other women who hate me for no reason 1

There's this mean ugly skinny bitch that works at a video store at the mall where i live, she starts shit with me for no reason. She is nasty and gets in my personal space. Last weekend i was at the store and i accidentally left the lid of my coffee drink on one of the shelves and she gave me an attitude, i didn't do it deliberately, and then i threw out my drink and then i came back in the store and I said in a snarky tone "I threw out my drink you happy now?" and the bitch said "you better watch it!" AHAHAHAAAA like I am really scared, the only thing scary about her is her ugly face!! :D

jealous women 2

Im sick and tired of women who PRETEND to be my friend..then use passive aggressive remarks about my modest clothing to my face while smiling. They SAY I luv u friend..then with the same breath that green eyed monster comes out and they're calling me names...names that I AM NOT...but THEY are. I cant help the way I was born..Yes I try to stay in shape and be healthy.NO, Im not an alcoholic or druggy like u are.

Yes..people LIKE me because Im considerate and altruistic. You insecure, jealous women...stay the H away from me! This has been going on since I was 20 and Im 56 now. STOP it and do something with your own miserable lives. Get some education...just because I have several degrees and never stop learning....doesnt give any of you sleezy witches the right to curse me out because you did NOTHING with your lives!!

Get a clue!! When your green eyed monster rears its ugly head it makes you look even more ugly and fake.You are FAKE women. Its not my fault that men are attracted to nice looking, educated women and
not ugly losers like YOU.

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YAY! First rant of the new year, (2014), and both add pages are now working. :)

Inhumanity to our fellow man. 3

I have been married over 34 years. I put my wife on a pedestal and tried to give her everything she ever wanted. Yet, I have never been the number one man in her life, that is her daddy's role. I told her of the things she's done to hurt me, and how to stop hurting me. Then, I'd ask her to please stop hurting me. No way. She chose to continue.

I am a n hearted person, a.k.a. Sucker. I give, often more than I should to people I care about, only to be shit on in return. If I met a woman who actually shared my ideals that marriage is a partnership, that woman would be treated like a queen. Two years ago, we met Sarah and her kids. A single mom, she had trouble with men abusing her. I assured her, not all men are pricks. She lived 70 miles from us but we visited often. I would often do repair work to save her money. I easily did twenty thousand dollars worth of labor on her house. I told her, I would prove to her, by the way I treated her family and mine, that not all men are selfish assholes.

We took her to our vacation home. We did things with her beautiful children. She and my wife went shopping as best buddies. It was a wonderful friendship, albeit a bit one-sided. Then, she met a guy she wanted to date. I asked if we could all 4 be friends and do things together. She didn't think that was a good idea. In fact, she ended our friendship then and there. She would not answer her phone, nor even acknowledge text messages we sent. No communication at all, and we did not deserve any of that. We were crushed. We truly thought we meant more to her, but unless we were doing something to help her, we were useless to her.

How ironic- I showed her that not all men are selfish pricks, and she showed me that some women still are. It boggles the mind. We were raised to be kind and help people. Then, apparently, just watch them use us. So now, I lost my friend, who was no friend at all. More of a c u next Tuesday, or can't understand normal thinking type of person. There was platonic love for her, and her children, who were innocent in all this. She killed that love. And I am facing divorce at age 55, to start all over, because my wife killed that love. I have nothing left to give. I am completely alone and bewildered. I only ever wanted the love back that I gave out. It seems too late for that. Sadly, an entire adult life spent without love, without hope. Maybe someday, a nice lady will prove me wrong. It's true, what they say- life sucks, then you die.

In the meantime, fuck all the takers and users in the world, I don't need you.

Women 4

Am I the only person who sees all women want to control everything? I grew up with girls and women and every single one has tried to control and change me. My mother, my first wife, my second wife, my daughters, my second wife's daughters and on and on and on. Every one of them wants me to change. Dress this way, act that way, try this food and like it, change your sense of humor and again, on and on and on.

If you don't do what they nag for you to do, they get pissed and either yell or cry and always bring it up again and again. I give in hoping they will shut up, but they don't. They move on to something else they want you to change.

My experience has shown me that no matter what you do, it will never be enough. No matter what you want, it is not going to happen and when you do what they say, you didn't do it right.

I have done everything from changing my clothes style to food I eat to movies and television I watch to getting the college degree she wanted and it still wasn't enough for the ex-wife. I'm nervous because my second wife is beginning to do the same things. You should spend more time with my family. She moves her damn dog in and never disciplines it or her immature daughter. I was alone for 2 years and I loved being able to do what I wanted to do. Why the double standard with women? I am suppose to be supportive of her and change for her and that's it, not the other way. Kiss my ass!

