Terminator 2 game on SNES

it is impossible to get past the third level no matter how hard i try. its like full hard with that devil copter thing not hacking death and you got millions of exo skeletons running along the truck which u got to protect which gets wasted fairly fast any way. is this like the most hardest game ever to be released on super nes or what?

Blood Omen 2 for PC 2

This game makes me angry, because I can't beat the third boss! FUCK! Always when I jump through this hot air, I loose power and this bitch not!!! But if it would be normal, he has to loose it, too! And this super armored guards in the whole game also annoy me, because it's impossible to hit them until they hit you at first. Another thing which pisses me off is, that you can't save when ever you want. You have to reach this fucking red point all the time you want to save. That's fucking annoying! And always when you die, you loose your weapon after loading again. Which kind of bitch created this goddamn game? I hope you'll go to hell...

Role-playing 3

I'm tired of having my characters and I shoved aside or because they aren't related to a character in a show that the role-playing is based on! My circle of RPing friends were having a good thing going here UNTIL someone decided that the fucking RPG is to centered around a certain character and his neice. All they fucking do is sit in a bedroom and TALK. And this shit just doesn't stop, it goes on for the entire RP session sometimes. When I spoke up about it, I got ignored but the very moment I mentioned about bringing in new RPers they went completely balls postal!

Sony Playstation 4

I am angry about the poor build quality, and reliability of the Sony Playstation 2 games console. I bought a brand new Playstation 2 just over a year ago, and it has spent most of its time at the repair center, in total it has been returned for repair five times. It has developed several faults including failure to recognise discs, and no power up. I thought at first that it was just my Playstation that had these faults, however on speaking to friends, I discovered they had simillar problems with Playstation 2. The main and most common of these faults is failure to recognise discs, due to a faulty laser pickup. If you don't believe how bad these Playstation 2 consoles are at going wrong then just search for "broken playstation 2" on Ebay. I have now auctioned my faulty Playstation on Ebay, and bought something more reliable, an X Box from Microsoft, which I had wished I had bought in the first place, intead of that other hyped up piece of shit junk!

Games 5

I hate how most of the time, when I submit pictures I've drawn to image bank of the dog sim I'm involved with, the picture gets rejected. I have spent a lot of time on these pictures, and yet pictures which look like they've been put together in five minutes, get accepted.

Rock Band 6

This is the most overrated piece of junk of a video game ever hell this ain't a video game period all it is is a music matching rythym game that brainwashes people into thinking it's fun and idiots post videos of themselves playing this crap when nobody cares and they suck at it too.

It costs so much money for the damn instruments and the game itself and needs a damn dolly and a flatbed to get it home. Hell why don't you use that money to by a real band set and learn the songs yourselves especially people who hate rock music why are you even playing this anyway like I said it's brainwashing people.

Worst of all people who play it at parties this shit will never be at any of my parties if you want to play a game play real video games like Super Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros Brawl, those are games that i'll party with Rock Banders will be banned.

Worst of all it's on the Wii a system I love so if you ask me I want this game destroyed I think Guitar Hero is better but Rock band can burn in hell. As for my loser friends who continue to play this you've lost me as a friend I hope you live your useless lives of nothing while I'll be living the good life.

All in all Fuck Cock Band I mean rock Band and I hope they never make a sequel to this junk.

Video Games 7

Specifically, Final Fantasy X-2, I bought this because I own FFX and wanted to see the sequel. FFX-2 is all right as a game but several things about it blows...

  1. 1. You have the same three characters the whole game, Rikku, Yuna and Paine. That's it.
  3. FFX-2 barfs up the same damn monsters as FFX, gives them different names, (except for the aeons, incredibly cool monsters that fought alongside Yuna in FFX but now they are your enemy and you have to get killed fighting them or spend three hours leveling up so you DON'T get killed.) and its a damn pain in the ass.
  4. The backrubbing scene between two female characters. Just so wrong. In so many ways.
  5. Leveling up is a pain in the dick. You can only level up with the dressphere that the character is wearing at the time.
  6. Acquiring gil is another pain in the dick. Hell I could get more money out of ordering a hit on Winnie the Pooh.
  7. And what's this shit of Brother (Rikku's brother and Yuna's cousin) getting a hard on over his cousin? Isn't that just.... wrong??
  8. Too few SAVE points. they should have put one within two screens of all the others. Learning a new skill or acquiring a new item then dying before you can save is a real pain in the ass.
  9. The mini-games... STOOPID
  10. Wakka knocking up Lulu (two characters from FFX) just too damn embarrassing to mention.
  11. NO AURON!!!! :-(((((((((((((
  12. Try to resurrect with a Phoenix Down (for you non-gamers, this is a Jesus pill, designed to revive your characters from Knock Out) and then before you can belt it off, the monster kills your Jesus-pill doling character. UGH.
  13. And the monsters just beat on you whenever they please, unlike FFX where they had to wait for you to get done.

