The Webmaster

I'm angry at the webmaster of Yeah that's right, I'm talking about you asshole. I thought this site overhaul was going to be worth something, I thought it was going to be an improvement so I figured "what the hell" and decided to reserve judgment until afterward. Maybe a few deletions would do some good, as a few of the rants were completely fucking stupid.

Then I hit the site again and find out that you've wiped the whole fucking thing. Still, I compose myself and think "Maybe this is good, maybe the rants that get accepted after this will have some content, some length, and be worth reading half the time." Lo and behold, however, I give it a while and what do I see in the first batch of new rants? Fucking complete garbage. I don't think any of these things are even a full paragraph long. They're short, stupid, and once again half of them aren't even worth reading. Just as nonsensical and brainless as before.

So this makes me wonder. What kind of complete screw-up was this? Did the lawyers pressure you to erase the whole site and start from scratch, this time being more careful? Was this some kind of condition for avoiding a lawsuit? Or are you really this idiotic that you'd wipe out what used to be a great site under the guise of improvement, when all you did was a piss poor redesign? It's the same crappy rants as before, and the site doesn't appear to have gone through any earth shattering make over from what I can tell.

Personally, I like the site a lot more before. Sure the content wasn't all good, but at least there was something to search through and there was content to speak of. You've stripped this place bare of the only part of it that was worth anything. When visitors come here now, they're not finding a new and improved site with better and more quality rants. Far from it. They're finding all their favorites, all their contributions and all their source of amusement gone. And for what? So you could replace an entire site with a few new piss poor rants that are no better than anything that came before? Please.

You should be ashamed of yourself for screwing your site visitors like this. After all the content they wrote up and submitted, you stab them in the back by whipping, for what turns out to be nothing. Here's a big fuck you to the webmaster, for screwing up a really good thing that you could have just left alone.

*Note from Anger Central
The original site is backed up on CD. The site just became to big to maintain. It needed a serious reorganization as well. Besides, we're getting 50-100 postings a day so this site will be filled up again. And this might actually end up on our Q&A page too. (Edited down a bit of course)

Websites 2

Angry... but more disappointed. It drives me up the wall to go to a favorite site & find that it has changed drastically & is no longer fun. Quite a shame that THIS particular site has now joined the ranks. Once I could have spent hours here reading all the crazy posts... & now they are all gone. Here lies an empty shell of a website... & YES I am angry, because I now have less one cool site to go to when I'm trying to kill time (& look busy) at work! Damn you!

Note from Anger Central
We understand, but we decided it had to be done. The site had grown to unwieldy and was becoming more and more difficult to maintain. Don't worry though, new posts are arriving daily!

The Fucking Webmaster of this fucking site 3

I'm angry Because he wussed out and changed the rules and now nobody wants to post anything to this pussy whipped politically correctum site. This was the only truly ...oops,not really... place in all of fucking computerland you could say anything you wanted. Now, I suppose he will give in to the Nazis, Commies and Femmes and let the UN try to rebuild this site. Shit....SHIT!

*Note from Anger Central
(The webmaster is rubbing the index finger and thumb of his right hand together)
See that? That is the worlds smallest violin I'm playing. :)

Anger Central 4

Ditto to the posts above. Not much to look at right now.  However, I do believe our beloved Webmaster is correct that the site will fill again. Just a little grumble about that.

But I have another gripe--the main page and all of the subject index pages are too wide to fit on my screen. I use several different computers and this same problem occurs on all of them. I have to use the bottom scroll bar to see the whole of these pages. These pages used to fit the screens of all these computers. PISSES ME OFF! This is an improvement?

*Note from Anger Central
Our first guess is your screen resolution. The webmaster's monitor is set for 1024x728. Our guess is yours is set for a lower resolution. You might try adjusting that or adjusting the font size on your browser.

The Webmaster 5

For several reasons;

  1. he can't make the Webster's distinction between the words ANGRY and HATE. They both express the same meaning, one to a severer degree than the other.

  2. Because of this, we are probably missing out on some good shit.

  3. The Webmaster looks alot like Norm Abrams, of This Old House and

  4. when you try to e-mail him direct, he puts a curse on your e-mail program so you can't see what you iz typing.

This all smacks of good old censorshit(p) to me. Come on! Don't give in to those lawyers who are on your site like dogs around a rotting watermellon under an August sun. Where would Delta House be today if they hadn't of stood up to Dean Wormer? Or what if Bobby Boucher really thought foozball was da devil and didn't go for it? READ MY LIPS: PUT THE GOOD SHIT BACK ON THE SITE, MABEL!

Anger Central 6

I'm angry at Anger Central itself. In particular I'm angry at the webmaster for letting this site go straight to hell. You're one sorry piece of shit, you know that? Did they declaw you over in China or what? For crying out loud, this site sucks now and you can't even admit it.

Grow a pair and stand up to the lawyers you jerk. I used to really enjoy this site, as did many others, and you took that all away from us. You piece of garbage, how dare you let your visitors build up a site with their own content and then just go and dump it without a REAL reason?  Here's a big fuck you to the webmaster. Enjoy all that paperwork for the INS, asshole.

