 months. If you are reading this "M", hire "J"! Hire him now! Don't delay!! The Webmaster will happily provide a reference for "J".
  • July 8, 2006
    The Webmaster is still looking for gainful employment. (Why does this have a familiar ring to it? Ahh! This sounds like something the Webmaster said when he last lost a job) The Webmaster has been submitting resumes all over the place but hasn't heard back from anyone as yet. This may be due to the July 4th holiday. Hopefully next week will bring some interviews.

    The Webmaster has filed for unemployment. What a joke! The bureaucratic nonsense has to be seen to be believed. The only thing that the Webmaster liked was the job search log he is required to fill out each week. The only reason he likes it is that it provides a nice database for recording his contacts. The actual form is a dead tree form, however in a moment of sanity the Unemployment Agency allows people to create an electronic copy. The Webmaster has done this and it contains far more details then is required.

    Going through this whole process has confirmed the Webmaster's belief that unemployment insurance should be just that. An actual insurance policy or savings account set up like a 401K. You use it when you lose a job, and if you don't you can save it until retirement. Just pay a small tax, (The smaller the better), when you withdraw it and you are good to go. Both the employer and employee can pay into it. The crew at Anger Central thinks that there should be no maximum limit on how much a person can deposit either. (The same for the IRA and 401K's too)

    If you think this is a good idea call your elected representatives and let them know. Perhaps they will actually develop a clue and do something right for a change.
  • July 2, 2006
    Unemployment sucks. That pretty much sums up how the Webmaster feels this week.
  • June 24, 2006
    Well, it has been an eventful week here at Anger Central. As was announced earlier the Webmaster has been put on waivers from his real world job of nearly 9 years. We won't name the company, suffice to say that it is nothing like the one he was hired by 9 years ago. That company actually tried to take care of it's workforce and considered them to be an important part of the business. That was one sale and a merger ago. Over the years he has watched his local IT group go from nearly 30 people down to 2 and the frustration levels go skyrocketing up into lunar orbit.

    When the Webmaster went in to pick up his final check and discuss the backstabbing that had occurred he found out that three other people he had worked with over the years had also turned in their notices as well. These were all senior people who have been with the company for years and in two cases over ten years.

    When the Webmaster met with the HR manager and his now former manager he could tell they were upset over what had happened to him. They told him the decision wasn't made until Monday and that this web site had nothing to do with it. While we don't doubt their honesty and beliefs, we know that isn't true. Although we have no proof of this, we believe they were told a falsehood to make them feel better.

    The reasons cited were absolutely bogus, and at worst should have resulted in a non-formal verbal discussion. However, because the Webmaster was A) a former employee of <Name of nice company>, as well as B) was based in <Location full of good competent people>, he had two strikes against him.

    The politics and petty jealousies from the "Corporate IT Center" were unbelievable. Time and time again the people in the Webmaster's location would outperform their counterparts, completing tasks ahead of schedule with no resources. Well that is all water under the bridge now.

    Although the claim was that no decision was made until this week, we feel that the decision had been made long ago and that someone was looking for a reason to fry the Webmaster. We checked the access logs for this web site and found that no one from inside the company other then from the Webmaster's location had looked at the site until after the Webmaster was sent home.

    This leads us to believe that a person of high rank in the IT department decided to "get" the Webmaster and started searching around from a non-company internet connection. Once he/she stumbled across this site he/she went "AH HA! I have you now young Webmaster!" The only problem was that they had to find something to hang on the poor guy. That was what took so long. The webmaster was a very hard worker and the tracking systems showed that. So they claimed some violation of some arcane policy and that was that.

    While the Webmaster was in technical violation of one of the policies, he had also made this technical violation known to every manager he had over the last 5 years and they were all fine with it. Since the Webmaster made his management aware of this and they had no issue he assumed there was no problem and he was in good standing. Surprise!!

    Anyway, the Webmaster has moved on. He has a few prospects and has been actively looking for a new job for some time now. True he wanted to leave under his own terms, but that just wasn't in the cards. It is well known in the <Location full of good competent people> that the goal is to close the <Location full of good competent people> down and that the best way is to reduce the head count by whatever means they can. Once it drops below a certain level the powers that be won't have to do the 60 day site closure notice thing and just walk everyone out the door.

