Now, I am a reasonable guy, and I think I have my morals in tact. I love life, and try to live it to the full. Imagine my internal frustration, therefore, when being addressed as "you stupid boy" or "when my Husband was your age he was far more successful than you are right now!" and other such vibrant and sincere phrases from the one person who should be thanking me for taking her Daughter away from her! My Mother-in-Law.

Try as I may, I cannot find it within me to disrupt the biological explosion and immediate chemical reaction to my blood as she approaches me. The boiling sensation is rather annoying, and painful to boot at times.

Her voice rings in my ears with such force that Big Ben would have trouble with appropriate audibility alongside her.

Now, I love my Wife, and I have two wonderful Daughters, but I am taking to thinking now that the genes that have been passed on will ultimately dwindle away any semblense of normality that flows within their veigns at this point in time. Like the transformation process that begat that unfortunate chap in the film "The Fly" I am expecting the full horror of her personality to embrace those close to me.

I am so angry at that possibility that I have taken to enquiring what the costs would be to genetically remove strands that will cause that transformation, and, although the Harley Street Specialists advise me that there is little to nothing they can do, I am unwilling to let that stop me.

Someone out there in normal land MUST know of a way, and in my angry state of flux, would appeal to you all to before I truly go potty!

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster's future Mother in-law will be 12,000 miles away and doesn't speak English. :)

Monster-In-Law 2

My future mother-in-law is beyond all cliches...she is constantly giving my boyfriend gifts and money, and allows him to live in a house she owns - scot free - just so she can manipulate him any time she likes. She calls to "chat" well-past midnight, and yarns for hours that her son should be more responsible, and shouldn't rely on her any longer --- even though he's never asked her for any of the money she insists we need from her. She drops by without calling, and on several occasions, let herself in with her "emergency key" at 7 am to see if we were "okay." She has absolutely no tact, and is constantly preaching about responsibility and how you have to work for what you want - when she's never paid a mortgage in her life or even attended college! I can't stand that she is using her son as a replacement for the husband that left her, and that she expects us to call her every time we leave for more than a few hours, so she doesn't worry!!! Even when I was a child, I had more freedom!What is worse is that my boyfriend makes up excuses as to why he can't move just yet - and I feel like when we do, he's going to expect me to do all of the work like his mother always has!

in laws 3

I am so sick of my in-laws. my husbands entire family has always made me feel like an interloper. I have spent 17 years trying the be the nicest I know how to be to them and they always look at me like I'm some kind of freak and yet when my husbands other siblings all got married, no matter what, their spouses were just accepted and praised! over the years I would tell my husband about how they treat me and he wouldn't believe me. Mostly because its subtle, like at a get together, they'd ask me how work was going or something like that) I'd tell them, and then they would just continue to stare at me quietly like they were waiting for me to finish my already finished reply, so I would continue talking, then turn into babbling , eventually wrapping it up feeling like an ass. One of the worst parts is that my sister in law and her hubby have this way of "getting" everything my husband and I have always wanted. its like they can read our minds! Same house, same furniture, same time pregnant, same hobbies, etc. no matter what we have , they run out and get one better and its like we never did it first! there is a competition going on here that I don't want to compete in but somehow am being dragged into! and can never win!!

Old, Fat, Mother in law 4

I can't believe I have so much in common with so many angry people! And worse, I'm not sure what category to file this RANT. My mother in law (who joy of joy's lives with me) is FAT, OLD, UGLY and NASTY. I am convinced she is still alive because she is to mean to die.

Lets start with FAT - When this woman sits the chairs groan and break. This woman is so large at dinner I sit at one end, my wife at the other, my 2 kids on one side and she takes up the other. And joy of joy's there are some meals she decides that teeth are optional! My those are fun meals, nothing I mean nothing is a better diuretic than watching this woman shovel food into and around this gaping hole that opens in the front of her face!

Lets move on to OLD - Way has this bitch lived long enough to live with me! She believes she has earned the right to make some of the most disgusting bodily noises because she has "lived long enough to earn the right". And if its not bad enough to have to listen to and smell this nastiness....imagine the site when she removes her teeth, at the dinner table and SUCKS THE FOOD OFF THEM! She than snaps than back in place declaring, that's better. For you miserable fat old bitch!

Now lets cover nasty - If all this has not convinced you that this woman has outlived her time, she like to sit and watch television and comment on how old or fat these celebrities are! So picture this, a fat, old bitch, sitting in a recliner that is bowing from the pressure is critical of someone who is up and doing things! Her hobbies are breathing and eating.

 Brother in Law 5

My Brother in Law is such a manic depressive nut! We have tried to cut ties with this litigation happy troublemaking turd for years and he keeps bouncing back with more lies, accusations and threats of court action (for God knows what? just about anything you can think of).

He and his illegal immigrant dumb fuck fat ugly bitch wife have never worked a day in their lives and are constantly sponging off equally dumb parents in law and welfare. Now they have run out of money, they are back after 3 years. Brother in Law is now constantly emailing my hubby with threats to sue him for fictitious shit. Go ahead asshole-make-our day. I had him certified in the nut house and hauled away by the cops a few years ago. I will delight in doing this again if he says he will kill my family like he did last time.

Why do people like this exist in the world today?

Why can't my hubby, myself and kids divorce this guy? Seems his ex wife had more rights than us. She at least fucked him off 20 years ago and never had him rear his ugly head at her again.We have emails, e-cards, about someone invent e-kill. I would definitely subscribe to that!

My ex-mother-in-law is suing me ten years later! 6

My one day to be ex and I are divorcing. It's been seven years of drivel and I am still not single. He is avoiding paying his taxes ,they caught him and now is over $44,000.00 in debt to our government in back taxes. He claims poverty and can't pay but minimal support. So his mother comes along and hits me with a law suit. My wimp of an ex has been coddled since birth and now in his forties is unable to function without her. She had willingly given us a ridiculous gift of a down payment for a house of $40,000.She put in writing it was a gift (I have this note). Now she says its a loan and wants interests etc. She recently gave him another house in her name etc. and I will end up paying for him if she wins. She is a manipulative bitch and now she is fight his battles for the puke. I am trying to raise 3 kids on my own with little support.He avoided all our previous debts by having a hillbilly existence of no address nor telephone number and his present address is a post box number and still no phone. He makes 6 to 7000 a month and I nowhere close to that.I want him and his mother to fuck right off to hell! I have to fight a law suit with no lawyer because I can't afford one and monthly they have harassed me for three years over this suit. I get deposed in July and finally we go to court in October on my little sons birthday. I am forced to take the day off work and travel to a town up north that I can't afford. I am sooo angry!
I wish the old bitch would die from her diabetes,or many heart attacks!
Angry,angry and wish they would both drop dead!

my sisters husband 7

After being married for a few months, my sister's husband has decided she can't spend time with her family or friends anymore because - after all - she is only 26 years old and is still a baby that he needs to nurture and control, telling her when and where she can go out and who she can associate with. Not only does she make the money in the family and help pay for his last divorce (he was married less than a year before and now I wonder why) but he makes her wash his shitty cowboy clothes and fold his crap stained underwear than threatens to "pack her shit up" and throw it out on the front lawn if she doesn't come home when he says. I told her it would be a damn miracle if he knew where to find stuff and pack it. He probably demands that she comes home so she can wipe his butt for him, I highly doubt he can do it himself.

sister in-law 8

My sister in-law really drives me up the freakin wall, she is so nauseating. She has this short, sort of dumpy body, combined with these oversized breasts. Excellent, you say - except for the fact that she thinks those make her so hot. Any time she's out in public, or even at a family function for God's sake - there she is squeezed into some slutty low-cut top that is like three sizes too small. There are the twins again, and just in case you hadn't noticed them before, take a good damn look because you really have no choice. You can actually feel the gravitational pull of her boob orbit. You ignorant slut - you're married! Why are you trying to attract the kind of mouth-breathers that go for that sort of thing? Apparently my brother is one, but you've landed him so what is your motive now? Don't get me wrong, I'm a man and I enjoy breasts as much as the next guy, but it's just embarrassing. I don't find her attractive, but I'm constantly in the awkward situation of forcing myself not to look. Heck, I'm more embarrassed for her. I'd be satisfied if at least my children didn't have to be subjected to that. Grow the hell up already.

What pisses me off even more, though, is her "I am an empowered woman of today" attitude, like she's just God's gift. She's so damn proud of herself that she has a job - yes just holding down a job is apparently very empowering for her. I have a job, I am happy to have one, and I consider myself fortunate to be employed. She thinks her having a job proves that she fought and worked so fucking hard to earn her place in the world. Hello, you got hired cause you presented your tits to the right idiot.

What really makes me want to pound her snooty face in, however, is how damn proud of herself and "empowered" she feels because she makes more money than her husband. Not that she has some high-paying job mind you - just that she makes more than my brother. She flaunts this all the time, saying shit like "Um, yeah, when you make more money than me, then maybe I'll consider your opinion on where the money should be spent." Again, you're fucking married. I believe marriage is supposed to be more a less an equal partnership, not a fucking master-slave thing. This one is my all-time favorite quote of hers, when they had been staying at our house for awhile and she had been sitting on her big ass all day: my brother says; "Honey, maybe you could pitch in and maybe do something today?" and her; "Ah, this is a vacation day for me. I'm actually making money for sitting here, while helping to put YOU through college." My pussy brother; "Yes, you're right dear." Obviously I'm extremely disgusted with my brother for allowing this shit to be done to him, but man I just can't stand her.

Monster in Law - she's da devil in disguise. 9

OMG! Where in the heck do I start? And it's not even just me who finds her one great big source of irritation - the entire family needs valium when we all visit her. Let's see - she screeches for people from one room to the next, one floor to the next in her great big house. ie."DAAAAAAAAVVVVVVEEEEE_ YER BROTHER IS ON THE PHONE! GET YER ASS TO THE PHONE DAAAAAVVVVVEEEE!" - keep in mind her kids range between the ages of 46 - 40.YEAH!Okay then. She is very uptight - so much so I can't believe she hasn't yet suffered a heart attack or stroke. She's constantly negative, pessimistic, cynical, paranoid - a real dose of sunshine. Probably the thing that the family finds the most irritating is being around her when the news is on - she goes on these diatribes about politics & pushes for our opinions - we don't want to give them - b/c we just want her to STFU ALREADY! Hey Margaret have a fuckin valium & a drink will ya? Ya sour faced constipated old lady ya! She's the only person I've ever seen with permanent frown lines. She constantly looks like she is grimacing in anger. I'm tellin ya - face like a cracked up ol' piss pot.On top of this we're all sure she's undiagnosed OCD.On Christams Day one year she was on the floor 3 times on her hands & knees scrubbing the invisible dirt off the floor. If she finds a crumb on her counter there she goes screeching again "WHO DID THIS? WHO DIDN"T CLEAN THE COUNTER?" She insists on getting up at the crack of dawn when family is there slaving away cooking an 8 course meal - even when it's 120F outside,& bitches all the while that nobody is helping her, & then spends all evening washing dishes, & god help you if you don't volunteer to help with all this nonsense - even though you know if you do & if you make one tiny mistake in the washing/drying/putting away process she'll screech at you b/c you didn'd do it right & this goes there - that goes there, & don't you flippin know you do not open that stainless steel gravy warmer & put it in dishwater!? Now you've "Ruined it!". She does this shit all the time, to me, my hubby's sisters & his SIL. We just roll our eyes & have another drink. She wonders why her onw family hate to come & visit her, personally I'm just glad as hell that the ol beeyotch lives 4 hrs from all of us. I've never once seen her laugh or smile, & she has a loving husband, a nice house, a good income, & some pets.WTF is her problem? God only knows but the old bitch will probably outlive us all. AAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!

Mean Mother In law 10

My future mother in law is the meanest human being to ever walk this earth. She is constantly putting me down and taking her frustrations out on me. I get it, she doesn't want to let her son go. I get it, she wants to control every little detail of our very lives. I would be fine if she could just say "I'm sad that my son is growing up and things are changing." But, instead she says "you are making my son grow up." Or "our lives were better without you." If my boyfriend thought that his life was so much better without me, then why is he with me in the first place??? She takes things that are normal and healthy and distorts them into things that are wrong and dysfunctional. My boyfriend and I will be separated for a few months this summer, and are planning ways that we will be able to talk every single day. Her response to this? "It is wrong and unhealthy for you to have to talk to each other every day. You should have time apart. You can email at night if you have time. My son is being forced to communicate with you every day so that you won't break up with him." Breaking up was never an option. There is nothing wrong with wanting to talk to my boyfriend every day. I would think there would be something wrong if we didn't want to talk every day. I'm so tired of the constant judgment and constant criticism. I'm tired of having to deal with her anger and her outbursts. I am tired of having to hear the ridiculous and hurtful things she says whenever the hell she wants. I would love to tell her exactly what I think of her. I would love to put her in her place. More than anything though, I just want her to leave me the *uck alone. Our life is happy and complete without her. I am convinced that the wrong people in this world are dying.

The Maggot Mother In Law 11

What am I going to do with her? She has to be the meanest , nastiest old bitch that ever lived. She told me the other day that our children never should have been born, that the only ones that should have been were the 3 from my husband's 1st marriage and that they came first, not our daughter. She says this shit after our first child died in 1999. She smiles in your face one minute, then takes a trip back in time as if my husband and his ex-wife have a chance in hell of getting back together. You crazy old smelly bag, where do you get off? I have put her on my "People I'd Like To Stab" list, which is a list of people who have pissed me off to the point that if it were legal, I'd stab them! She is really proof that some people should never adopt children. Some do not have it in them to feel unconditional love for a child. She's one of them. She adopted her 2 kids, and just because they do not fit her idiot idea of what she wanted her children to turn out like, they are a big disappointment to her. Never mind that her own brother and his wife got divorced (which she constantly throws up in my husband's face) and that her sister's child doesn't have a job and just got a DUI last month. My husband and I both have held the same positions as police officers since we were 21 yrs old. She constantly rides our ass about money too. I like being a plain officer, I don't want to be a sergeant or anything higher. I do not need to put rot my stomach out over other people's problems like she did last year. And here I was, nice old me, praying for her to get better. Old bitch, I should have sneaked in and pulled the plug! That old bat will never croak, she lives to make others crazy like her. She needs a double dose of that Wellbutrin (sp?) she takes. Shit, take the whole bottle for all I care. My husband would never say, but I think he is also waiting for the day she croaks. Secretly, he will dance a jig when no one is looking.

