Detroit Police

Today I got a call from a precinct and they were asking for money for a fundraiser. Last month I wwas reduced to sleeping in my car because of lack of jobs in the Detroit area. At that time I was pulled over for a $115 speeding ticket. I only had 30 cents to my name and wasnt expecting a paycheck anytime soon.I didnt even have an address and they insisted I must have one. Ok my address then was a 1997 Chrysler Sebring. Now I have an address and they have the nerve to ask for more money? They forced me to give them money when I was homeless and now they expect me to give them more money for their benevolent fund? First of all Why should I give a shit about some dead cop's family? Second of all THEY MAKE MORE MONEY THEN I DO BY A LONG SHOT,didnt they have enough sense to save some? I only make $8.30 per hour and they have the nerve to ask me for money? I told the cop to fuck off and die right on the phone. Not only that, but they also took me to jail right on the morning of my 22nd birthday. Traffic cops need to first get a clue then second rot in hell. Sure I'll give them money...when they pay me back the $3000 I paid them over the years

Spanish Police 2

those nasty spanish police men.
i was on a kiddys horse in gran canaria, ok ill admitt, it was 4 in the morning, and yes i was drunk, but there was no need for me to get a beating like that, twatted me right round the ass with a trunction, the twat.

Police 3

On December 30, 2003 - a man was killed by an 18 wheeler on the interstate in Mississippi. The mans wife, who lives in Florida - was notified of her husbands demise via PHONE CALL by a cop in Mississippi. What kind of DUMBASS INSENSITIVE PIECE OF SHIT REDNECK SHEEP FUCKER thought THAT was a good idea?! The very LEAST you IDIOTS could have done, was to have the *courtesy* to request that a decent, kindhearted policeman in Florida pay a visit to the poor woman's home to deliver THAT kind of news. You don't DO that kind of shit to people. Thank you, for giving me a place to vent.


I got pulled over for speeding today. 55 in 35 never mind the fact that it was the flow of traffic. NO instead, this pig pulls me over saying I was speeding. Better in mind, my car is lucky to go 55 on a good day. Now I have to pay probably in the area of $250 and attend traffic school. However, what angers me most is pretty much the quality of cops that they have here. They are absolutely WORTHLESS! They do not make this area safe. Their practices are God awful. For instance, I witnessed a pedestrian vs vehicle accident. I saw the car hit the dude enough to see him slam up against the engine hood. I was decent enough to stand around as a witness, but when I wanted to give my statement, they said that my account "wasn't good enough" and that i was not a credible witness. That's fucked up. Now I'm less inclined to stop for anything and assist the police. I'd rather let them fester and fumble with the investigation than contribute any significant help. Since they're so bright I guess they can figure it out on their own.

Want to know how fucked up Pomona is? Just recently, there was a cop killing, and no it didn't happen on some random street, some domestic disturbance or armed robbery. This happened at the FUCKING COURTHOUSE! This punk killed a CHP officer in front of the FUCKING COURTHOUSE NOT MORE THAN A FUCKING BLOCK AWAY FROM THE GODDAMN POLICE STATION. Imagine how fucked up the police has to be when a cop can be gunned down in front of what is essentially their front porch. I do not feel safe in this area and they want me to appear at that same courthouse? FUCK THAT! Thank God for online payment. In fact, I'm leaving Pomona next year. This town has gone to the gangs a long time ago. Fuck the cops! May they eat shit in addition to their fucking donuts!

Kenner cops 5

Think Orleans cops are bad? A friend of mine got a ticket for supposedly not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign in Kenner. I'd say it's a wee bit difficult for that to happen if there is another car IN FRONT of you. Piggy wrote him up, and told my friend that he could get more information by calling the number on the ticket. That number turned out to be the clerk of court office. Here's the interesting thing - the entire system is automated (who isn't these days?). After going in circles with that system for about 20 minutes, my friend discovered that there is no possible way of reaching a human through that line, nor - are you able to leave your number so that someone can contact you. So, why am I pissed? If the city of Kenner sees fit to place these lazy shits at one corner all day in order to fill ticket quotas (as opposed to fighting REAL criminals) the very LEAST they could do is put a real live human being on the phone to answer any questions someone may have! To top it off, my friend makes his court appearance. The judge told him, that if he contested the fine and lost - his out of pocket costs would be doubled, and it would appear on his driving record. The judge also told him, that if he entered a guilty plea and simply paid the fine - it would NOT appear on his driving record. *Snort* .. what the fuck is wrong with this picture?

cops 6

I hate these fuckin small town cops that have nothing better to do than pull people over and ticket them for absolute bullshit. I remember one time i got stopped for having a small crack in my windshield AND IT WASNT EVEN ON MY SIDE it was right above the glove compartment So officer shithead gives me a $50 dollar ticket. These kinda cops need to get a fuckin life and suck my balls. Im not gonna have my hard earned money being taken away just because some dooche bag cop has nothing better to do than harass people and fill a quota. It is called to protect and serve Not to harass and be an asshole.