    Well this closes another part of the life of the Angry Webmaster.

    In other news, the Webmaster has been talking with his beautiful bride. She is back in China visiting her family. She is in good spirits and is happily buying all sorts of goodies. Her sister is working with her new husband to move to the United States. The Webmaster has offered to do all that he can to help. If we're lucky Mrs. Webmaster's sister will be in the U.S. by Christmas, which would be a nice present for her husband as well as Mrs. Webmaster. :)
  • June 19, 2006
    Some of you may have noticed that there was no update over the weekend. This is to let you all know that the Webmaster has lost his job due to this web site. It's a long and involved story. Apparently someone in the Corporate IT department saw this web site. He then called the Webmaster's regional manager. After a long and thorough examination which probably took them all of five minutes, they had the HR call the Webmaster at home and tell him he was terminated.

    The Webmaster finds it interesting that they complained that he was knocking his company, however it wasn't named anywhere on this site. (Nor will it be) We also find it interesting that maybe 5 people in Corporate IT know who the Webmaster is, and only two of them know what he looks like and only one knows about this site. Our suspicions are  that the Webmaster was knifed in the back. That would make 5 people, (including the Webmaster), who have fallen victim to politics. Hopefully something will come along soon.

    Thank you for your support in this trying time.
    The Webmaster
  • June 10, 2006
    Mrs. Webmaster is preparing to head back to China this Monday. The Webmaster is helping her get ready of course, mostly by making everyone else but his wife feel miserable. His plan is simple. If he's going to be depressed and lonely then he's going to take it out on everyone else around him. ;)

    Mrs. Webmaster will be flying out at around 9am Monday, changing planes in Chicago and then flying into Beijing 15 hours later. After that she hops a flight to Fushun for another hour or so and will be met at the Shenyang airport by her friend Ms. Liu.

    Mrs. Webmaster will return on September 6. At the top of this we have put in place a countdown clock. The crew here at Anger Central will be watching this clock anxiously.

    Also, to the person who sent the email to the webmaster, Thank you. He does try and hopefully things will work out for you as well.

    In other news, the Angrymobile is back in top form. Things must have been really wrong with it. The Angry Chauffeur noted how differently the vehicle is performing. Still, the $1100 bill was painful to pay.
  • June 3, 2006
    Mrs. Webmaster soloed yesterday. The Webmaster had to take the Angrymobile in for repairs. Running over those illegal aliens is hard on the undercarriage. ;)
    Just kidding. Actually it is normal wear and tear to the tune of about $1100! So good people start making those donations!!

    Mrs. Webmaster drove the vehicle over to the Angry repair center alone. The Webmaster was leading the way in a borrowed car since he had to leave his car overnight. Mrs. Webmaster did a fine job, and was not nervous at all. When Mrs. Webmaster took her last road test she was shaking. The examiner saw this and tried to make her comfortable. She made a few minor mistakes but passed the test finally. Needless to say Mrs. Webmaster was absolutely ecstatic over finally getting her license. So was the Angry Insurance agent. :p

    In other news, Anger Central has been playing around with Skype and have pretty much decided to make it our "Official" VOIP system. Mrs. Webmaster was using it last night to talk with her friend Shuhua in Saipan. We have three accounts there. Two of them are personal, (Mrs. Webmaster has one and we set one up for the Angry Personal Dwelling), and the third is one the Webmaster fools around with. He is thinking of talking with the Angry Telecom Director about getting inbound and outbound numbers for these lines since it's so cheap. Of course the outbound lines won't be set up until the free trial period ends in December. The Webmaster was so impressed he actually bought a couple of Skype phones for his systems. They work very well too.

