Coworkers 101

Half you mean ass fucks think you're better than me and I'm sick of you shit bombs looking at me like "what the hell are you doing here" or "why in the world would you wear that". Fuck you and your fancy handbags, phones, water bottles and myspaces. Just stay the fuck away from me because I am done with your poop encrusted asses. I know who my real friends are at this prostitute wasteland called a workplace and the last time I do anything to help you has long gone.

Backstabbing Copycat 102

Before this year I never realized that it's true that some women live life like it's 1950 and they've got to compete with other women all-out. I'm such a sucker, trying to be nice despite all my instincts yelling "she's a faker, watch out!" We roomed together on a business trip. I gave her a million tips. "How do you do this, how do you do that?" Like an idiot I gave her all my hard-won insider knowledge.

Already it was clear that our "boss" was favoring her, even though he and I had worked together for years. Every time the two of them were together it was disgusting to watch her ass-kissing. "Oh, look at how masculine you are, you are so brilliant, ooh, can I have a sip of your coffee, oooh, sorry I got my lipstick on your cup, oh your son is so special, he and I were talking the other day, and I just love your entire family, I've already bought your Xmas present, I love how we're always laughing when we're together, blah blah blah." OK, so maybe I tend to keep a little more distance, but isn't it suspicious when just a few months into working with someone they're practically living in your house and attending family gatherings? WTF?

Not to mention, this bitch would show up at meetings that she was not invited to just to observe me with a sour look on her face. It got fucking creepy. She copied everything I did, word for word, images, etc. But hey, I got more ideas where those came from. Clearly, she doesn't.

End of story: She got upset about something very minor I did -- because it wasn't what she wanted to do on a joint venture. I wasn't about to wait for her approval so I made one decision that did not affect her in the least. She called me incessantly over the weekend -- fucking smart bitch, knew not to email cause there'd be a trail of slime. I didn't answer the phone. But she got me in the end. She "confronted" me, and like an idiot I got sucked into defending myself. We even hugged. Shudder. Then she took whatever it was I said, twisted it and told our "boss." He emailed me the next day. Our business relationship was severed, no explanation. Unfortunately we are still legally in partnership so I'm just fucked, while I can't tell anyone what a backstabber she was. I truly have never behaved in this way. At least she's older and uglier than me, huh? (She used to compliment me on my looks all the time, then shoot me daggers when she thought I couldn't see. Meanwhile she constantly talked about her own appearance, her body fat, her gray hairs, wrinkles, etc. Here's a beauty tip she'll never read: Constantly pointing out your physical faults is a stupid move that makes you seem even uglier and more shallow. Keep up the good work, bitch!) Is that why she felt the need to do this?But one thing I'm glad about, "boss" was having too good a time being in the middle of two women scrapping over him. What bullshit. I'm not your wife or concubine, you egotistical sexist asshole. I know my competence was too threatening to your self-concept as a regal father figure. Enjoy your ugly ass-kisser. She can have you.

Immature subordinate employee 103

I have a 19yo coworker who recently found she is knocked up! Well, birth control sweetheart! For months now I have had to talk to her about her inability to perform her job properly (she is a base level employee and I am a supervisor). I call her a subordinate and I've always hated that word.. it sounds uppity, but in her case it is appropriate. She is overly loud, acts like a 14 year old and then gets angry when asked to please keep in mind that she works in a public place and that her behavior may be inappropriate. She has been written up for making racist remarks in front of customers and for failing her job required training. For some reason she is still allowed to work in a highly public area with multiple high ranking individuals coming and going. The number of mistakes is numerous. When a mistake is made I no longer fix it for her; I expect her to fix it herself and she gets snippy. Tonight was the final straw. A message had been sent out to all the employees giving direction on a situation. A note had been placed in the employee pass-on log book about the situation. A message had been put on the customer's file about the situation. She turned around and did the exact opposite of what all 3 of these notes said! When she told me my initial thought was What's new? I joked that I was going to have to punish her and she snapped at me. After a few feeble attempts at trying to fix her mistake (she doesn't have the computer authorization to fix it) and trying to discern what she'd done and having her snap at me a couple more times I told her to log off and go home. She snapped at me again. That was it. She called the supervisor at home and complained. As I spoke to him explaining what she had done she stormed out the room (to the customer wait area) threw something and tore out the door. When she returned she got on the phone and told our supervisor I had yelled at her. I calmly said I never yelled at you to which she yelled---I mean YELLED at me--SHUT UP AND LEAVE! Well, fortunately after she'd yelled this 4 times the supervisor reminder her that I am the ranking person and that we will be having a sit down discussion tomorrow about this. At this point I dont care. She asked for a transfer to another department (if only!). She was also cussing and yelling.. I asked her to lower her voice because a door to the customer wait area was open and she yelled at me again to Shut up and Leave. The temper tantrums have GOT to stop! I know I need to try not to treat her like a 14 yo but it is VERY difficult when my own 14 yo is MUCH more mature than she is. Right now I don't know if I'm even going to go in tomorrow to deal with her. I look at her at 19 and know that due to her her over sheltered upbringing she was not allowed to mature as she should have. She is the baby of her family. But I think management would be wise to move her to a less focal area of the facility until she can grow up and show some maturity before she is put in direct contact with so many high ranking customers.

*Note from Anger Central
Considering that the Webmaster was out of work for 11 months, we really don't want to say this, but...
Start documenting everything. This woman needs to be fired ASAP. Of course, now that she is pregnant, she has managed to get herself into one of the "Protected worker classes." Still our guess is she will be gone as soon as she has the baby.

my fat coworker 104

So I have this coworker who is very obese. She is also very hateful towards me. She makes comments insinuating that I only got my job because of my looks. Never mind that I exceed the educational requirements and have tons of related experience. I have noticed that in group setting people tend to look me in the eyes while avoiding direct eye contact with her. She is not only fat but extremely unpleasant looking. I cannot control the behavior of strangers. Personally, I have always treated her with respect, but all I get in return is belittlement and hostility. I am so frustrated with how this Godzilla is taking her inferiority complex and trying to project it on me!

Loud Nosey Coworker 105

Nosey Coworker. I work with a woman aged 43 who cries at the drop of a hat yet boasts how she used to work with gang members in a rough neighbourhood. She has started leaning over my shoulder to watch me work. I'll feel odd, turn around and there she is watching me saying I'm just wondering how you do it. I've turned my computer monitor around so she can't see it and she now steps in front of me leans over and gets her head in front of me to look at my screen uninvited. She laughs obnoxiously at her own comments, she keeps rearranging the office furniture for no reason, moving where supplies are kept. She often decides that she will thank me for all of the good work I've been doing for the team... I've worked there much longer than her, she is patronizing. If I walk in the door she looks concerned and says "is every thing ok?".

She really annoyed me when she met my relative who came to give me family photos and she talked with him and has now decided she is going to take him out to dinner with her family once a week and find him a girl friend and when I asked for the family photos he said he left with her, she said oh, he said I could keep them. "He has a beautiful family" and she showed them to me but kept them. I am going to burst. She is incredibly rude and weird. I've tried to not interact with her, but she is now physically getting between me and my work. She drives the other people in the office crazy too and this is the 3rd position the company has moved her to. HELP!!! She never gets any work done either, yet she talks as if she runs the place and uses buzz words to try and impress and is always whipping out useless Excell spread sheets. She is never able to complete a project. She also constantly talks about how men want to discuss their sex lives with her and how they flirted with her, she is married with 2 children. Then she does a disgusting grinding sex dance and laughs. I'll shut up now. Thanks for reading.

coworker 106

She is very rude, up the bosses ass, she gossips, incessantly, and talks about EVERYONE--especially the BOSS-- behind their backs and does NOT get in any trouble. She is an ass licker. She will sell her mother if she knew it was to get herself ahead. She is a narcissist! She has complained to the boss about me complaining about a coworker who steals from everyone--and I get reprimanded! She has gone behind my back--thinking I do not know--"I want her (me) out" she said. and she said this on more than one occasion. (I overheard this without her knowing) She is sarcastic, snide, rude, makes punitive comments to most people--only to be ignored because people won't call her on her bullshit! She KNOWS she's being mean and knows exactly what shes doing! She goads people only to get them upset, and most ignore her. But this only perpetuates her! She has her minions who squeal like piglets to the boss, just so they don't feel her wrath. She thinks I don't know what she does, and what kind of person she really is. Oh, but I do! I have confronted her in the past only to be reprimanded by the bosses for MY "attitude" because she went to the bosses.. "because she (me) made me feel bad".... boo fucking hoo! She is a spineless, sad, freaky little frigid woman who hates men & (God help her husband!!) cannot express her feelings in a HEALTHY manner, because she feels her dad "left" her mother with eight children when he died. No one "leaves" voluntarily when they die, they nimrod! She is SO angry and targets me because she cannot express her anger. She gains control by being this way at work ( at me )because she cannot express her anger and lack of control in her life! Because when she was growing up they could not and do not yell, or raise their voices, or be angry, ever! What kind of Leave it to Beaver dysfunctional crap family is that?? PUHLEASE!! I'm here at this site, because I NEED my job, and I have no recourse at work to say or do anything anymore! So this is where I can say EXACTLY what I feel and have some catharsis!

.....So, listen up you fucking cum sucking squid princess wanna be----you may be able to get away with harassing me at work but I'll tell you what, you EVER come near me outside from work, and I will pop your eyes like bingo balls!

Judy 107

She is very rude, up the bosses ass, she gossips, incessantly, and talks about EVERYONE--especially the BOSS-- behind their backs and does NOT get in any trouble. She is an ass licker. She will sell her mother if she knew it was to get herself ahead. She is a narcissist! She has complained to the boss about me complaining about a coworker who steals from everyone--and I get reprimanded! She has gone behind my back--thinking I do not know--"I want her (me) out" she said. and she said this on more than one occasion. (I overheard this without her knowing) She is sarcastic, snide, rude, makes punitive comments to most people--only to be ignored because people won't call her on her bullshit! She KNOWS she's being mean and knows exactly what she's doing! She goads people only to get them upset, and most ignore her. But this only perpetuates her! She has her minions who squeal like piglets to the boss, just so they don't feel her wrath. She thinks I don't know what she does, and what kind of person she really is. Oh, but I do! I have confronted her in the past only to be reprimanded by the bosses for MY "attitude" because she went to the bosses.. "because she (me) made me feel bad".... boo fucking hoo!

She is a spineless, sad, freaky little frigid woman who hates men & (God help her husband!!) cannot express her feelings in a HEALTHY manner, because she feels her dad "left" her mother with eight children when he died. No one "leaves" voluntarily when they die, they nimrod! She is SO angry and targets me because she cannot express her anger. She gains control by being this way at work ( at me )because she cannot express her anger and lack of control in her life! Because when she was growing up they could not and do not yell, or raise their voices, or be angry, ever! What kind of Leave it to Beaver dysfunctional crap family is that?? PUHLEASE!! I'm here at this site, because I NEED my job, and I have no recourse at work to say or do anything anymore! So this is where I can say EXACTLY what I feel and have some catharsis!

.....So, listen up you fucking cum sucking squid princess wanna be----you may be able to get away with harassing me at work but I'll tell you what, you EVER come near me outside from work, and I will pop your eyes like bingo balls!

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If this "Judy" is so angry, send her over here. We like angry. ;)

Alpa 108

I am mad because Alpa lied on her resume to get he job she has. Someone more deserving should have her position. I am also mad because she spaces out her work so much over the course of a project that it makes everyone else work overtime to make up for her lack of productivity. She just wants the extra dollars in her wallet at the end of the week. SHOVE IT!

Bitchy Drama Queen Favorites 109

I work at the Police Department. There are these two girls that work in Records that I cant STAND!!!! One has been there for almost a year, the other started at the same time I did.. They hit it off fairly quickly and now are the best of friends. One I will call OL and the other DQ. OL trained DQ while I was trained by someone else. OL has more knowledge than the person that trained me. SO, DQ started off doing things right while I had to sift through confusion doing the same job. Now, whenever something is not done right, who gets the blame? ME! While both of these drama queens surf the web looking at clothes, shoes, etc. they are praised while I am left answering the phones, waiting on the window. When they need my help from now on, go suck an egg. Having a bad day, because your boyfriend the cop is cheating on you with another woman? Dont take it out on me! Leave your shit at home! Dont go stomping around and making everyone else miserable! And you OL, Ive noticed you are not as quick to run to the supervisors office when YOU make a mistake as you are when I make one...... You two are making the office into a war zone. The officers are beginning to hate you and for good reason. That feeling in the air? Thats people starting to treat YOU bitches the way you have been treating ME! What goes around comes around....

Nosey, Gossipy, and Worthless CoWorkers 110

I work with MP & RE - 2 of the nastiest rumor spreading putzes I have ever met in my life. The boss KNOWS these women gossip and tell BS about others in the office yet does nothing because she's a huge gossip herself.

MP is an extremely overweight woman who is with a husband that is both physically and verbally abusive - at one time I used to be very worried about her hoping she would leave him and take her 2 kids and be safe. She has taken him back for the 8th time and maybe this time he'll put her in the hospital for good.

E is a barfly who has 4 kids by 3 different men and is not married. She blows all her money and openly tells the entire office that she cannot pay her bills, therefore calling on churches and community action offices to pay her rent, utilities, food, car payment....??

These are the 2 biggest gossips you'd ever come across in your lives. I have to laugh out loud when I go over both of their lifestyles for it screams loudly WHY they both act the way they do. I used to befriend them, feeling sorry for their plights....not anymore. They are vicious, vindictive, conniving, uncaring, cold, cruel, and total worthless as workers. Both have so many missed days that it's unreal. Both spend half the day on the internet, surfing and typing emails nonstop.