Future Mother In Law 12

Let me start by saying that I really do love and care about this women. She has done many nice things for me over the years but, she just not right in her head! She is sooo immature and selfish. She has probably worked like 4 years in her whole life as a SINGLE mother. She is now almost 50 years old and living with her 84 yearold mother! Let me rephrase that her elderly mother is taking care of HER! Its so selfish the last years of HER mothers life she is going to put a strain on her emotionally and financially. She brought her two teenage daughters to live in the home too. This women (MIL) keeps her house DISGUSTING! Her old house could have been condemned and she keeps her "room" aka basement just as gross. She has SIX, yes SIX cats living in the basement (yeah yeah someone should call animal control...i know!)She changes the TWO litterboxes she has for all SIX of them, one time per week! WTF?!? It is soo gross. She also controls and manipulates her children its really sad. Her oldest daughter has been caring for her and her younger siblings her entire life! She is in her early twenties and her mom (MIL) told her she is too immature to move out! This girl has been parenting herself, her mother and siblings her entire life. Everytime DF and I get in a fight she is involved. We were both living at her old house when we had our first fight (about 3 years ago) and she kicked ME out! Then we got in another big fight and seperated, We moved out of our house and DF moved back in with the Wacko family temporarily. I was no "allowed" in the house?!?? JESUS CHRIST...I am not her biggest fan either but, I would never say she wasn't allowed in MY house because I love DF and respect DF. She is way OVER INVOLVED in her children's lives because she doesnt have one. She has been unemployed for years and never leaves the house. Two failed marriages, three kids from two different dads that she cant support! She is more like a peer than a mother. She actually WANTS her 23 yearold son back at home with her! How healthy is that?? I am done

His Family 13

ok no hate mongering ok how about loathing? how about just wanting to be left alone and not having to be obligated to be around people who are a waste of life because he wants to be around them. they do nothing for us and I'd like to do nothing for them. They didn't give us any wedding presents yet some of his siblings who are getting married this year and he feels obligated to give them a present and spend hundreds to travel there why they don't treat you or I with love and respect and affection like a family is SUPPOSED to. They are useless bastards and bitches who should just be stuck on an island somewhere so they can just sit there and stare at each other and never laugh or converse or eat or drink...wastes of life why can't you just go alone to hand out with their lame, ugly asses. ugh!

mother in law 14

My mother in law is a bitch she is a lying bitch she has lied in me to people in the community and sometimes to my husband my husband does not listen to her but she is sooo bitchy I dont want to live any where near her but i do she is married to a man who tried to rape her 14 year old granddaughter a month before they married the granddaughter lives with them but is not be be in the same house alone with him how stupid is that? she judges people saying ugly things about them and the same people think that shes a saint when she goes i think i will probably skip the funeral and hit a bar

Witch Mother-In-Law 15

My Witch Mother-In-Law is manipulative, self-centered, disrespectful, and her behavior is destructive to my marriage and our children. My husband, God bless him, has battled against her several times to correct her horrible behavior. She has learned to be sweet as pie if he's in my presence and to make petty comments when he's out of earshot. She tried to brainwash our son that he has but two cousins, simply because she can't get along with her sister, both of whom fight incessantly over their parents' estate. I side with the sister, for the most part. At any rate, it took me WEEKS to convince my son that he had many cousins, many friends from my husband's side of the family, as well as my own. She's accused me, not my husband, mind you, of alienating our son from the family. Our son has severe allergies and asthma, which means some holidays are missed, some birthdays are missed. She thinks what she wants is more important than us prioritizing our son's medical condition. And this, folks, is just the tip of the iceberg. She's a Witch Mother-In-Law, and I feel better just getting it off my chest here. Thank you.

my daughter-in-law of 24 years 16

I have tried for 24 years to deal with a arrogant, alcoholic (although dry right now) daughter-in-law. It would take too much time to go into the grief and pain she has caused my son, my family. My son was all set to leave her two years ago but the had a child that was only five years old. Yesterday my daughter-in-law called me a coward. I have been taking care of her children for at least twenty years, gave them money when she overspent, etc

in-laws 17

I have in-laws who are BOTH Ministers. Well educated, liberal, and stone deaf to anyone "beneath them". Yup, I wasn't liked fro DAY old, to divorced, to many kids. you name it. After 5 years of marriage to one of their 3 daughters, adopting her child, having one more (on top of the 6 I already have), I'm about to commit suicide just to piss them off...or give them (and her) a WAKE UP CALL. Sometimes I think these people are so dumb, they wouldn't come it out of the rain! After 5 years of marriage to their kid, we are "inches" away from Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and NONE of the "get it". My Princes Wife, her folks think that we can run credit cards through the roof, live above our means, and then wonder why no bills are currently getting paid. When I raise the issue of LIVING WITHIN OUR MEANS....boy do I get a long look! When I talked to my wife about Chapter 13, guess she talked to her folks, and then I get...get this...WHY can't I declare Chapter13, and let her slide? Ummm, she's got $7000 on credit cards, and doesn't have a friggin clue, and it hasn't been paid in 3 months! She went out and got a job after staying home for 3 years with our baby, then decided to put BOTH kids in Day priced day care lately? She comes home with $70 every two weeks after deductions, and thinks she's doing "her part"? If I stick a gun to my head, think they'll get it then? And you wonder WHY the divorce rate in the US is OVER 50% today? Here is a damn good reason why....I keep telling them ya can't spend more than you make...after 5 years of marriage....we are doomed!

Mother-In-Law 18

My mother-in law, she is constantly on my case with her high pitched voice that never stops yapping. She is constantly telling me what she did, what she is doing and what she will do when she'll do it, HOW she'll do it, with WHOM she'll do it, and WHY. I MEAN FREAKIN SHUT YOUR TRAP! I don't wanna hear her go on and on and on when I come home from work. Every single freakin night, or morning, IM BORED, IM TIRED, IM DEPRESSED. COME ON! She goes everywhere, she's never home. Then she tells us IM BORED! When we confront her, she's just like, ya i know but i'm still depressed. I wanna spend more time with you guys now. PLEASE!!! GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK WILL YA! I don't care how much pepper you put, or what color shoes you wanna wear. Just get off my back. Every morning, I didn't sleep last night, do something with me. I'm home alone. Well Hello! We're working all day! Plus she has to do the same things I do and she is more than twice my age. She wants to come everywhere with me. Do everything with me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Then she tells everyone oh no one takes care of me. I'm alone, blah blah blah. WOULD YA STOP COMPLAINING!

mother-in-law 19

she just called me and started yelling at me. she respect me or not?!!! what the hell are you?!!! why did you talk about my second son to some other people?!!! truth is that her first son did. I was just there when he was talking. and mother-in-law really love her second son even though he has hit her in front of me. I am angry about her character. she hurts someone by saying anything she wants to say. she does not care how listener feels. how damn like this person live this world.

mother in law 20

I can't stand my mother-in-law. The problem is, I truly love my live-in boyfriend of 12 yrs. (I call her a mother in law because it's just like we're married, her son and I) She is domineering, overbearing, a bitch, needy, pathetic, sneaky, lying, cheating, jealous, backwards -- uh, you name it, she's it. What am I gonna do? I love her son -- I just don't see how anything as good as him could have come out of that creature!!! If he knew I was writing this, he would be hurt, because he actually loves his mother, but I can't help it. I have to vent somewhere. She's a cross between Elvira and a worn out voodoo queen!! Ha. Thanks for listening.

Father In Law 21

My father in law is the biggest jerk that I've ever met! We've lost everything because of this greedy asshole, and his favoritism of his other son, a drug dealer. It all started when he "gave" us a house for a wedding present. He'd done the same for the crackhead, at his wedding, a few years back. One month later, he called to tell us that he "wanted to take some money out of the house, and the appraiser was coming in three days to inspect it." Next thing we know, our gift is now costing us twice what he said it would. He took the money, to buy a new, fully loaded Suburban fot the dirtbags wife. She's a real bitch, and Daddy Dearest claimed to despise her, but that didn't stop him from buying her fat ass a truck worth 50 grand, and handing us the tab for it. It gets worse, too. Our dog had a litter of puppies, and I refused to give her one of them. She called Animal Control on me, and told them that I was starving the puppies! The next day, Daddy came by, and demanded that I treat her with more respect, on count of her being Doper's wife. My husband told his dad to butt out of our business, we want nothing to do with them. Later on, Doper was busted smoking crack in front of his kids, and Daddy told the cops that he'd gotten it from us! Our house was ransacked, we were condemned by our neighbors, and humiliated beyond reason. Of course they found NOTHING on us. Doper got off scot- free. They didn't do shit to him. On top of that, Daddy demanded that we take drug tests, to prove to him that we weren't doing anything. He made the shit up, and now he insists on this? I told him to get a court order, or go fuck himself. I no longer saw any reason to treat this asshole with one iota of respect.The final straw came five months ago. The bitch left Doper for a richer criminal, and so Doper wouldn't have to pay the consequences for marrying the bitch in the first place, he threw us out of the house, and gave it to her. He was taking all of our money in the form of rent, so we couldn't have afforded to move, sooner. He knew that, and used us until we had nothing more for him to take. Even after he chucked us out, he demanded that we keep up the payments until the divorce was final. That way, only we suffer, and they get a free ride. Needless to say, we haven't given him a cent. This is absolutely true. All I have to say to Daddy is that I hope he loses his ass, and comes begging to us for help. Nothing would please me more than slamming the door in that bastard's face.

Mother-In-Law 22

MIL thinks her family is the best thing in the world. When she and my FIL got pregnant with my husband (an only child), they had no money saved up for emergencies. MIL got sick and was in the hospital for 6 months, and they owed $17,000 in medical bills. Churches had benefits for them, and they were on welfare. Sad as it is, now she seems to think welfare is the key to our lives. We don't want to have children until we have a nice home, and a nice savings account. She said, "Don't worry, you should just have children now and go on welfare." I doubt we'd qualify making $68,000. This just pisses me off SO much. SO SO much. She thinks I should be a baby-making machine. I'm 23, and finishing my Master's degree. AS IF I have time to be preganant of have children. She's such a damn religious fundie, that she, in addition to telling us to go on welfare, says, "You don't need to be so responsible, God will provide." This is why there are so many welfare mothers... because of PEOPLE LIKE HER. People who take ADVANTAGE of the government and are financially and otherwise irresponsible. She has NO BRAIN.

She's also a control freak. Before we were married, we were visiting his parents and he was going to pick up something at a store that he had purchased. It was misting. MISTING. And she said, "I said you can't go because it's misting." He said he was still going. She said, "I'm your mother, I bore you, controlled you, and will ALWAYS control you." His dad told him to go, so we started to leave, we were out the driveway, and his mom drove her brand new car after us. Or at least she tried. She drove it right into their mailbox. HEAD ON. She wasn't even backing up! We kept going. Serves her right. Moron-control-freak-financially irresponsible-lazy ass.

She also told me I would never use my college degree. Imagine that. I just got hired somewhere, USING MY DEGREE. Just because she chose to answer phones at min. wage when she has a B.A. doesn't mean that I'll be like that. When I can't fall asleep at night, I dream about kicking her in the face. Then I have wonderful dreams!

Monster-In-Law 23

I have the worst mother-in-law. It has taken me five years to see the light, but I finally see her for what she is. A bitch.

When I married my husband, she controlled the arrangements - why? because she paid for it. I didn't even want a big wedding. A small celebration. Very intimate. But she had so many friggin people to invite. So she got her way. My daughter was born four months after my wedding. The bitch-in-law never took one single picture of me with my new born child. When I looked through the pictures she said she didn't take them because I was in my pajamas!!! Can you believe her bullshit excuse? What was I supposed to wear - an evening gown?

This woman for the past few years has made it abundantly clear that her three sons mean the world to her. She is so fake and phony. She tries to tell me how to parent. I have two well-behaved, beautiful, smart children and she has three boys who can't communicate with women and the only one who is married is my husband. The other two can't get a girl. So who should be giving parenting advice?

She constantly throws her money at us and says she wants to help. I've tried to sever the ties of dependency, but my husband truly wants her money. It's frustrating.

This past summer we went on vacation. It was an idea my husband and I had: to take the kids on vacation... NO NO NO... she wanted to take all of us on vacation. Not just me and my husband and my two children, but her other sons. The whole trip was about her three kids. At one point she asked my husband to get in a picture with her two other sons. He told her NOT NOW MOM. Because he knew it was not the right thing to do. She said, "OK, LATER THEN". Give me a break.  After we got home she showed me the pictures of our vacation that she took. Not one picture of me!! Not 1! Not as a family, not with my children, not with my mother... nothing! She's a fucking ruthless bitch!

She gave me the disc to her pictures so that I could print out the ones I wanted, and I saw a beautiful picture of me and my son in it!! She never printed it.  I hate her and I don't know what to do!!

In Laws from Hell 24

He is some hot-shit scientist with OCD who is more like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, desperately in need of involuntary admittance to the looney bin. She is a manipulative, lying, possibly drug addicted, fugly HAG who is constantly snowing her two boys, who don't believe me when I point out to them at the time she's doing it, what an F-ing liar she is. Bad enough she insulted my sister IN the church and got jacked up on her various "pain medications" and alcohol at the rehearsal, then she invaded my bridal room at the wedding and would not leave, and basically showed my friends and family what a horrible hag she is. We all can't stand her, but my husband insists that most people LOVE her and think she's the cat's meow. ARGH!

Later on, despite my husband telling his parents quite specifically that the doctor said I was not to be stressed out AT ALL while trying to carry my baby to term and experiencing preeclampsia and that they were NOT to mess with me, they decide that moment is the perfect time to start a knock-down-drag-out fight with me - because I refused to endure their bullshit. Suffice it to say, I was admitted to hospital within 36 hours and my daughter arrived 6 weeks early, causing me to have to leave the hospital without my baby since she had to stay there for over a week, having to undergo an emergency c-section, and those two lunatics cornering me in the nursery (the nurse hadn't realized I was trying to have them removed), and they both deny that they had any culpability for causing the circumstances that endangered both me and my child's life. Despite my insistence that they apologize verbally - and in writing - they refuse to acknowledge that their actions in any way shape or form caused me any harm whatsoever.

Now they are coming, conveniently ON my daughter's birthday, and wonder why I am so against it. Gee! Could it possibly because I STILL want to kill those jerks because of how her birth came about?

I should have killed the old man when I had the chance. I was heavily pregnant and needed crutches for a broken ankle, visiting the old bat in hospital after a back surgery, when he goes completely wacko, screaming at his kids and me in front of the hag crying in her hospital bed saying how he was going to have us all arrested and charged with a multitude of things like "practicing medicine without a license" (we wanted her to go to a rehab facility before going home) and "elder abuse" (we wouldn't kiss his ass) et al. I could have, and should have, clubbed him with my crutches. The hospital staff would have testified on my behalf that if I hadn't, they would have killed him. Between that, the hormones, the lack of pain meds for a broken ankle, I figure no jury would have convicted me. But NOOOOO! I had to think of my husband first. I must have been a freaking idiot to pass up my opportunity! ARGH!

And now, they are about to descend upon us. Maybe I'll get lucky and their "trip" out here will have a detour by way of their sudden trip to the morgue. Why won't those two crazy old lunatics just DIE already? Part of me thinks that when the world is about to die out, all that will remain are the cockroaches, Keith Richards and my freaking in-laws! I pray for their quick demise and hope that no one else EVER has in-laws as bad as those two jerks!

selfish people 25

My fiancé's mother has been pissing me off, I'm on the verge of screaming at her. The stupid bitch first has the nerve to tell his dad behind our backs that she doesn't like us living together. Tells me what a good influence I am on her son to my face. She dropped by one day unannounced saying she forgot our phone#, then gets pissed b/c we both work and she needed someone to put his little brother's bed together. He told her give me a day a few days ahead and i'll come do it. so the bitch calls on a Saturday when she knows i work all day and he spends time at my parents, then calls his fucking dad telling him that she asked 3 times and she's pissed cause he blew her off. What the fuck? Supposedly she already put the bed together before by herself, so why not do it this time. She acts like she's too old and fragile to do anything, for christ's sake, she's only in her mid 40's and not disabled or anything. The dad is the one doing everything to get the divorce finalized. she says she just want's it to be over with but hasn't lifted a finger to do anything about it. She's always "tired". So am i, but i work 2 jobs however i don't expect everyone to do everything for me. She's immature and doesn't even call unless she needs something, she moved herself and my fiance's special needs little brother into a bad neighborhood, b/c "she likes the apt". She's a fucking idiot and really shouldn't have custody of the little brother. She's all about getting money from the dad, no matter if he'll be broke on his ass. Sorry but do you not care about if your son will be able to eat well and do fun stuff while he's with his dad? oh that's right your a hateful bitch who's so self absorbed that you don't care about your son's wellbeing, cause well it's all about you, cause your soooo fucking important. It's sad when parents are more immature than their children. and it's also sad cause she probably won't be able to live on her own for long considering this is the first time her life that's she's ever had to do so and i doubt she can manage her money responsibly enough. By the way, I'm only 23 and i'm a hell of alot more grown up than she is. I've been living on my own since i was 17, and because of her faulty parenting, i had to "reprogram" her son and teach him how to be a responsible adult, and to manage his feelings better. I wanna tell her what a fuck up she is, but don't b/c well she just wouldn't listen. Anyways, thanks for reading I had to get that off my chest.

future mother in law 26

My future mother in law has my finance connected at the apron strings. This would be the only reason that i wouldn't marry him. He would need to put me and our family, first. And with her whining ways, i don't think that he could do it. What ever we are remodeling in our home, she says "i would like "" too". Like we are responsible for her home remodeling?? She is so used to getting what she wants, that she can talk my fiancé into doing all of her chores, even changing batteries in a flashlight??? What a lazy bitch! I have been with my finance for a year and a half, and getting married soon. Thank GOD, and i say that with great happiness, that she lives 5 hours away! Great for me, but when she calls and talks to my fiancé at dinner time, it ticks me off. She is not talking about anything important. She did this also when we were dating. I think it is rude. She thinks its ok to tell us that she doesn't like the fact that we are changing things in the house that she lived in for 30 years. It is my fiance's and i's now. And she can not tell us what to do, and what we can't. I should come first in my future husbands life, and we should be making decisions together. Not with her input. To the mother in laws that can't shut up: I say BUT OUT, GET A HOBBY!!!! We don't need your opinion on how to live our lives. We are grown adults, and you need to be invited over, not assume that you can come over when ever you want! Thank GOD that grandparents have no rights when it comes to grandchildren. She is an alcoholic, and i don't think that she would be a good infuence on our children. I want to bring up children knowing that drinking and smoking will get you no where but in a miserable place. And no one will want to be around you! GOD BLESS ALL OF THE DAUGHTERS IN LAWS WHO HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS CRAP, AND HAVING HUSBANDS WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BECOME ONE, AND PUT ALL OTHERS ASIDE, WHEN YOU GET MARRIED!!! HUSBANDS: CUT THE APRON STRINGS, AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE PROMISES YOU MADE BY PUTTING US FIRST!!

rotten sister in laws 27

I am sick and tired of my sister in laws. I always call them the evil three. Because that is what they are. My husband and i have our share of problems, like most couples. But they feed on it. And every time we work out whatever is wrong at the time, they seem to zone in it psychically or something because they call and then the trouble starts again. And when i tell my husband that every time he talks to one of them his attitude changes and we fight he doesn't believe me. And also I have told him that the ridicule me for everything I do or have done. He doesn't believe me because it's not done in front of him and if it is they seem to put it in a joke to make it look as it they are just kidding. But like i said when I'm alone with them then the fangs come out. And I have to be nice and not say anything because I take it out of context or nothing they say is right even if they put it nicely to me is what they tell my husband. And he believes it. I don't get it. I went as far as telling him that when something happens to him either I will notify them and then not let the into the hospital or funeral. Or I won't let them know until everything is said and done. Just to see them suffer/. And he says that I am Satan. Ha I think not. I"m so sick of them butting into our lives, our problem, everything. It always has to be their business too. I one day told his sister that whenever he talks to her he changes in personality. And then be goes and gets drunk. She says oh no honey he does that because of you. Ok sure. I'm not the one who knows he has a drinking problem and gets him the alcohol and encourages him to drink and tell him that his ok and that I'm the one that's nuts and not to listen to me. If i only had the money id get rid of the three of them once and for all. To be in the mafia would be nice about now.

