school computers

They make me so angry whenever i get onto one. they are so freaking slow. my grandmamma could go faster then that at the sprint track with a broken leg. not only that they often come up with errors of various types with stupid excuses like; your system has committed error 342, what the heck is an error 342. y cant you tell me what the dam problem is so that i can take action against it

Paperport Scanners 2

These things are absolute shit - I went through 2 of them in a 3 year period. It's bad enough that in order to get one fixed ... you have to ship the entire unit to them, but - for them to charge per minute for tech support over telephone lines on an older product they no longer manufacture is absolutely unforgivable, there is no excuse for this. Which is exactly why I threw mine in the dumpster and ran out and bought a CANON scanner. Save your money - don't buy paperport!

Computer 3

I am SO damn angry at my computer! it never works. and when it does, its REALLY slow. it wont open up websites (especially webpages on anger central) ive had it repaired many times and it still wont work. i dont know what's wrong with it. its only a couple months old. i think the store ripped me off. i hate this piece of junk.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster works in the IT field and is quite good at fixing computers. The frst question is, who made the computer. The second question is, can you afford our rate?? :)

Computers Tech 4

I can't stand Computers Tech. The course teaches students how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc. when everything you need to know is under the useful little help index. Not to mention that everything that is taught is either common knowledge, or just plain useless.

Now, this daily waste of 75 minutes wouldn't anger me as much if this course wasn't compulsory. There are probably some people out there who want some personal help with these programs, and that's perfectly fine. But damn it, it should be an optional course that they sign up for!

them danm viruses !@#$ me OFF! 5

I'm angry at the people who WASTE their time creating these bloody viruses when they could use their talent to program games, applications. It makes me angry that millions of perfectly GOOD computers are ruined after downloading something or opening some attachment. I'm angry at the fact that you have to pay to keep your PC safe. It costs money to buy a copy of PC cillin, Norton or MacAfee yet if the Idiots who are the masterminds behind all those Trojans and worms wouldn't waste their time programming this crap we would have to fork out a fortune on some safety barrier that has to be updated CONSTANTLY. Oh and like these virus guys don't care until it happens 2 them.

I mean come on people this is getting unproductive here. to think I had one whole week at school wasted just because some German youth decided "oh I might create some little program that makes your computer reset itself over and over and call it SASSER worm.

Oh and like the other day I did a virus scan and NORTON failed to delete some adware and now its like I get spammed. The whole reason that ALL computers around the world aren't working up 2 speed is because of these little virus creating ass%$#@s you know a couple of years ago my old $*^ was ruined because of some virus in a diskette and it took ages to find parts to replace the computer when I still needed it. Viruses what a crock of crap

Browser hijackers/spyware 6

This shit is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. WHY DO PEOPLE FUCK WITH MY INTERNET LIKE THIS? First there's some fucking hijacker that changes my homepage to smartsearch about:blank AND IT'S FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OFF NO MATTER WHAT PROGRAM I USE. And after that I CAN'T ACCESS CERTAIN WEBSITES. AND GUESS WHAT STARTS HAPPENING AS OF LATE. Whenever I click on URL's instead of the site I intend on going to I GET SENT TO FUCKING ILLEGAL PORN SITES. Fuck this. If I have to get a new computer, re-install windows, or better yet GET INTO LEGAL TROUBLE BECAUSE OF SOME CUNT SHOVING THEIR BULLSHIT INTO MY COMPUTER, SOMEONE'S GOING TO GET THEIR FUCKING NECK SLICED OPEN AFTER I RIP THEIR FUCKING BALLS OFF. Fuck. if I wanted your crappy sites (or your fucking porno) I WOULD GO TO IT ON MY OWN FREE WILL, FUCKFACE.

Computers 7

I hate computers because for the most part they are not idiot proof. I can't stand hearing some moron always on about something they know nothing about, blaming everything that's going wrong on everyone else even when someone is trying to help them see their stupid ass mistake. Some need to start thinking about what they're doing, the hopeless others should just buy a mac.

*Note from Anger Central
Even a Mac wouldn't help these people. The latest OS is nothing more then a cute front end for BSD.

What's wrong 8

I hate fuckin virus's. They fuck your whole damn computer up. Not only that but you have to fuckin spend your life trying to fix it. God Damn what do these nerds do all day, "Oh im gonna make a virus because MY FUCKIN LIFE SUCKS" Damn I hate it and i hope the people that make viruses die in a shit hole and drown in their own misery. THOSE SONS OF BITCHES. bTw have any viruses ever fucked up stuff on

*Note from Anger Central
We have had them come in, but we use antivirus programs, and a text only mail reader. Since we generally aren't expecting attachments, when they arrive we can look at them first. most of the time we just delete them.