My goal is to get out of this's ridiculous to have to keep working around assholes such as this. It will NEVER change and I see that now since I have accepted the boss doesn't give a shit. She avoids confrontation and she knows these 2 shit for brains would put her in her place.

MP and RE - you 2 take the cake. You both need to go work in a manure facture for you both shovel it quite well. Get a life - both of you idiots!

Thanks for the rant ! It was great!

Coworkers Who Refuse to Do Their Job 111

I work for a company that has 9 offices throughout the Southeast US and I have been with the firm for 17 years. After nearly 9 years with the firm, my responsibilities had increased to the point where I was unable to handle all of the workload myself unless I worked 12 hour days; which I did for a year. Eight years ago I hired an assistant who, at some point, decided what she would and would not do in the office which put most of her responsibilities back on me.

My assistant was to sit in the Lobby, answer the phones, handle the files, handle the mail, greet visitors, handle pick-ups and deliveries, order supplies, assist with accounting and to maintain a database intended for logging documentation in/out of the office. Two significant changes occurred in those 8 years;

(1) one person in the company became the supervisor for all Administrative personnel so I was no longer her supervisor and

(2) we hired a part-time temp to handle the front desk duties during a 2 year period when the workload required a third Admin person.

Two years ago we were forced to let our part-time temp go due to the slowing economy and less business. Naturally, one would assume that the employee initially hired to handle the front desk duties would take back the duties she was hired to perform but that didn't happen.

During the course of time we had a temp, my assistant had become quite involved in Marketing. When the temp left the only thing my assistant would do is answer the phones and periodically order supplies. Since my desk was closest to the lobby, I was constantly interrupted to sign for packages and greet visitors. Now I was working 10+ hours a day just to keep up with the workload. And when I referred to her as "my assistant" she would correct me by telling me "I'm not your assistant" anymore.

What upsets me the most is that I changed my work hours 4 years ago to accommodate her because she couldn't get in the office by 8am to answer the phones. I was to work 7:30am to 4:30pm; she was to work 8:30am to 5:30pm. I usually came in at 7am, worked through lunch and left by 5pm. More than 60% of the time, she came in late, often 20 minutes or more late, and periodically took 2 hour lunches. I sat at the front desk at least one full day a week to answer the phones to give her uninterrupted time to concentrate on her work but she refused to do the same for me; even when our supervisor told her to do so. I hired her to handle all of our project files (8 4-drawer cabinets) and now I was handling all of the project files plus 8 more cabinets of contract and accounting files in my office. Then I found out she was leaving at 5pm claiming she worked through lunch to justify leaving a 1/2 hour early. She even went so far as to tell me that she didn't want to sit at the front desk or answer the phones anymore. She was rude to callers and often an emotional mess because she brought her personal problems to work. I tried to make our supervisor aware of her behavior but because she was always out of the office and didn't see what was going on...nothing got done about the problem. Until the Partner in our office started noticing himself.

My assistant was specifically directed by the Partner to work with me to get the filing done. Shortly thereafter she told me, to my face, that she's decided "if she gets to the filing she does; if she doesn't she doesn't". I must have looked like a deer in headlights because I was so dumbfounded that she would be so defiant and actually say that to me. After I had done 70% of the filing, the Partner directed me NOT to do any more until my assistant could demonstrate her ability to help with the remaining filing. After 2-1/2 months and the filing growing in in-boxes, my assistant was let go by the Partner for not performing her duties.

I feel bad for the woman loosing her job because she's a single mother. But her biggest mistake was refusing to be a "team player". The economy is bad and there are so many people out of work that no one should limit what they can do to contribute to the success of a business. Defying your boss and taking advantage of your coworkers is the quickest way out the door.

Idiotic Colleague 112

My colleague is a real asshole. He obviously doesn't have enough work to do and goes around during the day picking on the women in the office criticizing their dress sense or their size or the amount of makeup they have worn to work. Stupid fuck. The next time he insults another colleague I'm going to ask him if insulting the women in office helps him to cope with the insecurity of having a small dick.

Lazy Azz Coworker 113

This hag never want's to work. Don't expect a holliday off when it's already been scheduled for you because this lazy bit** will find a way screw you out of it. She expects you to understand her problems but doesn't give a shit about yours. Every single year she's managed to take all the major hollidays off and the rest of us are expected to work around it. It's not just the hollidays though, this is every other week! There's always some type of emergency that keeps her from work, God forbid 8 hours go by without her being able to stick her titties in her ADULT kids' mouths. There's a reason they cut the umbilical cord at birth. If it's not her kids than it's some weird ass medical issue she's dealing with but can't produce a dr.'s excuse to verify it. That's because she wasn't sick, she slips up later and tells everyone about some stupid trip she took on those days. Trips are to be done on your days off and on your vacation! If you don't want to work then quit and stop wasting our time. I'm sure your crazy ass could get some sort of check from the government.

Co-workers 114

I work at an office for a fairly large electronics company. My job is in the accounting field. Now, I had always thought that my coworkers liked me. None of us are exactly friends, but we used to get along well until a certain incident. One night, I forgot a file that I needed, so I went back to get it. I had the privilege of leaving early that night. I enter the office, and what do I see? My coworkers (all 20 of them) are having an orgy right in front of my very eyes! They decided not to invite me because they thought I was too uptight to enjoy it. So, I have a wife and three kids, so what? I was extremely embarrassed and it was beyond awkward the next day. Needless to say, I have a resignation letter written and ready to go.

My cow-irker needs to DIAF! 115

I work with the fattest, laziest, most irresponsible race-card playing hambeast with whom I have ever had the misfortune to be employed. Every morning this ghetto swine comes waddling in (late) with her cell phone glued to her ear, and every morning, I have to listen to the same fucking conversation for no less than half an hour; "Who do she beez thinkin she is?" "What do he be doin' wit dat ho?" "How dat baby yours?" "NO SHE DIN'T!!" During this never ending conversation, she refuses to answer the business line, too... which is no big deal, because most of the time the people who do call can't understand her ghetto gibberish and ask for me, anyway. This heifer deliberately stretches out a job that takes the average person half an hour into the work of three hours (which is what happens when you stop to take/make a personal call every ten minutes) and leaves scads of work unfinished for the next person to get stuck with. At least twice a week, this glorified ape has some kind of drama for which she "has" to leave the office early, and likes to brag about "all de money" she "be savin' now dat I gots my baby on the WIC." Yeah, at MY expense, you fat parasite!! This bitch isn't worth the cost of the toilet paper she uses in this facility, but because she was hired under Affirmative Action policies, my milquetoast joke of a "supervisor" absolutely refuses to call her out on her shit. If I tried half the crap this cannonball-on-legs gets away with on a regular basis, I'd be fired before the end of the day. The worst thing about having her in this office is the way she NEVER. STOPS. EATING. All day long I have to listen to plastic being torn apart and the crunching, smacking, slobbery mastication of this 300 lb porker snarfing down yet another Milky Way or bag of Doritos, to the point where I sometimes have to get up and leave for a while to keep from being physically sick. As I write this, this gunt-weilding superfuck assmachine is again gorging herself on an entire box of Whitmans' chocolates and shopping online, with a pile of work gathering dust at her station waiting for me to finish on Monday. She's also on the phone what what I assume is her hairdresser ("Gurl, dem last plaits wuz KICKIN'!) so it's not like the sheboon can't multitask. She just doesn't want to. And, given workplace politics recently, she doesn't HAVE to do anything she doesn't want to, either. I try not to wish evil on anybody, but to be honest, it would be like Christmas, New Years' and my birthday all rolled up into one if I could just come in one morning and be informed that this bloated sow was run over by a truck the night before, and we are hiring again. It would make my goddamned year!

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Now THIS is a rant!! :)

mean people 116

 mean people really do suck!! I just started working at a law firm and I've been there about a month now. The second week I was there, this lady started being been extremely sarcastic when I asked questions. I am a receptionist, and yes, I have worked in law office before as a receptionist but every office is different. Their other receptionist just walked out on them one day, wonder why? I have to sit next to this very rude sarcastic lady, and she was the one left to train me. I stopped asking questions, and then the attorneys themselves have to tell me when I make mistakes, which sucks!! I wasn't properly trained, and this lady seems to take pleasure when I make mistakes and she enjoys being rude and rudely reprimanding me when my mistake effects her. I am not a ditz sitting at the front desk to collect a paycheck and I care about my work, I want to do a good job and do what I was hired to do, but this lady is rude bitch! I want to be grateful I have a job because so many people are out of work and so was I for 8 months. I just want to be happy to have a job! I don't want to look for another job because I looked for 8 months and this is one of the few jobs I actually got a call for. This bitch doesn't have any business messing with my life!!

people who aren't team players 117

I am so damn angry because I deal with a corporate office which acts like those of us at the plant work for them when in reality they support US. If it wasn't for what we make at our plant, THEY wouldn't have jobs. And we could still do all of the functions that they do because we used to do them before we got bought by a huge corporation!

I am especially angry at this one woman, I will call her the Queen of A/P, who thinks that nobody else but her and her precious A/P minions, can TOUCH an invoice, much less look at one. But who has to call the vendors when we need a credit memo? You guessed it, the people at the plant!! But we better not TOUCH the credit memo or LOOK at the credit memo or even ASK the vendor ABOUT the credit memo, because the Queen of A/P will preach her holier than thou speech at us!! That's why she's not married because she is married to her damn invoices!!

The Queen of A/P and all the other corporate jerks think that just because you don't work in Purchasing, oh I'm sorry, I mean "Procurement", God forbid we call it anything but that, you're not allowed to talk about purchase orders or if you don't work in Accounts Payable, you can't discuss invoices when we who work at the plants depend on relationships with our vendors so we MUST be team players! We do NOT work for a union!

And when they hold up invoices for payment and we ask them why are these invoices not paid and/or when will they be paid they just ignore us! They're not the ones who have to see the vendors face to face because they are in the corporate PALACE, 800 miles away, eating their CAKE! That's right, they actually have CAKE DAY where everything freaking stops so the kingdom can have its cake and eat it, too! How absurd! Try doing some work instead!

These same people have no CLUE about how a real company works; they think everything is black and white but no, we are not robots...if we see something needs to be done we try to get it done. We don't say, I'm sorry, vendor, but only the Queen of A/P and her minions can help you with that but you will have to screw off because they don't like to answer the phone or return emails!! That is NOT how a business runs successfully, you witch!!! I am so angry at this person and the entire corporate office right now because I am just trying to do a good job and they do everything in their power to make our jobs at the plant level as difficult as can be.

Oh yeah and the Queen of A/P never responds when I have a legitimate work question but if she is pissed at something she perceives I have done, she will respond so fast it will make your head spin!! I can't wait until we get bought by a good company and that witch, her evil minions and all the other corporate yes-men are nothing but a bad memory.

Co-Worker 118

My co-worker makes gurgling sounds, grunts, chews ice w/mouth open and loud, farts, looks unkept, and the noises with the grunting/mouth sounds gross me out. He is also very loud, but stopped making pers. phone calls after I said something to him. How can I stop him from the noise?

We all live in his world 119

I have to endure the biggest prick on this earth on every shift this selfish cunt works. To boot he's deaf and has a very ineffectual hearing aid so he's always shouting. The fecal matter he spews from his begging to bludgeoned with a jaggered metal bar mouth beggars belief. He's totally scitzo, goes off on tantrems like the spoilt little should have been drowned at birth only child syndrome he is and then conveniently forgets all about not 5 minutes later and still thinks he's your biggest buddy. This sorry excuse for a turd sits in our office day in day out constantly eating rancid tuna pasta then farts up the foulest smelling rotting fish gut stench and thinks its funny when everybody dives outside literally gagging. This fucked up Chernobel mutant honestly believes everybody lives in his world and I can't understand why he and Robert Mugabe haven't had a rain of I fucking hate you cunt bullets through their bum crack heads 20 years ago !!! I'm normally the most easy going dude you'll ever meet but this one fucker after 3 years of pushing my buttons has got me constantly dreaming up some way he could have the 'fatal accident' he so richly deserves. I'm going to have to look for another job..period.

coworker 120

I am so sick of the bitch next to me who hates her job o much, she doesn't want to take her calls, she is constantly sighing all day long like life is so hard. She even says how much she hates her job, if you hate it so much and you're that fucking miserable, then do us all a favor and quit!! I don't want to deal with your rudeness and hostility. Mind your own business and your own fucking job and stay out of mine. It's not my fault you got a DUI and have to spend a weekend in jail, that's yours bitch! Maybe a weekend in jail with do you good, maybe you can reflect on the fact that you need a new job and leave me the fuck alone! I actually like my job and would like it much better if it weren't for you.

Co-Workers 121

I work with 3 other guys who all hate working where I work. I really like my job but they're always bringing me down with their negativity. If they don't like working here they should just leave. It makes me mad that I have to pretend that I don't like this place otherwise I look like a sad twat. I want to tell them i've had enough and if they don't like it they should just fuck off!