*Note from Anger Central
Would you like some cheese with your whine? 7

Call this a novel idea, but I am angry at Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea for a site. But I don't need the dumb little comments from the people who run this. We all know this run by right-wingers, by war-mongers, and by NRA gun nuts. In my opinion, we SHOUDLN'T know that. This site should be an objective repository for people's anger, not a place for some reactionaries to make cheap shots. Take your page about the pro-war types like yourselves. You accuse one guy of being a Hussein supporter just because he is opposed to the war. Clearly this is a stupid opinion; the anti-war people were the ones who hated Hussein and his crimes back when conservative heroes Reagan, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld were bestest buddies in the whole wide world with Hussein and giving him money and weapons to kill his own people. But beyond that, with all due respect, who cares what YOU think? Make a political page if you want to express your opinions on how Bush is great and guns are NOT in fact a substitute for a small penis. If you want to run, then keep your opinions to yourselves and let us do the ranting.

Angry .Org 8

Angry.Org sucks because they're too chickenshit to leave their website up for any length of time. It's down for months, its up for weeks, then its down for months again. Maybe different people are purchasing that domain every time. In this case, Angry.Net is obviously superior to its brethren, and that doesn't happen very often with sequels.

anger central 9

goddamnit im so fucking angry this stupid site deleted all the old rants, theres nothing ever to read here! and im REALLY angry about you assholes not ranting enough, cuz im so fucking bored! oh yeah, im angry about that too.

Webmaster 9

I'm damn angry that the webmaster has bowed to the tyranny of lawyers and put a restriction on free speech with "guidelines". Is this america or damn cuba!

if however the webmaster is merely being practical and realizes that its better having modified free spech than no site (damn liberal judges!) at all then i share your pain and hope that you deep down still breathe the fresh air of freedom.

*Note from Anger Central
Don't move! I will call the Waaaahmbulance for you!! Try reading our reasons for the changes. We were being swamped by postings that had nothing to do with being angry. And the lawyers had nothing to do with the changes we made. We did it out of frustration. Now, go play in the traffic and have a nice day! :)


I cant stand this asshole webmaster. ive never been to goddamned china. so why does this bastard get too? does he think hes better than me or somethin, just cuz hes got a girlfried and gets ta go ta china and paris and everywhere else he wants. well, your not better than me, so shuv it!

*Note from Anger Central
We nearly deleted this one, but we decided to post it. You ask if the webmaster thinks he is better then you are. The answer is yes he does. Of course he thinks he is better then everyone, so don't feel like your special. The webmaster has never been to Paris and has no interest in visiting the land of the "Cheese eating surrender monkeys."  Why does he get to go to all the places? Because he has a job and gets paid. He doesn't expect things to be handed to him, unlike the above poster. The webmaster would suggest though that the poster invest in a library card and try learning to read, write and speak English. His fiancÚe speaks better English then you do dumb ass.

webmaster 11

Okay I just found this site for the first time, so I did not see the old site.. and yes I admit I did get a good laugh at some of the comments in here... took my mind off my own anger at things in life.. nice diversion you got going here.

But I have some advice for you mr webamster of .. your webdesign totally sucks ... you need to learn some basic web design fundamentals. I am not expert webmaster myself.. and I never went to college to take any web design courses.. but I sure do better web design than you do anyday.. because I put my heart into everything I do, and do NOT just slop thing together, like you have obvously done here.... some pointers regarding why your web design totally sucks:

  1. Site navigator is totally useless.. off in the top left hand corner with tiny small fonts.. it almost escapes the eye when you get to this site. Not only that, but the navigation layout is totally useless.. I hope you do not do everything in your life so ill planned and nonsensically.. because if you do, you are not getting anywhere fast in life.

  2. Have you ever heard of using 0 sized hidden table frames to position the content of you page? Obviously not.. the font and text are all over the page, going off the side. You can always tell an amateur webpage designer by the fact that they do NOT use hidden tables, but plaster their font all over the damn page, instead of spatially positioning content in an organized manner.

  3. Your lack of imagination regarding absolutly no interesting graphics or any graphic content, proves your more inept uselessness in webdesign. Look at your title on this page even, its way over sized.. and is totally uninteresting, the look and feel of the font and colour. I bet you do not have one ounce of asthetic design ability in you.

  4. Your font colours and size are so messed up on this site.. no standardization, or thought put into that at all, it shows your amateurness totally.

.. there is lots more I could comment on regarding the lousy design of this site.. but that should suffice for now.. but hey.. the fact you lost all your info and site content from before, proves your total ineptness and lack of ability in web design..

*Note from the Angry Webmaster.
It looks good in Lynx. :)
I never said I was a professional web designer. I am not a web designer, I work as a systems administrator. My job is to make sure no one hacks into your site, Your server is running,  your code doesn't take down the network and that the backups ran. I might add the the old content is sitting 3 feet from me. Also it is sitting 1 foot from me. I made several backup copies of my old site before I cleaned it out. You have heard of backups, haven't you? Probably not. Would you care to guess how often I get calls to restore files because some boneheaded "web designer" screwed up his site? Here, I'll give you a hint. We just restored a 9 gigabyte site for our company's ebusiness group because something didn't quite work the way they thought it would. Without people like me, you would be reduced to tagging the side of a building somewhere. Do I care if  the site isn't "artistically pure?" Nope I don't you pansy.
Oh yes. I loathe frames.