Computer 9


*Note from Anger Central
We would be happy to send out one of our desktop support technicians for a considerable fee and travel expenses. :)

computer 10

This computer is PISSING me off!!! It keeps crashing!.. and what the fuck is up with the wrong icons on my Photoshop files in my folder?!? I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE, I JUST WANT EVERYTHING TO WORK, FUCK DAMN IT!!! I wouldn't even be on the computer right now if I could have had everything done earlier!! I should be sleeping right now, but I'm get done everything I want to.. why? BECAUSE I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WITHOUT ALL THIS FUCKIN' BS! I swear I'm gonna SNAP!!!

Software 11

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2 is infuriating. It should be a simple, simple, SIMPLE matter to split a large video file into individual clips. I can imagine software presenting about two minutes of video on one screen with every frame showing as a 40x30 pixel image, then letting the user easily split between frames. With WMM2, it can take hundreds and hundreds of mouse clicks, keypresses, and tiring wrist motions to make 30 cuts. Since the automated clip detector is useless and destroys the integrity of the original video, you have to manually go through the whole damn thing frame by frame. You can try to split a clip, but due to Microsoft's genius in programming, one frame from the next clip will be stuck to the end of the previous clip 60% of the time. I found out today that this is because MM2 is a "15 frame per second" environment. Video is 30 frames per second, and it is outrageously inefficient, stressful, and mentally fatiguing to be FORCED to precisely step through a video file with a slowly responding keyboard, then have to verify EVERY clip so the extra frame isn't there, then making additional 3 frame splits to get rid of them! A 90 second process takes 15 minutes with this software! To top it all off, even after you've checked, the extra unwanted frames can still play back in the "edited" timeline, so you have to trim again! This is pathetic.

Norton Internet Security 12

I admit my computer is rather old but this is no excuse for norton internet security to spend 20 minutes crunching away at the startup. This is just lazy programming. Windows 95 ran on compupter 10- years ago and then 98 kind of did the same and then XP runs ok but ultimately its jsut sloppy , lazy programmers whonthinknt hat everybody has a pentium 20 or whatever htye are these days. Why do other programs dot he same as norton only they come in the form of 5 MB dowloads form the internet and you hardly notice its runnin int hre background. WHy Norton? Why do you employ the morons. Once i had a CD that featured animations on. One category featured animations or vidoe type stuff that was on files that were liek 25k and htey were awesome. Norotn are so lazy at their programming its not true.

Computer Mice 13

I am sick of my mouse button sending 2 to 5 clicks when I only press it once. It ruins the computer interface when I have to constantly correct the mess or am forced to restart programs because closing one window also closes the one beneath it. There is no way to solve the annoyance with the Windows XP mouse control panel and the problem happens with all mice I've tried in the past three years. I get irritated to the edge of rage when I can't even scroll down through a web page without it jumping twice as far as I wanted. It's extremely hard to adjust sound volume when the damned slider pops up and disappears instantly. Even letting go of the mouse button sends another click to the interface. The mouse wheel button also closes multiple Firefox tabs if I press it once, so I can only close tabs on the right side with confidence.

The same problem happens with TV remote controls -- pressing "power" turns the machine on and off in a fraction of a second, then it takes 5 seconds to turn it on again. Whoever the idiots are who decided buttons needed to work this fast deserve to be fired for incompetence and blackballed from the engineering profession permanently. The actual switch the buttons use are so miniaturized and cheaply made it's no wonder they fail to work properly. I'd rather use vintage pinball / video arcade buttons because I don't recall those ever failing or getting stuck.

PCs and Technology 14

I have hated computers since I was exposed to my first PC in 1987. They are unreliable boxes of hate. I have no interest in all the movies, audio, games etc. The crap never works right anyway. I am forced to suffer these goddamn things at every job I have, christ, is there any old school electronics anymore?

My forte is component level troubleshooting and test engineering. Good luck with that, today companies just toss out a card if it misbehaves more than five minutes. Then there's cell phones. OK, I like the fact that I can store my names and numbers. Beyond that, I don't need a goddamn camera, an internet connection, fax, food replicator, condom dispenser, phaser ray, food processor and urine specimen collector/analyzer with GPS and ICBM deflector shield! MP3s - WTF IS an MP3 anyway? What happened to MP1 and MP2? I admit, I resisted going from vinyl to CD for about a month in 1990. Now I appreciate my random access, digital music storage media. I'm so sophisticated, I even put a CD player in my car! I even use it every few weeks or so! Beyond that, who cares? I'm frustrated with all the new, unreliable crap that's come out in the past decade or so. It amuses me that the best guitar amplifiers are still "old fashioned" tube amps.  Fuck the new technology. It's more pain than it's worth.