Manager / Co-workers 122

The manager of my gas station has really been pressing my buttons lately. For example, I am the only person who cleans the toilet, washes windows, cleans counters etc. My manager gets mad at me if I fail to clean something because I am to damn busy dealing with customers all day long to get at it. I tell my boss that there are two other employees who work here as well and I cannot be expected to run the place by myself. He just dismisses me and says he will "look after it", but nothing changes, as usual. Another reason I feel hostility towards my manger is that he works me ridiculous shifts such as 6:30 am to 3:00 pm through Tuesday to Thursday, then works me 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday, and then spits in my face by making work at 6:00 am to 2:00 pm Saturday. I hate that damn back to back shift on the week end as it plays havoc on my biological rhythms, plus they are overly busy shifts. I just feel like chocking him somedays. My dumb ass co-workers aren't much better then the manager, they leave a bunch of work for me to, that they were to lazy to try in the first place. I have the most experience and seniority yet I find my self constantly picking up after my retarded co-workers. One fellow co-worker conned the boss into not letting him work Friday and Saturday due to "religious reasons" as it was his sabbath. However I see this co-worker galavanting around town during his so called holy days. Since I've been typing this rant, I have worked 63 consecutive Fridays and Saturdays. I am getting so god damed angry working there I don't really know what I am liable of doing to these people. The gas station I work for is "member owned and operated" so my customers think that they are my boss and can push me around accordingly. So those are my issues, and i just feel like I am going to snap if I work there much longer!

work with 2 know-it-alls 123

I do tech support work. 3 of us handle a small network. The pace is slow to say the least but i work with 2 dudes who are really convinced they do amazing work here. One of them will go take care of a simple problem and come back fist pumping with his moronic "solved!!" routine.

The other idiot's claim to fame is customizing an app using a language that is no longer used, in a version from like 15 years ago. It's amazing how insecure they both are. They love to stroke each other and I just walk away with a desire to puke. I have worked with 100% professional and very knowledgeable people in the past. These 2 are no where close to being of that caliber. I doubt they ever will be - they simply have weak characters.

Co-Workers 124

I work with a person who is given title of supervisor yet acts like a tyrant. She will cuss at you...tell you that you cannot do anything right...tell you that she is the best boss that you could ever get...she has a nervous break down at least 3 times a day where she starts crying and slamming doors and cabinets...then she will turn around and tell you she loves you and give you a high five. Can we say BI-POLAR?!?! Get some meds...Get a new job (NOT WORKING WITH PEOPLE) and leave the rest of us in peace you nut job!!

A bitch with diarrhea of the mouth 125

I work with this bitch who constantly runs off at the mouth. Unfortunately, the rest of the staff provides a captive audience for her drama and perceived injustices. She is floor staff and I'm a part time nurse. She is a fat azz douchebag whom has been in the same damn job for 15 years, I think...and she's pissed off about that! LOL

She gets to see all of the new nurses come in and make more money than she'll ever make working there. She sits on her fat azz in the hall making comments about the new nurses rather loudly. I'd love to cram my fist in Porky's fat, ugly, gossipy mouth. She hates me because I only work half time while she works constantly...and I love every minute of it!!!! I don't even remotely try to get on her good side. If she was less of a fat, useless fuck, I might pretend to care...

my coworkers 126

I work at a landscaping company (ill call it a company, its local government work for a certain county in a certain state). My coworkers are all total dooshbags in their own ways. The 1 guy who is the "leadman" has really just turned into a "personal assistant" to our real boss and gets out of doing almost anything involving work. The other 2 are so damn lazy its unbelievable, I simply refer to them as the "mower riders" (its all they do, anything else is 'bitch,bitch,bitch,bitch or why do we do this, whats the point in doing that, just all sorts of little comments. They clearly aren't cut out for this job (or any physical labor, ever)but I have a supervisor that is so weak, no backbone at all. Its all just so depressing to realize that if i continue to work there they are going nowhere and will continue the same shit day in and day out. Our supervisor treats us like we are "seconds" to the "real" people in the world, all but the one ass-kisser mentioned above. she goes out of her way to talk to anyone but us, she gets by doing almost literally nothing. i dont know what to do anymore, im gonna come in one day and flip shit on all these people. One of the "riders" will disappear on you in a heartbeat, he is overly weird, and the other "rider" is related to him and they dont take a piss without eachother, its seriously creepy. teamwork is one thing but to not wanna do shit because you dont know where your buttbuddy is at at all times is fucking ridiculous. and when the 2 "riders" go somewhere on their own to do something, they constantly fuck shit up because they are so incompetent and lazy. i am very young though and they both treat me like im a little kid, and think that they are both somehow "entitled" to do all the little easy shit and have me do all the damn labor because im young and they are old, but we have the same job title and make the same money. but once again, supervisor issues there. when i first started, the "leadman" made a huge difference because he didnt shy away from work and was always there to help and to tell the other 2 fucks what was up. but like i said, he is an "assistant" now and rarely does anything involving work except running to catch up to that ass he feels the need to stick his nose up all the time. I dont know what im going to do, surely i cannot do this much longer.

Bad breath 127

There's this guy at work who is actually quite nice, but I can't stand it when he talks at me cos his breath is absolutely rank! Whenever he talks at me I find myself holding my own breath, not wanting to inhale the foulness that is his own stench. It's like a nasty mixture of week old coffee and a busted sewer pipe! I can't stomach talking to him if I've got a hangover or just tired because it actually makes my stomach churn.

I'm a smoker and coffee drinker, and am fully aware and very self conscious about the bad habits that can turn your mouth into a sewer pit. But I at least eat extra strong mints throughout the day and the occasional spray of breath freshner to combat the nasty 'teacher breath.' Aren't people aware of their halitosis issues? And why do they have to get real close to you when they talk??? Just so you can smell the rankness in full glory? Ewww, brush your teeth or at least eat a damn mint before you talk to me!

Lazy Co-Worker 128

I don't think I can express in words the full extent of my RAGE, but I'll have to try, otherwise I feel I might explode.

I work at a small office, and my co-workers are all nice and decent people EXCEPT for this lazy, know-it-all douchebag who thinks he's my boss. Well, asshole, guess what? YOU'RE NOT. You take advantage of the fact that our REAL BOSS loves you so much he doesn't see all the shit you do, but you keep on harassing me and I swear he will MISTERIOUSLY find out how you are ALWAYS LATE when he's out travelling. And how you spend the whole day watching videos on YouTube and making personal phonecalls, and ALWAYS leave one hour earlier when he's not there to see, and oh of course also how you keep passing your tasks on to other people (specially me).

AND if that wasn't bad enough, he acts all "smart ass" in front of my boss, trying to give us "advice" on how to do this or that, because "that's the way he does it and it always works best". SHUT UP liar! I know you are the laziest person ever so STOP trying to make it look like you actually know more than I do in front of our boss.

As I still believe in fairness and justice in this world, I have hope that someday, somehow, our boss will realize what a worthless, useless, pathetic piece of crap you really are. ASSHOLE.

Stupid, lazy collaborator 129

I am angry because I have to spend half my life reading a manuscript written by someone with a third-grader's grasp of the English language. It is clear that this jerkass vomits words onto the page and never looks at it before sending it to everyone else to deal with his sloppy mistakes. My portion of the paper was proofread and complete before I submitted it for incorporation, yet this fat slob can't manage to acknowledge his spellchecker at all. Plus everything about every aspect of his work is lazy and incompetent. This asshole will get a Ph. D. soon, on everyone's work but his own. He should be granted a Ph. D. in manipulation, laziness, and the art of lies and bullshitting instead. Those are the skills he truly possesses. Whew, that makes me feel slightly better!

OMG I hate my job!! 130

I hate my job! I hate the people I work for! So RUDE and superficial stupid women who are supposed to be smart because they are attorneys and paralegals!! Such BITCHES!!! My life is made miserable every fucking day! I am looking for a new job but all the ads sound the same! It's like I have PTSD about work! I have to fucking work, who do people have to be such bitches?? I just want to go to work, do my job and be left the fuck alone!! I have to earn a living too, maybe I am not into buying $350 shoes but t least I get my job done, I look presentable and I actually care about the clients walking in the door!!! I want a new job NOW and there is nothing out there!! So depressed and my stomach is mess everyday just thinking about what they are going to throw my way today!!! UGH!!! Its torture literally!!!

ineptitude 131

because people dont do their goddamn job right, others have to pick up their slack while they get paid the same as me

Servers 132

I'm so tired of these lazy ass servers at my job but get mad when tip is handed to them

Coworkers 133

I work at a warehouse. I take cardboard boxes that come down multiple conveyor belts, scan the boxes with a scanner, and put the boxes on various wooden pallets. I do this 10 hours a day.

Yesterday was terrible. In the middle of my shift, my scanner stopped working properly, so I decided to replace it with another one. I walked from the my spot in the very back of the warehouse all the way to the front where the shelf full of scanners are. Each scanner I tried didn't work correctly, so I had to keep walking back and forth, trying various scanners and batteries to see what worked.

The maintenance guy was helping out with a group of coworkers nearby, and they got pissed that I kept walking back and forth. When break started, they all got right up in my face and yelled, demanding to know why I wasn't doing my job.

I told them, and they accused me of breaking the scanners so I wouldn't have to work. This is completely false. Another coworker I eat lunch with says the supervisor is impressed with my speed and accuracy at scanning boxes.

When break ended, I returned to my area, and tried to get my scanner working again. When I started walking back to the scanner shelf, the maintenance guy blocked me and asked me where I was going. I told him where I was going, and he ripped the scanner out of my hands, somehow fixed it, and gave me the dirtiest look as he returned to what he was doing. After he went off to do something else, I asked the group why they acted the way they did, and they denied the entire thing. They blamed it on people on the other side of the warehouse.

Time eventually went on, and it eventually became two minutes until the end of the shift. I started getting ready to sign my scanner back in. A previously unrelated coworker walked up to me and rudely asked if the bell had rung yet. I told her that she didn't need to act like an asshole to me, and she claimed that she wasn't being mean to me.

Workers 134

I'm tired of all you self righteous workaholic office jockeys acting like you are actually a unique part of a team. What a joke. No matter how great your skills, education, and connections, you are fully replaceable.

Yeah, you think you have a good deal making some hourly wage or yearly salary. What about the owner of the company that's leaching off your hard work and making millions?

Why don't you lose your smug attitude and realize you are being doped? Grow a brain and become self employed. That is, if you truly believe that you can handle things well.

Corrupted, Backstabbing, Lying, Coworkers 135

Iím 25 years old and I used to be an instructor at a college in the Office Administration Program. I recently resigned because of the backstabbing, lying, and corruption that took place in this program. Iíve never seen so much immaturity, bigotry, disorganization, and hatred in my life. I canít wait for the day when this ship finally sinks. Fuck you all! I will now dissect each of you and so everyone can get a good understanding as to why I left this minutia of piss and shit.

Boss Lady: You are the fakest person I have ever met. You lie and cheat yourself out of every situation. Instead of trying to make improvements in the program, you would rather sit on your ass and gossip on the phone all day. I can hear everything you are saying; your office walls are very thin. You always want to discourage the clever ones that question the way you manage your program. Whatís wrong, are you afraid that they might be more successful than you? What the fuck was up with you wanting me to find out if a certain student had a black boyfriend?? Why the fuck does it matter you racist bitch?? You failed to report a student that was openly selling drugs to other students. You also decided to manipulate a couple of studentsí work because they reported you to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Those students were almost finished, but if anyone messes with the ďBig Bad DĒ, she will make you suffer by taking a low blow. I know you did it, donít fucking lie to me. You ruined their opportunity to succeed because they questioned the organization.

Miss Right-Wing Extremist: You annoy me beyond a reasonable measure. You cannot stop yourself from spouting your political/religious views to every person that you encounter. Very unprofessional you are, please keep your religious and political views at home. Nobody gives a fuck about Faux News, Sarah Palin, or Glenn Beck. The reason why your hair is falling out is because you color it every 2 weeks. You lack common sense.

Miss Flake: Either you were sheltered as a child, or you are an imbecile. You have problems completing simple everyday tasks and you lack basic logic and reasoning skills. I feel that the reason your husband is divorcing you is because you are insane. After you told me how you treated your children, Iím not surprised that he is trying to get full custody. You are 2 cans short of a six pack. After I saw you crying and banging your head against the wall in the break room, I feel that you may possess some sort of mental illness.

Miss Stick-Up-Ass: I despise you as a human being and I hope the rest of your life is filled with misery. You are a hypocrite, gossiper, liar, cheater, and a phony. You claim to be Christian, but you are so full of shit, I can smell you from across the room. You prance around the office like you are so superior compared to everyone else. I will never forget the odious remarks you made to me just because I donít think, act, or look like you. I will also never forget how you would make certain students do their work over, even though it was satisfactory, just because you didnít like them.

Miss B, C, and R: You are all part of the ďAlmighty Circle of ShitĒ as well. I heard all three of you talk shit about me, but I forgive you all because you didnít cause me any suffering.

Vietnam Veteran: I hope you seek some professional help someday because you are a wacko. You are nice, caring person, but you need a psychiatric evaluation. Sorry, but Jesus is not coming back to earth on a comet in 2012. WOW, JUST WOW.

Iím proud to say that I am not a part of your ďGood Ole BoyĒ team anymore. You will all contribute to the downfall of the Office Administration Program.

