Roosevelt University

Yes, thank god I was told about this site and that I can rant about Roosevelt University, so everyone can know what a piece of shit this place is. Damn kids. This is a college not a fuckin hangout, so you music bums can play all day. Go join a fuckin band you brain dead losers and let real students like myself learn. I too, live at the University Center and the place seems nice on the outside but the people here are weird, gay, wannabes, and racist. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but damit, do they have to be so flamboyant. This University Center food sucks and their staff really are the lowest pieces of shit on the face of this dirty Earth. Damn assholes do not want to learn here. ITs music this Art this and that. damn I'm sick of these fake phony people who will in the end, become obedient slaves to their corporate masters. Damn fools, I'm glad I will be transferring out of this hell hole. To all of the mindless phony people at Roosevelt university I hope you crash and end up on the street asking me "hey buddy, you got a quarter." PHS, To the "RAG" on the 14 floor; Fuck you big fat scary looking bitch. You look like someone beat you with a sack of shit & clay, you ugly piece of soot.

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The poster sent in several rants, however they should have all be included as one rant. We picked one for posting.

University 2

DAmn class is a joke. College is the biggest clump of bullshit on the face of the earth. DAmn, the students are cocky, conceided, and suffer from vanity. Yikes! These assholes think that we are at yale or something. were at fucking Roosevelt University!! they try to act mature and smart but you can see right through their phony asses. they hate me cuz i'm real. they are not. They need to be led into a forest and shot. Soon, very soon, I will snap and the schhol and these people who are the lowest shits of society will pay. Fukin bitch from the ghetto is going to try to outclass me! please bitch, take your two bit education and suck some more dick to get through college.

School 3

I am so damn angry because of my fucking class. I have studied my ass off to do well in this class, but I am currently sitting at a fucking C+. I am usually a good student and have never ever gotten a C before. It pisses me off that there are these fucking dumbasses in my class, who just because they are luckier with their guesses on exams, have a higher grade than me. My whole med school career is in jeopardy because of this fucking class, and I cannot even express adequately just how frustrated I am. Every test, I study harder and longer, and every test, I get a fucking lower grade. What the fuck? I'll tell you what it is. It's the tests my professor writes. They are such bullshit. For one thing, they are not representative of the material covered in lecture. For another thing, the questions are worded in the most bullshit way ever invented. I don't know where this guy learned to speak English, but I don't think he's got it down yet. For another thing, our TA is the world's stupidest dumbass. He grades our exams, marking points off haphazardly, really with no regard to what our answers are. And for this... increased blood pressure and a whole lot of anger, I pay out 35G a year in tuition. BULLSHIT!

U of A parking 4

FUCK YOU, U OF A PARKING!! I got a $35 ticket for taking a parking space right outside the dorm because I obviously wasn't going to park in my regular parking space and walk home alone at 3 in the morning. Most parking spaces in front of the dorm let you park until 8 in the morning, so I made sure to be at the car before 8. But the one stupid space I picked said (in very small lettering, I might add) that you could only park 'till 6 in the morning. What's the fucking deal with that?! U of A parking needs a swift kick in the ass.

Law School 5

I currently attend a large, prestigious law school on the East Coast, and I am not happy with my being here. I love learning about law and all its many facets, but the institution that supposedly fosters its study is a complete joke. The professors all look impeccable on paper (top honors from Ivy League institutions, Supreme Court clerkships, etc.) but can’t teach their way out of a paper bag when it comes to the material.

The students are mostly stereotypical pampered, generic, white-bread bores who have been spoon-fed all their lives and told that they are the smartest people who have ever lived. There’s maybe a kid with a funny name or a falsetto voice sprinkled here and there for that ‘diversity’ that seems so crucial nowadays but even the minority students lack any real spark of uniqueness and are just there to make the numbers look good. Everyone is obsessed with status and afraid of dropping out of the mainstream. We have our own lockers and even a yearly prom -- appropriate, considering the level of maturity that pervades here.