One dirty ass cop 7

Here's one for the record books on fucked-up town management of the worst kind. This real asshole cop not only shits all over the town's residents with bogus citations but all over most of his fellow police officers as well. Getting them fired or suspended indefinitely for not agreeing with his fucked-up reasoning. Angry as hell barely suffices for why the town managing body has not fired this real asshole cop. I'm guessing that these chicken shits are afraid of this cop.

Kenner cops 8

These bottom feeders are so ticket happy that they have been rated worst in the nation - AND they are currently being investigated by the Feds.

My husband, who is a cabbie - got stopped yesterday for supposedly not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. BUT, he can prove otherwise.

Hope you're sitting down - because this gets really pathetic. He was pulled over by a PIG-in-training, who seemed a bit too eager to do her "job". Pig-in-training approached the vehicle and spoke to *the passengers* before she spoke to *the driver*. The passengers, one adult male and one female child - were on their way to a doctors appointment because the little girl was ill. The adult passenger told PIG-in-training that my husband did *nothing* wrong, that he *did* come to a complete stop - that he is a regular passenger of my husbands, and that he is a good driver. This wasn't good enough for the trainer or trainee. At this point - PIG-in-training told the passengers they would have to walk the rest of the way to their destination, about 4 city blocks to the doctors office. It was a chill day, and this poor little girl was ill - you don't DO that kind of shit to *anyone*... which is really making me begin to wonder if this bitch cop is racist, because the passengers were both African American . By law, this bitch was supposed to have called another cab out to take those poor people to where they needed to go. This kind of behavior makes me absolutely sick.

In addition to this, after the passengers left. BOTH pigs proceeded to harass my husband about various things that the Taxi Cab Bureau sees to - on a regular basis - for example .. they wanted to know where his fire extinguisher was, among other things.

My husband was not going to sign the ticket, because he knew he was *not* in the wrong. They threatened to take his license away - AND they called their superior out. When their superior arrived (keep in mind this is 3 pigs at this point) - they proceeded to perform an ILLEGAL search of his vehicle. Needless to say, they found nothing. But, where exactly is the probable cause necessary to do a search - NONE - unlike them .. my husband was doing his JOB.

What gets me REALLY pissed about this whole situation is that - several hours prior to this incident, not too far from where my husband was stopped - a man was stabbed to death. WHERE THE HELL were all the Kenner cops when this was going on??! Eating donuts?? Issuing more bunk traffic citations?? This is not law enforcement. This is not even a legitimate attempt to make the roads safer for all drivers. It's flat our greed & harassment. And yes, they *do* have a quota to fill - don't let them tell you otherwise.

As one wise poster stated - " Fuck the cops! May they eat shit in addition to their fucking donuts!" This is the UNITED States of America - NOT the POLICE States of America!!! These assholes WILL be hearing from our attorney.

Michigan State Police 9

fine, i get a speeding ticket. Whatever. but then the mingle piss says that if i can't pay him $75 CASH immediately that he has to hold my license. he has to KEEP IT in michigan until i get home to minnesota and send a cashiers check and it clears and then they will send my license back. WTFE kind of idiocy is this? everyone is ape shit about fraud and identity theft so if I want to buy a toilet plunger at home depot and all i have is a credit card they turn me away becasue they need a driver's license but mine is in some courthouse in michigan while my toilet is overflowing. BRILLIANT. i had intended to write the state police and the michigan tourism bureau or something and tell them that i'll never visit their state again on the off chance that i am going 5.5 miles over the speed limit and the statey is too busy to let me stop to an atm even though i saw him an hour later on the same road not doing a damn thing. welcome to michigan!

cops 10

Im sick and tired of cops always justifying every single shooting incident....iv never EVER heard of a police department say they made a mistake when shooting someone, that cop who shot the military policeman will be exonerated you watch, ill bet my bottom dollar on it, the cops are as corrupt as the criminals and probably more so, because they are granted the authority to exert force legally and do it without discretion....god how scary is it getting out there?

lazy police 11

thanks ever so much to the local cop too lazy to do his job. my truck breaks down while attending an air show. I walk back to airport. no pay phone of course. I walk back to truck. some nice couple walking by let me use their cell phone. call police and ask to have tow truck sent. this wise ass tells me I have to have cash. I tell genius in blue that I have used towing company before. says they will call them. yeah right. over an hour later, no tow truck. I am diabetic and need to get my shot. luckily truck started when I popped the clutch. maybe bad connection. what if this had been a real emergency. thanks for nothing you fat lazy bastard. bet you have no problem finding road details to milk them of cash. god I hope I live to see the day they lay some of you blue suited dipshits off. maybe you can then work Wal-Mart security.

