Liberals make me so pissed-off. They live in this little magicial world where they think they know the best solution to every problem. Well excuse me, but sometimes problems can't be solved in a peaceful perfect way.

Liberals are so sheltered from the real world that they have this picture in there heads of how everything should be. They want to tax every hard working person to spend it into their worthless useless programs which will never work. They value the lazy and criminals over people who actually contribute. They think they stand up for the common person, and if they had it their way they would change every country into a communist mess. I could go on further, if only the amount of stupidity that liberals contain hadn't hurt my brain.

Liberals 2

i am angry at liberals because they are hypocritical liars and dormant socialists. they say the same things that Lenin said before he took control such as down with the rich (in this case it would be the corporations). quite a noble sentiment but what do liberals want to supplant the corporations with? a monstrously powerful government that creates huge amounts of revenue from taxing the liberal paradigm of victims (the working man) and while producing a huge ideologically inspired propaganda machine that prevents us from taking any affirmative action in the world, surely this much worse than any corporations because

  1. corporations dont have the right to ass laws on people.

  2. Corporations have the public's best interest at heart (that's how the make money) instead of power-hungry liberals having marx's best interests ar heart.

  3. Corporations actually generate goods and don't rob the working man or the rich man of the necessities or wants of life while an ideologically inspired liberal regime would pour the taxes against the consent of the public into WHAT THEY WANT such as the destruction of private property, the killing of god( ho theos for u greeks),the support of a welfare state, and just the complete deprivation of mankind from the metaphysical.

liberals live in what's called the 'second reality' and there cant be a truer word to describe it they will go to any lengths to force their bullshit on the world whether it be thru suppression of speech, reverse racism, or ostracism.

Liberals 3

I am pissed off at liberal, hippie, Californian asswipes who have nothin better to do than complain and spent their rich daddies money .Listen jackasses were not gonna do what you tell us to . You have no power . The U.s will bomb whoever we damn well please and if you have a problem with it than you can just burn in hell for all I care . In fact , the only reason I want to see Bush re-elected is because I`ll get to see us liberate the hell out some more ass-backwords regime.

*Note from Anger Central
This is an example of a poorly written rant. This person may actually have some decent point about why he/she may be angry at liberals. May we suggest a little less scotch with your next rant? :)

Liberals 4

I have a reverse anger....I'm thrilled that the liberals are so angry. Most of them smell like a compost toilet. Most only know the two word sentence 'First Amendment'. Most aren't old enough to know how liberals treated conservative speakers many years ago. So much for the conservatives right to speak. Now that the libs are so angry, I'm angry too. Angry at being fed their psycobabble on TV. So angry that I don't listen. So there, I said it. Now you cerebrally challenged airheads, go to an 'earth' friendly store and buy some deodorant.

*Note from Anger Central
We thought about this one. At first glance it really doesn't meet standards. We may remove it after further review.

Liberals 5

I am so tired of liberals being do-gooders and making excuses for and trying to fix the lives of scumbags like drug addicts, welfare cheats, low lifes, teen mothers with 5 kids, lazy high school drop outs, murderers (stop with the appeals already), etc. The typical liberal does not have to live in crappy neighborhoods with these people. They live in peaceful, no crime areas where they can lament the lives of these people from far away. If they actually lived in a bad neighborhood and were robbed and burglarized month after month by these lowlifes they would realize that rpison is the bets place for these scum. Forget welfare. Spend my taxes on bigger prisons to put them all in.

Liberals 6

These hippies are just a bunch of deluded sadist's hell bent on destroying America. i work hard and pay taxes for what ? some welfare queen single mom drug addict on parole for her second murder thats what. what annoys me the most is how these parasites infiltrated the republican party whith they're "neocon" scam. I say god bless the NRA as the last bastion of self defense against evil.