Anger Central 12

I used to be able to come on here and read all sorts of sizzlers some of which would leave me howling with laughter, tears squeezing out of my eyes for fifteen minutes type laughter (E.G. I HATE DIARRHEA WALLPAPER!) Now, the rants are just lame -- they could all have been written by Martha Stewart. The site plain sucks because you wiped it clean. And don't whine about how it was getting too full -- it was only text, not pictures for crying out loud... 13

I pissed at because it this site use to be interesting and had a lot more entries. Seems most of the corporate rants have been yanked and why does this webmaster feel compelled to add editorial opinion to anything he disagrees. There is no need to call out peoples opinions as being irrational or on the wrong side of this webmaster's political ideology, nobody gives a shit what you think, we are here to read rants and angry diatribes which do not necessarily have to be based in logic or in fact for that matter. Anyway, this place sucks now I won't be returning but thought I'd post a rant to let you and others know why. Luckily there is more than enough forums around the web to express anger too bad you killed your site.

*Note from Anger Central
We cleaned out the site a year ago, it has been filling back up quite nicely. One of the things we did was consolidate postings into single pages. Instead of hundreds of one line pages, we created one page and stuck everything close to that topic in there. (Families for instance on the people page)
As to the webmaster politics, he doesn't have any. He is planning on becoming the first Emperor of the United States, and no one will need to worry about those silly election things any more. ;)

The Webmaster 14

I'm angry (in a very polite way of course!) at the webmaster and the rest of you guys for changing things around. I know, I know, I became to large to handle as well as being backed-up on CD.

I use to spend my entire midnight shift (just about the entire shift) reading all the craziness that people sent in! It was really something to look forward to when boredom sat in most times. I would tell everyone about this site and the crazy things that people wrote and the responses that the webmaster would give at times (I really loved that part) As you guys continue to tell people it will fill back up soon and there will once again be more delicious and crazy post to look forward to. big deep sigh*.....I can hardly stand the wait you guys!

A Great Anger Central *Fan*...

*Note from Anger Central
We will let you in on a small secret. Your employer paid us big bucks to change things just to make you actually work for a change. ;), net in general 15

I am angry at because even though the webmaster has switched over to a new site, it seems like all the 16 year olds that pretend to be adults that have lives still post their horribly written retarded rants here. All I ever see on this site is a bunch of linkin park "I want mommy and daddy to realize I'm not a little boy anymore" quotes.

It's annoying and it seems like no matter where you go online nowadays, it's all governed by that  16 year old trying to grow up who thinks the world owes him 100% attention and sympathy for his pre-pubescent problems. Why doesn't the webmaster administer some type of I.Q. test to access this site?

*Note from Anger Central
You should see what we discard as unusable. You would regurgitate your lunch. 16

Fuck you bitch. You do not post anything that I fucking Say. Yeah I write about the university and Bush being an asshole. I do not rant shit that is ignorant. I rant shit that is true. What the fuck is your problem. You are the lowest piece of shit on the face of the earth.. Why won’t you post what I have to say? You post all of these peoples bullshit but you will not post what I have to say. Damn you are a fucking piece of shit loser and I hope you slip while walking to work and crack your spine. OH YEAH FUCK YOU AND YOUR WEAK GARBAGE SITE!! I’m GOING TO MAKE MY OWN SITE KINDA LIKE THIS BUT 10X BETTER SO BE ON THJE LOOK OUT FUCKER!YEAH I KNOW YOUR NOT GOING TO POST THIS EITHER BUT OH WELL, NOW YOU KNOW YOU FUCKIN DICK HEAD

*Note from Anger Central
We read your posts and most of them did not meet the standards. One or two did meet the standards and were posted, just not where you thought they might be.

The Angry Webmaster 17

Now I am british so I am pissed off by the way the webmaster is angry at the british because we put an 'u' in colour, well excuse me for spelling words the way which has been correct for a thousand years in my country and could i remind you that it is you americans who changed the spelling of the word not us! I expect the webmaster won't post this but I just thought that I would tell you asshole!

*Note from Anger Central
We have never made a rude comment on how the British spell certain words differently the the Americans. We have quoted Winston Churchill on occasion regarding the differences on the use of words by Americans and British.
However, in your case we could make rude remarks regarding capitalization and punctuation. :) 18

Is your webmaster some sort of cunt? i have tried to post my opinions on here 4 times without success and you bastards just laugh in my face with impunity - well i shit on your face with disgust. The only thing i can assume is that my views were too raw for your pussy ass website, when i find your homes i'm gonna burn them down now is that simple enough for you retarded twats, now my bad day has just got twenty times worse - FUCK YOU YOU CUNTS

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster looks down..."Yep, exterior plumbing." Listen moron, we don't post everything that comes in. Threatening us is a good way to get yourself jailed at best, and if you actually tried to carry out that threat, well they would be carrying you away in a baggie... Probably several baggies. We will not hesitate to use lethal force to defend ourselves. Now why don't you run along, read the FAQ and try following the posting guidelines.

