What pisses me off is women who constantly bitch and moan about how they don't like to be used as sex objects. If you feel like that, fine but you bitches have to realize that that goes both ways. You don't want to be treated like prostitutes well you have to stop acting like a prostitute. Start treating men like actual human beings and not as a means for financial gain, and maybe you will get a little respect every now and then. You want to know why you get stuck with the ass holes. Because when it comes to picking men, your priorities are assed backwards. You claim you want to be treated with with respect, then stop meeting men at clubs. You say you want a man who is working but if that guy at work who drives a Toyota looks at you too hard, you cry sexual harassment. But yet you break your neck for that bad-boy with his grandpa's Lexus whose idea of a job is going to visit his parole officer, who doesnt have respect for himself let alone you. You let him mooch off of you. You let him move in with you based on his looks or the size of his penis. Knowing damn well when you met him he didnt have a job. You knew he was an alcoholic when you met him at the bar and for every one drink he bought you he bought himself three. You knew he slept around because when you fucked him he had a wife,a mistress and three girlfriends. You knew that he was only going to use you for sex because he couldnt keep his eyes of your titties and his hands off your ass, but you fucked him anyway.You thought you could change him. And when you found out that you couldn't you say ALL MEN ARE SCUM/PIGS/DOGS or whatever else.

Women 2

Fucking bitches do whine, moan, cry, and bitch about everything. To women everything is feminist, it pisses me off, how they can get any of us in trouble by lying and saying we are discrimaniting women. But, women do bring everything upon themselves, they do act like sexual objects and later on bitch on how men treat them. I am also very pissed on how women are allowed to organize bullshit rallies and claim a sexist crime to get what they want, and the other bitches(women) in office allow them to and give them whatever they want. But, what would happen if Men were to hold some rallies against anything or maybe lie about a sex crime, thats right all hell breaks loose, and they are seen as pigs. I understand why women call men 'dogs' because they are the females and female dogs are 'bitches'. Fucking bitches stop with your feminist anti- men bullshit and go back to washing dishes and gardening.

Women 3

Women piss me off. One day they act nice to you and then if they you to get lost or you somehow manage to upset them, they act like they don't know you. Women are so easily upset, you can't say anything and they act like total bitches. It's a no-win situation with women, they are so fucking fragile. And now, they claim they can do the same jobs as men, but they refuse to get their hands dirty. Quite frankly, I'm sick to death of it. Why can't we just do a complete background check on every single woman on earth.

And to all of those women who think "all men a bastards", go fuck yourselves. Either live with us or go live on some deserted island somewhere.

girls 4

Girls make me sooo angry! Why do they make me angry? I'll tell you. It's because they sneak up on you when you're doing okay- never great, but stable mind you- and then they rough you up and get you thinking of bigger and better things than your previous loneliness. Then- just when you're starting to smile for no reason- they crap all over you. And the best part is, the good ones don't even realize they're doing it. I'm holding my heart in my hands and she's got no idea...

RUDE Women 5

I get really pissed off when I'm shopping and some bitch with a shopping cart just leaves it right in my way so I can't put my shit on the counter when she's done. Then, she looks at the cart, like she forgot to move it out of my way. BUT INSTEAD, she picks up a pair of pants that she left in the cart, and just walks away. So I yell after her, "Hey bitch, you left your cart in my way", and she gives me the finger. OH how mad was I. I was lucky to see what car she got out of when she came inside, so while she was exchanging those pants, I was happily letting the air out of the tires on her soccer mommy minivan. I casually walked back to my car and waited for her to come out, and to her suprise, her tires were totally flat! I GOT THAT BITCH GOOD! Think twice before you're rude to ANYONE!

pregnant bitches 6

I am so pissed off seeing happy pregnant bitches walking around exposing their hideous fat pregnant stomaches with their short shirts. It is so disgusting! I am a woman and I think it is disgraceful of other women being proud of their ugly fat stomaches parading around in stores showing off, why do they feel they need to show of their nasty fat bellies to people? Men don't like to see that shit you whores so cover that hideous fat belly of yours!!

*Note from Anger Central
You need some serious help there dude.

Fake Women 7

I'm literally at wits end when it comes to dealign with women. Whenever I do anything remotely gentlemanly(i.e. opening doors, offering to carry stuff, etc.), I'm told that I'm "too nice". WTF?! For some reason, I always thought that people preferred being tresded nicely...maybe I'm strange though. It never fails, though...they end up hooking up with the complete assholes, and all you hear is them bitching about how they can't find any nice guys. HELLO!!! Wake the fuck up! Why is it that women say one thing, then do the complete opposite? It's because of these pricks that women think all men are pigs and assholes. This is just way too damn frustrating.

pregnant women 8

ok, so for some GOD unknown reason i can't seem to get pregnant to save my sorry ass. BUT...these fucks on welfare get knocked up constantly! they suck off the government tit and WE have to pay for their little bastards, yet someone like ME, who has a HUSBAND AND A JOB and can actually take CARE of a child, can't get pregnant. how fucking fair is THIS?????? furthermore, i would like to warn this girl i work with to quit her constant whining & bitching about being pregnant. no one gives a shit so shut yer fucking piehole! i would GLADLY trade places with you & have your morning sickness, and you can be barren. how's that??? fuck off!

Older Women 9

WTF is up with older women slumming with much, much younger men anyways? I see these peroxide blonde bimbos stuffed into leather outfits that are way, way, way to tight on them, hanging on boys barely out of diapers, thinking it makes them look young when all the little stud muffins really want is the bitches money and maybe a mediocre piece of ass. But these old bags have money and so the boys hang on them instead of going with girls their own age , so WTF is fair about that??

Women 10

Im angry because women think they can live without a man, and assume we need them to survive. Hell, they are the ones looking for our help in opening jars, moving furniture, squishing spiders, and fixing cars. All things women cannot do. Alright I admit I need a woman around to do what they are meant to do, that is to clean the house.

girls 11

I get so annoyed with girls who flirt unmercifully with your guy! Everyone flirts, but try to be respectful! When he flirts back, I want to scream! Why mortify myself to this point? It's embarrassing and inconsiderate. I am a confident person, but even I have my limits you crazy people!!

Engaged under 21 females 12

Ever meet these kinds of girls? One day they can't wait to go out of town to go to a college so they can suck as many dicks as they can, then they meet some older guy in some youth group - notice youth group leader guys always go for some girl quite an amount of years his junior - and all of a sudden this girl has turned into a fucking know-it-all, calm, collected, wannabe mature, "nothing fazes me" pain in the ass bitch. Usually these kinds of dumb young women come from any given suburbia and they move right down the street from their parents. Of course they can't wait to crank out their little fuck trophies and show off their little jackass babies. Then when they get around 30 or so, they get some wild hair up their asses to go fuck around because they feel they've missed their youths. Most of the time the mother of these types of girls when they get engaged aren't being logical by saying, "You know, you've got your whole life ahead of you, slow down some". Instead, the mothers get in on the act and encourage it then act fucking surprised years later when their little married with children angel daughter starts disappearing for hours on end, working late hours and the miles on the odometer are really starting to climb...because they're out fucking around with some jackass guy who's about to get divorced.  Pardon me, I come from the Midwest and this is the type of shit that's commonplace.

Engaged under 21 females 13

I also come from the Midwest and we have a saying where I'm from: Engaged by 21, divorced by 24. I'm tired of these lazyass, white trash, sluts who see marriage as an easy alternative to college or working. Inevitably, they marry "Duane" or "Cletus" and immediately seal the deal with multiple "fuck trophies", with the idea that their "career" will be full-time motherhood. Unfortunately, when the impossibility of living with children on Duane's $8/hr salary sets in, the country music-induced fantasy is over. The unskilled, white trash slut is devastated when she has to quit watching Jerry Springer all day and get an $8/hr job too. That's when the transformation from "full-time mommy" to child support/welfare-queen occurs.  Fuck, you need a license to drive a car or own a gun. Why can't they regulate childbearing, as well?