Liberals 7

I'm so friggin tired of those cowardly liberals that have invaded this country. They are evil, immoral, godless, flag burning, America hating, terrorist supporting, criminal defending, candle burning, appeasing, peace at all costs, Kum Ba Ya singing, dope smoking, unrealistic, ignorant, psyco-babbling, psuedo-intellectual, krypto-facists. Those are thier good points.

liberals 8

Rather than railing against dictators and other nasty people they spend it praying for the downfall of America and Israel. They hate the west so much. Rather than protesting about Mugabe or Castro of Qadaffi or Assad or the list is endless they spend their time protesting a war to rid the world of Saddam Hussein. After Sept 11 most liberals were pointing the finger of blame at the US and not bin Laden. They said we couldn't get bin laden in Afghanistan because we weren't; allowed to and then they are just scum. There is a am who lives near me who wears a free Palestine badge. Does he mean he supports an invasion of Israel by the Arab armies? hope not.

Liberals 8

God damnit these people piss me off so fucking much. Could you be any more fucking annoying. You assholes have gotten so out of control that I think if I had a choice between roommates. One a member of peta and the NAACP and the other al quida and the fedayeen or whatever the fuck they are called I would go with the al quida guy. I swear to Christ. I mean these people are just so full of shit. They try to make it seem as though regular white protestant folks are all nut jobs and when black people have religion they act as though they can't help it and its a beautiful quaint thing. Do the black people of this nation not understand that they are being patronized. The actions and words of liberals make it painfully obvious that they think all other races are inferior. Even Nazi sympathizers like Evita and Gandhi (I swear ta Christ its true) are regarded as heroes because they are not white Americans. God fucking dammit i hate em. A democracy can only last until the poor people realize they can steal the money from the rich via voting. And democrats cater to these people. When a liberal wants something he first persues it via a vote of congress or the people. But rarely gets it. Then when this fails he gets it via the courts a court is controlled by one person, a judge. In this way an asshole liberal can do whatever the fuck he wants without the consent of the people.FUCK YOU LIBERAL ASSHOLES, FUCK YOU ALL IN YOUR LIBERAL BUTTHOLES.

Liberals 9

I am angry at bleeding-heart, pacifist, Liberals. They whine about EVERYTHING Conservatives and Moderates have to say, even if it is right. It seems as though they are so blinded by their pacifist beliefs, they won't fight for a cause, they will sit down in the middle of a street and block traffic for an hour advocating peace.

Of course, there are the self-righteous hypocrites that contradict pacifism by starting fights and causing violence. Many of these assholes can be found in Hollywood. They whine incessantly about how President Bush is a "brutal dictator" and a war mongerer, yet they have no problem using the First Amendment and singing (more like mindless droning) about gang rapes, drive-by shootings, drugs, ect. and targeting little children with their violent movies.

They are rather ignorant to call Conservatives mindless puppets of President Bush. Many of them haven't heard of George Soros, a big-time liberal who mirrores Communism. He is a Billionare (via the CAPITOLIST SYSTEM) that constantly finances left-wing groups supported by retarded celebrities. He wants an "open society" and something like a "living wage", where all the people have a fixed income via the government. That REALLY sounds like Communism to me. They seem to be more mindless than the average Consevative. I really wish these morons would educate themselves as to what is really happening in the world and what the truth is and stop whinning. But, sice I'm not a whinning liberal, I won't wish these morons to get educated, I will try to do it myself.

Liberals 10

Why is it that when the Us military makes a mistake, the liberals are all over it. But when innocent civilians are beheaded, they say nothing. Liberals politicize this war to make The President look bad. Well, screw them all.

Anti-Bush 11

I am angry at all these people mouthing off about Bush and sitting on their fat American asses when they should really be out there voting and actually doing something about it.

*Note from Anger Central
This was placed in the liberals section since the overwhelming majority of bush haters are liberal.