The Webmaster 19

I love this site, and I have great respect and gratitude towards the webmaster, but the webmaster gets me so God-damned angry by his comments to those who have posted on the George W. Bush site, because he swallowed whole the Bush campaign rhetoric that the war against Iraq was part of the war against terrorism. Why does a person who obviously understands very complex ideas (you'd have to in order to be a webmaster) refuse to apply any sophisticated thinking to world politics? No link between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaida was ever found. This is well documented. (I won't even mention WMD's, because that's a separate, though related issue.) The war on Iraq has made more enemies for America, not fewer. We are in greater danger of terrorist attack then before. Why did so many Americans, including those like the webmaster who have minds capable of the intellectual precision necessary to create software, to engineer computers, or to run websites, switch their intelligence off and join the maddening crowd in thinking that the solution was overthrowing Saddam Hussein? Have any of them ever read a book about the politics of the Middle East? Do any of them have the slightest idea of the feelings this war has created among Arabs? We are in greater danger now. World politics is very complicated. It is not a good-guys-bad-guys movie like Star Wars. What made you think so crudely? Is it - uh-oh - RACISM?

*Note from Anger Central
1. There was a link found between Al Qaida and Sadaam.
2. Sadaam was a genocidal scumbag ranking right down there with Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot.
3. You appear to be basing your comments on information gathered from the media and Michael Moore
which has been found to be highly inaccurate.
4. The Islamofascists started this war against the U.S. over 20 years ago and we just never really bothered to respond. It took the murder of 3000 people and the destruction of several billion dollars of property, not to mention the nearly 1 trillion dollars in economic damage, before we decided to do something about it.
We would recommend that you seek out as many sources of information as possible. If you only listen to the so called Main Stream Media, you will get nothing but hard left wing anti-American propaganda that in some cases has crossed the line into treason.
The so called "Rebels" in Iraq are made up primarily of non-Iraqi's with some former Baathists who have lost all their power and want it back. Most of the country is far better off now then when we under the previous regime.
5. This is a religious war. The U.S. doesn't consider this, but that is what it is. The Islamofascists kill anyone who disagrees with them, and want nothing less then a world similar to what the Taliban had in Afghanistan.

In conclusion, start doing more research and stop listening to just one side of the story. Don't even take the word of Anger Central. The internet has a wealth of data out there just begging to be used. Try using it. After all, it was people on the Internet who sank Dan Rather and CBS after they tried using forged documents to destroy a sitting president. (It doesn't matter what you think of him, that incident was disgraceful from a journalistic standpoint)

Angry Webmaster 20

Because he is such a dammed geek and gets all the broads, gets to go to China and can shit in a bucket and pour roses out. Damm you Ringmaster <Deleted> for being an all American epitome of a 1st Class GEEK! Dam you I say!

*Note from Anger Central
Suffer luserboy!! PPPPPPTTTTTHHHHH :P

webmaster 21

Hello, I thought this sort of interesting in a voyeur sort of way. However, after looking around, I must say that it obvious that the webmaster here is an obvious supporter of the the ever obvious and transparent administration in power at present. Not that the Clinton admin. was any more moral or ethical, they were however, at least brighter and better liars. I find the omnipresent comments by the webmaster to be non-objective and biased. Does that mean this site is only for Bushie's?

*Note from Anger Central
Initially we deleted this, but we rethought and decided you need a bit of a fisking.
Bush is a domestic disaster. The only reason he won a second term is the war. If Al Qaeda had not attacked the US bush would have lost in 2004. However we were attacked and three thousand people were killed. The Democratic party has shown that it can not be trusted with the defense of this country. They have time and time again put politics and their own personal power above the needs of the country, the people of this country and the constitution. There are very few Democrats who will put the needs of the nation ahead of the party, (Joe Lieberman for one), and they are attacked by their own leadership.
Bush is a twit, but until someone better comes along we are stuck with him. He has failed to comprehend the problem of illegal immigration. His domestic spending is out of control. We tend to think of him as the Lyndon B Johnson of the republican party accept that he is not corrupt the way Johnson was.
On the day he left the Webmaster's former manager said that the Webmaster was a republican. The Webmaster replied tat he was not affiliated with any party, and that the Republican party was to liberal for him these days.
*sigh* If only Zell Miller were 20 years younger and willing to run for President, with Tom Tancredo as VP. :)

This website 22

Why the hell do we need this website? We can just vent our frustrations on Fox News's site, or email our Republicraptastic legislators, or something else that counts - but this site is just a waste of time, and that really pisses me off.

*Note from Anger Central
We were here first!! :P

This freakin WEBSITE 23

Yes. I am angry that my freakin comments and rants have yet to be posted on this damn site!
It's been about 3 days since I posted my first couple or rants and comments on stupid people that piss the fuck out of me and have yet to see them posted. I have no idea how long it normally takes... I come in every day hoping they will be there and so far, nothing!
But in the meantime, I have to admit that I have been pretty amused while reading some of the angry comments left by people who are apparently and thoroughly pissed off at the WEBMASTER of this helpful yet entertaining site. But more so by the WEBMASTER'S responses to those comments.
All I hate to say is: You are a funny ass dude!
Keep it up but, don't forget to update the fuckin site more often so I finally get to see my god-dammned comments and rants too!

*Note from Anger Central
In the normal course of events, we generally upload the latest rants on the weekends. Yours, if included, will be going up with all the others. :)

The Webmaster 24

Why do you talk about yourself? It angers me that you talk about yourself so much on a website about anger. You could create a duplicate website about yourself linked from here. That really angers me just when I think it's updated every month I look and it's 20 different updates about yourself.