Oswego City Police 12

Last night I was sleeping and got up at midnight because I wanted to go to the convenience store and everyone was just sitting on the porch talking. A cruiser rolls up, a pissed off cop gets out, and says "Who's comin with me"? I froze... knowing if I went ahead on my errand they would try to chase me down and if I went inside to go to the bathroom they would think I was up to no good and arrest me. I hadn't even been awake 10 minutes and had said less than 20 words to anybody when all this went down. I am a vet who has served this country for two years and counting but when did it become illegal for a man to sit on his porch? (They took my neighbor away in cuffs) And why should I be in fear when I did nothing wrong. FUCK!

Police Brutality 13

All cops should die and burn in hell; these donut eating, dick sucking, fat lazy pussy cops who are trigger happy and shoot people or attack people for no reason If I was president I would send every goddamn cop to prison for lazyness and corruption you don't deserve to wear a badge you deserve to burn in hell. Not only would I put them in prison but i'll alow the inmates to beat the shit out of them until their all a bloody pulp also cops who arrest little kids should be stabbed and have their insides ripped open after that I will make sure your all dead and I could careless if it was unconstitutionalized so to you cops either leave the force or leave this Earth before we destroy you ourselves.

*Note from Anger Central
Got bagged at the Republican convention did you?

Orlando Police 14

If you have a problem that needs police attention, don't expect any results from the Orlando police because they say they're gonna send an officer and he never arrives. I called 3 times and each time it was the same story. "An officer is on the way." 4 hours later, nothing. This is is negligence.

*Note from Anger Central
We have some bad news for you. Thanks to multiple court decisions, police are not under any requirement to do anything to protect you. Their job is to "Protect society/the Community" not individuals. Thanks to these decisions, along with politicians who put people who defend themselves below criminals, the body count is climbing rapidly.

Our soon to be sworn in president is a firm believer in punishing people who defend themselves. Welcome to the real world.

cops 15

I got pulled over for running a red light. No problem. I screwed up. Pull me over.

So I get pulled over and 2 cops get out of the car.
It's irritating because they both looked so schmucky. One was 4 foot tall butch lady who wanted to be a man. The other one was a goon with a big, billowy, food-stained, rotting mustache. He looked like a catfish.

So I didn't have my license on me. I gave them all my information and they said that i wasn't in the system and they impounded my car.

I got my car back (with my license) an hour later ,but I still had to pay $380. Insane. I'm so angry , I can't even sleep. I'm completely stunned that this could've happened. Oh yeah, they were smirking and laffing while my car was being taken away and the whole incident made my wife 2 hours late 2 work. Thanks for letting me rant. I will be furious about this for the rest of my life, but telling others about it seems to help a litle, Thanks again.

Southern Cops 16

Not one cop has ever helped me out in my life, they just continue to make life hard for me and almost everyone I know.

I live in Mississippi, and there are more crooked cops here than there are obese people or pregnant teenagers. I have a million stories about these ass-backward officers, but in specific, I went swimming last week in my friends neighborhood pool with 4 other friends. We went swimming at 9p.m on a Sunday, and apparently the pool is closed on Sundays and when it is open closes at 9.30pm, or that is what the police said when some neighbor called on us.

4 damn officers eventually showed up and they could have just told us to go home but hell no. They sat us on the sidewalk for at least an hour, had us call all our parents to come up there while they gave us "a good talkin'". The police told our parents we broke the gate lock, (false, the neighborhood pool guy forgot to lock it), and snuck in to swim. My friend's father hit his son hard in the mouth at the scene and none of the officers did anything.

I go to court in a few months

Parking Enforcement Officers 17

You know, before you get all holier-than-thou on me (yes, dipshit readers, I'm talking to you), let me state outright that I have no beef with people who get tickets for parking in handicapped spots, or blocking a hydrant, or too close to the intersection or whatever the fuck else. This rant is not about people who do their job and give those people the ticket they deserve for violating a law that is common sense.

This rant is about the cock sucking piece of shit dirt bag who ticketed me and half my neighbors for parking in front of our own fucking houses this morning. When, you ask? At fucking 3AM like the God damned dickless, faggot coward that he was. What for, you ask? Because we parked our cars facing West instead of East on our side, and some people were East instead of West on the other side of the street. Apparently pointing your car the wrong way, while parallel parked on a residential street, even in front of your own fucking house, is a crime. No, I'm not fucking kidding here. Literally ticketed because my car was pointing the wrong direction, in front of my own fucking house, not 20 feet from my front door.

So yes, this Nazi cock sucker gave everyone in the whole neighborhood tickets at 3AM, all of them parked in front of their own houses the way they've parked for at least the last three years by my count. No warnings, no nothing, just a nice fine for parking in front of your own house, but with your car pointing the wrong way. I could not make this up if I tried.

I tell you, I hope this piece of shit gets himself shot next time for fucking with people's cars at odd hours of the night. What a predatory piece of human fucking garbage would ticket people parked in front of their own house while they slept? Is the city that fucking strapped for money in this economy? How the hell do you sleep at night when you do this for a living to people?

