crooked politicians

Perfect solution. Lets force these "lovely" people in Washington to pass a law that simply states that if you have a criminal record, or even if you have something as simple as a speeding or parking ticket marring your name, you can not run for *any* type of public office, *anywhere* - period. How about another one - if you're worth more than $100K, you can not run for public office. Face it, these fat cats know nothing of the average persons wants or needs, nor, do they give a shit. One more, you must fund your own campaign, out of your own pocket (writhing with laughter, picturing candidates handing out kinkos printed flyers). Heh, problem is - you KNOW the fuckers would never pass any of these, they'd only be shooting themselves in the foot.

Politics in general 2

Politics Blows. seriously. Liars, Cheaters, backstabbing idiots ... I'm sick of this shit. People think you don't know one thing (NEWSFLASH PEONS! I know more than you fucking think!) Joe Schmoe & Dicky Doughnuts who the hell cares with your local yokal under the table bargaining, cheap deals and back stabbing. I've had it with all of you sneaky creeps ... disgusting.

Partisan Politics 3

I can't stand that our nation is divided into two major groups: democrats & republicans. Are we as a nation that simple-minded that we fall into category A or category B? Use your minds people. I guess what's worse is the nauseating selection of presidential candidates. Neither one is a gem.

Politicians 4

Why is it that in elections, there are few people who actually get voted in by the MAJORITY (aka, 51% of the people). Maybe it's the fact that we hate that when we get to vote in these "elections," our only choices are corrupt special interest cocksucking, swindling, thieving, double standard, self serving scumbags with no real solutions to deal with our problems, and communist sympathizing, terrorist coddling, tax crazy, overly priveleged, hypocritical vaginas with wholly wrong solutions to deal with our problems. I wish that on the ballot, we can pick on the ballot, NONE OF THE ABOVE? How come we don't ever have that option? How many elections do you think that NONE OF THE ABOVE will win in the US? Due to the fact that few people vote anyways, they should try it just once, see what happens. Then maybe we can send them the message that EVERYONE SUCKS. How about to make it interesting, everyone on the ballot who loses to NONE OF THE ABOVE should also be prohibited from ever running for office after that. If a majority of people HATE you and would rather see no one in office over the thought of you being in office, then that's a good sign politics is NOT your cup of tea and a career change is in order. Apparently, you're not good with people. Perhaps they can try becoming an undertaker. THey already fuck with the dead with estate taxes. Why not make a real living of it? (No pun intended) It could work. It sure hasn't been tried yet.

Elected Kings (politicians) 5

Politicians are little more than elected kings and queens. The political process itself favors spoiled rich elitist brats, with plenty of mob connections, and no talent except for looking good, and manipulating public opinion. Hardworking middle-class peasants have to support the psychic (and fiscal) vampires known as politicians, and all we hear from them is "let them eat cake" and "off with your head".

I cannot for the life of me name one good thing that Elected Kings ever done to improve my life, nor the lives of any productive people. Those criminals just churn out one restrictive new law after another, further ruining what's left of this country.

I'm waiting for the day that computers/robots take over the executive branch of government, with an improved internet for direct democracy. Then justice will prevail!

*Note from Anger Central
The best way to assure the survival of the constitutional democracy we have in this country is an amendment mandating the limitations of the term of office for all elected and appointed officials at the federal level. States will need to make adjustments regarding local officials. Will it happen? Not until a few dozen of these morons are dragged out of their limo's and strung up...after the application of a little tar and some feathers of course. ;)

Politicians in general 6

Today the Republican National Committee contacted me and asked for a donation. I had donated right after 9/11 because in general Republicans are more quick to kill terrorists. However, today I told them to get fucked. Along with the Dems. And all the fucking treasonous bureaucrats who only hold office because the blew someone (What qualified Spencer Abraham to be Sec. or Energy?). For all I care I would not donate blood to save the child of a politician if I was the only hope the child had. If they are raised with the mind set that their parents are decent and useful human beings they would only grow to inflict more torment and suffering on good hard working Americans.

*Note from Anger Central
"Our country is at that awkward stage.
It's too early to shoot the bastards, and too late for
working within the system to do any good."

McBamabots 7

I'm hacked off because people STILL think there's an actual difference between Republican and Democrat! Why can't people THINK and instead of voting for the same batch of criminals every two years, look at third parties--such as the Constitution Party?

I'm mostly hacked off at the Obamabots. Listen, people--this guy is just picking up where Bush left off! WHAT change!? The only changes I see are letter behind the name and racial makeup!