Terrorist apologists 12

Apologists for the other side of “The War on Terror,” are insufferable enough, but I am absolutely disgusted with the likes of people who put the blame of the recent string of beheadings in Iraq squarely on the United States. HELLO? Did you people decide to toss logic out the window and start blaming the U.S. for every possible evil once Bush came into office, or were you never born with a brain to begin with? And it’s not even as if these guys were even justifiably worth killing to begin with. Nick Berg and Ken Bigley didn’t maraud around the countryside setting villages on fire and shooting civilians (something I can’t say John Kerry never did!); they were trying to rebuild a country that had collapsed from twelve years of sanctions and two wars. It’s therefore obvious that these guys don’t care about personal politics, even if you do. Perhaps you need to go to Iraq yourself and wind up stuck inside a cage with a shroud over your head begging for your life on international T.V. before you understand. Or maybe you’ll just whine about how it’s Uncle Sam’s fault.

Sniveling Lefties 13

The "waaaaaah" from all lefties following the 2004 election is as irritating as it is embarrassing. Now, to comply with full disclosure, I must say I am a left-leaning Democrat, but not on ALL issues. But the reaction of some of the Dem-types after the Bush victory is beyond comprehension, threatening to stomp off to Canada where THEY DO NOT WANT YOU and HATE US right now. Their heads are so far up Michael Moore's butt they can't see how SILLY and SHELTERED their overreactions are.

Work within the system if you think things are so bad, instead of sulking. On second thought, go ahead and sulk, because sulky children are at least QUIET. Although it wasn't my vote, I am secretly glad that Bush won, because that means that the Hollywood a-holes and Michael Moore types *aren't* a persuasive force in our country. They are *worse* than the capitalist a-holes (like Cheney).

Liberal teachers 14

Ok, so all of the teachers I work with were Kerry supporters and their mantra was "diversity, cooperation, tolerance, community," right? Well, now that George Bush won, it is like a tomb in my school because they are so depressed that Bush won and now their tune has changed. They aren't interested in diversity if it means christians and republicans. They don't want to cooperate with anyone; they want to run off to Canada. They don't want to tolerate sharing the country with anyone and they definitely do not want a community that includes Bush supporters, christians, gun owners, republicans. They are so transparent. They were interested in "dialogue" when we were repulsed by same-sex marriage. Now, that we won, they are proving that their never was any serious dialogue allowed. It was their way or the highway - the highway to Canada!

beliefs 15

I wish people would stop trying to force their fucking liberal anti-government beliefs on you every time you get together. I have a couple friends and try as I might to keep the conversation away from that they have to bring up why I don't have gay friends and gothic friends and transsexual sheep fucker friends from California and why do I bother voting because "It doesn't matter who's in there it won't make a difference". Well I have nothing against those people I just DON'T CARE TO FUCKING KNOW ANY OF THEM!! I may have talked to these friends of mine for the last time because if you want to blow up the White House, suck cunt and cock, carry anti-war signs, put fucking rings through your private parts, wear black clothes all the time, and just plain be an annoying cunt, FINE! BUT LET ME HAVE MY VALUES WITHOUT INTERFERENCE!! FUCK OFF WEIRDOS!!