I said it once and I'll say it again, I hope this motherfucker gets himself jacked up by some cranked out psychopath the next time he's creeping around someone's car, in front of the owner's house at 3AM. Or better yet, I hope he gets blown away by some fucking knuckle-dragging, dope-dealing illegals. This is Arizona after all, and we have plenty of them to go around. Try fucking with their dope cars in the middle of the night and see what happens you piece of bitch shit.

Fucking asshole, you're disgrace and a low life. I hope you fucking die for being such a predatory, cowardly, pathetic sack of shit that has to ticket people in front of their own houses while they sleep (you know, before we go to our REAL jobs in the morning, unlike you!).

Eat shit and die you motherfucker. And hey, if any parking enforcement people don't like this, you can stick it up your ass you pricks.

Cops 18

I was coming home from work last night. A cop pulled me over for going 60 miles per hour on a road with speed limit 30. Gave me a $200 ticket because "I was disrespecting the town".

Fucking horseshit.

Nobody cares about this place. I pass this piece of shit ten times a week. It's always deserted, even with the fire department and school in plain site.

This asshole cop asked me why I was going so fast. I told him I wanted to get home quicker. He told me that was a dumb reason. Very professional. It was 2:30 in the morning and I wanted to sleep.

Jesus, why can't cops actually go after something life threatening for once? I'm now taking the fucking interstate to work. How does anybody get anywhere in a timely fashion going 30 miles per hour?

Train Police 19

got a fine for not being able to prove i'm a student, i should have paid 'adult fare'. OF COURSE I'M A FUCKING STUDENT, DIPSHIT I WAS IN MY FUCKING SCHOOL UNIFORM. no, mr.Officer i just wear a school uniform for the sheer enjoyment. fucktard.

whats worse is i was being the calmest most co-operative tool. lesson of the story kiddo's when they catch you, ASSAULT THE FUCK OUT OF THEM.

they're fat people who never made it as a real cop, so they became the gay train police. that way they can be the POWERFULLESSTTTTT.

peace to them bushpigs, hope they get far in life

Ethics 20

Loser Cops

You think it's okay to write tickets (If I remember you wrote 2 - 3 tickets and of course not file them so that there is no record or proof that you wrote fake charges) for your lowlife pathetic cousin, D.E, so that he can say he has a court date and can't go to work so he could go to Montreal with you? You think you are above the law because you think you have the right to speed because you have a badge and that other cops won't give other cops a ticket for speeding since it interferes with their work? There is no doubt in my mind you will start to become a crooked cop. It sucks because it's not right and there is nothing I can do except hope you get fired asap or shot.

*Note from Anger Central
We deleted a few sections of this posting that may enable identifying the police officer and the poster. Sorry, but from what you wrote, it's both for your own protection and ours.

US CBP Agents 21

I am angry because I have recently had quite a shitty experience with a certain Customs and Border protection agent. Don't get me wrong, most of my experiences with law enforcement have been positive, but there have always been a few pricks who manage to sour my opinion of the entire group, for better or for worse. This guy falls into the aforementioned bad apples category. They are the type of officers who tend to act like self-righteous dickheads, the person who barely made it through high school/college with a passing GPA. Once given a badge and some authority, he feels that he has the right to treat people like they are less than himself because the "us versus them" mentality has been drilled into his head from the moment he started his training.

I was getting off a flight from Italy at the Minneapolis airport, tired and jet-lagged from being cramped into a tiny seat in a metal tube for nearly eight hours. My brain and body were barely functioning, and I stumbled clumsily down the jetway and into the customs hall. All I wanted to do was get back to my house and crash so I could purge my body of this cranky and nervous feeling. Unfortunately, I first had to pass through passport and luggage control. As i reached the agent sitting at the desk, he began to stare at me with a suspicious glance. Understandably, i was acting a bit nervous, which could be cause for suspicion, but any normal person could infer from the purple bags and redness in my eyes that it was because i was suffering from sleep deprivation, and not discomfort from the balloon of cocaine shoved up my ass. He began to bombard me with a series of questions about my vacation and it's purpose, as well as my employment, residency status and fucking dick size (exaggeration) (Listen asshole, the last thing I want to do after a trans-atlantic flight is give you my life story, especially when i can barely handle my luggage without dropping it) He continued with his condescending voice and attitude the entire time, asking me "Why are you so nervous? You're pacing back and forth and looking away from me". I don't know fuckstick, maybe because I just crossed six different fucking time zones,my body clock is out of whack and you're rattling my nerves and making me even more nervous by continuing to ask why I'm nervous. Not to mention you have the power to slap me in cuffs and ruin my life at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, he got done inspecting my passport and passed me off to a much nicer agent who inspected my luggage and questioned me without all the macho-cop Dirty Harry bullshit.