FUCK all of you backstabbers, liars, fakes, know-it-alls, bible thumpers, bigots, and lunatics.

a co-worker 136

I generally sit at my desk during lunch at work. I surf the Internet or browse Amazon, whatever. Because I am at my desk, if the phone rings, I answer it, and if someone asks me to do something, I do it. I never say, "I'm out to lunch." Well today when my co-worker came back to work (she's the office manager, but not really my boss), I took my lunch and sat at my desk. It was just the two of us at the time. She was on the phone. I was on the phone, too, with a doctor about my son's food allergies (by the way, I'm a guy). The phone rang. My co-worker called out for me to get it, that she was on an important call. I called back that I was out to lunch and also on an important call. The person quit ringing and then the phone rang again seconds later, probably the same person. Again, my co-worker calls out for me to get the phone. Again, I call out the same thing I did before. And I added that whoever it was calling, would call back, it's no big deal (what would she have done if I left the office during my lunch?). Then this entire process was repeated again. Finally, she gets off the phone and comes to my work area and starts telling me that I was wrong for not getting the other call, that she gets the phone when she is on lunch (yeah, me too, what's your point?), blah, blah, blah. All this while I am clearly sitting there before her with my ear to the phone trying to talk to the doctor. At this point, she just wasn't getting it and I felt that she was pushing me beyond the point of good taste, so I reacted. I yelled at her. She just kept pushing me and I didn't see her stopping on her own. Afterward she told me that I was wrong and that it was not proper for me to yell at her, that's it office etiquette. First off, I didn't want to yell. But damn if she just wasn't asking for it. She was oblivious to what I was telling her and the only way to get her to shut up and leave me alone was to yell. Like when a person is out of control and you have to smack him/her. Anyhow, I have been in a bad mood all day now, and it happened some 8 hours ago. She is like this a lot. She doesn't seem to grasp what a person is saying, but just keeps saying what she wants to. What part of I'm on the phone with a doctor about my son and I am out to lunch did she not understand? As far as she is concerned, she did nothing wrong. Many has been the time that I have been sitting quietly at work minding my own business when she just has to come to me and get me riled up about something. She's gonna give me a freakin' heart attack.

young girl at work 137

Pizza makes me fat? These are the words I hear from a stupid 24-25 year old at work. So sick of her. She says she eats 1/2 a cheeze pizza then goes around trying to poke out her skinny belly out to everyone, so that they can tell her she has nothing to worry about. She must be about 5'9" and weighs about 115lbs or something. Just guessing, but she is so skinny she can eat cheese pizzas for 4 months and have nothing to worry about. What she is happens to be an attention wanter. Nothing more. She causes so much drama for her need for attention that she tells lies to get others in trouble for not paying attention to her. So sick of her.

People I work with 138

I work as a secretary for the government. I served proudly in the military for 7 years and decided to get out. I can't stand it that there are these over paid, prissy bitches who never served landing these fantastic careers with no military experience making decisions for the military, and there are Vets getting out everyday working at McDonalds. These job were created for Veterans, just because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and mommy and daddy paid for your education so you wouldn't have to learn how to be a decent person by serving in the military, you think your entitled to take up jobs that should be going to retired Soldiers.

Control Freak Co-Worker 139

I try to keep an open mind, I really do, but lady you take the cake. At 74 years of age you would think you would know better (yes and I know for some reason you like to tell people your 86 and still working everyday) Good for you your active, mostly at making the rest of the department upset.

I hope you feel proud at your attempts of trying to find ways to degrade me. But then selfishness seems to be your problem in a nut shell. Your cubey looks like Jesus exploded, and you take every single chance you can to berate us all because we are not as godly as you- because we do not go to church everyday- because our kids and grand kids are not wonderful, or any other because that seems to just revolve around you. No one works as hard as you or understands anything as good as you do. You have all the answers and unless we bow down to your wishes you make it your mission to try to get the digressors fired. Nit picking seems to take more of a center stage then you doing your actual job, you remember the one you like to complain about all the time, day in day out. If it is so bad why do you stay?

I never thought that I would actually hope that someone would fall and break a hip. Nor have I ever in my entire life had anyone make me as angry as you. Why don't you go and retire and leave us in peace. Life is hard enough these days and the last thing we need is a control freak like you trying to rule our every working moment.If you are a representation of what is good in the world I will devote my life to evil in an instant. You are awful and I hope when you go to confession someone tells you that, so maybe before you really do die you can see how terrible you really are.

Coworkers 140

I've been with this company for 9 and I repeat, NINE years. Truly, I must have stepped into the wrong place, because here's some very CORE problems that seem to go on, and frankly, pisses me off so bad to the point, I want to slap some of them with a bat or beat them with it, whichever comes first!

  1. Poor management - Why? Let's see, you try asking the Group Leader a question and you get a blank "I don't know" stare. What the hell?! This lady takes the cake in being the dumbest one walking or working in the damn position. She doesn't know what she's doing, all she does is chatter up and stand there. Who the fuck was high to hire her to that? Can't fucking do the job, what was the point?!  

  2. Immodest old man - For the LOVE of GOD or whatever deity, PULL YOUR DAMN PANTS UP! None of us wants to see your ass, which shall I say, has some pieces of shit and whatnot (dare you ask? Probably not) Even when we try not to look at it, it's just there! And for the sake of embarassment, stop flirting with the boss, he's married! Happily, I might add.  

  3. Other co-workers in general - Have you no shame? I'd LOVE it if you can stop with the rumors, backstabbing, gossip about me. So what if I talk to the boss, what's wrong with normal conversation? So what if I or whomever else, doesn't show up for work? When was any of that your goddamned business!? So FUCKING WHAT if I dress differently than you? I'm not seeking attention, nor asked for your opinion. I'd also love it if I was helped once in a while. I'm doing more hard work than you, get off your lazy, duffball, American Idol gossiping ass and HELP! Oh and by the way, stop trying to be so tyrannial on my life, I don't run yours. 

  4. Company - Go to hell with your favoriting and rigging stuff and shove whatever ego you have up your ass and die. None of you have ever done hard work in your life, stop being such a damn pansy and ass kissing. It makes me sick.

What it takes to get a promotion 141

Want to get promoted on the job? Easy, just make sure your bitchy, haggy, phony mother works for the company and has been there so long they can't let her go, even though she is a miserable, ignorant, snot sucking witch who nobody can stand except for the director,who thinks the bitch's shit doesn't smell. Her whiny do-nothing daughter (I take that back, she does do something--cry around to mommy about how bad she has it) and mommy will let her go home or take a 2-hr lunch (shopping) break while mom finishes her work. The daughter is not even qualified for the job and she has been promoted twice and she still complains and whines. They are two homely bitches who are so close they even go to the bathroom together. You don't see one without the other too far behind. So, to get promoted, you either need to be related to the boss or just a big fat kiss-ass MF of a whiny, ugly bitch.

Posing Backstabbers 142

I work with one other person. Her job and mine are completely different. She used to have my job and quit for the one she has now. I am very good at what I do and for 4 years have had no problem whatsoever. Now, Little Miss Queen has snuggled up to the boss(not literally, figuratively) and begun stabbing me in the back. Jobs that I have been doing THE SAME WAY for 8 years are all of a sudden being done wrong because that's not the way she would have done it. She will ask me to do something counterproductive, I will refuse, and, before the day is over, an e-mail is on my computer from the boss telling me to do the particular job the way she wants it done. I am not part of their "clique"(they're cops, I'm not) and am considered "inferior" to them in every way. Nothing I say is taken seriously at all. I don't want to quit this job because I love what I do but this constant bullying and the "thin blue line" of silence foolishness is driving me nuts! HR is absolutely no help whatsoever!

bitch co-worker 143

This fat porker named Jenny is such a conniving, dishonest, greedy, fat little bitch. You cannot trust her. She hidesÖ

Yeah, I think I used to work with this person; same name, same description, especially the ďfat little bitchĒ part. If this the person Iím thinking of she too used to hide last 30-45 minutes of her shift when I worked with her. Every time walrus girl opened her mouth the lies would start. Every single customer project that came into work she would wave it off by saying ďthatís a Mike jobĒ or ďthatís a Kathy jobĒ. Jenny would push work off on other people or she would lie about why it could not be done. One time she got caught by the district manager for lying about a customerís job saying their files were corrupt and of course, they were not. Her own friends did not even step into save her on that one. So was did walrus girl do? After she quit she told her asshole friends/co-workers I had something to do with her getting caught. Maybe it was because I told walrus girl she was lazy to her face. Needless to say I was not winning over any friends. The fat conniving bitch that Jenny is, started a stalking campaign with her equally looser co-worker friend Lyn. I guess losers of a feather stalk together since no one liked Lyn at the imported wicker furniture store where she also worked besides our place of employment. And the real moronic part is that Jenny did 2/3 of her stalking by bus. By the Fucking bus! Why would anyone want to take a bus for twenty miles, to go to someone house to, to stare at a building.

If you read this, Jenny you are a fucking moron!

dishonest co-worker 144

I am angry beyond imagination because that arrogant, useless, backstabbing bastard STOLE MY PROJECT and presented it to the company's president like it was his own. I worked my ass off for months to achieve that good result, and I did 99% of it ALL BY MYSELF, yet he didn't even mention my name. He even had the guts to brag about how the president enjoyed the final results and thought it was so good, can you believe that???!!! I seriously want to get up and spit on his face, but not even that would be as low as the stuff he does on a daily basis.

I can't stand his voice, his stupid jokes and his total lack of honesty and decency - in fact, I can't stand coming to this office anymore thanks to him. I have never been this angry and stressed out before and now I hate him even more for bringing this negativity into my life! DOUCHEBAG!!!

Sonia 145

I am so damn angry at that hag Sonia for tossing off her work on me! She does a half assed job in prepping her work for me to finish it, and then I get in trouble for incomplete work! Go to hell! And put on some deodorant, you stink!

First pregnant woman with a job ever 146

Pregnancy is not a debilitating disease. It is a change in your body and, to some degree, mind. It is not an excuse to consistently come in late; leave early; spend the your lunch "hours" napping at a friend's house; and make people move to other desks just in case you can't make it to your office one day. Nor is pregnancy an excuse to take other people's food from the fridge without asking or to ask other people with less power than you to do your job. Being "with child" does not permit you to have other people carry your things around, especially when some of these people have their own physical ailments (heart problems, knee replacements) that preclude them from lifting the bags of groceries you need to stuff your face each day. Pregnancy does not make it OK to invite your coworkers to multiple baby showers for each and every child you are having. Pregnancy does not entitle you to bring in a signup sheet for when your coworkers can come to your house and help out (in addition to your stay-at-home husband, Mom, babysitter, nanny, and housekeeper). Being in the family way does not mean you no longer need to say please and thank you when requesting or receiving support or free stuff. I wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth but, for the love of all that is holy, please do not come back to work. If at all possible, you will become less productive and more needy after the delivery and for many years to come.

Fake Co-Workers 147

Ok, so I am a college student, working in my school. There are these two summer youth bitches working with me. I am friendly to everyone, do my tasks accurately, come in on time, dress appropriate. The young summer youth workes are loud, ghetto, tacky, and late. They are always on their phone texting, never doing any work. So, here I am being nice to them even though there disgusting and everyone at work hates them, their own supervisor called them ghetto and tacky, when the second i turn around, they think i left, they start talking so much smack about me. here is what they said "that bitch always kissin ass, thinking she the shit, bitch think shes hot bitch u aint even hot, bitch you talk so much, dumb bitch never shuts up" i happened to overhear those ghetto whores and i go up to them and go "hey guys its ok i heard you , now you can continue" like what do i do!!!? i hate them, they are so jealous of me i never did naything to hurt them like god!!!

bitchy nosy annoying little co-worker 148

My little bitch colleague Martin acts like such a child. OIts a horrible phrase to say but he is like a fucking woman. He is the campest gay guy with the nosy bitchy handbag grabbing flappy little attitude to go with it. NO MARTIN WE DO NOT WANT TO REPEAT EVERYTHING WE DO AND SAY BECAUSE YOU JUST OVERHEARD PART OF IT AND CAME MINCING OVER SQUEALING 'OOOOOH WHAT WAS THAT?, WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING AT THAT?, WHO IS INVOLVED IN THAT THEN?". Martin needs to just literally learn to MIND HIS OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. You are a dickwad, get your own act together before you start bitching and getting yourself involved in other peoples problems. Do some work instead of gossiping and obsessing over what others are doing/talking about. Complete prick.

Rude Receptionist 149

Our "receptionist" is one of the worst I've ever worked with. She does not smile when someone walks in the door, and answers the phone with only the company name, no good morning, good afternoon, nothing. Then when she transfers a call to me or a few others, she can't get our extension correct and ends up parking our calls in no man's land. I was told to ask her to call someone because they are cantankerous and she informed me that we all have to deal with not so happy or rude people, it's just part of the job. I wanted to scream at her "Like you, for instance?" Asked her to place another call to an employee. I'm sorry I can't understand this employee of mexican decent and you speak fluent, so call the guy, ask the question, give me the answer. How she has worked here for so long is beyond me. Other workers say to kill her with kindness. Six weeks later, it's not working, and I'm tired of being nice. I really want to tell her to F Off, but somehow think that's unprofessional and I like my job.


Fat people make me SO angry I hate looking at any fat fucks. In particular this HUGE fat fuck woman i work with who makes me sooo mad for sooo many reasons every freaking day! this bitch is 39 and obese and so fucking gross disgusting annoying and lazy! she breathes really loud and is always sighing and grunting and groaning, especially when she has to lift her fat ass up from the chair. She leaves me with heaps of work while she slacks off and finds sneaky reasons and excuses to dodge work. Shes always going on about how she goes to the gym and how 'good' she is, and i'm thinking ummm it doesnt really count if ur doing like ten minutes in there.. plus she eats heaps of fatty foods and guzzles sugary energy drinks! and shes always saying inappropriate things and giving too much information, like when she carried some drinks in from the fridge and was like 'ohh these are so cold theyre making my nipples hard'... ew. NOBODY wants to hear anything about any part of ur fat greasy body, much less ur gross fat sweaty boobs. She is just soooo unbelievably irritating and im just waiting for the day her computer chair finally breaks and she falls to the floor causing a freakin earthquake.

