Mitch McConnell 1

It makes me so angry that this turtle faced bastard now wants to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she wanted in her will to have her seat replaced after Hunpty Dumpty's term ended. So yeah why does this gutless, moraless, turtle trying to replace her seat, is it to keep his master in office? You know what I answered my own question of course it is, and you know what i'm so fed up with this old sack of bones and how much he's been fucking up our Country. Hey Kentucky why do you keep voting for this moron every election, he hasn't done a thing for you dumbass Kentucky People and yet you still vote for him, no wonder Kentucky is so goddamn Uneducated.

I hope to God, Amy McGrath gets Senate; it's time for Mitch McConell's old ass to get the fuck out of Washington and also since Trump has sabotaged his impeachment and is so desperate to stay out of Prison he's trying everything in his power to sabotage this election and any President that does that, should be disqualified. Both Moscow Mitch, Humpty Dumpty and the rest of their Russian Mafia Administration all deserve to spend the rest of their lives rotting in Prison Cells.

*Note from Anger Central
First, RGB's "Desires" on her replacement have no bearing at all.
Second, Congratulations! Now you know what the other side has been dealing with for decades.
Welcome to the party pal.
Third, We thought we already had a section on mcConnell. Well, we do now. :)

Mitch McConnell 2

I am so angry at this Turtle Faced Sack of Bones that has run both Kentucky and The Rest of The United States into ground by being nothing more than a kissass to Donald Trump and being a tool to Russia. I am so tired of him running his Campaign Ads on TV where he takes credit for stopping Trump's Impeachment. Trump was acquitted all because you along with Susan Collins wouldn't allow evidence and did everything in your power to not allow a fair trial. Yeah one of your Campaign Ads has a Democrat voting for you because of your near 40 years of experience and why someone like Amy McGrath is too inexperienced. Moscow Mitch your campaign ads really reflect just how fucking lazy you are and that it's obvious you are paying these actors in your Campaign Ads because you know you can't beat Amy McGrath and that all of Kentucky is sick of your bullshit so you half to use money to pay actors to kiss your ass.

Here's an idea, why don't you use that money to actually help Kentucky instead Kentucky is so far behind the times it's laughable. You have over 500 Bills passed to your desk and your lazy ass hasn't signed a single one Moscow Mitch, it's obvious you don't give a damn about Kentucky or America at all, all you care about is sucking Trump's Dick and keeping Master Vlad Happy. It's time for your old ass to be voted out and i'll be glad to see Amy McGrath kick your old ass out of office just like i'll be glad to see Joe Biden kick Trump's Fatass out of the White House and to see the face of the Anti American Webmaster once November 3rd comes and both Amy McGrath becomes Kentucky's New Senator and Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States.

*Note From Anger Central
Well, you are really angry Oh Great Liberal Troll!
Also, don't you mean President for Life Heels Up Harris?
If, by some miracle, those two win, Biden will be out of office within weeks of taking the Oath.
He's not mentally competent and the 25th Amendment will be activated.

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