Children 28

I really wish my in-laws would stop pestering my Husband and I about having children. I don't hate kids, but I just really don't want to have kids.. it's just not my thing. I am sick of people acting as though we are horrible for not wanting to have children. Just because we are married does not mean I have to get knocked up... it's really stressing my husband and I out... and I am sick of everyone badgering us about it, and I wish they would STOP!! If they want a baby around so badly, then they need to think about adoption.

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My father in law 29

First off, he made the comment that women's right to vote is fairly new and they think that they can speak out about everything. i was raised not to hold my tongue for anyone. if you believe you are right, then you should say you are and why. (i can not change myself and my husband doesn't want me to.)

Second, he recently gave us some furniture, but he didn't tell us he was giving it until my husband called him for something else. and we have to make plans with them a week in advance where as their rules don't apply to us. i believe that our courtesies to him should be the same as us. but i let it slide. maybe they are changing, no, they just needed someone to help them with a heavy assed 3000 table they bought themselves for the new family (my husband i married in Sept. and these events recently happened before thanksgiving. which brings me to the next point.)

Third, on Thanksgiving, he and his wife (the same two that turned their backs on their family in a different state, including his own son. they lived a lie for three years and when they came out my husband was at an age that he could take care of himself- 14 - i can't make this up. he literally said that! i don't know about other people, but when my mother died and left me alone (against her will of course .. unlike she running off with another man... kind of like what my husband's dad did) well my mom died when i was 16. i was too young to be left alone. so, as for his dad saying that about his son, he is just trying to justify something that he knows he did wrong. he tries to fool himself for his own happiness. something happened to him somewhere for some reason and he is making up for it by buying a bunch of stuff that only gives him momentary happiness. he told me that the only family he has is his father, wife , son, step daughter ( whom likes my husband alot still years later) and her husband. where are the rest of the people? he didn't say anything about his sisters (whom i didn't know about until my husband took me to their house.. and i was surprised) my father in law is very closed minded. very and i can't deal with that.

well, back to thanksgiving. i have a 4 year old son that doesn't eat meat. this is not a choice i made, he just doesn't favour meat. my brother was the same way. well, my father in law was trying to make him eat some turkey and my son was eating other things. ... oh yeah and he was playing with toys before we sat down to eat.. so he was still busy with the toys in his mind. he didn't want to take time out to eat. well, my step mother in law (my real mother in law is in a different state and she is great.... she makes up for what my inlaws here in the same state don't do.) well, my step mother in law was trying to discipline my son for not eating. i informed them that my son doesn't eat meat, and they looked at me like i just told them that someone died. they were shocked and said that they never knew a boy that didn't eat meat. so now we (i mean his father in law) decided that christmas is going to be at the step sister's house. (cause it is new to the family and blah blah blah) well, he also decided that since my son doesn't eat that we should come AFTER lunch. i am not making that drive for 45 minutes to open presents, listen to the great things he has bought everyone else and blah blah blah. we are having christmas at my house with my family.

which brings me to my next point . my family is the best. we all have our probs issues and stuff with eachother but we don't resent and exclude people for it. we accept it and work with it. since my son doesn't eat meat, we make special food for him so he can join us. my family has accepted my new husband with open arms and they love him. that is awesome and i wish i could get that in his family. but now he wants to move to a different state to get away from them. don't know what makes me angry the most other than just the fact that he is always that thorn in my ass that makes my life hard. i am very family orientated and because of what his father did, my husband isn't ... and that is sad. maybe that is the reason that i am mostly mad but it makes me sad too.

mother in law 30

My mother in law is a wicked bitch. She has lived with my husband and I for two years out of the eight we have been married. She is not content unless the rest of the family is miserable. My husband tells me that he cant stand her and tried to run away when he was five, but he never stands up to her. When we got married she told me I was the worst thing that happened to her son. The day my son was born she told me she couldnt stand me, now mind you this is her only grandchild. she is so passive aggressive, she smiles while she sticks the knife in my back. I wish my husband I could move far far away from her, but she would just follow.She is single and hasnt dated in years and now I know why, no one can stand her noy even her own son.

Sister-In-Law CONTROL FREAK ass! 31

My sister -in-law is driving me to request a controlled substance from my doctor/pharmacist. She only calls when she needs a favor or to lecture me about her brothers' finances. I have held back sharing my honest heartfelt response to this behavior....however, without the trip to the aforementioned doc/drugstore,I doubt I will be able to maintain my cool too much longer...Her self righteous attitude is most annoying,especially because,she is a huge hypocrite ,who does the identical things that she accuses her brother of(but refuses to admit it to herself?)

She and her father both,come to my home and tell me what is wrong,in their opinion,with my husband ...and expect me to fix it. Like he is simply a robot I program,or a marionette whose strings I pull.....Hey FREAKS! Ya gotta problem with my ol'man-well,discuss it WITH HIM! Not me!

I do not control your son/brother...Oh and BTW Miss. DIVORCED sister in law,who is now sleeping with a man who IS STILL LEGALLY MARRIED to someone else...enough with the friggi'n marriage advice,I did not ask for it,and don't care to hear it from someone who would not know a decent relationship -if it came up and smacked her on her self righteous,judgmental,control freak head!

Last year,she confided that her father was not leaving her anything in his will,that his entire estate would go to her two sons,well,he would need to disinherit her brother and herself for that to happen,so if she wants me to buy that load of crap,she is more of an idiot than she thinks I am!

Also,her semi retired father,who had quite a large hospital bill to pay off,was considering bankruptcy to get rid of the debt.As he was concerned about possibly loosing his home.I did a little research and told SIL that he should not worry,as he was making regular payments,he is a senior citizen with only the home that he lives in.
Well,CF SIL ,convinced him to put his home in HER NAME ONLY-as a safety measure....therefore,her brother has basically been disinherited-When I mentioned that to her,she said her parents had done lots for her brother over the years-which told me -she is fine with it. guess I need to add GREEDY and SELF CENTERED to the list.....grrrrrrrr

Sister In Law 32

I am so angry at/with my sister in law. She is the cause of so much trouble in this family. If ever there was anyone that deserved no pity or sympathy it's her, because she simply refuses to learn from her mistakes. Repeating the same mistake twice is almost acceptable. I know a lot of people who have to get into to trouble with something once or twice to get it through their thick heads, but this woman is phenomenal!

er biggest problem is that she and her "partner" (just get married for God's sake! You've 3 kids together, what's holding you back? Oh wait, must be the way you're scamming the system!) smoke enough marijuana to provide smoke cover for all of Iraq. Not to mention that they have no idea how to manage a red cent.

 was told just yesterday, that she called her mother (my MIL who's another pain in the ass, but that's a different post) who's staying with us, and blasted her because of her crappy childhood, how in debt they are, why her life sucks, what a rotten mother she was, about how I went to my room a hundred times on Boxing Day, etc. The woman is shameless. If I didn't despise her so, I'd be impressed.

First off, honey, you're childhood was no worse than your brothers' and they both turned out fine. What's your problem? Oh you didn't get braces to correct those disgustingly crooked and rotten teeth in that hole in your face? You know what? A lot of kids grow up without orthodontics, you're not alone, and adults can get them too, so no reason you can't get them fixed now. Perhaps if you tried taking better care of them, you'd have some to fix, instead of blaming pregnancy for your dental woes. You didn't get enough attention being the middle child? Probably if you hadn't holed yourself up in your room and stayed away from your family for as long as you could when you could, you'd have probably had more attention.

Second, you're $60,000+ in debt because you can't manage your money. It's that simple. You're so busy soothing your wounded soul trying to keep up with the Jones', not to mention your inability to shop around and get a decent price, that you'll never be debt free. Ever hear of layaway, you idiot? Ever hear of doing without for a while, you selfish moron? Let's not forget the fact that you spend God knows how much on cigarettes and pot, and from the looks of you and your "partner", other substances as well, compounded with the kilometers you elect to travel to obtain these things. It all adds up. Don't you understand simple math? Your 8 year old daughter could probably do up a household budget for you if it's too difficult or bothersome for you to try doing.

Third, yoúr life sucks because you make it suck. Very damn little in life happens to you that you have nothing to with. Nearly everything that happens to you is the direct result of a decision or choice you've made. But YOU, you think everything just happens to you because you've got bad karma or because the whole world is just out to get you. Oh please. Karma is something that happens from one life time to the next, so if you're receiving your karmic rewards, then you must have been something else in the last life. Don't see your next life being much different. You need to grow up, take some responsibility for your actions, and learn the system of Cause And Effect.

Fourth, your mom may not have been the mother you wanted her to be, but I doubt that anyone could have. For someone with 3 kids of their own, for the life of me, I don't understand why you can't be a little more forgiving of your parents alleged mistakes. You yourself should know that kids do not come with instruction manuals, and they certainly don't come with a guarantee. No two of them are alike, so you can't really use the first born as a test run for the rest of them. Every time you eject another screaming mouth to feed into your life, you start over. You should know this. You yourself have said that none of your 3 have been alike. You stupid dumb pathetic thing. Why don't you listen to the words that fly out of your own mouth before you skin your mother over things that happened decades ago. Again, GROW UP. And get some counseling if you can't handle your childhood memories, because laying into your mother over things that she did or didn't do that she's apologized for over and over, just makes her unbearable, which affects all of us. But of course, you wouldn't care about that, because you are such a selfish witch that you think of no one but yourself.

Fifth, by the time Boxing Day had rolled around, I'd already been entertaining your mother and father, your brother and his girlfriend, your cousin, and my husband (your other brother, remember him?) for nearly a week. Up until midnight cooking so that there would be enough to go around the next day, shopping and wrapping presents, keeping the laundry kept up, making sure the house was at least tidy, not easy to do amidst , guests, holiday crap AND renovations. Combine all that stress with your first visit EVER, with your whining kids and your wonderful wit and sparkling personality (not), I had the most spectacular headache, the kind that make you want to throw up everything you've eaten since you were 2. I HAD to go to my room, where it was quiet and relatively dark, so that I could make it through the day. But, of course, it's never about anyone else, it's only all about YOU.

And let's just discuss some of the elements of this YOU business, shall we? We have lived in this house for nearly 2 years. For one of those two years, you lived not 20 minutes away from us. We never saw you or heard from you, unless WE came to see you or called you. You NEVER once made any attempt to be social unless you wanted something. Money, firewood, help with moving. And it's the same for your parents. They never heard from you unless you wanted to flog them for your problems, or need money because once again your "partner" decides he can't be bothered spending less than 5 minutes and $13 for E-tag to go into the city, so he cops a whopping $250 fine, in a car that's registered in YOUR NAME so that the fine is in YOUR NAME. Since neither one of you can be bothered taking any responsibility for anything unpleasant in your lives, you just keep avoiding the letters and warnings, keep adding fine on top of fine, late charges upon late charges, until you have a big fat subpoena to show up in magistrates court, while copping the fines for that as well. But I suppose that's just another thing that happened to you, not what you did to yourself.

And now, you've moved about an hour away. You still don't stop in to see anyone, even though to get your drugs you have to drive directly past your parents house, or come 10 minutes up the road to see us. That would take time away from you getting high, or as you like to term it, "relaxing". You still don't call, unless you want something, and it's never anything easy or anything that doesn't take a lot of juggling on our end to do.

Boxing Day you show up with your tribe and not two minutes in the door, it's "cmon kids, let's go open presents." if there wasn't any loot for your brats, you'd have never shown up. And what about your very elderly and ailing grandparents? You have to go past their place as well, and you only call in to see them once a year, at Christmas. You never make any attempt for them, yet when the family farm went up for sale you saw $$. The only reason nan and grandad saw you Boxing Day was because nan had gone through her jewelry and wanted to give you something. Were it not for that, and the fact that your parents and siblings sort of rode you about going to see them, you wouldn't have called in then either.

You complain that your life is terrible, that you have nothing, that everyone is against you. Well, your life is what you make of it. What more do you want? You have every toy and play thing you could ever buy. Even though he's completely worthless, you have a "partner", who's still with you. You have a nice car. You have a nice home. You have 3 beautiful girls. You think your brother and I have everything handed to us on a platter, but you're so wrong. We've worked hard for what little we've got. Yes, we own a house, but it's not flash, and the next time your cleaning the 2 toilets you have inside your house, think of us having to go outside in the wind and rain to use our toilet. The next time you do your washing at home, think about me lugging my laundry to the Laundromat while counting out the change I've saved all week. Next time you go to change the channel on one of your 3 or more tv's, think your brother and I watching our one tele that ís about to go with little hope of replacement anytime soon (hello layaway). Next time you vacuum your house with your buy now-pay later machine, think of the entire year we had ours on layaway. Next time you go to the grocery store and load up on all that junk that you buy (yes, we've all seen the CRAP you bring home for your kids) think about why it takes me so long to shop for our meager lot because I'm comparing prices and working it out to get the most for our money. Must be nice to spend over $200 at the grocery in one pop. I have to make $75 last for almost two weeks. The next time you tuck your girls in to bed and give them a goodnight kiss, think about me and your brother and how we've been trying for 3 years to have kids, unsuccessfully, which kills our souls. You take so much for granted, so MANY for granted.  When will you ever learn?  YOU'RE MISERABLE AND IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

sadistic and irritating father-in-law 33

I dont understand why his father is so damn sadistic and irritating, ...before marriage i never had this opinion about him, ..but after marriage, i knew the true nature of my Fil, ..he never encourages , and always discourages and insults, i feel like shouting back at him, " jjust mind ur business and get lost" , he is not worth being a father ...because of his great parenting, his son (my husband) has grown to become a insecure person with many complex, never had he encouraged his son and has always insulted him, but nevertheless, my husband has always been devoted to his father, but sometimes i feel he is doing this out of helplessness coz his mother died and his dad is alone, his father relishes to hear if we had a argument or fight over phone, such a sadist, i feel like telling him, "JUST SHUT UP YOU SADIST, MARRIAGE DESTROYER"

Sister in law 34

This girl actually had the nerve to tell me she cannot wait until I look like shit while giving birth to my son. She said that is why she is coming to the hospital which was five hours from her house. During my maternity leave, she calls me as I am home, sleep deprived, sporting one-hundred stitches in the crotch, and goes on and on about this and that and then has to go without even asking me how I feel, since I just gave birth 2 weeks ago. And in the midst of her ranting about my husbands parents which are also her in-laws, I stop her and say look, they did a lot for us and the baby, maybe you could go easy on them. To that her response is, we know exactly what your son got because we got the same amount of gifts he did. Wow what nerve. Plus during her courtship with my husbands brother, he would very often blow her off, like most men do, and I would take pity, like a fool, and ask her to come with me and my husband for dinner and drinks. little did I know I was petting the back of a snake. she also informed me when I was fifty pounds overweight, that everyone in her office is so jeleous of her. she said the one girl actually bought the same vehicle she has. by the way she has an old run down vehicle. To top it all off, I finally stopped returning her calls and after the fifth call, she reported to my in-laws there is obviously something wrong with our phone. can you believe it. oh and i forgot she was so pissed off at everyone in the family because we did not acknowledge her anniversary. let me tell you the wedding was in vegas where her future husband would not come out of the hotel room because the lights and slots were making him nausious. Oh and she informed us all that he ordered porno while he was in his room alone mind you. she was with us. oh so, this idiot is mad at me and my husband because we don't call the freak back. now the story gets worse. she is pregnant now. guess what i did not even call. i did send a simple email and got her a small gift for christmas. let me tell you she already gained fifty pounds and she is only three months preganant. zits all over her face and she cannot breath because she is so big. what a real jerk. i am disappointed that i could not have a nice sister in law. what a waste and what a pain in my butt.. i have to deal with this crazy woman every christmas???? help me... i cannot do it. this is a real nightmare. did i mention her husband does not have a job, and they have a one hundred and seventy pound rotwiller that eats there entire house. she thinks the baby will be fine. yikes. i really hate this psycho.