Co -workers 151

I just started a new job, night shift which is already bad enough, but to have to sit through hours of ranting and raving (she was suppose to be training me, was this part of the training?) "poor me, poor me, I do all the work, nobody knows what their doing but I do, I never get the hours I want but they give me to many hours, I had to walk up here during a snow storm..yada yada yada..." yeah she may know what is going on, but has she ever heard being professional, I have a degree in counseling, maybe I should charge her trifling ass 30 bucks an hour. I finally made my escape and sat in dark room for the rest of the night. I really don't need your stress, lady, I have a enough of my own.

If you dont like your job..QUIT...then maybe I will get full time. You think you have problems..try being unemployed living off unemployment for a while. At least you weren't laid off because of budget cuts. Now I know why they get rid of older folks, they bitch about everything..Im 8 years younger then her, if I get that bad then shoot me please, do me a favor.

She takes on responsibilities that aren't hers then complains about it! What do you want.. a thank you isnt enough?? She complains about her wages..she should have returned to school instead of getting by on a GED. Most of our co workers are college grads..and still in school to better them self's. Why so bitter..why scare off new employees? Why such negativity?

So I make suggestions.."no no no..thats not how its done here.." its her way or no way. Can you say closed minded..I'm calling for an interview some where else Monday...hopefully I can land this other job before her negativity attaches its self to me. I sure dont want to be stuck 32 hours a week to the martyr.. Ill go nuts!

fucktard at work 152

OMG i don't even know where to fucking start so how about i just start with i hate your bitchass muthafucking face. Stop fucking stick your ugly mug where it is not wanted. The 10 percent of the time when i'm not pissed off by your fuckwittage i feel sorry for you. I fucking cannot believe the way you claim credit for things that you have no contribution. I had thought you were just oblivious due to some innate fucktard wiring, but the way you execute perfectly cunty feats with precision and purpose makes me think that you are a fucking bitchass cuntface jerk. I've got my eyes on you now.

Drama Queen 153

For many years now, I've had to endure the on-going love/hate relationship that is working with and knowing a complete fucking drama queen.

The worst part is when it's a subtle drama queen, the type you just never really learn to avoid and who keeps biting you in the ass every single time you let your guard down and let them into your fold again.

People like this boil my blood. You trust them, try to let the past be water under the bridge, but as soon as they have another chance to drag you through the mud or toss you under the boss, they leap at it. Part of you knew it was coming, part of you knew not to trust them but you just never listen to those lingering doubts, wanting to be the better person and give a second/third/fourth chance. See what it gets you?

I swear, the person I'm talking about is a habitual closet drama queen. Every single job she's had with our company, she has managed to create drama either amongst her colleagues or her leadership or, on a good day, both. Every time she has switched jobs, it has been with much drama and fan fare, people getting butt-hurt and lines being crossed and ALL of it goes back to her. Seeing a pattern, anyone? It can't be coincidence every time.

Frankly, I have no fucking clue what redeeming value she has as a human being. She has burned me, directly and indirectly, more times than anyone else. It's true lesson that you sometimes need to just listen to your instincts and not be such a forgiving dipshit, because people like this will never change. I was too blinded to see the pattern, but looking back I honestly wonder the the fuck I was thinking putting up with her bullshit.

To all you closeted drama queens out there who sneak into people's work and personal lives and then create drama after they give you their trust, you need to get a fucking life of your own. Nobody and I mean nobody likes a drama queen. That's why you have no real friends, that's why you have no social life outside of work, it's why your boyfriend will never put a ring on your fucking finger. You're not as smart as you think you are, you're just an opinionated asshole so completely fucking up yourself that you think everyone else has a problem. The sad truth is that YOU are the fucking problem and you create drama because you crave attention and can't get it any other way. Pathetic fucking piece of shit that you are.

I am glad you are soon to be out of my life and I hope our paths never cross again. I'm fucking done with you and people like you, the next one isn't even getting a fucking chance.

Coworkers 154

I don't think I've met anybody more annoying than my coworker that was employed here two months ago.

First of all, he's a compulsive talker that never stops talking! During break times, most of the workers tend to quietly eat in the break room, watch some TV, and chit chat with each other. This guy never shuts up! Ever! He loudly describes everything that's going on with his life, including his family activities, the stranger that keeps calling his cell phone, his entrepreneurial dreams, inspirations, his military career, and constant complaining about everything! It's not a conversation, it's a long endless lecture. I try getting a sentence in every once in a while, and he cuts me off, continuing to loudly talk about what's on his mind.

Let's go back to his constant complaining. He always whines, and usually it's about his wife. I gotta hear about how she never cooks his meals right, how she never picks the right ingredients, how she attempts to force their child to enjoy multiple cultures of food, and how she never lets him sleep in because both the wife and child want to spend time with him.

During the first month he was here, he always made a big deal out of my lunch. My homemade sandwiches would never have enough meat on them according to his standards, and he was constantly baffled that I never put mayo on them. He would constantly ponder how I could eat a sandwich completely dry while ignoring the cans of soda I always bring.

I remember the day I bought a pizza from the vending machine. The directions said to reheat it for 30 seconds, so I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. My coworker actually observed what I was doing, exclaimed that I wasn't reheating my pizza long enough, then fiddled with the microwave settings to make it heat longer! I wasn't going to stand for this, so I set it back to 30 seconds.

I remember another moment in the break room. It was a busy day, and between all the people huddled around the microwave area, and all the different kinds of food being reheated, there was a nasty smell on that side of the room. I didn't think too much of it, and went to my seat. My coworker actually accused me of causing that smell! He loudly exclaimed, "It's OK if you forget to take showers, it's easy to lose track of time between sleeping and working, but you need to take showers if you want to smell nice.". This guy is unbelievable. I take showers all the time. The smell was not from me.

What absolutely kills me about this guy is how quickly he abandoned me. All through December he begs me to email him so we can stay in contact outside of work. So during Christmas break, I create a new email account for the sole purpose of talking with this guy. I send him an email, and he flakes on me! I get no responses, and when I returned to work, he found another people to annoying with his talking. That victim sure had a bored expression on his face!

I had two others friends, but I never see them anymore. One of them is constantly out on smoke breaks, and the other got moved to another department. Oh well. I plan on switching jobs anyway. Let's hope I don't run into this annoying coworker ever again.

Don't earn their pay 155

The three musketeers as I call them, AG, MQ and KA who work for the State of TX, when the boss isn't looking dump their workload on the others because THE OFFICE MGR is too dumb to see how they really are. when you stand up to them, they hold a private meeting and go to the Manager to "report" you as if you are the person causing the problem...bunch of ass kissers

its time for the glue factory!!!! 156

During my deployment to Iraq I encountered one of the laziest, arrogant, self-absorbed old lady ever!!! Yes she is an old lady! I say that because when she got promoted to SGT I was in middle school. Now mind you Iím in the army and at the top of my game for being as young as I am. SGT B. has absolutely no business being in the Army or in the military. She is lazy and takes other hard working soldierís credit. She does not respect hard earn rank either nor does she like other females that are more accomplished then her. She will take all females as competition regardless what your intentions are. She honestly believes the more dicks she sucks the better she is as a soldier and NCO. Her history with other units is a repetitive one; itís the same story all the time bouncing to unit to unit kissing ass along the way. To get paid to do absolutely nothing. Right now she is a Fort Irwin getting paid full active duty pay while being fixed up from Iraq, which again we didnít see her do a damn thing there except go fuck around in the 1SGís bed. She is also collecting dependent pay when she and her husband are divorced and her kids are over 21 years old. She is also using a bay area zip code for her housing pay too when she lives in the central valley. Thatís pretty fucked up. For someone that fails out of the most basic military courses, how can she still be in for nearly 20 years!! Tell me how!!!

*Note from Anger Central
We deleted the name to protect you. We also don't allow names to be posted for a number of reasons, one being that you may have violated the UCMJ. If you have evidence of this, document it and hand it to proper authorities.

douchbag auditor at work 157

I'm so damn angry with Brian in Minnesota. He's a miserable, racist, old ass high school drop out dingbat! All his snaggle toothed ass does is complain when he has to do his job, which can't be that hard since you didn't even finish high school and somehow landed a job. Honestly, I hope you trip down a flight of stairs covered in rusty thumb tacs. Your whining is rediculous. No one wants to be at work, we'd all rather be home with are families, but we have to support them too, so we make do and get through the day. Not this cry baby bitch. Hes's mister "its not my job" even when it is. Fuck, if you don't like your job, quit, don't make it hard for the rest of us to come in and do what were paid to. I'm half this rat bastards age, but have the smarts of someone his age should have. He's a little bitch who carries around a sense of entitlement, though he deserves nothing. I'm so damn angry because people like this make things harder than they need to be, and its Fucking pathetic watching a grown man bitch and moan more than a new born baby.

undermining, slanderous witch 158

Undermining, slanderous witch has worked at same job for 30 years. She is really angry, because she makes nearly the same amount of money as the new staff and has a lot more duties. She is angry, because she has been passed over many times for promotions. There is a good reason for this..she is MEAN. She takes her frustrations out on the new people and anyone who happens to be promoted or hired into a higher position than her. She is extrememly loud. She can be heard coming from a mile away. I bought an IPOD thinking that the noise in my ear would drown out the constant bitching. I can still hear her..loud and clear. I was asked to work on a project by the director. The end product resulted in a change in office policy. This nasty bitch continuously tells everyone that I was the wrong person to work on this project as she feels that I am not "experienced". I think the real issue is that the policy change keeps her in the office more as she needs her work computer to complete her assignments. She can no longer slink off to home in the afternoon "to do her paperwork". This has ended up being my fault and she has convinced other coworkers that I am a nit wit, dumb dumb who can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. With any luck they will offer an early retirement incentive so she can go and haunt some other poor soul in another location!


I am nothing but nice. I help people and do my job. I have been passed over for everything until recently. It is my time to shine and now everyone who used to be my friend when I was being overlooked is treating me like shit. They talk over me at group meetings. When I make handouts to assist them, they scoff because they don't like all the effort I put into this temporary detail and the attention I am getting. The one who is the worst is this fat, gap toothed bitch. She goes out of her way to make me look stupid and want this detail over. I tell you what, fuck her. I am staying in it and she can eat my shit because the fact that I can spell and write efficiently pisses the hag off. I am making it my mission to go above and beyond so she can never fill my shoes!

Workplace Leeches 160

I am so fucking tired of dealing with the absolutely endless amount of complete and utter leeches where I work.

You'd think in a Fortune 500 company that you'd find some decent, talented folks, but that doesn't seem to be the reality at all. In fact, I have seen more leeches and bottom feeders filling the hallways than anywhere else I've ever worked in my life.

The absolute fucking worst are the shameless pieces of shit who claim to want to learn from you and pick up some tips. At the outset you think it's a nice thing to do, help out someone less knowledgeable than yourself and teach them how things work. Then you see the kind of requests they make of you in the process, which reveals what they really wanted (and no, it wasn't to learn!).

"Oh, can you give me your code and give me all your documentation and also all your presentations and other pieces of work so I can borrow from them?"

Excuse me? Let me get this fucking straight: you want everything I worked so hard for, handed to you on a fucking silver platter so you can what, push a button to replicate my efforts and look as good as I do? Who the fuck do you think you are to deserve all that from me? I don't fucking give that shit to my own colleagues, much less some degenerate piece of of lazy shit that I just fucking met.

And yet, you'd be utterly shocked to see how often this shit happens. People literally expect you to hand over your secrets, all your skill and talent to them, so they can pretend to be as good as you are. And no, they never fucking give you credit for a damn thing and most of them never speak to you again afterwards unless they realize they need something else.

There's a saying, that team players can only survive by leeching off the rest of the team and that if you have any talent, people like that will bleed you dry. In my estimation, that's absolutely fucking true and happens almost without fail. It's really ridiculous that people can be so fucking shameless, but they are.

I'm sorry, but when I come into a job and nobody hands me shit, nobody gives me code or makes the world push-button for me, don't fucking expect me to do it for you when you're put in the same position. I earned my place, I worked hard to get good at what I was doing, and I'm sure as fuck not going to help you shortcut all the hard work so you can pretend to be as good as I really am. If you have questions, ask me, but don't just outright ask me to hand the fucking world to you so you don't have to learn anything on your own. Lazy pieces of shit!

The worst, the absolute fucking worst at this are the God damned Indians that we've outsourced so much of our shit to. Those fuckers are utterly and completely shameless and the most selfish pieces of shit in the world! Indians that I know have even said this themselves about their countrymen! These assholes have NO problem blatantly asking you to give them all your code, all your data, all your documentation and then have the unmitigated gall to expect you to STILL do the fucking work for them too! Worst still is how fucking lazy they are. You can point out that what they need, you've already given before and they should search through the material. They will, no shit, ask you to just re-send it instead, since they can't be bothered. I've literally sent one of these fuckers the same shit a half a dozen times because he's too fucking lazy to dig it up.

To all you fucking leeches out there, you need to get a fucking clue and learn for yourself. I'm not averse to teaching people, but I'm not going to just do the fucking work for you and give you everything so it's turn-key. If you don't want to earn your fucking place, that's fine, but I'm not going to enable your laziness or help you to advance your career off the back of my work. I busted my ass to get where I am and if you think I'll help some lazy mother fucker get there without putting in the sweat equity, you're out of your fucking mind.

