pop-up adds

Goddamn these things. Everywhere you go, it's always these stupid thing popping up like "free gambling here" and "enlarge your penis today" the people that have created these things should be thrown into a sack and then feed to a shark. Once more, fuck jay and silent bob, fuck them up their stupid asses

porn ads 2

every time one of those things come up you cant get rid of them. its like some super plague trying to invade your computer screen. if we wanted naked women we would go to one of these sites but no you want to plague us all with these dam ads. stop it . and then when you finally get rid of one then two more take its place like a hydra in greek mythology. sell your junk at the site not all over the freakin web

pop ups 3

WTF is WITH these damn annoying things? good grief! i just wanted to see ONE website...it wasn't even a porn site, and i get 50 MILLION pop ups. dammit! die you fuckers die!

Internet ads 4

I hate these goddamn Internet ads,they are so goddamn annoying that they fill up my e-mail mailbox,and I keep getting e-mail from those retards advertising Viagra,I kept telling them that I'am not interested but do they listen,NOOOO! I keep getting the same fucking thing.


Mortgage refinancing, rock hard erections, diplomas, penis enlargement pills, when will this annoying e-mail stop? Have you seen the ones with gibberish like--little girl side swipe elevator photograph cow. Or the ones deliberately misspelled like---rocckk haard ereections aamaze yoour woomen. Are they trying to tell us we're all stupid anyway and they might as well speak to us in our own language? I'm sick of this garbage and fuck yes it's unsolicited. I didn't knowingly opt in to any of this noxious crapola you fuckfaces spew out. Some of them don't even provide a way of removing your name off the list, or if they do, it goes to a nonexistent site and you get that fucking error message.

Here's a hot tip for all you advertising wizard spam producers--don't title your message with an insult like.."U R a dumbass for not taking Penis Grow". Marketing and advertising is quickly joining the ranks of other sleazo professions like law, politics, and used car salesman. U agree all fucckheaads%!


In order to protect our privacy ... we have a state do not call list, and ... we have a national do not call list. Makes perfect sense - people have private phone numbers so they will not be bothered at home. So, answer me this ... why the hell, do we not have a DO NOT SPAM list as of yet?!

I am SO sick of opening my e-mail & seeing 50, 60, 70 spams on a daily basis ... *especially* since my ISP is not supposed to give out or sell our personal information. When the domain was cox@home, there was *never* a problem with spam, didn't see one. Now, that the change has been made, and it's cox.net ... we're bombarded with it. Here's an idea, they should change their name from Cox to COCKS!

One more thing and I'll shut up. A message for all spammers: Do you *really* think that annoying people with tons of junk mail is the best way to find new customers to purchase your products or services? The answer is clearly, no. I for one, will *never* purchase from a spammer ... why should I hand my money over to a person that is pestering me? Guess what? I'm fairly sure many other people out there feel the same way.

*Note from Anger Central
62% of the mail we get is spam. Another 1.4% are viruses. We use a filtering program called Popfile. You can find a link to it on our links page. It needs to be trained, but once you have it running it works great. Best of all it is free. :)
And you may be happy to know that 4 spammers are now on trial for their little spam antics

Pop-Ups 7

These fucking things are a complete pain in the ass!! It seems every time I'm on the net trying to do research for my college course, have a look at a comedy site or check my emails I am continually plagued by adverts for fucking Viagra, porn sites, shit competitions or almost any bloody subject under the sun. FUCK OFF!!

*Note from Anger Central
Download and install Mozilla or Firefox. They have a built in pop-up blocker. www.mozilla.org.

Media Lies 8

Every now and again I hear "40 is the new 30".

This pathetic saying is just another example of how the media likes to lie to those of us facing 40 to make us feel better about getting older. It's all a crock of bullshit. The truth? It is what it is. If you're turning 40, you're turning 40. That still means one is approaching middle age. There is no sugar coating it. Maybe that crap was made up for those of us who haven't yet gotten off of our asses to do something worthwhile with our lives. Another way to trick ourselves into thinking that not being a grown up by now is just fine because hey, we're just getting started! Pffft! As someone who will soon be 40, I will say this: If you're heading into your late 30s, and

a) don't have your shit together or
b) is desperately chasing the youth dream, it's your problem. The harsh reality is that we're not "30 again"; we're FORTY!

Commercials 9

I am so sick of these credit card companies and all these other corporate asshole industries that show fricking people riding in convertibles, with their hair blowing in the wind spending money like there is no fucking tomorrow, as if the average American is so damn carefree when we could get laid off the next day. What world are you corporate dickheads living in when most Americans get laid off all the time, live from paycheck to paycheck, and have no medical insurance, and you got the balls to try and convince me with a phony-fucking, bullshit commercial that life is dandy and I got money t coming out of my ass to spend on your POS credit cards, when you outsource daily and put loyal people in the street everyday, and over 40 million Americans have no health insurance? You can take your credit card offers and all the other bullshit you try to sell the American people and can shove it up your asses. Fuck you.