I am angry because success in law school does not depend so much on analyzing legal issues from an objective, assertive position (like a real lawyer would do); it involves regurgitating the semester’s material in a way that aligns itself with your professor’s unknown thoughts and opinions on the subject as closely as possible. I am angry because for all its pretensions of promoting rational, incisive thought and empirical inquiry, nothing makes *sense* in law school!

Capitol College 6

They have pissed me off again! Bad enough that my useless education there sucked - I have given up on electrical engineering - Capitol used to call every fall to try and get MORE money from me. (They should give a freaking refund!) Now I am getting mailings from them - this, after telling them to shove off!  Dang, I suppose if I mugger finds me with no cash I should write him a check - maybe once every six months? I'm too mad to call them - maybe if I ignore them they will go away?

johnson & wales university 7

COMPLETELY FUCKING BLOWS. first up, these assholes claim that a good 90-something percent of their students leave employed, & that their career office helps you find work. BULLSHIT. everytime i went there for help in finding a decent job, they'd stare at me blankly & didn't help me w/ shit. if they're so fucking helpful, they'd get off of their asses & do what they claim rather than rob me of $38000 in fucking student loan payments/tuition for FIVE FUCKING YEARS.

in the five years that i've been there, i've been robbed blind by their shithead policies, had my fucking car towed (& was NEVER reimbursed), had to go to rhode island of all places, another complete shithole, for a fucking internship (& NEVER GOT PAYED FOR BUSTING MY ASS FOR THREE MONTHS), was sexually harassed by another student, & wasted gas driving at least 40-50 miles from my house to school every damned day on classes that turned out to be cancelled for the day (when it was my only class for the whole day). don't even ask why i stayed there for five friggin years... i've come to the conclusion that i must be some kind of fucking masochist who was hard-up for a degree.

at the end of it all (last year), i not only left w/ a crappy grade point average (a friggin C), i was more unemployed than when i went in. i will NEVER recommend that "school" to anyone, & if any of my future children ever say that they want to go to that shithole, i'm going to adamantly put my foot & force them to pick another school that's a hell of a lot more reputable.

thanks for reading, have a nice day.

*Note from Anger Central
We never heard of this university and aren't able to validate the poster's complaints. However it does sound like they might have a small customer satisfaction problem. :)

Universities 8

I hate the thought of going to university. I loathe it really. They are a bunch of maggots who charge too much and provide too little. The classes are useless and only now are we beginning to reap the fruits. Females graduating with degrees in Feminism (Women's Studies) and want to get married so they can test their pet theories on their helpless husbands; brainless idiots who are graduating with business degrees so they can experiment with a multi-billion dollar company and hundreds of thousands of employees. God help us.

GW Law School 9

I am a fresh graduate of the George Washington University Law School , an institution currently ranked #20 in U.S. News and World Reports. I NAIVELY thought that with a few grand in savings, a decent scholarship (that covered 50% of my tuition), and a good amount of hard work and self-marketing, that I could pave my own way in the legal industry without too much debt and earning a modest salary ($55k+), what I considered reasonable for three years of post-graduate education.

Now, a couple months after grad and with the bar exam a week around the corner, I’m still unemployed, over $90k in debt, skimming listings on craigslist and for jobs that pay $10 an hour with no benefits. This is the situation for many of us (although lots have twice as much debt). We have no career we can possibly launch, and our looking for better-paying options in another line of work.

Meanwhile, about a third of my classmates are set to make $190,000 their first year out, with tons of benefits, foremost among them health insurance, 401ks, technology reimbursements, etc.

I have lots of bad things to say about my time at GW, but the gist of this particular rant is this: GW Law School is a panderer of the worst sort – career services, faculty, and to a large extent, the student body, will not give you a second look unless you are somehow top 35% and / or eligible to sit for the patent bar (typically, with a prestigious undergraduate degree in engineering or a hard science). These are typically the types whose salary figures weigh the median salary toward the front – very heavily. Very, VERY heavily.