*Note from Anger Central
Where did you learn to count? Must be a graduate of the American School System. The only postings about regarding the Webmaster consist of news items, generally one posting a week. This is a far below the 20 you state the Webmaster posts about himself.
If you are speaking about Mrs. Webmasters section, take that up with her.

This site 25

I am angry at this site for saying they don't tolerate hate messages and yet if you go to the "fat" section you find nothing but hateful messages. Thank you for spreading the hate and the narrow mindedness that this country already suffers so much from.

*Note from Anger Central
You would be shocked by how much doesn't get posted. A good 95% of the postings regarding "fat" are just plain garbage. You are correct that a lot of this is nothing more then hate and this site is dedicated to things that make people angry. We try to filter as best as we can. Although most people think we're omnipotent gods, it pains us to say we are not.

Webmaster of 26

While I'm not crazy about reading angry, incoherent rants about how the human race is rotten either, telling people to "self-terminate" is irresponsible. I've lost a family member to suicide and have other family members who live with mental illness, and suggesting that someone end his/her life just because you don't like what they have to say is really irresponsible, to say nothing of unkind. I know you're not getting paid to be kind (this *is* Anger Central after all), but could you please refrain from making suggestions that people kill themselves? Even misanthropes' lives have value (I don't claim to know what it is, but they're here, so it must be for a reason.)

Anger Central 27

I feel angry because clearly is biased towards conservatives and against liberals. It would be NICE if the webmaster (or whoever) remained neutral rather than calling posters "Hussein-lovers" and referring to Obama as "the Marxist empty-suit". Or, asking that a poster "move to Canada" because of his/her political views. Even if it were the opposite bias I would still be upset with the lack of impartiality; it would be nice of the Anger Central people would refrain from insulting posters because of their political beliefs.

*Note from Anger Central
Bet you thought we wouldn't put this up, didn't you? We do not and never claimed impartiality. We aren't here to be fair and balanced. We aren't Fox News. ;)

The opinions of the Webmaster are his own and do reflect the mindset of the radical right wing fanatics running Anger Central. <VBG>

With regards to Obama, the man is a flat out threat to the United States, and will make Jimmy Carter look like the height of competence if he is elected. We aren't thrilled with McCain and do not plan on voting for him either. (Write in for None of the Above?)

We are what we are and will not apologize for it. Don't like it? Write a rant about it. Oh wait, you did. ;)

This site 28

*yawn*...Well it's not anger. It's more like amusement at the content of this juvenile site. Anywhoooo...Um...Allow me to ask you a question. Ever heard of pharmaceuticals known as anti-psychotics?...Anger Management Therapy? Or...maybe investing in hobby that, actually, produces a respectable, less, yawn-inspiring result? Get over yourself and move on... You're not nearly as insightfully entertaining as you perceive yourself to be.

*Note from Anger Central
Ready! Fire! Aim!! :)
This site provides people a way to vent. Anger Management therapy is a load of horse pucky, and those anti-psychotics? They have some really nasty side effects. BTW, this site has gotten at least one woman out of a bad situation. (Verbally and mentally abusive husband, might have gone violent) We think that makes this site useful. Now why don't you return to the arms of Prince Valium, (Or Princess Valium as the case may be), and allow people a chance to blow off steam rather then heads??

YOU: A NON-Rant! 29

Okay, I admit it... I ADORE Anger Central! I was so happy to have discovered it. I love reading all the rants, thinking hell, maybe I'm not so damn weird after all! Or if I AM, others are too. It makes me feel not so damn alone in being pissed off at things, and it helps to rant when I can't do nuthin' about something!

Anger Central is performing a valuable public service, and I thank you for being. You probably won't post this, and that's okay, since it's not a rant, but stick around, I'll share all my nasties here in good time.

*Note from Anger Central
Oh HELL Yes! We'll post this. We like having our egos massaged, almost as much as we like cash. :)
Also, don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed for update notices.

this site 30

I just found this site. I'm so damn angry in general that I'm afraid I'm gonna like it here. And I'm afraid that it'll make me happy, then I won't fit in 'cause I won't be angry anymore, 'cuz this place me laugh..... Nice going, jerks.

Chicken Switch 31

Well, thanks. I was ranting about computer illiteracy then I hit the chicken switch to see what it does. Poof! Gone! Thank you for testing my curiosity. NOT

The Webmaster 32

I am angry with the Webmaster, specifically his political views. He claims that Obama is a "racist", when the man is half white. He tells us to support the local Tea Party oganization. Sure, I'll just go dump cash into the breeding ground for actual racism and ignorance. He claims that Europe is a dead culture and the white will be a minority under Sharia law, implying a dislike of Mulims. He has also made various comments against Hispanics (specifically Mexicans). Doesn't that sound a bit... um... prejudiced? He seems to think that a country with a little regulation and one that is more tolerant is autmatically "socialist" and "has laws against free speech". You are the Glenn Bek wannabe and are probably fantasizing of gettin' high on OxyContin with Rush Limbaugh while sucking his dick. You said in one of your rants that you are angry with insurance companies, yet you oppose healthcare reform? You have every right to your opinions, but it disgusts me when they are founded in ignorance. Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya.

*Note from Anger Central
It's nice to see the politically correct crowd pay a visit. You must have picked up on us from a search engine. Just a few minor points you seem not to have noticed.

