Talking behind one's back

It really pisses me off when people act like 2 faced sons of bitches. Women are masters of this. For example, I bring my new girlfriend to a family party and first its all smiles and laughs...and right when you turn around, you see or them or hear from a friend that they are talking shit about you. What the fuck? If you have a problem with someone, step up and say it. Or say it in a manner that's non-offensive. Moral of the story: quit being a little bitch, if something arrises that you don't understand...stand up, look them in the eye, and say what you have to say.

backstabbers 2

I am angry at backstabbers. They rant on and on and fucking on about useless shit and complimenting you to your face. Blah blah blah blah fuckity blah!And then they go to other people and say shit about you. Going out for fucking cheerleading and then you find them walking and talking about nail polish and useless crap, and not to mention they talk shit about you. Shut the fuck up! please!!!! Then when you find out about it, they lie to you! hypocritical lying son of a fucking bitch!

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You should read our news article regarding what happened to the Webmaster.

backstabbers 3

Ok hello,

Now me personally i've been trough a hell of alot. And I'm only 28. Now what pisses me off is the emotional entrapment women emmit to control u. I hate it how they start world war 3 with there pussy's. I mean hey thats how they control us right. With there bodies and if they cant do that the start the emotional entrapment fuck with our heads and if they cant do that the fuck u off. I wish I could meet a nice girl. But I don't think there is any around. Its all bullshit. I mean u know how much money the word love makes a year. A women is after a man that can provide finacial security for themself's and there kids. If u dont peform they take half your doe and leave u, and get some other poor bastard. To make him her slave. Most fucking western women are lazy wingers. obsess wine about there weight problem. There not even a good fuck. Com on women pull your head in. Us men aren't stupid

Cheating 4

So, she said she was my best friend, but does that mean she gets to sleep with my husband and then say it's my fault?

She's been listening to me complain how my husband is never home. He works hard, but when he's home he just sits in his office and ignores me. I work too. I am a Radiation Therapist at a hospital and so I don't just sit at home and eat chips.

We used to be excited at our duel professions (he's a lawyer-soon to be vice-partner). Sure, he makes more money than I do, but still. No need to look down on me. I at least thought I had a good friend I could talk to.

Last night, she says that she has been sleeping with my husband. Then she says that it is my fault because I haven't been appreciating him enough and that he wants to leave me and I need to just GET USED TO IT!!

I thought I wanted to beat her a**. He's been gone on a trip for a couple of days, he gets back tomorrow.

I hate her and all of those home wrecking B***HES out there!!!!!! And for that matter, all of those GOOD FOR NOTHING GUYS!

back stabbers 5

im angry cause i try to do right to ppl but the just go and backstab me and think that i will for give them bull shit

Back stabbers - The ghetto play 6

Here's the deal for all you assholes with ghetto attitudes. You like fucking drama! And if you suspect someone of talking rather than sitting down to discuss it you want the world to believe you have a case! You go off big and bad and even when you're wrong you won't admit it. Most of the time you set people up because you have nothing better to do with your time (mostly fucking welfare cases). The fact is, is you are the onoes doing all the talking and when people don't defend themselves you think you fucking scored something. But anyone with a rational mind wouldn't give a shit about half the bullshit you pay attention to...we're too busy! Someone spread rumors about me that I said shit when in fact it was them who said it and then they tried to twist it to me! You're a bunch of false face, sneaky, conniving, little shits and you should never be let beyond the doors of your homes into the general population. You want to create shit...keep it in your own back yard and leave the rest of the world out of your fucking imaginary dramatic misery! One day your shit is gonna boomerang right back to your door and you'll be crying BACKSTABBER once again. If you don't want shit don't create it!

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