    Mrs. Webmaster continues her preparations for her triumphant return to Fushun, China in a couple of weeks. The Webmaster is moping about, but is assisting his beloved wife with her tickets and funding.
  • May 30, 2006
    Mrs. Webmaster has just posted some news on her Blog. The world will never be the same!
    Congratulations to Mrs. Webmaster from all of us at Anger Central. And to the Webmaster...HA HA! Now you're in for it!!
  • May 28, 2006
    Well now, the Webmaster has just found out he has a new brother in-law. Mrs. Webmaster's sister, Xinhua, has married the famous "Buddy" in Fushun China. This is a legal marriage, unlike the one Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster went through a couple of years ago in China. The new Mrs. Buddy will now be entering the United States under a different type of visa once the paperwork clears....sometime in the 24th century no doubt. In any case, Congratulations to the happy couple!! We hope to see you real soon now. :)

    We neglected to mention a new addition to the Page of Honors. We have added James Garner who has seen fit to to send the Angry Accountant some cash. Thank you James!
  • May 27, 2006
    Mrs. Webmaster is practicing her driving. She has decreed that she will do all the driving this weekend. *GULP!* So far there have been only two near misses, and one of them was in a driveway at her friends house. Hopefully she will want to go to the DMV this week and try one more time for her license. We think she is ready.

    And to continue, the Angry Systems Administrator is in the process of building out a Windows 2003 server. He needs this to practice on since he is thinking of going for some certifications later this summer.
  • May 21, 2006
    The Angry Brother in-law is completing his Microsoft and Cisco certifications. Once he is finished, (and after Mrs. Webmaster has returned to China for the summer), the Webmaster will start studying for some of these tests and see how well he can do. He has plenty of real world experience, but never bothered to take the exams to become certified. We'll see how that goes.

    In other news the Webmaster has started playing around with Skype. They are running a special until the end of the year. Free landline and cell calls until December. The Angry Accountant loves the idea of "Free.
  • May 12, 2006
    Well the score is now DMV 3, Mrs. Webmaster 0. Mrs. Webmaster too her third road test and failed. This time it was a problem with lane changes. Mrs. Webmaster is obviously very upset. The Webmaster went with her this time and understands what the problem is. She kept looking over her shoulder while preparing to make the lane change and wasn't paying attention to the stopped cars ahead of her. The Angry Driving Instructor has noticed that Mrs. Webmaster learns from her mistakes. In this case she drove to the testing site and was thinking about highway driving not city driving. In 10 days when she can take the test again she will have mastered this problem as well.

    Mrs. Webmaster is also planning her triumphant return to China. She is planning on leaving on the 12th of June. the Webmaster is trying to not faint over the cost of plane tickets. However Mrs. Webmaster has found tickets that are far more reasonably priced. Still, they are over $1200. Mrs. Webmaster will be staying in China for three months. Without a doubt the Webmaster will be an absolute bear while his beloved wife is away.
  • May 6, 2006
    Mrs. Webmaster's best friend, Ms. Shuhua just called to say she was leaving on a jet plane for Saipan now. The two of them went out last night for a good bye party. They will be seeing each other again since Mrs. Webmaster will probably be heading back to China for a visit in the next two months, and Ms. Shuhua will also be there as well. Watch out Fushun!! The Webmaster saw her last night and personally thanked her for all that she has done to help Mrs. Webmaster adjust to living in the United States. With all the problems the happy couple have had dealing with the various bureaucracies, Ms. Shuhua being here and available to talk with Mrs. Webmaster was a true blessing.

    Meanwhile, work continues on the immigration page the Webmaster has created. One of the problems is Mrs. Webmaster has the directional instincts of a rock and is unable to translate local addresses into English. So, if any of our readers are familiar with Fushun, China, and can read/write English please feel free to contact us. The Webmaster will be posting stories about the places he went to and hopefully the descriptions will make sense to someone.
  • May 3, 2006
    Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy!!
    We are in a celebratory mood here in the offices of Anger Central. We have just received a notices from our old friends at the USCIS that Mrs. Webmaster's AOS has been approved and that they will be sending out her card as soon as it is printed. What is an AOS you ask? Well, if you had been paying attention, you would know this is more commonly known as a Green Card. After over a year of dealing with an astronomical amount of bureaucratic bullshit Mrs. Webmaster is now a fully fledged legal resident alien.
    Below is the notice we received last night via email. We also confirmed this on the USCIS web site:

    Application Type: I485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status

    Current Status:  On May 2, 2006, after approving your application, we ordered you a new card. Your card will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready.