I'm also sick of the mouth-breathing, beer-guzzling, American Idol-watching dolts who have no idea as to what freedom really is!

politics 8

I am angry because I almost got fired for saying positive things about McCain/Palin and nothing about Obama. They just decided I was a racist. I think Obama ought to be in sales, not our president. He just loves to run his mouth. He has no idea of what he is talking about. Things are getting worse, not better. I don't see what people think he is so great about. His ideas are NOT going to work. My only hope is Republicans get in next term. Then we can get back on track and maybe be America again.

*Note from Anger Central
We're rather pessimistic on there even BEING another election. Obama and his cronies are rapidly moving this country into a socialist state. You are "An evil republican and must be destroyed!" Frankly, if they accuse you of being a racist and fire you, sue their collective asses off. Get a large group of like minded people to picket the business. In other words do everything to them that they like to do to others.

Oh yes. Go Palin! 2012!! :)

Pre-election B.S. 9

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to live in the U.S., but I am so over all the political crap.

  1. Do you *really* need 10 signs for your candidate in your yard? Or one sign that's 6 feet wide by 3 feet high?

  2. Stop abusing both voters and the United States Postal Service with your mailings. We. Are. Not. Stupid.

  3. If you're creating a commercial for your candidate: a) Get your facts straight and b) Stop insulting your opponent(s). Again, voters are not stupid, and we're sick of personal attacks. BTW, both major parties are equally offensive in this respect.

  4. If you're creating a commercial for or against an issue: a) Voters need more than "Vote Yes on Issue ___. Vote No on Issue ____." Tell us why. b) Get your facts straight.

  5. Politicians, lobbyists, media, etc.: Stop playing on people's fear and lack of knowledge.


stupidity of the first order 10

i am so angry because the dumbass idots in washington are ruining what was once a great country, i hope everyone is ready this is going to end badly and end soon, i find it fucking disgusting they cant get their heads out of there asses long enough to see and listen to what we are seeing and listening to on a daily basis every fucking day its something new to the point i have to fucking literally unplug. china with their 2 fucking dollar tin can carrier destroyer missiles may gain them superiority over the seas, hey you fucking dipshits on capitol hill slowly step away from the shit sandwich and solve that fucking problem im not here to vote for your stupid asses to attend gala events for recently retired CROOK! who has the audacity to washington 2 step on a fucking stage, pompous motherfucker hey dickwead i just finished watching you 2 step the last couple of weeks you fucking jerkoff as amatter of fact give me a shit sandwich make it a double this 2-bit fucking tool better duck cause i think the shit bag will be sent wrapped in steel from me to you fucking multi incumbent i would like to take a multi layer shit on you face nice and steamy. funny thing your not even the worst... whatever liberal bitch media or politician who said the only good thing that would have come out of the alaska plane crash crash would have been if the palins were in there. what the fuck is that. i would fucking tie you to an ant hole rip your mouth open drink a bunch of beer and piss down your throat if i was them. thats an american family if i was apart that family i would fucking hunt you and i would catch you but there no way i would release you. liberal media shut up about that girl. she has every right to the respect i demand from the people in my country. go sell your obama mugs in the gift shop of your new york highrise. your ends are going to have to meet someday, reporting the news apparantly aint your cup of tea probably because your to busy locked up in your sprawling office playing hide the fucking tea bag trying to lose because you like how it makes you feel. one last one start preparing world there really is only a few more years as predicted by nostradamus. i see it we are the only thing standing between that fucking hillbilly iran pupett and his sandlot bunch of crazy fucking mullahs, were heading for the double dip the news says so and they makemit sound like both recessions are going to be the same. its not people this is the backbreaker that set us back into late 1800's and you can thank your fucking government for the term to big to fail. TARP and when this country does fail and completely implode you can bet your sweet ass our represantives in washington will have directions and even though we put their fucking greedy asses in a permanetspot you will see no directions. i have a water well ammo and a fuking compound. my point dont run from the situation i woiuld have given you aride. were are beginning right now the final act of our own demise. or the man upstairs is hinting because for me this next downturn will freefall into chaos. china will not help us anymore by buying debt,just the simple fact i wrote that down about china is troubling it caught my attention really and really enforces sums it up for me. you can do 2 things the first and most urgent PLEASE VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBANCIES THAT R NOT ALREADY RETIED THIS IS EXTRMEMLY IMORTANT BEACUSE ITS THE SOLUTION AND WE CONTROL THAT SOLUTION. PLEASE BAY AREA VOTE THAT SPOILED MY MONEY IS NO OBJECT TO HER SLIMY CUNT. the easten united states started it let keep it going through nevada and ca senator shitcan her shouldnt have given gig money contracts to firms her husband owns there went someones moment or chance and thats what there doing in washington there stealing robbing and running with my chances of the american dream your chances and all of out chilrens chances so i wish they woulg go for a 2 month recess.. bunch of ODB's. the seconf thing to do is get that idiot out of the top spot, he does not know what he's doing because it factors more than just him and all he's ever done is whats best for him remember when he first started and terrible things were going on what did he do tried to push his agenda forward. i remember being dumbfounded by hislack of ability to even address the situation. what was way more important was a health care bill on a dead mans coatails strike while the irons hot. you sir dont know what your doing and thats ok it was time for a black president but it wasnt your time to be the one there will be others even without the marches and hallelujahs, dude i have way nore things to worry about then a person skins please dont put him back in for a second term. my point is we can save this world from allout allah by IRAN theres a reason they were named that right