Women that are bitches 14

I don't mind some women. Some women are very nice, friendly, attractive, and warm. However, there are some women that are complete bitches, are cold, snobs, whores, cockteasers, those that just can't give a fuck, and men haters. These types of women need to be sorted out ASAP.

I have sorted out several solutions to rid these bitches:

I hope this proves helpful to all men worldwide, and they look out for these types of bitches.

Girls 15

Why am I angry at girls in generl? Because they tend to bore the shit out of me with their shallow unreflected minds. I have yet to meet a woman that wants to discuss something like say... history, culture, and philosophy. Oh no. They want to talk about someone they know, who is not there. Always the same fucking thing. No decency.

They disgust me with their double standards, they are not supposed to be easy... right. They are all whores, it just so happens to be that they pretty much derive their self-esteem from the price they manage to collect for their services...

They demand "equal rights", and therefore they shall be favored because they are unable to compete on normal terms. That's just beutiful. They can't manage the physical stress of manual labour, and they don't like to get their hands dirty, therefore they shall skip right to management positions without ever having seen the floor. They say that they are more senistive and considerate than men, but they are twice as likely to stab you in the back as any man. And when it comes to taking one for the team, oh no, forget that.

Not to mention their love of rules. They probably love the rulebook so much simply because their general lack of common sence makes it easier for them to make decisions. "I'm sorry sir, it is against the rules." Right. Because it is so fucking easy to write down a set of rules that can work in ANY given condition, eh? No need to ever breaking or bending a rule, period. Why? Because that is a rule too. Never break or bend a rule. Consequenses does not matter, as long as you follow the book.

They are the weak gender. No sence of honor, no sence of decency, no moral scrooples and all too often, absolutely no style. Of course there are exceptions, and out of 3 billion induviduals, even a small percentage becomes quite a big number. So it is just a matter of patience. Once I find an exception, I'll tell her just what I think of girls in general, and why she so very different. But all the rest of you skank hoes better watch out, because I know all of your tricks, so I will not cut you any slack at all, like all too many idiots tend to do.

Women 16

I'm angry about women and money. Why is it that it seems every woman is nagging her man about what he gets with his money. We buy tools, computers, gadgets, things to enjoy life with. Yet at the same time our women (my fiancťe in this case, but has been exes too), complain about what we buy, and at the same time get their hair done for $30 and up, nails, makeup, 1,000's of useless trinkets that just sit there, waiting to be lost or broken. We men do buy something's you don't like or don't understand, but if we're in a pinch, they have value and can be sold. The only one who wants some useless woman crap is another woman, but they like new things.

It is hard enough being a man, knowing you ALWAYS have to be working hard hours doing something you probably don't want to do. Getting a "toy" is one of our few pleasures that is just us. Woman could find a sugar daddy and have all the crap they want for nothing. So just let us enjoy our stuff, and you can enjoy urs....as long as the bills are paid who gives a rat's ass??

Women 17

This is to all you fucking teases, yeah you know who you are. You like to catch my eye and start a little conversation. Latter it becomes more casual and we get deeper into each others personal life, and just when I think its safe to ask you out on a date....You just convinently announce that you have a boyfriend. Oh, it's not just that. You constantly brag about how great your relationship is and how its like a fucking fairytale. Well I hope your fucking happy getting you self-gratification at my expense. You should just go ahead and kick me in the balls because that exactly what it fells like, but I suppose you would know nothing about that. I used to be a great guy to be around with, very coureous and nice, but I guess chivilry is dead the days. Now I have become a total asshole because of bitches like you. I would have had no problem with being "just freinds" only if you would have made that point in the beginning. Yet, I suppose you all like to get your jollys by making us decent nice guys look like chumps. So in conclusion, FUCK ALL OF YOU TEASING BITCHES.

slutty stupid english essex girls  18

I know this is a primarily american website so I will give a defintition of essex girls. Place called essex - girls that live there have a god awful accent and are as thick as a plank of wood. I'm currently in university halls of residence and although none of my flatmates are such people there is one womanising guy who can only bed such people (as any woman with an ounce of intelligence finds him irritating and pathetic) and constantly brings them back to hang around in our fucking kitchen. Their voices grate on the very being of my soul, tell them anything and they actually believe it, and they make for about as much interesting conversation as a dead cat. I really would rather talk to a dead cat. My god. I really, really hate them. It's people like them who bring the national intelligence average down through the floor. And the truly sweet icing on the cake is that they are no longer confined to essex. THEY'RE FUCKING EVERYWHERE. WHO ON EARTH BREEDS SUCH PEOPLE? IF ANY CHILD OF MINE SHOWED SIGNS OF SUCH BLINDING STUPIDITY I WOULD THROW IT IN THE TRASH.

*Note from Anger Central
We will take anything from anywhere. We may not post it, but we will take it in. :)

Women 19

It really pisses me off to hear women go off about "equal rights" and how they can do anything a man can do. Oh, and if you tell them they can't they have to have a big rally or file a lawsuit and call it discrimination. Well guess what-women were not created to do everything a man can do-women were created to clean house, cook meals, and take care of their man in the bedroom. Maybe give him offspring if he wants them, and if that happens also take care of his children. There is nothing wrong with a woman doing all this and holding down a job too, why shouldn't she contribute financially to her home?

HELLO-women are the weaker sex and men can do a whole lot that you can't, and you don't need to embarrass yourselves further by trying. Remember your place, take care of your man, and show him that he is the king of the castle. It would also be much appreciated if you would stop all this feminist b/s everyone knows you only cling to it to have a reason to bitch.

P.S. before any woman gets too mad at the "man" that wrote this I would like to say-I am not a man-yes that is right, I am a woman bitching about women. So, rant on that all of you men hating-women's libbers.

She-Males 20

I have had my fill of masculine-women that stomp around in hideous shoes, hack their hair and dye it ugly colors, and use course, vulgar language, drop the f-bomb in front of anybody, and complain about how everything "sucks". Oh and let's not forget hopping into bed with every poor desperate slob and thinks it makes them "liberated". Yes, I guess you've shown society and the male oppressors a thing or two, haven't you -- by playig right into men's hands! Stupid bitches !! You annoy me ! (But, you *do* make it easier for the for feminine types that don't have to "prove their masculinity" to find nice men.)

women 21

My little brother got a new girlfriend who is 12 years his senior (he's 21) and I know for a fact that the fucking douche bag is using him. She doesn't work and is constantly getting him to buy her things but he's young and naive and in love so I can't talk to him. I've already told her what I think of her and banned her from my house. Why you ask is it any of my business? Because he's my family and he's going to get hurt and I CARE! When it does happen I'm going to get that pig. There are ways to fuck someone up without using violence because I'm a man and can't pound her. Although I fucking wish I could. This worthless, lazy bitch's day is coming. That's for letting me rant.

women 22

Firstly, I do love women (I do), but they also piss me off big time and I need to rant about it. Mainly because I got dumped recently. My annoyance is aimed more at a generation of woman of the age group that I am a part of - embarrassed to be to be a part of too: the age group is anyone under 40, although I call it the '18-30' group, as it's more attributable to woman in that age bracket. Because I'm from the U.K, this rant is more applicable to woman from that part of the world, albeit not exclusively, I'm sure.

