In the area where I live, the cat population is a problem here! Every night, I have to constantly put up with these neighborhood cats fighting and screaming (and trust me, the cats let out very, very annoying shrill sound) while they're having sex with each other in my garden and everyone else's.

UGH! These cats also walk and sit all over my car because, on the next morning, I usually see fur balls and paw prints with dirt on it. Those fucking cats have been sitting on my car again!

Have the owners even considered neutering and spaying the damn things?! It seems that some of these cats have been abandoned and neglected. If these idiot owners would carry more responsible, perhaps the cat population wouldn't expand tenfold in the neighborhood.

*Note from Anger Central
Anyone for a round of cat skeet shooting?

Cats 2

Cats piss me off they are nothing more than wailing, warbling, constantly hungry shit and kitten producing machines!! Time for me to look up some cat recipes.

Dogs 3

Im angry because fucking nasty ass dogs shit everywhere, wreck everything, are annoying as hell, and bark all the fucking time. Someone should start a fucking killing rampage on these fuckers and put them on the endangered species list. People that love dogs also piss me off, since they are irresponsible and nasty as well. The dogs shit in their yards and dont pick it up and then the whole yard is smelling like crap and the neighborhood has suffer the consequences as well. It also pisses the hell out of me, how stupid dogs bark in the middle of the night, cause they are so stupid they start barking at their own tails. I will never understand people who love their dogs, how can you love something so retarded.

Kittens 4

The little turd is adorable but he fucking bites and scratches me all the goddamn time. I have scars all over me from the troll and when I tell him to stop, he bites harder. The thing has the nastiest smelling shit on earth too, it's disgusting. Sure he goes in the litter box but honestly, does he have to make such a fucking mess? I love him to death, but I'm up to my eyes in annoyance right now. Haha to him though, he just got neutered yesterday. He doesn't look so frisky now.

Cats 5

Cats suck ass! I was awakened at five this morning with the sound of scratching at my bedroom door, and opened it up and lo and behold, the beautiful sight of cat shit in the hallway! I hate that fucker so much. I do five litter boxes a week and that is waaaaaaaaaaay too much work for this stupid cocksucker of a cat to be taking a dump in my hall. Good thing I had the door closed or she would have taken a shit in my closet or underneath my clothes rack! I just want to drown the little kitty or pummel her til she stops breathing. Looks like I will be contacting the town taxidermist in the near future. :) Thanks Anger Central.

Small dogs. 6

I'm angry because these fuckin small dogs just wont shut the fuck up! All they do all day is yip yip yip, SHUT THE HELL UP!! Ooooh your behind the fence barking at me so i can't hurt you: BULLSHIT, i'll climb over the fence and kick you to death! It's so fucking annoying. Why can't the owners just tape their fucking mouths shut so i can not go on a killing spree

*Note from Anger Central
Do what Mrs. Webmaster does with annoying dogs. Yep, server them to the Webmaster for dinner. ;)

My dog 7

Is the lamebrain from hell!!! He has to help the kids tear up the freakin house and on top of that the little bastard shits everywhere. Doghouse with a chain and a lead? Forget it, the assmunch stays on the porch, CONSTANTLY whining to come back inside. He ain't royalty, he can stay the hell in his doghouse! I still say five cents will take care of the problem even so it would be a waste of a perfectly good bullet. :)
And WHY, oh WHY, does he have to plunk his ass in MY bed every night? This shit is screwing up my sex life. You know THIS is bad when I say this!!! He even follows me to the bathroom, I don't know why, I don't even like him. Please, someone, take him off my hands and we will all be happy!

My cats 8

My cats are ruining my boyfriend's and my sex life. About a month ago Their Royal Highnesses decided they didn't like each other anymore, had a huge fight, and now have to be kept in separate rooms. Also, Mr. Sensitive has performing...when there's a cat meowing and banging on the closed door. So, now we have basically no sex life. We tried last night but Her Royal Highness had to whine outside the door. This isn't the bedroom door, either, mind you. We can't even USE our own bedroom, because there's always a cat inside it, because Their Royal Highnesses have decided they have to be separated. So, we were on the floor of the other room when HRH started making her demands.