Slutty Women 5

I don't like slutty women. The kind that have to come to work every day in tight ass yoga pants so you can see every detail of their body, and loose shirts that exposes most of their boobs. Stop trying to hit on me every fucking five minutes! I don't want to get in your fucking pants! And then they get mad at me and give me dirty looks because I turned them down. I've had women repeatedly ask me out every day, and I've women hit on me when they are already in a relationship! Some women are great, but I dislike most of them because they are crazy! I also dislike when people say I hate whores because "I can't get any". I can get women and I have. Just don't act like trash.

Women 6

I'm tired of women acting like whores. Everyday I go to work, and all the women dress like sluts. This is against the workplace rules, but it is ignored. They wear low cut tops and tight pants, they shake their tits and asses all over the place as they strut down the hallway. They are always flirting with men. I always reject them, but they keep flirting with me like I'm going to take them out. I never like this and feel uncomfortable, they should get out because I'm not interested! Women are biologically programmed to whore themselves out, they ovulate every month and have to attract a man. Women are very awful, and I don't care how sexist that is!

Another thing about women, they want to ban anything that is sexier than them, including skimpy video game characters and weight loss programs with thin women in them. They hate competition.

Women Lie About Rape 7

It pisses me off how women are going around randomly accusing men of sexual assault or rape without even having any proof. It pisses me off how these stupid bitches are allowed to make such retarded accusations and not even have any proof; the justice system automatically sides with them, which is bullshit I say you bitches weren't raped you're faking it for attention.

I mean it's a shame how so many famous men have lost their careers all because some dumb bitch makes some claim that this man raped her. You know what these bitches are a disgrace to women everywhere and are the real reason men won't go out with them, because some stupid attention whores who are too lazy to work and earn money want money by falsely accusing a man of sexual assault or rape, here's an idea get some goddamn therapy or some mental health because you fucking cunts clearly are too goddamn stupid and you know what I think domestic violence should be allowed because these dumbass victim playing bitches really need to get the fucking shit kicked out of them. Women get your fucking shit together, if you want to find a real man to love than stop faking rape or sexual assault otherwise I hope that does happen to you and you would deserve it for how stupid all of you are; and you wonder why I hate women, they all deserve to be hit.

*Note from Anger Central
Sadly, some women do lie about being raped and sometimes innocent men are jailed because of it.
When a woman flat out lies, (And we would think a woman will know when she has been assaulted), she should be prosecuted to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Narcissistic Women 8

I am so angry at stupid bitches who crave attention and don't give a damn about nobody but themselves. First I am angry at loud mouth black women and no this is not a racist rant because I cannot stand these fucking loudmouth cows talking so goddamn loud in public places not to mention these bitches are a bunch of narcissists who only want men to control and act like they deserve to be treated like queens while they don't do a Goddamn thing back for their men. Fuck you bitches, it's no wonder black men want nothing to do with you; and you know what no man wants anything to do with you narcissistic bitches and you know what you all deserve to die alone better yet you fucking cows need to have a sledgehammer taken to your throats and maybe that will shut you all the fuck up.

Also it pisses me off how some stupid bitches who hate it when their men want to play video games. First of all you bitches want to get jealous all because your man wants to play video games; you get jealous every single time they don't show you any attention, you try blackmailing to get your way. Guess what that doesn't work in the real world you stupid bitches, you want to act fucking crazy every time a man is playing a video game or seeing his friends and you get all paranoid and then threaten to take away and break the stuff that he bought with his money or even threaten them with violence. Guess what I wish you would threaten me because I will hit a woman if she tried that shit on me and you know what men need to stop letting women take advantage of them and stand up for themselves guess what bitches stop crying and trying to play the system if a man hits you then you deserve it for all of the stupid bullshit you do to them and you also would deserve to have your bones broken so next time you narcissistic cunts want to try and play that way then guess what i'll make sure the only game you'll be playing is inside of a casket. Fuck you women, fuck all of you stupid cunts, may you all get aids.

Women are Pigs not Men 9

I am so angry at being called a pig by a dumb bitch when all I said was hello to her, guess what bitch the only pig I see is you, so you know what I wasn't going to take it from her so I said "The only one who's a pig is you, you stupid bitch then tried getting in my face and I told her to get the fuck out of my face before I punch her and trust me I don't care if you are a women, you've already pissed me off because you're too much of a goddamn retard to know how to behave like a human being so she backed away and if she knows what's good for her. It's easy to see why women deserve to be hated and treated like shit because if they want to call men pigs than guess what have you looked at yourself in the mirror? The problem is you, you women think you can play victim and manipulate the system because of your fucking tits, bullshit you entitled pigs, do me and the entire Human Race a favor and go die of aids you stupid cunts.