The Webmaster has been losing friends to Islamic Terror since Beirut. No, I don't like them. During the 444 days of disgrace, the Webmaster met a teenage girl, (School mate of his step cousin), who was Iranian. He was icily polite until he found out she and her 9 year old brother were under sentence of death if they ever return to Iran. Nope, We have no use for that political cause pretending to be a religion.

Yes, the Webmaster is intolerant. What made you think he wasn't? *grin*

You have once again demonstrated that "Progressives" have absolutely no sense of humor. (Regarding the worst president of the modern age, BH Obama) However, allow the Webmaster to make a correction. "Somewhere in Hawaii, an island is missing it's idiot." There, happy now? :)

Nope, the webmaster doesn't do drugs, (Never has), and doesn't partake of adult beverages much either.

Obviously you didn't notice that the Webmaster is married to a woman from China and his sister is married to someone of "so called" Hispanic origin? He gets along fine with him, (Much to the annoyance of his sister. Both work in the Information Tech field and talk about computers all day long), although he has been known to say he should be deported to his place of origin. (Framingham MA)

What we unload on is not lawful immigrants, it's the illegal aliens hopping, skipping and jumping over the border. Pop over to the blog and see what The Webmaster has written on what he and his wife went through for her to legally immigrate to the United States. If foreigners want to come here, no problem as long as the do so legally, and do the best they can to assimilate. Mrs. Webmaster speaks, reads and writes English. She worked very hard to learn the language. She may never be fluent but she is quite functional

The Webmaster doesn't watch Glen Beck much. (maybe 5 minutes a month)

The Webmaster isn't the only one who has said that Europe is all but dead. You might want to look up Tom Kratman, a retired colonel, recovering lawyer and author of great note.

And finally, grow up! If you hate this country, (assuming you are a US Citizen), then leave. No one is going to stop you. In fact we will wave good bye to you. May we suggest North Korea, Venezuela or Cuba as a place you should move to? They're way of life is closer to your ideas of perfection.

Thanks for stopping by! Y'all have a nice day now!!

Anger Central Management 33

I've read many of the angry posts here on this site, and particularly in the politics section, I see something that angers me. The webmaster or whoever it is is allowed to comment on all of the posts uploaded, often using this power to add a derogatory footnote or personal political view. Not that I have any problem with the voicing of opinions; rather, I feel this site would benefit immensely from a discussion function!

*Note from Anger Central
The site was never designed for commenting. If we set that up, it would rapidly go out of control. Commenting is enabled on the blog however and the Webmaster is a hell of a lot more political over there.
You should read the Notes from Anger Central under the Husbands section. The Angry Webmaster is proud to have assisted one woman out of a bad relationship. And as to being derogatory...

Anger Central 34

Anger Central is the most biased website ever made (unless perhaps Fox News made a website). The mindless right-wing anger with no basis in reality is appalling and upsetting. Anyone with a good left wing argument will simply be told to move to Canada (although that would be a blessing because they have an outrageously higher standard of living). I would put money on the fact that you watch Glen Beck every night, to get angry with the dancing monkey. Either way, congratulations with creating the most ignorant cesspool of smut and filth ever created.

*Note from Anger Central
Oh goodie! A moonbat!! :)
Now lets see. Fox News is fair and balanced. The Angry Webmaster is unfair and completely unbalanced! We never denied that we are slightly biased to the right side of the political spectrum. (Sort of like Hiroshima was slightly biased towards glowing in the dark on August 7th 1945)
Nope, no one here watches Glen Beck. He's to liberal for us. *grin*
We wouldn't suggest you move to Canada. They haven't done anything to deserve a complete waste of DNA like you.
As to a good left wing argument, that would be a first! Most left wing arguments can be boiled down to: "You racist! You greedy selfish racist! You evil Nazi racist bastard!"
Most of the people on your side of the political spectrum tend to be rather...stupid. No common sense at all. Put your average liberal/progressive in a life or death situation, and they would fail. (And die)
To be blunt, most people on the left hate everything that made America great. They fail to comprehend that if the "New Order" they so desperately want should come to pass, they would be the first up against the wall. (You would have proven you are disloyal and can't be trusted)
And we have created a site full of smut? Hmm, That would be hard since there are almost no images here. Also, you might want to wander over to the people section and look at the subsections on husbands and boyfriends. The Webmaster is death on those who would harm women. Nope, unlike you, we actually try to do something when a lady posts a cry for help. (Unfortunately, since postings are anonymous, we can't contact them directly. All we can do is post a Note from Anger Central and hope they see it) The Webmaster has gotten at least on woman out of a bad situation. How about you doofus?
In closing, you don't like the site? Don't come here then. We don't care. Don't let the door hit you on your enormous ass on the way out.

