It's this way: The Almighty Market only places a high value on things I'm not good at and don't like (business, math, and science.) The Almighty Market does not value things I enjoy and am good at (things that deal with the written word, psychology, and sociology.) The Almighty Market just doesn't think I'm worth much.

Fuck the Almighty Market up the ass with a splintery flagpole. It's not my fault that I wasn't born loving math and accounting; or at least dumb enough to do marketing without gagging. If the Almighty Market wanted me to be that way, it should have talked to whoever's in charge of handing out people's talents and preference. Because as it is now, I'm in student loan debt, I'm in credit card debt (from buying necessities like car repairs, medicine and clothes suitable for work - NONE of it was for fun stuff), and I need a new car. My salary would be pretty good if I didn't have the debt.

I think what I'm going to do is close out the Roth IRA account that my ex-husband set up in my name. They're starting to want a $10 fee from me every month. That's another $120 a year that somebody wants from me, and meanwhile, nobody's giving any money back. If I use this account the way it's intended to be used, I'll have no money to live on for the next 30-odd years, but some paltry sum when I'm old.

Well, I need money NOW, not 100 years from now when I'm so gaga I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. I need to call the company and order them to let me have my money. I can pay off the credit card debt, which will free up about $200 a month for me. Since the Goddess, God, and spirit guide didn't come through for me, I'll just have to liquidate a retirement account if I want a new car.

And I NEED a new car. It's a necessity, not a luxury. There is no other way to get to work. I live in one of those quaint areas with no public transportation. If society wants me to spend and consume, I have to get to my job to earn money. I need a car to get to work. As Ross Perot used to say, it's just that simple.

NFT Cryptocurrency 2

NFTs are pissing me off because it's a new form of cryptocurrency being used to ripoff people.

Now all of these big companies are now getting into NFTs and guess what I have no interest in anything to do with NFTs

NFTs have been the cause of theft and other shady things as a result of this new form of Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency needs to be abolished in general it doesn't benefit anyone period I'll stick with dollars and cents.

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