Women Whining Over Fortnite 10

I'm so tired of women acting jealous all because men are playing Fortnite, Jesus Christ if you want a man's attention then guess what play with him, if anything all you're doing is acting like a total bitch by getting pissed at Fortnite blaming it as the reason your relationship failed. No dumbass the the problem is you and how you act so stuck up and like the world revolves around you, also stop whining about it on Twitter because it just shows that you dumb cunts crave attention, you really want to build a relationship with a man how about playing the fucking game with him and stop your goddamn woe is me shit all the time. It's these stupid cunts that really give women a bad name and it's no wonder their relationships fail and it's not because of Fortnite, it's because of you so get the fuck over yourselves already you stupid bitches.

I Am Fed Up With Women 11

I am so angry at Women recently some stupid bitch who shot up a Rite Aid in Maryland, really women guess a what if I had a gun i'd shot that bitch and set her ass on fire. Also recently some hag stabbed some newborns in a day care, several workers and a Child's Father. If I was there I would have shot that bitch and stabbed her multiple times and ripped out every one of her internal organs from her body and set her on fire.

Also i'm enraged at Investigation Discovery and if I see one more episode of Deadly Women guess what I will find what prisons everyone of these bitches are locked up in so I may shoot them all and set their bodies on fire and avenge every man that these brainless cunts killed all because they wanted their money. Guess what you want money get a job, you want to be treated as equals guess what everytime you do shit like this is why I think it's about time we start letting our fellow man to punch and abuse women and they would fucking deserve it yeah there should be a Deadly Men show and guess what women you would fucking deserve it.

Also to that whore Casey Anthony you killed your child for fame and if I ever locked eyes on you, it would be the last thing you would ever see I would shoot you in your plastic face and I would skin you alive and hang your corpse from a tree and set you on fire. Let this be a warning to all of you women, either you learn your Goddamn place in this world and if you even try to cross the line you will meet your maker so fuck all women the world would be better without you.

Fucking Women 3

Hey Women out there stop being so goddamn stupid all the time. Some fucking bitch stuck some guy with a syringe in a McDonalds Parking Lot; yeah a man waiting on his order and some stupid bitch fucking sticks him with a needle. Women you really are making me hate you vile disgusting bitches every fucking day. If you tried that shit on me you can be your ass I would start up my car and run your stupid ass over or better yet take a gun and blow your goddamn brainless head off. You want to be treated as equals, how about you stop doing such goddamn stupid shit to men before you end up pissing off the wrong man and they end up killing you. Stupid ass women the entire world would be better off without you.

Girls/Women deserve to be Hit Back 4

It angers me that a video surfaced a Teenage Girl punching a boy and he hits back and gets jumped by everyone it really makes me angry that I want to hunt down all of these loser kids and beat the living shit out of them including the stupid bitch who started it.

News Flash if a woman hits me i'm not going to let her get away with it because i'll punch you back and beat the living shit out of you, and if you see a guy hit a woman mind your Goddamn Business because you're the ones making yourselves look like pussies ganging up on one person defending himself from some stupid attention wanting retarded bitch. Teen Girls are known to be really stupid and are always trying to get away by talking shit about people and doing stupid shit and you know what a punch to their brainless heads is what they deserve and if any of them hit me than believe me they would find themselves waking up in a Hospital Bed or never waking up at all if some stupid bitch tried that on me.

Women if you want equal rights than here's a lesson if you think it's ok to hit men and for them to not hit back than guess what you have nobody but yourselves to blame when a man hits back and beats the living shit out of you, and you would absolutely deserve it.

Women are Worthless 5

Some stupid bitch on Twitch said that if a Man cheats on a woman it's a man's fault but if a woman cheats on a man it's his fault for being a shitty lover. No you stupid bitch it's your fault because you women are too goddamn inbred and stupid to know your fucking place in this world and saying shit like that is like saying "Hit me please because i'm a sexist uneducated feminist who needs to be punched in the face to learn my lesson." To that stupid bitch on Twitch that said that you deserve to be punched in the face because if a man cheats on a woman it's a woman's fault for being stupid cunts.

I have no use for any woman on this fucking Earth because I HATE ALL WOMEN and wish all women were wiped off the face of existence. Women you want to know why you stay single don't blame men take some fucking responsibility because of how fucking stupid you all are. I have no interest in women because you all are clearly too goddamn brainless to know your place in existence. Women you will never be equal to men because you are all inferior in every way shape and form.

If any of you stupid bitches are triggered than guess what tough titties I don't give a shit because if a man can't hit a woman then why should a woman hit a man because if you laid a hand on me I WOULD BEAT THE GODDAMN FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOU and break every bone in your worthless bodies. To any of you wide eyed, red headed triggered feminists if you dare look at me with your triggered expressions I'll take a power drill and gouge your eyes permanently and then I would stab you all in your vaginas before killing you.

Death to all women.

*Note from Anger Central
Turned down again huh? ;)
And no threats of violence.

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