I don't have a problem with people getting inebriated and having a laugh - the fact is I do myself!. I don't have the same problem with women either. However: there is having a good time with alcohol and maintaining some amount of dignity, and then there is having a good time and looking like an all-out trashy whore; the latter seems to be becoming increasingly more pervasive amidst the younger generation of the women today.

Whereas it was always a guys' prerogative to get completely wankered (drunk) on a weekly basis, the unrelenting evolution of 'women's' equality has created a culture of women who equally try to out-drink each other; with their male counterparts included. The result is fucking ugly, I think.

There is nothing more unattractive than a group of cackling and completely intoxicated women, vying like men to see 'who can drink the most,' pub-crawling etc. I like to see girls having a good time - Yes - but I don't like to see girls in such a fucked-up and ridiculous state.

Do you think it is attractive to throw up and vomit all over your top/clothes etc? Or to do the same all over your shoes; all over the pavement - even over your friends or boyf?!

If it's not sick then you're urinating somewhere - sometimes right in front of people, maybe even in your panties (if you were wearing any that is. Probably not tho, coz you are slutz and want to show the world your pussy when you fall over). These women clearly have no shame and I can't believe they can honestly consider their vile ways womanly or even remotely attractive. They swear, fart, burp and are becoming unabashedly adept in all such vulgar-type behaviour. Afterwards they even brag about it!... Well: well done for being trashy whores with no sense of dignity or class.

They are also becoming more fat and ugly, due to scoffing on kebabs and consuming excessive amounts of drink, no doubt. I love to see nice slim girls showing some, if not, lots of flesh - don't get me wrong - but you think I want to see fat mommas? Please: cover up. You're a not a size 10, so don't buy clothes you'll never fit into. If I wanted to see a display of massive amounts of blubber hypnotically jiggling in front of me, I'd visit a sea-lion sanctuary. You put me off my beer; visually especially, but also vocally, as you talk shit most of the time.
Finally: you're all clones. Is just above your ass, on the small of your back, the only place where you can have a tatoo placed? You have to get your belly-button pierced too? It's a sign of rebellion right? - even though my nephew of 10 has one. In fact: everyone just about has one. Well done to you. You stand out with such things adorned to your bodies; that combined with your bleached blonde-highlighted-locks. Being original would require too much courage I guess.

Ironically, equality has brought you to the point where you want to act just like 'men', yet you still bad-mouth us men for similar behaviour: that of which, you aspire to! If you hate men so much then why in the blue-fuck do you want to be their equal? As you are ostensibly so much more intelligent, why not act like it and supersede the male race?  Like I said: I love women.


I'm getting so fucking sick and tired of women and their bullshit. They seemingly bitch NON-STOP about how all men are losers and pigs who only crave sex. YES MEN LIKE TO OGLE WOMEN, AND YES MEN LIKE TO FUCK. GET USED TO IT. Well, you want to know what WE don't need: Fucking bitchy rug munchers. They can all go to hell.

I'm sick of how they think any guy who isn't Brad fucking Pitt is automatically a creepy sleazy man. You know that lonely (possibly old) guy who was hitting on you? IT'S NOT CALLED "SLIME" OR "SLEEZE", IT'S CALLED "NORMAL". They want human contact with the opposite gender as well, and once again, MEN LIKE TO OGLE GIRLS AND MEN LIKE TO FUCK. Get used to it.

And what makes them so god damn special that they are entitled to free shit and not have to pay a dime to go into a bar, where they can get away with being an attention whore and making a drunken skank of themselves. Men would get thrown out over this. WHAT THE FUCK!? You're not a fucking goddess and you won't be treated like one, even if that pussy-whipped macho shithead boyfriend of yours thinks all women should be placed on high. Nope, sorry. Respect is something you EARN. And it's not earned by being born with a set of tits. Oh, and if you all want drinks, FUCKING BUY THEM YOURSELVES. And don't bother flaunting your tits to get anything. People will just think of you as a whore, and as a sex object even more.

Speaking of which; my money is for MY CRAP THAT I WANT, And for what I WANT ALONE. Want something? then get off your pretty little ass and get a fucking job. You can enter any workforce you want, so get out there. The "hers is hers and his is ours" philosphy can get fucking bent. What's his is HIS. So ladies, pull the fucking stick out of your ass and LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD.

Clingy Women 24

What the fuck is up with clingy women? All of sudden, just because you're actually decent to them, they think it's their constitutional right to tell you what the fuck to do and where the fuck to go! HELLO?! Example: 'oh, but you can't go out tonight with your friends, what about me? (despite the fact that you spend six days a week with her).

I know one poor bastard who's told who he's not allowed see, and when. This includes friends he's known years, or exes. How fucking insecure can some chicks be? If you suspect your guy is gonna cheat on you, why are you with him in the first place?

Just fuck off if that's your problem. Put yourself in OUR shoes: how would you like it if we told YOU you couldn't go on a night out with your girlfriends? Or couldn't meet some guy you went out with before? Or if we said 'you're gonna cheat on me, aint you?'

I know what you'd say, you'd say NO WAY, or call us assholes. Well, get over it. Boo hoo! If for one brief moment we decide we don't actually wanna do something with you, suddenly we're accused of 'not taking commitment seriously' or 'being selfish' or 'unloving'. What the FUCK?! ugh! PUKE! I can't stand that fucking bullshit anymore. In fact, as soon as i hear it, I just dump em straight away.

NO ONE has the right to control anyone else's life. If someone is that clingy they clearly have insecurity issues and need to see a shrink. Girls who are afraid of losing someone and start acting clingy to 'keep' them should realise that their actions are having the total REVERSE effect. That kinda psycho shit just drives people away. So cut the PC touchy-feely bullshit. We'd all be much happier if we let each other be OURSELVES and stopped trying to run everyone else's lives. I am NOT gonna be told where to go/ who to see anymore. Fuck, that shit makes me so fuckin angry! If you're one of those people reading this, do the world a favour and just go fuck off. Of course, you'll just bitch and moan about how horrible men are because we refuse to be your personal fucking zombies. Fuck fuck fuck fuck AAAGHHH it makes me so fucking angry! Clingy psycho bee-hoches

American Women 25

I am so damn mad right now...I am British, through and through, and my life long dream was to travel the states, see it all over there, but not now...oh no! You see, my no good useless piece of shit of a husband has a twin who married a boston girl. What a bitch, she has caused me nothing but grief right from day 1, she is ultimately a four eyed minging stuck up stupid little girl who I'm sorry, but lets down all of the United States. How dare she...HOW DARE SHE! She has ruined my dream, and the more it has gone on, the more I hate America altogether, is this what all American women are like? You stupid no good UGLY useless American hobo whores.Trash, through and through. I'm just sorry Bin Laden bombed innocent people!!!! WILL YOU FUCKED UP AMERICAN WOMEN PLEASE GET A LIFE....? You are all "Oh my gawwddd, I broke a nail, call my therapist!!!!", yeah, some people have REAL problems. You are all fake, you don't have a clue...get in the real World! With your stupid hairdo's and your bright nail varnish and weird sense of fashion, (which I'm sorry belongs in the 1980's over here). Oh yeah, not forgetting the way you say 'leisure'......its not leesure! DUH...thick too huh!, oh yeah, with your schools full of drugs and gunmen, that wouldn't surprise me. I feel better now for that, thanks! And hey, to all you American women out there reading this...ESPECIALLY CHARLOTTE P.....don't break a nail hahahahahahaha Break your fucking neck you stupid bitch.

so called liberated women 26

These damned pseudo-dykes piss me off to no end. They hate men and do little else but bad mouth them, but when you get a flat tire on your car, you turn into a little damned mouseburger and go boo-hooing to the nearest man to get him to change it for you. You say you're equal and can do anything a man can do...ok, let's see you stand six feet away and piss on a wall, when you can do that, I'd say you're earned the right to say you can do everything a man can do, until then, shut up.