The rest? They make anywhere from $35k-$50k starting out. IF they get a job. No, I didn’t forget to put a “1” in there.

Not too many people are going to be sympathetic, I guess, but GW has fudged these figures to the point where it seems suspiciously like tortuous misrepresentation – our dean stood up and told us at orientation, point-blank that the average (25th-75th percentile) student can expect $100k as a starting salary at graduation.

Pretty sneaky, especially considering that firms that hire people fresh out of law school at those rates are few and far between. However, it was always pitched to us that if we didn’t get “biglaw” (paying that magic $125k > $135k > $145k > $160k! base salary) that with the strength of our brand name, we could take a paycut and work at one of these mid-sized firms paying that amount for just a little less.

Basically, once the round of interviews were over and it became clear that I was not going to get snapped up by biglaw, faculty and our career office started to ignore me. They would not return my calls or emails, refused to discuss certain internships that I inquired about, and basically made me feel like I was all on my own. I guess I can understand this kind of half-assed treatment if it had been a third-party with no interest in my success, but this was a school, MY law school, and there wasn’t even a pretense of concern for my professional or academic development.

If you go to GW and end up outside of one of those aforementioned groups, the top-third or patent-bar eligible – (and you VERY likely will not know how marketable your tech degree / institution is until you start interviewing with firms after a year in school) you are in some serious trouble. I managed to keep my debt level down because I actually worked throughout all my time in law school, but now, since I fall outside one of those privileged classes, I face the dilemma of going back to my old field or working for a pittance or for free at some place that promises “valuable experience” that will pay off somewhere down the line with a much better job.

Well, no thanks, after TEN years of postsecondary education and 6+ years of work experience, my time is worth a LITTLE more than $20,000 a year (after being assessed around $38,000 a year in tuition, thank you very much!) and I have been lied to ENOUGH already.

City University London 10

I have just spent three years at City University London. DO NOT GO THERE. It is the most abhorrent excuse for an 'education' I could have recieved. I am newly qualified pediatric nurse and just completed my degree, all the university had to do was send off to the nursing and midwifery council that i had passed and i could be registered they just haven't bothered. I have a job I need to start very soon or I will lose it. I have £16.73 in the bank. I am therefore suing the university for loss of earnings, this is the only thing which stems my anger.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not study nursing at city university, its reputation is bollocks its a total shambles of a place with only incompetent wankers working behind their pathetic desks

school 11

i just failed me precalc exam and i dont know how to tell my mom. i know she is going to bitch at me and i dont want to tell her. i thought i knew the stuff but i didnt. im really pissed cause i got a 32% on it and thats fuckin terrible. i will be so much more pissed if i fail the semester. fuck this!

University of Phoenix 12

The teachers do nothing but count the number of words in your papers, for $1500 per online course I would expect more, something that will actually help you learn. They are not the least bit flexible on payments either, they have no compassion for anything but money, you will not be a person to them, you will be a number and a credit card. Do not waste your time with the University of Phoenix unless you want to bend over to "the man" and become just another number in their diploma mill.

group assignments at uni 12

because people either don't want to do anything and leave you to do all the work, they corner you into doing something you don't wanna do, or they either try to take over or try to cause a mutiny.

In Tv land, there are roles, highest is a producer, lowest is a runner. Now knowing my work load this semester I wanted to be a runner, not wanting to disadvantage my crew, but I was backed into the role of PRODUCER, yes they made me top dog, on a show I didn't like the concept of, or agree with. Now as it's uni, it's clearly pressed for time. Do they care? NO. They think I should bend backwards to suit them...sorry dumbwitts, you go TO UNI, you follow THEIR rules...I can't help it if you don't listen the first 50 times I remind you of things.

Unfortunately, not only was I backed into the role on a show I don't like the concept of, half the crew doesn't want to be there, they are trying to do as little as possible.

