This idiotic spectacle is further evidence of the downward spiral of popular culture. It's about outrageous noise and car crashes. And what I find most irritating is I have to listen to this moronic fuckhead coworker, Bob, talk about it like a nonstop broken record. Drivers, including Dale Fucking Earnhardt, are no heroes. Not even close. Service men and women, firefighters, and veterans are heroes and that's about it. Some police officers are heroes, but only the ones that are uncorrupt and competent. Race car drivers...fuck no.

Sports 2

Ok, every Monday, I like to sit down and watch wrestling. But what have they been giving me for the past two weeks? Hockey. FUCKING HOCKEY! Why in the fuck are they moving Monday Night Raw to 11:00 at night for a fucking hockey game? I don't give a flying fuck about fucking Hockey, HOCKEY SUCKS ROYAL FUCKING DINGO ASS!! so why in the fuck does it get priority over the shit I want to see? Well guess what feltchmonger-who had-the-bright-idea-to-move-wrestling-in-favor of "Grown men chasing a piece of rubber".....You can kiss my ass, And if I see you, you can count on some Jackboot-induced Dental work

Sports-wrestling 3

I’m so Damn angry at people who bad mouth sports. Like this Moron getting his John Cena panties all in a bunch because they are showing a real sport on Monday nights. Grown men chasing a piece of rubber? Hell of a lot better than grown men in thongs sweating all over each other. I could understand if it was real wrestling. Not this pansy ass crap. Grown men in thongs PRETENDING to beat each other up. Not to mention the super gay soap opera storylines they have going that actually takes up more airtime than the actual ass cuddling itself. I am angry because there are actually people (men) in this world that would rather watch grown half naked men groping each other than to watch an actual sport.

Football Manager League Cup Draw 4

Yeah why?

I play newcastle as always, get off to a flyer as always, then the league cup starts...

I draw brentford, OK, knock them out and then who do I draw? FUcking MAN U of course... But I figure, if I beat them now, the road will be easier. Like I thought in FM 2010 and 2009 and 08 and 07 and 06...

And I did manage to beat them. So who do I get next? Chelsea of course. I knew before the game what was gonna happen but I fell for it nevertheless. 2-2 draw ending with me losing on penalties. And my squad being completely and utterly devastated after the effort, with carrol injured 5 weeks and the rest at 50-65% fitness right in front of a period with several midweek league matches.

FUCK! I lost my fifth in straight game now, to Sunderland just to make it extra nice...

And Carrol is out again. I cant wait to get fired so I can restart the game and stick the fucking youth team out in that damn cup, every time I go for it it fucks my game completely! ITS UNCANNY!


*Note from Anger Central
We're guessing that you're from across the pond in old London Town, and that you're referring to what we in the colonies call soccer. It sure as hell isn't Real football. The closest you have there would be Rugby. ;)

Sports 5

This is a response to the idiot bashing Pro Wrestling first of all i'm not a fan of John Cena and why should we have our panties in a bunch you stupid hypocrite. I have nothing against Hockey but you are nothing but a dumbass first of all there NOT thongs. There called Trunks and not every wrestler wears them they also wear Long Tights and Singlets like in High School Wrestling and also you sound like the type of person who would go on the internet to pick an argument with wrestling fans by making fun of it and you end up getting bashed. Chances are you're some stupid jock or sports fanboy who doesn't like their precious hockey beeing bashed on a Monday Night when most fans are watching Wrestling; who are you to call someone an idiot when they watch Wrestling on Monday Nights and not Hockey when obviously you ARE the idiot wanting to piss off wrestling fans and also you also seem like the type of person who would bash MMA by saying it's a bunch of "naked men rolling around in a cage" if you said that to one of the MMA guys in real life they would kick the shit out of your stupid ass. So this is my message to you idiot People watch what they want to watch and don't make fun of something what people do because you'll end up pissing them off and one more thing get your facts straight because you obviously have nothing good to say about wrestling other than retarded bullshit that would get you flamed on the internet. One More thing Wrestling Fans do have lives but I find nothing wrong with talking about it and as for you please move out of your parents basement maybe that would help an idiot like you because you have no life to yourself other than to piss off the wrong people and if you make another idiotic rant i'll make another to put your dumbass in your place.

Super Bowl Halftime 6

Why the fuck do we need some teenybopper pop-star bullshit for the Super Bowl Half-Time every year? Does the NFL really believe that this musical choice reflects their main target audience? Katy Perry? Are you fucking kidding me?

I know that the Super Bowl half-time is essentially the break to go take a piss, grab another beer and some nachos, but can we at least have some halfway decent background music to go with it?

Oh well, I guess we can hope for another Janet-Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction.

