Co-Worker from Hell

Since Oct of 97 I have worked for the same company. In June of 2001 we got a new employee that I despise! He has to be the world's worst employee. He had only been with the company about 4-5 weeks we he starting scheduling the use of our companies conference room for his own personal use. (Something the Execs don't do). He was having his lawyer meet him here, as well as someone from the gov't who was interviewing him as a reference for a friend getting a gov't job. He was always late, always took a LONG lunch, always left early and was always MIA during the day. He started when the weather was OK outside, he would go down to the courtyard to smoke, and be gone like an hour. He would startr socializing with the other smokers from other companies, and just keep smoking and socializing. Meanwhile, people from all over our company are calling me quite pissed off that he can't be found.

He was the king of not following up on anything. He would take a request to fix something from a user and never do it, never turn it over to anyone, nothing. A PC user would call back & get me and want to know why their PC had been down for 2 weeks! Because he's an asshole I wanted to say.

Everytime anyone tried to show me anything that could remotely be considered his job he would literally jump right in front of me. He was short and extremely skinny and he just literally would jump right in front of me as if to block me from seeing what was going on. WTF is that? He chased EVERY black woman in our office around. There were constantly women from other depts coming to his desk to "go smoke" with him or go to lunch with him. He was constantly back in another dept we have, hitting on any and all black women. He's married to a nice fillipino lady.

He talked to much shit to everyone it was just ridiculous. He made himself sound like freaking superman. He is the type that always has to be the center of attention. Our dept went to lunch one day about 2 months before I got married, while we were eating, one co-worker asked me how the plans were coming, and before I could even answer, he jumps in with the story about how he got married at the JTP in the Philippines and no one who has a church wedding actually ever stays together and me and my husband won't stay together more than 2-3 yrs because we have sealed our fate by having a church wedding. How rude is that? That is just the tip of the iceberg of why this JERK made me so angry!

Coworker 2

I'm angry at (dislike) my co-worker, E.Z., for the following five reasons:

  1. She's obsessive about food and health. She won't eat sugar, claiming a "health problem" which she then refuses to describe. If E. were diabetic and was afraid she'd go into insulin shock or something, I could see her telling us, in case of an emergency. But no. She won't tell us *why* she has to obsessively analyze every molecule of food on the planet. And she does. Food, cooking, and nutrition make up at least 50% of her conversation, on any given day.
    She even tries to spoil other people's pleasure in their own food. I was talking about the sweet potatoes at Boston Market. E. said that the sweet potatoes at the restaurant are processed to make them taste better - full of sugar, full of this and that substance that she doesn't approve of, etc. Well, gee. Why on earth wouldn't somebody want their food to taste better? I guess it's supposed to taste bland and unappealing, the way she no doubt cooks it herself.
    In general, E. acts like the whole world is a threat to human health. Why doesn't she just sterilize her whole house, and then stay there for the rest of her life? If she ever wants to do that, I'd be happy to help her!

  2. She's obsessive about her daughter. E. claims to be "liberal," but sends 11-year-old V. to an expensive private Christian school. She wants V. to learn evolution, but sends her to a nutcase right-wing school? Where is the logic here? We live in Fairfax County, VA, which at this time has one of the best public school systems in the country. But public isn't good enough for SuperKid.
    SuperKid also has music lessons, horseback riding lessons, and kyddie sports shit like soccer taking up every minute of her day. E. feels that the world is just too dangerous to ever let V. have a minute to herself, unplanned. I am so fucking sick and tired of hearing her talk about every aching little detail of how she's "raising" V....Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, just shut the fuck up! Nobody but you cares. IMHO, V. might as well be in jail - she's overprotected, oversupervised, and E. is a micromanager. And she has a right to be. It's her kid...she can do as she sees fit. But why the fuck does she have to tell everybody who's nearby? NOBODY BUT HER FUCKING CARES!
    Personally, I'd like to see V. have a really hardcore adolescent rebellion. I'd like to see her smoking pot, dressing weird, hiding from/avoiding E., and fooling around with boys. I'd love to see V. develop a mind of her own and totally rebel against E.

  3. Other than food and SuperKid, the only thing she wants to talk about is stupid pop culture crap. She likes Celine Dion, and her favorite TV shows are the "reality" shows. Whatever is the lowest common denominator in entertainment, that's what she'll be interested in. And she's supposed to be this educated, cultured, bilingual person! Ha! I guess education and being bilingual don't improve a person's taste any.

  4. Her snotty, superior, "I'm always right" attitude. E. is skinny. She's always well-dressed. She gets up early every day; works out, cooks from scratch, and does everything so perfectly. She reminds me of Martha Stewart - which is *not* a compliment.
    She wears fake fingernails and dyes her hair red, which does not go with her muddy olive skin tone. But she thinks she's gorgeous. And she thinks she's superior because she's skinny and she works out and she won't eat 75% of the food on the planet (the best-tasting 75%). People who give in to their hedonistic urges are soooo inferior to Perfect E.!
    Well, I tell you what, bitch: you'd better stay skinny, because you've got no tits to speak of. If you have a nice chest (like I do), most men are willing to forgive a little tummy. But you're as flat as a pancake. Also, your calves and feet are just plain chunky. No diet and exercise can do a thing about calves and feet. *I* have beautifully shaped calves and feet, and *I* don't work out obsessively. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

  5. Asskissing, backstabbing, competitive behavior at work. I'm sick and tired of her acting like she's the boss, she's the smartest and the best, she knows everything, and nobody else's work is up to hers. This is an area where I'd *really* like to see her screw up big time. I'm tired of her gossiping, and her soft little voice half-whispering about The Way This Place Is Run (why it's going to hell in a hand basket, and how she's smarter than the managers.) Well, she half-whispers, except when she *wants* to be overheard.

I'm tired of her taking initiative and creating work where none existed before. Look, bitch, finding work is for managers. When I get a manager's title and salary, then I'll start looking for work, or creating it where it didnít exist before. But as long as I'm a lowly peon, it's not my Milky Way. If she really thinks she can do so much better than the current managers, then she should ask for a promotion, and give reasons why she deserves one. But nobody would want her for a boss; she never finds a good word to say about anything. She complains and bitches more than anybody else I ever met. She always finds the worst thing about any situation. She sucks.

Loud-Ass Coworkers 3

We work in cubicles with thin walls, and I am so angry at the noise level around here! The loudest people in the organization like to congregate in one cubicle (the one behind mine, natch) and bellow and cackle at the top of their lungs!

Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up, just shut the f___ up!! I am *not* interested in your kids or your family history. I don't think you're that entertaining. When I'm trying to work, and you distract me with your loud-assness, I could make a mistake in a document that could make us all look bad. Your laugh is really a cackle that sounds like the worst stereotype of a witch.

Bob O 4

Bob. Yeah Bob who works with me. Bob, who I have to sit next to every day.... and who, for some unknown reason, loves to yell at me and treat me like a piece of crap, while treating others like wonderful people. I AM a good person and I am sick of him yelling at me and making me feel like I deserve it! I did NOTHING to hurt him so he has no right to do that to me. Yeah, he loves the office skanks, but he treats me, a good and decent person like a loser. He doesn't know what he has done, because now, I am all done and I will never talk to him again. He needs to see what a big mistake he made. ANd besides, I am leaving that damn job. I hope some fat dirty and ugly whore sits next to him.. And I hope she farts a lot. That would be sweet revenge!

Lazy coworkers 5

My co-worker is lazy and tries to make me do all the stuff his fat-ass is too lazy to do, while he hides from the boss and jerks around all the time.

 co-workers 6

I am angry at these bitches for these reasons:

  1. They are fucking lazy and dishonest.

  2. They are so unreliable, one needs to spend time with her boyfriend, the other has a doctors appointment, and another has some family tradition.

  3. I can't joke with them. They are so fucking fragile.

  4. I feel like a fucking prisoner around them.

Fuck this, I quit. I'll find a new job. Fuck them.

bitch co-worker 7

This fat porker named Jenny is such a conniving, dishonest, greedy, fat little bitch. You cannot trust her. She hides in the kitchen stuffing her fat little face while we are outside serving customers. She also thinks that because she gets a pay rise, she is in charge. She orders the workers around and she does absolute fuck all.

Another example, it is possible that she steals. I can't prove it, but when I find her in the act, she is fired. No ifs, no buts, no chances, no job.

If you read this, I hope you realise how much of a fucking bitch you really are.

Bitch Nurses 8

I am angry because....I work as a nurses' aide in a county hospital. Some of the nurses I work with are so rude! Most of them are nice but there are like three of them that act like they have sticks up their asses.

The other day I had the pleasure of working with all three of them. One of them acts like she's on speed or something. She runs around like a chicken with the head cut off. She's always very nasty and rude when she asks for things. One of these days she is going to get slapped!

They think they are entitled to help and treat us like shit. They talk down to us and treat us like we're idiots - just because we are at the bottom of the ladder. I guess since they take it from the doctors, they in turn, think they can take out all their frustrations on us. They do not realize that we are only a luxury to them and that we do not have to be there. There are other places I could be working that pay more. I don't even have to be there! Without our help they'd be dying!

They seriously need to go back to school and take a class on how to work well with others and communication. If I were a patient I wouldn't want any of these PMS bitches to be my nurse.

Co-worker 9

Most of my co-workers are good people and I should be glad it's only one that makes my blood boil. I work in a law firm library. We are under a lot of pressure from the attorneys (most of whom, to be honest, are pretty decent, but are under a lot of pressure from the clients). One of my fellow librarians is so incompetent/inconsiderate of the rest of us I have nicknamed her Princess Useless.

To be in this line of work, you need to be able multi-task and to conduct a "reference interview" which means you find out what information/research the person needs, when they need it, etc.

Princess Useless had to reprimanded several times about answering phones because she would just sit there & let the rest of us pick up. And while the rest of us are working on multiple requests at a time, she will sit there working on one thing, not looking up if someone comes to the desk for help, which means an already extremely busy reference librarian has to interrupt what they're doing because she's so freakin' oblivious. Sometimes she ignores people to check her personal e-mail. Now, I'll check my e-mail or read a newspaper online, BUT ONLY IF IT'S NOT BUSY at work! That should be a no-brainer. I never understood why managers had to spell stuff like this out, but after working with her, I understand that some people are just too stupid to get this concept on their own.

And she does a half-assed reference interview. To be fair, the attorneys, especially the more inexperienced ones, don't necessarily know what they're asking for. The best part is how when she hands a request off to you, she gives you incomplete information and gets snotty when you ask her for details. She also makes comments about our co-workers under her breath like we can't hear her. What is she, freakin' 4 years old?

And when we understandably got upset w/the above, she got drunk at a professional association event & whinged how no one likes her. And our boss, who is a good boss and a nice human being, is trying to be fair and asked us to please refrain from trashing her while they work w/her to improve her performance. So we have to be careful what we say to/about this loser.

So, I couldn't tell her off on Friday. The day before, she handed 2 of her requests w/her 1/2 assed reference interview attempts. So I had to follow-up w/an irate attorney who gave me 'tude. That was Thursday. Then Friday, since she gave me incomplete information, it turned out what I gave one of the big partners wasn't what he was looking for. So, he comes over to her since she gave her the request. She directs him to me, where he throws the papers on my desk and tells me it's useless, in front of all my co-workers. So, the head of reference & I try to figure out what he wants & I mention that Princess Useless took the request. She says I did it. Obviously, but seeing as she took the request, you think she might be able to shed some light on it. Of course, she leaves promptly at 5:30 while I end up staying late to fix her mess. Here's what I'd like to tell her:

To: Princess Useless
From: Me
Re: Your incompetence

Thanks to your incompetence, I got humiliated by a partner in front of all my co-workers. And got to stay late to boot!! Which I especially appreciate after getting yelled at because of you the day before. You suck and I'd really like to smash your useless face in, but violence in the workplace is unfortunately not an option for me.