Ok, I forgot a few things that are still bothering me about my dreadful sister in law. I am trying to get rid of this baggage without counseling, excessive drug and alcohol consumption, or confronting her. I did try and air my concerns and of course she turned everything around and took no responsibility. This was over email though. Anyway, I forget to mention the fact that my sister in law was pissed off at the entire family for forgetting her wedding anniversary. Oh my god.... How could we. She said she remembers everything. So I gave her and her husband a two kitchen tables, a washer and dryer, and a new double bed. Well, recently, my own loving very thoughtful parents were convinced to unload my fathers work truck to make room for this double bed that we no longer needed and hall it six hours to the psycho sister in laws house. Guess what, she did not REMEMBER to say thank you. How freakin funny.... But I will tell you what she called 5 times to let me know how depressed she was and what a waste her husband is and her in laws. Wow what an idiot I have been for these three or four years. I cannot even keep track. All i know is this situation is so frustrating especially because it dominates my mind. Why do i give her space in my brain??? I want free of this burden. I do not speak to her anymore unless totally necessary. I guess time will heal all.

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This was two postings, but appear to be from the same person.

in-laws 35

My inlaws have never really liked me. I have been with my husband for 7 years and this last year his sister and him got into an fight because she is always putting him down. She went and told everyone in the family that it was all my fault and I made him mad at her. Now no one is really talking to me so when they had a birthday party for her kid my husband decided that I shouldn't go. When he got home he told my his sister-in-law (brother's wife) was all over him which isn't a new thing but wandered why I was mad. I think she is a slut but how do I tell her nicely to leave my husband alone? I don't know how to get along with any of them or do I just tell them to f off.

mother in law 36

I have never known a more manipulative, evil person in my entire life. My husband has an extremely dysfunctional family--if I told anyone they wouldn't even believe me they're so crazy. My mother-in-law uses my husband as her husband. She is incapable of doing anything herself. The clincher is she has a husband, and 4 other children. She has totally taken over our lives. Any attempt to talk to my husband about her only gets us into a horrible fight with his threat to leave and live with her! He states over and over "Mama is not as strong as other people". Believe me, Mama is very strong! She is only 15 years older than him. She called consistently and makes him supper, asked him to come over, take care of all her business, and is "sick" almost everyday. He calls her about 5 times a day and after work everyday goes straight to her house for about 1-2 hours. My hate for her is getting so strong my marriage is in pieces. This morning he left to go to church and Sunday school with her (he's never gone with me). I have even told him, maybe he should leave and go live with her. His comment is she needs him, and is a very weak woman.

Selfish Mother-In-Law 37

My husband and I have been married for over seven years. During this time, my mother-in-law (MIL) has repeatedly told lies about me to other family members, and she has lied to my husband about having done so, as well as lied to him about his brother and wife, who are your basic family and system-sucking sponges.

Over a previous incident in which MIL felt slighted, and later admitted she wasn't but lied about it, my father-in-law (FIL) threatened to disown my husband because MIL was upset and crying over said incident. So, when a new drama unfolded, to wit, she felt I "snubbed" her at a promotion-recognition gathering at my husband's work (he, being promoted), his father once again, three weeks after the fact, informs my husband how she had many tear-filled nights and that they were considering changing the estate, which she inherited from the grandfather my husband was very close to, as well as she had threatened she would no longer "try" and wouldn't call our home anymore. What an empty threat. She doesn't call anyway. After all the lies and melodrama, ask me if I care, other than for my husband's relationship with them. My husband was so disgusted with the charades, he said, "This is ridiculous. I don't even want to go to their home. I'm just not calling them."

The backdrop is that we only go to their home a few times a year because they are very heavy chain smokers. We have small children. Now, they do smoke outside on the few visits we make, but they are constantly outside smoking while we're there, which means they're spending little, if any, time with the kids to begin with. And then we all leave smelling like a horrible casino anyway because their house is so saturated with the carcinogenic stench. THEY ACCUSE ME, not my husband, even though he's verbally expressed his agreement in our decision with regard to the smoking, OF ALIENATING OUR CHILDREN FROM THEM and THAT I USE THE SMOKING AS AN EXCUSE TO STAY AWAY FROM DEAR MIL.

Do the words self-centered, manipulative and destructive ring a bell? I can only thank my amazingly calm and strong husband for protecting his kids, supporting his wife, me, and not lowering his standard of care for his family unit at home to feed this pathetic pitty-party game that my in-laws continually try to play just to get their way so THEY feel warm and fuzzy.

Mother In Law Illiterate 38

I am sorry to have to title the summary like that however, after years of being nice to people I have given up. My mother in law talks about her other son's wife (my sister in law, I already wrote about her)to me. Saying how much she cannot stand her then I find out through my husband that his mom is out to dinner with the sister in law. She refused to invite people to my baby shower because she did not want to seem greedy, however, she is helping plan this girls, whom she hates, at least she tells me this. So without feeling too immature can I just say.... This fat, big breasted (uncomfortably big), ugly, frizzy haired, illiterate (quit school in 8th grade), truck driver (not a joke), can go fuck herself. I would love to take this nasty bitch outside and beat her up "her style", the old fashioned way. Keep in mind I have a master's degree. I have been nice and respectfuly for too long. Oh and she does not even want to hold my son. Perhaps because she is a MAN and seriously struggling with it. She has opinions about my sons well being however, she did not make it past 8th grade. She spent her whole life behind a windshield but she knows a lot about child care and development. What a freakin joke. I guess I am upset because I have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I do not want to let other people bother me however, the older I get the harder it is. So to you Trucker Bitch, let's take it outside because I know for a fact I could kick your fat, nasty, big ass. Fuck off.

Trailer Trash In-Laws 39

I really amazed at what I missed during the first 4 years of my relationship with my Husband. His family seemed nice, normal, a few annoyances but who doesn't have some. Well, the times are a changin. Now I can see a little more clearly since I have been around for a while. First off, my father in law is a racist pig who picks his nose in front of anyone and plays with the booger, He is an old ugly fat, conservative that cannot even spell conservative. He is distressd because my child, his grandson, will be in a school with many different races of children.. HELP ME GOD. His lovely wife who plays innocent to your face is as nasty as him. She has one of those weird relationships with her son, not my husband thank god, where you wonder if she wants to have sex with him. He is the typical druggie and she picks up the pieces so lovingly as he throws his life away. I just learned that they are very pissed because me and their oldest son, moved far away from the pigs. That was the only way I could survive they are so fucking nasty, two faced, dumb, ignorant, rude, and FAT. They expected my husband to raise the druggie his whole life and now big brother is gone and druggie is up to no good. no job, no money, and baby number 1 on the way. oh me oh my, what is a girl to do???? i have decided to tell them to FUCK OFF. In a nicer way off course, i like confusing sarcasm. I am planning something exciting to say when they make their bi-weekly call which I usually don't even answer but now since I just found out they talk about us behind our backs like they do everyone else I think i am going to give them a little scare. I don't know yet what I will say but I have been so nice and considerate all my life and it really doesn't get you anywhere so FUCK IT. They are both so fucking gross I want to fucking puke. It just occured to me that I don't owe them a god damn thing, i had this idea that because they are my in laws i had to be nice and I was fighting the stereotype of the in-laws anyway however, I don't have to be nice, I can be NASTY and love it. I am so fucking sick of bullshit. I hate these assholes, how could i have been so stupid? I am learning.

2 yr old in-laws 40

My MIL and FIL are so fucked up that they need to be buried alive as they have no more function in life. They unfortunately live with us and will never leave. They are vultures who continually rob their own family members, my wife and I in particular. My SHITHEAD FIL has only one tooth, which is nasty as fuck! He wants dentures but refuses to pay for it himself. Instead he puts us on a guilt trip as to how his peers are able to eat normally and that my wife and i should buy the dentures for him. His peers are not as lazy as he is so they can afford dentures. He doesn't have the backbone to go out and sustain a job. He doesn't want to work because he claims he doesn't make enough money. The MIL is a fucking basket case. She cooks dog food for her toothless wonder husband. They both eat nasty food that have been sitting for days uncovered or refrigerated. If the hag doesn't get what she wants (especially money from my wife and I), she starts crying like a mentally unstable baby. These 2 people are ate the hell up. My wife's siblings don't want anything to do with these 2 clowns. They better be happy they have a place to live. They are in their 50's and it's about time they start acting like it.

My sister in law is a lying ass bitch 41

Why am I so angry with her?!?!? My sister-in-law is a lying ass, greedy, two faced bitch! She cheats on her husband, in fact, I've caught the cow doing it! The last kid she has (she has three) isn't even his. It's obvious too. I've caught her frenching her husband's best friend... some friend! She jumps up and wraps her skanky legs around this "friend" in front of everyone. She goes out on country roads and screws this guy, I've caught her. Amazingly, the last kid looks just like him. Does her idiot husband catch on? NO! Dumb ass.

She insults my husband constantly. She connives! Right now she is conniving her way into cheating my father-in-law out of his property and screwing the rest of his children. She's not even his daughter, she's just a daughter in law. F*cking HO!

I'm so sick of her shit. I'm going to get everyone together and bust her ass good and proper. I'm going to tell everyone every thing she has said and done and put a stop to her sneaking in and swiping an eight-one year old man's property! I have had enough! When I get done telling everyone ( I have proof on some things) what she is, she ain't gonna get shit!

Skanky HO!

MONSTER in law with a shameful past 42

When someone you love has a mother that is controlling, EVIL and tries to put everyone down, really makes me angry. If this person would relaize and try to remember her own past, a past that is so embarrassing and shameful, then she would never dare to put others down or better yet dare to open her dirty mouth. I have never met such a MONSTER of a mother in law. She has a face of botox gone bad! Wrinkles are still there on her fat face, not to mention her big butt she cant seem to keep trim. She's been married 4 or 5 times... and all her kids have all different fathers. How nasty is that? That could have been prevented if she would have just kept her legs crossed like a real lady does! Anyway... she is a naty woman that tries to control her children and put down their spouses and I think dirty nasty deformed people like herself should go straight to hell when they pass away. The woman needs to go to church. She is an abuser as well. She beat her kids and let one of her husbands beat on them as well. What kind of Mother was she? She should have been locked up for that. She even took her kids dead father's money when that money should have went to those kids. Yeah she is a real hoochie mama thats for sure! Fat, wrinkled and ugly too!

 In Laws 43

Actually I spent the first year or so of my marriage angry with them. Well, If you are familiar with how in laws typically work, then you know the anger can eat you alive. After sometime of dealing with this I realized that I could take the anger and flip in around on them. So now, they stay angry! Example: I read an earlier posting where someones inlaws would ask them how was work, and once the question was answered, just stare like "that's it?" this led to babbling on the part of the poster. Embarassing indeed. I have taken the approach that any question asked by my inlaws can be answered in three words or less, often only one. So, when they say how is work? I say "good." When they say "that's it? good?" I say "...real good". Then they just give up. Hell, I'm bullet proof! When you ask them how they are doing, you get the "spill". I once had to hear about the MIL's hemmoroids. Yuk. So now when they say how are you? I say "good", and I don't ask that back. Once the MIL said "it must be nice to always be doing good!" I said "it sure is." Oh, it just pisses her off. I love it! I recently went to work with a company that is known for paying very well. My wife and I decided not to tell any of them I had switched jobs. Word of the "new" company truck got over thier way very quickly, and wouldn't you know it. The woman who is always to busy to see her grandkids suddenly has time to make a "special" visit. I watched her make her way to the door when she pulled up. It was funny, she had to make a full circle around the truck to check it out, before knocking on the door, LOL. Anyway here comes the questions:

"nice truck"
"is it a company truck?"
"thats a 40 thousand dollar truck!"
"That doesn't hurt your pay?" ??
"why would it?"

Hee hee, funny.
Another fun thing to do if you have competitive inlaws is to rent really expensive stuff like a huge TV just long enough to make them go buy it. Enter the multi-thousand dollar LCD tv. My BIL and SIL went a put one on a credit card after we had rented one. They thought we bought it. It was a little scheme we cooked up, and holy crap it worked! Damn, that's jealousy. They were kinda at a loss when they found out that we didn't own it, and now they had an extra 3 grand at 21% intrest.  Don't let the inlaws rule you! Use those things that agrrivate you about them to screw them! It's FUN!

Greedy bitch mother in law 44

My mother in law is a total assfuck! she talked us into renting her shitty house and then tells us that there is no heat or air conditioning after the fact! then she refuses to let us take the cost of an air conditioner out of the rent money. i guess she needs money for another retarded horse painting at the expense of her grandchildren suffering from the heat!!! its ok because i guess we can put off paying on the 1000 dollar electric bill we got from using space heaters all winter since you didnt get the heat working either!! thanks for putting us deeper in the hole, you horse obsessed battle axe!

Mother in Law aka the devil 45

This woman has been a major sore spot in my life. She is constantly gossiping about the rest of the family and all of the family's acquaintances. She has yet to say a kind word about anyone she knows. I don't know how to this day, she's kept a single friend in her life. If this weren't my mother in law and just a person I met through work or some other venue, I'd drop kick her ass to the curb in a heartbeat. Even my husband's oldest friends have names for her. Black Widow is just one of the one's I've heard. For starters, when we visited her home in Connecticut together, I kept finding a tube of lipstick on the stairs each night when we'd come home from going out with husband's friends. I couldn't figure out why she was leaving this on the stairs. Then it dawned on me. She was leaving them there to see if I'd actually steal them! Like I'd even want her disgusting used lipstick. Finally, I did take one, I picked it up and threw it in the bathroom garbage. Trust me, she did this everytime and every night. It wasn't just a one time incident. She even did it again on our next visit with our new baby. It finally came to my mind that she did this to see when we got home at night. She wanted us to trip on the freaking thing so she'd hear us come in! That's when I knew, this woman is a bigger control freak than I suspected. I was right, from then on out she did everything in her power to be the BIG KAHUNA of the clan. She has to horn in on every event, have center stage and just HAS to be the first to do something. She has tried so many times over the years to be the first one to give my children this gift or that experience. It's truly sickening how she tried her best to take away my role as mother to my children. Why can't they just sit back and enjoy life instead of steamrolling everyone elses? I just wish she'd die and go back where she came from already.

Sister-In-Law 46

My sister-in-law is a nasty, insecure, sad, sad woman who has nothing better to do with her time than to make our entire family miserable! She holds a grudge against me because I gave birth to my first daughter 12 days before her wedding. She says I "ruined her wedding because I took all the attention away from her." I then said, "That's right I had a baby JUST to ruin your wedding day." To which she responded, "No, you got pregnant to "trap" your husband into marrying you" (unplanned pregnancy). Meanwhile I have been married for 7 years and two kids later.

She went on to tell me my husband hooked up with one of her friends when I was pregnant (which was a LIE) and while I was pregnant everyone in my husbands' family was talking about me.

Despite all of this, I try to make nice for the sake of my neices. She never gives us pictures of our neices. Sometimes does not even invite us to their birthday parties and has missed several of my children's birthdays. When she does show up she regifts the same gift I gave her daughters.

On one visit, before we even walked in the door, (a visit we were personally invited) she decided when we got there that we weren't welcome in the house.

She's a real gem isn't she! I would have told her to screw herself a long time ago if it wasn't for my nieces, who unfortunately, in time will be poisoned against the entire family. FYI She has something against my husband, my mother-in-law and my husband's aunt too. Basically anyone in her husband's family. I refuse to sink to her level, but I don't know how much more I can take! I wish there was a way to never have to see her again but still maintain a relationship with my neices. I know- My brother-in-law just has to divorce the bitch! It would solve all of our problems, including his.

Speed Freak Mother-in-Law 47

Why does she have to be so manipulative?! She acts so "nice" to me to my face but behind my back she is constantly putting me down-even to my own husband! I'm 9 months pregnant with her grandchild and it's been a rough pregnancy. My husband and I seperated for a little while and he stayed at her house during that she thinks what goes on in our relationship is her business and she has been so quick to judge! I'm the one who goes to school all week, work the weekends, take care of the kids i have now, and manages to keep the house together (clean), but somehow everything is my fault and I don't do enough for my family. This coming from a woman who hasn't worked in almost 10 years! It's not like she supports herself, she lives with my father-in-law who divorced her years ago. They have nothing to do with each other, she was given a free ride and along the way she chooses to make the hard-working people in her life miserable. I can't wait to move out of town so that my time dealing with this woman is cut down dramatically!