So, the lesson learned here is to keep your composure around border agents even after a tiring flight, or risk being treated like a mexican drug mule simply because you're a bit jittery.

Today's Cops 22

I swear every Police Officer in this country is nothing but a bunch of racist, trigger happy, dick sucking terrorists posing as law enforcement; after what happened in Ferguson the whole Country should not trust our cops in fact I think it's absolute bullshit how they're getting away with so much crap. the Cop who shot Michael Brown; he had no weapon on him, and yet the Cop shoots him thinking it was self defence; if the guy had no weapon on him; you had no right to shoot him; you racist KKK, Tea Party Redneck hick. Then what did that lead to the fucking Cops acting like Military, arresting reporters for doing their jobs and throwing their weight around; if I were the National Guard I would've opened fire on the Cops and arrested those Crooked Pricks and have them all thrown in federal Prison and as for the coward cop who shot Michael Brown he needs to be locked up and be thrown in the chair for his actions.

Other things that piss me off about today's cops; arresting Firemen while they're pn the job of putting out fire, because the dumb cop thinks the firetruck is blocking him; NO DUMBASS that fireman is trying to put out a fire to save someone's life; you have no business interfering with another's dispatch, so why don't you go and arrest a real criminal or better yet handcuff yourself and throw yourself in Jail for being a fucking Idiot.

I Swear Congress needs to stop wasting time trying to pass stupid copyright laws, and instead pass a law where any Police Officer commits an act of Brutality on an innocent civilian, shoots, an unarmed civilian, or makes a false arrest, or interferes in the affairs of other Government agencies; than that Officer should be stripped of their badge and thrown in Prison and be fed to the criminals that they threw in their; Karma is a real bitch ain't it

*Note from Anger Central
Two things hurt your rant. First equating the Tea Party people with the KKK. That is Progressive Liberal propaganda. The KKK was an arm of the Democrat party. The various Tea Party groups only care about over taxation and over regulation. Recall that the TEA in Tea Party stands for Taxed Enough Already.The claim that all cops are racists, by your definition, must include black, hispanic, asian and other groups.
The second issue is the Michael Brown affair. That claim that it was a "Racist Cop" has pretty much fallen apart. All the claims made regarding Brown have collapsed rather badly.
As to the rest, not a lot of disagreement there. The issue today is we have to many law enforcement officers and not enough peace officers. There is a difference.

Fuck the police! 23

Fuck these bastards. They get away with all kinds of bullshit authority, including killing innocent people, only getting called out when they fuck with a black person. They sit around and wait for people driving fast on abandoned back roads, then pull people over. They think they are doing people a favor for giving warnings instead of tickets. Why not give people a favor and not pull people over who are just driving to and from work? You people suck, and you let the homeless walk around begging the general public for money. Fucking annoying and useless. They all look the same, shaved head, big muscles, they are all so close they are probably gay for each other and strive to fuck everybody else over. Oh wait, they already do because they give each other special treatment as "professional courtesy". Defend themselves, fuck over everybody else.

*Note from Anger Central
Well. the first response to the Ferguson Grand Jury not indicting Officer Wilson.
We assume you didn't actually pay any attention to the evidence presented by the DA in his statement or read the details he released after his statement last night?

Cops are Pussies 24

Every day another act of Chicken Shit Brutality by some chicken shit cop, you know what, I think the damn government needs to fucking do something already, because it pisses me off how these goddamned crooked cops get away with beating up innocent victims, you know what if it were up to me I would send the Military to arrest every crooked cop in every Police Department and have them tortured, and if Cops fight back against Military, than the Troops would be allowed to shoot them, I would call every cop nothing but terrorists hiding behind a badge. The Problem is also a lot of these young dumbass cops, I say there needs to be an age limit as to who should be a cop and be given blood tests for Roid Rage and if they fail I would send them straight to jail. Also David Clarke you are the dumbest man on Earth obviously, your nothing but a Fox News suck up attention whore, why is it the President's Fault Cops get shot, yet you make excuses for Cops that commit Brutality, if you said that about me, I would have you hung, and not only that but have any cop that brutalizes innocent victims or write false speeding tickets, have jumper cables attached to their testicles and electrocuted. Not only that but I think all of these Cops do deserve to Die and Rot in Hell for their Career Choice, I say why not blow up every Cop Car or have an Officer's Dick Chopped off with a Meat Cleaver as a way to get even, and if anybody defends their actions than you are as stupid as they are, as far as we're concerned the whole country should have nothing but venom for Police and their actions, and if it were up to me Cops would be wiped off existence, if they can't do their jobs right, than they all should be burned at the Cross.