On top of that. One of the three directors is trying to throw a mutiny. Now I'm not a brainsurgeon, but if you wanted the position why not go for it to start with?! Why make ME do it when I didn't want it??? Not only have I been doing my job, and trying to make sure everyone else is at the very least doing their job. I'm getting a heap of flack for people not WANTING to do their job...hello YOU picked YOUR roles...I didn't, and I'm still doing way more than any of you. So don't even think about blaming me for YOUR laziness or incompetance. I don't wanna hear it. I have more than enough to do without you being a jackoff.

College 13

I work my ass off to pass my stupid program. I needed an 80% to pass and I got a 79! Honestly what the hell is that about?! I can't even continue with the semester and I still have to pay for the rest of my tuition!

Law School 14

Law School blows. For real. Whoever gave young impressionable me the idea that a legal career was the right route in life was a real a-hole. I love working 24-7 and paying to do so. Which means that I'm broke all the time. Yes you idiots, we're not all rich trust babies. I also don't have a fucking clue what I'm doing with life, so all you assholes who look at me and think that I think you're a loser without a clue only get that look because you don't have a clue that I don't have a clue. Get it? Finally, law school has no hot girls. And the ones who might be hot are only getting fatter as they learn more law. Being a law student doesn't help you get girls either. They know you're broke and feel self-conscious that you're smarter than them. Law school blows. Trust me.

*Note from Anger Central
Why not quit law school and go into something that is actually useful? Engineering, medicine, science, you know. become a builder rather then a destroyer which is all that lawyers are these days.

George Brown College Toronto 15

I have to express my disappointment with George Brown College's electronics long distance course. The course is full of errors e.g. module 14. I have applied the same mathematical formulas on the text book to practice exams and I still get the questions wrong. I have worked so hard on those questions and spent so much time. I have reworked on those questions and still got it wrong. What kind of joke George Brown is playing? Despite being owned by the Ontario government in Canada, George Brown is just as a rip off as any privately owned colleges. Shame on George Brown.

New Non-Smoking Policy 16

What the fuck, my stupid University decided it would be fucking "healthy" to ban smoking on campus. Thanks a lot, you know how many people smoke and how hard it is to quit? And how some people enjoy smoking? This is the most stupid, ignorant decision they've made. We're all adults, not some little high school kids.

Smokers weren't even bothering anyone! They were in their designated areas, NOT blowing smoke in other people's faces or anything. Stupid do-gooders think they can interfere with everyone's life.

Rejecting Qualified Students! 17

I am angry with the College addmission system for Nurses!! They think some fat old guy who lost his job should get into the nursing program over a young person who doesn't get a chance. No wonder kids drop out of college after begging for classes we never get admitted to, over people who already have one college degree but can't get a job doing what they want to do!! What makes them think the Nursing profession needs rejects like you anyway. Like I really want some broken down old has been taking care of me when I'm sick anyway. You had your chance obviously you are a loser give some young people a chance!!! How are we ever going to pay off the huge national debt you dumped on us anyway!!! It is bull to open the few positions in a program to single mothers, has been unemployed and people who aren't even U. S. citizens! This counts for all the Nursing programs in general but specifically the ones in Idaho.

College 18

You know what the most hilarious thing is to me these days? Watching preppy little teeny boppers fresh out of high school creaming their pants and killing each other over getting into Ivy League university A or college B.


I've heard it a million times before, but only now do I realize the true meaning of "A college is a business." Nobody in a college gives a shit about higher education or the advancement of human knowledge. Half of the professors don't even care about that. All a college wants is for you to fork over your money, and to promise not to cause any school shootings; they don't give a damn what happens to you after that. The only reason why they encourage you to learn is so you'll boost their reputation and hopefully give them MORE money once you've become rich and famous. And if you don't--well, no biggie, they'll just ask for another multimillion dollar grant from the government, which they're almost guaranteed to get nine times out of ten, even in the roughest economy.