*Note from Anger Central:
Main Entry: Ludd·ite
Pronunciation: 'l&-"dIt
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from Ned Ludd, 18th century Leicestershire workman who destroyed machinery
: one of a group of early 19th century English workmen destroying laborsaving machinery as a protest; broadly : one who is opposed to especially technological change
- Luddite adjective

Compupter viruses 15

i hate them some much there is only on web site i love going on and because some suptid hacker left me with a lovley parting gitf i cant even go on that i am just so pissed off it taking all my will power not to though my keybroad though the comteper screan soz if spelling crap to angery to think stright

*Note from Anger Central
That must have been one nasty virus. It seems to have corrupted your spell checker. Go off to our Page O' Links and get AVG Antivirus.

Lagging 16

dont you just get so angry when you have just had a hard day and all you want to do is relax in front of the computer to play an online game, but some asshole with a shitty computer just lags and makes everything impossible to function?! the worse thing is that the person never leaves! :[

Computer Viruses and Hackers 17

Finally somewhere I can talk about how much i FUCKING HATE computer viruses and hackers. The number of times ive had to reformat my hard drive because of those god damn mother fucking hackers makes me want to fucking scream. You fucking nerds that sit on the computer 24/7 need to get a FUCKING LIFE. Go outside, enjoy life, don't fucking piss people off you assholes, so FUCKING STOP SPREADING VIRUSES AROUND. This is about my 5th or 6th time needing to reformat a hard drive so thanks alot your fucking hackers. Just sit there pickin your asshole at your computer because thats all you can do. All i want to do at my computer is surf the net but now I can't do that without a million fucking pop-ups coming up. THANKS A WHOLE FUCKING LOT.

*Note from Anger Central
Let me guess...
No antivirus
No anti-spyware
You open every attachment in email that comes to you.

Navy Marine Corps Intranet 18

I guess you could put this under "Military". These NMCI workstations, are, to say the least, slower than snails fuckin in January. TRY to get on NKO or CNET to get some stuff done!!! Good fuckin luck! I get better service out of my dialup at home and this is no lie. Good luck to anyone who tries to use this during working hours or duty days. The connectivity is crap, the technical help nonexistent, and if your access card don't work anymore, you're on your own. I will be getting a laptop with wireless internet and NMCI can kiss my six pack.

*Note from Anger Central
Actually, this belongs under the "Computers" section and we placed it there. The reason you are working on junk is the fault of Congress, and their tendency to waste money on earmarks and giving cash to their cronies rather then doing what is needed for the nation. If the Hillabeast wins in 2008, it will get a lot worse.


God, that shit pisses me off to the highest point of pisstivity. It's not like it really stops the spammers like it's supposed to. The only purpose I see it serving is to annoy the hell out of people

*Note from Anger Central
We're not overly thrilled with them either, especially the one we have. The alternative is dealing with an enormous amount of crap submitted by spambots. Between the captcha and other backend tech we're running, our spam levels have dropped to zero.


Because the stupid computer lags soooooo much. It makes me want to throw it. But then I wouldn't have a computer which would be problematic! SO I JUST GET ANGRY AT IT!!! ITS SO SLOW. And we have spent so much money on getting computer people to come make it faster and never to die on us again but still it keeps being stupid.

*Note from The Angry Systems Administrator
Let me guess, You have a new system and it's using Vista? Or you upgraded to Vista from XP? If you have the ability to, we would recommend "Upgrading" to Windows XP Pro. If that isn't possible, then try getting more memory. Vista needs a gigabyte to do anything useful and 2GB to actually run well.

My e-mail server at work 21

The spam filters are worthless! I get 50+ spam messages a day, and that's not even counting the ones that go to my junk e-mail folder. Meanwhile, one of my colleagues is not getting the rest of our e-mails because they get routed to her junk e-mail folder. Today was the last straw; this is the second day in a row that I've received messages with nude photos of women IN THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE.

*Note from Anger Central
Keeping ahead of the spammers is a job in of its self. As we write this Note from Anger Central, our submission form is getting whacked. It looks like about 1 in 50 attempts breaks the capture, but there is no data. We're looking into rewriting the filters to scrub those subject lines. You're IT staff should have a means to take information you supply and build new filters. You should also be able to build filters within your mail client as well.

Copiers, fax machines, computers, etc. 22

Why is it that every time I call for service because I'm having a technology issue, as soon as the tech support rep gets here, I can't duplicate the issue? Then they're looking at me like I'm stupid or crazy -- really annoying!