Sports on Television 7

I'm not actually particularly angry about the World Cup. Sure, I'm not into soccer and I find it pretty damn boring but I don't doubt or rue the fact that a shit-ton of people around the world to enjoy it. It's fucking boring as shit to me. I'd rather watch grass grow, watch paint dry, or watch a fucking game of GOLF before I'd watch soccer. It's so fucking painfully long and boring that I'd rather do ANYTHING else. Plus, what's the deal with the players flopping on the fucking ground and acting like they were just SHOT or fucking STABBED because an opposing player bumped into them? Trying to draw a penalty? Seriously, get up off the fucking ground and quit being a bitch. I've seen fat children throwing tantrums, crying, screaming their fat little fuckin' heads off at the Wal-Mart store that have more composure.

No, what I'm ranting about is the fact that the World Cup coverage has taken over my favorite local channel. I don't watch much television as it is, usually at night before I go to bed, but Good God is this shit getting frustrating.

All morning, the pre-game World Cup bullshit. After that, the actual games. Then, you might think it's over after 4PM but fuck no. They fool you into thinking that it's the normal programming, then bam, at midnight which is when I usually go to bed and watch my fuckin' shows, they have some bullshit late night talk show about the fuckin' World Cup on. This is fuckin' asinine. I can't imagine the viewership they must be losing.

Listen, I know you really, really want it to change for whatever fuckin' reason and open up a market for soccer in the U.S but it just ain't gonna fuckin' happen. Very few people here even enjoy watching soccer. We just don't have the same type of exposure to it as those in Europe do. In short, we don't fuckin' care about soccer, most of us. I get that it's a Fox Affiliate which means they have to broadcast whatever Fox tells them to, but who's fucking idea was this? Put in on Fox Sports or some shit and advertise it that way. The thousand or so people in the U.S who actually give a fuck about soccer will go watch it there. Leave everything else the fuck alone. It's bad enough that during baseball season the fuckin' games run long and delay shows constantly. Most of us don't give a fuck about soccer, especially when the American team shat the fuckin' bed and didn't make it far. Who cares? Who gives a fuck? We like real football here. Fuck off with all this mess.

Speaking of football, next season, could you bastards put more fucking commercials in? I really miss the commercials when a play goes a little longer. You know, try to squeeze in some more fucking ads. You dig, some of those awesome fucking 'Bud Light' ads and boner pill ads. This is sarcasm by the way. For fuck's sake, what's next? Are you gonna put ads on the player's uniforms? Are you gonna stop the game after every play for a fucking ad? Seriously, this is fucking ridiculous. Bud Light with their fucking Dilly Dilly bullshit trying to become some viral fucking marketing campaign. Fuck off. Seriously, it's making it hard to watch fucking FOOTBALL for crying out loud, a game I actually fucking love. Pregame, commercials. After kickoff, commercials. Team scores, commercials. Time-out, commercials. Half-time, commercials. Player gets injured, sad music and...commercials. Other team scores, commercials. Interception or fumble happens, recovered, commercials. Touchdown, commercials before the PAT. Commercials after the PAT. Fucking seriously, cut this shit out. Between all of this nonsense and the fucking bullshit last year about players kneeling and shit, it's like you're not even watching fuckin' football anymore. In regards to that last part, fucking stop trying to shoehorn politics into every single fucking aspect of American life. You don't like Trump, big fuckin' whoop. He got elected, Shillary lost, get the fuck over it. You like Trump, again, big fuckin' whoop. He's not God-Emperor. I mostly approve of him but I really don't want to hear about him every fuckin' minute of every day. Let the man work, give his name a break.* I want to watch fucking football, not hear your political opinions. Save that shit for some other time.

Move the soccer to another fucking channel and get your fucking commercials and politics out of my fuckin' football. You're making me not like football. Stop.

* - Although I must admit, it's kind of funny how Big Don lives rent-free in these people's heads. By bitching about him, they're playing right into his hands. He loves to piss them the fuck off and he is doing so with flying colors. It's been nice seeing just how upset the leftists are. But not during football. Get that shit outta here.

The NFL 8

I hope Roger Gooddell goes down in history as the man that ruined and bankrupted the fucking National Football League. This jackass is the king of bad decisions but here recently he's even been outdoing himself.

Play fucking football and leave all of this Marxist tankie fucking retarded nonsense out of it. I've been a football fan for most of my life, this year I'm going to have an awful lot of Sunday Afternoons free. I might love the sport but it sure the fuck isn't worth putting up with god damn preaching, social justice bullshit.

Get off your god damn soapbox and play the fucking game. You get paid TENS OF MILLIONS OR MORE to PLAY A FUCKING GAME, during which you are ELEVATED TO FAME and pretty much SET FOR LIFE and you're going to fucking bitch about "oppression" and "systemic racism"?

Please, if any of the shit you dumbfucks bitch about were real and accurate, you wouldn't be getting paid all that money because you're good at catching a fucking football. Hopefully Gooddell and all of his stooges go broke and have to go work at a god damn Wendys, that is if the local Wendys hasn't been burnt down by idiots yet.

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