Guilty White Liberals 16

I hate guilty white liberals because they're so phony. If I don't have gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, etc. friends, it must be because I'm a racist, they reason. (Not sure how "racist" would apply when non-heterosexuals are discussed. I think the word they're looking for is "bigot".) If I don't have a black friend, it doesn't mean that I have a problem with African-Americans. And how do these people know what nationality, color or sexual orientation my friends are? Matter of fact, how do they know what my own racial makeup is, or what my own sexual orientation is? Listen up, you fake, condescending ass-kissers: When I make friends with someone, I don't care what color, gender, religion, etc. they are. I just decide whether or not I think that person is nice to be around and if so, great, we're buds. If not, no harm done. Why must I have a diverse collection, a human Crayola box? Is this what goes through a liberal's mind when he or she makes friends? "Gee, I have a Chinese-American friend and a Japanese-American friend, but why don't I have a Vietnamese-American friend? Must remedy that! Put 'find Vietnamese-American to make friends with' on the list. Oh, and although I do have six African-American friends (who are very articulate, by the way), not one of them is transgendered! In fact, none of my friends are transgendered, so I need to find one fast. Ok, what else? Oh! Since I got into that affirmative action debate with Carlos, he doesn't speak to me. I don't get it, because I was on his side! Everyone knows that Latinos are disadvantaged and they need affirmative action to ensure that they get an education. Carlos must be brainwashed by the Repugs. Hmmm... better find a Mexican-American friend to replace Carlos!" My friends are my friends because of who they are inside; I'm not looking to make my own little Benetton ad. I think that beneath all their preaching about being open-minded and tolerant is a secret prejudice against others. They think they're covering their asses by having so-called friends in a rainbow of colors, but I see right through that shit. When someone mentions their friend's sexual orientation, religion or color, I wait to see why that bit of information is important to the conversation. Well, it isn't important; it's just to show me what a good little liberal that person is; "See? I'm tolerant, open-minded and progressive! I have a _________-American/transgendered/gay/lesbian/Jewish friend! And I think that he is very well-spoken!" It's phony and it's sad. Friends shouldn't be chosen according to how much they can make their phony buddy look tolerant. Isn't that what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about, judging people by the content of their character? Guess a lot of today's liberals have never heard of that speech in D.C.!

Liberal Hypocrisy 17

Hello, I am 14...... getting ready for this... O.K. I hate many many things about liberals and they are all valid and studied. I am quite well learned for my age and know my politics. I do not know where to start......... O.K. How they turn their arguments upside down.

Liberals scream equality for all. With their political correctness they support the idea that all humans are completely different and create racial angst. Black people (I'd say 60% of them are) are sickeningly racist. Because of political and racial angst they are allowed to be and anything they do goes ignored or unnoticed. Many things have happened to me to support this claim. I will not get too into it; this is for another thread. If they are for equality for all then they should support the idea of Iraq being liberated. But they say it is not America's place to free them but they will preach equality all day. HEY! You fucking sacks of useless flesh! YOU ONLY WANT EQUALITY FOR YOURSELVES YOU HYPOCRITICAL SELFISH FUCKS!

Just like the Black Hawk Down disaster. In Somalia warlords were netting aid food, money, and medicine form the people and letting them stave and suffer. Our armed forces (God bless them) couldn't take action to bring them down. When an operation was finally cleared to take down the head Allah worshipping sack of shit our troops requested AC-10 gunships for proper armored support and transportations. But our Black Hawks were ill equipped and one was shot down. Trying to get those troops out of there some of our elite died because of shitty, belligerent liberal hypocrisy.

The Arab's Koran cites "Those who do not worship Allah are infidels and they must die" showing their general intent. It also says "Do not hurt thy enemy's live stock, crop, buildings, or family" When the attacked to world trade center they did just that. They use it as a shield against our armed forces seeking justice for all. Not all Arabs are like this at all. I speak only about the extremists. Liberals support the idea of them having their religion as a shield against the cold, unforgiving hammer of justice. I'm off to watch family guy. I'll finish this in another post.

*Note from Anger Central
It's nice to see someone who hasn't been brainwashed by the school system yet. However we would recommend you practice your spelling. Also, it isn't the AC-10, it is either the A-10, (Single seat ground support aircraft, or the AC-130, (Modified transport aircraft with a SH**load of things that go boom in the night).
The Angry Webmaster working to mold a young skull full of mush into a good citizen