Hypocrisy 11

I've really fucking HAD it with those deeply moronic politicians in my home country! the whole day all they do is sucking Freedom of Speech's cock, but when push comes to shove, they will try to make anyone who disagrees with them shut up! Can you FUCKING believe it? Even an immensely popular one-issue party founded for no other reason than invoking freedom of speech to voice their own radical opinions keeps suing random blog users for posting their hatred of the party leader on the internet! how is that freedom of speech, you cock-guzzling moron? How?

They also make the most outrageous provocative statements to try and get you to vote for them, but as soon as they have a chance to get in the government, they'd bow down and take a bear's dick in their ass just to be able to rule. what the hell is the use of voting if the party you vote for will immediately lay down all it's convictions and cooperate with parties with radically opposite views just to get into the government? how is that representing the voters' views?

I'm really fed up with those hypocritical politicians that don't actually believe in the causes they advocate!

politicians 12

A bunch of greedy windbags all operating in their own self interest. They couldn't care less about their people. A bunch of lying bastards.

*Note from Anger Central
And you expect us to argue with you? ;)

Inaction on the economy 13

I see the country going down the drain. The dual parties in Washington are constantly stuck in a cycle of re election. At the end of the day they get absolutely nothing done. Last week the Dems made a big show of trying to re introduce the dream act. Dummies, the economy is going down the toilet quicker than you can blink and you want to make a show of how righteous and "compassionate" you are ? why don't you show some true compassion and take care of the people that are here now instead of speculating about some possible future citizens.

The price of food is going up, the price of petroleum is going up. It is getting harder and harder to live. People, if you haven't noticed are getting pretty sick of it pretty quickly. Wake up, you Idiots!

The Ruling Elite 14

I am angry that there is a Ruling Elite in the United States and that so many people are clueless about this reality. These people comprise roughly one-tenth of one percent of the population but they have enormous political influence because they have more money than God, and they use it to manipulate elections and politicians.

They do this through Legal Bribes (A.K.A. "Campaign Contributions") and now, thanks to the five Wannabees on the Supreme Court, they can do so directly through companies they control, or completely in secret, or through phony fronts or even through international sources.

Their Legal Bribes are used to pay for television and web commercials that brainwash people into believing garbage like "the rich should pay less taxes"; "medical care is a product, just like a new car, so if you can't afford it too bad for you"; "the environment is perfect with no problems"; "give the Pentagon and its private contractors all the money they want, no questions asked"; "unions are for losers"; "anyone who works for the government is a lazy bum who couldn't get a job anywhere else." "oil, coal and nuclear are the only forms of energy that work"; "global warming is a hoax"; "Only rich people can give you a job"; "work for whatever we dictate and don't ask for more"; "If we don't invade and occupy Muslim countries they'll come over here and get us!"; "if you don't have health care it's your own fault"; "Social Security and Medicare hurt people and should be abolished"; "Only private schools educate our kids"; "we must spend billions every year for the War On Drugs"; and other complete, total, absolute vile garbage and lies.

But, the Ruling Elite funds this propaganda in order to spread hatred of "the liberals", "the minorities", "the immigrants", "the gays"; "the blacks"; etc., and they succeed in convincing a less informed and less intelligent part of our population to believe this claptrap.

And, one of the reasons the Ruling Elite wants to abolish public education is because they want a nation of dumbed down, semi-literate, easily controlled, docile, ignorant people. And so, even if they can't abolish schools right away, they do their best to defund them, claiming "there's no money" (yeah, right) and paying the teachers in these schools as little as possible, while they pay for more propaganda to turn the public against them, hoping parents will become cynical, blame the teachers for everything, and reduce confidence in the "product" coming out of the schools. (As if our educational system should be some sort of "factory"!)

And then, the Ruling Elite pays people like Fox "News" hosts and "Hate Radio" Bullies to encourage hatred and "acting out" against these "bad people", like "the liberals", which sometimes results in violence. They also encourage their followers to become increasingly delusional and only listen to information from those "trusted" sources, which are ultra extremist and mentally unbalanced. They encourage their followers to also become obsessed with guns, with the implicit hope that some small number of them will go use them on "the liberals".