Computer 24

I worked so hard on a project, and then my laptop got a virus. Luckily, I saved it to a flash disk and wanted to print it through my friend's computer. Unfortunately, that computer doesn't have Microsoft Excel, but some super lame Microsoft Works!!! To make matters worse, my stupid antivirus that comes with Microsoft is blocking my download. AHHHHH this is so annoying!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Look into OpenOffice. it will read all MS Office documents and it's free. You can also run it from a flash drive, albeit very slowly. You can find the site via our
links page.

Vista 25

You stupid piece of shit Vista why won't you let me do anything on my fucking computer. After two years I finally buy a game to entertain myself and you won't let it play. Fatal error?!? Incompatible?!? Application Terminated?!? WTF you stupid piece of shit. I want to break my laptop in half and throw this fucking computer out of the window then drive over it repeatedly with my car. And the keys on the computer stick too. Fucking Microsoft.

My laptop 26

I've been wanting to hook my laptop up the a hdtv for ages and now that I've got a good TV I've realized that I can't connect it properly! Arrrgh. I don't even know why I care though. I mean, why can't I just get on with my life? I'm obsessed with seeing the output of my laptop on the TV for no good reason other than to see it happen. Lame or what!!! But still I spend hours trying to research how I can pull this off and I've paid over €1000 for this freaking laptop and it still cant do it cos it's only got a crappy vga output and.... oh forget it, I am even mad at myself for writing this drivel. Uuuugh!!!!

Microsoft's latest piece of shit, Code named Vista 27

I am a fucking systems administrator for a very good company. I deal with switches, routers, wap's and applications all fuckin day. My network runs great and I always keep up with SNMP software. This piece of shit vista laptop I can't put xp on runs like a fucking piece of shit on the net. It doesnt help that I have some piece of shit Access point from verizon. But still the xp computers run fine using the IPv4 Protocol, it's this piece of shit IPv6 protocol and teredo tunneling service on this fucked up Vista piece of shit! fuck windows 7 too, beta testing was IDENTICAL to vista!

Computer 28

I am so damn fucking angry because my piece of shit computer wont fucking load properly. I lose connection right in the middle of a game server on fucking runescape. piece of shit fuck. My computer lags when i try to record a god damn video using hypercam2. this piece of shit computer, allways fucking lagging right in the damn middle of things. right in the middle of a damn 5 minute video im fucking making, it just starts fucking lagging forcing me to control alt delete that fucken shit. my internet connection is slow as damn motherfucker. i try to go on facebook and the damn thing take like 30 seconds to a minute sometimes to load the freaking login page. i just want to shove a damn m80 in that piece of shit and blow it up. and why the fuck does my avg antivirus take like 2 fucking hours to scan on "fast" mose and makes my computer lag like the damn apocalypse has come. fucken technologies today are pissing me off.

software 29

I'm using my secondary laptop as I've just chucked my last one out the window (open) because the fucking buttons kept sticking, probably because of a piece of software I downloaded an hour ago which won't recognize my fucking username or password, so I've been jamming the bloody keys harder, just in case it made any difference. It didn't. Just means I've just got SO FUCKING ANNOYED THAT I TOTALED MY LAPTOP!! Tech support are a bunch of retarded monkeys for the software that it will take 48 hours to sort it out. 48 HOURS? I'VE JUST PAID MONEY TO DOWNLOAD SHIT I CAN'T GET AT FOR 48 HOURS!! WTF IS THE INTERNETS PROBLEM? All I want is something to fucking work at least once 1st time. And now I'm stuck with a shit laptop because of my fit of rage against a piece of SHIT SOFTWARE! If I wake up this pissed off, my workmates better stay well clear!!

Computer 30

Holy shit balls. Runescape and my computer in general is pissing me off. My Rsbot won't fucking update properly and when It does, i can't play the fucking updated version. my safari earlier today fucking ran my cpu up to 100 percent for like 5 fucking minutes before i decided to end the god damn process. i died in runescape while doing a quest and cause of those shit balls jagex, i lost most of my stuff for the quest. i want a new god damn computer with fucking government, highly classified technology so my computer will never see lag again. and i want my shit hole internet provider to give me free 10mps internet connection cause 20 bucks a month for 756mps sucks fucking donkeyballs. god, why can't microsoft make my god damn computer so its fucking microchips will last for like 10 damn years without slowing fucking down.

computers 31

i had enuff of computers i smashed mine to pieces and bits. i jumped up and doun on it kicked it,, then threw it in the trash were it belongs. sprained my big toe so my pc made sure to get one last pain in begore i killed it. im going back to the 1800s at least the junk back then worked..