This is why people hate you, you stupid bitch. That plus the dumb look on your face whenever we ask you to explain any request you've been involved in. We love spending extra time cleaning up your messes and staying late while depart exactly on time. We love having to put up w/your snottiness and muttered comments on top of that. Fuck off!!

coworkers 10

I am so fed up with working with children.Not literally children,just very immature adults who try to make my life at work miserable.There are two morons at work who must feel threatened by me,because all they do is exaggerate everything I do wrong. If I miss one little minor detail these clowns make it out like I am a complete delinquent.These are the same people,who do half the work I do. One guy is always asking me to help him out when he gets behind on his work.Being the nice guy that I am ,I have helped him a few times,and what gratitude does he show?He bitches and complains about every little thing I didn't do. Well fuck that,next time it's going to be do it yourself whiner. Some of these people I work with are in serious need of a trip out to the parking lot for a serious ass kicking.

Co-workers 11

I work in a company where 90% of employees are women. The amount of bitching and backstabbing going on in my workplace makes it a prime candidate for Jerry Springer. There are two people that stand out from the whole lot and their initials are MP and TC. These two are the biggest backstabbing bitches you will come across in your whole life. They pretend to be all nice and friendly to your face, and once you turn your back they say stuff about you. They are very conniving and can't be trusted. They only think about themselves and do not consider other peoples' feelings. Even worse because these two are in a higher position and they milk every ounce of it. MP and TC are on a massive power trip and exercise this above everyone. They will stop at nothing to get their way and will only look out for themselves and their little hangers on. Don't even know how they came to be in their positions because these two do fuck all at work except bitch and trip over their inflated egos. MP and TC, get off your high horse and look at yourselves because without us, you two are nothing and are out of a job. Go get stuffed the both of you.

Lazy Co-workers 12

I am angry at all lazy co-workers because they don't deserve to be here at all. They still get paid doing absolute fuck all and I bust my ass and still get the same wage. They are lazy cunts who should be fired. I am sick of this shit.  The next time you avoid work, the next thing you will be receiving will be a size 13 boot rammed up your asses.

co-worker 13

I honestly cannot believe a person like this exists. His manner is so inconsiderate and self-important, that you would have to add the negative aspects of the personalities of all my previous coworkers in order to add up to P.S. attitude.

We were such a family at work, long hours and no place to go at night requires that we are friends and also a good team. However, when this new employee arrived the atmosphere changed. He has to do things his own way, with no regard to how things are done in this location. He puts us down in front of the trainees. He erases things off the common server that HE feels are not necessary (but that we are using). He also deleted accounts off our system that were currently IN USE just because his class wasn't using them and he feels it should be done a different way. Then in front of his coworkers and their TRAINEES he puts us down saying that it was entered the wrong way on the system. BUT NOW WE CANNOT USE IT AND WE NEED IT YOU BASTARD

We had a team meeting so we could standardize procedure and agree on how things will be run. However, he disregarded the decisions made in the meeting and is just doing things his own way. HE IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE! I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE HE EXISTS! I WANT TO RIP HIS HEAD OFF EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH. He is such a loud bastard too. You hear him yelling all the way down the hall. Interrupting our own discussions and saying stupid things like , How's your dad? WHO CARES? YOUR GOD COMPLEX IS RIDICULOUS. PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE RIDICULOUS. Nobody wants you here!

Non-Working Co-Workers 14

I work at a small convince store, with only eleven employees including the owner. The biggest problem we have though are the idiots who come in for a paycheck, and never do anything to earn it. They sit behind the counter trying to be sexy; but they never work. They act as if you are interrupting them when you ask for anything. I have seniority, and can choose my shift. One of them got mad when I gave her instructions on how to fix a problem stating that she knew her job. Then do it! Yet two nights later she calls my house at two o'clock in the morning because she didn't know how to put something in the computer that she wasn't supposed to be touching anyways. So three thousand dollars, and countless head aches later we finally got the computer fixed. Now she wants a raise because she is "learning" to deal with invoices. Aghhhhhhhh!

Useless co-workers 15

I am pissed off with co-workers who have no brain but still deserve to get paid. It's bullshit. They shouldn't even be there working. They want a new car, new mobile phone, a new house, and party every weekend. It's crap when the useless workers want to work, yet they put in less effort than other skilled workers, and the good workers often have other commitments like study and other jobs. And often, when they can't come in during a busy period, they always have the WORST excuses in the book! These useless co-workers are a waste of fucking space. They should have intelligence and aptitude tests every time an employee applies for work.

co-worker 16

I really cant stand my co-worker L.H. Not only does he have the intellect of a fucking gnat, but he is also a domineering, bullying, sexist pig. He used to own the company that I work at, but now he is actually working for the man that he sold it to--seeing as he cant handle working at a job that doesn't allow him to completely dominate and control every employee. He could be making way more money at a different job, but he insists on working at his formerly owned business because he is friends with my boss--who allows him to be the asshole power tripping person that he is. His favorite thing to do is to (attempt to) send me home early and threaten to get me (and other employees) fired, even though he is my co-worker, not my BOSS--but he obviously needs that pounded into his big, thick , delusional head! He is thirty-six years old and an admitted failure in life. So because he has nothing better to do with his time, he sits around and thinks up menial, demeaning tasks for everyone to do, so that he can win my (REAL) bosses favor, and ensure that he will never have to leave this job and actually pursue a different, better paying one--which at his age shouldn't even be an option. God, he is such a loser. I actually had a dream that I set him on fire last night; that's how much I can't stand this guy. The problem is that my boss lets him do whatever the hell he wants, basically-so no help from him. I don't think he would let him fire anyone, but who knows? I have grown to hate them both so much, that I actually dread going to work nowadays: its that intolerable. Well, guess its time to start looking for anew job. As soon as I get another job I will just wait for this asshole to threaten to get me fired, then I'll tell him that I quit, and that I already have a new job making more money than him -even though I'm 12 years younger. Then I will just walk out and let him contemplate what an utter piece of useless crap he is.

C0-worker 17

A man and a women that are married work beside me and for some reason are unhappy that me and another Co-worker like to have a bit of a laugh. I'd just like them to know how much I despise them...she is an ugly sad troll, who is an utter misery to work with and him well you are a sad hen-pecked excuse for a man...Get a life you sad, pathetic losers...I despise you both !

know it all co workers 18

do you really have to make me feel like fucking stupid shit all the damn time? what is your problem? just because you passed your test the first time...who gives a fuck? you act like you know everything, and you just LOVE to give me stupid ass errors for shit that you would have let go before. it's like you're trying to prove I'm stupid or something, and your way is the only way to do shit. Fuck Off!

Workplace Sycophant 19

Get a life you moron, when the company falls on it's butt no matter how much toadying you do, no matter how many times you say yes sir! it won't save you from the dole queue. All you're colleagues are now being made redundant, and business is business, if you're surplus to requirements, YOU ARE OUT!!! Kissing you're bosses a** won't save you! Go out with dignity man! Stop making us cringe!

'Up himself co worker 20

Today was the worst day of all days, yet you still strut around taking all the crap completely oblivious that you're just a number on the company payroll (for now!) Your creeping was unbearable today because all of the top brass was in. I thought I was going to have to call a doctor so he could surgically remove your nose from the MD's ass. Do us all a favour, go outside in the sunshine, drop your pants and burn your wobbly fat ass in the sun's rays so we can be treated to the smell of crispy fried pork instead of the usual smell of bullshit that we have to endure. You're not only a creep, you're fat, ugly, badly dressed and bad mannered to people who you see as plebs. I am also pissed off at the recent racist comments that you've been spouting and the women are all fed up with your fruitless and irritating leching. You're so up yourself, you married a woman who looks and acts exactly like you. It's the nearest thing you can get to f**king yourself and I bet when you orgasm, you shout out your own name. Your recent project has fallen flat on it's back so I think you had better start looking for another job, preferably in Antarctica or on Mars.

Colleagues 21

Why oh why do I have to go to work each day and listen to what happened on Big Brother, how many calories are in a marks & sparks sarnie and when the new grattan catalogue is out?

I am living my professional life to a level of boredom that would make a battery cicken take up a evening class.  I wouldn't mind so much, except I work with a bunch of fairly intelligent career women...whats going on? have they had their brains removed overnight? I need to have an intelligent conversation with someone soon or I may pop!

And the music...oh the music, we have the CD player on all day at work and if I have to listen to Westlife Greatest hits or Hairbrush Divas once more I am going to scoop out my own eyeballs. On the occasion I do try and put on my own tunes they are promptly switched over, I try really hard to put non offensive stuff on but it makes no difference, they turned off Ms Dynamite for goodness sake...Ms Dynamite! What did she ever do to anyone?! I fear I am slowly to be tranformed into another Stepford Wife, ad will remain doomed to talk about Nigel Harman and watch Wife Swap forever more.  I need help, behaviour like this gives women like me a bad name.


This dude rings in at around 400 pounds and is six feet tall. Not only is his personality in the shitter, so is he most of the time. Fat Boy gets to work with 10 minutes to spare, just so he can take an elephant sized shit in the can. Well, his ass is so big that he can't see behind himself and navigate his rolly polly ass to the seat. He always misses and somehow shits up the wall about 3 feet or he'll just shit on the floor next to the can. We don't go in the restroom when JT is in there cuz' it smells like rotted flesh and his farts sound like rolling thunder. He doesn't wear regular clothes just a sleeveless shirt and cut off sweatpants. One day I came in to work and JT swung around in his chair, drumstick legs wide open with his pecker hanging out stuck to one leg! THIS GUY HAS CLASS!!?? Everywhere he goes, even 5 feet, the fucker is heaving for want of breath and sweats buckets. If he were to drop on the floor with a heart attack, all we could do is strap the Automatic Defibrillator to his head and hope it it would shock his brain into serious weight loss mode. He is fat and proud of that. JT --fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life you big Butterball.

Andrea 23

Andrea is a co-worker who despises me for no damned apparent reason. I can not stand her. She talks behind my back and continually tries to get me fired!!! What did I ever do to her. ARGH!

being accused 24

I have a co-worker who lost a small piece of equipment. She cried to the manager that she swore she gave it to me (she didn't.) She was just afraid to get into trouble. So the manager jumps me. I have the balls to stand up to the manager and in no uncertain terms tell her to kiss off. She accuses me of an attitude. I stood my ground. I don't have the piece. I wouldn't be surprised if my co-worker finds the piece she will hide it in my work area. One of these days

losing my job 25

I am angry because i got someone else a job and she stabbed me in the back and got me reassigned to a job that was 50 miles away now i have no job and she is still not doing her job and has the supervisor backing her


I have worked at this company 16 fucking years and due to my strict work ethic, have busted my ass only to see I am the main support column for a bunch of decorative, non-structural facades. A facade does nothing but give an appearance of purpose. Mutherfuckers here play games, talk, do the makeup shit, oh fuck it, I am too pissed to write any more, I just want to kill myself and be done with these fuck-nogs.

Dumb Co-Worker 27

Not only is he dumb, but his increasing stupidity, is making himself a Pain in the Ass, and a Jackass. Unfortunately I've had to on multiple occasions work with this guy. I swear he doesn't have the ability to retain knowledge. When anybody's around, he'll switch off his brain and ask others what he should do. I really don't know how he's survived in the world up to now. It's really gnawing on my sanity and patience and is stressing me out because I've got to work twice as hard and fast to make up for what he doesn't do and correct the stuff he does do.

