Rant from the Angry Webmaster

I am angry. Normally my posting takes the form of snide and sarcastic remarks added to some posts. On occasion I will make a few comments in the news page.
Today is different. Now I'm angry. Why? Some shithead piece of debris pretending to be a human decided to get his rocks off by frightening my niece and several hundred other children. He thought it would be great fun to call in a bomb threat to the school she attends. He really got his jollies when the bomb squad found a pipe bomb in the school.
My niece is scared. I do not like this. It upsets me. When I get upset someone is going to get hurt...A LOT! This bozo had better hope the cops catch him first. If I find him, I'm going to wring his neck, beat him through the asphalt and mop the floor with him. Then I'm going to really get serious about inflicting grievous bodily harm on him.
Of course it will be a tossup who gets to rip him apart first. My brother, (My niece's father), obviously has first dibs. Then there are all the other families.
Still, I'm sure I can be a lot more imaginative then most of the folks around here. Skinning him alive, pouring salt on the bleeding body, then burying him in an anthill comes to mind.
This lowlife scum sucking suck wad is looking at serious jail time. We take this seriously where Anger Central lives. From what I have found out he called in his threat from a Seven Eleven store in a nearby town. Dumbshit didn't see the security cameras so the cops will have a lot to work with.

FYI, My niece is 9 years old

Rant from the Angry Webmaster 2

Hey even I'm entitled to vent now and then...

I work for a multi-billion dollar multinational company. The company I originally worked for was taken over a few years ago by this company. The location I work was the corporate headquarters. Because of that we had a large IT staff to handle all the needs of the users. Well since the merger most of the IT staff quit. a few were replaced and then laid off. Basically the number of support people went from 7 to 3. To top that off one of the support people has been temporarily reassigned to another plant for 5 weeks. 

However none of this seems to have entered the tiny little minds of the lusers that the IT staff has to support. They still expect someone to immediately cater to their every desire this minute. They expect the phone to be answered on the first ring. and that the person answering the phone will correct whatever problem in 5 minutes. Leave a message on voice mail? Why should they when they can hit redial and keep hammering away for an hour until someone comes back and hears the phone ringing? Never mind that the calls go to a pager and we will return the call. Nope, they can't be bothered to do that.

Never mind that we are no longer a corporate HQ now, and that most of the business systems are handled by other sites thousand of miles from here. Never mind that the local IT staff has no access and no more information then the average user. We are expected to fix things NOW! 

We have been made the point of contact by manager for a system that is on the other side of the country. We told this person that we have no access to it and that they should call the corporate helpdesk. "No, I want you to handle all that. I don't want to deal with the helpdesk." 

NO! We won't! I do not have time to take 30 calls from your nitwit minions all saying they can't access some web site and demanding that we fix it. You WILL call the helpdesk now. I will not enter these in for you any longer. I will not be the point of contact.

Yesterday was the final straw. One guy is at the other plant. The other comes in later. I come in a little early, but since the company stupidly moved me from salaried to hourly, I can't do anything until I punch in. This seems to go over the heads of most people. One comes in yesterday and demands that I fix something. I try to tell her that I am not even supposed to be there for another 20 minutes. I ask her to call the helpdesk and log a ticket and I'll take care of it as soon as I can. She blows off in a snit. I exploded at that. As of now we will no longer assist her unless she has a work order number. Her access to the department, which was given to her as a favor will be pulled. She can pound on the door all day for all I care.

My supervisor has been on vacation for two weeks. My co-worker and I have decided that we will wait until high noon before we land on him with what we have had to deal with the last few weeks he has been out. The first demand will be to shut off the local helpdesk phone number. This is supposed to happen in a couple of months, but we want it now. The second demand will be further restricting access to our department. I'm tired of people wandering in asking for help and expecting me to drop everything.

I can't wait for the rollover when we finally announce we are closing down the local helpdesk. Yep, all calls will now go to the corporate helpdesks, one in the south where they take 2 minutes to say "Hi Y'all, this here's the hepdesk. How kin I hep yew?" or the other one which is in India. English is not a language required apparently. (Although I understand they make a great blueberry squishy)

(and no, they never caught the scum from my first post)

Rant from the Really Angry Webmaster!! 3

Well if you read the main page, or the news page you know why I am ANGRY! It seems that the morons processing the K-1 visa for my fiancée want more information and documents. What they want is the Original Notarial Certificate of Divorce that the my Fiancée sent over, and was being held by our attorney. My attorney contacted the BCIS, (The new name for the INS), and was amazed to actually speak with a real person. I could hear the seething anger in my attorney's voice as we discussed what was happening. She sent me a copy of the letter that she received to show me just how little sense it made.

Here she is, a trained attorney with many years of experience and she couldn't understand this pile of bureaucratic crap they handed her. She was not able to actually speak to the person handling my application, (That dolt was no doubt on his/her well deserved 8 hour lunch), and had to deal with some other incompetent jackass. She explained to this idiot that it is against the BCIS's on policy to accept original documents. "Nope! We want that too!" replied the steaming pile of ox droppings on the other end of the phone.

Well my attorney sent off the requested document per the instructions of the castrated rooster masquerading as a civil servant. I have come to the conclusion that the BCIS does not stand for Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, it stands for Bureau of Clowns, Incompetence and Stupidity!

My Fiancée was incommunicado while all this was going on. (National week long Holiday in China), so she didn't find all this out until she was able to check her email. By then I had the details from my attorney and things were well in hand. I do not like worrying my fiancée about things like this. I could tell when she read my email on what was happening when I heard the equivalent of a thermonuclear detonation coming from Fushun, China.