My mentally retarded piece of crap computer 32

Goddammit, I have had it with this piece of fucking shit computer. My mentally retarded coworker functions better than this fucking garbage. I get so enraged every time I try running my online business on this bullshit. It's so damn slow. It either lags and does everything slowly, or it just ignores my fucking commands. I just typed up an email to send to people, edited it by fixing last minute information, and sent it out. This dipshit fucking piece of ass takes the email and sends it out the way it was before it was edited, thus everybody receives information that is clearly wrong and outdated. Jesus Christ, I just wanna toss this shit in the landfill.

*Note from Anger Central
It sounds like you have either
1) A virus or trojan
2) A serious case of bit-rot
The Angry Systems Administrator recommends booting off a boot disk and running a virus scanner. Then back off your critical files. If it's the second problem, (Defined as loading a pile of stuff on the system), then formatting down the computer and reinstalling is called for. Just be sure to do a full backup before you start.


first my fucking cell phone stops working normally and i can ONLY talk in speaker phone so everyone can hear every conversation i ever have and now my fucking internet browser is telling me it doesn't detect itself...honestly? wtf, you load my homepage and every other site but cant stay online for more than 30 seconds? who the fuck designed this shitty software and hardware?

also my xbox360 decided it didn't want to connect to Live anymore just because its lazy. WHY DOESN'T TECHNOLOGY EVER WORK RELIABLY AND WITH SIMPLICITY.

*Note from Anger Central
If you are looking for sympathy from the Webmaster, look again. He's had 3 PC's and a mission critical server die at his real world job in the last month. Cause? The crappy building they're in. Mold, Mildew and Moisture. The three horsemen of the computer apocalypse. The Webmaster HATES old converted mill buildings!

computers 34

I have been trying for 3 hours to transfer important files from my worthless pile of rancid cattle scat laptop to my older PC and the fookin thing is constantly at 99% of cpu usages so i have to wait 14 freaking minutes for that damn thing to even open the startmenu.

ive had it, im pulling my hair out and ready to kill this damn thing with an anvil.

Note from Anger Central
May we suggest you google Rich copy and Robocopy? The Webmaster has to move gigabytes of data constantly and these tools are very useful. They're free too.

Computer 35


Programming Tutorials 36

I wish I could read one of these things without the damn author assuming I already know how to program. Literally every tutorial labels itself as "beginner friendly", but acts like I'm already an expert. I don't know where to start, but I'm already pissed off.

I fuckin scanned for viruses 37

The damn thing fuckin blue screened on me. When I got the computer restarted, Windows fuckin told me I had 90 viruses. That is a bullshit lie, so I uninstalled Norton. The damn internet still keeps sending me to, a porn site.

Linux 38

I hate Linux. All you geeks kept telling me how much better this operating system is compared to Windows. You are wrong.

I installed Ubuntu 10.04. It can't do shit. It won't play MP3 music, show AVI videos, read CDs, or recognize Linux files that I want installed.

With Windows, technology is being pushed forward. Do touch screens, 3D monitors, cloud computing, and video game graphics mean anything to you? Stop trying to reinvent horrible ways to do basic tasks that the rest of the world has been doing just fine since 1995.

*Note from Anger Central
The Angry Systems Administrator has several flavors of Linux running and has worked with DEC UNIX and Solaris. It isn't for everyone, but it is more stable then Windows. (Windows is getting better, as long as we don't count Microsoft Bob, Windows Me, Vista...) *grin*

i hate slow computers! 39

there is nothing more iritating than a slow ass computer! especially when you are trying to do something important! slow computers piss me off so much! i just feel like breaking it! but that won't solve anything, it'll just make the whole situation worse!!! i wish all computers were fast, because these slow computers just are not cutting it with me damnit!

Manhunt + "Windows 7 compatible patch" = 0 (40)

So damn angry after paying for the awesome game Manhunt, downloading the patch for Windows 7 playability only to find out it doesn't work. This was the latest patch available and it was said to work with every version of Manhunt. That's a friggin load of BS. I also discovered that neither Rockstar Games nor TakeTwo were willing to deal with this serious issue of Manhunt not working on modern systems. Put down Red Dead Redemption (probably released already) or whatever stupid project you're working on right now and work on the games that matter. THE ONES THAT MADE YOU BIG! GTA and Manhunt! They can't do a simple favor for us?!? Bring back the good stuff, dammit.

Bloody Viruses 41


Honestly, who in the world would waste their bloody time typing up lines of fucked up code that has no good use? Who? BLOODY COMPUTER GEEKS! Why don't they try and have a fucking social life instead of hacking my computer, my credit card and other random crap?!

