Ohio is without a doubt the dumbest state in the country more dumber than Florida if that was possible. Ohio people think they're so much better than West Virginia just because we're their neighbors I got news for you what makes your dumb idiotic state better than ours and if you all think your so much better why do you take jobs in our state. Also you stupid Ohio people can't drive especially when you come to our state where we have atleast a better speed limit you idiots creep up and down the road and almost cause car wrecks or people to be late for work all because you idiots can't drive. Another thing i'm angry at the dipshit talking shit in a rant about West Virginia why don't you die and go to hell you fucking idiot we take offense to your stupid retarded rant and most likely you need to have the shit beat out of you because most likely you are some idiot from Ohio with no life no job and nothing better to do.

Ohio people stay in your own city with your own jobs stop comming to our state with your abysmal driving skills, acting like your so superior which your not you're all a bunch of rude disruptive morons. If only we could have a boarder patrol to keep Ohio people out of West Virginia just like illegals out of America sorry if it sounds stupid but Ohio people piss me off with their stupidity

Proctorville, Ohio 2

This very small town in Southern Ohio has to be one of the most boring, outdated, out of touch, stuck in the past towns in the whole entire United States. This Town has looked the exact same for the past 30 fucking years I mean come on about 60% of the buildings in this town are empty, abandoned, broken, and in serious need of demolition.

There's this Gas Station that's been abandoned for over a decade that's been sitting and rotting and you think the town would demolish it and put something new there, but sadly this old ass town likes it's broken abandoned buildings and clearly don't want any new business.

They've had a McDonalds and a Wendys as their choices for Fast Food and every time i've gone through town the fucking Drive Through almost has a belt of cars wrapped around the damn restaurant. Now they recently built a Taco Bell in the area but it barely has any customers most people in town prefer McDonalds while others end up travelling to other towns for alternatives because most people do get tired of McDonalds.

The Damn Kroger in town is so old and outdated in both the interior designs and the employment. The aisles are way too small, they have terrible inventory of stock, their restrooms are disgusting, their employees which are mostly a bunch of slow ass old people clearly know how to piss me off every time I shop here because they clearly don't understand how digital coupons work and also would it kill them to include a Self Check Out Machine? What can I say this town like everything else in this shitty ass town is stuck in the past and doesn't want any change.

The Fairground which hosts the county fair every summer is such an eyesore to drive by due to how empty the area is because the only time that area gets used is when the fair happens and that only lasts a week and any other time nothing but junk yard sales which is a complete waste of space.

Also the fucking Real Estate is shit because just about all of the landlords are all a bunch of scummy slumlords who care more about price gouging their tenants and it's easy to see why people in this damn town can't move anywhere.

Fuck this town of Proctorville Ohio, it's the shittiest shit town that is so boring, outdated, out of touch, and is stuck in the past and clearly doesn't want change.

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