For example, someone asks him for a coffee, cream, no sugar, as he's done many times before. He'll be in the kitchen and then ask, "What mug do I use?", "I spilled a little bit of cream, what do I do?", "What should I used to clean it up with?", "Should I stir the cream into the coffee or just leave it?", "What do I use to stir it?", "Uh, I used a spoon to stir it, it's dirty now what should I do with it?", and now that it's taken him 10x the amount of time to do one simple task, the coffee is cold, he asks, "Uhhh... the coffee's cold, should i still give it to him?", "Uh, maybe I'll just pour it out and get him a new one", "I can't remember, did he want cream or milk?" He'll end up putting in milk and two sugars. 30 minutes later, after he's been lounging about in the kitchen, chatting to every person he sees each for many minutes on the same news story, he brings in the coffee... makes an excuse saying, "Uh, sorry I didn't know if you wanted any milk in it". (As if that is what took him the extra 28 minutes) The man that gets the coffee just shrugs it off, because in the time that this guy has jerked off in the kitchen, he has gotten his own coffee and drank it already. The Dumb Co-worker leaves the room to chat-up more stories with others, thinking he's done something and can go slack-off now. Don't think I'm being overly bitter on one coffee - its just an analogy for how he behaves with real work. It gets worse, because if friends ask him to do something job-related, he'll slack off even more and do a more shitty job that he would for upper-level-management (even though he fucks about on that too)


ah, yes, my co workers. First, let me say that this is not in regard to all of them... but it is directed at the people in my dept.- Especially the one I sit next to. What an asshole. He waits for me to become stressed out about something - so he can kick me down further. No damn support from anyone - they WANT you to be upset! They thrive on it! Now, tell me is that normal. Is it right to call someone a C*NT behind their back one second, then go over and be all nice to them the next? What the? If you don't like someone, why bother? God, I hate these jerks. They get on the phone and whisper about one an other. And make comments about everyone. Anyway, lesson finally learned. After 7 years at this company - I am now officially detaching myself from them and their lousy characters. I am far too nice of a person to put up with this garbage anymore. I will still work there until the time is right to leave... and when I do, I am leaving a note in an envelope behind telling them what I thought of each of them. I don't care about "burning bridges"... I just don't care anymore.

co-worker 29

I work with a loudmouth jerkoff who believes he has the best ideas the most experience and the last word on everything. Just ignoring him is over I'm going to piss in his gas tank.

Late Co-Workers 30

Well, The Reason I Am So Angry Is That I Have A Co-Worker, We'll Call Her JY. This Young Lady(29 Or So) Is Most Likely The Most Retarded Stanford Graduate I Have Ever Met. EVERY Single Day She Shows-Up At Around 5,10-15 Min. Late. I Rely On Her To Relieve Me So I Can Go Home After A Long Graveyard Shift. When Confronted With Her Chronic Tardiness, JY's Response: "I Leave 12 Minutes Before 7;00, I Don't Know Why I'm Always Late?"

Try Leaving 10 Min. Earlier! (S**T!) I Simply Do Not Understand Why People Feel They Are So Important, & The Rest Of Us Are Just S**T. What Makes Them Think WE Should Work Harder, Or Longer Just So They Can Trip Through Life Screwing Everyone Else Over? This Is Complete Bulls**t!!! Fucking Wake-Up People! Have Some Consideration & Respect For Your Co-Workers, Grow-Up & Be A Fucking ADULT! Show Some Responsibility!

Coworker from hell 31

Lets call her A.T and yes she is a bitch one second she is nice to my face but as soon as i turn around she stabs me in my back. She is butt buddies with my boss and tells her stuff that she does but inserts my name instead of hers. She told my boss that i was a slut and i was sleeping with the whole crew when actually A.T did someone 27 years older then her, and sucked another one off all in the same night. Its absolute bullshit that everytime i walk into work I have another topic to defend myself on because she has wrote false documents on me once again. If its not bad enough with her A.T has now gotton her brother a job we will call him T.T. He is the male version of her. I think they are bi-polar. He is seriously in love with me and I am a married woman he follows me around and says how much he loves me and then when i tell him off he goes on break sinks into a deep depresion and crys, after crying like a little girl he then gets anger and just like his bitch ass sister he starts stabbing people in the back. They are both lazy asses and refuse to do the work, but still receive the same wage. Im just really fucking fed up... if they ever read this i want you to know i cant stand either one of you and what goes around comes around.

Idiot Co-workers 32

I deal with jerkoffs all day on the phone who are nasty and rude because they have ridiculous amounts of influence and money. But my asinine co-workers make me look forward to talking to these snotbags. The individuals I work with are argumentative, inconsiderate, mentally unstable, uninformed about basic hygiene, and terribly high strung. I can't stand a single one of them. I know I'm the most incompetent of all, but at least I have my shit together!

Stupid nosey co-workers! 33

I work with the most annoying bitch on the face of this earth. She is just pissed because she has been there a year longer than me, is a year younger than me and I make $2.50 more an hour than her! The girl wants my job because she wanted a promotion and instead I applied for the open position and I got it, so I have been there putting up with her shit for a year and a half. She is so stupid! She never went to college and instead got her CNA license *nothing against CNAs or people who didn't go to college- but I go to one of the biggest nursing schools in Wisconsin and she says they have a three year wait to get in so that's why she hasn't gone to college. BULLSHIT! We have openings for nurses. She just annoys me- she gets into my business and when I said I had an interview she was like- oh, you're leaving? You got another job? That's so sad. BITCH! The interview was for graduate school. She was so pissed when she realized that's what it was for to. She just gets on my nerves and she thinks she's fucking special and she's not. For one- her ass is so huge! Lopez's ass looks tiny compared to this girls and her friends even call her Big Booty ***. She doesn't get people don't like her- she thought it was funny when one of her ex's put her in a trash can and said "you're nothing but white trash- go back to where you came from" she laughed! She told everyone the story and thought it was so funny and that he was kidding when he was serious! How stupid can you get? And then, this bitch is supposed to work until 8:00 pm every night and every night at 6:00 she says she is bored and leaves. Then- she calls in and get this- according to her- last year her mom had 7 heart attacks and her dad had 2! What the fuck! These are her work excuses. Then, she always takes off because she says she is going on vacation and then comes in the day she is supposed to leave and says- "my bank wouldn't let me take the money out without closing my account because I'd only have $5 left after I bought the plane ticket, so now I am not going." This girl is so annoying! I would love to ram her head into a wall a few times and ask her if she is fucking dumb! The closest I have ever gotten is a three hole punch- she asked for it and I swung it and smacked her in the side of the head with it- I said oops and she believed it was an accident! Alrighty then! Yeah, that was an accident- I just happened to swing a hard ass three hole punch up in the air instead of sliding it across the desk, and your big ass head just happened to be there and they just 'happened' to collide! Errr! I should do it a few more times! STUPID BITCH!

Nazi co-worker 34

Because the guy is a real bitch. He is way too neat, and expect everyone else to accomplish his unnecessary standards. While the rest of us try to focus on other things than a clean floor, like production flow, efficiency and quality, this dude is all about system and routine, and he never deviates. And when he comes and things are not like he wants them, he nags, cusses, and acts generally like a bitch. He is rude. He has no consideration for others. He is generally just a grade A asshole. People like him should be shot on sight, or at the very least get several punches in the face...

Damn... this fucker went a long way to ruin my day, but I'll get back on him by going out and spending money, having fun, meeting friends (surely, he has none) and think about his sorry ass traveling through his dull life, spiraling into depression.

Husband's Coworker 35

My husbands co worker is his pet according to the other girls at the office. She kisses his ass. What's worse is now I find that she's calling him on the weekends and at night to his cell phone and just having chats. She's known him for 15 years, having 13 years of not seeing each other, both wanted to be Vets, he went on to be one now she's a vet tech. She wants to become a vet so he's "helping" her with the forms. I want him to stop calling her, as I check his cell when he gets home and either she or he calls her. He spends more time on the phone with her 30 minutes than I might get in conversation with them. So I'm just damn angry and want her out of his life. I already said how I feel about her, he denied anything going on but the phone calls are still happening so I need to find a way to get him to stop.

Co-worker: Pig Pen 36

My co-worker "Pig Pen" smells like the fetid bottom of an abused child prostitute from darkest Thailand. He leaves crumbs everywhere he goes and his vicious, vile stench lingers in the air minutes after he leaves the room (air freshener is used liberally.) Pig Pen wears the SAME clothes to work every day, a lovely head-to-toe ensemble completed by a pair of old battered shoes and toeless "socks" that expose his blackened, grime-smeared feet. To show that his disgusting hippie clothes are truly versatile, sometimes he removes the socks, showing off his hairy toes and long, brittle, yellow nails. Pig Pen, please leave our otherwise happy office. You disgust us all!

Snitching bitch of a co-worker 37

So this cunt tattles to the supervisor that I "Didn't do my job" So, I drag the idiot over to the area and have him talk to 4 people! "Yes, he came and checked parts" they said. SO what does he say to me? "Oh she was mistaken!" BULLSHIT!! SHE LIED!! But try telling him that! Oh no, she's his little ass-kisser and he dare not let the cunt go...Bitch you will suffer, somehow, someway..I will make sure of it!

knowitall coworker 38

Oh my god! I have the nighmare off all coworkers sitting right in fron t of my desk. He is this scary short guy that is balding. I am a intern in a Landscape Architecture firm and he sitts directly in front of me, we have to look at eachother all day. he is about 10 years older then me and since he has been at the company for 2 years he thinks he is god. he constantly tries to boos me around as he personal slave and then he flirts with me. he is not technically me boss, but since my boss is gone alot he thinks he owns the place. He is incredibly manipulitive and passive aggressive. he lost his licienec for a DWI and every other day he asks me to go get him lunch. I think he studies the dictionary every f*cking night so he can come in and say a word that i don't know. Then, he just stares at me after he is done talking for a uncomfurtable amount of time. He is rude, childish, and evil. He is about 40 and never married because you would have to be a nut to talk to this guy. He dresses in the most flamboyant cloths, pink, salmon with yellow cowboy BOOTS!!! he looks like he is permenantly "striking a pose". Grosssss!!!! Ahhh. And to make matters worse i think he is going to try and murder me one day when we are alone together in the moring because i finally, after interning TWO summers, couldn't take it and spoke to my boss, who turns out, said he has been thinking of firing him anyway. My boss talked to him and this guy has been kissing my *ss for 3 days but this moring he asked me to drive out and get him coffee, even though i bought my own and he KNOWS i drive a hour to work. I am going to write a book about this when i graduate next year.

Co-Worker 39

I'm not racist, but I'll call this person "Burrito Bitch" and thus, here we go:

I've been at the same company she's at, I make $2-$3 an hour more then her, though she got 1 month more then me. I worked in another dept which paid ALOT better, but head bitch decided she wanted a better ass-kisser. Well, she finds out I make more and starts making accusations as to things which she has NO reason to make, but the idiot supervisor believes them and told me. I told him "You go ahead and believe them, it'll only cost the company $$$ when I file the harassment lawsuit for you being so foolish as to believe her"

So he crawls back to his desk and I give middle finger salute to her and she's FURIOUS as I'm still here, I'm STILL making more and I just bought a new ride which she still drives a beater and just got busted for no insurance! She can't understand that paying attention to her job and HER OWN LIFE is the way to succeed at life and not running around causing trouble.. I make it a point now to refer daily to my new ride and comment on it when she can here.. I know she's boiling! Why take revenge? I am FULLY enjoying my life now!


