I fucking HATE Mayonnaise. Why does every restaurant put mayonnaise on EVERY single sandwich they serve? It makes the bread all soggy and ruins the damn meat taste no matter how much of it you wipe off or how good you are at wiping it off. It tastes like glue and paint with curdled milk and for some reason it seems all white people LOVE the shit out of it. It's fucking horrible. I ALWAYS get sick from it no matter how much or little I ingest. Oh yeah and it smells like nasty old mildewed sweat inside a piss stained mattress.

What pisses me off more is that EVERY time I tell the damn drive thru guy to make sure there is NO MAYO on my sandwich they just glob on more of that cum looking crap all over the damn thing. God how can mayonnaise be part of the demographic? IT FUCKING SUCKS!!

What goes through people's minds while eating this shit? Seriously I want to know why the hell people would even think about eating such a foul substance. I can't believe it. What is mayonnaise's purpose on this earth? Does it actually have one? Will someone PLEASE tell me why people eat this HORRIBLE SHIT?

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster likes mayonnaise, especially with tuna fish. :)

Pickles 2

Wow Pickles is the nastiest food ever made and oh GOD the smell whenever people eat pickles I leave the room and when people want pickles I say "get your own or eat it when I'm not around." Seriously Pickles fucking stink every time someone gets a hamburger they always want pickles so I eat before everyone else does, and they look nasty too seriously I like the color green but the way pickles look you can tell how nasty it is. Whenever we have BBQs on the 4th of July yeah there's the foul green pickles of death and I say I'm not hungry when I am but I say that to avoid eating with pickle people.

Pickles are disgusting and should be removed from existence and please stop breathing your pickle breathes on me to and go brush your teeth people and as for the Maury pickle girl wow I totally feel pity for her.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster loves pickles. He used to can his own many years ago. Mrs. Webmaster is like you and hates pickles. However, she loves BBQ'd silkworm larva. ;)

Coleslaw 3

Coleslaw is the most disgusting food ever invented! It tastes like shit. Who the fuck thought of this? Cabbage and watery mayo? What the fuck? Was someone TRYING to make a fart bomb? Every fucking BBQ I have ever been to some dumbass has to bring/make COLESLAW!

They always want you to TRY their crap too, "Oh, did you try my coleslaw?" they ask. And I just want to smack them and say "NO FUCK YOUR COLESLAW!" It's so nasty, I hate the taste, I hate the smell. I hate everything about it.

The funny thing is, I like cabbage, I like mayo but TOGETHER is just wrong. I wish I could BAN coleslaw and never look at it again. KFC coleslaw is the worst. Crapslaw? Coleslop? Coleshit? You get the idea. I FUCKING HATE IT!

My BF hates it even more than I do and this is great because I know I will never have to kiss him after eating COLESLAW! Yay! We both agreed to avoid it at all costs. Just looking at it or smelling it makes me want to puke!

Diet Sodas 4

Diet sodas make me infuriatingly angry because they are only marginally "better" for you than a regular soda, but taste absolutely disgusting compared to the original product. Also, most use a substance known as aspartame which, once ingested into the body, forms a substance similar to formaldehyde and literally preserves you from the inside out. No way can that ever help you lose weight. I know a very overweight woman who keeps diet pepsi stocked 24/7 in her home, and goes through at least a 12 pack of it every three days.

So in conclusion, diet sodas make me mad, because people are so easily tricked into thinking that just because a can says "Diet!", they can guzzle down as much of it as they want and call it healthy. Seriously? Go drink some water, make some tea, buy some juice without a ton of sweeteners, or better yet just drink the normal soda in MODERATE amounts like responsible adults. Thank you.

Not enough meat in the house 5

There isn't. I crave the fucking flesh os lesser beings and there's no fucking meat in the house. I buy some, and I prep it so I can cook it later, shit is gove and the container the meat was resting in is clean, the bastards.

This is getting to be too much. I can tell because this stray cat was being all weird and like, waiting for me and shit. So like a fucking idiot I'm following this cat watching the loose skin of her stomach flop from side to side (recently gave birth, I guess) for a good three, five minutes.

Of course there's nothing it wanted to show me because it was a FUCKING CAT, and right then and there swear to jesus, I wanted to rip its head off with my teeth and eat its flesh raw. I wasn't even upset that I let my time get wasted by a cat.