Burn the Police 25

I'm so fed up with today's power mad Cops, you know I think the Cops in this Country need to stop being let off after the unforgiveable crimes they commit. If I were in Charge of this Country I say let's hang all of these Corrupt Cops and burn them. Such as the Ugly Cop who shot a woman outside; If I was that Officer's partner I would rip his badge right off him, take his Gun shoot him in the balls and place him in the back of the cruiser and throw him in a cell and feed him to Big Bubba. Also to the dumbass who said Cops shoot Black People, I say we shoot Cops too, and you know what you shouldn't be a Cop at all, so why don't you go put your KKK Hoodie on so that way we can shoot your dumbass. Also to the Idiots arresting a woman for tending to her patients who was in a serious accident; you really care more about yourself than that person who's about to die after being in an accident. I would have the Pussy Cop be lined up and get stabbed and have every drop of blood donated to those who lives do matter; because obviously Blue Lives Don't Matter Period, Blue Lies Matter, Blue Lives Murder; I say the Government needs to get their Goddamn Shit together and start punishing the dickless little pussies. I say Fuck the Police, it's time we all start fighting back, to all Cops who die you deserve to die and I hope Satan has your ass on his Pitchfork, I say let's burn all PDs to the ground and send every Cop straight to Hell and the same goes for Dump.

*Note from Anger Central
There are very good police officers and there are very bad ones. The bad ones make all the noise and should be removed from the force.
Your attitude of "Kill them all" basically means you don't want police at all.
Might I suggest a visit to Baltimore? There are areas that the police simply don't bother with, since it's full of people with your attitude.
That also happens to be where a lot of the recent spate of murders are taking place.
Good cops need to be rewarded and cherished. bad ones need to be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

David Clarke 26

This ass backwards ugly, dog faced bastard really pisses me off; David Clarke is a pathetic excuse as a human being and a disgrace to all law enforcement. The fact that you let your prisoners die is just sickening and that you go and show your ugly face on Fox News to defend all of your fellow killer cops makes me wish death upon you. You go around talking about all of the problems with Black People, mother fucker you turned your back on your own race and if there's anybody who does deserve to be called the N Word, it's you David Clarke you are the only N Word that lives on this planet, if I ran this world and you decide to talk shit about me, I would have you hung and shave that beard with Sheep Clippers before hanging you; hell I bet your whole entire family hates your guts; your wife probably is seeing a real man, your kids want a real father, not a failure as a husband, father, Cop, and a human being in general, so shut the fuck up and I hope you die a very horrible painful death and burn in hell David Clarke.

*Note from Anger Central
And we see that a member of the Progressive Liberal Police hating Racist brigade has come for a visit.
Proglodytes. You can't beat them, and if you shoot them, you get ticketed for littering.

Fed Up With Cops 27

 I'm so fed up with these dumbass Cops who think it's ok to abuse their power instead of doing their actual jobs. Some dumbass Cop shoots a young black man 20 times in his own backyard because dumbass thought the black man was holding a gun; he was holding a cellphone, how do you not know the difference? If some cop came to my house I would have a gun and open fire on the Cop; this is my house you don't come on my property and I have a right to defend myself. This Cop shouldn't be allowed to walk free hell no he should be charged with Home Invasion and Murder; also to any Cops who think it's ok to shoot Innocent Pets, you shoot my Dog and i'll shoot you, fucking dumbasses. It pisses me off how so many untrained young Cops are put on patrol I think there need to be age limits and background checks on these Cops before putting them on the force; test them for drugs, steroids, if they're racist, or former High School Jocks and if they are any of the listed above guess what deny them their badges.

Recently some dickhead Cops barge into a Domino's all because they consider a bad online review a fucking crime and harass staff and the manager. Like I said these Cops have no right to barge in whenever they feel the need to and terrorize whatever they feel like all because these pussy Cops now have manhood because of the badges they wear. Guess what you ain't real men just terrorists who shouldn't be allowed to enforce the law, you should all be locked up and fed to Bubba in a Prison Cell. Also why is it Cops that always do this shit get away with Paid Leave? Fuck that shit any Cop who commits any act of Brutality should be stripped of their badge and sent direcftly to Prison, no more Court trials because clearly the dumbass juries can't do nothing right at all; they let criminals go free and innocent people go to jail because of the retards who get called for Jury Duty. Guess what all of you dumbasses the Cops are guilty so grow a spine and a brain and fucking make sure these Cops spend life behind bars and you know what I think these Cops along with George Zimmerman and Darrell Wilson deserve Capital Punishment, you know what all of these asshole Cops should be given Capital Punishment.

By the way sicko George Zimmerman is auctioning off the gun he used to murder Trayvon Martin you know what I would do if I had that gun I would use it on George Zimmerman himself and then set his ass on fire, and I hope you and every one of these killer Cops all burn in Hell. Karma will come around and Justice will be serves and I hope every one of these sick, power abusive, violent, child killing Cops all get what's coming to them and I hope it happens very soon in your all's blood. Yeah also to the Cop that murdered the Pest Control Worker at a Hotel guess what I am praying for your death to happen along with the creepy Haitin guy who shot an innocent woman, fuck all of you Cops and like I said Karma is coming and it's only a matter of time and I pray that if none of you go to Prison where you do belong, than I wish and pray to God for all of you to suffer a Violent and Painful Death.