The Ruling Elite has paid a lot for propaganda over the years to encourage ignorance and hatred. They've helped create millions of obsessed followers who have internalized their bizarre and self-destructive views. They've convinced a small, but politically significant, slice of the population to speak of "the liberals" the same way so many Germans spoke of "the Jews" in the 1930's.

These Ruling Elitists make me angry. Very angry. And if anyone wants me to be specific, and name names, I'm happy to do that in another post. (You'll probably censor this post but I think you needed to see it.)

*Note from Anger Central
So many targets, so few bullets, where to begin?
When we went through this screed, we thought it had been sent in by a wingnut. Low and behold, it's from a Moonbat of the barking Varity. My dear liberal, you have just given a classic definition of the term, Projection", Everything you complained about is something that is being shoved down the throats of people by the Liberal Elite. Have you been watching the Occupy Wall street debacle? Compare that with the TEA party protests and be amazed at the difference. You didn't see any Tea party people reliving themselves on police cars or making threats of violence. Nope, that was you.
The Webmaster was taking about posting a video of some moron calling attacks on anyone they disagree with. This tool called Gandhi a tumor. The Webmaster hadn't decided to post about it or put the video up, but you just convinced him. Nice work there Bud. ;)
Nice to see you at least learned how to spell. *grin*

Politicians 15

Politians in the UK have no understanding of the problems of the poor and unemployed. They went to private schools paid for by mummy and daddy. Followed by Oxford or Cambridge. They are seriously rich, how can they understand people havng to make the choice of having the heating on or eating.How can they say we are all in the present economic mess together. I don't see them trying to survive on the minimum wage, or hunting for non existing jobs or even living on the streets. If we were all in this together what employment there is would be shared amongst all and what the country can aford to pay would be shared more evenly.As for the politicians puppet masters the bankers you only need to watch the film "money is debt" on utube to realise that they all need shooting and a moral banking sysem be brought in.

Idiot Politicians 16

How do we the people allow such fuck ups go into office. These fuckups instead of helping with healthcare, getting jobs into our country, or fixing the economy instead wants to take away the internet. Seriously wether it's SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, and now the Obama Administration's ISP to spy on internet users and what they do. WHAT PEOPLE DO ON THE INTERNET IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS is the internet the reason we don't have money any our country? No why we don't have money is because you idiots spend our money out of the country and why are you taking it out on the internet with your stupid laws no wonder the rest of the world hates our guts. It's because of the stupid decisions our government makes I say we ough to Impeach Obama for his ISP idea as well as kick out of office the ones who proposed SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. This is supposed to be a free country and we should be free to do whatever the hell we want to do on the internet as well.

by far, most politicos are assholes.. 17

If a group puts heavy pressure on their local representative to support wasteful spending on idiotic programs, they will enact said programs.

Senator Ron. Paul 18

Dear Ron Paul, please stop shoving your economic crash fearmongering all over the internet and tv, all you are is just a bitter old man because you couldn't get elected, so you decide to take your insecurities out on the rest of the country by spreading your lies about an upcoming Economic Crash. You half to be completely desperate to stay relevant that you half to advertise on tv trying to spread your fearmongering, this dickhead is scaring our children with his bullshit and lies; yeah you along with Jared Fogle are both sick bastards, it's very pathetic that a bitter old man like you has to spread worldwide fear just to make yourself feel better about your own worthless life. Not only that but this website where he guarantees details about this so called crash is nothing more than a hoax to get people to buy one of his shitty books, yeah there is no crash coming, it's all an elaborate scheme by a bitter old man that couldn't get elected. Ron Paul is an evil man, and is Satan with human skin, and I pray to Jesus, that Ron Paul burns in hell, this man does not belong on our Earth and is scaring our children to make money for his own pockets; hopefully the bastard will die of a heart attack and God will be ready to dump Ron Paul in Hell where he belongs.

*Note from Anger Central
Is anyone still paying any attention to that old fruitcake?