    The Webmaster found out about this last night after dropping Mrs. Webmaster and her friend Ms. Shuhua off at the local Mall. As you recall, Ms. Shuhua will soon be moving to Saipan with her husband as he takes a new job. (Why Saipan? No idea), Ms. Shuhua mentioned that she will be going back to China for a visit and how terrible it is that Mrs. Webmaster doesn't have her green card yet. Without that Mrs. Webmaster can't come back into the country. The Webmaster had a little fun when he told his wife.

    Originally, Ms. Shuhua's husband was going to pick them up and drop off Mrs. Webmaster. However Mrs. Webmaster called home and said that Ms. Shuhua's husband had sold his car and that he wasn't comfortable with driving the rental he had picked up. Mrs. Webmaster asked that the Webmaster come get them at 7:30pm.

    "No Problem" said he. That was when he checked his email and among the spam, threats of legal action and assorted rants, was the USCIS notice. After he got over his shock he printed it out and brought it along with him when he picked up the ladies. When they got in the Official Anger Central Limousine he handed Mrs. Webmaster the printout and said "I think you should read this."

    She took the printout and started reading it. At first she thought it was for her work permit renewal. The Webmaster pointed out the I485 heading. Ms. Shuhua picked up on it as soon as she saw the heading. "You get green card now! We can go to China together!" Mrs. Webmaster replied, in shocked disbelief, "Green Card? I get Green card now?" "Yes Dear you are getting your Green Card. I am guessing it will arrive in 2-3 weeks."

    Needless to say Mrs. Webmaster spent a good portion of the night running up phone bills for the Webmaster. (All donations desperately accepted) We estimate Mrs. Webmaster will have her card by the end of the month, and be back visiting her family by the end of June. All that's left now is Mrs. Webmasters drivers license and another visit to the Ice Queen at the Social Security office. (To change the card status from "For work only" to a full card)

  • April 29, 2006
    We have received a number of requests for information on how the Webmaster and his wife met and how he brought her to the United States. It has been a long haul and is still in process. Because of all the information and details we have created a new set of pages dedicated to our immigration and the comments made by the Webmaster. We will also include things about Fushun, China and some places to see and people to meet.

    And in that vein, the Webmaster has written a rather lengthy editorial regarding his wife's immigration and all the difficulties they have gone through, as well as our utter disgust at our political class that is pandering to the illegal aliens and their supporters. Anger Central feels that if you have gone through the process, paid all the fees, waited your turn and come to this country legally, Great! Welcome to America! If you just waltzed across the border, then go back to whatever third world hellhole you came from.

    Speaking of Mrs. Webmaster, she took another road test this week. Did fine with the "back parking", but still failed. This time they told her she was driving to slow. Mrs. Webmaster is continuing her practicing and is now driving the Angrymobile.
  • April 22, 2006
    Well, that should put paid to that scummy spammer. Some a**wipe has been hammering our add page trying to post assorted garbage to our humble little website. Of course nothing was posted since all postings come through the Webmaster first. Now we have added a few little things to keep the script they are using from working. We are also looking at the logs to see who might be doing this. The tools we added may require a bit of tweaking, but if we have done it right it should be invisible to our normal audience of irate people.

    In other news, the best friend of Mrs. Webmaster has past her citizenship test and is all set to become our newest citizen of the Great United States of America. Congratulations to you Ms. Shuhua!! Now you can both complain about the taxes and vote the scum who raise them out of office. ;)

    *Editorial note
    Ms. Shuhua and Mrs. Webmaster have both shown how to immigrate to the United States in a Legal manner. They didn't hop a plane or waltz across the borders in total contempt of the laws of this country. We need more people like these two and a lot less of the criminals who are demanding rights and benefits they are not entitled to.

    Yesterday afternoon the Webmaster came home to find Mrs. Webmaster very upset and in tears. These were tears of frustration. Why was Mrs. Webmaster so upset you ask? Very simple. The meatheads from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services were kind enough to send the happy couple a letter. This letter. (Mentioned earlier), indicated that more evidence or information was needed. Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster, in their optimism, they thought that this might be the notice to come in for the interview for Mrs. Webmaster's Green Card. Hell No! They wanted the happy couple to send  copy of their marriage certificate. It seems the incompetent morons lost the one the Webmaster sent in LAST YEAR!