*Note from Anger Central
Interesting here. The problem with police is we have to types.
Good ones who believe in the motto, "Protect and Serve" and those who, bluntly, should never be allowed to carry a badge.
Regarding Zimmerman, this isn't the correct place to post about him. Besides, he was acquitted for fairly obvious reasons.
Martin was trying to kill him and he had no choice but to shoot.
Beating someone's head against a concrete curb is attempted murder.
However, you're the mass posting moonbat so, please continue posting your delusions. :)

Dumbass Cop 28

so a wreck happened as Cops had caught up with a suspect who ran stop signs and wrecked a number of cars before the chase ended. Now I was on my way home and saw what was happening until some idiot Cop nearly hit my car cutting out of a Rite Aid Lot right midway through Traffic and nearly caused another accident. Fucking idiot Cop his ass needs to be fired for that, Now if there was another Cop around and watching he would have gotten after the one who nearly caused me to wreck but they were all watching over the wreck that happened now do you want to have a wreck on your hands than how about you fire that dumbass Officer, now I do hope the Criminal that they was chasing after got arrested but they also need to fire the Officer who nearly plowed into my car without turning on his lights and if he didn't have a badge and uniform on I would have called him a fucking idiot and beat the hell out of him if he wasn't a Cop. I really do hope the PD fires this idiot for his recklessness.

Idiot Police 29

If Cops think it's ok to arrest a blind disabled woman on a scooter than I think it's ok to attach jumper cables to a Cop's testicles and torture the fuck out of them. If I had the Infinity Gauntlet I would wipe all Cops from existance, they clearly can't do their jobs right, they are pathetic excuses for human beings and a waste of life and all of them deserve to die horrible violent deaths and I will have nothing but venom towards all Law Enforcement along with the right wing wingnut moron who runs this shithole of a site.

*Note from Anger Central
Dear whiny liberal. You may notice we do not always support the police. Good cops need to be cherished. Bad cops need to be nailed to a barn.
Of course, if one of us "Wingnuts" decided to come after you, you would be on the phone calling 911 and screaming for help.
And if you don't like this site, don't come. Or do. We don't care. You are less than nothing to us.

Cops are Worthless and Lazy 29

I called the Police because my Neighbors have been harassing me and they said there was nothing they can do which is bullshit I say get off your lazy asses and do your jobs for once. If there was a black person in the neighborhood you would be on your way just to shoot them but if it was a neighbor harassing the neighborhood your lazyasses are stuffing your faces with donuts or waiting for someone to go over your ridiculous speed limits just to look for an excuse to write a ticket; if you want money do your damn job right and arrest these assholes who have been harassing me. It's no wonder the world hates the Police because Cops don't know how to do their fucking Jobs right.

Lazy Dumbass 911 Operators 30

I am so angry when emergencies do happen and the 911 Dispatchers decide to hang up on callers who need immediate help and anyone who does that shit should not only be fired but put in jail because these first responders should be responsible for saving the lives of those who call and need help and if they die because they couldn't get the help they need than it's the Operator's responsibility on how they should have handled the matter.

For example a woman was in need of help and some lazy deadbeat operator who clearly can't do his fucking job right tells the caller to do it himself and then the caller dies soon after all because some lazy dumbass clearly doesn't feel like doing his job right. It's lazy idiots like this who should not be allowed to answer important life saving calls if they can't do their fucking job right and I hope that idiot not only gets fired from a job he clearly isn't fit for but also locked up in jail for assisted homicide.

Then some fat ghetto cow who both looked and sounded like she came off of the streets makes a habit of hanging up on callers and saying she ain't got time for this. Really you don't have time to deal with people who are in danger all because your lazy ass can't do your fucking job right? Well guess what we don't have time to deal with your fat lazy ass who has no business being a first responder since you obviously can't and won't do your fucking job right.

The only time 911 Operators Should hang up on callers is if the caller is some racist white trash broad calling to report black people in their neighborhood or if the caller is reporting their botched fast food woes. Other than those things, no 911 Operator should ever tell callers to deal with it themselves or say they don't have time for this because lazy ass morons like these losers should not be in charge of saving lives. To all 911 Workers please learn to train your damn Operators on how to do their job and it's both their's and your responsibility to handle calls that could very well save lives so get your fucking shit together and stop hiring and fire these lazy morons who can't fucking do their jobs right.

Corrupt Cops 31

As a Police Officer I am disgusted with the actions of the Racist Terrorists who are posing as Police Officers who just want to flex whatever power that badge gives them because if they didn't they would be gutless pussies. I find it disgusting how Cops commit acts of brutality and the Justice System lets them get away with it. Well if it were up to me that Officer who shot that unarmed teenager would be given the Electric Chair not a paid vacation.