I can't really complain though, overall its a neat game, I just wish I could figure out certain things......


Games 8

There are a few things which send me fucking livid aobut games and the games industry.

  1. Bussiness men in fine suits sitting around talking about making some kiddsy, cutesy game makes me laugh with glee at the stupidity of the world. You're working with games, you should be dressing down and having fun.
  2. Fuck head designers that all try to make their mark on the games industry by making the gaming version of 'art house' to try and win some street cred. They all wanna be like dude huge.
  3. The false sense of entitlement that we get when playing games. Soon enough there will be fucking xbox achievements for moving forwards in the fucking game. Everything is a fucking achievement. Well, I for one am fucking sick of being praised for doing the same task a chimpanze can do. I wanna get praised for kicking the ass out of Sephiroth in FFVII, I wanna praised for unlocking every trophy in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I don't want to be fucking praised for collecting one coin... one. "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WIN THE GAME BECAUSE YOU PRESSED ANY BUTTON ON YOUR CONTROLLER. WELL WE ASSUME YOU DID EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVEN'T CONNECTED IT YET!"
  4. Check out some youtube videos of people raging when they're playing games. They fuck me around.... I HATE HATE HATE HATE gamers.
  5. People that think they're fucking 1337 at a game because they have that one bit of armour you have to spend 3 fucking weeks trying to get on *insert random MMO here* which doesn't even give you stats nearly as good as something you can get within 5 minutes!
  7. Sub-standard games which sell millions of copies because they have some fucking bullshit character on it. You want a good fucking game!? Go and fucking get a good one... don't just buy some piece of shit for your children because it has SPONGEBOB, OR HAPPY FEET ON THE FUCKING CUNTING COVER!!!

Online Poker 9

So many people who play are so DUMB and just win stupid amounts with pure DUMB LUCK! It makes my blood boil.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (9)

Modern Warfare 2 has the worst singleplayer I've ever played. Here's why:

  1. Repetitive story elements "OHES NOES I'VE BEEN BETRAYED...AGAIN!"
  2. Bland plot "Holy hell guys, I must beat the almost non-existent enemies with my weapons. Wait, who are we even fighting? The terrorists? Haven't we been there, done that?"
  3. It was short. Really short.

There's more:

Mindlessly shooting bad guys gets repetitive, the weapons are uninspired, poor level design, terrible dialogue, forgettable characters, finally there was absolutely no story.

Oh, wait, I forgot the point didn't I? MW2 is a multiplayer game!

I'm sick of hearing people talk about the multiplayer. I hear crap like "I'm rank 70 prestige 9. Do yeah, I'm a badass!

"Throw MW2 in the landfill, down there with that ET game.

World of warcraft 10

i play this game for 3 years and now this one clown just started doing pvp and is trying to tell me how to do a battleground and play my objectives when i've been doing this crap for 3 years step off and take notes bitch

Fortnite 11

I really can't stand this game, it's a free to play Game that you shoot and kill people, destroy buildings, build forts, and has generic and boring character designs. But Dumbass kids love the shit out of this game and like to hurl insults online and act like they are better than everyone.

I hate to brake it to you dumbass tweens that play this trash but Fortnite Sucks. Anytime you say Fortnite Sucks the dumbass fanboys will attack you online and call out other gaming communities including Minecraft players. Minecraft enables creativity and is one of the most popular games for a long time where Fortnite is a community of pubescent tweens that suck at playing real video games.

Also I fucking hate those stupid Fortnite dances and anyone who does those stupid Fortnite Dances should be punches in the fucking face. Fortnite Sucks, it's Trash, and the Fortnite community makes me so Goddamn Angry.

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