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I am angry at the government of the United States of America, be forewarned I am Canadian and you may not like my point of view from this side of the border. More and more every day the US resembles Nazi Germany in its quest to be the superior nation state. To be the dominant force in the world and impose their will on any country of their choice.

Almost daily you hear of another “travesty” to the American people. As I am sure this sounds like the facts portrayed by the one sided capitalist driven media syndicates are no more than 100% factual accounts of the happenings of the world, there are many half truths.

Be it far away and out of the view of the regular American these travesties are no more that than they are warnings by other countries sick of being “bullied” into making decisions that so directly harm the lesser countries economies making them dependent on the states to run their trade and tourism and in the case of many countries (i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Canada, Mexico and many, many more.) that they become subservient and easy to handle.

The one common denominator is that many of these countries are sick of being pushed around by Britain and the US. And many of them are deciding to take a different route of trade.

Killing innocent people is no answer and that is not my purpose in this statement but if the US and Britain really wanted to improve their relations with the world and rectify the “dumb redneck” label and fix the problem one particular “good ol’ boy” has caused in the world and give something back to the people around the world by showing they are bigger than stupid people

*Note from Anger Central
Hi there! Let us tell you a little secret regarding what American think of Canadians. We flat out don't care about you at all. If we were anything like you think, (if what you are doing can be called thinking), you would have US troops there now and Canada would be a part of the United States. You are a pathetic bunch of losers who whine and complain, but when you need something you are right there with your hand out. You had better pray the United States never returns to it's habits of isolationism, otherwise Canada would collapse. Have a nice day!!

U.S. drug policy 2

What is the reason that the govt. refuses to legalize drugs? We currently consume way more drugs than any other country in the world, so our policies aren't curbing our appetite. They let criminals make a profit instead of law abiding citizens who could be hired for the new industry.
The US job market and economy are horrible, we could dam sure use the help. I am angry because it is making us less secure. Money is needed for national security, we are wasting money by not profiting from our own drug use. The same could be said about online gambling money leaving the country in droves. Do our leaders have any math background at all? I could show you with a box of matches and a table-top why we need to legalize drugs and gambling. I personally hate everything but pot, but if its being done anyway why not make a profit. Our national security is at stake and the stubborn bastards still wont take action...What the hell is going on here?
And while on the subject I believe drug testing employees is hurting national security as well. Some drug users are extremely intelligent people. By excluding them from employment, companies are less efficient by not utilizing some of the smartest american brains. This generates less revenue, creates inferior products, and in the end leaves the country more vulnerable. Laugh and poke fun if you will, but it is simple logic!!

US of A 3

I am angry at the US. Its people are self-righteous, stuck up, and ignorant. They believe they are God's gift to Earth. They believe that they're government is the answer to all of the world's problems. Americans should step back, look at the world and what is happening around them with an objective eye. Look at the problems of the world; a good number of them have been caused by the US. Examples: Look at the on-going conflict in the middle east between Israel and Palestine, and don't you dare say that it is the fault of the Palestinians. Americans should read up on history and not soak up everything shown to them on their one-sided news channels. Look at this stupid thing called 'the war on terror'. WTF is this? This war is pointless. You can't declare war on a noun. This war will never be won. Instead, it will only get worse, thanks to the US government, who was so stupidly voted into power by some stupid Americans. Listen all you stupid americans, especially you republicans: You need to relax, and stop being so proud to be those arrogant, ignorant and rude bastards with a SOB persona. YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD. Do not think for one second that because you came out of a pussy in Georgia that you are better than an Aussie. Your country ain't that good anyway. It reeks of disguised racism and prejudice. You people need to chill the fuck out and learn how to love and stop being so high on the masculinity and individualism scales. At the moment though, the US of fuckin A is the dickhole of Earth.

Military 4

I`m so angry at all the retards who think that 9/11 was in fact a terrorist attack and not something planned by the US government. 2 fucking planes could NOT destroy WTC. it was fucking impossible. The engineer who projected the building said that it would take 13 air assaults of that matter to even produce minimal damage. Also the war in iraq was a perfect consequence, so the americans could get all the oil and petrol in the Oriental Area. Geez, americans are indeed stupid