Here's a nice little secret: If you promised not to mention which college you attended to the press before committing mass serial rapings and homocide before shooting yourself in Times Square, they wouldn't give a damn about that either.

Of course, they'll never say that. Oh no. That's bad PR, even if it's the truth. Instead, the most they'll ever say, "we regret that John Smith shot up fifty orphans before graduating but we emphasize that our school is a wonderful academic institution ranked #14 on Bullshit News Report and by going here you will be set for life and be happy PLEASE GIVE US YOUR MONEY"

Look at that news report for a second. See that tuition? 60k a year, are you fucking kidding me? "ohh but our facilities and faculty are expensive to maintain" NO THEY AREN'T YOU THUNDERING SHITCUNTS, your accountants with high school diplomas are just too stupid and obese to handle money efficiently, so they spend it on stupid shit like hiring some random Indian to speak in front of twenty people, hosting another fucking event for some random charity for more publicity, or hiring another FUCKDAMN BY THE JESUS SECURITY GUARD who does nothing but sit in a golf car I could easily outrun, LOOKING FAT AND SMUG BECAUSE HE CAN TELL HIS WELFARE BUDDIES THAT HE'S WORKING AT IVY UNIVERSITY.

"ooh lookit all the security guards we have, we're the safest college in the country! we still have students committing suicide over stress, drinking themselves to death and spreading STDs every weekend, and serve french fries and fast food at the cafeteria, but at least we have TYRONE MCFATFUCK ON A 40K PAYROLL TO HUNT DOWN DEM CRIMINALS! THANK FUCK FOR THAT EH?"

Also kindly STOP MAKING ME BUY A NEW GODDAMN TEXTBOOK EVERY YEAR just because authors John Penismaster & Henry McDickface decided to release a new edition of their stupid books where they literally just REARRANGED all the problems so they can make enough money to hire another twenty hookers. STOP. It's bad enough that they're doing it, but you, Colleges, you don't care do you? Why? Because it's GOOD BUSINESS. The bookstore run by the crown prince of Saudi fucking Arabia himself gives the college money to get them to demand that students have to buy a new textbook, while they make it all up in their exorbitant prices and by telling students every fucking year, "oh you can't sell that back here, we've upgraded"


I love required meal plans. Especially the ones that cost more than five thousand dollars. College, be honest here, do you really think I want to eat at Shitty High School Cafeteria 2.0 just because you think I'm not mentally mature enough to know how to take care of myself? If you're concerned about my health, work on those budding alcoholics who spend all their food money on vodka, drinking themselves to death BEFORE YOU CHARGE ME $12 EVERY MEAL FOR A GODDAMN OMELET I COULD HAVE MADE FOR $1.

Oh wait. I forgot. You still think I'm twelve fucking years old don't you? Never mind that I'm already smarter than your entire administration, you still treat me and all other students like big, walking wallets, with a vodka container for a mouth and the impressionable brain of an infant.

"Heh heh, these kids are smart, but they don't know how the real world works. It's a business kid; if you hate it, why are you still here?

well, Dean Scrotumlicker, I didn't come here because I wanted to. I came because I had no fucking choice; your propaganda has spread so retardedly far that no one believes anymore that someone without a college diploma from an Ivy League university could be even slightly mentally competent.

You won before I even had the chance to fight. That takes talent. Well done.


Finals Week at a College Prep 19

I'm so angry I had to spend 14 hours straight at school today. I'm in the musical and finals are next week. I've been diagnosed with moderate/severe depression, and I left my phone at school. the play is in 2 weeks and we're screwed because half the cast doesn't care enough to learn the steps and music and did it with enthusiasm. I've never been in a play before and I'm petrified it's going to look like shit because these few select people can't get their shit together. I can willingly admit that I've had my fair share of screw ups but I'm trying.