    Mrs. Webmaster was furious and thought her husband had forgotten to include that very important document in the 5Lbs. of documents and forms he sent in. No, he didn't forget. it was one of the first pieces of paper put in the envelope. He checked his documents folder and there was the inventory he sent along for the stupid incompetent weasels.

    Fortunately, the Webmaster is prepared for the stupidity of others and has copies of his Marriage certificate. He was at the post office mailing out the replacement document within 45 minutes of finding out about this. He has also emailed his Senator's office again asking them to set fire to the idiot checking the forms and find out what happened to it.

    To top off this week, we received an email from someone who has met a lady in Mrs. Webmaster's home city. The Fushun Mafia continues to increase! We emailed him a few pointers and what to expect if all goes well for the two of them. We at Anger Central hope things go very smoothly for them.
  • April 15, 2006
    Well, Mrs. Webmaster took her road test this week. Sad to say she didn't pass. :(
    The examiner told her that all aspects of her driving were good except her backing up. (Back parking as Mrs. Webmaster calls it) The Webmaster has sat with her and tried to explain that when backing up you can't rely on just the mirrors, you need to also turn around in the seat and look through the windows. Mrs. Webmaster complains that she is to small to do this. No problem. We will work through this and next time she will pass. The Angry Head shrinker thinks a lot of the problem was just nerves. Now that Mrs. Webmaster knows what to expect she should do a lot better.
  • April 8, 2006
    The Webmaster really like his new game system...err work station. Yeah, that's it, new work station...for greater productivity and stuff, not Doom III. <wink>

    In other news, Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster once again dragged themselves to the local USCIS office so that Mrs. Webmaster's ever changing fingerprints could be updated. You didn't know that fingerprints could change? Neither did we. It seems every few months we have to go up and get new prints taken. In this case it was for a renewal of Mrs. Webmaster's work permit.

    We have also been notified that the green card process is moving forward and that it is taking 270-300 days to complete. However they said a lot of the preliminary work has been done so it shouldn't take that long. Hopefully Mrs. Webmaster will have her green card in a couple of months, no doubt right after receiving her new work permit. ($180.00 down the drain)

    After that trip the Webmaster dropped his wife off at her best friend's house to help her pack up. Ms. Shuhua is moving away to Saipan with her husband in a few weeks. Mrs. Webmaster is very sad. Ms. Shuhua was able to unload some stuff on Mrs. Webmaster though. The Anger Central home office now has a 5 year stock of cleaning supplies, a case of tuna fish, and enough jars of pickles to feed an army. Oh yes, Mrs. Webmaster also managed to get a big stuffed frog in the deal. :)

    While all that was going on, the Webmaster went to visit his parents and help his father clean the crap out of his system. He managed to get a Trojan loaded and it brought along a number of its little friends. Hopefully he was able to scrape it all off the system, otherwise it will be a format and reload job. That would be annoying due to the applications the Webmaster's father runs for his job. He doesn't have access to them and would need to go and visit the local office to have their I.T. people reinstall everything. :(
  • April 2, 2006
    The Anger Central Systems Administrator has finished the base work on the Webmaster's new system and it SCREAMS! 500GB of disk space, rockin' graphics card, duel core AMD CPU. Yep, the Webmaster is going to be really productive when it comes to Doom 3...err we mean working on Anger Central. Yeah that's it, working on the web site. ;) Now if only our fans would send us money. feel free to cheerfully donate lots of cash now. <grin>
    Speaking of which, not that anyone noticed...The Anger Central Company Store was closed a few weeks ago. We haven't done much with it other then some Amazon.com links. Perhaps we will reopen it when we actually have something to sell. Mrs. Webmaster wants to sell her wedding dress and has asked the Webmaster to put it up on Ebay. Once he and the Angry CPA have determined it';s value we will put it up and link it back.
  • March 26, 2006
    How about that? Two news items in one week. WTF, over? It's rather simple. Quite a bit happened this week as well as in the last 24 hours. First, Mrs. Webmaster has received a notice from the USCIS informing her to be at the local office April 5 for more biometrics. In other words, we get to waste a day and have her fingerprints taken yet again. This will be the third time in a year. Amazing isn't that they need to keep taking fingerprints. I had no idea they would change that often.