Back stabbing lady hurt my mom's chances at a job! 161

My mom got passed up on a job opportunity because the lady(I'll call her May) is a backstabbing liar. May promised my mom left and right that she'd get May's position when May retired. (My mom worked as a volunteer there and this would've been a PAYING position.) Then May said she spoke to the boss and the boss said "Pick anybody but (Mom's name.)"

May also faked having severe medical issues, making my mom run ragged taking her to doctor appointments and tests and the like. She's addicted to pain medicine and denies that she's an addict. My mom is a nice person who would give her left arm to a stranger with none. May took full advantage of that. Even to the point of resenting my mom for having to go home and take care of the household.

Years later it turns out May never even mentioned my mom to the boss when she was preparing to resign. The person taking May's place knows nothing of the job and all my mom's hard work has been replaced by crap.

Oh, and May also tried to make my mom lie to my dad about things, which my mom refused to do. May goes through friends like laundry. She uses people until they wise up and tell her "no" and that's when she dumps them; she hurts people, she wants attention and pity instead of HELP for her many life problems and she deserves no respect from anyone.

My mom could have benefited from that job, but this backstabbing b*tch ruined everything. May's run around cost my mom a chance at money and insurance to cover the expenses for my dad's debilitating medical issues.

devious co-workers 162

I have a male co-worker who literally stalks me everywhere I am at work by security camera and it angers me. The more I ignore him the more intrusive he becomes and makes a point of showing up just to prove that he has the power to do what he wants. He has blind sided management to his deviant ways and seems never to get caught doing or saying inappropriate things to women, me included!

Office Manager & Front desk receptionist 163

I am the biller for a surgeon, we are a small group of three. The office manager hired her best friend's duaghter who has no medical experience at all. The office manager is more interested in being this girls buddy than her boss. She tells your personal business to this new person. If the Dr. has a meeting with the Office Mgr and something is discussed about the office and staff, she will tell that person's business without the person's permission. I am responsible for all aspects of billing, which includes at times having to contact insurances, adjusters and lawyers, often times I leave messages and have to wait for a return call. The new person fields my calls and attempts to get involved and deal with the issues I am working on. The result is accounts really get screwed up and I end up starting all over, as well as the companies and attorneys she attempts to talk to hang up on her. Her responsibilities are filing, pulling charts for clinic and making patient appointments. She has no insurance training, has never worked in a physicians office, yet when I confront her about doing this and take it to the manager. Nothing is done. She has been here 4 months, the office has had 3 meetings, our job descriptions and duities have been gone over 3 times, and yet she continues. As she is buddy-buddy with the boss, she has no fear of reprisal. I have been in this field for 15 years and am certified. I am looking actively for another position. I have always had a good work ethic, however once I find the position I want, I have no intention of giving a two eeek notice.

Low Life coworker 164

I am sick to death of dealing with ďFat DĒ weíll call him. This fat, bald headed, ass kissing, back stabbing turd that was birthed by his father, lied to get a job here by claiming he was a pilot in the military and a senior manager of some big company which probably hired him as a janitor. Instead of leaving it at that and being proud he fooled management into giving him a job, he embellishes his story daily as to add credibility to his ridiculous lies which transparently display his ignorance to everyone but the boss whose ass he kisses constantly. He is loud, tells the most ignorant, worn out jokes then laughs at them like they were actually crafty instead of some shit he once heard and regurgitated. Each morning, instead of getting to his desk to begin working, he enters the bossís office to have a ten minute suck ass session before plopping his fat, nasty ass down in his smelly office chair to do his bible study which he hides behind as he contemplates how to get ahead without contributing any actual work. If the boss does pop in his office, he clicks off of the ďholier than thou, bible thumping bullshit websiteĒ, to brag to the boss about how hard heís working and what great ideas he has that never seems to manifest beyond words. No one likes you and we all see through you, ďwith the exception of the boss who has your head so far up his ass his breath smells like your breathĒ. One of these days the boss will see thru your ego stroke job or overhear how you talk shit about him and let you have what Karma has been storing for you. This prick constantly brags about what a big important boss he was at his last job. If you were such a senior member there, why did you come here to be the low man on the totem pole? Why arenít you still flying in the military you big bad pilot instead of living in the dump you own with your ugly, olive oil looking wife in your parentís yard at 60 years old?.

This jelly roll douche bag hides behind his religion as a Christian or ďhypochristianĒ as I call him while he back stabs everyone every chance he gets. There was a good energy in this office and I had a good superior/subordinate relationship with my boss based on honesty and respect before you came and began licking his ass. You have the audacity to act like youíre everyone elseís boss. I use to think people were ass kissers simply to get ahead but after working with this piece of shit I realize there are those who simply enjoy the taste. You fat, ugly, bald headed, sub-human waste of plasma, you have no intelligence, and you are incapable of abstract thought and havenít produced anything worthy of noting since youíve been here. Why donít you quit while youíre ahead and save yourself the embarrassment of being outed because I guarantee you your days are numbered in this company you back stabbing, wool over the bossís eyes pulling, phony! Choke on your communion wafer you puke!

Fat Bastard 165

Ok, thereís this fat fuck son-of-a-bitch piece of shit at the office where I work that is seriously driving me out of my mind.

I do computer work so I sit at a desk in a cubicle and fuck-face sits in the cubicle right next to me. My job is exactly like in that movie ďOffice SpaceĒ but thatís another issue.

Right now I need to go off on this fat fuck piggy snort face motherfucker next to me. This guy is like 6í-4Ē tall and about 400 pounds.

Heís not only super fat, he is just ridiculously huge. Itís like his size and scale isnít even in proportion to anything in this world. Everything he does, he just looks like an adult riding a little kidís tricycle. He complains that he canít fit in cars, canít fit in bus or airplane seats, canít sit on a stool in a bar, etc. Clearly he doesnít even belong on this planet. Heís a super-size fat fuck freak of nature. The only legitimate job this fucker should be able to have is with a Ringling Brothers circus so he can sit in the freak show along with the bearded lady and the Elephant Manís skeleton.

This guy eats like nothing Iíve ever seen. Itís not even really eating, as in putting a bite in your mouth, chewing it and swallowing like normal people eat. With this fatso sick fuck, it involves a lot of suction and itís more like breathing his food in and inhaling it, like heís smoking a joint, instead of eating food. Imagine if you spilled a whole plate full of food on the floor, then used a vacuum cleaner to suck it all up. Thatís exactly how this fucker eats his food. He actually makes sounds like that. Add to that all of the moaning, gasping, grunting, choking and animal growl sounds and you can picture what itís like sitting next to this cluster-fuck excuse for a human.

Itís not just how he eats but what he eats makes me gag as well. He keeps a stash of junk food in his desk thatís all heart-stopper crap like candy & peanut butter. One thing he does all the time is, spreading out about 2 pounds of peanut butter over an open flour tortilla, then rolling it up like a burrito. The fucking things are as thick as my wrist. He also drinks massive quantities of Pepsi. Each day he brings to work with him, two (2) 2-liter bottles and he kills both of those before he goes home at the end of the day. Yes, he drinks 4 full liters of Pepsi a day starting at 7:00 AM and thatís just at work. Iím sure he drinks more when he gets home too.

Every Friday they bring doughnuts and bagels to the office for everyone. I pass on shit like that because it has way too many carbs for me. Of course Big-Foot fat-fuck monster from outterspace has to run into the break room to get the ďbestĒ bagels which, of course, are the cheese covered ones. This piece of shit has to have some kind of an oral fixation problem. He constantly eats all day but in the brief moments between stuffing shit into his pig mouth, he has to be chewing on something, either gum or a pen cap or a plastic spoon. There is literally never a time while he is at the office when he doesnít have something in his mouth. Itís extra special nice when he chews gum too because he snaps and pops it. His mouth also fills with spit so he loudly sucks and slurps it up as heís chewing, which makes yet more pleasant sounds.

As if this worthless fat body couldnít be any more disgusting and repulsive, thereís the smell that comes from him. Not only does he wear old, nasty, cheap clothes, he wears the same thing for days at a time. He wears a baseball hat to conceal the fact he doesnít wash his greasy hair. This fuck-tard also sweats constantly. Even sitting at his desk, he is out of breath and sweating like he just worked out. The real kicker is, he smokes cigarettes too. So, the combination of dirty clothes, sweat, rancid junk food and cigarettes creates a funk about him that would gag maggots. The only way I can describe it would be like the smell of a dog turd wrapped in burning hair.

I have a wish, or I guess maybe a fantasy that I have thought about acting out. Itís a twisted dream really and maybe it just proves that this fat slob stink factory motherfucker has actually driven me completely insane. I would like to go to this Sasquatch fat ass fuckerís house in the middle of the night. Then, Iíd sneak into his room while heís sleeping. Iím sure he sleeps flat on his back just like a beached whale. Iím also positive he lies with his fat pink pig mouth wide open while he snores like a chainsaw. Then I would creep on top of his bed, drop my pants and squat directly over his shit hole gaping mouth. I would proceed to pinch out the biggest shit I could and let slide right into his open mouth. Since he always has something in his mouth anyway, I donít think he would even wake up. Iíd also wipe my ass and stuff the used toilet paper into his mouth. Again, I donít think this would wake him so Iím sure he would just swallow it all like its just a normal thing. There would be nothing wrong with me doing that to him. He puts shit in his own mouth all day, every day. I would just be doing the same thing he is doing, only while heís sleeping.

Iím sure this fatty fat fuck pile of chewed-up bubblegum looking motherfucker will die soon anyway. Maybe heíll even be dead before heís 30, but not in a cool way like James Dean or Jim Morrison. He will die a death of shame, as a disgusting, subhuman, mutant, freak from the 5th ring of hell. Theyíll have to bury the fucker in a coffin the size of a big-rig trailer and dig a hole the size of a swimming pool too. If that fucker did die, Iíd go to his grave, piss and shit all over it, then spit and jack off on it too. Then Iíd do a break-dance and do the moon-walk on it while singing Glory, Glory, Halleluiah, Praise the lordy-lord above. Iím free at last!

A teammate 166

He doesn't respect me and gets angry when I suggest something. He makes all of the decisions and doesn't even want to hear my opinion. I get nervous before I talk to him and never know what to expect.

Coworkers - The Keyboard Lasher 167

I sit on the other side of a (cubicle) wall from this piece of shit that just got brought in recently and I cannot believe how he functions on a daily basis.

Shit for brains sits over there talking all fucking day and not really doing any work (nor do, apparently, his colleagues) and, God forbid, should he actually have to use his computer (don't confuse this with doing work), he absolutely hammers on the fucking keys.

I have never in my life been witness to someone who can hammer on the keys like this jackass does. It literally sounds like someone is beating on the Goddamned thing with a fucking hammer and chisel instead of tapping each key. You can literally feel your desk shaking when he types. You can hear the keyboard crying out in anguish with each keystroke as he hammers plastic upon plastic, crushing the springs and doing his level best to put the keyboard in its place.

I tell you, this fucking troglodyte apparently is one of these ridiculously misguided idiots that someone got the notion that typing "hard" is the same as typing fast. I've seen people do this before, thinking that if they make enough noise and beat the keyboard to death, somehow they are the keyboard elite and/or the speed typists of the world. What a crock of complete and utter horse shit!

No, you are not a fast typist just because you can hammer your keys like King Kong or something and because you can hear the clickty-clackity-clickity from 50 yards out. No, it doesn't make you look cool or professional or impress anyone that you think you type fast just because you make a lot of noise.

You know what it does do? It makes me, the guy who can type over 100wpm without trying, laugh his ass off at the stupid piece of shit on the other side of the wall who is beating his equipment to shit in a lame attempt to be macho.

I bet this stupid piece of shit doesn't even hear me typing on my keyboard, probably because I'm actually doing it right. Speed is a byproduct of muscle memory, technique and years of practice, NOT how hard you hit the fucking keys, idiot.

To all the people like this, please stop trying to show off by beating your keys to death and annoying the living piss out of anyone within remote earshot of your workspace. Typewriters went out of style three decades ago and I really don't need to have it sound like someone is using one right next to me, just because you think it's cool to show off and type like a fucking crack addicted lemur.

Go learn to type properly and give the rest of us, and our eardrums, a fucking break. You're a fat, beer-gutted, pathetic fucking idiot in the first place and your ham fisted antics with your keyboard are only further proof to the rest of us that the shoe obviously fucking fits. Fuck you, you stupid, loud asshole.

Co-worker 168

My co-worker makes me so angry everytime I have to work a shift with her. She is so bossy and is constantly talking shit about other co-workers and then says that they don't like her because they're jealous of how good she is at her job. Concieted Bitch!

At the restaurant I work at the cashiers need to always be at the cash registers when there are customers and if we do need to go somewhere else, we have to let the other cashiers know. And if the other cashiers are gone you CANNOT leave the front. She, however just walks off whenever the fuck she feels like and get's the rest of us in trouble because there's a line forming, and when we confront her she says rudely "well I'm actually busy doing things that need to be done".

Also since I've started working at this restaurant, she's assumed the position being fucking BACKPACK and watching my every move. At first it was helpful, but seriously- I'm not fucking stupid. I know what I'm doing now. And it's fucking embarassing when she questions everything I do, and "corrects" me out loud infront of customers AND my managers!! Seriously, it's so annoying when I'm trying to take an order and Im punching it in and she's bizzing around in my ear "did you ask them if they wanted lettuce, cheese , and tomatoes?", "Did you ask about the jalapenos?" "BLAH BLAH BLAH??". And then the customers start to look at us funny and it just makes the whole atmosphere totally awkward and uncomfortable and she'd end up taking over the register and taking the rest of the order.