To be honest I shouldn't be surprised about this. When I went to China to meet Xinqing, I spent more time waiting for my luggage to come into the Beijing Airport pickup line then I did going through their customs and immigration checks. When I came him I was stuck for the better part of an hour while some fat old moron checked every detail of every person in line in Chicago. And this was the line for U.S. citizens!! Looks like the Land of the Free should take lessons from the Totalitarian State on how to check documents.

Now what would be the best way to handle this? Well the preferred way would be a 25 megaton hydrogen bomb detonated directly on the Vermont BCIS center. What I may end up doing is calling my senator, provided he and his wife are recovered from her recent ordeal. Their family and my family have known each other for a long time.

Stay tuned to the news page for the latest in the trials and travails of my impending nuptials.

Rant from the Angry Webmaster 4

This one is unbelievable. Recently my supervisor at my real world job was laid off. We were assigned a new manager form another plant. This guy was the IT manager of two plants and was promoted to take care of all the plants in the region. His home plant is being closed and he was given a lay off notice along with everyone else there. The other plant he had originally lost one of their two people. However the plan was to move the remaining IT guy 1 mile down the road to fill in for the loss.

3 weeks ago the new manager comes to my site to formally meet everyone. (We all knew each other anyway) He then tells me that I am going to be sent to the remaining plant for "training" and to fill in until the guy comes over from the plant being closed. This would last for about 6 weeks.

I was not happy about this. My commute doubled, and since the plant in question is in Massachusetts and I normally live and work in New Hampshire, this would be a real problem. During the 2 weeks I went there I averaged a 3 hour commute, sometimes as long as 4 hours. Normally my commute is 1 hour total. If anyone knows about Route 93 you will know what I am talking about.

I thought, "Ok, this will be hard for a while but it is only temporary." No sooner do I arrive then I start hearing things that make me think this isn't a temporary thing, but a permanent move. Hello? No one asked me if I wanted to do this! Transferring from a New Hampshire facility to a Massachusetts plant means I would have to start paying Massachusetts taxes. On top of that there would also be the increased transportation costs as well. I did the math and I figure I was looking at about a $400-$600 a month pay cut.

What would that mean to me? Good bye house, good bye to my impending marriage and probably good bye job.

The next week the East Coast Regional manager came in. My regular co-workers and I met with him. He was not aware that this was happening and he hadn't approved of any such thing. He also said he had signed off on the transfer of the original guy from the closing plant to the remaining one the previous week. We discussed other things not relevant to this posting.

I went back down to the other plant, and heard even more things telling me that I was going to be made a permanent fixture there. On Wednesday I was told by the regular plant IT guy that I was done there as of Friday and was going back to the New Hampshire facility. He showed a bit of surprise and then dropped the other shoe. He had been told by his manager that I was being moved there permanently and that the guy who was supposed to be coming over was going to take my place in new Hampshire.

That was when I became really angry. While I didn't say anything, I knew just what had happened. The Manager of the Massachusetts IT departments had been promoted to all the New England IT departments. Then he decided he didn't want the job as was going to take the layoff instead. (Great training benefits in Massachusetts for people who lose their jobs to outsourcing)

The guy who was going to take my place lives in New Hampshire. Basically the manager was going to give his buddy a going away 5.3% pay hike by transferring him to New Hampshire, plus reduce his travel time and save him gas money. He was going to do this at my expense, since he frankly didn't care at all about me.

Now the guy who was going to get my job has worked in Massachusetts for several years, and makes more then I do in any case. I know this guy, and he is a nice guy. However with his move to the other plant down there his income would remain static. with this little scheme they cooked up he would get a pay raise and I would have gotten shafted.

Fortunately this little scheme didn't work. I honestly don't think it would have worked. If this manager had decided to just announce officially I was transferred and the other guy was getting my job I would have been in HR so fast filing a complaint his head would have spun off his shoulders. I also would have contacted a lawyer who handles labor law issues.

The worst part is this coward of a manager didn't have the guts to ask me if I wanted to transfer down to this plant. I would have said no of course. There are several reason why.

First, the site I am in is an administrative unit. It is a former corporate head quarters and has a very challenging computer environment. My two weeks in the other factory was a waste of my skills. All you did was make sure the machines worked and reset passwords. At the facility I normally work from I have over 240 assorted computers and another 40 servers I maintain with 2 other people. Second was the financial burden this would have placed on me. Being forcibly transferred to another site with no increase in salary would have ruined me financially.

Well the new organizational chart for my region came out last week and my name was right where it was supposed to be. In my home facility. :)

Still, I have made the decision that it is time to leave. I have met with a headhunter and my resume has been posted to monster.com as well as all the other job sites. I am not alone. The 2 other people I work with have also decided it is time to move on. Hopefully in the new year I will have a new and better job, and a new wife. :)

Rant from the Angry Webmaster 5

Time for another Rant from the Angry Webmaster. It has been a few years. What is he raging about today? Health Insurance. Recently he was hospitalized. He had purchased a high deductible plan, and was expecting the bill for  that deductible. He has just been notified that several charges have been refused including the charge for an MRI that was done. The upshot is, he will have to come up with over $3200 now.

The Webmaster plans on contacting the doctor in question. It isn't his problem, but the Webmaster plans on challenging this claim. He also wants to make sure that he gets the money back if he wins his challenge. What a pain in the neck! Insurance companies bite!

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