    In other news, the Angry systems administrator has begun the construction of the new development system. This will be an AMD duel core 64-bit 3800 system with an ASUS SLI motherboard. It has a gigabyte of ram in to start with but we anticipate upgrading to 4GB's in the next few months. It also has a 250GB SATA drive in it with space for three more. We can see replacing that drive and upgrading to the new 500GB drives in a year. We also installed an Nvidea 6800GS video card. The Angry Sysadmin is working with the fine technical staff over at Veritech Networks. They have the tools and testing equipment that the Anger Central Data Center lacks. Everything was assembled and the system was started for the first time last night. It came up with no problems

    Another thing that happened this week is some little turd tried to post spam through our add page. We could see his attempts to test his little script, and then some shit arrived. Bad news stupid. That form is an email link and the Webmaster sees everything that comes in and has to approve it before it can be loaded on the sight. What does that mean? No Spam For You today! We will be looking into ways to lock things down even tighter on the back end for security reasons.
  • March 25, 2006
    Well, I know you are all wondering, so we will tell you. Mrs. Webmaster went and took her written test Friday. She passed of course. She did get two questions wrong, but then the Webmaster got three wrong when he took his test many years ago. "Great! But what about the road test? How did she do on that?" Mrs. Webmaster didn't take it yet. The only car available was a van her friend used to take her to the State Capitol and Mrs. Webmaster has never driven one before. She will be going back for the road test within the month. So, you are safe until then!! ;)

    In other news, the happy couple is a bit less happy at the moment. Not due to anything in the household, but because our trusty USCIS has gone and done it again!!! Mrs. Webmaster received an email from them regarding a call we made about a month ago. Basically the reply went "Yeah, we're working on it. Call us again in 6 months if you don't hear from us by then."


    And we just read about all the "Immigrants" who couldn't be bothered to obey the law and file the paperwork protesting about changes to the laws that would kick their slimy butts back to the third world hell holes they came from. As those who have followed the saga of Mrs. Webmaster's journey to this country, and the crap the Webmaster has had to wade through to get her in legally, you would think we would sympathize with the plight of those who "Just want to come in for the American dream."


    The Webmaster has spent close to $10,000 on legal fees, fees to the USICS and other costs. His sister in-law was turned down for her visa and her fiancé is moving to China to be with her. All because we all want to be good citizens and immigrants and obey the laws of this country. None of us have any sympathy at all for those criminals who can't be bothered to follow the process. Yes, we agree the process is broken and needs to be completely overhauled. That still doesn't give illegal's the right to enter this country in violation of the present laws.