liberals 18

my quotation marks aren't working so forgive the spelling errors. I live in Canada which is run by a liberal government and just to be somewhat fair I don't hate liberals just their attitudes. Their wimpy, whiny, lazy, anti-war ideals and policies just infuriate me. They want peace in the world but do not want and are not willing to fight for it. They want freedom in their own country yet crap on the people that go out and make that happen. Up here in Canada they've started relaxing the weed law so that you only get a $100 dollar fine for possession of 15 grams or less. Oh! but weed isn't that bad, Yeah sure if your a liberal and all you do is get high twenty four hours a day. And then there is the gay marriage which is legal in seven of our ten provinces. Again I have no hatred for gay people but I just do not consider that a real marriage. Another thing, when you see Bush on TV he always thanks God and encourages Americans to hold true strong family values. When you see Paul Martin on TV you here no mention of it. That goes right back to the liberal attitude. We have a California type province up here its called Ontario and is about as left wing as you can get. Liberals would be their most happiest if they could lay on the beach all day, not have to work, and get high and practice their odd alternative lifestyles. But what really makes me angry is their stance on the war. I watch the news everyday and see those young guys over there getting slaughtered and then I see a liberal on TV saying what a waste of time it is and that they are dying for nothing. They are dying so people can hope to live without fear of extremists and terrorists looking to take that away. I especially hate it when the liberals in this country say that the Americans are a bunch of killers and bloodthirsty savages looking for war. Well let me put it this way: if not for the fact that Canada is right next to the U.S. we would have been taken over long ago. Our gold is our natural resources such as oil, lumber ,gas, fishing industry, and farming industry. That is mighty enticing and would not be hard to take away considering our military. Our natural recourses rank amongst the top countries in the world and we owe it to the states for the fact that it is still there. But a liberal doesn't believe that, our liberals anyway. War sucks, there is no question nobody likes war but it is necessary sometimes to ensure our freedom, our livelihood, and our children. Liberals use words, not actions to achieve and most of the time the conservative does the achieving for the good of people. I love my country but these people really get to me. And last, our liberal government is the reason were not over there lending a hand to help the Americans and that my friend really pisses me off. Thanks for letting me rant.

Liberals 19

I am truly pissed off at all the liberals who think they know what is best for EVERYONE, and who claim to accept EVERYONE, but in reality only accept those whose opinions and views are the same as their own. You claim to be so open minded? Well then, maybe recognize that I have a different perspective than you, and I am entitled to my own opinion, my own way of doing things and my own values.

DID I ASK FOR YOUR F*^%$# OPINION??? NO? well, maybe take that as a clue that I don't want it.

It kills me that you think you are so broad minded but you have lost sight (if you ever had it) of the idea of free expression. What ever happened to "I might not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it?" But just want to hear the same politically correct drivel that you spew.

And while we are on political correct-ness: you are a bunch of lemmings! Don't you see that you are just spewing a "party line"? Have you been that brainwashed?


anti-bush people 20

i am so damn tired of people bitching about how the president "made" their family member go to iraq and how he killed them etc. first off, they signed up for military duty. did they think it would be fun and games?? they knew they were signing up to defend our country. also, the middle east should be seen as the huge threat that it is and has been for a long while now. they dont want to be friends with us!!! instead of making their sacrifices in vain, why not be proud that they tried to make a difference?? because a great deal of the people over there wouldnt think twice about killing every last one of us!

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster has regretfully joined the ranks of the Bush no-likers. Not for blowing the hell out of terrorists, we're all for that. No we have been watching the President trying to ram this amnesty of the illegal aliens down our throats and working to turn American Citizens into second rate people in our own country. He and those bloviating blowhards in the Senate need to be removed from office and stung up from the nearest lamppost.
This does not put us in the ranks of the Moonbats though. We're hoping that a horse will kick Bush in the head and knock some sense into him.

dogging military wives 21

I am angry that some people think that most military spouses are fat, lazy and spend all of their husbands money. I have been a Soldier's wife for 15 yrs. now. Nothing has been handed to me on a silver platter. My children have also not had anything handed to them on a silver platter. The money that my husband acquires is not "his" money, it is our families money.

Together we make decisions that will keep OUR family going from paycheck to paycheck. I don't feel that my marriage is a hardship. Sure we have moved 12 times in 15 yrs. but that's life. It's not easy but our kids are growing up learning about different people and different places around the world. Bet you can't say that you have been to Europe at 14 yrs. old or lived in Hawaii, traveled to Japan for vacation or much of anything that's exciting.