Now I know why my dad disliked, resented, maybe even hated me when I was a kid – for totally disrupting his life with my mother. Kids ruin marriages. Having a good romantic and sexual relationship is just not compatible with child-raising – at least not with the child-takes-over-everything way that we in the U.S. in the 20th and 21st centuries raise kids. Maybe the people who have kids out of wedlock and don't commit to their child's other parent aren't really "bad" "irresponsible" or "immoral" after all. Maybe they're just reverting to the natural way of life: child-raising and a good love life do not naturally occur together at the same time, and all these centuries we've been trying to force marriage and family on the whole human race and pretend one size fits all and everybody's happy. FTS.

The reason I wanted cats, not kids, was to avoid this kind of crap. I had no idea that my BF would turn out to worship the cats to the point where their whims pretty much rule our whole household. When I was growing up we had cats, yes, but the people were in charge!

My cats 9

I'm so sick of my cats! Unfortunately I have fed them the best, nutritious buffet of various expensive foods...I'm afraid these fuckers will ever die! Well, there are 4 of them (a mistake I made about 12 years ago that I seriously regret) Let's start with the oldest one a 12yr.old deaf cat that enjoys meowing at the top of her lungs because she can't hear herself. The other problems include but are not limited to taking a wretched dump in my tub if someone leaves the BR door open( which they do a lot/ then she does a lot), completely tipping over the food and water bowls onto the floor and white fur all over the place. She enjoys barfing down the side of furniture and other hard to reach areas. I really could go on further about her but we have the other 3. Next we have a female 11.5 years old. She enjoys pissing on my carpet for sport. The smell is so dam bad I sometimes feel I'm in a living hell. This little piss bucket pees next to all 4 litter boxes and all along the walls in my living room. After she completes her project she enjoys making what I call "crop circles" or scratching patterns around the contaminated areas. She never does this in front of me (it's like a game of cops and robbers). Next we have the twin kittens. I refer to them as the kittens because they are the offspring of the previous mentioned cat and because they are younger at 10 years old. The boy is about 20lbs (I'm guessing). He enjoys tripping me (literally) every morning, jumping over my sleeping body rather clumsily (I wake up with my hair being ripped off my head and claw marks on my face and arms) He also begins begging for food at about 6:00 each morning by meowing, sticking his disgusting nose and paws on my face. The last but least annoying is the other twin kitten (10 years old) who eats her food whole, without chewing it and then vomits on my carpet undigested logs of puke. It's totally unfair. I'm an attentive clean person. I work hard at everything I do in life but I can't seem to get a break. Be sure to catch my next rant about teenagers...I think because my daughter was raised around these animals, she to has become one. AARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!

*Note from Anger Central
If you like, we can ask Mrs. Webmaster if she has a good cat recipe. ;)
(Rumor has it that on his last visit to China, The Webmaster had a serving of Fido with a side of Fluffy)

Dogs 10

I am so freakin angry at our stupid dog. I don't hate dogs; I don't even mind them. But only if they are other people's dogs. I AM NOT a dog person! However, my boyfriend insisted that we HAD to get a dog, even though both of us work six days a week, and are never home. We couldn't even get a nice, small dog. No, my choices were pit bull, or English bulldog. I HATE THESE FUCKING BREEDS!!! So we ended up with a damn pit bull, and all she does is bark, bark, bark, and chew up everything. I wanted to put her outside, in a kennel, but NOOOO Mr. My-Way insisted the damn thing be in a crate inside all day while we're at work. So she's cooped up all day, which makes her go crazy when we get her out at night. We can't leave her alone in a room for five minutes or everything will be destroyed. Just tonight, we decided to not put her in the crate while we visited the neighbors for twenty minutes, and when we got back, the entire bedroom was a disarray--including she ATE the $50 back massager that I bought for Christmas. Oh yeah, and now the little shit has to sleep in the bed with us, because if we put her in the crate, all she does is bark so no one can get any sleep. So, yeah, no more sex for us! I swear to god, the next time she chews up something else that I PAID for, she's going to the frickin' pound!