This website 35

I am angry because I am confused. When I go on this site with my phone the Angry Webmaster is the white guy, but when I am on the computer it is the shouting guy which one is it? Please tell me! Thanks. Great website

*Note from Anger Central
We like to keep people guessing. ;)
Now in reality, the Webmaster is the one who looks like Islamic Rage Boy, and the guy who looks like Dr. Strangelove is the Angry Systems Administrator.
As to the difference between mobile and computer, we can't say. This really does interest us since we do need to know these things. No one at Anger Central has a smart phone, and according to the Angry Systems Administrator, we aren't getting them any time soon. (Something about the data plans being extortionate or something)

This rule of this website 36

I am so angry that I can't use the word Hate on here. I was super stoked to write about things that I strongly disliked I would have used the H word simply because it describes most how I feel when I get mad and become so hateful. I stumbled across this site by searching using the word hate combined with other words. The fact that I cannot use the hate word when it was the word that got me here really pisses me off. If somebody can tell me in a more detailed way why this rule exists it would help me reach an understanding and further better my experience on this site and hopefully enhance future possible contributions by myself to a level of excellence that would be applicable for commendation resulting in the presentation of my rant in a web page addition. I hope I made some people angry with my long sentence. Till then I will work on transforming my hate into anger

*Note from Anger Central
Feel free to register Looks like it's available. 37

I am so fucking angry at stupid websites that complain about stupid fucking stuff. All people do is bitch about things instead of becoming actively involved in the things happening that piss them off to change them. Fucking websites that support that are allowing for individuals to get together and complain instead of trying to change the situation that makes them uncomfortable.

This website 38

Don't get me wrong, this website's great and I enjoy reading the entries.

What I'm angry at is the following

  1. The goddamned fucking double-underlined green 'links' that popup some fucking irrelevant shit at random. On the submissions page right now, for example, the word 'determination' was underlined. Hovering over it brings up a popup about fucking pest exterminators. What the fucking fuck does that have to do with the word 'determination'? Maybe you're 'determined' to get read of unwanted pests in your home? I don't know.

  2. On the 'angry at the USA' page, you fucking respond to every fucking damn post to defend the US. Fucking bullshit. Do you stand up and defend the rants about Britain, Italy, Germany, Iraq, Australia? Do you fuck. Bull fucking crap. And Jesus fucking christ the bullshit response on the 'Europe' page. Sharia law? Dead culture? Yeah, not only do you not defend the rants against other cultures or countries, you fucking join in with the attack. Asshat.

  3. There is a page of rants about 'heterosexual people'. There is not a page of rants about 'homosexual people' because the bullshit political correctness brigade says it's okay for gay people to make fun of straight people but heaven forfend it should be the other way around. Fucking equality my ass. Similarly, there are a total of eight pages devoted to rants against men, compared to three pages devoted to rants about women.

*Note from Anger Central
First, the double underlines are generated by one of the advertising companies we use. Feel free to use no script and assorted ad blockers
Second, we're patriotic Americana here and tend to think like Stephen Decatur."Our Country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but right or wrong, our country!"
Third, we can't put up what doesn't come in. You would be surprised at the venom of women/wives. Some of it is deserved as you will see from our Notes, but a lot of it is women just being women.



*Note from Anger Central
First, no need to shout, we can hear you fine.
Second, you might want to try reading the Bush page. You'll see the Webmaster developed a case of BDS during Bush's second term. We stopped supporting most of what that fool was doing in 2006.
Third, Bush flew fighters in the ANG and he DID volunteer for Vietnam. The aircraft he flew was one of the more dangerous ones in the inventory at the time, and was being phased out. Since the Bush wasn't going career military and it wasn't worth the cost of retraining him they decided not to deploy him.
Fourth, Bush was a frakking moron! Amnesty for illegal aliens, pussyfooting around in Afghanistan and Iraq rather than just flattening the pestholes, spending money domestically on stupid programs. He will be considered in the lower third of Presidents. Now Obama is the absolute bottom. He makes Carter look good.
Finally, why post here and not on the Bush page??



Okay, lets start this shit off. I've been bored on the internet, looking for funny shit to read. I guess I found the place. This whole thing is the funniest shit I have ever read. I have a problem with the webmaster. Okay I don't know who you are, or what you do but come on. I'm all for healthy expressions of anger but saying anger is all black and white that is bullshit. You must be some closed minded asshole who believes human emotion can be channeled into two very basic categories. Apparently you have no idea how human emotions work. You say that someone is pissed at one thing that his anger is based upon that group/person. In fact the anger is rooted to a trauma. I've seen a lot of generalizations about groups of people and individuals as well. Everyone who has posted on this site had a very specific trauma happen to then, regarding the subject he/she expresses hate for. When I see your little ass footnotes or comments after posts, it kinda pisses me off. I know you like to play god. If your a man you obviously have a small penis or have been traumatized in some way. You seem to be a megalomaniac with social flaws. I guess it's hard for you to from lasting relationships with others, especially women. I assume you support the war, lynching and removal of civil/women rights. I'll let you sit on your liars chair and masturbate to violent pornography. Enjoy your life in your basement asshole. Also this is not about anger, this is more about putting you in your place.

Just for you webmaster I'll tell you about me. I love smoking weed/drinking. I hate soldiers/cops. I LOVE BARACK OBAMA! I love women/free love. I'm mixed race. I'm an art student sucking on tax payer money. I'AM THE ENEMY!!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF DUNGEON MASTER!