Donald Trump 19

Donald Trump would be the modern day Adolf Hitler if he were President; Trump is nothing more than a racist,sexist, bitter, and arrogant man, who just won't shut up about how he thinks he's going to do all of this crap, keep Immigrants out, and make us all work for him. How about you take all of that and shove it up your ignorant ass Trump, you are nothing more than Hot Air and more full of shit than a Truck Stop Restroom. Anybody that is stupid enough to believe Donald Trump and vote for him clearly has no sense at all, WHY THE FUCK do you want him as head of the Country, he would basically make America his own Company and force us all to work for him and anyone that opposes him would be considered scum to him. I would love to personally punch Donald Trump in the Face and knock that stupid as hair of his, infact I would love to take a pair of clippers and shave his head bald, something that should have happened at WrestleMania 23. If Trump does get elected I hope he becomes the first modern President to get assassinated, and I hope it's by one of the Mexicans he hates so much as a form of Karma. Fuck you Donald Trump, I hope you burn in hell, but i'm sure if you went there you would replace Satan in a heartbeat, it's a lose lose situation however you put it, but still fuck you Trump and everything with your fucking name on it.

*Note from Anger Central
And let the games begin! More! More! We want more! There are 16 idiots on the GOP side and 5 or so losers on the Democrat side!
Come on people, there's so much material out there!!

Outsourcing jobs 20

The hacks in DC (bought, intimidated, brainwashed and cucked) by you know who, have allowed American corporations to ship our manufacturing out of our country. Why are they screwing around? Why not ship everything out? That way after a hard day in the country gathering persimmons, figs, muscodines, blackberries and pecans, a broke, out of work honest Joe could bicycle back to the toilet he calls a city and stuff his FEMA card in an automat so he could bring a Mc Gou Pi home to his family.
*Note: No offense to the web master, its just that Mc Gou Pi sounds better than Mc Tatti.

*Note from Anger Central
Just an FYI. It isn't that the clods in DC have allowed everything to be shipped out, it's more that they've driven the business out with their rules, regulations, laws and tax policies.
This isn't hard and fast of course, but it is a major issue.

All Lives Matter not just Your's 21

I'm so sick of this Black Lives Matter hypocrisy, whenever a Black Man gets shot by a Cop and throw fucking riots when it comes to the decision by the court. It seems like most of these protesters act like their the only lives that matter, but if it were someone else getting attacked these blacks wouldn't lift a finger to help, it's all about them. You hate our Cops because you look at all of these videos of a Cop arresting Somebody, and you wish for that Cop to die; also who's to say you wouldn't shoot up somebody walking on the street or robbing a bank, these Cops should have a reason to defend themselves, and it's a shame that there are some Black People out there, that want to make a living, and half to share a skin color with these low lives.

First of all let's talk about the crimes that are committed by most blacks Armed Robbery, Burglary, Possession of Drugs, Murder, Assault, and Battery the evidence speaks for yourself, and if a White Person that is caught with a crime gets off easily, you blame the Cops for being Racists as if White People have anything to do with the Justice System, maybe it would be more fair to you, if you would stop committing crimes in the first place. Also the reason some of you don't have any money and blame rich people for the reason your poor, let me see, what do you spend your money on, first of all, you probably stole money from a bank or from somebody by mugging them, yeah they make a living working a normal job and you who has no job decide to jump the working person and steal there money.

They spend the money that they did not earn on drugs and a fucking $200 pair of Nikes. Really you want to rob somebody of their money over a pair of fucking shoes or drugs, I think a lot of these Blacks need to really get their shit together; white people are not your problem so stop blaming them for everything that happens to you, also WorldstarHiphop needs to be shut down, if Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive today he would be absolutely embarrassed and disgusted by the behavior all of you show; fighting in places like McDonalds and Chuck E. Cheese's in front of fucking kids, you should all be ashamed of your actions.

MLK gave you guys an opportunity that he saw in his dream for Blacks and Whites to live together in peace and to treat each other as equals, he didn't say a thing about jumping somebody from behind and stealing their possessions, robing banks, fist fighting in a McDonalds, or dealing drugs. That is how you pay respect to the man that gave you a voice, by doing that shit? I respect any Black that just wants to live their life like anybody else would; going to work, raising a family, buying food, paying rent or mortgage that is the life a lot of you SHOULD be living, not blaming whites for all of your shortcomings, breaking the law, getting into fights, and doing drugs; if you really want something done ant to have those luxuries, than please get your shit together already.