One time my ex partner psychically assaulted a teenager who was just minding his own business and after he decided to flex his power over him I told him to stop and he told me to go to hell and I told him his career is over and then he tried to attack me and I wasn't having it so I took out my taser and tasered his ass and put my handcuffs on him and removed my partner's badge and told him you how much of a disgrace he was. We got help for the Kid and I apologized to the boy. Needless to say we did the right thing and threw my ex partner in prison and fed him to Bubba and his wife filed for divorce soon after and took full custody of their kids in fact she herself admitted he would hit her and their kids so yeah the fact that we hired this asshole was a mistake and you know what I say we should do background checks on these Criminal Cops.

I for one would never give a badge to anyone who was a former High School Jock who couldn't make it as a Professional because these people had a history of bullying people in School and have been known to do the same thing. I would enforce drug and steroid test and if they don't want to be tested than they are not being given a badge period. Also to any of you backwoods, childporn watching, meth addicted Trailer Trash Trump Supporters yeah you can forget about being given a badge because you would shoot anyone who doesn't agree with the views of your Fat Orange God who should have been impeached if it wasn't for that criminal sidekick of his Mitch McConnel who should be arrested for the crimes that ugly turtle man has been committing for decades. Yeah I bet you Racist Cops would have Shot Obama if you could get away with it and if you did than all of America's Police would be labeled as Terrorists and would be public enemy number 1 by the Military and believe me I served my Country before I served to protect my city and I would hate to become the enemy of my Country just like how all of you unfit Cops out there are the enemy of your Cities where yo commit your acts of Brutality.

What also sickens me is how people like George Zimmerman and Darrel Wilson were granted freedom instead of spending the rest of their lives rotting in a Prison Cell. Also most recently some pussy cop puts his knee in George Floyd's throat. Yeah if you weren't wearing that badge or had a gun you can bet your leg would have been broken. If I was there I would have pulled you off of George Floyd and then put you in handcuffs and removed your badge because those kinds of actions are unforgivable and yet the Government does nothing to punish these terrorists impersonating Police Officers. Also what sickens me is whenever alleged perps get caught by Police and Cooperate they are still shot at by Police and recently some Dickhead Cops physically Assaulted a 90 Year Old Grandmother and let's not forget the prick who tasered an old lady on the road if I saw that I would have tasered that Officer back and put him in handcuffs and haul him straight to Jail. You must feel like a big man assaulting the elderly you sick fucks I bet you abuse your elderly parents; I find it unforgivable and that type of behavior should lead to life in Prison for these deadbeats who have no business being Cops.

I honestly don't blame any of you out there that hate The Police and it shouldn't even be a thing because the Departments in this Country clearly can't do a Goddamn thing right. If the Government would get their Goddamn Shit together and treat these Terrorists Cops the exact same way the criminals they arrest do. I honestly think Officers who commit brutality and murder should be treated the same way Pedophiles get believe me it would be considered true justice. All of the victims of Police Brutality deserve Justice and the Cops who committed such unforgivable should trade in their Badge and Police Uniform for a lifetime behind Bars and a Prison Uniform. Same goes for the Racist Beta Male Cuck Webmaster of this shitty ass site.

*Note from Anger Central
First, we don't believe you have ever worn a badge.
Second, that thug with a badge in Minneapolis is currently under arrest and his three buddies have been fired. (Someone step on the police Union please)
Third, your final remark pretty much proves you are nothing more then a lying progressive Antifa supporting thug.
Finally, no one is holding a gun to your head and telling you to come here and post.
Have a nice day!

Rochester Pussy Police 32

To All Cops in this Country I am so fucking fed up with all of you and I hope all of you are wiped off the Face of Existence. The Police just don't fucking give a fuck in this Country and are beyond fixing I say at this point they are worth destroying; This country would be a lot better without Cops we can handle ourselves since The Police in this Fucking Country are too goddamn incompetent to do their fucking jobs right.

No Police Officer has any right to handcuff and pepper spray a child and if I was the father I would personally hunt down and detroy that cop. I would tackle that Cop to the ground and handcuff him throw his ass in the trunk of my car and hit the reverse on my car ramming him into a brick fucking wall and i'd take a screwdriver and stab him multiple times until he permanently goes blind, douse him with gasoline and set him on fire.

If I was President Biden I would send the Military to every Police Department in this Country and start opening fire because the Cops in this Country are nothing but Domestic Terrorists that are all in need of serious justice.

Of course The Webmaster like always has an excuse because he's an idiot conservative what I wouldn't do to break your fucking neck you fucking weasel.

Fuck All Cops and Conservatives you all are nothing but a Cancer to America.

*Note from Anger Central
We can't speak to the incident alleged her because we have no information regarding it.
And to the Communist Troll, we expect the shooting to start by summer. Don't worry, the death squad coming for you will knock first.
Probably with a 12 guage door knocker.
You keep pushing, eventually the people you attack are going to push back and hard. You might want to consider ramping it down.

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