I'm so pissed off at my teachers because they think it's okay to give tests before the week of finals. really?!? that is so not cool. I'm working my ass off to finish all my project and study for AP and you want to give me a pop quiz in Calculus?!? I've finally gotten myself in a position where I don't feel so behind anymore and I'm sinking again because tomorrow is the last day to turn in graded work and I didn't get home until 9pm, giving me no time to work or no time to sleep. either way I'm screwed because I don't have my damn phone to wake me up!

I'm so pissed off with technology becasue my computer takes 30 years to finish typing a sentence I type 10 minutes ago! I hate technology because I have to turn in my financial aid applications online and I can't get a student pin until 3-5 days from when I applied, I applied 2 weeks ago. not I think my financial aid app is late to my top school and if I don't get the help I need, I can't go to college. if I don't get the financial aid I need, I can't go to college outside of my hometown, and I hate my hometown. 18 years here is enough. I hate the same people, I hate the environment, I hate going to the same damn school for 12 years. I hate it. I want to leave, get out on my own, experience something new, and the one thing stopping me is money. money wouldn't be stopping me if I had the financial aid application in, and i would have the app in if this damned computer would work! ugh! Life as a high school senior at a college prep school.

I Hate My College 20

I fucking hate college. It is NOTHING I expected. I am surrounded by cunts & assholes constantly. These supposed 'adults' act like they are still 14 years old. FUCKING SWINE!!! Who the fuck do you think you are? I HOPE YOU FUCKING FUCKERS CATCH AIDS AND DIE A VERY SLOW PAINFUL DEATH! You are all so fucking retarded. WHAT IS THIS, MIDDLE FUCKING EARTH? You asshole mother fuckers think it's still funny to tease people while you're in your 20's? GROW THE FUCK UP YOU GOD DAMNED TROGLODYTES!! FUCK YOU FAT BOY! I wish I could take a needle and pop your man titties so I could watch all the biscuits and gravy flow from your fat ass body. Fuck you bitch girl; I hope you catch syphilis and your brain turns to swiss cheese. Fuck you dreg boy. You want to call me crazy? I'd rather be crazy than be an incestuous, butt-fucking swine like you. You KNOW you diddle your retarded sister. DON'T FUCKING LIE YOU FAGGOT! You don't even take any classes, you just sit outside and play with your yo-yo all day. Who the fuck still plays with a fucking yo-yo that's in their 20's? GO DIE PIGS!! I can't wait until I transfer schools so I don't have to look at you asswipes 3 days a fucking week. ASSHOLES, MOTHER FUCKERS, DOUCHE BAGS, DUMBASSES, CUNTS, PIGS, BITCHES!!!! SUCK A BAG FULL OF DICKS & EAT MY SHIT! DO IT FUCKERS!!!!!!!! BRING ON THE PAIN!!!!!!!! DEGRADE ME AND TELL ME I'M SHIT!!

University 21

I am studying a biological based degree at university and my friends are studying degrees that are not as difficult as mines and when i tell them i can't come out because i have to revise for my exams they don't seem to understand and force me to come out anyway. I understand that they would like to see me because we all study in different parts of the country and we rarely get to meet but time lost is time lost and i don't have much time left. I wish they would understand that my degree is much more demanding than theirs so it's not as easy for me to take time out to come and meet them. As much as i love them i hope they have a massive epiphany soon!

Indian River State College 22

I am very disappointed by the behavior of the students and some of the staff at this college. Some of the college staff are very disorganized and stuck up. They act like their shit doesn’t stink and they develop a shitty attitude when you ask them for help. The people that work in the Student Affairs Department always want to give you the run around. It seems they are incapable of providing you with a clear answer to a question. I’m not sure if they do this on purpose or they are just incapable of meeting their job requirements. I find it hilarious how the people at this college try to maintain its so-called perfect image by acting like problems don’t exist and sweeping everything under the rug. For example, there are not enough parking spaces. Instead of creating more parking spaces, they’d rather create more programs and build more buildings. This college needs more concrete parking spaces; people don’t want to park in a field across the street and have to walk half a mile to get to class. When it rains the field gets all muddy which results in you messing up your new shoes. C’mon people! Use some of those critical thinking skills that you supposedly learned while you were in college. Put those 6 and 8 year degrees to work!