And when my manager asked me a week after I started working there if I was picking up on things and I could say that I was that fucking little cunt says "There's still alot she doesn't know but she'll get it." I wanted to fucking deck her in her mouth. I had been doing great and for a long time my managers treated me like I needed all this extra help doing my job- like I was fucking retarted. Later I found out that this bitch likes to do trash talking to the managers about her fellow workers. No wonder everyone is losing hours except you, YOU FUCKING BITCH. No wonder you havn't had a boyfriend in three years, and that every guy you talk to gets tired of you after two weeks and suddenly stops txting and calling you. You're a stuck up snob with a bad attitude with no respect for anyone. I'm so glad you're moving next month. The whole work place will breathe a sigh of relief when you walk away for the last time. Enjoy being a cunt while you can cause trust me, a girl like you will never find happiness.

Bullying and lazy co-workers 169

Im so sick of this. Why do people feel the need to be nasty to me and try to compete with me to get ahead? I have just been in a situation where a co-worker was bullying me (she did bugger all work, tried to steal credit for ideas and work she didnt do or come up with (both from me and other coworkers), tried to palm her work, came in late, make nasty snide comments, turn the air con off to suit her (wear some clothes woman and you wouldnt be cold!) etc)and now that she has left someone else seems like they want to emulate her and follow in her footsteps! The comments have already started! This co worker talked all day today and did bugger all work but yet when I put my ipod in to block her out suddenly the volume of the music is an issue cause it must be affecting my hearing cause she can hear it. BUGGER OFF!! I have come back at them and then she propmtly turned around and tried to have a go at another coworker for doing the same thing, same complaint. But if she would just shut the f up then we would nt need the ipod! WTF!! and PS my desk IS not something anyone should comment on, its not fucken messy! Back off!!!


Ok a man named James...contractor at work, didnt even know me and had the fucking nerve to say to me one day 'eat light'. I tried to push it outta my mind and as time went on he would stop by my desk being all friendly, talking about 'God'. I was chubbier than I am now but this FUCK wasnt my friend or anything and had a buldging gut himself! I learned his wife lives outta town. A few months ago he asked me go outto eat. I just didnt feel like I should. Since then all the talk about "God" has ceased; he was using SENSA and his motherfucking gut is spreading and spreading. From that time to today I've lost like 30 lbs and that son of a bitch hadn't said to me 'you look great' or anything else.

The next fat fuck at work is Rickey. That bitch also had the nerve to bring his FAT BLACK ass to my desk often talking about 'God' and dropping hints about his working out at gym. He too had told me at some point his wife was extremely overweight. WHY THE HELL CANT HE DROP HIS DAMN HINTS AT HIS FAT ASS WIFE instead of someone he barely knows at work. He too tried to trick me into dinner. I had told him we could go to lunch but the fat fuck tried to say lets meet at place around 8pm. WHO THE FUCK HE THINK HE IS????? THERE IS NOWAY I WOULD GO OUT WITH THAT FAT FUCK EVEN IF HE WAS SINGLE. WELL WELL WELL evidently he hadnt seen that GYM in quiet some time. Yall his fucking gut is larger now than when i met him at work almost a year ago. AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE??? That fat fuck has not said FUCKING WORD TO ME ABOUT ALL THE WEIGHT I'VE LOST! FAT FAKE FUCKERS!

*Note from Anger Central
You know, the Webmaster once worked with a bonehead just like this. Mr. Sensitivity, he was. He would talk about the women in the Customer Service area and say things like "You know, she isn't bad looking for an older lady." He was also 270lbs too. An utter tool he was.

Stupid but doesn't know !! 171

So, here I am sitting in my office and this dumb retarded, idiot yank comes in again talking absolute freakin' garbage.. I angry 'coz this is the rubbish this retard comes out with and, he actually believes it... WTF..

Retard quote:

"Yeah, was out with the CIO of Airline XXX last night, wow he's a genius guy, yeah he's into astrostetics (doesn't exist, but, that's what he said) and astronomy and psychics (I can only assume he meant Physics..) and stuff like that.. but, he was tryin' to impress me with some flyboy speak, you know I let him, but it was funny 'coz you know I'm an Aviator, that's my background y'know.... "

I'm angry ' coz I didn't enlighten this fuckwit that being a packing monkey on a US military cargo plane for year before getting kicked the fuck out, due to being unable to meet the requirements of the job... doesn't fukin' mean you're an aviator... Shit, if that's all was needed anyone who saw a plane on TV could be classed as an aviator... Jeesh, I'm seething, 'coz, again, I just said "yeah, that's good.." while inside I really wanted to tell this fuckwit exactly what I've said above... But, actually, what makes me even angrier is that I think he believes everyone he says this shit to, believes what he believes... So fukin' retarded I don't know why I put up with it, but then, yes I do... I'm also a fukin' retard but one with no spine... that's an angry recipe for sure...

Fearing for their jobs i.e.- being yes men 172

I got written-up at work for taking a coffee break in the wrong break-room. I'm a facilities maintenance guy & had just finished a job there when some upper management type in charge of that area saw me pouring myself a cup of coffee. The prick went down thru 5 levels of management to do this to me. I was called into HR dept to sign the write-up. Told them it would be a cold day in hell before I signed anything like it and if they went forward with this, I would bring legal action against all individuals involved for creating a hostile work environment in pursuit of this guys personal vendetta. They did it anyway. Turned out I knew this guy's boss, whose home I had done some work at, and got the asshole fired & the filing pulled in lieu of the lawsuit. Now they're afraid of ME! Ha HA I got the last laugh... pussies!

Coworker Judy 173

You fucking man lookin man sounding bitch! I hate your ugly fake deep voice twisted eye ass!

Lately I lost weight and YOU DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY BEAUTIFUL ASS while coming right to the coworker who sits right by me.

Last week you were talking to Ruby and I walked by and both you black bitches got really quiet. JEALOUS WHORES!

You had the nerve to ask me if the black VICE PRES would do such backstabbing things to the black manager who got fired AFTER I HAVE TOLD YOU ALL THE SHIT OF HOW HE TRIED TO GET ME FIRED AND I AM BLACK!

If I see your UGLY JEALOUS funky ass kissing slave sounding back hoe talking ass today Im gonna look right passed you like I dont!

I've hated you since the day I met you and M. should have FILED SUIT AGAINST YOUR ASS for trying to attack her. Bitch dont TRY to attack me, make contact and I bet your ass will end up in THE HOSPITAL!

You always trying to suck up to T. and get info outta her. She aint no damn baby she a full grown adultery committing fucking the Vice Pres for raises hoe! You so fucking gullible you dont even believe you count a total of 2 eyes in your head and that today is Wednesday.
Fuck wad!

co worker 174

This cunt I work with KB likes to get her nose into everyones fucking business. She has nothing good to say about anyone, posts on her Facebook that she works with a bunch of idiots and I've never actually seen her work for a minute in my time at the company. She is only interested in the drama at work and she tries to get everyone else in trouble when she is one of the laziest fucking scumbags I have ever met. Thank god everyone at work is starting to realise how toxic she is, I am avoiding her at all costs. I hope karma pays extra attention to her because she needs a great ass kicking!

Pregnant Coworkers 175

Our company tasks its staff every year with large amounts of seasonal overtime due to the nature of our business. Our workload got even more insane because of a pregnant coworker and another who extended her maternity leave.

The pregnant sow had a complicated in vitro pregnancy and regaled the whole damn office with every detail. Of course she couldn't even work the reduced schedule she committed to. It would make me so damn mad to see this little bitch walk out the door at 5Pm when most of us had to stay until 10Pm-unless our office catered a dinner for us in the evening. Then she would stay and eat! I was stuck sitting by her at one of these meals and she complained she couldn't eat a deli turkey sandwich anymore because of all the in vitro pregnancy restrictions. My whole life is a prison for at least two months and you complain about a sandwich! I would have cheerfully strangled this stupid cow on the spot if it was legal.

Prima mama #2 missed lots of work before our season ramped up because she was on bed rest for most of her pregnancy. When she was supposed to return, she called and said the new baby had a weak immune system and she had to stay home and work a reduced schedule by telecommuting(ie, she did not want to put baby in day care in the winter) You would think if this child was truly born sick she would have known right away instead of informing management at the start of peak overtime.

At the end of the peak, Ms. In Vitro announces her baby shower and won't take no response to her custom web site for this gift grab as a hint we are just not interested. She then conducts an e-mail poll to see how many are coming. I bought the cheapest gift I could locate and still look nice (under $10)and gave it to her begrudgingly.

Thank god she went on "indefinite" leave after this child was born.

bitchy ass menopausal co-workers 176

i work in very close quarters with a couple of super southern belle mid 50 to early 60 year old women, that have been with the company for 30 years. every fuckin day i listen to non stop bitchy gossip, self righteousness, and just complete and utter ignorance from these two....

they are disgusted by anyone who isn't exactly like them, meaning that if you don't watch dancing with the stars, listen to contemporary country music, keep a showroom house, and love the movie "the notebook", you're fucked.

i never bitch and complain about that fucking god awful toby keith shit they've got playing on the radio, but when a song comes on and i mention that i like it, you better goddamn believe that radio is going to be turned down with a quickness so that these two bitches can gossip about some co workers and discuss how shitty of a dancer pam anderson is. so with that being said, this is for you, you old grouchy whores:

i'm sorry the company isnt as awesome as it used to be, okay? its not my fault. im sorry i havent been working here for 30 years. i just came to a goddamn interview and was happy to land a job. im just here to make some fucking money, im not trying to audition to be part of your clique of OG's

quit judging me because i dont live exactly the way you do. no, i dont cook extravagant meals or mop my fucking floors every day. sometimes when i get home from work, all i just throw my ass down on the couch, and stay there. so what? i dont live like a slob, but im also not trying to compete with you for the title of housekeeper of the year. im not responsible for anyone but myself, so i do what the fuck i please. why are you being so goddamn judgmental about it?

we go to work before the sun rises, and i will never show up 20 minutes early every day like you do. i usually get to work 4 minutes early, and you know what? THATS A GODDAMN VICTORY FOR ME. so stop looking at the clock when i walk in and then at each other like ive committed some huge crime.

i come to work and do my job and im NICE AND FUCKIN PLEASANT to you EVERY GODDAMN DAY. I talk with you about shit that i could give a FUCK about, and show interest to be polite, and you cant even PRETEND to listen to anything i have to say unless its pertaining to your petty bullshit.

hurry up and retire, assholes.

self obsessed co-worker 177

Not only does my coworker never shut the fuck up, 99.9% of things she says are aimed solely at showing everyone just how fucking awesome she is. She is a transparent, manipulative, insecure attention whore, and I simultaneously pity and hate her. It drives me batshit crazy when she goes on and fucking on about shit no one can possibly care about (ex. wedding planning details that nobody expressed interest in). After a conversation with her, I feel used; bitch, I am not put on this earth to provide your needy ass with attention and praise. When I don't take the bait and don't feign interest in her life, I come off as being rude!!

We've even had a very honest discussion about "how her behavior makes me feel" (you know, the proper way you're supposed to bring this shit up to not sound aggressive or accusatory). She said she realizes she's chatty, but she only talks so much to avoid awkward silences...Bullshit motherfucker. She is desperate for one thing and one thing only - ATTENTION. I don't know what events in her childhood caused her to turn out this way, but she is the most fucking annoying person on the planet. She's one of those people who "accepts herself just the way she is" despite the fact that she is INTOLERABLE and most people (myself included) are too nice to keep pointing this out to her until it gets through her thick skull that she needs to fucking change.

I don't care if she somehow managed to find someone crazy/desperate/blind enough to marry her - she still annoys 99% of the people she's around. I get so angry with this chick, I start wishing bad things would happen to her, then feel guilty, then hate her even more for causing me to feel this way. I need to stop pretending to be her friend, but a) we have to work very closely together for the foreseeable future, and b)I suck at being the bad guy..which also makes me angry.

asshole co workers 178

I am pissed of at a whole company full of assholes that I left the perfect job for. These people are fucking nuts!! One day I'm doing a great job per 3 supervisors and the next Alpha Bitch has Porky Pig checking my work and Office Slut is telling everyone in my cubicle row I'm getting fired. Right in front of me! But since my back was turned and she motioned in my direction instead of saying my name she thinks she's smooth. Listen, bitch, there's this crazy phenomenon called a reflection and I can see your big-boned ass in the fucking window!! And the only reason I chose to ignore you is because I'm an adult in a professional workplace setting and understand how to act appropriately, it's something you should try sometime. If I get fired I will blow all of your asses out to HR, but most importantly to our COO, there is no way she would tolerate any of this bullshit in her office or on the company dime. I'll be sure to get your retarded derp of a bf fired too, then both of your asses can stand in the fucking unemployment line with me. Oh and for the record, he was fucking Super Bitch at work before you busted up his marriage and he had to move back in with your mom. I've only been there a few months and already know all this, you're a clueless bitch if you don't. I hope you all catch herpes and rot in hell!!

coworker and boss 179

I have been this company's little bitch for months. I keep hearing dead promises of more hours, better positions, ect. I am *suuuch* a great worker. Well, I think I'm pretty good at my job, but if you are going to tell me how well I am doing all wrapped in a promise sandwich, , back it up!

A co-worker put in her two weeks notice not even a week ago. She is worthless. I mean WORTHLESS. She will go out on 20 minute breaks every hour, while I'm stuck alone doing all the work. She texts on her phone while she should be working. She half-asses what she does end up doing, and then complains about everyone that doesn't do things to HER liking.