Stupid In-laws 48

Well it has been 5 years since we have seen you shit heads. MIL you are a control freak, manipulating, lying sack of shit and you wonder why your son won't talk to you and refers to you as "her" or "my mother" in a loathing voice. You never liked me because you lost control of your son and you are mad that someone loves him without controlling him. You are pissed that you are not the number 1 woman in your son's life and you rather see him living in your basement working for you than married and happy with his own life. Father in law well there isn't much to say about you since you are non-existent. Do you realize that your son never felt loved by you? Oh you wouldn't care anyway since you just know it all and rather down your scotch than get to know your son. That's okay keep spoiling your daughter who shits all over you and is a selfish brat who sleeps around. And as for you sister in law thanks for stabbing us in the back. You had no where to go and no one to turn to when we were there for you. And what to you do? You turn around and run back to mommy dearest and bad mouth us. Talk about bite the hand that fed you. Now you and mother in law are two of a kind. You know nothing else but to be controlling little bitches who treat my husband like shit. I hope you are proud of yourself being 23 and living at home mooching off your parents. I bet you'll still be there years from now letting your mother control your every move. Tell me do you have to ask to take a shit too? Must be so nice to be handed everything in life, get drunk all the time, date losers, and be an overall selfish rotten girl who is only in love with herself. Congratulations you're a winner.

One last thing. This especially goes to you mother in law. I hope you're happy with the fact that YOU ruined your relationship with us. When you are old and grey and alone and your daughter is off being the same selfish brat to even care much about ask yourself if it was worth it. Was it worth being such a bitch to not even know your son, daughter in law, and new grandson. Things could have been so much different. Now you have to live with that.

Witch of a Mother In Law 49

When I first met her, I was the daughter she never had. (being the mother of two sons). Then I became her personal slave. Getting her alcohol and cigarettes and doing her chores around the house. Then I became her beating post, when she had a bad day she would come home and dump on me. ( I would always listen and sometimes offer advice ) Now I am her enemy. I have never done anything wrong to her, I have been there through her divorce and all her marital problems and always listened to her. She is an alcoholic in complete denial. She claims to be the "coolest" mom in the world and to have the best kids. Yet she makes her kids do all of her chores around the house and her youngest is failing school and has been in trouble with the police on many occasions. I have never met a woman so manipulative, controlling, and unrealistic as her. She makes up lies to make her self feel better and puts others down. She thinks everyone loves her and respects her, but really they are scared to do otherwise. At times she can be loving and supportive and other times she is destructive and manipulative. My future husband just cant seem to see the light. He thinks I am over sensitive and that I am blowing things out of proportion. It's not the case. She has recently developed a huge hate for me for no reason at all. She is divorced and she really fears being alone. I understand what she is going through, but it is not my fault. I have always respected her and her house. I pay her rent and buy her things all the time and I am never appreciated. I even clean her house all the time. She is lazy and believes everything should be done for her. I mean did she have children or slaves? Now that her children are older and they don't fear being beaten they avoid doing everything she askes. So it becomes my problem and I end up doing all the work. Yet her youngest disrespects me and she treats me like I am worthless. My future husband loves and respects her so when I ask for a sympathetic ear, he tells me he doesn't want to hear it and that I should talk to her. So I tried to sit her down and tell her how I feel and she manipulated it to make it seem like her life is so hard. Poor you, you makes 9,000 a month, your house and cars and bills are paid by you ex, just to shut you up. Wow, all you have to pay for is ur $200/week drinking habit and you 2-pack a day smoking habit. Wow, life's a bitch. Not to mention you get rent from my future husband and I. She has recently tried to exclude me from everything whenever possiable. She has now made us sleep in seperate bedroom because it makes her feel uncomfortable. (we have slept together for the last three years and it never bothered her then.) And she makes me sit with her while she rants on endlessley and we all know how drunks rant. She is the most un-appreciative, manipulating, self centered, controlling, ignornat person I have ever met. Is it heathy to be this way? She is ruining my life and our relationship. I can see us moving out of town to see her less. And boy I can't wait until she gets old. I can not understand how people can be this jaded. Even her own friends and even her father and mother comment on how poorly she treats me. When we have conversations she tell me to stay out of it or shut up and she always pushed me out of the way. I think she puts me down infront of her family and friends to make sure the spot light stays on her. I just want to hold a group meeting with everyone who knows her and reveal the truth about her to everyone. Thank You I need to get this off my chest.


Woa!!! guys have you ever heard of an obsessive manic...well I have the pleasure of living with one. She is my damn mother-in-law. In our country until and unless there is a family dispute or an official transfer the guys are supposed to stay with their parents till either one of them dies...

Well I have a loving husband but my MIL is a pure bitch. She and my father in law are always trying to poison my husbands head against my family members. He is rather a gullible fello in fact he has been brought up in a such a way that he needs to take their advice for nay big or small decision of his life. Not only that they are highly discriminatory and I hate it when the same thing is done by their daughter its ok with them but if I do the same its not done… WHY ???

They have poisoned my husbands head against my friends by saying that they feed me ides to separate him from his family thogh this has never happened. I sincerely hate my MIL . I mean how could a person be sooooo obsessed with his son? Sometimes I feel had it been legal to marry your own son she would have done so to keep him with her. Anytime we go to the market or for any outing she wants to tag along we have no privacy what so ever. GOD SHE IS A LOAD OF SHIT.


Damn angry because! Ok, she's French, my husband is French, and I'm an Australian. So what, here's what, my stupid mother in law thinks all Australians are stupid in general, and she won't listen to anything I have to say or not even accept what I am. Now she's competing to get her son's attention when he dearly loves me and would do the best for everyone. I'm a vegetarian, and she's not accepted the fact that I don't consume meat and she served me with horribly cook beef on Christmas Day. I'm a Psychology student and very much pissed off on how she's treated me, and can't accept that I can't be back in France anytime of the year, because I get busy with my studies and work here! Now she wants her son to return to France out of the blue. And what should I do? My husband is tired of the tension around us, he's just thinking that he's just gonna go to France - out of the blue. I'm tired of the mess she's created between me and my husband, I hope she dies as soon as possible from complications of her backache or hyperlipidemia or heart attack or liver cirrhosis!!! And stop messing around with my sanity. She can go FUCK HERSELF with everyone else, but not me, thank you very much!

Mother In Law 52

I have a mother in law who is the worst. She sent me a bill for my wife's college tuition 2 years after we have been married. All you ever here about is the women who have bad mother in laws. How about the men. The is is not the first time She has sent me a bill. Key word me, She ignores that her daughter my wife has any part of owing her money. If you received an inherence of $150,000 would you still send a collection notice to your son in law, who works hard to take care of her daughter. It is sickening. I can't take it. I was told to wait to get married because she wanted to use her daughter as a tax dependent. She is telling us when to have kids or trying too. Some things you can not control. I am done thank you for letting me vent.

Huge Niece!!! 53

I am pissed off at my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law for letting their twelve year old child weigh 197 pounds at 5 feet tall. How disgusting! She eats breakfast before she leaves for school, buys some candy as soon as she gets there, then eats it, eats lunch plus snacks. Then she comes home, eats chips and cookies, eats supper, goes back and re-heats the leftovers, then eats more chips!

Her stupid ass mother goes and has her thyroid checked out. Whatever! Try making her eat only three meals (one serving each) a day. Try making her drink water. Try not letting her eat before she goes to bed. Try getting her ass off of the couch. NO. We couldn't do that. We sit around and talk about how she really doesn't eat that much. Compared to what?!?!?!? A sow?!?!? The girl stinks. She smells like rotten crotch and something dead. Try making her bathe.

Then the stupid mother says, "she cries because people are cruel to her. She can't find any jeans to fit her. I feel so sorry for her." Why don't you stop feeling sorry and face reality. She's fat because you've taught her to be that way. It's your fault she's a fat cow and is laughed at because she smells like a dead raccoon that has bloated in the sun for two days and has finally burst open because of the build up of gases.  Even if you are fat, SOAP IS CHEAP!!!! Fucking bathe so the rest of us don't have to smell your stank ass!

Brother-in-laws Girlfriend 54

Right now i have been dealing with my brother in laws girlfriend for a year. I feel like i'm always trying to be her friend and she's always trying to find reasons not to be my friend. That's the nice way of putting it but the ugly picture is she is the most greedy, materialistic, jealous, selfish, hateful person i have ever met. She goes through these 2-3 month time periods where she hates me and ignores me and just talks alot of smack behind my back and it's obvious because the first time i met her whole whopping two friends (she's burned so many bridges) they liked me and talked to me for hours then the next time we all got together and i tried to talk to them they were cold and stand offish. Anyways for a year that's how she was but a month and 1/2 ago she noticed on myspace (i know freakin myspace, but my sister lives across the country and my brother's serving our country in Iraq so it's a wonderful way of communicating with them) that i had excepted a girl she didn't like as my friend on the site not even 24 hours later she was sending me the meanest hate mail that was definentely harrassing and calling me awful names and saying i chose this girl over family when really i accepted this girl so i could have my sister's boyfriend look at some pics of puppies because he wanted one and she's the one that was going over this girl's house all the time even though she hates her because she told me she keeps her friends close and enemies closer which come to find out that's what she was doing with me.I told my husband about the phone calls and e-mails i had recieved that day so he called his brother to tell him what she was doing and that it was completely un called for his brother ended up telling my husband that she did'nt do anything that it was all me i said all those things and pretty much cussed him out so my husband cut all ties with his brother he told him that he would talk to him when that drama girl (nice words)was out of his life. He also let him know that i had known his family for eight years and this girl one year so he should know that all the lies he's been told by her are false and that is completely out of my character. After that she has tried to tell everyone in our circle and her that i'm a backstabbing b*&%# and i hurt her so bad that she hates me and will never talk to me again which is complete bull i have never said one word to her since the last time i had seen her 2 months ago. Part of me has wanted to retaliate but i have not because it's not worth it and then she'll be so happy because that's what she wants is a reaction out of me and because i have not giver her a reaction it drives her crazy. Which in a way is the best way to get her back for all the lies and drama she is creating. It really hurts though because the girl i accepted on my site that she got mad about now hangs out with her all the time and they act like best friends and she just took two of her puppies (don't get me started on the way she's treated animals in the past let's just say she's had several and when they need extreme vet work she pawns them off)it does'nt make any since that she could hate me for accepting this girl when she hangs out with her. But my husband believes that she was looking for any tiny reason to think she has justification to his family to cut me off and publicly hate me (my husband is upset his family is condoning this behavior because they don't want his brother to push them away because he's brain washed by her she sucked him into her life when he had just gotten out of a very long rocky relationship she saw his weaknesses and broke him down to build him the way she wants him). I'm sad about the situation since our son is only four months old and now my husband has let his family know we will not be at christmas, thanksgiving, easter, etc unless she's gone. At least i have a supportive husband but i feel like it makes me look bad to say we're not going because of her but it's necessary. If we let her hate and jealousy just slide by and sweep it under the rug it won't help the situation it will just make it dragged out and worse. Don't forget we've been dealing with her behavior for a year now it would take hours to tell it all but as my husband explained it to my mother in law, ' Mom it's like she's fu#$%d me in the ass for a year and i've just taken it and my asshole hurts and i can't take it anymore.'

Mother In Law - Worse Than Godzilla 55

Well... Where do I start? When my husband and I first got engaged, she had a fit. She asked him constantly if this is something he really wanted to go through with and if he would wait for her. We had already been living together for quite a while before he asked me to marry him, so why he needed to wait longer? I don't know... When he told her that we were going to get married regardless if she thought it was okay, she threatened to not pay for grad school (which she paid for his older sisters, but if he were to get married to me, she said she would never pay it), and he said that was fine, she pouted for a week. She was always snippy and mean, I ignored it, then we got married... After the ceremony, the first thing she said to my husband was "Did you get your insurance taken care of? We are dropping your policy." (Mind you, she wanted to keep him on her husbands work insurance until he was married because then she could claim him as dependent on her taxes) She didn't even say congrats, no "you looked nice today"... nothing. Soon after, his sister got engaged... She is had graduated school with a degree that she doesn't use, works as a server and has absolutely NO direction in life, still live at home... has been dating the guy for about 8 months... 5-6 of those months he was in Iraq. And... they are FINE with them getting married. Why am i so pissed off? Because they flat out told me their son could do better than me... WTF? When she found out I wasn't working and was planning on going to law school, she had a fit because I wasn't supporting the household. Well... her son is a big boy and can decide for himself if he wants me to work or not, besides... we want to make our education priority.

I really don't know what to do. my husband is fed up, but we both plan on starting a family and don't want our kids to have a set of grandparents absent because she is a nasty bitch. Sometimes I wish a car accident would solve my entire problem with her, but I try and be the bigger person and act like the adult. Seriously... if Asia thought Godzilla was bad, they should meet my MIL....

Husband's Family 56

I am so angry because after attending the wedding of my step-son this past weekend, my sister-in-law, her estranged husband, and my mother-in-law were invited to, and attended, a brunch being held by my husband's ex-wife!!! WTF? The sister, who hasn't even bothered to travel to see us in the past five years, has gone to a bridal shower at the ex-sister-in-law's house this summer (didn't go to the one I held) and now drags everyone to this stupid brunch the day after the wedding. Needless to say, like in most NORMAL divorces, neither my husband nor I were invited to this brunch. It is beyond comprehension to both my husband and I that his own family would betray him in such a flagrant way as to accept the invitation to his ex-wife's house. We were embarrassed in front of all our friends who witnessed their leaving quickly so as to attend this stupid brunch. Talk about creating tension in their family -- I don't know how they can ever think their brother will want to see them again. Is anyone with me on this one?

Pathetic & Stupid Mother-In-Law 57

I, have been married to my wife for almost 20 years and God help me we have lived with this sorry old bitch for 12 years. She is the biggest game player and manipulator (sp) to have ever lived. She has become the biggest thorn in my side, she has really come between my wife and our marriage. Yes the old bitch has COPD. but for somebody who for her whole entire life has had everyone do everything for her, I'm sorry but i can no longer be a nurse maid to this old nasty stinky bitch. She is to mean to die and its making my life worse and worse. And finally her favorite things to do are EAT, SLEEP, SHIT and maybe take a shower once a month. Thank you all for letting me vent

Control Freak potential In-Laws 58

I have been with my partner for nearly 5 years in this time I have observed hypocritism, control, selfishness, down right sick behaviour. I debated moving in with the guy but I did after 31/2 years for about 4 months. I just had a feeling this woman was strange. The bitch stopped over without calling stayed over consecutive nights when she felt like it without asking. In the end I exploded after telling her repeatedly to ask first- this was our 4 year anniversary by the way. I told her repeatedly not to come over it was our weekend but she still did. He ended up throwing me out of my own house because I didn't want her there.

This shit has been happening for so long and even her moving 300km away she still has her spell of some sick hold over him. She is an alcoholic who says and does sick shit when she's drinking. Like sticking her finger up her own sons ass like its funny. She has everyone convinced she is a saint but I know the truth. I could give him up but I am a fire sign I don't give up without a fight. I will not let this fat ugly toad win! The worst thing is everything she does he excuses.

In-Laws 59

Where do I begin? I am a newly wed, but I have known my husband's family for a few years now. My anger has done nothing but grow. I would rather spend our first Christmas apart then have to endure spending any time at all with his Family. Its not that anyone one or two things they do that get on my nerves, it's just themselves that irk me. They are boring to begin with. They talk about stuff that no one cares about. I just sit there. If I speak they look at me like I am the dumbest person ever. So "Better Seen Than Heard", I guess. His parents are ALWAYS on our case because we smoke and occasionally we drink. We are adults and it's really none of their business! Also, if one more person asks me when we're gonna have a baby, I might scream. We'll have one when WE'RE ready. His Mom is the worst, she is soooo annoying and her cooking sucks. His brother and wife are weird. It always has to be her way or the highway. And if she doesn't get her way she pouts like a five-year old. I just wish I didn't have to go. I would really rather not. Christmas used to be my favorite holiday, but now its not so fun. I guess Christmas will just never be the same, which is really sad.