The cafeteria food tastes horrible and is ridiculously overpriced. Their idea of a fish sandwich is 2 fish sticks on a hamburger bun. What’s really outrageous is that they want you to pay $7.50 for one of those crappy fish sandwiches, a small bag of chips, and a drink. Hospital food tastes better than IRSC’s cafeteria food. There is no seasoning on the food whatsoever, it’s extremely bland. Also, they do not cater to people that practice healthy lifestyles. Most of the food is fried and dripping with grease. They have fruit bowls and a salad bar, but they have nothing but full fat dressing. It really defeats the purpose of eating a salad when you smother it with full fat dressing. It’s also difficult to find diet drinks; they sell mostly soda and sugary fruit juices. The United States of America is the 3rd fattest country in the world with an obesity rate of 26.7%. Get with the program people!

I have decided to take my classes at night and online so I can avoid the “fresh out of high school” behavior that takes place on this campus during the day. I cannot find a quite place to study on the entire campus. If I go outside and sit on the bench, I have to deal with wannabe thugs blasting rap music and dancing like uncivilized tribesmen. Also, can you PLEASE pull up your fucking pants?! I am so sick of seeing you buffoons waddle around campus like penguins with your pants fastened below your ass. I got news for you, nobody finds that look attractive except you and your homeboys. Oh, ladies I think you need to stop wearing your club outfits to college. I can see your vagina and ass every time you bend over in those miniskirts. One time in class I dropped my pencil on the floor and when I bent down to pick it up; I looked under the desk to my right and saw this lady’s vagina. She was sitting at her desk with her legs spread wide open. Have you ever heard of underwear? Have some self respect lady.

Also, I’m sick of you assholes that are not enrolled in ANY classes that like to loiter on campus all day and take up space. Why the hell would you want to hang out at a college all day long if you if are not attending classes? Do you have nowhere else to go? Do you have nothing better to do with your time? Stop sexually harassing women and asking them for their phone number. GO HOME! If you are not attending classes there is no reason for you to be on campus. This is a COLLEGE, not a night club. You are obviously very bored and have no ambition in life. Go take a walk, plant a tree, ride your bike, dig a hole, jerk off, play hopscotch, etc, etc. Same thing I just stated applies to the Dungeons & Dragons dipshits that like to take up 2 or 3 tables in the cafeteria and act like you are still in high school. Get a room you fucking dorks!!!

Anyways, if you are in your mid twenties or older and you plan on attending this college, I suggest you take online and night classes. It will make your college a more pleasurable experience. It seems that the more mature people take night classes.

Indian River State College FUCKING SUCKS! 23

I am also angry at Indian River State College. That school fucking sucks and the staff seems to always have their heads up their ASSES. No, you cannot get a clear answer from anyone in the Student Affairs Department. They are rude as shit and will try to make you feel stupid if THEY don't have the answer to your question. You useless assholes get paid to answer questions so ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTION WITHOUT HAVING A GOD DAMN ATTITUDE!! Every morning when I roll up in the parking lot I start to feel nauseous. That's how bad I hate this fucking school. Some of the teachers at this school piss me off so fucking bad because always talk about how fucking AWESOME IRSC is!! GIVE ME A BREAK. It's not that great of a school. It's lame and there is nothing to do. There are too many people that hang out on campus that don't even go to class. They like to take up space in the cafeteria, the pool hall, in front of the library, and they take up all the fucking benches. I can't wait until the day I graduate. It will be the best day ever.

premier education institute 24

i am at a so-called-premier institute doing MBA and people here are total damn asshole. the are so proudy and lick each other asses (who got bigger ass ). and anyone who doesnt is been secluded. no friendship , no empathy just licking of asses and the teacher too are like that , i have remained individualistic approach all through my life never licked anyone asses to get success so i find it hard to find group and now this fucking presentation just 2 week before exam and make presentation. when i see these people i think these are the worst that can exist in this world but my logic says that there are even worser that be existing here why GOD create such people why and why does he send them to live with me here? do i deserve them or do they deserve me ?