In spite of being liberated, you piss away your money on girly shit, max out your credit card, and have to go shack up with one of those hated male types to pull your sorry ass out of a near bankruptcy. Why? Because women, even your so- called liberated types can't handle money. You spend like a goddamn woman, you deserve to be poor. Quit whining and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps instead of waiting for a man to bail you out.

You so-called liberated women have an entitlement double standard, but what it boils down to is women have choices and men have responsibility. Grow the fuck up, quit whining and bitching, lose some of the hostility, and try to make something out of yourself.

Complaining Bitches 27

i get so pissed when you try to give a woman a compliment and she goes on and on about how she doesn't look good or that you are just saying that because you want some ass! hello! i'm trying to be nice and give you a compliment but i guess that just doesn't cut it!

hey ladies...when a guy/girl gives you a compliment a simple thank you would be appreciated no need to point out every fucking flaw about yourself. Also women CONSTANTLY say things like, "i'm so fat, this outfit looks so ugly, i'm just so hideous"

  1. for those of you that AREN'T FAT, get over it why don't you take a look at other people that really are overweight and stop bitching. how do you think they will when they hear a skinny girl bitching about her weight.
  2. why would you buy a outfit that you didn't like. obviously you are just fishing for a fucking compliment so why don't you just go about asking someone if they like your new outfit instead of whining and complaining about how you look.
  3. if you think you're ugly, i'm sorry, but i bet a lot of people out there stare the hell out of you because they think you are hot.

i'm just tired of hearing women whine, bitch, and complain about there looks. No one wants to hear it all the time!

irrational women 28

women are a complete mystery to me. jesus the sheer irrationality of them drives me fucking insane sometimes. i mean they go on and on and on and on pissing and moaning that all men are complete retards/bastards/useless fuckwits and then go out and hook up with the one guy in the night club who meets all of these specific criteria! i mean they dont go for the guy who's stuck by them through all the shit they get themsleves into or the guy who they continually piss and moan to about how they're latest knuckle-dragging neanderthall boyfriend is treating them like shit.no they go for assholes so fuck em they got themselves into the fucking mess they can go to fuck and stop lecturing me on how much men suck......AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH fuck off and pick the little nerdy guy who sits down the back of yer class pick the fucking captain of the football team just stop fucking moaning to me about it ALRIGHT BIOCH!

Whiny woman with horrible husbands 29

I am angry at those woman complaining about the turds they married... Hey I married a real ass hole who beat me up when I was 4 months pregnant.. Know what I did.. I call the police. I moved out.. I took my two babies and the one in the oven and got out.. Gezz.. ok he is a moron.. Soooooo RUN.. a shelter is better than what I read.. OH and don't tell me but I love him.. that has to be the lamest excuse ever.. you don't love him.. you are just afraid of being alone.. Trust me.. alone is better.. So quit your bitching and get a life! one that doesn't include him.. I read he lives scot free with my parents.. geez you living at home, do you really need to keep him around? its not like he owns the house, call the cops pack their bags and put them on the front law.. better yet call the cops when they are high, then they can spend the night in jail too. That will give you plenty of time to change the locks pack his crap and obtain legal help. All im saying stop bitching, get a divorce, and get a life

*Note from Anger Central
We fully agree with this poster. The Webmaster works very hard to make sure he is a good husband and not one of these scumbags he reads about. Being a good husband is hard work.

women 30

I am angry at the men who are angry at women, because they are always telling women how they should act .. and if they donít, they call them bitches, whores, etc.

I am a drop dead gorgeous twenty year-old living in LA California. I love to dress up in a sexy mini-skirt and tight top and go to night-clubs and flirt with guys. But what makes me angry is that if I dance with a guy and talk to him and he buys me a drink he thinks he owns me, yet he has been looking at my legs all night and following me around the club with a pathetic little hard-on, just waiting for a chance to ask me to dance. If we dance close, he tries to rub his little thing against me .. itís gross! One of my ways I pay a guy back is to cock-tease him by tickling the back of his neck with my fingernails and rubbing my thigh against his cock ..he gets so excited like a little kid. Then when heís hard as a rock I smile at one of the other guys thatís been following me and dance with him and leave the other sucker all alone with his hard-on.

women 31

Women make me mad because they are their own worst enemy. They have no sense of team spirit, it is all about 'them.' They think the way to get ahead is to put down all other women. Guess what, it backfires. Everybody sees through it and sees you as a b*tch, which you are if that is how you try to get somewhere in life. This is why women will always be on the bottom rung of the ladder socially, economically and career wise. Grow up and stop acting so stupid.

Girl at college 32


A few weeks ago I was the 'bee's knees'. I was the 'business', the 'shit'. You couldn't get enough of me. If you weren't e-mailing, you were phoning. Okay, I admit I could've shown a little more enthusiasm from my side. But I'm SOOO glad I didn't now!

Man, it was pathetic watching you hang around your latest 'crush' today. Every book he picked up, you were over his shoulder, breathing down his neck. Damn! I know you're fickle, but haven't you heard of something called of "subtlety"?! He probably gets a kick out having you follow him around like his little puppy. (I know I did.) But bitch, you can only serve one master at a time.

THIS is why you can't find a steady relationship! It's YOU! You're unstable! Yeah, you like to call your shallow inconsistency, "impusliveness"... Call it whatever the hell you want. Fact is, you've had at LEAST 4 fucking "flavours-of-the-month" in the short time I've known you! Was that all I was to you? Flavour-of the-motha-fukin-month?! Yeah, I'll 'make do' till something better comes along. That's the way it is with you isn't it! Well fuck that! I'm nobody's fool. Go and fuck around with your latest 'thing'. I want no more of your destructive, unstable behaviour.

Strippers 33

I am angry because we have to live in a world with a bunch of repugnant, filthy, slutty whores who spread their legs and flaunt their trashy ass bodies only to have someone stuff a dollar bill into their crotchless panties. It sickens me that this may seem acceptable to some. Oh, I hear all of you whores now. "I am putting myself through college", "I have two small children at home and I'm a single mom". Well, to all of you: You are a fucking whore. Plain and simple. No excuses. Put your pants on and get a respectable job you fucking cunt.

Sick of women 34

I am sick of many women because they are just too damned hard to figure out and understand. I am sick of "just being their friend". I mean, it's fine for a while, but if it can't ever move onto anything else, I may consider getting a dog, thank you. Which ties into the next rant...

I am sick of how they go after the stupidass jekrs and overlook a decent guy like me, and how when a girl looks like she's alone she oft times ain't, and even lies about it, too! I am sick of how when and if they do get tired of it and end being hurt and scarred from it (their own damned fault) they blame and hate all men and turn to feminism. I am sick of how when they are married they can have the marriage anulled if the husband doesn't satisfy them and is inadequate and can take the husband to court and rule in her favor-even if she perjures!

I am sick of how many women are so self sufficient and financially independent and can even have children without men. They lord it all over men's heads and put us down, telling us they don't need us. It almost sounds like feminism, and in a way, I guess it is. When and if our economy does fail, ladies, watch out. You may come running to us men for shelter, but we may not be there.

And finally, I'm sick of having to live on the same planet with all these women! Why don't they knock off the BS and start giving good decent men a chance? Be genuinely loved instead of living in a stupidass jerk fantasy? What will it take? Why does it seem so damn hopeless? I wonder too, sometimes... why do they even exist? They just cause nothing but trouble and make me sick.