Mother In Law 60

It's almost funny if it weren't so damned pathetic how my Mother In Law is trying to save her baby boy's marriage. My Brother In Law has been cheating on his wife for years. Finally, the unsuspecting Daughter In Law realises what everyone else has always known and kicks his ass to the curb. What does Mother Inlaw do? She and Father InLaw actually fly up north over the holidays to try and weld their marriage back together. How freaking sick is that? The guy is over 40 and his mommy has to come flying up on her broom to save their marriage. I'm sure she's already been on the phone with every person she's ever known to tell them how she saved her dear baby boy's marriage. And it worked no less. My stupid sister in law has now gone and taken the jerk back. So mommy dearest now gets to play the saint once again. Oh joy. The only satisfaction I can get out of this is when next I speak with her and just gloat at how close her son came to f-ing up his life. ha ha. Oh, and I'll be sure and mention how my entire family feels soooo sorry for her. Meaning, now everyone knows what a total loser your son is. At least I know she hates me enough that she'd never try to get in between my husband and me to try and save our marriage. LOL

FUTURE sister-in-law 61

Nice title to this question: Why am I so damn angry? Well.. I am angry at the fact that I have a no it all, perfect future sister-in-law who must get in her nose involved in everyone's business. For 3 years, i thought of this woman like a sister and even a friend. I thought I could hang out with her since she hung out with my sister as well (shes almost related too) and we can all just be one happy family.. not the case I had imagined. Apparently this woman has been out to get me from day one! recently it was a special occasion for me this past weekend, it was my birthday.. and of course I wanted to spend it with them and her of course! We went out, and it all started about me and her brother-in-law planning our wedding.. saying its not good enough, it will cost too much, whatever! its none of her business cause ITS OUR WEDDING! she already had hers! Later on in the night, she starts telling me about my first born (whos from a previous relationship) saying if I would have had an abortion, I wouldnt be in the mistakes that I am and I wouldnt be complaing!! THAT *BLEEP* (you all know what I mean).. but thats not all, she later tells me that evening to go to her house since she has a present for me and all.. and then BAM! Full-blown attack.. saying I am selfish (Not True!!), I am not good enough for her brother in law (shes not good enough FOR MY brother in law), Shooting down my family (Which speaks alot about her, since SHE HANGS OUT with my family), starts attacking my mother about moving back in with my father (NONE OF HER FRICKEN BUSINESS) and how my sister disgusts her cause she lives on welfare (Again, NOT HER PROBLEM) and then she has the fricken nerve to tell me that me and my fiance are better off not get married cause we cant afford it and are depending on our parents? (Our parents OFFERED to help, and we're paying twice as more than they are).. so I dont understand her beef with me, but obviously she has a problem! And if she happpens to stumble on this, well I hope she does cause she should understand to LEAVE HER NOSE OUT OF EVERYONE's BUSINESS and FOCUS ON HER OWN!! but thats right, cause shes too busy going to bingo and flirting with other men in the bar to understand that, yet she has every right to judge and terroize everyone's relationships.. because shes too fricken perfect! Well heres a newsflash, you ain't perfect and you never will be!! and if you want to be perfect, I suggest you see Jenny Craig cause you need it!! Enough said, the bitch is done!!

Smother in Law 62

After eight years of marriage to your son, I've finally got you trained. Boy does it feel great. I know in the beginning you thought you'd get away with trying to keep your place in your son's life as the head of household, not, but, I finally figured out what makes you tick. I'm pleased to say, that after all this time and angst you put me through, you've lost the war. You no longer have control of me or my husband and our children. Oh, and I'm also taking this occasion to announce how utterly fantastic I feel about your youngest son's impending divorce. You once asked me if my mother was devastated over my brother's divorce, now the tables are turned. So, MIL, are you devastated???? bwa ha ha. Yes, I'm doing the happy dance today. And, I will be using that phrase, when next I see you to ask if you indeed are devastated. Your favorite Daughter in Law, Debbie, aka the saint, is now no longer part of your clan and I don't blame her. I wish her well and can say that she's the lucky one who got away. I just wish sometimes that I had done the same years ago before all of your toxicity had gotten to me. My one consolation is this, when the time comes for my children to get married, you'll be DEAD!!! You'll never get to see your lovely granddaughter in her bridal gown. Ha ha ha. Take that bitch!

Mother/Brother-Inlaws 63

Why I am so damn angry...let me tell you. My bf and I are young (22 and 24). Bf just finished shool and we are living at his mothers house. Also living there is 15 y/o brother-in-law. MIL's husband left a few years ago because he found a new and improved, less fat, less bitchy woman (good for him). Now I knew that MIL would never get over this, and yes she has every right to be angry. However, she seems to have a problem with directing her anger. Now when parents split most kids are pretty torn up over it. The funny thing was my bf was more upset than his younger brother (MIL's clone). Well MIL just could not stand by and watch her youngest be happy. She filled his head with all kinds of hate towards his father. However, the only time he was say he doesn't love his father is when MIL is around. Ha. Now Mil prides herself on being a humble person and she would never talk ill about anyone (bullshit). She trashed fil and his gf any oppertunity that she gets. She prys into their lives and can not leave well enough alone. Mil been given every oppertunity to be happy, healthy and live a good life but she keeps stomping on anyone who tries to help her. Now on top of being a nasty bitter bitch, she also is a raving alcoholic. She can not sleep one night without a shit load of booze. She wonders why she is broke all the time? Well if I spend my entire paycheck on booze I would be broke too. She is now trying to get her youngest son to follow in her foot steps, letting him and his 15 y/o friends polish off 40oz, and then of course puke all over her house. Mil has a different set of rules for everyone. bf was never aloud to carry on like that when he was 15,but bil go ahead, want another shot? Now bils little tart of a gf can dress like a slut, be rude, lazy and stupid....however I, who helps clean, cook, shop ect....must not be any of those things. I am supposed to be mils little helper and tell her all the horriable things she is doing are normal and acceptable. Ha. I have learned over the years that it is more funny to watch someone make stupid mistakes than to actually pevent them, when the person in question does not want your help in the first place. Mil constanly yells at everything from the tv to the dog, but the minute bf and I raise our voices at eachother she yells at us to stop fighting, all we apparently do is fight. Ha let me tell you something you cunt, the only reason we fight is over your nagging and bitching. Now mil seems to thing that she will become a millionare from her divorce.....hmmmm can't wait til that ship sales and sinks. What kind of fucking mother talks to her kids about her promiscuois sex life? ewwww it got so bad that bil actually told her what a fucking embarrassment she is (woohoo bil). Now bil is another damn case. He smokes pot, drinks, lies, steals and god knows what else. but in mils eyes he is a little angel, her perfect little clone. It makes me sick to watch the pair of them lie and concoct their little tales. I love bf very much so I put up with all this crap, at first it would keep me up at night but not I go to bed laughing because I know what goes around comes around and karma is a let the world turn because now I go to bed laughing!

Mother-in-law 64

Do you absolutely have to be in control of everything? Let me tell you if I took on that much I would go crazy. So I see where you are coming from! So lets see, your husband left you, your youngest child is even more manipulating then you, your apartment should be condemned, and everyone laughs behind your back. Hmmm, not as in control as we thought we were, are we now? Well Karma is a wonderful thing, and what goes around comes around. This is the only thing that makes me smile when I think about you.

Disgusting pig of a future in law 65

My fiancé's old man who I liked and trusted came over last month and totally took advantage of me, yes THAT kind of advantage. If a stranger had treated me that way I would have had him arrested. I saw the disgusting pig again today, he was all smiles. It would be utter satisfaction to take a sledgehammer to his face. This is not the South you disgusting old fuck.

Idiot Sister-in-law 66

My sister in law if a mean-spirited moron. She has a heart of stone and is a stupid, self-centered stinky-mouth ugly witch with a Capital "B". One day she will get what she deserves and I hope it will be soon!

Annoying In-laws 67

Two of my husband's brothers have decided that what they say, goes. Mostly, they and their wives decide that we're going to buy something for their mom, and then tell us that we owe them money for it. We are never asked to be in on the decision, and this has been going on for years. Normally, we tell them no. I've usually already bought gifts for my MIL and am not going to give them money for something that I had nothing to do with. A couple of times we've given in and given them money. The last two times have really put me over the edge. First, we got a call that they were getting my MIL a ticket to go to Germany to visit her daughter. My husband said no to giving money, but I was thinking of sending some money so it would be her birthday and mother's day present. But when I received an email asking for money again, I replied that it hurts to know that they only contact us when they want something from us. The reply was "so does that mean you're not sending money?" That made me mad, and it escalated from there. Including a call that evening from my husband's brother calling him names and accusing us of never doing anything for his mom. Needless to say, I didn't send them money, but I did send my MIL money for her trip. I also told them not to bother asking for money if we're not included in the decision to spend it. Now I've gotten another email asking for money for a plane ticket for my niece. I couldn't believe my eyes that they would have the nerve to ask for more money after the last time. My opinion is, if you asked her to come with you on the plane, then you should pay. Not beg the family for money. My mother always taught me that it's impolite to beg, but obviously, they were never taught that. I've disowned these two families, and will see them as little as possible. I've decided that these are not the kind of people that I'd be friends with if they weren't family. And they obviously do not care about us, only what we can do for them. I can live without them. It does hurt that they don't care though, I always thought that families were supposed to love one another. But, obviously, their "love" comes with a price. If you don't do it their way, you're no good and they have a tantrum.

Girfriend's Sister!!!! 68

Okay, I have tried to find something along the lines of "what to do with your sister's girlfriend that hates you", and I never found anything on the internet so I have reverted to bitching about it! I am so sick of my GF's sister whos a self-absorbed bitch. I wanna' throw her off the fuckin' empire state building and hope a goddamn Mack truck hits her ass right before she hits tha' pavements. This cunt thinks she can come over to my house and drop my Girlfriend off at 2:30am in the morning after partying and then come right back, ring tha' damn doorbell and talk to my GF and give her a fuckin' dissertation on why we shouldn't be together. I mean, who the hell does she think she is?! Who is she to come over to my house and start playing "Hitch" in my domain?! This bitch has been talkin' her shit for the full duration of my GF and I's relationship. She trys to treat me like a little kid and boss me AND my GF around. She is obviously the alpha-female of the 4 sisters in the family, plays the mother hen/God, and has a total arrogance about her! I can't wait to light her ass on fire, make her bite the curb, and kicker her in the back of her fuckin' head! It's not all bad though because she's gettin' a earful tonight! FUCK YEAH!!! GITCHA' SOME!!!

*Note from Anger Central
This might not be the perfect place to put this rant, but it's close enough for government work. ;)

stone cold sister-in-law 69

I tried to be her friend, cook every holiday meal, buy gifts, daycare (for free, even though we could have really used the money), entertain. At family gatherings she would just look at me like I wasn't there and make a point of not eating what I had made. She and her two kids are now fat, nasty people both inside and out.

in laws 70

My husband is the kindest, caring man in the world... Seeing the rest of his family, he must have been adopted. The MIL is a devil in disguise. She is all smiles in front of everyone, but will stab you in the back so quickly. Just recently she offered to pay for a weekend visit for all of us to stay at a hotel near the BIL's house. Because she pays she thinks she can dictate everyones move the entire weekend. We were bullyied into staying at the BIL's late for dinner and then shushed by them because the baby was put down to bed at 7pm... You don't invite someone over and then "shush" them!!! I was sick the entire weekend and was told that I would "get over it"... I ended up in the emergency room in this strange city and the inlaws all went shopping together while my husband sat in the hospital parking lot with my 2 small children while I was treated. Bitter? yes I am!!!

MIL & clone from Hell 71

My MIL & her clone bitch daughter came straight from hell. I should have known my future husband was a momma's boy when I met him. His mother has always expected him to take care of his 20-something year old sister every time she said "jump". When I told her he had his own family to be responsible for & that his sister was a big girl, that he was no longer going to jump for them she vowed to do whatever it took to split us up. She has repeatedly told me I'm ugly, stupid, can't do anything right & not good enough for him. All the while she smiles at him & denies it. When I confront him all he says is "she's my flesh & blood, she's all I have, who am I suppose to believe?" Her daughter has done the same thing to me because her mother still runs her life like a puppet on a string (I can't EVEN begin to tell you how many husbands they've BOTH had). What really chaps me is that they both make nicey-nice in front of the kids & MIL buys them expensive gifts so the kids think I'm the one whose nuts & they don't want to be around me, they all think I'm lying about what they do & how malicious they are... WTF!??

So you ask "OMG after 20 years of this CRAP why am I still here??" Because he has me under his control, I was forced to quit my job because he was jealous of my co-workers, I don't have any friends because non of them can stand him & moved on, my family doesn't speak to me anymore because of him. SO I have no job, I have no car, I have no money. I truly believe he keeps it this way just for the sheer pleasure of watching me be tortured to death!

Father-in-Law 72

My FIL is such a petty, disgusting, asshole. I love my MIL and I wonder what she ever did to be stuck with such a DICK. He thinks everyone needs to pay attention to him. When we go to their house, and try to chat with my husband's mother in the kitchen, inevitably cooking for, or cleaning up after everyone, stupid FIL turns the TV up horribly loud so no one can talk. My husband and I had a big fight, and my husband went to spend the night at his parent's house. When I saw my MIL a few days later, she hugged me and told me I could always call her, and she would take care of our son any time if hubby and I needed time to work things out. I think she is used to dealing with asshole husbands. My FIL just glared at me, refuses to speak to me, says shit behind my back, encourages my 2 year old son to throw things at me! That really helps things, fucking immature asswipe! He hates his other daughter-in-law too. Fine! We have our own little club. The youngest son is getting married soon, and I'm sure his wife will be joining our club soon enough.

Moochers 73

My Mother in Law who hasn't even reached 50 yet mooches off of her son and new daughter in law because she hasn't figured out that after being divorced for 9 years she needs a job! But nooooo she maintains that her health keeps her from working, my Mom has bad health, is older than she is, and still works 40+ hours each week-in instense pain from a spinal injury! Instead she takes up our third bedroom, sits at home every day talking on the phone while watching tv and typing on her new laptop that her internet sugar daddy bought her, and gossips about everyone including us. My husband learned to tune her out when he was 5, I'm not learning how to tune out shit. When we do kick her out of our home (she won't leave on her own, it's been three years already) her whole family will be giving us a ton of shit about it because they are all just as irresponsible and co-dependent as she is. It must be nice to sit home and mooch off of your ex/family/government instead of going out into the real world. Oh, and the woman insists on showering each night at the exact moment my husband and I want to get a shower. Why can't she get one during the day? Who knows? She blows up my husbands cell phone all day long with calls about stupid things and texts him as well. I would like her more if she lived somewhere else, but nobody else wants her, and she can't afford to keep up her mail order shopping habit and pay rent more than $500 per month, so she thinks she'll just live with us until we force her out. When she does leave, she will probably live in a dive motel to gain sympathy. I'm not taking her back, I will leave first. I fucking hate lazy moochers!

Mother-in-law 74

My mother-in-law feels that she "owns" my husband and it really annoys me at times- like today. I know he is her son, but she has 3 other sons; and since my hubby is her youngest child, she refuses to "let go" of him. We have been married over 16 yrs, and this crap has been going on since our relationship started! My rant for today is, why does this old hag have to call him on his cell phone every damn day instead of calling him on our home phone? She knows he is home (vacation time) this week, and if she wants to talk to him... why not dial home? Instead, she calls on his cell phone, which speaks volumes to me. What it tells me is, she wants to speak to him- only HIM- and she doesn't want me to pick up the phone so she dials his "hotline," aka. cell phone. Afterall, she doesn't want to speak to me... she just wants to speak to her precious son- whom she has also referred to several times as her "soul mate." Personally, I think that is SICK! Your son is your "soul mate?" Sick, sneaky bitch! She acts more like his lover than his mother when she insists on contacting him via cell phone instead of calling him at home- where he lives WITH HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER! And~ why does she have to call her grown-up, married son every damn day, anyway? Why doesn't she call one of her other 3 sons each day and spread the love? She calls my hubby every day cuz she thinks he is her friggin' soul mate! So what does that make me? Am I "the other woman?" She makes me so angry, I hate the way she regards me as a nothing, or as somebody in the way of her having what she really wants. It always becomes more frustrating around the holidays, because she is "in my face" more. I don't know what I can't stand more... my inlaws becuz of the holidays, or the holidays becuz of my inlaws?! Aarrrggghhhh!!! Rant over!



mother in law 76

My weird mother in law. This woman has only one friend, her older daughter which is my ex-wife.

She would call at least three times a day and the two would talk for hours. What's wrong with that? Nothing, except every time they finish talking it would seem my then wife would be angry at me. I am a very active father. I took care of the children most of the time. This includes baths when they were babies, cooking, cleaning, doing their clothes and more.