St. Louis University 25

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, wow. Well here come finals, the most stressful part of college. Well FUCK THAT WHEN IT COMES TO SLU. Here is a unique collection of people who act like condescending freaks of nature attempting to control each and everyaspect of not only their lives, but your life as well. DO NOT GO HERE. 95% of the people that go here come from prestine preppy high schools and jump into these sororities and frats funded BY THE GODDAMN UNIVERSITY IN SOME CASES. WHAT THTE FUCK. These prissy ass white kids go to class whenever they feel like and get whatvere fucking grade they want as long as they literally bend of and kiss the ass of every professor. IM HERE ON GODDAMN SCHOLARSHIPS! and financial aid. Now I am kicking my own ass with 18 credit hours and works while trying to juggle a bunch of shit and all I get is fucking people on my goddamn dorm floor trying to get me to buy them alcohol FUCK YOU. No I'm not going to buy that loaded ass fat ass prick girl a goddamn bottle of fucking jack daniels. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Oh dear lord this is thereaputic...anyway, the school is a catholic university bent on squeezing 40K EACH YEAR out of ya. I've got 4 fucking days of finals and then I'm transferring the fuck out of here you dumbass bitches. I am really looking forward to when these religious freaks that act like goddamn stuck up kings and queens get whats coming to them. Fuck this shit.

Close minded idiots, and myself. 26

I try not to think about it when I can, as it always leads to being absolutely incensed, but idiots, and especially the idiots that are unavoidable because they dictate how I live my life, whether it be school administrators, politicians, or bosses. Nothing is done with out their own selfish interests above all else, including the happiness & well-being of all that have to suffer the consequences of their awful decisions, and even the law. Whether their interests be in monetary gain, getting elected another term, or avoid 'looking bad', even if it means not doing what they know is right. The decisions I've watched these people in authority make absolutely no sense rationally, if judging by the fact these decisions are supposed to benefits the lives of those that must live with the decisions. I'll only pick one of these to rant over, and seeing as many people have to deal with incompetent bosses, and everyone knows what a waste of oxygen every politician is, I'll focus on School Administrators:

The new administrators at my college that have taken over since 2008 are horrendous. It is appalling the amount of illegal activity they conduct. They lie to incoming freshman about everything about the college, so much that the dropout rate is 44% once they realize how awful it is. Through decisions aimed at easing the woes of over-possessive parents, they have turned this campus into what is essentially an incredibly expensive nursery. If you do not check each and every bill they send you, they will add thousands of dollars that you do not owe, and even if you do find it, it takes months of arguing with the administrators, even threatening legal action, until they drop the charges. Sometimes they never drop them, and insist you owe $3,500 for room & board, even when they have proof that 1) you have an apartment off campus, 2) you never once swiped your card at the cafeteria, & 3) they had given the room you supposedly inhabited to another student, who also paid for it. Yet, no one has done a damn thing about them, and they continue to destroy everything this once-lovely liberal arts college was about. They are a destructive, evil force that is ruining the education, and lives, of all their students. We have actual instances of someone whom the administration likes getting away with setting the security office on fire, while another student, after never having been in trouble the 3 years they were there, getting expelled for possessing half a gram of marijuana. Half a gram of weed worse than arson? How ludicrous! I would not of thought it possible for my college to go from the incredible school it was 3 years ago, to this heaping pile of BULLSHIT created by the absurd visions of insanely incompetent assholes who don't give a flying fuck about their students, just they money they have, and therefore end up driving them all into debt (or jail) for what is becoming a worthless education at a prison-like educational facility. FUCK YOU UP THE ASS, D&E!!!

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