Sick of Injustice 22

America for the love of God please get your Goddamn Shit together, guess what you want us to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem? How about you impeach the Oompa Loompa in office and also grow some goddamn balls and lock up these criminal cops. I'm so fucking fed up with these stories of Cops who harass Black People who did nothing wrong and mistake a Black Person minding their own business for some criminal. Let me tel lyou something Not all of us Blacks are criminals but clearly the one who is a criminal is the racist idiot with a badge holding a gun. I bet you think you're real tough with that badge and gun because if you didn't have any of that you would get the fuck beaten out of you. Also I do agree all of these stupid ass Cops do need to be drug tested because seriously if you think someone is a threat and they don't even have a weapon than you clearly are on drugs and also you take steroids because you're too much of a pussy or you're some former High School Jock guess what fuck all of you jocks out there nobody who was a Jock in High School should be hired as a Cop they should be locked up because we don't need some brainless, roided up former high school football player who couldn't make it to College or the NFL be given a badge and go around abusing the power they are given however they seem fit. Also To say Drugtesting Cops is unconstitutional is BULLSHIT you know what is? Using violent excessive force on any unarmed civilian or arresting anyone you see or writing up tickets because that Badge makes you a man. Bullshit I bet your wife hates you and I don't blame any wife of any Cop who divorces their out of control husbands and wants custody of their kids because I bet these assholes are abusive to their own families too and guess what that just proves you're not a real man at all and your wives clearly deserve better. I say these mother fuckers do need to be treated the same way Pedophiles get because the entire Country has nothing but venom towards Cops as they are all nothing but Traitors who should be charged with Treason and be Hung for disgracing themselves everytime they shoot or beat someone or arrest someone because they "thought" they was a "threat" bullshit.

Also To the idiot judges and juries out their how about you grow some goddamn balls and sentence these idiots because unless you sentence these power mad Cops and send them to Prison where they belong than it's just going to keep happening and Protests will keep happening. Clearly these fuckers never went to law school otherwise there would be true justice in this world. Also to the idiot who made a rant about Sports saying how fake it is guess what I bet some Pot Smoking, goat faced loser like yourself wouldn't think it's so fake the moment your dumbass gets punched in the face for your obvious support of Dump and I hope all of that pot you smoke burns your house down and kills you, you fucking worthless lowlife trash. Also Webmaster you want to call me a Moonbat? Fuck you , you Dumbass Wingnut how about you say that to someone's face instead on on your agenda pushing site and your sorry ass will get knocked out you racist, nazi supporting dickhead.

*Note From Anger Central
First, it took us a few minutes to decide where to put this post. It was just to generic. Well, that's why we created Politics in General.
Second, (Extreme eyeroll) The stupidity, it burns! May we suggest you not imbibe in mind altering substances prior to posting?
Being stoned out of your mind is the only possible explanation for this drivel.

Corrupt Amy Klobuchar 23

Why is this bitch still in the Presidential Run I mean really this bitch is as morally corrupt as Hillary Clinton. She tried to censor the Internet with SOPA and yet she's still Senator of Minnesota I mean how dumb can the people of Minnesota be does that cold air really affect your fucking brains up there? This bitch should have been voted out of Office a long time ago. She's also the reason why the Cops in Minnesota are so damn crooked and she's been known to mistreat staff and has been bought by billionaires and drug companies in her campaign and you honestly think anyone is going to vote for this stupid bitch over Trump? Yeah Democrats that worked so well the last time when you had Hillary as your representative and if this bitch does become your representative than you would be shooting yourself in the foot a second time nominating a corrupt bitch who should be locked up in the Big House and not in the White House and in the end history would repeat itself.

Amy Klobuchar you are unfit to be a Senator let alone the President you're a morally bankrupt bitch that lies more than Pinocchio, tried to censor the internet and force ridiculous copyright laws, steam medicare from those who need it, stealing money for yourself, you have no understanding about the Criminal Justice System and your State has some of the Worst Cops who clearly are unfit to uphold the Law and you let them get away with it. This Bitch needs to be kicked out of the DNC debate and to the people of Minnesota, PLEASE VOTE THIS STUPID FUCKING BITCH OUT ALREADY.

Senator Bobby Rush 24

This asshole is perhaps one of the biggest lowlife pieces of trash to ever be elected into the power that he clearly does not deserve to have. He is now trying to enforce HR6666 by force tests onto people who are perfectly fine and then rip families apart if they have any "symptoms" of COVID-19. That is bullshit and if there is any black person who rightfully deserves to be called the N world it's Bobby Rush, this N word needs to be voted out of office. Yeah Illinois wouldn't have such High Crime Rates if someone else was doing his job. If you live in Illinois and you care about the future than I say vote out the trash that is Bobby Rush and not only that but also call for his arrest to because proposing something like HR6666 which would put fascism over the American People and there would be no future only a dictatorship and Bobby Rush should not only be removed from office but also spend the rest of his miserable life in a Prison Cell for even suggesting a disgusting act.

Governor Kate Brown 25

Kate Brown is a spoiled bitch who has had a death grip on the state of Oregon for far too long. Anytime this bitch doesn't get her way she wants to play dictator and enforce law enforcement all because people don't follow her bullshit. She outlaws hydroxychloroquine but allows for suicide pills to be distributed and is refusing to open up Oregon because this spoiled womanchild wants to keep everyone in lockdown.