All I'm saying is that my fucking housemates better be backing off my fucking meat or I'm going solyent green.

cheese 6

Why does every fucking meal HAVE to have cheese on it! At an amusement park some moron chef put cheese on my hamburger that was supposed to have no cheese on it! Hamburgers and cheeseburgers are different things. HAMburgers are just the meat. CHEESEburgers have cheese on them! Also, if humans get sick from eating curdled milk, then why can we eat cheese? Why is it illegal to sell expired milk but legal to sell cheese? (Gags) At Wendy's the other day I ordered a spicy chicken Caesar salad without cheese and I, unknowingly, bit into some cheese. Fuck.

French Fries 7

French fries are so fucking gross and tasteless. I hate when I go to a burger shop and the meal comes with fucking bland french fries. So fucking gross. I always order my meal without that disgusting shit, replacing it with a different side when possible. Why the hell is this garbage so popular to the point where most restaurants offer it, and try to upsell it? NO THANKS! I'll take my burger and Coke without that paste tasting slob!

Potato Salad 8

Why on Earth is Potato Salad a thing, it is the most disgusting abomination ever made it's made with Potatoes, Eggs, Mustard, Mayonnaise, and Pickles a very nauseating concoction. It fucking stinks I almost want to puke at the awful smell of Potato Salad and it looks like fucking vomit I wouldn't feed pigs in a farm that horrible shit.

It also pisses me off when people make Potato Salad for Barbecues, it is disgusting and if it was up to me I would ban Potato Salad and not allow it in my house. Seriously if people can eat trash like Potato Salad than anything is possible.

*Note from Anger Central
We like Potato salad here, although we do prefer it without the egg. :)

Pimento Cheese 9

Pimento Cheese is absolutely disgusting, this shit looks like fucking vomit and people actually eat this shit on bread, I feel very sick just thinking about it. Seriously why on Earth does Pimento Cheese exist, it's disgusting and it looks like human vomit and anytime I look at it it makes me want to vomit.

Pineapple 10

Who puts pineapple in pizza or other cooked foods? Once I was at a Mexican place eating a mexican pizza and you'd think there wouldn't be pineapple. But guess what, after savoring the delicious taste of beef,beans, cheese, and whatever else there was, my mouth was raped by the sweet taste of pineapple. The pineapple ruined the whole meal; I would be enjoying the way a Mexican Pizza is supposed to taste and then I get fucced by a pineapple I missed. Like what the fuck? Pineapple is one of the default ingredients to a Mexican Pizza? Gay! Also fucc you if you bring pineapple pizza to a party. The worst is when the host doesn't provide plain pepperoni and cheese? I'm ok with bringing out whatever the hell you put on a pizza as long as there's pepperoni.

MRE's 11


*Note from Anger Central
We've heard they are quite good for your "regularity." You take a dump once a month whether you need to or not. ;)

Macaroni Salad 12

Macaroni Salad pisses me off, whoever invented this trash deserves to be punched in the face.

Macaroni Salad is disgusting and I love macaroni and cheese but Macaroni Salad is trash.

Does Mayonnaise half to go on and ruin everything it touches? Not to mention all of the other disgusting crap that people cook Macaroni Salad with it's just nauseating. It looks like someone's masturbated and cummed all over the Macaroni Noodles and it smells like fucking feet and an unwiped ass.

Macaroni and Cheese works just fine at barbecues there is no reason as to why anybody needs to bring those Cum looking Noodles to any barbecue.

Fuck Macaroni Salad I hate it, it should never have existed because of how fucking disgusting it is.

Ketchup 13

I fucking hate Ketchup it has to be the most disgusting thing ever invented and it seems like everyone on Earth loves Ketchup but I fucking hate it.

Ketchup is so disgusting and it fucking stinks like I don't know how people love Ketchup so much because it fucking stinks and it's name is nasty too.

I hate it when people eat fries with Ketchup like WHY? Fries are better on their own why ruin fries with that nasty ass shit.

There are idiots who eat Ketchup with fried chicken like have you people ever tried Barbecue Sauce? It's the best shit on Planet Earth if you eat Chicken with Ketchup than you disgust me.

I've seen people put ketchup on other food like Hot Dogs when there is an invention out there called MUSTARD.

Also Ketchup on BREAD? Anyone who eats Ketchup on Bread is a Sick Fuck and they should go kill themselves.

Fuck Ketchup I wish it would go extinct.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster likes ketchup, and has made Home Made Ketchup in the past. Anger Central will continue consuming Ketchup, and that includes on Bread.
(which is usually holding some ground up and cooked cow)

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