Q. Isn't it fun going out and getting layed?

A. Not for a fucking COMPUTER HACKING LOSER, who instead get horny over creating trojan viruses which crash my bloody computer!

I feel like shoving a fucking potato down their scrawny necks, then mashing it with my fist. Then I feel like using a spoon to gash open their scrawny necks, scoop out the now mashed potato, and then FORCE FEED IT BACK TO THEM.

The last time I got a virus, I had to reinstall Windows, and start from fucking scratch. FUCK YOU HACKERS/VIRUSES. EAT MY SHIT.

Love, the innocent civilian.

Sound Recording in Windows 7 42

I'm so angry right now, cause my fecking windows XP can record audio correctly, but my well expensive Windows 7 PC can't even record sound at a decent level because some turd has invented HD audio codecs that don't feckin work as well as the old AC97 codec. Beehatches, they just dont want people recording shit >:|

*Note from Anger Central
The Angry Systems administrator noticed that too. He was tasked to make a recording for a phone system and the version of sound recorder in Win 7 was not compatible. It took him a couple of hours to find a replacement.

Firefox 4 pisses me off! 43

I am so damn fucking pissed off at Firefox 4. It's supposed to be a revolutionary internet browser, but it's actually a piece of fucking shit.

Firefox 4 is supposed to be all about tabs, but if you have five or more tabs open, the entire browser gets an error and shuts down! It's just like the latest versions of Firefox 3. Improvement my fucking ass.

Speaking of Firefox 3, half of the functions carried to Firefox 4 aren't even mentioned. The only way to use them is if you already knew of their existence, and memorized their keyboard shortcuts. The other half of the functions are still shown off, but are now crammed into one bright ass orange button on the top left corner of the screen. Ultimately, everything is impossible to find.

Firefox 4 is supposed to be the browser of the future, but fuck it. It should easily dominate the market with Internet Explorer's lack of add-ons, and Google Chrome's simplified interface. Too bad this bullshit is pissing me off by constantly shutting itself down.

Computer Virus shit 44

When a virus hits you're computer it's a shit world waste of time and you wind up missing half of life trying to fix it. Damn it all to hell when you have to re f^*&%ing install everything!!!

Computers 45


What the fuck is up with drivers?

You have some shitty company loading up your computer with their damn hardware that they can't support for FUCKING SHIT in terms of software.

Here I am, after fucking with my computer for TWO MOTHERFUCKING HOURS, and I'm STILL tethered to my gaddamned router because my wireless card isn't working.

Hey Windows Update, fuck you! Everyone knows you don't fucking work, so NO, I don't want you to fucking "automatically" search for my driver. I know you won't fucking find it.

My Computer 46

I hate my piece of shit computer.Right in the middle of fucking Runescape or a game I downloaded off of Steam,it lag spikes a little,then it lags so hard,I can't even open Task Manager and I am forced to completely restart it.I hate this old piece of shit computer.I have had to run multiple disk checks after restarting my computer but it does not do shit.I can't even run fucking Team Fortress 2 now because a virus has turned my $130 graphic card and my $190 audio card into pieces of complete shit.I AM SO FUCKING MAD AT THIS COMPUTER NOW!Now I can't even watch Youtube or go through my Facebook without a fucking lag spike right in the middle of it,making me miss a good half of a video or prematurely entering my comment/status.I HATE THIS PIECE OF SHIT COMPUTER SO MUCH,I WANT TO BANG THE COMPUTER WITH A FUCKING SLEDGEHAMMER UNTIL IT'S A FREAKING PULP,LIKE A STEPPED-ON TIN CAN.

Computer 47

I HATE MY FUCKING COMPUTER!! IT CAN FUCKING GO TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE!! This thing is a piece of shit thats 8 years old and WONT WORK!! It keeps freezing as I freaking type this!!

My Computer 48

You Know why i'm so damn angry. my piece of shit computer cant get a piece of fuck done right, then out of nowhere i have a piece of shit virus. WTF, i cant do SHIT and this computer is new, I HATE THIS PIECE OF FUCKEN SHIT. I CANT GET A DAMN THING TO WORK, I CANT GET A DAMN GAME TO WORK, GOD GIVE THIS PIECE OF SHIT MERCY BECAUSE IF IT KEEPS THIS UP I WILL FUCKEN BREAK THIS PILE OF PURE FUCKEN SHIT.