Stop fucking giving me other peoples work you stupid bitch. I know that I know alot & can do alot but that doesn't mean that I need to do everyone else's fucking job. How many times do I have to say it to your stupid ass???!! If the person isn't available, then fucking take a goddamn message! Or are you to lazy to do that too? Fuck! I wish you would grow a fucking brain from work to your personal life, your kid, you are wrecking everyones life including your own. You have got to be the stupidest person I have ever met in my entire life. Fuck off.

I hate sniveling cry baby co-workers! 41

I work with this guy J. he is a sniveling snot. Today I had a run in with him about ice (you know friggin ice cubes.) We have a community fridge where we all keep stuff I drink alot of tea so I brought in a 10 lb bag of ice. I come in today and low and behold someone has tore a whole in it and stuck there nasty hand in it. This is not a one time incident it has happened before they tear it open don't close it up I pull the bag out and it dumps all over. I make a note to keep out and as I pass by his office he ask whats that I tell him that someone keeps taking my ice and not closing the bag. He says "Oh that was me". Then I tell him stay out of mine and bring his own he then starts in about how I am over reacting that it's just ice. He keeps coming up to me patronizing me about how it is just ice. I tell him it's not what it is. It the principle that he takes it and it's not his and never closes the bag. So if he can't do that then just stay the hell out of it. When your eating lunch he comes upand says what's that, you going to eat it all. He also leave his food in the fridge and dirty dishes in the sink. I have my own kids and I don't clean up after them (They are 19 and 21) low and behold I am not cleaning up after him to. He is just so annoying. I just want to slap him silly. Now everyone here is making snide remarks. One more guy says something to me I may go postal on them.
Pissed Off In Stockton

Co-workers 42

I am an office manager with a very small company, only six of us in-house....One lady in particular, Ida really urks me!! She is about 35 years older than me, so therefore she hates me because I have to tell her daily assignments and explain how to do things. She has a major complex with this..

First of all, the lady is a complete joke, very dumb. And that is why I am the one giving her work and teaching her, and why she is the one stuck in a boring, mindless position. So, she can just get over it and thank her own non acheiving self for that, oh, how I would love to just tell her that!

Anyway, what she does is place telemarketing calls and read a script, inviting business people to summits, conferences, etc..Well, she always gets confused and asks a million questions about the script..Which is the same exact script with the event date / location / sponsorer being the only difference!! Everyone else adds their own touch / cutbucks to the lengthy script, etc.. This lady just reads it word for word (EXACTLY!, very monotone and then wonders why no one ever wants to register with her.

She goes behind my back to the bosses when I am away and asks them how to do things, telling them I never explained it to her before...!?  She has very selective hearing. She will laugh when I tell a joke from her cubicle.. But of course, when I call her name, or ask her a question, oh, she has bad hearing again and couldn't hear me. I have to repeat EVERYTHING! to this dumb bitch. I just don't have the patience ot time for her, I really can't stand her anymore. Her voice just gets to me now, I do get some amusement from her, but that has died down and it is becoming more and more annoying each day to work with such an incompetent joke!!

co-worker from hell 43

A girl just took over my job as a receptionist because I got promoted. Over the last couple of weeks I've had to train this girl and I can't stand her attitude. She's one of those people who thinks she knows everything and try's to boss people around even though she's the new person. She's constantly trying to tell me what to do and takes every oportunity to try and pass blame onto me or anyone else when something goes wrong. How about taking resposibility for the job your supposed to do biatch! I've also noticed that she enjoys talking about every single person that works here behind their backs. Today I caught her talking about me. To top it all off there's not a damn thing I can do about it because she's the bosses sister. All I can do is daydream about punching in her big fat conceided, bitchy head.

coworker 44

i am so sick of this girl that i can just scream. she just doesn't get that the world doesn't revolve around her. she doesn't do her job right and everyone always has to wait on her. she has no regard for other people whatsoever even though she plays this generous and caring role. she really could care less about other people

awful coworkers 45

I sit with two pieces of white trash. One of them is overweight and smells, farts, and picks her nose. The other stinks of booze. She's one of those 31 year olds who thinks she's 21. They are both annoying as hell. They are loud, and obnoxious - and the asshole on the other side of the wall thinks that they're funny.

As for the others, there. They are jealous and mean spirited people. They get off on seeing me upset - and they snicker and whisper and try to get the details. They pretend to be your friend, but they are stabbing you in the back. Dopes don't know that I am well aware of this. My plan is to bring earplugs in and block them out. I won't talk to them, either. I have work to do......jerks.

Backstabbing Co-workers 46

I am angry at my backstabbing co-workers because they talk out me behind my back after they already talked about each other to me. They are stupid and petty bitches who don't have anything else to do but worry about me. And how dare you give me a bible as a gift ,like I need to repent, were you born without sin? and as for your fiancť you knew he was gay the first time you two were engaged. Now you think it's a good idea? I pity you and the ground you walk on ,get a life bitches

Incompetent Coworker 47

I have this coworker. Let's call her L. L. is so thick, so dumb, that everything needs to be said to her twice. She never gets anything the first time, she just stares up at me with this retardo look on her face, then she acts like she is all annoyed by me and asks me to please repeat what I just said. Then, the second time I say it I have to be sure to say it real slow so that she can follow along. She does everything by rote, which means she has memorized how to complete a certain task and can redo it, but if there is any critical thinking involved then she will short circuit! She has been with this organization for like 15 years or something and she still has no idea what is going on around her, its really sad and pathetic. I've never met anyone as stupid or incompetent in my whole life.

Aside from all this she always complains when we have food, she says she is allergic to everything. But then I'll see her at some other point scarfing down a cheeseburger. She is always sneezing and coughing and going home early too because of her supposed allergies but her cubicle is always filthy as hell. How can you complain about peoples perfumes if your cubicle is filled with dust? My hand cream supposedly bothered her too. Aside from that she dresses like a clown, all kinds of different colors sometimes. She looks ridiculous. Plus her hair looks like crap. This woman is the epitome of unprofessional. She is getting paid an awful lot for the weak effort she puts forth. She should be fired.

Co-worker Out and About 48

I work with a clerk, who use to be a really great clerk, but then over the years she started taking more and more time off work, saying she was running an errand, getting mail, but people have seen her at WalMart, home, and places she's not suppose to be. I tried to talk to her one on one, tried to let her know that people were watching her, but she wouldn't listen. Said I wasn't the boss of her, copped an attitude. Recently she got reported, not by me, but she thinks its me, and she now slams her door to her office and won't speak with me. What a defensive b*t#h. She did it to herself... And she has the nerve to cop an attitude with me. Hello. I didn't report you, but now I wish I had. And she's trying to imply now that I cheat our company of time and point fingers at me. Get real. I was the one running the office when you were running your "errands". It sucks when people can't own up to their own screw-ups.


i cant stand it any fucking more, i work with this fat ass who i call "walking google" no matter what the fucking topic is, she has to fucking know about it, or her husband or her sister.. SHE KNOWS IT ALL!! or so she thinks, i mention about someone who delivered a baby at home, well there she fucking goes, her husband has delivered 9 babies! someone says about the weather all of a sudden is because of global warming according to her, cuz she is fucking weather channel too. You know what I think: GLOBAL WARNING IS WHAT HAPPENS BETWEEN YOUR FAT THIGHS WHEN YOU WALK...BITCH!

annoying coworker 50

This fat ass can't shut up for her life, and God forbid someone misses one of her stories or comes in the room halfway thru..The bitch will start all over again!! I have heard her problem with the insurance company about 98 fucking times already...And don't even get me started on listening to other people's conversations. I swear I think she has radars, you can be whispering and she will be all over you damn conversation, waiting for the perfect opportunity to just BUTT IN!! BITCH, I CAN'T STAND YOU...SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

Co-Worker GURRR 51

So, for the fourth time this tax season the Senior Customer Service person calls in sick. Wait, she is not a senior, she lost that promotion for...calling in sick! I think that biatch has no idea all the extra work she creates for the people that actually DO come to work. She mopes about for days. We actually place bets on wether or not she will come to work all 5 days in a week. I am up $2.20 this year! I know, not that remarkable...until you discover we wager dimes for every absence. Blech, I wish she would get a real illness and be forced to retire so we could hire someone who appreciates having a job to report to.

co-workers 52


poseur coworker 53

I work for this retail company in the buying dept. I am an assistant buyer and the object of my complaint is the other assistant buyer in my dept. Now, this one replaced the predecessor whom we coined "gigglepuss"--god, i jumped for joy the day she announced she was quitting. Ah, but if that would have been the end of it. Only the beginning to the next phase of annoyance by her replacement. This woman is your typical, wanna be, suburbanite, soccer mommy who thinks they're trendy cool. All she does all day long is listen to her collection of "trendy" CD's at her desk--LOUDLY so I can benefit by hearing how cool she is 2 cubicles away. She also has to stop by my cubicle every day at several points to see what I'm working on, where I'm going on my next buying trip vs where she is going on hers. I'm like, uh, NONE YA FUCKIN' BUSINESS--you competitive bitch. Its all about her--blah blah blah--nonstop blathering about her trendy house in her trendy part of town with her trendy car and her trendy kid and her trendy husband (whom she hates but won't leave b/c then she couldn't keep buying all of her trendy material possessions). And lets not even discuss the trendmeister's clothing selections. Good God. OK, the short sleeved tee over a long sleeved tee look is O-VER by the way sweetheart. What put us (my fellow non-comformist coworkers that despise her) over the edge is her weekly her coloring choices---eggplant purple streaks in her dark hair, dying in black another week. ARGH!!! She's only doing it to impress the poseur punk rock/goth wannabe sales promotion guy in another department whom she is convinced is her soul mate and desperately is trying to fuck but thats another story--GET A LIFE YOU STUPID BITCH--go buy another one at Walmart and leave your vapid, vacuous, shallow, boring anecdotes about yourself for someone who cares! "Have you ever heard of this really cool new band called the Dandy Warhols?" You stupid fuck, YES---about 5 years ago. Get the fuck out of my cube and go talk to your stupid anorexic-buyer-fake boobs--I'm fucking a VP of the company--friend. Buh BYE. Stupid bimbo bitches that work in retail corporate offices. I'm quitting soon and going to get my master's degree and actually do something respectable with my future instead of wasting it away at that boring meat-market, ass kissing retail company. Fucking place. 99% of the people work there SUCK. So glad I will never have to hear or see them AGAIN. Most of all Scary Spice Punk Rock Girl Assistant Buyer.

Conceited Coworker 54

I work in an office in a small town. Most of my coworkers are cool people that try to get along with each other and have fun. However, there is one B*TCH that I CANT STAND. First of all, she thinks knows everything. There is no topic that you can discuss w/o her butting in and saying how she or one of her friends/family members did that a long time ago and also did it better. She CONSTANTLY brags about how she used to have a high paying job and lived such a fabulous life in a big city. She claims to be a very religious person, but she is the most judgemental, conceited, and temperamental person I have ever met. I swear EVERY sentence that comes out of her mouth begins with "I". It is also impossible to have a conversation with someone w/o her butting in and giving her unwanted advice,telling you what she did in that situation, or that she wouldn't do that because she is so holy. Then she brags about how beautiful she is or how she wouldnt give this man or that man the time of day. After sitting next to this woman for eight hours I just wanna go out in the parking lot and scream! NOBODY CARES HOW FABULOUS YOU USED TO BE! YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE!!

complaining co-worker 55

I work with a co-worker who is sooo far behind in her work that she has gotten into trouble. She is far behind because she types with one hand while eating with the other. We have to share an area. She watches everything I do which is probably another reason she is far behind. If she doesn't like what I am doing she fires off an email to our director about how I am mean. We have been called into a meeting two many times for the emails. She also claimed harassment against me which was found to be untrue... what is the outcome? We both are looking at being fired because yes, I am so tired of her that I don't answer her or try to even reason with her anymore. I feel that if I do, I will charged with harassment again... what to do? Well, I am at peace with getting fired because I will not have to work with a snitch who whines to the boss on the average on twice a day. I am presently looking for another job. I hope the next person who works with person will get snitched on too so that the mgmt will see it wasn't me but the whiny over-eating, controlling, coworker.

business partner 56

My business partner. Although good at her job and very smart, she is rude, immature, and she likes to blame me for things that goes wrong in our company. She of course thinks she knows everything. She bosses me around. She yells!!!. She slams doors and throws tantrums over stupid things. She's rude. In general, she's just a nasty, rude person. I have been very patient, and done my best to treat her with respect. Because, hey we have to work together. She has this anger and aggression towards me that I just can't figure out. I have tried to approach her about this, but, the conversation started to take a bad turn so i just ended it and went back to work. I cannot say anything to her because she will just freak out!!! and although i could handle her and probably beat the shit out of her with one swing. I can't bear the thought of hearing her freak out. Her voice and screams are unbearable. Please God , just put me out of my misery!!! I don't think I can bare to work with SATAN anymore.