Now she has clearly overstepped her boundaries and called Child Protective Services on a salon owner for opening up her salon. Fuck you Kate Brown all you care about is your own spoiled all about me agenda and you don't give a shit about the economy, hell I say why don't we call CPS on you because I bet you abuse your own children. Kate Brown is a spoiled bitch who is not only unfit to being a mother but also she is unfit in being in control of the State of Oregon and not only should the people of Oregon need to vote her ass out of Office and I say let's have this bitch arrested and also have her children taken away from her.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster saw the same story and was working on a post when your rant came in.
Brown is one of the Deep State CommuNazis who's contempt for the Constitution knows no bounds.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer  26

Hey Michigan what were you thinking letting this stupid and corrupt bitch into Office? Not only does she not care at all about the state of Michigan but she's going to keep the state lockdown as long as she gets her way. She's been attacking medical personal all because she wants to keep the state lock down until she "FEELS" like it's time to open up and clearly doesn't care how many jobs are lost and businesses close for good as long as this dumb bitch is allowed to have her way.

She's also neglected to fix roads in Detroit and she just sat on her lazy ass not doing a damn thing. She also won't put any of the murderers in Detroit behind bars thinking they are human beings too. Bullshit you stupid bitch Most people in Detroit are nothing but criminals that you allow get away with everything and also you're more likely to die getting shot in the streets of Detroit than you do of Coronavirus.

Worst of all this dumb bitch wants people to have their barbecues indoors I mean does she not know that could burn down people's houses if anyone actually does that, Jesus Christ how stupid is Gretchen Whitmer. Dear State of Michigan please vote this stupid and unfit bitch out of Office.

*Note from Anger Central
You may want to head over to the Blog and read the Webmaster's remarks on Wretched Gretchen. Kind he has not been.

Thom Tillis 27

This stupid old fuck is trying to enforce another Copyright bill to try to arrest and lock up Twitch Streamers for up to ten years and worst of all is now trying to sneak that into the COVID-19 Relief Package as if killing Online Streaming will end COVID-19 get the fuck out of here you out of touch old man.

This old fart has been kissing Trump's ass since day one and being a Gun Lobbyist and i'm sure he thinks violent video games should be banned but Guns are fully allowed. Not to mention this old fart has endorsed a number of Pedophiles in which i'm sure he is one just like every other republican senator.

Also North Carolina why the fuck would even vote for this moron as Senator he's unfit and is now trying to take away your internet freedom and make you choose between that and COVID relief and if you voted for him that that proves that you are a stupid idiot.

I hope Thom Tillis gets removed from Senate and gets Hung for his crimes against Humanity.

*Note from Anger Central
First, don't know anything about this guy and don't care.
Second, we see the Antifa groupies are posting again. ;)

Marcus Evans Jr. 28

It's fucking embarrassing when Lawmakers will blame Video Games for crimes being committed rather than actually doing something to prevent crimes from Happening, and now this incompetent idiot from Illinois wants to ban Grant Theft Auto all because of the rise of Car Thefts in the state.

Did it ever occur to this idiot that Carjackings have been happening in Illinois long before Grand Theft Auto even hit store shelves?

I mean why do these incompetent boomers keep believing Video games are the cause of crimes because they are not. When I play GTA do I feel the need to go steal someone's car in real life? No because I would go to jail in real life and if I play Mortal Kombat do I want to decapitate someone? No because again I would be in Prison so let this be a message to you idiot lawmakers.

Leave Video Games Alone just because you are all a bunch of stupid and bitter old men doesn't mean you half to take away what brings many entertainment in their lives.

I say remove this incompetent idiot Marcus Evans Jr.

*Note from Anger Central
He's a Chicago Democrat. He won't leave office until they wheel him out in a box.

Corrupt Mayor Chris Jensen 29

This asshole has ruined the town of Noblesville by trying to construct an illegal road project and forcing residents out of their homes just to build it.

Chris Jensen is a fucking idiot who clearly doesn't care about residents in this town and cares less if he is the reason so many in this town goes homeless just to build an illegal road project and has even threatened to have anyone arrested if anyone tries speaking out against him.

Chris Jensen is also a fucking manchild who thinks it's ok to insult residents and children and try to use big words to make himself look superior and clearly he's let all of this power go straight to his head.

Worst of all he lied about where the Road Project would start, it's going to be built where my front porch is.

Chris Jensen needs to be removed as Mayor of Noblesville, he's corrupt, he's a bully, he's become a full blown dictator, he's a narcissist, and he looks like Jared Fogle too and could be a pedophile. I am going to move from this town but if I ever do come back that Jared Fogle looking dumbfuck better be either removed or expelled.