Computers 49

Every single day of this year I have faced a computer related problem, for instance, I can't log on to my school server because the administrators a million miles away have fucked with my passwords and don't give a SHIT that I've been set back a week in my WORK!!! then I get shit from my teachers who all think that their subject is the only one i do (i do 6!!) and that i'm a lazy piece of shit for not getting everything done, even though i've informed them that the organisation they work for FUCKS ME EVERY DAY!!! When I come home I STILL CAN"T DO ANY WORK because my pc has A VIRUS ON IT!! WHO THE FUCK MAKES THESE THINGS?? All i can think of is its the dickwiping secret employees of norton and macafee who are releasing virus' so people buy their shit. If it's random geeks living in front of their monitors who get kicks off of pissing violently angry people like myself off with their "trojans" and their "worms" then I'd very much like to meet those sons of bitches, those products of broken condomns, and tear their faces of with my teeth AND STICK THEM UP THEIR ARSES!! So I can't work because the whole education system relies on technology while my teachers are all screaming at me to do the work I simply cannot do while some fat geek laughs at my plight and of those suffering like me. What gets me even more angry is that I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!

computer viruses 50

I fucking hate computer viruses. Damn those to hell whoever the bitches are who makes this shit that infects peoples computer. Who the hell do they fucking think they are? I wanna shove my middle fingers in their eyes. Anyway computer viruses suck dick and I fucking hate those bastards. Not gonna lie, the reason my computer has a virus is probably my fault, but seriously why the fuck does this kind of shit happen!? its not like I asked for any of this shit or that my computer is perfect to start out with. Everyday my computer puts me through shit and now I have to deal with a fucking virus? How great. Excuse my repetitiveness but all I can really think of out of my anger right now is fuck the virus, fuck the person who made the damn thing, fuck the computer, fuck the damn website that infected my computer (fuck it to hell), fuck the glitches, fuck the crashes, fuck the internet hijacking, fuck everything about this whole damned situation. To hell with the bitch who created this shit and fuck the virus like the piece of shit it is.

ok im done. if you dont like profanity then i apologize im just angry.

SONY Computers 51

I FUCKING HATE THIS SONY COMPUTER!!! It's an intel inside penium 7 and has windows seven and has so many DAMN RETARDED REACTIONS!! First, I had Google Chrome. It wouldn't open so I used safe mode and it opened. It even opened in normal mode. About two weeks later it wouldn't even open google chrome in safe mode. I had to use internet explorer. I can't even wathc something AS FUCKING SIMPLE AS YOUTUBE because THIS RETARDED COMPUTER WON'T LET ME DOWNLOAD SHIT!!! If it lets me download it it asks me for an administrator password of an account that I never created and THERE ISN'T EVEN A PASSWORD. I leave it blank. It loads. "SORRY CANNOT FIND FILES/USERFILES/DOWNLOAD.EXE" And I'm sitting there like "WHAT THE FUCK???!!!! I'M STARING RIGHT AT THE DAMNED PROGRAM!!!!!!!" Some of you might be like "Duhhhh, run a virus scan dardardar" But guess what, I CAN'T EVEN DOWNLOAD THAT. Really, as simple as downloading something like a calculator won't work. I tried some fucking programs installed from another computer and imported them AND IT STILL CAN'T FIND THE FILE. It makes this weird sound like "Dehng" and like I sayed earlier, in quotes "CANNOT FIND COMPUTER/DOWNLOADS/RETARDEDASSCOMPUTER.APP" This is getting me so pissed I need a new hard drive but they cost so much.



I gave internet exploder ONE FUCKING CHANCE and 2 HOURS after using that piece of shit I got some fucking virus bullshit that inserted it's cum drizzled face into my system32 and will NEVER leave

I started taking action TWO SECONDS after avast! told me about that bullshit and it's ALREADY managed to install over 9000 fucking fake ass "anti-virus" programs that are supposed to make me believe that they just magically popped up on my computer to help me with the "infections" in my fucking steam games. WHAT KIND OF DUMB ASS DO THESE PEOPLE THINK I AM? FOR REAL.


My Computer 53

This thing deleted all my work after working for hours and then it froze!on top of that, it frezees every time you click the mouse for a couple minutes!