*Note from Anger Central
Hmm, do you like gladiator movies? Have you ever been in a Turkish Bath? :)

Women and A Lot of Things 35

I'm a fuckin nice guy if I may say so myself. I open doors like a gentleman, pay for dinners, pay for movies, pay for most things. Right, right...I actually listen to things she says so I can have a fuckin intelligent conversation.

HOWEVER... There are many things I can not stand about women. Such as women that constantly talk about finding the right guy who will treat them right and who they can have a serious relationship, instead choosing complete assholes that were obviously taught by other assholes about how to treat women. You know, these dudes that try to brag about how much pussy they can get. Women will completely overlook nice guys such as myself for a chance at having some sort of relationship with fucking Brad Pitt look-alike guy who will really just treat you like shit. OH but he looks good...he must be nice, right?! Well if he's so god damn nice then don't fucking complain to me when he treats you like shit and Johnny Nice Guy is sitting here waiting to treat you like a god damn queen.

Also, double standards with women annoy me so fucking much it's not even funny. Even a nice girl like my girlfriend pulls this shit on me, but me being a nice guy take it and try not to say anything. For example: I had a bad previous relationship where my girlfriend was clingy and possessive and could not interact with my friends. So, to remedy that with present girlfriend, I try to make sure I can hang out with my friends sometimes and still bring my girlfriend. I bring her to parties and whatnot, it's all good. Now, the other side. When she gets invited to a party by one of HER friends, "I'm sorry, Katie invited me to this party, but I'll call you later, k?" Then I get a call later of her telling me she's playing beer pong with some guys she doesn't even know that are sooo funny. HAHAHAHA. NO. WHAT THE FUCK. I bring her everywhere because I like being with her and enjoy her company, even if that means with my friends. Her, oh shit, sorry it's my friend's party, she invited me. WELL THEN FUCKING ASK IF I CAN COME! I'VE DONE IT FOR YOU, JESUS CHRIST!

When she's on the phone with me later that night, she'll be like "OK well I'm gonna go" after a few minutes which is already annoying me because I don't like the thought of her hanging out with other guys and alcohol in the mix. So, last night I hang out with these 2 girls I know, and we're just chillin, drinkin a little, watching Wedding Crashers and my girlfriend calls. Of course instead of me saying I've gotta go, she asks me in a really guilt-tripping kinda voice, "Do you want me to let you go?" and I'm like no it's ok...BECAUSE I'M SO FUCKING NICE. But she stayed on the phone with me for a while. I'm almost definite because I'm hanging out with 2 girls I know.

Women, include your guys in some shit, especially if it's you going to a party where there's going to be other guys and just drinking and controlled substances. Nice guys, if you've actually found one of us to date, don't wanna be worried fucking sick that you're gonna get really drunk and do something stupid because another guy was horny and wants you to drink more. Bring us along and we'll return the favor. We'll bring you along if there's gonna be girls at a party and alcohol, etc.

Now an exception to this, guys night out, or girls night, fine. We don't need to drag each other out to this because it's fuckin obvious.

Sometimes we just wanna trust and be trusted. So no more of this double standard bullshit where you get to go do questionable shit and I just sit here the nice guy that I am smiling and nodding like I'm OK with you going and getting plastered with other guys I don't know. Not fucking cool. That's my 2 cents to the world of women.

women 36

my first experiance a with woman was my mother beating us kids with a stovewood stick. off to school i went igot beat every day whether i needed it or not all women by the way.so i became a teenager got a girl friend my first love.we broke up an in less than a week she was shacked up with with a sailer in halifax.later on i got another girl friend who had a baby from a previous relationship what a wackco we broke up so i not only lost a girl friend but a baby as will.so i stopped the relationship thing fucked them and left them later i moved to the west for work what a horde of lesbians live here. making me think that all women are queer.s omeone correct me if i'am wrong.wild here in the west i boarded with a women i met in the mountains.i swear to this day she was fucking her dog she also was bisexual. one night i picked up a women at the bar with body parcing and tatoos,fucked her the next day she left.i tryed calling her three times she wouldn't answer my calls,men never call back right.you fucking bitch.

People who dye their hair blonde 37

So many American females always dye their hair blonde-and it's extremely annoying (being a natural blonde), mainly because these fake blondes go off and act retarded and stupid and if you are a natural blonde, other people automatically assume you are stupid as hell. I hate this so much. I AM NOT STUPID. And then people who have black/dark hair go off and be stupid and then blame it on their "inner blonde". NO! SORRY GIRLS. Not only does that piss me off, you are NOT BLONDE! not even fake blonde at that. I'm just tired of the whole blonde=stupid thing. That's why I'm angry.

Brainless Females 38

I am so sick and tired of females getting college degrees, marrying, and then never getting a job and expecting their husbands to work nonstop 24/7 to support them and the lifestyle they desire. Am I the only person who believes that once someone gets a degree they should use it?

Women 39

Fucking women. Can I a guy get a break. I am finally going to break it off with my girlfriend the lazy bitch works forty hours and than comes home and sites on her ass. Ask her a question she answers with I don't know. Her bedroom skills are about as good as a two by four with a hole drilled in it.

Forget have women as friend. I went out with one of my so called women friends the other night for a couple drinks. She hit on almost every fing guy in the place. Oh by the way I had to drive. Fucking bitch. We ended up at this dudes house that was suppose to have a party. Guess what no body showed. Than they backed into a corner with religion. I got up told them to go fuck themselves. I later lefted her a message and told her never to fucking call me again.

Ungrateful women 40

I see these women with their husbands living in their expensive husbands and I see how they sit at home all day doing nothing and yet they piss and moan about how their live sucks.

One of these little immature girls lives in a fine apartment with a working husband and all she does is sit on her ass all day playing roleplaying games on the internet and yet she cries and pouts when her husband asks her to clean up the house. She even threatened suicide over it! Are you freaking kidding me?

I myself am a single woman going to college and I have two jobs and yet I am not ungrateful and bitching. If I had a husband, I'd be very appreciative of him. What the hell is wrong with these ungrateful wives? When their husbands come home, they refuse to put on even a smudge of makeup or clean up the house!

Fuck these ungrateful housewives who sit at home and don't bother to do a single thing for anyone but themselves!

women 41

I just don't get it. Women who flirt with you even though they know you are already married. Do you do this just to boost your own ego? This stupid whore knows I'm happily married to the woman of my dreams, but as soon as she thinks no one is watching she shamelessly flirts. Flipping her hair, touching my arm, sexual innuendos; what, are you that self-loathing that you need to hit on a man you could never have? Just because I'm nice to you doesn't mean I'm attracted to you. (fyi: I'm nice to everyone, out of human courtesy, you're not special) Sorry, I'm not into fat-assed sluts who don't respect my relationship.

What the hell is your problem bitch? You weigh a metric ton, you look like a rottweiler, you talk constantly but don't have anything interesting to say, and you complain that you don't have anyone special in your life, then you hit on the most emotionally and geographically unavailable men you can find. And then you wonder why your alone. Maybe if you stopped throwing yourself at any man who gives you the time of day, you'd find someone who's genuinely interested.

Her last boyfriend lived on the other side of the globe. Now I find out she's obsessed with this new guy who lives in another state. What's the problem? Can't you get a man to like you more than one day out of the year? Or is it that when a man spends more than 5 minutes of face time with you, he sees right through your bullshit and sees how ugly you really are? She's such a whore she'll probably fuck him on the first date and then wonder why he doesn't call the next day. Stupid cunt!