*Note from Anger Central
We love people like you. Are you aware that this site has gotten at least two women out of really serious, potentially dangerous situations? No? Thought not. In any case, Anger Central operates under the Golden Rule. We pay the gold for this site so we make the rules. In any case you worthless lazy bum, have thought about what happens when the government checks stop coming? We expect you might be one of those going out and rioting. Feel free. May we point your attention, (Short as it may be), to this article by Matt Bracken. May we point you to the section titled "THE SUBURBAN ARMED VIGILANTE RESPONSE."
And in closing, we work under the golden rule here. It's our gold paying for this site so we make the rules. :D

Anger central's update frequency is fucking low! 41

i am angry because you fucking guys update this website once in a week!, you should update this site more frequently, at least 3 times a week. AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR THIS WEBSITE THEN FUCK YOURSELF AND SHUT THIS FUCKING WEBSITE DOWNNNNN!!!! or you can hand over it to me!.

*Note from Anger Central
Two things. First, we all have lives and responsibilities.
Second, we don't always get a lot of new rants in. This wee, we only got 5. Most of those came in Friday.
The Webmaster does update the Blog just about every day though.


when i first visited this site, within 3 secs. i closed it because this site looks like shit, as some fucking curious kids who just learned the html created their very first site, And i hate it. And when i scrolled down the home page, i found that the site is constructed using microsoft frontpage because webmaster is lazy basterd? WHAT THE FUCK! I mean look at other sites these days every site better than this ugly looking functionless,contentless, fucking website created by some dickless webfucker(hate to call you a webmaster).but recently i read a blog in which someone commented that anger center is having very entertaining and inspiring rants(inspiring?!).then i cme back opened this fucking website( still not improved!) and read some rants and found that out of 100, 99.9999 rants are fucking pathetic shit, and webfucker also leaves a meaning less pathetic foot note as well!!(in some cases) which makes me even more angry. Whatever people rant about this site , the dickhead owner of this site 'don't give a fuck'. I have lot more to say but i don't want to waste any more of my time on this website. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE USER OF YOUR WEBSITE EVEN MORE ANGRY AND OUTRAGED YOU FUCKING WEBFUCKING MASTER !!!

*Note from Anger Central
First, the Webmaster hasn't done commercial web work since HTML 2.0. Now he works on the back end in the Real World.
Second, he's a lazy bastard, not to mention cheap. Why spend huge amounts of money on programs that he doesn't need?
Third, The Webmaster knows how to spell and create a sentence. Obviously you skipped school that decade.
And finally, it's ANGRY.NET, not
Here's someone who you can sympathize with. ;) 43

i am damn angry because of eyes fucking white background of this website. i am visiting here for the first time and after reading some of your pathetic rants, tears started to come out of my eyes, not because of pathetic rants, it's because of your site's fucking white background with black letters on it. This proves that webmaster is really a fucking bastard. FUCK YOU! FOR FUCKING MY EYES!!!! and yes reducing screen brightness doesn't work at all.

Anger Central 44

It pisses me off how great this site is at sucking up time. The second I get focused, your site pops up, and I end up spending an hour reading rants that are totally irrelevant to my everyday life and not getting any work done.


Why don't you guys put link(s) to newly added rant(s) with their title on your site's homepage? Going through all those pathetic rants to find the new one is really pissing me off.

*Note from Anger Central
We looked into that early on, however ot would have been far to difficult to administer. This is why we have an RSS feed with links back to the rant in question. This is a good question though and will be added to the Q&A page.

Anger Central is Conservative Trash 46

The Webmaster of this shit site really is nothing but a narcissistic jackass who thinks it's ok to insult one's political view and defends anything Trump and his Russian Mafia does because he thinks being Liberal is Cancer. No dumbass being a Trump loving Republinazi and insulting and attacking democrats and pushing your political agenda on this site is why people don't come to this site, so you only have yourself to blame you moron. What I wouldn't do to know what you look like in person so I could punch you in the face and run your head into your computer monitor. Fuck Anger Central and if you had any balls which we all know you don't you would post this rant instead of being a pussy like you are.

*Note from Anger Central
And here we have your standard Progressive engaging in what he thinks is pithy conversation and debate.
Not to worry, the way your side is pushing, the civil war you want to start will be along presently and you,
along with all your like minded friends will be retired to a nice mass grave somewhere.
Sad really. The people your side loves to vilify knows just how horrible such an occurrence would be and is trying to prevent it.
Keep it up moonbat.
By the way, you may want to pop over to The Blog. That's where the Webmaster spends most of his time.
Have a nice day!!

Webmaster Footnotes 47

Hey Jackass i'm getting tired of the useless footnotes you leave on the celebrities page, you're nothing but some out of touch boomer. First of all stop telling people not to watch as certain celebrity ok if anything if people hate that celebrity and what they do pisses them off than you shouldn't tell them not to watch them. Jesus Fucking Christ how much of an out of touch old fart are you? Why even have a celebrity section if you tell people not to watch them, if a celebrity or youtuber is so annoying and is an asshole in real life and is shoved down everyone's throats than people have a right to be pissed off, how about you keep your footnotes to yourself or better yet shove them up your spiderweb filled ass you damn old ass boomer.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster isn't out of touch. You are confusing lack of knowledge with not giving a damn. The Webmaster doesn't give a damn.
Yes, the Webmaster does have youtube sites he follows, but doesn't whine about things when they don't go his way.
As to our footnotes? Who said you had to read them Soyboi?
Now why don't you rewind your manbun, get a fresh cup of Blonde Chestnut Praline Latte and continue working on your wimpiness?

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