What makes her so weird? She literally thinks she is a witch. She began thinking she was a psychic but she was terrible at it, even though she would never admit it. She began reading cards and trying to find out how she can predict the future and bring money to her family. She even told my then wife that she would find some older rich gentlemen who would give her money but she had to divorce me first. She has pushed for divorce for several years and finally got her way. There was no affair, abuse, neglect, just me kissing my wife's controlling ass all the time.

Now, she is trying to slowly have me phased out of my children's lives so she can take over the father role. What a bitch. She also claims she can see spirits and convinces my children's mother they can too and that they can pick winning lottery numbers. I want my children to be happy and loved, she wants money and power. No one else can stand this women, even her other daughter has as little to do with her as possible and her husband wants nothing to do with her.

What really fries my butt is she convinced my wife to divorce me, and now she is going after my children. I really wish I could burn her at the stake.

my fucking father and mother in law 77

i am so mad so angry at my fucking father and mother in law. Me and my hubby met in school in class 12.From the moment i saw him i felt a vibe. Eventually we were so fond of each other and we fell in love. It was a great time we had together until my FIL and MIL came to know our secret.I was a year elder to my hubby and my hubby's family was little richer than my family. So MIL and FIL didnt like our Love. What they did after this and are doing to our life even today is what iam so mad and angry that i could kill them,even my hubby feels the same way.They abused my parents so bad in front of our house when there were so many people around,and he abused me so much that i cried for 2 days.I never heard so much bad words thrown at me.It was emotionally very upsetting.Any way my hubby fought with his father ,since we were young at that time starting college,we just thought they will change as time flies. But that didn't happen.Since this fight, my parents were totally against their family and my love,my parents disliked them to the core.Again the second time he did the same abusing for his son not studying in college to me and my parents.I feel so guilty till date that my mom and dad has to go through all these becoz of me.I couldnt call the cops because hey its India and this is all taken as a useless case in India.

From that time till date my hubby hates his father.We finished college,we lived in an apartment and we waited ,waited, waited like 5 years. During this time my MIL compromised my hubby to wait for years to get married in a decent manner rather than eloping. We wanted our marriage to happen in a grand way,becoz we wanted to invite friends and all.But what MIL told all was a lie,she asked to wait becoz eventually she thought i will get pissed off and leave or my parents will put pressure to marry some one else,she did this for us to become separated.In between my hubby talked to my parents and they agreed halfheartedly but they told that marriage can happen only if MIL and FIL agrees.They informed us that it will be a simple wedding.I was ok as long as marriage happens in a good manner.So we had lots of fight between us becoz of the attitude of their MIL and FIL and my hubby had lots of fight with their parents.I will shout ,he will shout,we were not adjusting to each other,we hit each other ,it went on to a point that i wanted to leave out of this relationship.We finally discussed the root cause of our problems and why we are angrrry all the time.Its becoz none of our expectations regarding marriage was fulfilled,it not a misunderstanding between us ,its the anger on them for ruining our lifes like living hell.We decided after so much hesitation that we will get married without their presence.It was such a painful decision.We informed both of our parents.My parents no reaction.Their parents - they went to my home town to my grandparents and fought with them for stopping the marriage.I was so mad becoz its a small community and these news spread like fire.I told my hubby.He directly went to his house and thats the last time he talked with my FIL.I was so dpressed,i took medication for depression for 3 months in 2007 and then i got this fucking ENDOMETRIOSIS with chocolate cyst in 2008.We got married and everything in 2009 when i was 28!

See how many years we waited beleving them.ARRRRGHHH!.Then my MIL was talking to us not becoz she loves her son becoz she wants to know updates from our side.That Bitch.I thought FIL chapter is over and we can be peaceful.But no!.He went to check on whether we really got married and registered it.When he found out that we legally registered our marriage,he told that it was stupid to register now becoz he wont be able to break the marriage.And he told my hubby to compromise me some how and leave me so that my FIL can arrange for another marriage.Even today they didnt accept our mariiage which now i think is not a big deal thank god they didnt agree otherwise i would have to live with those assholes.But they are interfering in our lifes in some decisions through my MIL.Though i dont talk ill abt them iam so mad at them.I never wanted to talk to my MIL.MY husbands supports me but other relatives are suggesting to talk.Ok i gave up and started talking to her.But she never calls me not once till now.It has been 8 months now but she never calls us,we will have to call her.This makes me mad to think what is the necessity to talk to them when they made our life a hell.Iam least bothered abt their money.Infact i dont want the inheritance or what ever from them.Fuck them !.I just want to disappear or want them to disappear from our lifes.i dont want them.I have suggessted my hubby to ask for a work locations change well he is not that much happy but iam insisting. i want to go to a place where they cant reach us. At present did surgery twice for ENDO disease. Trying for kids with hope but iam scared becoz i left my job due to health issues and financially i cant go for ivf or anything.I just hope that i get conceived soon else i might have to do another one.Insurance does not cover this stupid disease.i checked with a homeopath ,she says that this disease occurs becoz of FIL and MIL ruined my life.I just wish that GOD or some source teaches them a lesson.To make them humans to understand each other.Please pray for me to get pregnant soon.

Cold Fish Mother In Law 78

Oh goody, I discovered another category to contribute a rant to! Just love this site. Anywho, my mother-in-law of 6 years is the kind of person who really never should have had kids to begin with. Or at least not multiple ones, since she bends over backwards to favor some while treating the other like shit under her feet. My husband is the second eldest of 4, and from early childhood, has been the proverbial Black Sheep of the family. It truly breaks my heart to see the total lack of love shown to my husband, a sweet and loving man, by the witch that gave birth to him. He told me that never in his life can he recall being told "I love you" by her, even on special occasions or just for no reason at all. Any hugs I have seen, have been initiated by him, in his secret desire to just be loved by this woman. His parents kicked him out of their home when he was 15, for normal teenage rebellion (swearing at them, being a general criminal activity or anything serious). He was forced to live on the streets for a year at this young age, was not allowed to come home in the dead of winter even when he called, begging them from a pay phone in a January deep-freeze. He eventually ended up at a group home and finally got a job and rented a shithole apartment. The other 3 kids (all in their 30's like him), are treated totally differently, they all were given lavish gifts for their weddings like high-end televisions or good amounts of cash. When we got married, we received a set of pillows and a 20 dollar bill tucked into a buck store card. They have a lot of money and travel overseas every year, so money is not the issue. At first I thought (stupidly), that it was because I am his second wife, and perhaps they'd been generous the first time round. (He later told me that his first wedding gift was a sheet set and a similar 20 dollar bill). But then his divorced sister got married for the second time, and she got a lovely TV worth hundreds of dollars. It's not about the gifts, I don't expect anything lavish, it's just another example of the gross favoritism. The most heart wrenching as of late, was a birthday party held for his dad, where my husband spent days making them a dvd presentation in honor of his dad, and their marriage. It was a beautiful gift, everyone in attendance applauded. Do you think either of them could be bothered to say thank you, or even express any show of love for it? Do they even realize what that would have meant to him? He's like a dog that would be joyous for a pat on the head even after years of being kicked.

He has done them many favors over the years, I know he is desperately trying, after all these years, to earn some kind of appreciation or show of love and pride. It sickens me. His birthday consistently goes by with not a phone call or card, how can a mother do that? We live within 10 minutes of each other, yet are never invited over for any reason other than a family get-together where it's expected. Even THEN, another family member ends up off-handedly mentioning the event is taking place, I doubt we'd ever merit an invite from her directly. My husband is very intelligent, and has worked so hard to own his own small business, finish college, and has many friends. He craves love and gives so much love in return, I am simply dumbfounded that she doesn't love him at least as much as I do. If only she knew what it would mean to him, for her to ONCE in her miserable petty life, reach out to hug him or say she loves him. It will never happen. My mother loves him like her own son, and for that I am grateful. If not for her, he would never know what it feels like to have a mother's love at all.

I simply despise having to be around her, I have to hold back a litany of rage every time. I want to grab her by the shoulders and scream, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? HOW COULD YOU LEAVE YOUR SON ON THE STREETS WHEN HE WAS LITTLE MORE THAN A BOY, HE COULD HAVE DIED, YOU HEARTLESS BITCH!! CAN'T YOU MUSTER UP THE GUMPTION TO APOLOGIZE, OR AT LEAST MAKE UP FOR IT BY SHOWING LOVE NOW, IT'S NOT TOO LATE YOU KNOW!!" What a bitch!!!! Maybe someday when she's feeble and alone, he could be the only child she has left in the world, and she'll be thinking how bloody NICE it would be if he would come and visit her in the stinking nursing home she belongs in!!!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster's Mother Inlaw is 12,000 miles away. Mrs. Webmaster Mother Inlaw is about 20 miles away. ;)

Monster In Law 79

I have spent the last 16 years bending over backwards to keep this crazy twitch happy. Shut my mouth whenever she's rude because it does no good to stand up for myself - she just talks over me. But she has sunk to a new low: trashing her grandchildren, while their father, my husband of 15 years, is overseas FIGHTING A DAMN WAR! Really?

 Seriously? And when he & I decide as a couple that the kids & I don't need to show up to mandatory Sundays at her house anymore, or the graduation party being thrown for another SIL who lives w/her, I get called & told I am the terrible hurtful one. Funny, has she called to check on me or the kids since DH left? No. Has she come by since he left?

No. It's up to me to make the effort to contact her, but SHE has tried so hard to stay in the kids' lives. Her retired husband may still be hanging out at home while she works & goes to school (yes, she has an extra load right now - credit where credit is due), but my husband is freaking deployed, and I work full time w/2 kids.

My favorite line in the rant she had at me was that my husband may be deployed, but it's HER SON. That's right, I am the one who is alone w/no support, but SHE'S the one whose life is hardest because of this deployment. Not one apology for my daughter's pain at hearing how her grandmother hates her, whether she said it or not, just how she doesn't talk that way about anyone & how I'm a terrible daughter in law. All this from the woman who had my rehearsal dinner for my wedding at Peter Piper Pizza. Really?

I wish she'd just move. Somewhere where there's no satellite phones or airports. And stay there. Maybe even get eaten by an anaconda. Yeah. A big freaking snake - just like her! Would that be considered cannibalism?

*Note from Anger Central
First, we thank you and your husband for the sacrifices you are making to protect our worthless backsides.
Second, once your husband returns from this deployment, and you've all had a chance to settle in, might we suggest gently broaching the subject with him? Don't push it, just an "Oh, by the way" sort of thing. Let him talk to his mother about it.

Girlfriend's Parents 80

These fucking idiots are so damn stupid. All they ever do is talk shit about me and try to get my girlfriend to not like me. They talk about how bad of a person I am and gossip about me whenever they see the opportunity. They think they are the perfect parents, but they are damn far off. Her fucking mom pretended to stab her with an imaginary knife because she wanted to illustrate "what my girlfriend was doing to her." When her mom gets mad she beats her with pillows. I mean at least it isn't a bat, but still, fuck! They get pissed off whenever she talks to me and try to control EVERYTHING she does. She has never been allowed to make a fucking decision on her own!

*Note from Anger Central
Granted, you aren't married, but it's close enough for government work. :)

sister in law 81

SIL, I am angry, furious and livid. Every woman you see in the street deserves a put-down just because they are not like you. The poorly-educated lass with five children struggling to pay for groceries at the checkout, who lugs everything into a multipaneled shitbox of a car. How about the slim, beautiful lady with five children, the one who still looks like a girl because she came from a good gene pool? And don't forget the woman who dresses her daughters in pink and I KNOW YOU HATE PINK! Too girly for you? Reminds you that you are not very pretty at all? I know you too well. You HAVE to be a feminist because you are so bloody unattractive. Your personality makes you powerfully ugly. The fact that your husband is so HOT HOT HOT, like his sister, who is me. You hate me for my natural good looks at my age. You hate me even more for wearing lovely clothes and I look great in them. You Hate me and I am fully aware of it. You hate it when someone asks why you didn't mention your husband's 'secret little sister' before. Of course you wouldn't since even I am a source of insecurity to you. FUCKING WAKE UP! My brother and I had a hard childhood and all we had was each other and you have gone out of your way for all these years to take that away from me. Whenever it is my birthday or the anniversary of our father's suicidal death you make fucking sure that my brother is busy on that day. YOU ARE A DOG! What do you think we are going to do when you are not there to supervise him? Fuck him?

You despise my friends and you have never even met them. Whenever I have the displeasure of staying at your granola-crunchy, self-sustaining abode, I have to be nice to your manufactured circle of 'friends'. I DO NOT LIKE YOUR FRIENDS EITHER! Unless someone can be of use to you, be it socially or commercially, you will fuck them off.

You are a fake. A phoney culture-slut. And you are so plain to look at, no wonder you hate me. You have a piggish shaped head that makes you look like you live on pies. Your hairy legs are a statement to the world that says I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! Really, it is because you are lazy. You despise pretty women. You have broad feet and only those ugly German shoes will fit them. They really match your dumpy brown skirts and shitty socks. You look like white trash, even though you have more money than you can handle. Your arse is a barge, swinging with every step to take. Step? No, make that a thud. If you had no money, you would neeeeeeed charity on account of your looks. If hobbits were real, you would be the female version of them. You ugly pig.

I feel terribly sorry for your daughter, my niece. Firstly, she is very pretty. The apple fell a hell of a long way from the tree there, and it hit every gnarled branch on the way down. You had better treat her good when she grows up. Don't you ever resent her. And for god's sake would you let her be a young lady? You have been vicious towards me ever since she was born.

WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM WITH ME? Is it the fact that I have a lovely house that I enjoy all by myself? My beautiful organic garden? My solitude? The privilege to go wherever I want and not have to pack a ton of shit for the kids?

Lastly, I detest your single-minded attitude towards women who have c-sections or hospital births. May your shit-infested vagina rot as you queef while you walk, you slut!

Boyfriend's little brother 82

My boyfriend has the brattiest fucking little brother I have ever met. His mom doesn't do SHIT to make him behave all she does is sit around, watch tv, make her stupid-ass-more-important-than-lifee craft projects, and sit on facebook. She makes herself fucking busy so she doesn't have to do shit and complains when my boyfriend is AT SCHOOL and the dishes are not done. She doesn't do shit all day (she has no job) and believes it's my boyfrinds and I's job to make dinner, clean up his brothers toys scattered all over the house, clean dishes and clean her house. I don't know what the fuck she does all day because there's an ass load of shit that "must be done" when we get to his house. The best part though is her fucking seven year old brat son. He makes me want to fucking strangle him. First of all, he's seven, he weighs nearly as much as me (he's at least 100 pounds) and that's fucking neglect because his mom provides him with two bags of popcorn a day, and let's him eat any available sweet that might be laying around. He wastes his time even asking if he can have a doughnut because she'll NEVER say no, it's always "I guess so!" then we go eat fucking dinner together, the whole family is a bunch of damn pigs who gets like thirds on every meal, and the little fucking brat seven year old hates EVERYTHING his mom makes, unless it's hotdogs, maccarroni, or some other shit that's fucking horrible for him. He HATES fruit and vegetables, I'm honestly surprised he's still alive because he's so damn unhealthy. But the most fucking aggravating part of him is that he's a spoiled fucking brat. If his mom goes to wal-mart HE HAS TO GO. every single time his pushover ass mom gets him a toy. She has no job how could she afford that? Oh yes because I moved in with my boyfriend my kind parents decided to pay her child support, 500 dollars a months and she NEVER spends it on me. He screams and cries when he doest get what he wants and he yells at his mom, me, my boyfriend, his dad, and his grandpa. NO FUCKING RESPECT WHATSOEVER. He wakes me up every weekend at 8 am the only chance I get to sleep in AND HE WAKES ME UP. He yells and screams and never shuts the fuck up. He sits on the computer and talks to it and makes fucking sound effects for a game WITH SOUND EFFECTS. If his mom is playing a game on the computer the fucking shit tells her "OKAY MOM TWO MORE GAMES THEN I GET ON" (must be in caps because he never stops yelling). Oh and he's a little fucking hypocrite, he says for his boyscouts(which clearly teaches him nothing) that there should be rules like "no gross noises" and "no yelling or lying" of course, he walks around the damn house making farting noises and omfg he LOVES talking about butts, what a faggot. And of course, he lies to just me about ten times a day. Oh god and I forgot to finish the shit about the fat pigs sitting at the table, they all fucking chew with their mouths wide open, WHY SIT AT THE TABLE TOGETHER IF NOBODY IS GOING TO HAVE ANY MANNERS. Fucking kill this child, he's going to grow up to do drugs and fail at school, live on welfare, have no job. I MEAN he's ALREADY failing SECOND GRADE. Because he's too much of a lazy ass to do his work, and lmfao because his mom said it was MY fault that he was failing. What the fuck is that, telling a kid to listen to his parents is suddenly making a child fail school? UNLIKELY DUMB ASS IGNORANT FUCKING MOTHER, ITS YOUR OWN FAILURE PARENTING BUT OF COURSE YOU BLAME EVERYONE ELSE FOR YOU FAILURE. But isn't that the way all parents are these days, shitty and useless, producing more trash for this world. IF YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS THEN DONT FUCKING HAVE THEM IDFC IF YOU HAVE AN ABORTION OR WHAT FUCKERS.

my wife's family are jerks 83

I am so mad I need to let it out. My wife's mom has dementia and we moved in to help out, me, my wife, and daughter. After a while things where great, then when our daughter with Downs went to bed her nieces two kids would come up stairs yelling and getting into things, she has a basement with two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, I hate doing laundry down there its so dirty a rat would think twice before moving in, but anyway when we started getting on her about her kids comming up yelling at 11 pm when our daughter was sleeping her dad that is my wife's brother got involved, he became power of attorney, he must have thought I would be scared to tell his daughter things. That jerk is a big ego head, but I respect the fact that is his mom so I stayed out of my wife's and his talks about things, until one day I was sleeping and heard this Fu** yelling at my wife like it was a new York bus station, so I got up and told him, it may between you and your mom and my wife, but you don't yell at my wife, he was like its none of your buisness, I said when it comes to someone yelling at her it comes my buisness. Now we get treated like nobody, his daughter gets breaks after breaks, doesn't work, beats her kids and cps got involved and I went down there to help clean so she wouldn't get in anymore trouble, trash bags with maggots in it. Our upstairs is so clean, we shampoo carpets, clean the bathroom, you would go down there you would feel like your in a zoo. Now my wife's brother takes care of bills, we would buy food, toilet paper, shampoo, dish soap, laundry soap, and dish washer soap for four months, we ask for help one time and that jerk was like I cant so I said we will move out and pay no rent, so he was like okay ill go with. If it was 7 years ago I would have hit that sorry sob. My wife's sister spreads false rumors as well, she is ugly and mean, we our moving out as soon as possible.