Back in school my buddies and I had a term for this kind of woman, B.O.T.H. or Bag Over The Head. Cause that's the only way you could fuck her. With this bitch you'd also need duct tape over her mouth to shut her up and a Hustler mag to have something to look at.

I can see it now, out-of-state-guy comes to visit for the weekend and says "Honey, I want to try something a little kinky. I have this paper bag, a roll of duct tape, and a Hustler magazine." She'll be thinking, "Hmmm, my last boyfriend liked the same thing, I must be hot shit!" More like cold green baby diarrhea!

You are more retarded than Corky from "Life Goes On"!

WOMENofcourse 42

You have to treat men like shit for them to love you, not love them, forget that...you gotta ignore them, give them no time of day .... That's what I have learned. I'm going to do that forever. I am angry. Because this is what women need to do. Always works for men that need a challenge. That's why they aren't taking care of you. Stop paying for their shit! Stop being welfare mom's and giving them your checks. This is what men don't want. Unless , they are miraculously normal and had a decent upbringing. Other than that, don't give them power. They need to win you. Stop finding those ugly, "charming" low lives that suck their way in with their parasitic complex. Not my kinda man you see. Bums, good with words... Not educated, they just have plenty of practice for the lack of life they have. You need to ignore these men. Find a weird man , mysterious, not just for money.... Stop this as well. Women grow up...I'm a woman and know this!! Be submissive enough to attract him. Aloof enough to keep his interest or doom!!

Middle Aged women who won't shut up about Daddy 43

And I'm not talking about some rich old fart who gives them a pretty good life, either. I'm talking about women 35+ who still talk to and about their biological fathers in inappropriately intimate terms, for instance, "I told Daddy this morning about my yeast infection", YIKES, nobody needs to hear that!! And, it NEVER ENDS! They are like some junior high school girl that has a huge crush and has to bring up her love object in EVERY danged conversation about EVERYthing. Worse, they put the "Daddies" above their husbands, which can't be good for family life. Adultery is wrong as it destroys families and goes against God's laws. But sometimes it seems there are reasons why married men think about it.

Girls 44

Girls don't want a nice guy. And it pisses me off that they keep whining about how they "can't find a nice guy". Well how about how I just got passed over by three different girls for complete assholes who treat them like shit. So the next time I hear some girl whining about how she can't find a nice guy and how she always gets screwed over, I'm going to lose it on her. Seriously, EVERY girl knows some nice guy, and the likelihood that that nice guy wants to be with her is probably pretty good - hence why he's been nice to her all this time. So girls, before you think you can't find a nice guy, pull your head out of your ass and realize that you've never actually wanted a nice guy.

Of all the girlfriends I've ever had, the one that liked me most was the one I was a complete asshole to. Imagine that. So to the women of the world, stop lying to yourselves. If all you date is assholes, then you're probably looking for assholes. Accept it and shut the fuck up!

Penis-less whores 45

I'm fucking tired of women. They wake up at 4 in the morning to "get around" and look nice for the day ahead. And when guys whistle and hollar at them they get all bitchy about it! Why the fuck are you spending all of your time looking nice! You piece of shit whore! Also, all these feminist bitches complaining that women don't have equal rights its just a load of shit. For one, they don't deserve equal rights. I'm sorry but I will not consider myself equal with some bitch that does nothing but whine and bleed every month when she should be doing something productive like oh I don't know... MAKING MY FUCKING DINNER! Yeah, screw you. Why don't you just realize that your purpose is just to please a man? So get on your knees already and beg for my man-chowder!

*Note from Anger Central
Whoa! A posting from a caveman!! So, how are things in that Muslim country you're from dipshit? So, what happen? You drop your pants and some lady started laughing at your poor excuse for manhood? Did she ask "Have you put it in yet?" The Webmaster used to work with a caveman. He treated his wife like dirt. One day, on his wife's birthday she announced: "Today is my birthday and this is my present to myself." She then served him divorce papers and left. In our opinion, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Women 46

How about double standards? Hm? Women bitch and moan all the time about guys not wanting to date overweight women. That "It's what's on the inside that counts". Let me tell you what. I am a very nice guy. Successful, talented and attractive. But guess what? I'm short. Really short. And because of that, women won't even look at me. It's like I don't exist. So fuck you ladies. Fuck you and your double standards.

women are bitches to me 47

Everywhere i go women give me mean looks for no reason! I never did shit to them why do they hate me? I am a very nice woman, they don't even know me but they seem to hate me for no reason. Women seem to be intimidated by me for some reason, i don't mean all women, just some of them are. That is why i don't make friends with other women because they don't want to get to know me, they judge me like i am a slut or something. Men don't judge me, that is why i get along with men better, well most men anyway. Men are nicer to me, they don't say mean things behind my back or judge me by my looks like women do, men don't say to their friends about me saying "that girl is a skank" or "I bet her boobs aren't real." Women act like they have PMS 24 hours a day, the bitches! Men are different from women as in being catty and insecure. Even if i go to the mall men don't give me dirty looks like women do. Women pass by me as if they are saying "you are a bitch", they don't actually say it but i can tell by the mean look they give me. They are just jealous bitches, they need to get over themselves. These women need to grow up, they are probably in their 20's and 30's and act like immature teenagers! Why are women so snotty to me? I will never know. For example there is this middle age old hag that gives me a mean look whenever i walk into this store at Monmouth Mall, she is the saleslady there, i know this old bitch, she is a neighbor of mine, she has been a bitch to me since her kid was 3 years old, i was a camp counselor at the time, i was 16 years old and even her kid at the time was a snotty little brat, like child like mother, lol! She is an old bitch in her 50's who is probably jealous that she is no longer a young woman so when she sees a pretty young girl like me come into the store she gets hostile with me for no reason! I am not being paranoid, women are hostile to me for no reason, this has been going on for years!

Pathetic Fucking Women 48

I'm sick and tired of all these fucking women out there who think people (namely men) are obligated to support them emotionally, take care of them financially and fucking stick up for them. LISTEN UP LADIES: JUST BECAUSE I WAS BORN WITH A PENIS THAT DOESN'T MAKE MEAN THAT I'M SANTA CLAUS, YOUR THERAPIST, OR YOUR FUCKING BODYGUARD! Either learn to stand on your own two feet, get your priorities straight and DEAL WITH YOUR GOD DAMN ISSUES, pay your own way like everyone else AND FIGHT YOUR OWN FUCKING BATTLES OR FUCK OFF AND DIE!

Women at gym 49

Why do women get their own special gym within the gym? When South Africa did this sort of thing it was called apartheid! If you want to work out with only women around then join a women only gym? I have friends who've done just that and love it. So go do that! I don't know why any of you are worried about men gaping at you anyway - most of the men at the gym are gay and couldn't care less what you look like

motherfucking pregnancy 50

I had this partner whom I enjoyed doing music with as she has very strong pipes and and even better work ethic, and our creative energy was just awesome...at least until her fucking boyfriend knocked her up. Now it's basically 2000+ dollars and 3 months of hard work down the fucking drain. Now I have to find another singer which is a pain in the ass because now I have to find another female singer with the training and experience that she has, that's not a total bitch. I see why women hate men so much now. they fuck up everything.

girls that don't call back 51

This girl I like a lot gave me her phone number - without me asking for it - and she never calls back. Never calls me. 3 times I've called this past week, not a single call back. She only even picked up once, and she said she was busy. I'm about to give up on this crap altogether. I just have one question: why give me your phone number if you don't want to talk to me? She has problems.