    Saying this, we support Senator Bill Frist, M.D. (R-TN) bill, S.2454 known as the Securing America’s Borders Act (SABA). While we don't think it goes far enough, we do think it is a start.
  • March 19, 2006
    Well America, you are safe for one more week. Mrs. Webmaster has decided to put off her driving test until this Friday. ;]
    While the Webmaster was working on this update Mrs. Webmaster came in and announced she was going to the mall to buy a new digital camera. We have been looking at upgrading for some time and she found a Kodak model that is on sale. However there is one minor disagreement between the happy couple. The Webmaster is trying to get her to use a credit card, but Mrs. Webmaster insists on cash. It's a cultural thing. The Webmaster is considering buying his beloved wife some Krugerrands so she can have something really substantial in her pockets. ;)
    The Webmaster has also received the USCIS receipt for Mrs. Webmaster work permit renewal. No doubt Mrs. Webmaster will have get her green card a week after she gets her new work permit. $180.00 down the crapper!
    We have also been told that Mrs. Webmaster's best friend, Shuhua is moving to Saipan with her husband. Mrs. Webmaster is very sad. The Webmaster is as well. Shuhua was such a great help in getting Mrs. Webmaster acclimated to the United States. We hope she will be happy and will come back someday.
    One of the things we noted this week was the large number of really angry wives posting. Not all of the postings made it up, but a number did. The Angry Psychologist finds it rather interesting that there are so many more rants from angry wives then there are angry husbands. Hmmm.
  • March 11, 2006
    The Angry Sysadmin has ordered the parts needed to complete the new Anger Central Development system. They should be in next week some time.
    We noticed that a link on all the pages leading back to the home page was broken. This has now been corrected.
    Mrs. Webmaster has announced that she is ready to take her driving test. Some time this week she and a friend will go to Concord NH and she will take the written and road tests. The Webmaster is of mixed emotions. He will be happy and proud that his wife has accomplished this, but also scared to death that a new Asian driver is going to be released upon an unsuspecting public. ;)
    We're adding a few more links to the Anger Central Links page. Come on in and take a look.
  • March 5, 2006
    Not much happening here in the Anger Central Data Center. We've added a few lines to the quote generator sure to annoy the more Politically Correct out there. We have closed the Anger Central Store for now. No one was going in there in any case. We may open it again in the future once we have figured out how to sell T-shirts and stuff at a reasonable price. Mrs. Webmaster has started making home made sausages. They aren't bad too. The Webmaster thinks they could use a bit more spice and a little less salt, but that is a matter of personal preferences.
    Mrs. Webmaster had a minor medical procedure done this week. Just a rather intrusive test. Everything is fine although the nature of the test was very uncomfortable for her.
    Also we have had some news from Mrs. Webmaster's sister. It seems herK-1 visa has been denied. The morons at the consulate decided that the marriage is a fake. The Webmaster knows Mrs. Webmaster's sister and coming to the U.S. was low on her list of things to do. As we understand it, it looks like her fiancé is going to go back to China, get a job as an English teacher. Since "Buddy" is from Alabama, that should be an interesting English class. ;) Well Buddy, anything we can do to help you out, let us know.
  • February 26, 2006
    Happy days! The IRS has decided that the Anger Central Webmaster deserves to have some of his money back. Of course Mrs. Webmaster promptly claimed half of it. ;) The Angry Sysadmin has taken a small amount and ordered an external hard drive. We will be using this for backups and storage. Also we may finally finish the new Anger Central data server. We've been holding off due to a lack of funding for the required parts. We will start ordering the internals in the next few weeks.

    Last week the Anger Central mailbox had a little message come in from a researcher. Seems she is writing a book and asked for permission to use some of the postings on the in-laws page. No problem, we told her to go ahead as long as she attributed everything to Anger Central. We also explained we have no way of contacting the actual posters. Seems she was good with that.
  • February 18, 2006
    Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster! Yes, it is their first wedding anniversary this Sunday February 19th. It was also the 4th anniversary of their first meeting in Beijing on Valentines day. The webmaster decided to splurge a bit and bought his beloved bride a new sewing machine. Now some of you militant feminists may be screaming "Why did you do that you male chauvinist pig?" The answer is simple. Las month the happy couple were wandering around a department store when Mrs. Webmaster spotted some sewing machines. She started drooling over them until she saw the cost. When the Webmaster offered to buy one she replied "No buy, to expensive. I will buy used one at yard sale." "Sure dear, whatever you say."

    So of course the Webmaster bought a brand new one for his wife. He brought it home Monday and told her he had a present for her, and did she want to wait until Valentine's day or their anniversary before she got it. "Give it to me NOW!" "Yes dear." <wink> Mrs. Webmaster's jaw dropped and she started looking over the box. "Oh this is good! I like!" Then she looked up at the Webmaster and asked "How much?" The Webmaster replied "I bought it at special yard sale. It was cheap. $15 dollars." Mrs. Webmaster didn't buy that for a minute. "To expensive! You take back!" The Webmaster replied "Nope, it's yours and you are stuck with it." He then opened the box and handed Mrs. Webmaster the owners manual. For an hour she went through it chanting: "To expensive. Oh this is good! To expensive. Oh I like this!" After about an hour she decided to keep it. ;)

    In other news the Webmaster was checking the status of Mrs. Webmaster's Green Card request. Monday the USCIS web site stated that the local office was checking forms from Late February. Friday it changed to May 12th 2005. The happy couple sent their forms in and got their receipt in April of last year. Umm WTF over? Looks like the Webmaster will be making a call to the National Service Center next week to see what is going on. Meanwhile he is preparing her work permit renewal request. Gotta love the Immigration system. :/