Someone asked "have you been deployed to Iraq? Have you tried to sleep while IED's are going off around you"? Let me ask you this, have you had sleepless nights, week after week, knowing that someone you love very much is going thru hell in a whole different world, have you hugged a military wife who's husband was killed in Iraq? Have you watched as she tried to explain to her children that Daddy's not coming home. I think not.

We Military wives don't live thru our husbands but rather with them thru the trials and tribulations of the military lifestyle. We Military wives have a sisterhood that you wish you had with your "friends". You women out there who dog us Soldier's wives should be ashamed of yourselves, instead of doggin us and our children, you should say to us, we will be praying for you and your children while your husband is away fighting for what's right and while protecting our homeland. We Military Wives actually fight against the name that you sorry women give us. Now, you go on ahead and try to have a nice day.

*Note from Anger Central
From all of us here at Anger Central, we hope that your husband and all the spouses presently in Iraq or Afghanistan come home safely. We also thank you profusely for all that our military and their families have gone through to protect us. Anger Central actively supports our forces and reminds them that Winston Churchill once said, "There is nothing more exhilarating then being shot at...Without result!" We wish for all our forces a minimum of exhilaration and plenty of boredom during their tours.

Military Haters 22

Jesus H Christ I am so pissed off at these stupid liberal stuck-ups who hate the military. Both my parents are just like this and they sh*t all over me when I suggested that it might be good for me to join the Reserves. There are many people in the military who just want to serve their country and my asshole parents just don't take the damned hint.

Liberals 23

A am sick to fucking death of all these stupid gay Liberals up here in Canada. We got a California type of province up here called Ontario and it is the most left-winged stuck up province in this country. We have a good solid Conservative government now but I watched the Liberal campaign ads on TV during the election and I wanted to puke. They spread utter bullshit that Conservatives want to take away a woman's right to vote, throw armed soldiers into the streets and ban all trade with the US. First of all, Stephen Harper (now Prime Minister) said that woman have been given the right to vote and it should stay that way. Second, he said he wanted to re-open 12 of the 25 bases that the Liberal government shut down in their 16 years on "leadership." This is why we have such a half-assed military. Last, he has been encouraging trade with the US and frequently talking with Mr. Bush. He is only trying to un-do over a decade of isolation and damage that has been done.

Alright, one last thing. People from Quebec and Ontario whine and bitch that Prime Minister Harper went to Afghanistan to visit our troops instead of attending the AIDS conference. This gets me especially rattled because those troops needed support. They were dumped there in 2001 as some kind of suck-up to the Americans and to show them that we actually have a military. He saw his priorities and set them straight. If these stupid sex workers would get off their damned drugs and if our stupid same sex marriage would be banned (which it will), we wouldn't have an AIDS problem here in Canada! The Liberals call this "obsessive control" over the government. Jeez, this is not obsessive control, it's called leadership! Sorry to say it, but you stuck up Liberals haven't seen a leader in over two decades. Sorry to throw you off your spoiled, corrupt paths.

Wow, that feels better. Thanks Anger Central!

Liberals 24

I get extremely angry at so-called liberals who refuse to be even slightly critical of the current Democrat president while he's doing shit that they would and did raise hell about the last president doing. He's escalating pointless military operations with obscenely high civilian casualties, he has expanded the capacity of his office to have anyone anywhere killed at any time for any (or no) reason with no oversight or accountability. Dead silence from the Left, and dismissive indignation if I bring this up with any one of them. Hypocrisy of this magnitude (with deadly results for so many) makes me want to shake the shit out of somebody!

Liberal media 25

I am angry because it seems that many television shows are liberal and do not have good values. It is disturbing that our country's children are watching shows that are nothing but bad toilet humor.