Women at work and general 52

It really pisses me off with particularly younger educated women at work that they think they deserve "special treatment" and that they should instantly be able to move up the fucking ladder without having to work up the ladder. These younger educated women are so fucking naive and think they should just be given something to them because they are women. I do not like working with younger women because of their catty bullshit and think well it should be me as Vice President or some higher position and if they don't get there way then they throw these little elementary/high school temper tantrums. I prefer working women older women that have learned the hard way that they are equal to men and get no special treatment and have to work up the ladder just like men. But one of these days these younger educated women will get a serious wakeup call when they realize they have pushed their limits to the max, and will get into serious fucking trouble and fired because they think they can push everyone around and someday the men will push them back and put them into their place.

I also have to say I totally agree that women are so fucking backwards when it comes to dating and think that they have this "special treatment" that they deserve and always want a "nice guy" and a guy that is educated, good job, and independent. Then these stupid women say oh he's too nice I will go out with the either uneducated or educated but still a douchebag that is a total looser, lies, cheats, and is a total asshole towards women but she thinks oh he will fucking change but yet he still lives with his mommy and daddy.

Women 53

Sometimes I cannot fucking stand the amount of worthless whores (women) that plague my area. How the fuck so many of them sit on their asses all fucking day and don't do shit and let the fucking kids get doped up on anti-depressants and develop brain damage just because the idea of their children having a "mental illness" is emotionally gratifying to them, as if their children's lives is some kind of fucking dramatic musical cue in a fucking lifetime tv program.

I remember meeting one piece of shit cunt in a hospital once, and she was talking about how she's "bipolar" and how her son has depression and has to be doped on meds 24/7. All this fucking worthless twat does is cry like a 12 year old to get her Percocet's whenever she wants them, while her 5 year old kid is fucking tortured by psychiatrists with brain damaging substances that should be illegal and serve no purpose other than to make you batshit insane. She uses her child as a way to get her fucking pain drugs. I swear, all i wanted to do was take this fat pimply piece of trash out back and blow her fucking brains out with .45 colt. How the FUCK do you do this to your own child just so you can get drugs? The fact is, she's not that sadistic to acknowledge she doesn't have anything wrong with just to get drugs, it is just emotionally gratifying for her to believe she is "bipolar", so she keeps it in the back of her mind rather than admit that she's just a worthless cunt. That's what pisses me off the most. She's so fucking lazy and selfish, she won't even acknowledge that her son will probably end up killing himself in his early teens. But that's just it, so many women are JUST LIKE THIS in my fucking area. This isn't even a psychiatric thing, this is just most women in my area. They all act like this and only give a fuck about themselves and what drugs they can get.

Another thing I can't stand about these stupid whores around here, is they think 'love' is something that comes and goes like a fucking street walker's revenue. They think it's perfectly ok to fuck and fuck and have kids and then break up and then remarry at least 16 times. They see nothing abnormal about this whatsoever, meanwhile the fucking kids gotta put up with their brainless bullshit and will probably end up killing themselves.

most women are so fuckign worthless if you don't look like a fucking movie star and you have premature balding then, to them, you are a genetically unfit sperm donor with money.

It never seizes to amaze me how backstabbing and manipulative most women are. They pretend to be your friend, and even hint at some interest in you, and then lo and behold you pop the question on her and she freaks out and runs and cries to all her fucking so-called friends that she so desperately needs to form an opinion of herself to make you look like an ass. Sure enough, you didn't have an olympist's body, your dick wasn't thick enough or was too veiny, or you just don't look like something they saw in a magazine or movie show that makes them feel comfortable being with you because other stupid worthless cunts they talk to only accept what they see on tv as normal.

Fortunately for me, I don't have the problem of dating the wrong women. You can see if they are piece of shit a mile away. It just pisses me off that so many of them are whores.

A woman who I like 54

What really pisses me off is I met this amazing woman. She and I became very close friends and fast. But she is married and it pisses me off because to be quite truthful Id love to just fuck the hell out of her and make her mine. I dont confess to her how i feel as I do value her but some times I just want to kick the shit out of her husband or just yell at the top of my lungs!! Always the good ones are fucken taken, never do you meet them when they are single and its utter Bullshit. Such bullshit that it gives me a headache thinking about it!! Damn asshole. There I feel better all ready.


Women who bring up female hating sons (who don't even realize what they are) anger me. What do they do to these children to make them so hateful? I quote the following, from these very pages;

I don't mind some women. Some women are very nice, friendly, attractive, and warm. However, there are some women that are complete bitches, are cold, snobs, whores, cockteasers, those that just can't give a fuck, and men haters. These types of women need to be sorted out ASAP.

I have sorted out several solutions to rid these bitches:

I hope this proves helpful to all men worldwide, and they look out for these types of bitches.

Wow! And this is apparently NOT a hate site. Does this brainiac have a publishing deal? He should write self help books.

Great women who waste their time with losers! 56

*Why* do so many intelligent, talented, hard-working, beautiful women waste their time in relationships with stupid, pretentious, lazy losers?

The woman I babysit for is gorgeous, a great mom, and ambitious, and she keeps saying it's over with her white trash, obnoxious, irresponsible ex-husband, but she keeps taking him back.

A couple of my girlfriends have new boyfriends every couple months, each one worse than the last, I swear.

My best friend won't kick her alcoholic husband out of *her* house (the house is in her name and her mother's), despite the fact that he hits her and verbally abuses her, can't keep a job, dropped her from his health insurance, and is disrespectful to her elderly mother.

Another good friend keeps letting her stoner ex-boyfriend back into her life, despite the fact that he's stalked her and broken into her apartment on multiple occasions.

Even my cousin, a talented woman with her own career and a great deal to offer any man, has stayed married to a lout who lets his teenage kids treat her and the rest of the family with disrespect.

I wasted three years with a selfish asshole, but I got out before I was married to or had a kid with him. Even if you did one or both, you can still get out. You deserve better!

Stupid Women 57

I am sick of stupid women who pretend they like you when they don't! I've had this happen to me a couple times, but the last one takes the motherfucking bastard biscuit! We met up, spent all day eating each others faces off pretty much, until we went back to mine, while there we ended up in bed, she didn't mind me groping her, then all of a sudden she fakes an asthma attack (she hasn't even got asthma) then calls a cab and goes home. I never got a repeat date just got kicked in the teeth and treated like shit. What is wrong with these women? Do they do this sort of thing to boost their own ego? Do they just have a fear of the cock? Or is it something more. All I know is they do my fucking head in! Are there any sane girls left in the world? Fuck know.

Women 58

Iím angry because women are fucking ridiculous. Every woman wants the same thing. Marriage and Children. Not that thereís anything wrong with either of the two, donít get me wrong marriage and children can be a good thing. At the right time and place in your respective lives of course. These brainless fucking estro-bots see their friend or co-worker pregnant and start to get jealous. "Why is everybody but me married and pregnant" news flash bitch!! Not everybody is married or pregnant! Sit down and take a good look at your life. How much money do you/we make? Do we own our own place? Even if we did own our own place, can we afford a child at this point in our lives? The answer is a loud and resounding NO! It is not I repeat NOT responsible to bring a child into this world knowing that you are not financially stable enough to give said child a happy and healthy life. Further more, FUCK YOUR STUPID ASS FRIENDS WHO THINK THERE LIFE CANT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT A HUSBAND AND CHILD! To all the women out there. Please donít get married or have a child until both you and your husband/partner are ready. Thanks for letting me vent/lecture.