My Shitty Computer 54

Because it doesn't fucking work. I buy a new computer, the guy tells me it will do everything I need it to hassle free. And it does. For a week. Then it slowly dies in the arse and turns to shit while I am left ripping my hair out trying to get simple things done. I love nothing more than spending three hours on a task that should take 1o minutes because my life is shit and I have fuck all else to do with my time. Fuck you computer manufacturers. Get your shit together you money hungry whores and make a computer that 1. Lasts longer than a week. 2. Does what you say it'll fucking do. & 3. Fucking works all the time.
Fuck You!

computers 55

these virus,s piss me off if icould catch up with one of the geeks that creates them i,d make him suck his own dick

Hackers & Bootkits 56

Whistler, mebromi. mebroot, etc. These fucking bootkits make me want to murder the writers! These bootkits are IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. I fucking flash the bios and the motherfucking, piece of shit bootkit re-flashes it with it's evil code. I am seriously considering to hire a P.I. to find one of the douchebag-assholes that writes or spreads these... so I can slit his fucking throat & then bash his skull in with an old crt monitor. Then I'd like to shove my 10 ruined hard drives up his ass. MotherFucking-Cunt-Prick- Douchebag-Scumsucking-Shiteating-Asshole-Bastards! FUCK!


MY FUCKING COMPUTER WILL NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING ON IT AND NEVER WORKS!!! Whenever i try to download something like itunes or games. it never fucking works!!!! when i open it, it never even turns on sometimes!! I hate it and hope to get another computer

*Note from Anger Central
1) Is this an Apple or a Windows PC?
2) Have you tried backing up your data and reloading the system from the ground up?
It sounds like you have something corrupted on the system, either the files system or registry, (Windows PC), virus or a potential drive failure.

computers 58

My damn stupid little crapper computer wont let me look up blueprints of old, war battleships, it always pops up a nasty messages saying"this site is restricted" Yeah, haha!or another trying to post pictures of myself to my hotmail,facebook pages.Stupid little jackassanine piece of shit,wont even stay charged for very long! Time to take this piece of shit out to a shooting range and throw bombs at it! thats what I'm mainly angry about!



*Note from Anger Central
The Angry Systems Administrator has banned all Apple products from the Anger Central network. Only Windows or real operating systems like Linux, Solaris, BSD, etc are allowed in the office. The last time someone came in and installed Itunes, well, it wasn't pretty.

computers 60

I despise this worthless goddamn machine to high Christ's hell due to the fact that it seems to have severe mental and/or existential issues. I have to disconnect from then reconnect to my wifi about every thirty goddamn nanoseconds because it seems to forget what the internet is. I also have to reboot the damn thing about every five goddamn minutes because it seems to forget that it's a computer. I don't understand why computers have to give me a goddamn ulcer and/or stress tumor the size of the Brooklyn bridge so I've nicknamed this thing "Captain Fuck Up".

Technology? 61

There are so many mistakes, delays, etc. all blamed on the computer/s, if this is the case then half of the country at least have computers running badly functioning software and the rest have a paper office (which works quite well but slowly)!

We have had problems with all our services so far all blamed upon computer error their end and that could be perceived as the start of the end of civilisation as we know it.

Mum wants to know if you can explain how this could possibly happen and why? Because she won't accept my explanations as it makes humanity look totally stupid.

The days of time we have spent sorting out others mistakes multiplied by the house holders of this nation would mean the country is non-functional and has no right to exist in the current environment.

Ransomware 62

You know what's really fucked up, criminals posing as Government officials scaring the crap out of us with fake messages about us distributing illegal material on a computer when all we did was click on a link, the message locks on to your computer and after doing some study it turns out, it's really some loser sending me a Ransomware virus wanting money from me. Seriously what kind of low life scum would even think about doing something so disgusting and worst of all taking a pic of them from their web cam and IP address now that right there should be a crime itself; and threatening to put someone in jail if they don't pay a fine; now that right there is a new all time low, by a bunch of bored idiots who are too damn lazy to go out and get a real job and make money, they want to send fake messages and compuer viuses to scare innocent people and scam them of their money.

I hope the REAL Government cracks down on these idiots and find whoever's doing this and when they do I hope they throw them in jail for life and force them to give back all of the money they have stolen; so a note to warning becareful where you go online, and also I hope we find who's doing these cyber terrorists acts.

Windows XP 63

Yes, yes. I know, this Windows XP shit is fucking old, and it still sucks ass. I do not know why this shit was ever popular, because I had nothing but problems with it when it was new.

Currently, my family's computer is now broken again thanks to Windows XP. This thing likes to gradually slow down as time goes on, then eventually it freezes when I'm in the middle of researching on the internet. Rebooting causes it to unable to run Windows XP, instead I get a screen saying "unbootable mount" or some shit, causing me to have to reinstall Windows XP. It's annoying, I wish this shit worked right even after installing all the service packs. Vista was better and more beautiful than fucking Windows XP. Everybody else was wrong saying that XP was better than Vista.

*Note from Anger Central
We moved from XP to 7 a few months ago. We won't be going to 8. Also, it sounds like you might have a bad hard drive. You might want to look into replacing it before it fails completely.

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