Politics in general 30

Politics. Oh boy. The bane of modern social media and everything else in the world. Good lord above, the political landscape in the US is terrible.

I remember the days I could go online and go, "Oh boy, no political things at all!"

Oh wait, I can't.

Because it was never like that. It at least used to be better though. I used to be able to say, "I think women should have bodily autonomy." And ninety percent of everybody from _every_ party would go, "Yup, seems reasonable to me." Nowadays, it's gotten to the point that if I said that, I'd get ninety percent of the Democrats going, "Yes, we love you." 10 percent of the Democrats going "YOU DON'T THINK WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN MEN? DIE!!!11!" I'll get ninety percent of the Republicans going "Get out of muh country yuh god-damned socialialiste idiot!" and ten percent of the Republicans saying "No, we should get all the women as slaves." Or some other inane garbage along those lines.

My God, politics has devolved so far back into tribalism that I'm one-hundred percent sure that if you put a Democrat and a Republican into a room together and gave them sticks, they'd immediately try to beat each other to death. It's just disgusting. The worst part is, everything is politicized, too. You like not dying because your healthcare bills bankrupted you? You're a socialist communist pig that wants to redistribute the wealth and eat the rich. You like to shoot your guns every once in a while? You kill and eat babies and routinely shoot up schools. It's saddening, really. But it also makes me mad as all getout.

Fuckin' A.

Joe Manchin 31

Joe Manchin is the most useless senator in office and I can tell you right now Robert C. Byrd is rolling over in his grave over how much you have disgraced West Virginia with your incompetence.

Of course Cotton Eye Joe hasn't been to West Virginia in a long time except to eat a plate of Jim's Spaghetti in Huntington before returning to Washington and stab West Virginia in the back by refusing to sign the Infrastructure Bill because you think it creates entitlement.

Bullshit, creating safer roads in West Virginia does not create entitlement, since when did the safety of your constitutes became known as being entitled?

Which is Ironic because you Joe Manchin are bought by Big Pharma and ignore the continuing Drug Problem in West Virginia and yet you do nothing about it.

Not to mention there's an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean which has caused gas prices to go up and has lead to death of Wildlife in the Ocean and yet you think not approving the Infrastructure bill is entitlement?

Joe Manchin due not just West Virginia but the entire Country a favor and just resign already, you are completely useless.

*Note from Anger Central
Well, the resident Communist has posted. How are you doing?
First, we agree that Mancin is useless, just for different reasons.
The "Infrastructure Bill" is, from what we've seen, not supported by his constituents. We are prepared to be corrected of course. How about you?
That oil spill is interesting. It appears there were two things going on. It looks like one of the ships stacked up waiting to unload, dragged an anchor
and hooked the pipeline. it also seems they were "parked" where they shouldn't have been. (Near said pipeline) Was this done intentionally?
Next the company running the pipeline didn't shut it down as soon as they saw a problem. That raises other questions.
Regarding the drug problem, while we have no real use for "Big Pharma" how is it their responsibility for the criminal misuse of their product?
We're also of the mindset that if people want to self medicate in this manner, let them. Just don't expect society to pick up the bill when they OD.
Finally, Let's Go Brandon! ;)

Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz Dumb and Dumber 32

Texas is freezing once again and while Cancun Cruz is wasting away again in Margaritaville the rest of us in Texas are suffering because of how much of a lying sack of shit Greg Abbott is.

His Ercot Electric Company has been draining citizens of their money for their abysmal electrical power grid which failed us last year and is once again failing us here in Texas and that bootleg George W. Bush looking dumbass Governor of ours lied about the power staying on which we all knew it wasn't that and with COVID cases still raising here in Texas we're putting all responsibility on you Greg Abbott for once again failing Texas but then again Greg Abbott is synonymous with failure just like that fat, bearded Forest Gump looking Senator of ours who would rather fly down to Cancun and blame his daughters instead of owning up to his mistakes and taking responsibility.

But no Turd Cruz would rather pick fights with Big Bird over Vaccines by calling it "Government Propaganda for Children" and last I remembered Teddy you did get Vaccinated and if you have been vaccinated than you shouldn't be telling people not to, but of course if you are Ted Cruz you are the biggest hypocrite in the Country.

Texas we've had enough of these two incompetent idiots and we will vote them out because both Asshole Abbott and Cancun Crus have failed our great state and the sooner Dumb and Dumber are voted out the better life will be in the great state of Texas.

Don't Mess With Texas.

*Note from Anger Central
First, the problems with ERCOT go back long before Abbott was governor. (The webmaster used to work in the energy secotr and is familier with the ISO's)
Second, would it be safe to assume you will be voting for the Democrat candidates such as the Fake Mexican?

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