    And finally the Webmaster has been fighting a cold all week. Now Mrs. Webmaster is coming down with it, and she intends to make sure the Webmaster knows it's his fault. He did try to warn her!!
  • February 12, 2006
    Good news for Mrs. Webmaster. She has successfully completed her driver education classes and is ready to try for her license. The Angry Insurance Agent is salivating at the increased premiums. ;) Mrs. Webmaster has decided she wants her own car. She would like a BMW, a Mercedes or a Toyota. "No problem dear. here are the keys to your new Yugo!" It will be another month before she feels ready to try for her license. Mrs. Webmaster wants to practice driving more, especially her "Back Parking". (Better known as backing up or reversing to our British fans)

    Now for some links. There is a new TV show in England that is available online. The program is called the IT crowd. The webmaster discovered it about a week ago and has been laughing hysterically with each episode. He has past it on to his co-workers and they have "Nearly pissed my pants" due to the program. The website is located here. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we have.
  • February 5, 2006
    Not to much going on. Mrs. Webmaster has just received her ATM card to the Happy Couple's bank account and used it for the very first time. *GULP* There was a bit of confusion since she has never used plastic before. (She likes cash) Mrs. Webmaster also doesn't like banks to much. This is probably due to the banking system in her home country. It's still trying to move into the 21st century, and they need to work on all that political stuff. The Anger Central Bean Counter is explaining to her that the United States is mostly a cashless society these days. She will figure it out soon enough. :)

    In other news, 4 more people were let go at the Webmaster's real world work site. None of these people were in Information Technology, but they did provide support to a number of factories around the world. When one of the plants heard the news they went ape sh**. This was their support group. It's just the normal state of affairs at the Webmasters real world workplace. Utter incompetence at the upper levels of management.
  • January 28, 2005
    For those of you who can't read Chinese, Happy New Year from Mrs. Webmaster!! And for those of you who can read Chinese, we used World Lingo's translation engine so blame them. ;)

    In other news...The Webmaster's brother in-law is starting a new company and the staff here at Anger Central is helping him to set it up....for a SIGNIFICANT fee of course. ;) The domain is online now and the web site is under construction. Feel free to visit it at any time. www.veritechnetworks.com. At the moment nothing more then an Under Construction page is up, but the formal company page should be online within a few days.
  • January 21, 2006
    Well, Wikipedia blows chunks. As we posted a couple of weeks ago we put up a little blurb about Angry.net. It was almost instantly marked for deletion with no explanation. We looked at those who were making this decision and determined that they were a bunch of Eurotrash punk kids with delusions of grandeur. Surprisingly, none were French as far as we could tell. We read through the documents posted on acceptable use and as far as we could ascertain the posting met the criteria. Wikipedia is supposed to be a site dedicated to the promulgation of information. Nope, it obviously isn't. Well, so much for them. If anyone else is annoyed with the twerps making these so called decisions, feel free to post them here. ;)
  • January 15, 2006
    The Webmaster last living uncle passed away this week. It wasn't unexpected, but is sad.
  • January 1, 2005
    Another year has gone by and and an interesting one it was for the crew here at Anger Central. We had something like 1800 postings come in, of which 577 were posted. We have renewed the domain name for another 5 years and moved to a new web hosting company. (If you need good hosting at a low price, go to WEBster Computing Services and mention that you heard about them from angry.net)

    The Webmaster brought his fiancée to the United States from China and married her in February. We have watched as they struggled to get Mrs. Webmaster a Social Security card, Work Permit and Green Card. (So far 2 out of three have been completed)

    In his real world job the Webmaster got a new manager after nearly a year. He lasted 5 months and quit in disgust over the working conditions. He has seen several co-workers become former co-workers and struggle with the frustrations of his job. (The Webmaster is very proud that he never brought those problems home to his beloved Mrs. Webmaster)So, what are the plans for Anger Central in the coming year? We hope to replace some of our older systems, continue to improve the site and just see what else may come along.

    So, from all of us at Anger Central, have a great new year and remember, It is better to post here then to climb a tower and start taking potshots at bystanders in the streets. (No matter how much the deserve it!)