*Note from Anger Central
Sell out your stake and move on if you can.

Co - Workers 57

I am angry that I feel that I work hard, if not harder, than my co - workers, but I do not get the recognition that I feel that I deserve. A small percentage of my co -workers act as if I do nothing all day. I was hired to do one thing. However, I am doing two other co -workers jobs. They are LATE all the time. They take LONG lunches and one leaves without a thought to inform someone that she is gone. She ignore people and continue a conversation with other people that have nothing to do with her job. I have determine that I will no longer make it easy for these co - workers. If others feel that they do more than others, I will let them.

Co-workers suck 58

I cant fucking stand when we get new girls in my office. They are always these fresh out of high school whores with their preppy little voices and stupid blond suggestions. This bitch is in here bitching about the call volume she gets, when she was hired to answer the fucking phones. Then shes sitting here asking me if she can take a break every other 30 minutes because her sides are hurting from sitting for too long. Yes you can walk and ill do your pitiful job while my important paper work sits here, are you going to help me finish it later? GOD, why cant you find good help anywhere!?

Coworkers 59

I work with this women who bitches about everything she has to do. She acts like everyone else should do her work. It's all i can do to keep my mouth shut and not start a fight. The other woman i work with is a bitch and must have a miserable life. She gives these looks and when you ask her what's wrong she acts like your the one with the problem. She thinks she is the only one who can do anything the right way and if you make a mistake you have to deal with her attitude all week. I am so sick of working in a office full of women that are all bitches. It seems that i am the only one that notices these bitches because the bosses don't give a rats ass. It's ok for the women to start fights and not do their jobs. It seems like the ones who do their jobs pay for the slackers.

Butt-plug co-worker 60

Ugh, there's this one loser at my job who thinks he's cool. He's 36, but thinks he's 24 and he's a total weenie. He tries hard to impress his peers who are like, 8 years younger than him and who really aren't even worth impressing in the 1st place considering they're even bigger losers than he is. First of all, he's originally from Seattle so he thinks he's this big music expert. It doesn't matter what song comes on the store's radio system, he can't help but critique it and give his commentaries about it. He never shuts the fuck up!! I wish he'd put a cork in it already. And then when you dare say anything negative about something he likes, he gets all bitchy. And this dude is SOOOOOO negative. All he does is spew out negativity about everything. He's never happy. Not to mention he's a total drunk. Everyday after work he's buying a 24 pack of beer or hitting the bars. Fucking drunk. Plus, he's a snitch. He called HR on some employee and tattled that they were drunk on the clock. Like he should talk, the little wino. The employee was fired even though there wasn't really any solid proof he was drunk. That was 5 months ago and TO THIS DAY he stills talks about the ex-employee and makes jokes about him. He's just plain miserable. He's always making comments about my marriage, like "Hope it works out" and "Good luck". It's not my fault his ex-wife was screwing some other dude. Maybe his negativity drove her away. He tries to bring everyone else down with him. Oh yeah, when he takes a break, he takes like, 25 minutes when it's only supposed to be 10 and he spends it reading magazines which he didn't even fucking pay for. That's considered grazing/stealing. Maybe I should snitch on him? See how Mr. Hot-Shot-mid-life-crisis likes it. And I heard a rumor that he fucked some young girl selling magazines. He invited her in and they screwed and did drugs. Freaking pedophile. I heard he's moving back to Seattle and I can't wait!

lazy co-worker, spineless boss 61

This front desk worker has been late every single day of year. It's May, and since January 1 I don't thing she has been on time ONCE. She sure gets up and leaves on time when the day is over, though. When the boss isn't here she will wait until the other front desk worker has gone out for lunch, and then she will go sit with a bunch of other girls in the office and gab and knit for an hour while other people (including me) deal with phones, packages, etc. Then, when the other front desk person comes back from lunch, the lazy one will go out for an hour! When she comes back, she finds a way to disappear into the back of the office for ages, so that by the end of one eight hour day she has been at her desk for a total of, oh, about three hours. My boss won't fire her because he's terrified of a discrimination suit. And I'm so damn angry because I and a lot of other people at the company work super hard to make it a success, and this girl is just along for the ride. I am so mad at her for being lazy, and at my boss for being spineless.

Lazy Co-Worker 62

My co-worker DOES NOT WORK. We are attorneys, and on our cases together, I do ALL the work. ALL OF IT. She comes in late, leaves early, and reads CNN.Com all day long. She must be lying on her time sheet, because she never even remotely works a full week. She doesn't know the facts of one case from another, and constantly gets them confused. She complains about the slightest change in work - she only wants to do the exact same type of cases she's been doing for nine years. And today was the final straw. She started PASSING HER CASES to others in the office (including me) saying that she's just too overburdened and can't do them all. FUCK. THAT. Maybe she would have time to work on her cases if she showed up for fucking work. My office is very small (three attorneys - me, her and the boss) and some support staff. I don't feel I have anywhere to complain, since the office is so small. So I have to rant on UGGGGH. This woman was burned out on the law 5 years ago, and yet she stays here and I have to do all her damn work for her. I am so sick of it. GET A NEW JOB, WOMAN.

Obnoxious coworkers 63

To my fellow co-workers,

You are all obnoxious pigs. To the stupid old hag, you don't look younger just because you order the younger ones around to do the simplest tasks just because you're not bothered to learn, you old bag of shit! You have your own work desk with facilities yet you use the phone behind me to talk about what you talked about before to someone else on the phone! What the fuck you fucking shit! I also don't need to see you scratching your armpit hair while holding the phone with your chins!!! (And the best part is, when you talk to a colleague when she's around, she looks as if you are a nuisance. As loud as who, you ask? BITCH.)

To the fat gossiping writer bitch, the only words I hear you utter when you come 'round (lol) just because you have no work is, 'I'm hungry!' or, 'Where do you wanna eat?' I dunno, why don't you try shutting your piehole! I can hear you coming from a mile away without the help from a Richter scale! I wish you'd stop fabricating lies about everyone in the office. People are starting to hate you, and no, I am not my boss's 'boy toy'. Have you noticed that you have to GO, to people to talk? That people don't wanna even look at you or approach you? Why? Is it because we can smell what you ate? Or is it because you won't shut your trap?

Control freak, you are a control freak. I am not gonna help you with tasks for our manager. I will help when he asks for it, and I will take full credit for what I'VE done. Screw you.

Lastly, the desperate whore in the office. You hit on every average Joe in the office. I hate the way you titter like you're cute. The only thing I can see are the veins straining from your neck as you try to be cute. Don't ever touch me at office parties. Your mere presence makes my dick turtle. All the guys in the office thinks your vag has teeth.

Thank you, Anger Central, for letting me vent my frustrations. The aforementioned colleagues can go fuck themselves.

A Co-Worker 64

I used to love my job; for two years, it was myself and my two male co-workers. We had our issues, but never anything huge or horrid. This literally was a 3-person company; I did (and do) most of the leg work to keep things rolling along. The atmosphere was always casual, but not in a slacking sort of way.

Then the Biz Atch (we'll call her Sack) moved in. She worked for an affiliated company, and when they got sick of her, my boss (who adores her, god knows why) took mercy on her and let her come work for us. She is supposed to bring a lot of new business with her, but so far (3 months later) all she has done is decide she is our "boss". Granted, she is the oldest one, by far. But she has no experience in what we do. She is the biggest ass-kisser I have ever met. She begins projects, then dumps then on me, and there is hell to pay if I don't follow through on whatever crap she sends my way. I hate her. I used to love my little company, but now I want to leave. But not before I give her a big dose of her own medicine.

co-worker 65

My co-worker is a liar. She lied about me threatening her - told the boss and everyone in our office that I was in gang and was calling her home and threatening to bomb her house - the worse part is that some of my other co-workers believe this nonsense. I was investigated for six months over this bs and of course her allegations were unfounded - they even went so far as to check my phone records - all of this stems from her getting in trouble for lying about needing to leave early for an appointment, going to the gym and getting caught! Because I wouldn't lie for her she's determined to make my life a living hell. I can't even defend myself because anything I say or do will be viewed as vengeful or bitter. But I will have the last laugh - can you say slander and harassment!

*Note from Anger Central
First call a lawyer.
Second document EVERYTHING! This whacko needs to be dealt with swiftly and brutally. Turn a lawyer loose on her and take her for everything. I would recommend that you keep your company out of it except as required for testimony. Your lawyer can say better.

asshole coworkers 66

I am so sick of working with people who think they are so much better than everyone else. Right now I am forced to work with certain people that think they are so much more witty and artistically inclined then everybody else on the planet. If you don't ways to make fun every little thing on the planet and think the world exists just for your mere entertainment, (which I don't), you don't fit in with these people. They are damn lazy but have the nerve to say they don't like the people on 3rd shift (MY shift) I am fed up. Good thing I'm leaving at the end of summer, these people really piss me off.

Money Obsessed Flyer Turd 67

I have one of the most annoying coworkers in the history of time. He has the most high and mighty attitude toward others at this job because he thinks he knows the most. We work in an aviation/electronics related field and everything he does in life revolves around it to the point of obsession. While the rest of us spend our normal hours outside of work with our family and friends, he is obsessing about his job or lack of money. He is a radar tech at his job, flys planes when he isn't broke, and uses ham radio to talk to other losers around the country when he can't afford to fly or isn't at work.. meaning his life revolves around aviation 24/7.

He obsesses about other people having more money than him and listens to "The Dave Ramsey Show" to hear how down-trodden others are to make himself feel better. He is constantly telling us how dumb each other coworker is for buying something new just because he blew over $60,000 of inheritance in 1 year on flying lessons.

He constantly interrupts people when they are trying to speak, he briefly apologizes but then continues to speak over the other person! He is a miserable person and must get yelled at by his fat British wife all of the time, otherwise he wouldn't act like such a douche bag.

Every other coworker in the office absolutely cannot stand him and find any excuse not to work with him, but nothing seems to put him in his place.