Liberal School Classes 26

I am 14 and was raised as a conservative. I hate that at my school that we need to be taught that we came from apes and that the reason we are here is that DNA was pure chance to make us what we are. I don't understand that, DNA is more complicated than binary code, how is it possible that that was created without something behind it? I am a Christian and I will stand by my beliefs.

Liberals 27

I am angry because liberals think they know what's best for me more than I do.

Liberals 28

I don't give a shit if you "worked your ass off" for a Liberal Arts degree and are now butthurt that they can't go to work for 2 days and make all the money that they need to afford iCrap and lattes for the rest of their lives. There are winners and losers in life, and you should acknowledge that fact and try to earn a degree in a category other then "Complete Bullshit". It's like running and jumping off a cliff and then complaining that no one put a fence there to stop you. Oh, but that isn't enough for liberal leeches. They extend their pitiful grubbers at successful people who actually tried and didn't give up when life threw a curve ball at them to retreat to their mom's house and demand free stuff because of their "plight". I know there are people who have been legitimately screwed unfairly by insurance providers and employers, but go settle those issues on your own without trying to drag down hard-working people with you.

Leftist Pieces of Crap 29

I'm a seventeen-year-old girl who grew up in one of the most liberal cities in America. After moving with my family to a small town, I was ecstatic that maybe I could finally be around some people who wouldn't call me racist, homophobic, or elitist because I'm white, straight, and my parents worked their entire lives to assure I could have a future.
But no. My town is in a severely depressed area, making liberalism rampant. While those on welfare at my school have iPhones and fake nails, I make do with only the necessities, occasionally something new and shiny, because it's simply unjustifiable to spend money frivolously.

And they dare to say that I'm spoiled. "You rich people can afford whatever you want and yet don't help out anyone else!" My parents donate privately to hospitals, churches, and the Special Olympics. They don't advertise it because that's not what charity is about. My parents have money for a reason, and it's because they've worked hard and saved. Having money doesn't always mean spending it the way one desires.

And when I reveal to close friends that I'm conservative, they start harassing me about it, completely forgetting about the fact that they were fine with me a minute ago. One time, someone asked me why I was, "so boring," and my friend responded, "Because she's a republican," and laughed, like he was oh so funny. News flash: I'm not republican, and although I am a traditionalist conservative, I DO NOT judge someone's character or personality solely based on his beliefs.

I believe that men and women are different, so gender roles are pretty existent in my mind. This chit who was raised by two lesbians starts ranting about how she accepts everyone, but not stay-at-home mothers, any man who isn't a feminist, or Muslims, because, "they treat women badly."


That's really all the left is about-hypocrisy. No one wants to take responsibility for themselves, so they want their welfare check, free birth control, abortions, and health care when they've done nothing for the country to deserve it. And I'M the evil one?!

A lot of liberals these days are socialist bigots who want the government and the wealthy to wipe their asses.

"SOPA is evil! I have a right to speak my mind! But honest Americans can't use their second amendment right because a small amount people use it wrongly."

Hypocrisy: a liberal's only ideology.

*Note from Anger Central
It's always so nice to have someone come in with a head full of brains. Welcome aboard. You might want to take a look at the ravings of the Angry Webmaster over on the Blog. He's always looking for a fellow smart person. We understand his niece is an excellent shot, even if she got a degree in psychology. (And we've heard she has no use for Libtards either)

Freedom haters 30

The government used to be for the people. It used to exist solely to maintain the country, but now the people are used for the government. Anything the government wants, the people happily provide, and make fun of people that revolt. People wanna give the government all their money and guns. That makes me sick. The government should be for the people, and provide people the freedom to live their life and not be destroyed and taken over by other countries.

Today I read a Facebook post by a guy making fun of gun owners. I'm tired of left wingers and right wingers trying to take our rights away. Trying to ban gay marriage and trying to ban our guns. No matter who we vote for, we lose. Everybody mocks other parties that aren't Democrat or Republician, when we need a way better third party that believes in freedom.