Cindy 84

Look, you stole a wallet off my dead father's body and had the chutzpah to mention the will a mere hour after the coroner arrived. You were his weekend f*ck buddy, on and off, for fifteen years, called him more names than are in a Baby Name book, and mistreated his dogs to top it off! Add to this the fact that you treated me like absolute shit. Stupid bitch. Stop trying to contact us! We don't want anything to do with you! I don't wish you any harm (because it's bad karma), but I really don't care if you live or die either, so please leave us alone! You've done enough damage already!

mother in law 85

My mother is an evil bitch. She will not allow me to live

Future Sis-In-Law 86

Some people don't deserve to live. I'm not God, but all evidence appears to point to the fact that my future SIL is one of these people. She can't hold down a job. She's incapable of sustaining intimate relationships. She has no friends. Her violent mood swings have caused everyone in her immediate family to hate her and want to push her out of the house. She's getting fatter every day, has stopped taking her meds, is constantly ill as a result of "detoxing" from her anti-depressants, and would probably be a crack addicted prostitute living on the street if it wasn't for her family's money. I am a good deal younger than her. I am currently holding down two jobs (working seven days a week) while I put myself through grad school. I have a steady boyfriend of nearly three years (who I hope will someday be my fiance) and am in the process of launching a new career for myself. I work out, I try to eat as healthily as I can, and go see a therapist once a week to work on myself and my problems. I support myself fully. I'm trying my best to take care of myself, my relationship, and be the best girlfriend I can be. And she has been nothing but nasty to me since I walked into that house. She's constantly calling me ugly in front of anyone who will listen and fights with my boyfriend whenever she can. I guess that's how I know how sick she really is. I wish her family had the guts to commit her to an institution. I'm not saying that I'm perfect, but it seems like she had pretty much made up her mind about me before she had even met me!

My Sister-in-Law 87

She's pretentious, she can't be bothered, and in ten years she's only given me the time of day since having a baby. Now that I'll be moving away and won't be able to help her with the baby anymore, she's resumed not giving me the time of day. She and my brother are so "busy," their own family members fall off their "to do list." So, I don't invest in that relationship with she and my brother, and it's a shame, because I really, really want to. There's just nothing there.

Greedy Jerk 88

So my father in law is so damn filthy rich he craps hundreds. No he didnt earn it it was handed to him. My poor husband works 10-12 hours a day in Construction. Our car is 17 yrs old and not safe for our 5 yr old. We cant afford better bc now hes laid off but self employed so NO unemployment for 2 months. No jobs in our area weve tried were NOT lazy. Im a full time student, so we do try. So his Dad knows all this and is our damn neighbor. He had the balls to make fun of my hubby trying to fix our muffler today (saying our car is a piece of shit)as the asshole pulls up in a $75,000 brand new corvette he got today. Thats bad enough right? Oh no not for this schmuck. His bitch wife is right behind him in a 60,000 Lincoln that is now hers bought today! I dont expect handouts, but they are the GREEDIEST SHITS. Weve moved in with my family next door to them bc we are so down on our luck the past few months. So far this month theyve rubbed all their lavish gifts in our faces($2,000 earrings, boat,etc) and I cant even get my poor 5 yr old to a swim lesson bc Im afraid of breaking down. They own 7 cars in total for 2 people. Id be happy if they offered a ride. They once said theyd take us for milk (3 blocks away) but needed $5 in gas! Thats awful. Why doesnt karma get people like them? Theyre filthy rich.Fine. Dont make me feel bad about myself & intentionally flaunt ur cars up & down my driveway for 25 mins (literally). I hate idiots.

mother in law 89

My mother in law is the strangest person I have ever met. I could go on and on about the crazy shit she does, but I don't have the energy so I'll just give an example. She steals our toddler son's things. She'll keep his clothes and claim she doesn't have them. Clothes that I paid my hard earned money on will never come back from her house. Months later they will turn up at her house and she'll claim that she bought them. The other day we went to visit and found his glow worm that had been missing for months. We were excited to finally find it and she said she bought it at a thrift store. I know it was his because we sent it with him to her house and it never came back, and it had the same bite marks he put on it. Still, she insisted she bought it, but he could have it anyways. UmmMmm thanks??? She seems to really believe she bought it and the other things of his she keeps. She has no young children so what is she doing supposedly buying these things? Why does she need to keep his stuff for herself. Its just plain wierd. I seriously want to move far far away from these lunatics.

*Note from Anger Central
Sounds like a case of kleptomania.

in-laws 90

I am angry at you all thanks for draining my husband of all his money and still thinking its fine to continue its pretty much take and take never giving for you all. I hope one day this happens to you then you'd understand how i feel. Your controlling, manipulative, lairs, cheats, dishonest people in the world and that's including everyone sad but true i thought of all the people you as a women would understand been once yourself a daughter in-law but i guess i was wrong. And you you your such a useless man how can you let your wife and kids do that to your son you should get the trophy for worlds worst father every year. Yup all of you should get a trophy to since you want everything worlds worst in-law...

Son-in-law 91

He is selfish, lying, and totally unable to empathise with the effect his behaviour has on my daughter. In spite of having a 10 month old son and a new baby due in 2 months he behaves like he is still single and spends many evenings out drinking with his mates, and stays over at his parents house as he cant drive home. She might as well be on her own for all the enjoyment she is getting out of their relationship. The weird thing is he thinks this is normal behaviour!!A century ago may be...wake up and smell the coffee before its too late!

My BB-BB-B of a Sister-in-Law 92

I am angry because my BB-BB-B of a sister-in-law verbally highjacked me in a hospital waiting room--while our mother-in-law was having surgery! She then had the audacity to feign "being nervous" so that there could be no self defense, let alone a knock-out/drag out! Were this an exception, I could let it slide. Unfortunately, this type of irrational, hystrionic, narcissistic behavior is her norm. Let us not forget to mention she has a voice louder than a fog horn, and feels no compunction whatsoever using it in all situations. We are not even sure she has a high school diploma, so one can easily imagine the insidious trash she always proclaims for all the world to hear. Oh, I forgot one other thing: She got her current hubby by having an affair with him while he was still married to his first wife. His children were 3 years and one year old at the time.


Another "thanksgiving" with the inlaws. . .They've never given thanks for anything in their lives! Their idea of the holiday meal is to bring 15 or so of their relatives; bring no food; offer no help in clean up; to complain; and then--THEN--to have the audacity to expect those of us who work our asses off to serve their every need! Who raised these people, anyway?

Miserable Sister-In-Law 94

I'm angry at my miserable, rude excuse for a 'sister' in law. Everytime I see her she has a pinched, angry expression and is a total bitch from hell. For nearly a decade she has ignored me when I politely say 'hello' to her. Doesnt look at me, just walks on by as if I dont exsist. What the hell is her problem? She has a husband who loves her, three beautiful children, a lovely home, amazing garden, and a generally great life, by all accounts. She has no fucking reason to act like such a miserable little cunt, but that doesnt stop her from acting like one. Her excuse is - 'Well people at work KNOW not to say hi to me before 9am and after I've had my coffee." Really?! So sorry I didnt know your 'rules' regarding exchanging pleasantries. It didnt dawn on me that someone could be so self centered, but apparently thats how she views herself. Christmas one year after we were first married - spent it in the hospital after losing a baby. We had no money for gifts and what little we did have my husband spent spoiling his very depressed wife. We go over to their house and as I explain to her why I dont have any gifts for her, she picks out a pile of presents from under the tree and basically throws them at me saying, "Well, we got you this, and this, and this!!!" before flouncing off to the basement having a hissy fit.. Never once did she consider how I was feeling. Not one word of sympathy did she utter regarding what had just happened to me.. It was all about her, the poor, hard done by little girl who got no presents. Boo fucking hoo, bitch. Why dont you do everyone a favor and take some prozak before your tidal wave of petty bitchiness engulfs us all. Be a happy person who says hello to people. Your not a celebrity, so stop acting like a snobby diva. Just because you feel miserable doesnt mean you have to act like a spoiled brat with no manners. Your daughter apologizes for your ridiculous behaviour after you leave the room. Stop letting her and everyone else down with your selfish bullshit.

You took my kids! 95

I am angry because a miserable, ugly woman (aka my Former Monster-in-Law) has gone out of her way to destroy not only my life, but my children's as well. I have been in and out of therapy because I was taken by CPS and adopted out as a young child. This woman took advantage of my situation in life and has treated me like I am not worthy of a nice home, a good career, a solid family. Instead she took advantage of the death of my kid's dad and she moved to a county that would be biased against a young adoptee still trying to find their place in the world. She took advantage of me by offering to watch my children while I did job training and had to commute. Halfway through training I find out that she told CPS everything they would want to hear to start a "witch hunt" against me. It worked and I was never once given a chance to plead my case. My Former Monster-in-Law gained guardianship of my children and has since kept them from me for almost 6 years. This woman had wanted nothing to do with them until her son passed away and she had no one else to torment. So she went after me. She never once offered to help me at any time with my babies to the point my friends had to intervene and help so I could just get a few hours of sleep. This woman didn't help me when I had to get a full time job to help make ends meet just so i could come home and clean up after all the kids, make dinner, get the kids ready for bed while all day long her and her son just let the kids do anything, watch anything, say anything. I was the one who tried to take the children to church, and preschool, and playgroups but this controlling woman and her son prevented me and now my children have none of these things in their lives. She keeps them home schooled not for the reason that they can't do traditional school, but she doesn't want her grandchildren with mental disabilities to spill the beans that she is a horrible rotten no good person. I'm spilling the beans though. I am not a "prima donna" like she once called me. I am a nice person with talents and skills that have always intimidated her so she took my children from me. What she doesn't know is that everything she has done since being granted custody will come back to haunt her when I make my move. I have invested years of my time, and thousands of dollars for a college education, and I am prepared to invest even more into my own children's lives. You took my kids, Former Monster-in-Law, but guess what? They will know the truth when they are old enough. They will all know that you would scream at me in the middle of the night if I didn't wake up after baby number 2 had been screaming for the 4th time right after baby number 1 had just fallen asleep and baby number 3 just refused to sleep. They will know that you didn't really want them when they were born, that you called them "it" and "things" and I would catch you snuggling one baby so close that you might crush it, thinking it was your favorite, but it turns out you had the wrong twin. You and I both know that you took my kids away because you cant stand to be alone and after the way you had treated me and my children, that is what you would be, alone with your memories of how you hurt the people who abandoned you. I wouldn't blame you for being afraid that someone you abused would take everything from you, Former Monster-in-Law, but why the f*** did you have to take everything from me? I love my children and one day we will be a family again, not even Former Monster-in-Law can stop me from being my children's mother.

Bloody inlaws 96

My brother in laws wives are pure bitches from hell. They didn't want us to get married and now they think they can destroy our relationship. They r evil n so manipulative n get away with murder because no ones got the balls to stand up to them. So guess what now, the friggin older brother and his wife decided they were gonna drop off their daughter and leave her in my and my husbands home for 5 years, because she got into uni here and think our house is a bloody hotel. Hell I told them no she cannot stay but did they even give a toss? Now they've dumPed her on us and expects us to feed her, drop her to uni and basically be her guardians!!! I have two young kids for crying out lOud!!! My husband doesn't have the guts to stand up in from if these peoPle either!!!!!

I hate them so much that they brain was their husbands so wickedly to dO what Pleases them! I seriously hope they rot in hell!!!

child 97

Okay so I moved from Oklahoma to north Carolina with my finance, we lived with his dad for a period of time while we were trying to get on our feet. So I thought this would be a great change for me. Disaster struck soon after we moved in, his dad is an ass hole who does not clean up after himself drinks all the time and talks shit to everyone in the house putting us down, calling us names, being a typical ass hole. His son is a little shit! He follows in his fathers foot steps with the cleaning ass hole attitude but it goes deeper than tht. He lies all the time getting everyone else bitched out leaves his stuff all over the house filling my shampoo and conditioner bottles with water does not respect anyone's personal space or items! I'm so furious with this kid! Can't wait to get the hell out of here!!! I think I'm almost ready to go to a homeless shelter and say FUCK THIS!!!

In-Laws who don't care 98

My In-laws are very stingy people, their son (my husband) just started out working and earns a very low salary, I just arrived in the country because years ago I moved with my parents and now I am back and of course don't have a job just yet. So, all his parents do is treat my husband badly in front of me insulting him and fighting with me. We didn't want to be a financial burden so we got married without inviting anyone, simply because his parents, my in-laws were not going to help us have a decent wedding. Whenever my husband borrows some money from his parents they demand it back from him, even though he has not had the opportunity to give it back in his own time, my parents always help me and never ask for the money back because they love me and never want to see my suffer. But my husbands parents don't care about him and always complain. When my husband finally plucked up the courage to ask for more financial help, the in-laws just said coldly that he must get a second job. They even complain that they don't see enough of me, but of course who wants to hang out with some very stingy, selfish in-laws like them!!!!

Boyfriend's relatives 99

My boyfriend and I have been moving around quite a bit because we are still young and looking for a place of our own. What I'm angry about is every single fucking time I end up living with these fat, lazy ass, stinky, gross, disgusting slobs. I just want to burst into flames dealing with these people. They don't know how to wipe their ass properly, they chew like they're cows, they make a DISGUSTING mess EVERYWHERE and I HAVE TO CLEAN IT, and they stink like total ass its so god awful horrible I can barely take it! Then they come home crying that their life is so hard and they just have the most horrible time dealing with their jobs (Sit down jobs, all they have to do is talk to people on the phone/in person). Then they bitch at me because they can't get off their ass and do something such as take care of their own house, their own animals, they are so lazy they can even barely do their laundry. "My back hurts, I'm tired because my job is soooo stressful, no one can possibly understand."

My boyfriend goes out a busts his ass physically every single day and they feel they have the god given right to tell him that he doesn't know how it feels! Are you serious!?


I just hate these fat nasty slobs. I wish they would just have a heart attack and get it over with. They don't deserve anything they have and even though they have so much they are so extremely ungrateful.

Awful Future Mother-in-law 100

My future Mother-in-law used to like me until her son proposed to me. Ever since she has been nothing but awful and now the sister too. His mother does not like the fact that she is no longer in control and trust me she try's to control everything we do and everything that he does. They say things like I wish we could just trade her in for one of his ex's. Which by the way they never liked before. They even went so far to contact one of his ex's. At least he sticks up for us. But recently his mom will try to point out girls to him and all she is doing is making him hate her. That is just a tiny bit of everything this evil woman has done. His mom said if we got married before she thought he was ready she wouldn't come to the wedding and would convince his family and friends not to come. The woman is F**king crazy and I honestly hate her and want nothing to do with her. It is sad to say but he wants nothing to do with them either.

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