I'm only in my early 20's, and if everything is going to go down hill (read: get worse) PLEASE FUCKING SHOOT ME NOW! What the hell happened? a few short years ago my peers were ALWAYS partying, and now they're nowhere to be seen. What the hell are they up to? I'm betting on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! WTF!! ITS LIKE THEY FELL OFF THE FACE OF THE FUCKING EARTH. Yea I know (from personal experience) we all move out of our parent's basements sooner or later, but that doesn't mean you have to become completely dead to the world and completely non-existent.

And HEAVEN FUCKING FORBID the few adults who I do know (usually same, tired family members I see over and over again every year) or meet on my own (usually in some hole-in-the-wall dive bar) actually have anything INTERESTING to say. All people aged 18+ seem to only want to do is get together, turn the idiot box to the most uninteresting thing they can find and talk about the following topics:

  1. My three year old has trouble adjusting to nursery school"
  2. "Iraq" (next person who mentions this piece of soon-to-be yesterday's news- ESPECIALLY to ask my opinion about this drivel will be finding my foot in their ass)
  3. "my teenager is acting differently and therefore might be doing drugs"
  4. "The Bush administration and how it sucks" (ok we get the hint. Nobody likes Dubya. Now shut the hell up about him)
  5. "my boring job" (ok, I admit I talked about this a lot - - but then I decided I didn't want to be about as interesting as an Al Gore speech)
  6. "My trip to resort-for-fat-middle-aged-people land" (please go back there so I don't have to be bored to death with your crap)
  7. "My lame hobbies that no one gives a shit about"
  8. "Some god-awfully boring sporting event/dumbed-out reality show/pure shit talk show/unfunny sitcom/melodramatic garbage I regularly watch on the idiot box"
  9. "Our relationship isn't working out"
  10. "I heard this person is dating this person."
  11. "some old hen/geezer said/did ....."

Yes...pretty fun indeed. IF YOU'RE A FUCKING COMPLETE DEADBEAT. WHY MUST PEOPLE BECOME TOTAL FUCKING DEADBEATS ONCE THEY HIT A CERTAIN AGE!? Yea sure I couldn't wait to get out of my teenage years, and I was happy as a pig in shit when I turned 18. But now after awhile....looks like the joke's on me.

*Note from Anger Central
It's called growing up. A terrible thing, but it happens to everyone.

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