Dogs 11

I hate dogs because they shit me ok I am allowed to say this. THEY STINK, they are not toilet trained they piss and shit everywhere and they BARK BARK BARK and drive me f---ing mad. Yes I am angry and not to mention idiot owners of these flea bags. HATE HATE HATE DOGS. wOULD SOMEONE F----ING SHUT THE DOG UP. WHO LET THOSE DOGS OUT. The Sooner we get rid of them and start treating our children the (real humans) in this world the better off we will be. PARIS HILTON and her mutt self centered people who do not care about others DOG ATTACKS AND FUCKING NOISE. In some parts owners can have dogs taken away ITS CALLED NOISE POLLUTION BARK BARK BARK. I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING BARKING MAD getting woken up and hear them all day. Dogs do not get preference ok,when I goto visit my friends I HATE PATTING OR BEING NEAR THE STINK OF THEM. Yuk the slobber and they lick you after licking its ass. Grouse please some class. OK I HAVE SAID IT OK. DONT GET SHITTY OK THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION AND I AM ENTITLED TO SAY IT.

Dogs. 12

I hate dogs. Well, not all the dogs. but those who smell awfully bad, and leave their hairs all around the house and try to eat your food, and bark ALL DAY LONG. Like I'm in my house hearing how a stupid little dog barks all day long and i wish i could go there and kick him :D.I hate those dogs.

jerk cat 13

I am so angry with my stupid, annoying cat. Every day it's the same stupid power struggle. He meows at me to pay attention to him, so I pet him for 3 seconds and he runs off because the petting isn't to his liking or I don't even know what his problem is. WTF?! He refuses to come up on the couch when he wants attention. Instead he meows all goddamn day and night expecting me to sit on the cold floor and pet him for 2 fucking seconds before he moves to a different spot for the same shit to take place again. He also trips me in the hallway in an effort to make his presence known. I fucking know he's there but I'm not going to stop what I'm doing, nor will I follow him around all day trying to figure out what the hell he wants. Sometimes I wish he would just leave me the fuck alone or just come directly to me when he wants something instead of this dumb game.

*Note from Anger Central
As a public service, allow us to supply a few ideas:
1) How to cook your cat
2) 101 Uses for a Dead Cat

Roommate's dog 14

My roommate's Yorkie is an evil, obnoxious little beast. She is high-strung and clingy and her poop smells horrible. I can't give my own dog toys or rawhides because this stupid dog eats everything in sight and chews like a 100-pound labrador. She has eaten three pairs of my pants, two shirts, and shredded over $150 worth of clothing, leashes and other items. I can't even look at her without wanting to drop kick the little bitch. My roommate babies her and refuses to discipline her at all. She won't even apologize for the damage that fat, hideous little animal has done, and I've asked her repeatedly to keep it out of my room. I hope the next time that mongrel eats something of mine she chokes on it and dies a horrible, painful death.

spoiled dogs 15

I adore my girlfriend. She is perfect in everyway except......her damn dogs. She has two idiot dogs which I hate more everyday. One is so old, I am hoping the damn thing dies soon. All it does is lay around my house, get dog hair all over, begs for food, then goes out to piss and crap all over my lawn I have worked so hard for. It is like a slap in the face. The other shitbag has to be the center of attention all the time. If she goes into the bathroom, it actually sits at the door and wines. Then it goes outside, piss and craps on my lawn. It also tries to trip me. When my girl and I are walking, the little shit walks infront of me then slows down. I hate these two bastards. The things we do for lovel

Pets Dogs 16

I am beyond angry at this dog. My wife decided to move her sick mother in, without discussing it with me. I understand that and am willing to put up with the increase in trash, heat, water, food, tip towing around while she sleeps half the day in the living room, stepping over her medical equipment and basically turning our home into a nursing home. But,...I don't like putting up with her big, stupid dog. I don't hate dogs, just untrained dogs and it seems the majority of dogs today are untrained. Stupid mutt barks at everything it sees in the window and nobody says anything. It lays in the middle of the floor on it's back, stinks up the house and nobody says anything. You can't walk around without shoes on or you will step in slobber and nobody says anything about it, It walks around inside the house at night while we sleep, I have to pick dog hairs out of my food and nobody says anything. Anytime someone comes to the front door this mutt charges to the door and you can't even get to it to answer it without moving the fat bastard away and nobody says anything. I was even invited to sit and watch a little television with wife and mother, but there was no place to sit because the damn dog was sitting on the couch and you guessed it, nobody said a damn thing! I gave up and went down stairs. Then, while down there I have to hear the fat bastard walking around.

I wish there was something I could sneak in its food to be rid of it. Damn dog!

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