V-8 Commercials 10

I want to sound off on all those god-damn V-8 commercials. Actually, I hate just about every commercial out there!! But nothing boils my blood than ads for V-8!! Could someone please tell me what is so motherfucking entertaining and funny about somebody being physically assaulted by mean-spirited freak because he/she isn't a vegan health nazi? Besides, V-8 is to me a rather nasty juice drink! I hope the asshole who created this ad campaign gets beaten to death in a dark alley and while his attacker shouts: "Could've Had a V8!" The only demographic this is funny towards is dumb-ass mainstream neo-yuppie scum, eco-terrorists, and PETA fanatics! If you want veggies! Eat a fucking salad. This is a valid reason that television should be outlawed. If someone did that to me, I would not only hit them back, but stab one of there eyes out, strangle them, and drag them into the street and have there ass shot!

ComputerTraining.com 11

Your ads annoy people! First of all, your classes are not the only way to get a job that pays more than $50,000 a year. Second, calling people "lazy" or "stupid" because they're not taking your classes -- not OK. Third, exactly how much air time did you pay for? It's really irritating to hear your ads during *every* commercial break!

California Milk Advertisements 12

The California Milk ads keep showing flowing green pastures, sunny skies, and contented, relaxed cows grazing in ideal conditions, and presents the slogan "Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California." I'm from Wisconsin, and it makes me sooo mad that they spread that false propaganda, making the public think farming conditions are really like that there. California has the most factory farms, and I went on their website; they had stuff like 'Because of our laidback lifestyle, this page might take a while to load' I'd rant more, but I've probably run out of room.

Pop ups 13

I can't believe it's 2011 and the internet is still infested with motherfucking pop up advertising complete with loud talking sounds. It really chaps my ass when I go to my favorite chat room or click a popular link on Reddit, and I get interrupted by these lame ass pop ups that interrupt me by covering everything on my monitor and start talking to me. I don't give a fuck about your free Apple products and I don't give a shit about your online stores. You fucking get around my Firefox pop up blocker and annoy the piss out of me. Get the fuck off my computer and take these bullshit pop ups off the internet.

Commercials 14

Commercials make me cringe most of the time. There are many ways around commercials - I know that - but all of that aside, commercials are just straight bull shit. I especially dislike emotional commercials of any kind - like ones that show a mother holding her baby and smiling, caressing her sweet head..a gentle moment, right next to some bottle of hand cream. Now we have Lil Wayne promoting Mt. Dew - hey - I like the dudes music but I am not adult and dont drink Mt. Dew. By hiring a rapper who was sent to jail for guns, it goes to show that Mt. Dew has no shame and simply doesnt care about the teenage kids who slurp this stuff down and listen to Weezy's music. They know exactly what they are doing, and it makes me want to vomit 7 times. On the flip side, you have those 'weird just to be weird' commercials and others like them that so desperately try to be funny you feel bad, nay, embarassed for them. All of this in the name of hawking some product that could never really live up to a commercials portrayal of the product. It's bull shit 101 folks.

Anti-Smoking Ads 15

First of all, let me say that I'm NOT a smoker (I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, and smoking is kind of bad and addictive for you anyway). However I'm beginning to get really annoyed at these latest anti-smoking ads. Seriously?! "Cigarettes are bullies...Don't let tobacco control you... WTF man! A high-school girl compares cigarettes to a controlling possessive boyfriend? You must be mentally ill if a cigarette is physically ordering you outside, making you hand over your money, or is "missing you" so much.

"What's a pack of cigarettes cost? Your teeth/smooth skin..." And I could say that a big liter of alcohol costs you your brain cells and liver. Marijuana costs you your brain; crystal meth costs you your teeth and your good-looking face...I could go on forever with this! I swear! They're making tobacco look more dangerous than alcohol, marijuana, PCP, crystal meth, etc. COMBINED!

Another commercial, "We have the power...We will be the generation that ends smoking..." (No we won't!) Now you sound just like the religious pro-lifers that want to make abortion illegal. Please...That (smoking, not abortion!) is as silly as old temperance people banning alcohol, and look what THAT did!

Cigarettes (along with other cravings like junk food and sweets) sure as hell aren't bullies. You want a figurative, metaphoric "bully?" I'd say phones and ill-fitting bras are bullies (for me anyway). Schizophrenic hallucinations and voices in your head, now THOSE are bullies! I'm not implying I'm schizophrenic, but I'm pretty sure that it must be horrible enduring those hallucinations and voices that could be loud and scary. I swear, the more you try to ignore a bully, the harder he/she will try to bully you, until you snap one day. Hence I compare physical bullies in the flesh to hallucinations and voices.

I find these anti-tobacco commercials as deceptive and inaccurate as those shallow milk commercials from the 80s-90s ("Milk. It does a body good") that obsessed so much about body image: making it look like a small average unpopular kid will grow into that hot swim model or muscle man all from drinking milk since childhood. I mean, look at the two! They both blow everything out of proportion, and in a way looking like a false advertisement (but I guess they still permit those that have a "kernel of truth"). Everything's just blown out of proportion...

commercials 16

I am getting sick and tired of all these fucken commercials on my computer. You go to a site and you have to watch a commercial before you can view the site .Then you click on section of that web site and there they are again . Why isn't the fucken government putting a stop to these commercials.

Pop up ads 17

How the fuck does this shit pop up on my fucking computer!? My Firefox browser is supposed to block the pop up fucking shit, but some websites fucking spam the shit out of pop up ads!

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