He is constantly eating as well and wears old clothing that barely fits, and if someone in the office wears anything mildly new or hip (i.e. blue jeans that aren't showing your package) he pokes fun at you. What a homo

Deprived co-worker 68

I'm sick and tired of a fellow co-worker who feels like he is being 'overlooked' for his daily rump-kissing to 'the man'. "I'm not appreciated, I show up to work everyday, I have lots of ideas that will improve the work environment, I still haven't been promoted, blah blah blah". Give me a break you loud-mouth, insecure weenie! Who gives a crap about what you can do better or for that matter, how you 'feel'?? This is a JOB, we are paid to perform (BTW, your name is not on the sign outside nor is it on my paycheck). What the hell else is there to whine or moan about? We are not therapists, no one wants to hear about how you were neglected emotionally as a child. I can't help but feel like in some weird way, you are trying to 'get approval' for your ideas as if you are trying to fill some kind of void in your oh so pitiful life. We are not here as your personal 'ego-boosters'. You are paid, like the rest of us, to do a job. We are not paid to help you regain what you feel you lost as a child. We have our own lives and one wants to hear yours. Why not work some overtime, find you a good therapist, get a decent haircut, fix your teeth, get new glasses, take care of your skin condition and leave us out of it because...NONE OF US GIVE A CRAP!!!

Coworkers 69

Wow, don't really know where to start. Maybe it's the open face gossiping they do about me just because I don't speak their language despite the fact that they use English in between sentences and say my name out loud. Oh wow, not stupid at all! No wonder I hate them so much. I'm young but just because you're older than me doesn't make you smart or right all the time. And the weirdo in the corner? People say you're nice, but really you're an attention whore. He scoots to the toilet like we all have to know where the stupid three year old is going. And the boss is a control freak, along with the IT guy. If he did his job the internet connection wouldn't be so shit (and its broadband!!!) Humorless bunch. I thought I was a geek...and I was wrong. Very wrong. Thanks Anger Central, you've helped me a lot!

Note from Anger Central
First, all of us IT guys are control freaks. Haven't you figured out that we control the world through our proxies on the trilateral commission?
Second, the internet connection is working normally, they just cut you and the others out so they have enough bandwidth for a doom 3 death match. ;)

Co-Workers!!! 70

I work for an optometrist and we have a receptionist who has been here for 18 years...For reasons I have yet to discover. She is on personal phone calls ALL DAY long with her kids, husband and friends. She ignores patients and EXPECTS me and the other co-worker to do her job. She thinks that Oprah has the answers to the universe and continually gives us life lessons about how we should live our lives. OH her life is SOOOOOOO much more important because she has kids...that she can't afford and the complains that the government should do more to help her out...and SHE EXPECTS US TO HELP HER bringing treats in for her daughter and baking stuff for her kids birthday parties. She can't drive, and so she thinks that she is entitled to leave early every day to catch the bus, EVEN WHEN the office is running late beacuse she "fit in" patients!! She is always borrowing food from the fridge, oh can I use some of this? I'll buy it next round...and she never does. She will go out for lunch with the other girl who works here and the other girl with pay, but She insists on paying her back, so when the other girl paid for her lunch it was $6+ dollars and when she gets paid back it is a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's which is $1.39!! She says that she can do EVERYTHING around the office, and can step into any role, but she can't even use the computer, and doesn;t want to learn anything new! Her card reads office manager..,but she has no skills to deal with conflict, she comes to the back to get one of us to deal with patients who are upset! AND DON'T EVER BRING UP that you don't like something she will just rip your head off "THAT IS HOW IT HAS BEEN DONE FOR 18 YEARS!!" She hasn't a clue about anything,she thinks that if she eats salty chips it will help her to drink more water, or by starving herself she will loose weight. AND SHE goes to teh bathroom like 5 times a day and DOESN'T close the door after to keep the smell in, she just lets it waft through the office - it smells like a dead animal. OH AND SHE DOESN'T wash her hands after using the toilet. she walks to the sink in the back and washes there after touching everything on the way. IT IS SOOOO GROSS!! And she thinks that she is a clean freak! My BF works in the oil industry and makes really really good money and she thinks that and voices that our relationship is a sham, and that we are in debt cause we eat out alot...well what she doesn't know is that what she and her husband make in a year is what my BF pays in taxes...but according to Oprah the above is true. We got raises about a year ago and she was complaining that now she makes more money and the government won't help her out as much anymore. RRRRRRRR!!! I recentely had to quit cause of her and I told my boss the truth about it. He said "What am I supposed to do, she has been loyal to me for 18 years!" Yah and has caused HOW MANY people to quit in that time? He should have fired her and kept the others, he would have made more money and had a happier workplace...but that is his choice and it will hurt him the most in profits when I am gone.

Fat bastards with low self-esteem 71

I work with a fat bastard who constantly harasses me without provocation. So I would just like to direct a few words toward him from a safe distance to avoid being suffocated by his foul fat roll induced stank. You are fat and I am not. I have a wife and you have a gallon of ice cream before bed. I have a physique and you have fat rolls. It isnít my fault that you ate until you grew big flabby bitch tits, so donít take your misdirected fat behavior out on me Shamu. You lie about everything to give people the impression that you have a life, but really you cry yourself to sleep at night. Maybe if you would work instead of sitting on your fat cake hole and watching TV all day then you wouldnít look like 300 pounds of chewed-up bubble gum. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Co-worker 72

I work with a complete idiot. He is a man totally at the mercy of his crack-whore wife and everyday there is a different issue with this guy. Some stupid family drama that causes him to be late to work or leave early. The guy has to leave work by 4 because his wife wants him home. HE does nothing pawns his crap off to everyone else and now we find out his old employer was happy to get rid of him. I sure hope he is looking for a job as it will be a complete surprise to the suck ass and I hope he cries like the little bitch he is.

Coworkers 73

My company hired a man who stole from my portfolio. I told my boss that it was my work and submitted proof. This arrogant poser has a long list of "industry experience" so he got hired anyways. Now that the stuff is hitting the fan the reasons why he has so much "industry experience" at so many companies are emerging. A really really long list of short term stints at a hundred companies is a bad sign, you freaking genius. I guess that's why you get the big bucks, what with making good decisions and all. Congrats, you hired a useless lump of carbon.

I don't even know where to begin. It all started so nice. All of a sudden I find that I don't recognize this damn place. It is so different. I thought I left this kind of shit behind in fucking high school. There are jocks, popular girls, suckups, alterna-dicks and more. I just want to do my fucking job and go home. Leave me alone. Why is it so important to come to my desk and loudly plan activities with everyone that I am not invited to? Does it make you feel better to make someone else feel rejection? Well guess what, I'm wiser now, and I stopped wishing you'd include me a long time ago. I don't want to spend one more second in your presence that I'm not required to in order to recieve a paycheck. I do not care that dickwad over there thinks you are "fuckable" I do not want to see the nauseating spectacle of married people flirting with one another as a temporary salve for low self esteem or marriages forged in the lands of "we're both hot lets get married, I'm sure it will work out."

I'm afraid this place is changing me. I have to get out. I was never this angry. I never used the word "fuck" before I started working here. I need to run as fast as I can before I devolve.

Lying ass bitch named Roxanne 74

I am so disgusted with my lying ass co-worker Roxanne. She makes up lies for no reason about people at work and in her personal life. I think the bitch has a problem because she was adopted. The lies she tells are so pathetic, like lying about knowing what peoples salaries are, or what she or someone at work either said or did. Just stupid shit! She thinks she is so clever, but the truth is, everyone who knows her see's straight through her. I'm torn between wanting to kick her ass and feeling sorry for her dumb pathetic stupid ass! I just want to say, Roxanne, quit telling all those pathetic lies, you stupid Bitch, you need some help!!

Co-Workers 75

I work with a guy from another country (those who are taking over IT in the US) whose head is so big, it can barely fit through the door. He will, at any given time, spout off the degrees he holds, the positions he's held, blah, blah, blah. My question to him is, "If you're so freaking great, then what the hell are you doing at THIS company?" I think the answer would be that NOBODY ELSE WANTS HIM! He is hated by all who come in contact with him because of his attitude. I, unfortunately, have to sit right next to him (thankfully it's only temporary) and work with him on a project, and I can tell by the end of it, I'll either kill him, or myself. Did I mention how disgusting and cheap he is too? Nail-clippings on his desk, burping out loud without excusing himself, and if any food is anywhere, he'll sniff it out. It's so bad that when he puts his hand in a bag of chips, we warn everyone about it (so, he basically gets to eat the whole bag). If it was not illegal, I'd put poison in the food I know he would eat. It's amazing that he is put up with, but I think the problem is that management (who have no technical background) believe his hype, and feel they would be lost without him. I'm sorry, but he's *just* a DBA, anyone can do that job. There is no reasoning with this guy either, when told to do something, he'll stand up (he's a whole 4 feet tall) and start a tirade about how many hours a day he works, and how much education he has, and how important he is...just so the other person will back down. My feeling is, he's going to hang himself. Oh, and by the way, two others like him (same culture) joined our department only to be booted out a few weeks later for misrepresenting themselves. Americans have a lot of pride in their work, and we don't take BS from anyone.

Co-worker 76

I totally hate this bitch Cathy. at work. She got a good friend of mine at work fired for sexual harassment. She was part of the problem and egged the guy on until he asked her if she wanted to have an affair. He never even touched her. So she filed the claim and got him fired. So the other day he shows up to one of the places she was working and didn't even say a word to her, look at her.. nothing. Now she is filing a PPO on him. Must suck to be such an insecure BITCH like that. She needs to get the F*** outta our workplace. Die BITCH

Note from Anger Central
If what you say is true and this happened recently, have your friend contact a lawyer. If this can be documented your friend may have grounds to sue both the company and the person you mentioned.

Stupid Ass Coworker 77

I work in a hospital, and this one particular nurse whom I'll call T is driving me insane! here are the reasons why:

1) If things don't go her way, she becomes verbally abusive and acts like a little brat and gets upset when someone stands up to her to put her in her place.

2) She HAS to work with the same people all the time, and bitches about somebody doing something different. Bitch, it doesn't matter how it's done, as long as it's done by the book!

3) She brags about her husband 24/7 and likes to let every one know how he's the best at music/cutting hair/softball and an all around good guy knowing damn well that he is nothing but a little thug who cheats on her every chance he gets and she uses him as a shield whenever things get out of line, knowing that he's a ill tempered little punk that loves to start fights. Newsflash, hooker: You're gonna get that man killed for putting him in situations that you created!

4) The real reason I am at the heat of rage about this superficial cunt is because she went and told this cute physical therapist about me in a negative way and lied about me as well. I still went out with him, but the damage was (slightly) done. Bitch, I don't play around with your personal life; do NOT play with mine!

Whoooooo!!! i feel better now. Thanks, AC!