It's seems like nobody believes in freedom anymore, people wanna take your video games away but ignore women being oppressed and sold off in third world countries. I hope a comet crashes into Earth and blows it up. Mankind already has hopes of colonizing Mars, I know they will screw it up. Blow up Earth already because people are stupid.

*Note from Anger Central
Placed here since it's mostly members and followers of the Progressive Liberal Fascist Democrats who want to take away people's constitutional rights.

Liberals 31

 I'm sick of how popular it is to be a liberal. They will literally stick up for anybody who is bad, including child molesters, terrorists, and bad cops. They will like anybody no matter how poor their character, but they will get angry and hate on people for being rich or conservative. They want you poor and liberal for life. I will never be a liberal!

Special Snowflakes 32

I'm tired of people that think nobody can disagree with them and can't tell them they are doing something wrong. All over the internet people think that their opinion can only be the only other opinion and that all others have to be shut down. And then they deny they did anything wrong! They even burned down UC Berkeley because they didn't like a gay conservative speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, and called him a nazi. This is so wrong. These people need their asses kicked!

Liberals 33

I am angry and concerned how the far left liberals are not only trying to take away our rights and control everything, but how they lie, cheat and fight extremely dirty in elections.

They say they want people to have a college education. Do you think if the government pays for college, you can go to any college of your choice? They will first determine if you are either going to college or trade school or military. If you are going to college, they will decide not only where you will go, but what you will major in.

Liberals think they are so much more intelligent than anyone else and if you disagree with them, you are wrong and a racist or woman hater or what ever. They claim to believe in inclusion of everyone, unless you disagree with them on anything.

They cheated on getting Hillary the nomination in 2016, the voters didn't matter. The media only showed Hillary and a little of Bernie, but no other candidate. The leader of the Democratic party worked with Hillary to get her the nomination simply because they were both women. The assistant to the leader actually gave Hillary debate questions in advance to her debate with Sanders. They even had actors at the "open forum" debates for Hillary, including a child actor who had a large bow in her hair so Hillary could see her. They admit on hidden camera to sending people to Trump rallies to start fights. They were so arrogant believing she was going to win, like they have been saying since 2000. When she lost, they lost their minds and only focused on lies and removing Trump. They claimed she had the popular vote and we should get rid of the electoral college, but the liberal controlled media does not point out that 2.6 million votes in Los Angeles County alone had to be removed due to them being votes from either dead people or illegal aliens, that means she did NOT get the popular vote despite the attempted cheating. When Obama killed Saddam Hussein, Republicans stood and applauded at his speech, when Trump announced the Iran terrorist leader was killed, Liberals sat and protested. For three years, they spend 30 million dollars investigating Trump, assuring the viewers of their media he was going to be removed. When the report came out and no indictments were issued, they complained in protest and began impeachment proceedings any way. Then, decided to base the impeachment on the hear say of a whistle blower who turns out to be a supporter and former employee of Biden. The fact that Biden was using his power as Vice-President to bully an entire county to stop investigating his son doesn't concern the liberals, but Trump wanting the truth to come out....does concern them.

Fast forward to the year 2020. There were concerns about this Corona Virus in China. Trump was so concerned in January he called for a travel ban to China and quarantined a ship to make sure no one had the virus. Liberals and their media said he was being racist. They even encouraged everyone to go out, have fun. Go to Mardi Gras, eat out in restaurants, don't fear this virus, it is nothing. They WANTED people to get this virus so it could bring panic, trash the economy and make Trump vulnerable in November. They even exaggerate the numbers of people infected and deaths. If someone gets a really bad flu or cold, they have Corona. If someone dies of any sickness, it is Corona. They want you to think their candidate who is mentally unfit to run the office, has sexual harassment charges that their media ignores, likes to sniff and touch young girls on camera, kisses his adult grand daughter on the mouth, should be President instead of Trump.

What will they do the next time they lose?

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