I was to get her hours when she left. It is double what I am getting right now. I should also get vacation time. Well, today she changed her mind and asked the boss if she could stay. The boss is looking into it to see if the girl can keep her job, because the boss has never been put in this kind of situation before. This blows my mind, because the boss even complains about how horrible this girl's work ethic has been. Give the girl her walking papers already! Ugh. Fuck this job, and fuck this economy for making me have to have this particular job.

Fat Lazy Coworker 180

I hate my fat, lazy coworker! We both are cake decorators, the only ones mind you, but I do 99% of the work. She never does anything and spends her whole shift screwing around. Her boyfriend and sister also work at our store and she spends all her time talking to them. Our cake case looks like crap because I have to do all of the orders and she doesn't do anything to keep it full, so the managers are one MY ass about filling it because they know I work and she doesn't! She is a complete asshole to me because I don't just put up with her laziness without saying anything. She acts like I'm a horrible person for pointing out that she doesn't do her work, when in reality I am picking up her slack and she doesn't even care that I do every thing! She is the bitch, not me! She leaves me notes every day telling me why she couldn't get this or that done, when she had plenty of time and she just didn't want to do it. She acts like she wants people to feel sorry for her, like she tries so hard but everyone gangs up on her. Nobody would give her shit if she actually DID work hard. She doesn't do shit! My boss knows it and my other coworkers know it and they all hate her too! Why won't she just get fired or quit! Also I swear she comes to work high, her eyes are all bloodshot half the time. God I hate her!


I dread going into work each day to face fake and evil people. I will use initials - E.L - the biggest fat aased two faced evil bitch I ever met. You would have though that this kind of behavior stopped in Junior High. News flash: I am dealing with a woman in her 50's.. and not a kid, either. She is pure EVIL. She has some new fat friends in the office now. They whisper in Spanish to one another. One of them NEVER shuts the FUCK up. She's distracting, something E.L has accused me of being. Fat evil backstabbers. I hope they're ready for a new me starting on Monday. I am taking control of everything I can to PROVE that she is incompetent - that they are distracting and trivial backstabbers.... Reality check coming. I heard EVERYTHING that was said about me - I have my ways - and they're going to pay. Somehow, some way. They're in for it. Nasty, Fat, BITCHES -and yes, they're JEALOUS, It's OBVIOUS... I think they should KEEP EATING NACHOS ALL DAY>>>> OINK OINK OINK>> Hasta LA VISTA, FATTIES

Disgusting Fat Bitch 182

How can this kind of dishonest, Fat bitch who lies about the pricing, get to work in C.Connection? I hope she gets fired one day because someone who is more senior than her hates her. Let Kharma hits back exactly the same way for all the unhappiness & drama she caused. Time this Fat Bitch learn her lesson.

Thick skinned Fat Bitch 183

People are just so CHEAP & despicable! This Fat Slut had two kids already, one 12 years old & another 10 and yet, still went to the same church as the boss deliberately. One more thing, she was originally a Catholic but converted to a Christian. Any idiot can tell that this fat bitch carries a torch for that boss. Well, keep your stupid & unimportant feelings to yourself. No point being jealous of pretty young thing and attempt to cause some office drama so that everyone hated her. If that boss treats her well, its non of your business. At least, she doesn't scheme compared to this fat slut. Pity the poor husband who doesn't know about this fat bitch's secret scheme of trying to hang out with the boss. Disgusting that this kind of lazy, self-entitled fat bitch even exist. Evil people doesn't learn till something bad happens to her. I hope Kharma hits back at her real soon for causing all the unhappiness!


Fucking old farts who are self righteous and think they know everything and are always right. They think their interests and tastes are all that should be important to anyone. Working with them is impossible because this certain kind of fart will never consider anyone other than themselves and their boring as fuck life. Their place of employment is literally being robbed right in front of their eyes but it doesn't even cross their mind because it's filled with 90 percent donuts and they think they should make 50 000 a year to clean toilets. They will tell you the most pointless and boring story you have ever heard from 30 years ago and then laugh about it. The story may even involve their donut filled ass being violent towards women and then talking about how right they are about everything

lazy co-workers 185

I have many reasons to be angry:

1. It pisses me off to see co-workers fucking around on their cell phones, looking at facebook or whatever, and even watching movies on the damn phone. They claim to be able to multi-task, but fuck that, I CHECK YOUR WORK and trust me, you fucking suck. Oh, you say you're bored? Well that's why they call it work, asshole. Try it sometime

2. My boss is a giant douche who only enforces the rules when the higher-ups are coming in SO WE DON'T MAKE HIM LOOK BAD. Otherwise, he doesn't bother enforcing anything anymore since no one respects him enough to listen. He's also sleeping with one of my co-workers. Which bring me to number fucking 3.

3. My married boss is sleeping with his employee who is 20 years younger, and has a boyfriend and child herself.This bitch is the WORST offender of the cell-phone-fuck-around-time, and the laziest person I've ever worked with. She somehow makes more than the rest of us, including those of us who have been there 5 years and can do every job in the place. She refuses to do ANYTHING other than sit in her chair and sort papers (cell phone always in hand), barely does the minimum quota per day, comes and goes as she pleases, treats the boss like shit, acts like she hates him, yet gets SUPER PISSED when he's on the phone with one of his other whores. SHE is the biggest problem we have.

4. They "don't do" raises where I work. Two years I've been there, still making the same crap wage, just enough to starve on, though I've increased my workload and don't spend a minute screwing around. I'd kill for a damn evaluation. Oh god, we were so close to an evaluation til the company was bought out and they put evaluations on hold. C'MON, FUCKERS.

I forgot what number I was on. I get angry when I hear my lazy bitch co-workers complain about their jobs and how they deserve a raise. Do they not realize that they don't have to wear a uniform, there's no enforcement of dress code, they sit in a chair all day, no one tells them to put away the phone, and they all have full benefits, and already make more than minimum wage? The job is easy, WTF MORE DO THEY WANT?

I'm angry when I have to pull staples out of a file before I copy it. My job is to COPY. You, my lazy friend, your job is to PULL THE FUCKING STAPLES. If you'd put your phone down, maybe I wouldn't have to do your job as well as my own, and I wouldn't have to get the supervisor over to bring the file back to you to fix, I AM NOT GOING TO COVER YOUR ASS, do you hear me? I know there's more mistakes in these files than I'm catching so when a staple from your file scratches the lens of the scanner downstairs, you can cover your own fucking ass. Oh god, what am I thinking? As soon as the scanning person checks the manifest to see whose file has broken the scanner and sees that it belongs to the boss's whore, she doesn't even bother going further with it because she knows from experience NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO CORRECT THE PRINCESS' FUCKING SHIT WORK.

I like my job, I like the business I'm in, but there two life-sucking assholes are killing it for me. How many people have quit and not been replaced?

I'm angry because when I had the BALLS to confront a few people (nicely) about their mistakes slowing me down, they had the nerve to get OFFENDED and accuse me of NEVER making mistakes. Well, I don't, said I. And then someone else says, OH YES SHE DOES, she just doesn't get told about it. I was appalled. Well, fucking TELL me when I fuck up! Please! If you don't TELL me, you can't hold it over my head, sorry. I'm telling you about yours for the very reason that I'd like to be told if it were me, so that I might STOP DOING IT, hmmm?

It's gotten to the point that I keep headphones on all day to avoid the retarted conversations, the obnoxious loud music, and I try not to look at the files I'm copying so as not to see the mistakes, because they'll just piss me off. And I can't do anything about it. How frustrating.

I'm holding out hope for this job. It's easy, good location, and I like my supervisor (he's a hard worker like me) but everyone else can suck my ass.

Petty Backstabbing Spiteful Gossips 186

I'm going to start with -- shall we call her -- Slutty MacHo. My dear Slutty, the world does not revolve around your fat hairy white ass. I don't understand how you get off on bullying new employees for "not knowing their jobs," as if they should be walking in with the same dinosaur-age experience as you. What's even more mind-boggling is how your conniving cheap ass has somehow convinced upper management you're right. Did not enjoy your abuse when I started, do not enjoy your continued attempts, definitely do not enjoy watching you do it to the new hires. I'd tell you to go fuck yourself but I don't want a thirty minute monologue on how You Fuck Yourself Best And Nobody (Especially Me) Can Do It (Or Anything Else) Like You Because You Are Fucking God. Apparently.

Get off your high horse, stop banging random guys + boasting about it and then bitching at the ones you flirt with for hitting on you. Stop treating me like shit. One of these days I am going to bash your fucking ugly face in you goddamn whore. And then I'm going to slash your shiny new custom-made leather seats because -- I hate you, but that's a secondary reason -- I am sick of hearing you moan about them.

Next up is Cuntpole of the Bipolar, who constantly has a one of those large concrete light poles shoved up her ass and enjoys going crazy-ass bipolar on me (and that one girl that one time, seriously, what the fuck, she doesn't even work here??). Listen, cunt -- can I call you cunt? -- I actually expect a certain amount of shitheadedness from my superiors. It's what makes you "the boss," after all, and who am I to judge the boss?

But listen, when a customer complains about an employee for "being rude," tearing the kid a new one to the point where she has to leave crying, and then sending A COMPANY WIDE EMAIL DETAILING WHAT A TERRIBLE PERSON SHE IS to everybody else in the ENTIRE FUCKING DISTRICT, and then forcing more immediate supervisors to also rip her a few more assholes, and then making sure she hears about it all day every day for going on two weeks now, is a sign of a very shitty person -- not just a shitty manager, Cunt, you are through and through a disgusting, petty excuse for a human being who needs to get herself out of society -- perhaps you should consider suicide? Certainly the pharmacy can help you out with that. Hell, I'll give you a hand. Or the front bumper of my car.

To all of the wuss supervisors who mistreat employees because "you're just following orders," well, you're just a handful of giant-ass pussies, aren't ya, and how did you survive high school, if I may? Were you bullies then, too, or is this something new that came with the management position? Inquiring minds would like to know.

And finally, the meat and the backbone of this company, the gossipers. I understand that Slutty MacHo and Cuntpole of the Bipolar are your champions, especially in this, but I wonder how you can look at yourselves in the mirror every morning and not want to slit your wrists for the things you say about each other, the way your backstab each other, all of those pathetic little nuances you just have to add to whatever you're bitching about somebody -- because professionalism is SO overrated in business, am I right? If you don't beat the shit out of yourselves soon I am going to do it for you.

Coworkers 187

I feel particularly angry right now because of my stupid, unmotivated, lazy coworkers. They just think that they behave in an unprofessional manner and not honor the work commitments they already made. I'm angry at my supervisor, who acts like he always knows what he's talking about, even though his guidance about a topic differs from week to week based on his mood. Finally, I'm angry at my boyfriend for not acknowledging the text message I sent him earlier. People are really pissing me off today.

Coworkers 188

I am angry because I work in a large IT-company, where I sometimes have to deal with social inept disgusting dimwits who have somehow mastered a single aspect of the IT-game, and now they act like petty kings.

These geeks do not have a shred of social aptitude and tend to be rather rude, and they get away with it just as long as they are needed.

But those fucking cunts aren't needed in the long run, they may well know their stuff but things are changing.

I find comfort in knowing that these pricks wont be around for the long run. They just haven't got the adaptability and believe you me, they'll get no sympathy from me when they are redundant and irrelevant.

May those sad, simple-minded, narrow-sighted cocksuckers get their due dessert, for ruining the reputation of actual decent people in the same line of business and being generally just a waste of space and time.

God damn...

Tony the faggot 189

Wow, where do I even begin? I started working at a company and by the end of my first week I was called into the office by the manager. The manager says to me, "Tony tells me you're a piece of shit and all you do is talk to the other employees." My response is, "Who the hell is Tony?" Very quickly I rose up to be known as one of the best employees they've had for a while, but this Tony faggot kept telling the manager how worthless I was. Eventually the manager was laughing every time he met with me saying you're one of our hardest workers and Tony is a piece of shit. I had to know who the fuck this Tony kid was and when I did find out finally who the name belonged to it was like, "what the fuck? That inbred piece of trailer trash is talking shit about me? He has never even worked a day in his life and he has a shit stain on the back of his neck that has been there since I started, god knows how long it has been there." After a few weeks when I finally put the name to the disfigured face did the managers tell him not to talk shit about me to them cause it was pointless. Since he was no longer able to tattle tell on me to the managers he talked non stop shit about me to the other employees, let me remind you that I still had yet to even have a conversation or anything resembling a conversation with this kid. I tried talking to him once on my 2nd or 3rd day to ask him a question but he just mumbled and walked away. This faggot knew nothing about me so he made up shit to say about me to other people, I left him alone cause I got along just fine and most people liked me anyway and I understand that it was jealousy that made him hate me. Once I even tried confronting him about it but he just said that he would never talk shit about anyone and ran away. Fast forward 3 years and most of the shit talk stopped but I still hated him because all the shit he did to me and he had been at this company 10 years and still didn't know how to do this job (he's really lucky that this company rarely fires no matter how much you deserve it). One night our manager wanted us to work on a project together and I requested someone else and Tony had to know why and all I said was I didn't like or trust him and he through the biggest bitch fit I have ever seen in my life! It was surprising, he starting screaming and crying and was telling everyone that we were such good friends and that I've betrayed him, how I hated him without even getting to know him. When I did try to tell him why I hated him he denied everything. This was actually very good, after that he wouldn't even stay in the same area as me, I enjoyed messing with him by walking towards him and he would start running away. There's so much more I can say but I won't. Let it be known that Tony is the biggest waste of human life and if I had the chance I would beat the shit out of him to near death and not feel any remorse.

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