Lazy Co-workers 78

My lazy coworker and I have the same job description (inside sales) & each have an outside sales rep for whom we are supposed to do whatever tasks we're asked. Problem is she's so lazy that her higher up says she knew why my higher up chose me - things actually get done promptly. Her higher up is piling tasks on me in addition to my outside sales rep because the lazy coworker just shows up and does nothing. The lazy coworker brings a curling iron to work & curls her hair in the bathroom, applies makeup, arrives to work late, surfs the net, e-mails her college friends & hubby, and sometimes cuts out early. She has long talks on her cell phone and also on the company phone with her mother that everyone knows about. Did I mention that she literally gets up from her desk and runs into the bathroom or hides by the fax machine in an obscured area when customers come through the door?? This always equals more work for me because I have to stop what I'm doing and take care of them. In addition, I literally empty the trash cans, take the trash to the dumpster in my car, clean the windows and doors (WE WORK IN A FREAKING WINDOW STORE!!), vacuum the showroom, and I am organizing the filing cabinets from A - Z and doing other items on my own!! The lazy coworker refuses to answer the phone before the 3rd ring so I answer the phone and get more tasks piled on by customers calling the store and more tasks from the lazy coworkers customers!!!! She only answers the phone when I'm in the bathroom and that literally is about 60% of the time. I have this innate urge to be nice, but I'm reaching the breaking point. This has been going on for at least one year!!!! She was doing this MONTHS before she got her 2nd job as a receptionist (sitting on her ass she admits frequently) at a not so busy furniture store. It's as if she expects to show up and get paid. I fear that if I'm found out to have blown the whistle that I'll be the one who is infamously labeled the bitch. And the fact that I was the last hired could mean I'd be the first fired. Oh did I mention that they took me from the receptionist desk that she's now sitting at and gave me HER corner office?? She's really begun putting a lot more effort into her appearance since the switch, she's always seemed pretty but if she put more efforts into her job then that would be greatly appreciated and could head off an ugly screaming match.

bitchy coworker 79

Because this woman I have to work with is a co-worker from hell. This girl is so cheap, she brought in a pound of coffee for the general fund when everyone else brought in 5 lb cans because she "doesn't drink that much coffee". So in 3 months she's contributed 1 lb of coffee. She drinks at least 2 cups every day, I'm thinking she's gone through her lb, no? She won't make coffee, she'll take the last cup (except for approximately 1/16th of an inch she leaves in the bottom of the she's not taking the LAST cup?? Dumbass!) and leave it for the next person to have to make. She even sweeps her cubicle and dumps the dirt in someone else's trash can, takes her trash bag and instead of taking it out to the trash, will dump it in the general office trash can. In the irrational, hormonal fog of her psyche she has taken a dislike to me and thinks because she's a salaried employee (NOT a supervisor, no matter what she thinks, she HAS NO SUBORDINATES (except everyone else, in her self-centered little world)) she can YELL and POUND A DESK at me like I'm her red-headed stepchild. And I'm supposed to just accept this crap? Oh, whatever, Miss Thing...whatever. I will laugh last and best, you bet your spoiled little ass.

Stupid Co-Worker 80

This job might be more detailed oriented than most sales jobs, but it isn't that difficult. Customer emails and says that want this.. we ship it. Ok, so why can't the dumb bitch they hired to work with me get this right. Everyday we have orders that dint ship to customer because she has entered them wrong. It takes me 5 minutes to enter a ship order, correctly. It takes her over an hour to screw one up. She is also the rudest person I have ever met in my life. When I am talking to her, she will actually turn her back on me and walk away. I can't tell you how many times it has taken all my strength not to snatch her by her over processed hair and make her sit down and listen to what I am saying. Also she smokes and bathes in her perfume. She is so stinky she has actually cause me to become ill. How sick is that? So of course everyone knows that she is a total dumb ass. So have the fired her yet? NO! They have to write her up 3 times and blah blah blah blah. Well you better bet if she is still here next week she'll find a rotting shrimp taped under her chair, that smell had GOT to be am improvement.

Ritalin child coworker 81

this chick is the biggest dingbat. She takes forever to do things, hums and skips her way through the office and tries to talk to me about things that I couldn't care less about (anything to do with her and her life). Then she has the nerve to ask me when I am getting done with stuff. Fuck you, I will be done when I get done bitch. Deal with it. If you don't like it you can quit. Hell, I have to do it in the first place because she's too retarded to do it. She seriously needs to kiss my ass and die.

Co Workers 82

These two stupid, useless, lazy ass bitches I work with are making me go insane!!! Never in my life have I been subjected to anyone who is as dim as these two!! They take continuing education classes so they can hang a fucking certificate on the wall to make them look like they are something so fucking special, but are too godamn lazy to utilize anything taught in the class!!! They have absolutely ZERO respect for anyone in charge over them and act like this is a fucking leisure club that they can come and go as they please!!! Not too mention that they are nothing but white trash whores that have disillusioned themselves into thinking that they have class and sophistication when in reality they do not have one fucking drop of class between the two of them! Maybe I am a bit confused, but when you are 7 months pregnant, should you be sucking down 400 cigarettes a day and then tell everyone your doctor said you shouldn't take cold medicine?? You stupid fucking idiot! Spreading disease to your baby because you are such a white trash piece of shit you cant quit smoking for 9 months!!! I am so ready to leave this job and tell both of you what untalented wannabes you truly are!!! You make me sick to my stomach with your sorry ass complaining attitudes. Any other place would have fired you by now, but our boss is such a spineless piece of shit, he feels sorry for you! Well I am through feeling sorry for you. You are lazy good for nothing wastes of oxygen that will never amount to a hill of beans. You will always be renting your pieces of crap houses and never own a thing that isn't bought for you by some guy you spread your legs for! You might as well be prostitutes because that is the only job I can think of that you even remotely qualify for!!!

Clueless Co-worker 83

Last year, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my legs and feet at age 36. It runs in my family so it wasn't a surprise when I was diagnosed. Because of my condition, I have bad days when my legs just won't move and walking is an effort. I had a co-worker who thought I was lying about my condition and told others in our office that I was just lazy. She believed arthritis is an "old age disease" and I was "too young to catch it." I am overweight due to my not being able to walk like I used to and she said if I exercised more I wouldn't be so fat. She's no skinny herself and she's giving me fitness tips?!? I dreaded arriving at work the same time she did because she would take the stairs and I would take the elevator. You can imagine her self-righteous comments I would "overhear" during the day. I was ecstatic when she quit last month. Then her "perfect new job" didn't last when she quit after 2 weeks. Guess they could stand her cluelessness either. Where did she work? A doctor's office that specialized in auto-immune diseases like arthritis. HA!

Flakey plastic Stepford wife type co-worker 84

 Bitch, you are an insult to women that work their asses off. Ditch the mommy voice, the false caring act, and quit butting in to steal other workers clients because every one of them hates you! Get your own! Everytime we lose a client, its because of you and it always results in a loss to the whole company! Your a mental case. Your an F-L-A-K-E and everyone knows it!

Bridie 85

She is rude to customers, and she had the audacity to be rude to me once...I was involved in a training session with 4 of my colleagues, and she was the trainer. I started to ask her a question, but she barked at me "I'm still talking!" in such a bitchy manner that I was taken aback. Then I just got madder and madder, and was stewing away silently for the rest of the session. I don't know what set her off, but she has since ignored me and acted like she's better than everyone. I do not tolerate arrogance and never suffer fools gladly, so she was lucky she didn't have her head bitten off, face gnawed and legs amputated that day. I nearly walked out, but decided to bite my tongue and be magnanimous enough to give her another chance. The next time she tries this stupid trick on me, I will gladly maul the fat ugly cow. Hack me off at your peril, people - you have been duly warned.

My fat ass co-worker 86

My co-worker has been here for 90 days and has gotten on my last nerve. Its like he has regressed. He was picking up everything so great his first 2 weeks then when he found out he has to be on call some nights, all of a sudden he doesn't know anything and needs to be re-trained. He will call my co-worker at 7am for bullshit that he can answer himself or wait until the other co-worker comes in. Did I mention that he is nosey? He will hear you typing and stand at your desk and look at your screen...better yet, if you leave your desk, he will go into your personal e-mails. He also listens to your phone conversations and will ask you about something u said when you get off the phone. You cant give him constructive criticism because he gets defensive and wants to argue. They need to let him go!!!! ASAP!!!

cubicle losers 87

Oh gaaad!, I want to just kill these pasty skinned, weak minded, computer using, hunched over, bastards that just sit at their godamned computers all fucking day with their snarky office politic attitude, always waiting for someone to stumble in the least little way so they they can feel superior in their little cubicle slave mentality. what kind of fucking life is that you twats? why dont you do the world a favor and kill your damned selves instead of just sitting there creating more misery by pushing fucking keys and causing problems elsewhere. Just type your fucking report, stuff it in your fucking mouth and jump out the goddamned window you sorry excuse for a human. Why dont you have any guts or balls, you make me want to puke, You are a godamned rat in a cage, and you deserve it because you are a pack animal with as much sense as a damned monkey.

ohh, you are the downfall of man kind and you will starve and rot in the fucking street when you can no longer type at your fucking useless keyboard. Ask yourself what use are you, and you will come up with some dumb assed awnser that is meaningless, but deep down you know you should go ahead and kill yourself, because your life is miserable and you will be stuck in a cubicle for 18 hours a day for the rest of your life. If not in the cubicle then in the fucking traffic jam cutting people off or aggressively trying to survive like the souless gutless animal that you are. well you blew it, you sold your fucking life to a bunch of other twats that ride your ass like a monkey on a dog, to make worthless fucking paper money. So youve traded your life, that one important thing, for a bunch of fucking worthless paper so you can buy useless shit to keep up with the other cubicle monkeys and their useless shit, all sitting in cubicles and traffic jams hoping that it will all just end. When it all falls apart and you wont know how to even wipe your ass Im going to first feel so good that nature has caught up with all of you greedy bastards and with this fiasco called the modern world youve created, then Im going to feel very sorry for you as your starved body lies in the streets of the shitty, dirty, evil cities youve created. You knew better , but you were stupid and had no discipline over yourselves, you created a hell in which to live and fooled yourselves into thinking it was bliss.

you are all killing yourselves, I just wish youd hurry the hell up and get it over with, because the foul odor of your schemeing, plotting, murdering, lying, whoredom is like a great unwashed diseased infected wound leaking pus.

Colleagues 88

I'm fed up with being ignored and used and all the nasty gossip going on at work. It's like I don't even exist until someone wants something from me.

coworker 89

I am angered by my coworker, J, who incessantly complains about anything and everything about work and how she thinks it affects her in a negative way. She has a conspiracy theory about anyone who looks at her "funny". If she doesn't have enough work to do, all she can complain about is her fear of losing her job & not paying her bills (like everyone worries about), how the company is downsizing (which it's not), why the income of the boss is higher than hers (of course it is)- which is all out of her control anyway. If someone leaves the company and she has to help until a replacement comes (like everyone else has to do), she complains about working overtime, not taking her lunch, not taking her breaks - all of which are things she choose to do. She constantly asks asinine questions during staff meetings which turns 1/2 hour meetings into an hour & 1/2. She asks the boss questions she already knows the answer to because she's asked everyone else in the company already. I know she had a tough upbringing but does she need to bring her baggage to work?

Stupid Homophobic Coworker Bullsh*t! 90

I am sick and fucking tired of being asked if I am gay by my idiotic coworkers. I can totally understand why the gay and lesbian community is angry about being persecuted and hated. I am a straight man in my 3o's and I get it ALL the time. NEWSFLASH: Just because I like to dress nice, picky about the women I date and not talk about my personal affairs with said women does NOT make me gay! 3 months ago I was sitting in the staff lounge with about 6 women I work with and they all started ganging up on me because I made a comment about some actor's looks and they have been doing it ever since. I am caught between a rock and a hard place on this: If I report them to HR or get angry and defend myself that makes me look like I have something to hide. So I just let the jokes roll off me, all the while fantasizing about nuking the shit out of their fancy cars.....Stupid Homophobic Coworker Bullsh*t!

Pete 91

He never shuts his cake hole. He talks louder than anyone in this god forsaken office, and I am tired of it. If he says "you know what I'm trying to say here?" one more time I am going to lose it

Pompous colleague 92

I've been patient and tolerant, but obviously this big hypocrite in my office only knows how to dish out empty philosophies and tell people what to do, shooting them down when they are about to achieve something. When he comes back, I'm putting my foot down and I'm gonna say what I want to say to him. Since he's such a big man, he can take the criticisms and I'm going to put my bullshit filter on, so if he starts on his home spun philosophy , he can shove it right back up his kaboose.

Age does not determine people's intelligence or maturity, but having been asked that question by someone two years my senior, that seems to be a big, FUCKING, DEAL.