*Note from Anger Central
First, this was misnamed. The military has no role in political decisions in the United States.
What we have here, is the typical "Truther". In fact, We would guess that this moronic poster is from the United Kingdom. How do we know this? Americans do not consider the Middle East to be "Oriental." In the average American's mind, the "Orient" ends in Burma. The middle east is considered Arab.
Now that we have this out of the way...
You are an idiot. You have no idea what you are talking about. The WTC was hit by two fully fueled airliners. That fuel caught fire and softened the steel supports. However, we know you won't believe this because you are stupid. But, to humor you, lets go with the usual Truther idea on what happened. A controlled demolition with explosives.
To take down both towers would require several tons of High Explosives and low explosives. It would also require months of planning, picking the correct areas to place the charges, and months to actually do the job.
Miles of detonation cord would be strung all over the place. All of this would have to be done while people were moving about.
If all this actually occurred, the initial planning of this would have started in 19987 or 1999. Oh Wait! This would have been during the Clinton Administration! So the Liberal Democrats are the ones who did this, right?

United States of America 5

During the First World War, Britain fought gallantly against the incoming dominance of The German Empire. We not only fought off the treat of Germany, we defeated them comprehensively. Superb machines such as the Bentley V12 powered Sopwith Camel flew against the German wave of attackers. Our intellectually advanced designers created one of the most important war machines in history, the Tank. The MK1 Tank was crucial in demoralizing the German enemy and in victory. Millions of British men died in battles such as the Somme, so that the rest of the world could sleep in peace with the knowledge that the German Empire was being destroyed.

So, you would think, the rest of the world would be thankful of the tremendous sacrifices that Britain and her subjects were protecting humanity. Well many were, India for example volunteered a million men, Australia and her colonies many more. Many would think that 'The Greatest Nation in the world', the United States of America would make a significant contribution, DID THEY FUCK!!! They sat and pillaged and raped Britain of her trading partners, leaving Britain significantly worse off, stabbed in the back.

So when the rise of Hitler and his Third Reich appeared, the threat of War once again rose its head. Germany flattened Poland, destroyed France and set her sights on the British Isles. A Britain that was still paying off the bill from the First World War, due to the SCUM of America leaving us no partners to trade with.

Neville Chamberlain did what no other superpower dared, declared war on Germany. America, on the other hand, sat playing with their bollocks waiting for a good enough reason. THE LONDON FUCKING BLITZ WAS A GOOD ENOUGH REASON! AUCHWITZ AND BERGEN BELSEN CONCENTRATION CAMPS WERE A GOOD ENOUGH REASON! COLDITZ CASTLE WAS A GOOD ENOUGH REASON! Instead they waited til the bombing of Pearl Harbour, indeed a tradegy, to get involved.

And now, even after all this, Americans still try and claim 'they won the war'. BULLSHIT!!! The only people who deserve to say they won the war is GREAT BRITANNIA!!! Even your silly little Supermarine Spitfire wannabee, the P-51 Mustang, an aircraft you worship and claim is the best ever fighter, only got its chance due to RAF trials and the British Rolls Royce Merlin V12 Engine, which shit over the pathetic Allison powerplant that North American installed.


*Note from Anger Central
Re: WW1. Shall we mention the Somme? Gallipoli? The sheer incompetence of the British Generals and Admirals for the first 2 years was unbelievable. They gutted their own army to the point that when the United States came in, they wanted the US to feed our troops in as replacements under British and French command. Pershing put a stop to that.

Re: WW 2. Chamberlain was one of the reason WW 2 started. If he had stood up to him a few years earlier, millions would have lived. The Allison engine didn't have a supercharger. Below 13,000 feet it was quite good. The Merlin was modified by Packard and became one of the best inline piston engines made. However, the Mustang airframe was a far better all around design. How many Spitfire's escorted the bombers to Berlin and back?

The United States was taking casualties at sea almost from the beginning. We would suggest you look up the USS Reuben James. You might want to look into US Merchant Marine losses before Pearl Harbor.

And in Conclusion, you, like most morons in Eurostan, have completely missed the basic American mindset. We just don't care about you. We don't see the need to get involved in your petty little wars. Just leave us the hell alone. If you drag us in, then we're going to play Cowboys and <Whatever>. The last time we really got to play that was against the Nazi's and the Imperial Japanese.

Now why don't you go back to committing national suicide and stop bothering us? That's a good little Eurotrash twit. :)
The Webmaster's Great Uncle was the third most decorated in WW1. The Webmaster's father saw Dachau first hand. Just thought you might like to know.

Sex cultre 6

I am so fucking angry at America. Everything is about sex, sex, SEX!! It's horrible. Kids are getting pregnant, divorces are happening like crazy, mom's are left alone to raise kids, and every time you turn a corner you (statistically) see someone with an STD. I hate this sex-crazed culture and I wish people valued themselves.

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