...Thank you Anger Central, I've vented my frustrations out and I'm going to follow through with my solution in a rational with no long-winded bullshit. Thank you very much and good luck with the job search!

brownosing bitch of a coworker 93

This bitch seriously needs to kiss my ass. If she lectures me or anyone else about being professional, I am going to set her pets on fire. So what if I didn't call the manager first before I took someone else's shift. It's none of her fucking business and she needs to pay attention to her own fat ass before she starts telling me what to do. Did I also mention that she is a total hypocrite? She sits on her ass in the office and complains about being sick all the time. Work gets backed up like crazy and guess who had to deal with it? Me. And I am done. I can't deal with her anymore. Don't worry, one day she'll see that all her butt kissing and fake superiority will come to nothing when she realizes that she is seriously underpaid and will have to work with someone who is ten times meaner than I am. You think I'm lazy? Wait till I'm gone, genius and you will see what it's like to clean up after people. Fuck off and die already, or at least get fired.

Co-workers 94

I work over 10 hours every day, seriously insane hours considering circumstances. I also go to school. EVERYONE knows this. I was very clear that I needed a break today, just to get some homework done. There were 10 people around, most of whom had almost nothing to do. Give me a break, people and let me get home early for ONCE. I only say no to you people when I really need to do it. I'm SORRY that your social life is so important and my education for which I'm paying thousands of dollars that I don't have is not quite as essential. Cut me some slack ANYWAY.

Oh, and if you're not going to help a person out, KINDLY do not publicly discuss your social plans and how you're inviting everyone else to join you tonight except me. I don't know if you're aware, but it's rude.

co-workers 95

I have had enough. You can all kiss my ass. I'm saying no from now on. I'm not your fucking slave you bunch of backstabbers, cutthroats, and ass-kissers. I'm not worried anymore about what you mental defects think. You push crap on me because you're too busy talking on your cell phones or maybe you just don't plain know shit. And then, maybe really the problem is you don't want to make that one fucking phone call because you are a pussy and can't take the heat. Well, fuck that. You're not indispensible. If you died tomorrow the building would still be standing. Tired of my shit? Well, I'm tired of yours, too, and have learned it's the lazy cocksucking assholes that reap all the rewards, not the people breaking their backs. It's my fucking turn to push back and tell you, "you do it" Don't like it? Fuck off and rot in hell you miserable old, phony, two-faced, and blowhard cocksuckers.

Co-workers from Hell 96

I have worked in the same grocery store for 10 years. Last year the company sold, and another person bought it. I have worked with my manager for 5 years now. He promoted me to Assistant Manager of the store. It is a very long story, but in short, we have all women working at the store. There are 3 women who are family, Manager and his wife, and grand daughter. As time went on, these women have done a number on me. They wouldn't do as I asked, they rolled their eyes, tested my authority. It got to the point where I just threw up my hands and gave up. I was a 'glorified courtesy worker'. I would speak to the "Manager" but nothing ever got done. His comment would be... "In 7-9 days, things will calm down" Meaning a woman's cycle would take care of things in time.

I left for vacation, came back, went to check my schedule, found that that the Manager completely wrote me off the schedule. No hours. I was devastated. I work hard, and have excellent customer service skills. Come to find out, ALL of the women complained, whined and cried to the Manager that they won't and can't work with me, because I actually wanted them to work. So he demoted me back to the "glorified courtesy worker".

So here's to my piss off rant:

Mrs. Porsche: You work in the office, and don't do a damn thing, except sit on the computer and surf the internet. You speak to your mother, and your aunt, and do nothing but gossip. You are nice to everyone, until they turn their backs. You show no respect for the boss, often flipping him off, and not doing your job. Your job is always done wrong. The correct prices are never in the register.

Mother Superior: Our store is very small, and you work on your damn fruits and vegetables the entire 8 hours you are at work. You do not know the meaning of teamwork, you are constantly laughing and joking with the Manager, asking questions to fill your curiosity, then gossiping about it. You are always sitting outside smoking cigarettes with Mrs. Porsche your daughter. You are the biggest troublemaker in the store.

Sensitive Sally: You are the biggest brown nose in the joint. You are always telling the manager yes on everything, you never tell him no. He is using you and he is working you to death. You sit outside and smoke cigarettes with your sister Mother Superior and Mrs. Porsche and complain about it, but you never never say anything to the Manager who uses you.

Mrs. Lady: You are a fake lazy little two faced wench. You pretend to like everyone with your hardy laugh, and you constantly laugh at the manager's stupid dry jokes. You are by far the laziest person in that store. You don't even attempt to help work. You stand in the hot deli section of the store, looking out towards the front wishing you were there, with your hands in your pockets almost constantly. You don't do anything unless you are told to do it. I'm also getting real tired of the fact you have to cash your pay checks at the store because you can't walk into the bank for they will take your check due to your bad credit. I'm tired of working on your schedule, when you don't do anything. You always get to leave when you want, messing up everyone else's schedule. Like writing a bad check to pay your power bill. Yet you act so prim and proper in life, with a drug addicted child, and total chaos in your life. Yet your flirtatious laugh gets what you want from the Manager. You are fake, and as big of a gossiper as Mother Superior. Not to mention two faced, and a liar. You claimed to be my friend at one time, if you were any kind of friend, you would have told me that Mr. Manager was going to demote me.

Tweedledee: You are just stupid, and annoying. You can't even think for yourself. Everyone has to babysit you. You have been working in that store for years, and you still act like you are fresh meat. Customers have complained about you and Mr. Manager just laughs. Your are just a plain idiot.

Hippie: I like you, but on the other hand I don't. You are very outspoken and one of the better workers at the store. YET, customers complain about you all the time. I don't have anything to say about you, I am not ever pissed with you.

Meeerrraaanndda: Your name sounds like a cat call. You are a 19 year old whiner. If it wasn't for Grandpa Manager and Grandma Meat cutter you wouldn't have a job. You whine about everything. So big deal you are to little for some things. Grow some balls.

Princess: You are nice,'s okay you can move your head without messing up your hair.

Ash: I don't work with you enough to know you.

Grandma Meat Cutter: you gossipy bitch. You helped in the decision for getting me demoted. Because your Grand daughter Meerrannnda and Mother Superior, and Mrs. Lady all vented to you about me. By the way were all lies. I have no use for you.

Mr. Micro-Manager: I'm so glad you listened to your pets about me, you know the ones, Mother Superior, Mrs. Porsche, Mrs. Lady, and Meerraannnda. Mother Superior and Mrs. Lady were the ones that really did me in. Ever since you demoted me, you act like I'm some kind of parasite. If I was a jerk, I really could sue you for defamation of character, since you told EVERYBODY what you were going to do to me when I was on vacation. All the sales people, delivery drivers, even local business bankers, and my hairdresser from another town heard what you were going to do to me. Do you really have to validate your decisions through others? Your an ass, your a jerk, and you are a micro-manager. I can not wait until you retire. And by the way, your Harley Davidson looks like a girls bike. I have lost all respect for you, and I just work.

Since my demotion which was uncalled for, I have become very quiet at work. I'm pissed, and a redhead...I won't get revenge, but eventually every single one of those people I mentioned will have another thing coming in due time. I keep a working journal, so every time I see something or feel it..the owner may get that thing in the mail. Yea me huh?

These women and one man, are buddy buddy with the Manager. He talks, jokes, and takes breaks with them. They speak nothing good of anyone. In fact I hear it daily. They are all nice to each other to their faces, but when their backs are turned, it's really nasty.

Now days I just smile, and nod...maybe they will leave me alone.

*Note from Anger Central
We feel that it is time for you to start looking for other opportunities. They are looking for a way to get rid of you. Polish the resume and hit

coworker complaining 97

former boss now coworker complains about everything. J.M actually yells at coworkers and hangs up the phone on boss and gets away with it. She acts as though she is the only person who works and no one is as capable as her. She is having an affair with a married man.. tells almost all employees of her personal life and cries at work. After her most recent tirade the employees got together and expressed their feelings.. did she get in reprimanded...NO! She puts everyone else's work habits down.. everyone's including the boss. I personally think she should be written up for her behaviors. What the hell makes someone actually believe they are perfect and the rest of us fall into a sub standard zone. Even her own family barely has anything to do with her...but it is always everyone else to blame. She would rather bitch about everyone else than actually do any dirty work...and the boss continually let's her get away with bullying the entire staff. Guess it is time to leave.. will not be treated like a child when I work my butt off.

Co-Workers 98

I'm ranting for my mom. I feel terrible for her. 90% of the places she's worked at has had dishonest gossiping bitches. Many talk behind her back. Most make fun of her English though she's lived here for 18+ years. Her English is just fine. She just has a Vietnamese accent. BTW most of these are other immigrants who have accents. CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT? Sounds like there are a bunch of uneducated misunderstanding doorknobs where she works. Seriously I would shoot them for her if it were legal.

She does accounting so she always is able to see if people are stealing money (by clocking in too much, cutting themselves checks, and using the company credit card when they weren't supposed to, etc.). The first job she had she found out a guy was stealing TEN THOUSAND dollars per month. She told the boss and he got arrested. This guy was nice though so everyone in the company hated her so she doesn't tell anymore. In those 90% of bad companies (she's worked at about 10 places... each time she leaves is because she can't stand the abuse from other coworkers. she comes home crying sometimes) someone is ALWAYS stealing money.

Then in her recent job she told a friend about two bitches at the front desk stealing money but she was just getting it off her chest and told the girl not to tell the boss (I'm very confrontational and had I been in this situation I would yelled that bitch out to her face... there's one meaner one). The girl told anyway (it seems... they apparently acted weird and meaner afterward) and she got a DEATH THREAT from one of the guys who are the girls friends.

Interestingly enough this guy gave my mom a cashier's check for too much money and asked for cash back (I told my mom to NEVER accept that again b/c I saw that scam on tv) and guess what. The bank said the check was phony! Another dude at her work stole cash. Her boss is an idiot. I would have fired those motherfuckers in a heartbeat.

And the worst part is with this bad economy her essential expenditures exceed her income and she's working FIFTY hours a week. (And she's nearly 60 years old... you aren't supposed to work that hard at 60 years old. What fucking bullshit. It's whats making me currently lose my faith. What kind of God would seriously let all these motherfucking cheaters win so much? Similarly in my University--UCLA--there are ass-kissing--probably cock-sucking--students who are also extremely dishonest.) What kind of bullshit is this. NO one is honest anymore and life sucks... too bad dying sucks too because I would have offed my mom and myself YEARS ago.

Rich - from my office 99

Rich isn't worth shit. He spreads anger and venom -tries to create some conflicts in our office. Thinks he can bullshit and lie and people believe him. Rich has, on numerous occasions, played mind-games and alienated his so called friends in the office. He's a liar, a troublemaker, an instigator, and a sick individual. He had gastric bypass to lose a lot of weight - but what he will never lose is his mean and nasty soul. He needs to take a good look in the mirror. Maybe one day it will all be clear to him. How he attacks people for no reason, just to create drama. Shameful. No, I am not a hater, but he has made me angry in the past. But the good news is, I don't need to communicate with an evil little "man" - and I am so much happier since I've stopped talking to that jerk. He and the office ELITE can go fuck themselves.

Lying coworker 100

My coworker shows up late and then stays late in an effort to "make up the time" but instead, stays unnecessarily late and earns extra vacation days. It is against company policy to a) arrive to work after 8am, b) adjust your schedule until after 6 months probation has passed and c) earn credit (vacation) time when your hours are adjusted to your schedule and not to the project on which you are working. He questioned my work ethic the other day and it infuriates me to have someone so unethical question my hard work. Iíve earned 2 raises and 7 bonuses in less than a year of working with this company and have proved my value. This coworker started 3 months ago and is milking the company for all of the benefits and is taking advantage of peopleís trust.

*Note from Anger Central
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