Cock teases 59

Iím angry at these women who cock tease. I am angry because they are heartless bitches that like to see people suffer. Like the poster of "Women 30". You think youíre cute, going out to night clubs with the cruel intention of cock teasing random guys. Fuck you, youíre probably a filthy slut like most of the other cock teasing population. You may cock tease the chubby guy but I know your kind all to well. You will just have a few more bitch drinks and go home with the "studdly" that gives you the clap which he acquired from your best friend last weekend. Don't worry about it; everything comes around in full circle. Your mom will inevitably find your head stuffed in your fucking mailbox and your raped and beaten body in your trunk and you will have deserved it. Peace out and stay angry.

Lying Whore 60

This stupid bitch has been hanging out with me for weeks. You know, getting close to me and everything. I'm like "alright, this could really be something here". I really liked this girl, and out of nowhere who comes in? Her fucking boyfriend! Then she has the nerve to ask me to dinner with her boyfriend still in the room! Fucking bitch.

How do Women think? 61

I'm so pissed off at all of the female species. I don't know what goes through their fucking mind. One minute their happy the next minute they're clawing down your fucking throat trying to kill you! What the fuck did I do? One time I was acting like an asshole (I'm a dude and that's just how we are) but I didn't realize the extent of my assholeness at the time. A few days later (when I realized I may have been an asshole at a certain event) I was apologizing to a few people that I thought I may have upset. One guy said he didn't even notice, and another girl said it was ok but don't let it happen again lol, another dude said who cares. When I went to apologize to another chick she completely freaked out! What the fuck? I'm apologizing here so don't jump down my fucking throat! She started accusing me of all this other shit that I did to her that I know as a fact that I didn't do. She simply would not accept my apology! Is that normal female behavior? I later found out yes it is! If you fuck up once, they never forget it and they'll punish you years later for it. I know this chick, Heather, who still is pissed at me for stuff that happened eight fucking years ago! The stuff that happened wasn't even my fault either and I'm still being punished for it! Girls will tell you they're okay when they're really not and they expect you to know what is wrong and how to fix. If I ask you if your ok and you say yes, I'm not going to worry about you bitch! Another thing, if your upset about something stupid don't expect me to feel bad and give a shit, get over it you stupid cunt!! I don't care if someone didn't text you back until the next day, they probably have a life and they couldn't text you dumbass! If people think you're a drunken whore it's because YOU ARE!!! DUMB-ASS!!

Bitchass girl 62

This faggot girl is just so damn annoying. Seriously, she hates this girl who is actually my girlfriend now and is threatening to never hang out with me again if I don't go to some bitchass cookout shes hosting. She acts like if I don't go, my personal life is flushed down a fucking toilet, well thank you miss faggot important bitch loser. You're fat, you have a boyfriend that you didnt even like until you found out he had a six pack and a sizable cock, you fucking hypocrite, I don't give a shit, you piss me the fuck off, I'm going to go to your little party, but I wont enjoy it half as much, especially if you pick at me and shit, you just are so insecure and want to keep all your friends, you stupid bitch you can go die.

Women 63

Man. At my job the office is about 90% women, and when that many women get together it's like a constant DID YOU HEAR WHAT MY SON DID LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTER I SPENT $300 ON A NEW PURSE MY LEFT THIGH IS SO FAT BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. The woman in the office across the hall constantly asks me to help her with her work because she "doesn't have time" and then will literally spend 20 fucking minutes talking about inane shit with every single person who visits her. She bitches to me once a day about how "she can't ever get anything done, there's just SO MUCH TO DO" and then starts blabbing endlessly about her son's hockey game to the next person to come ask her for a copy, and they're stuck politely listening to her completely uninteresting drivel.

And another thing about workplace women is their total unwillingness to learn anything remotely technical. Like, if they get a message box on their computer that says "CLICK OK" they'll call me and go "WHAT DO I DO COME HELP ME FIX MY COMPUTER." Usually it involves me sitting down and clicking OK, or doing stupid shit like turning their printer on cause they're trying to print with it turned off. Give me a break, seriously- it's called common sense, make an effort. No wonder no one gets any work done; all my co-workers are too busy bragging about their special-snowflake kids and smearing the walls with their menses to actually do any work.

beautiful women 64

I am angry about beautiful women and beautiful people in general not now, not a year ago but since my fucking 12 birthday, when I realized that no matter how good person are you, beautiful women (girls in this case) never will be nice with you unless you are a fucking good looking man. If you were blessed with good looks you are fucking done for the rest of your life, you will never complain of lack of sex or friends, but if you were born with a fucking big nose and fucking round face like me the only thing you can say the rest of your fucking life is I would like to fuck that woman, I would like to fuck that other, and so on.

Who the fucking hell do you think you are Ale, yes you are right you are very beautiful, but that is not a reason to treat me like crap, I have feelings you know, you fucking hot bitch, I could love you like no one, kill and dye for you, but no, you prefer that asshole who is not a bad guy but matches your beautiful very well, yeah you both of thing you are the shit just because you are slim, tall and handsome, fuck you both motherfuckers.

Oh and you Ty, yes your ass is incredible but me and other ugly guys are not good enough to kiss that nice ass right !?, but of course that Brad Pitt like guy that you have for boyfriend can do whatever he wants with your ass right!?

And you R ,you damn bitch that with a miniskirt are the hottest thing I ever seen, but that body is not for ugly Joes like me right?, my strong work ethic and commitment to a family does not count when it comes to choose a boyfriend right?, I could be the best husband and the best father if you were my wife!, but no I am ugly and you, damn bitch, would rather marry a fucking wife-beater or a pedophile as long as the pervert is good looking. I damn you!

And I can go with more cases the fucking next two days, I wonder how come I am the first to touch this subject..., on the other hand I never talk or hang around with fat or ugly chicks because I got so depressed that the only thing I want to do is dye and hate myself for being so unlucky.

If you heard in the news about a guy who went to model agency and started shooting and killing models it was me!

Thanks a lot webmaster!!!

pug girl 65

I am ANGRY at girls who can't keep their mouths to themselves. They shouldn't try to get my boyfriends. The same girl. Twice.

Women that make other women look bad 66

Believe it or not girls, you can and do make a lot of us look bad. I'm tired of selfish, thoughtless women who try to trap men by having babies. HE DOESN'T WANT YOU! LET HIM GO! I hate it when women marry men and they both agree that they don't want kids and then she goes to Yahoo Answers! and some crap asking, "He doesn't want a baby, but I do. How can I get pregnant with his baby?" How about you sew your vagina shut? And what's with women who try to have babies on their own? It took two of you to make it and it's going to take two of you to raise it. DUH! Don't like it? Get a puppy.

High maintenance women are so annoying! IYou think the entire world is your kingdom, everyone lives to serve you, and you shouldn't have to lift a finger. You know what, I want to take all of you heifers camping. That should make my day. It's girls like you that make men think that all women are materialistic and are late all the time. Anyone with a half a brain respects that when you say you're going to be ready by XYZ time that you're supposed to be ready by XYZ time. There are some high maintenance women in my family. I get tired of waiting for them. I'm not going to be late for you anymore! If you're not ready to go when I'm ready to go...walk

Women who hate men, go to therapy and stop trying to push your views on to me.

And finally women who don't have enough self respect to find their own man piss me off! You're not worth the gum under my shoe for the crap you do! You lure husbands and boyfriends away from their loving wives and girlfriends just to sleep with them and ruin an (otherwise) good relationship. You reap what you sew and when you reap herpes don't be mad because you had it coming to you. Find your own man.

Women 67

I'm downright fucking sick of these girls who play games. Just a few months back, I was going out with this girl who swore that I was the love of her life, all this other shit. But then, once I made a mistake, not involving cheating or anything, but lots of drama bullshit and everything, I'm suddenly the most horrible person to live on this Earth and I have to change everything for her. Fuck that shit, either you love me for who I am or go fuck off.

Now, I'm a gentlemen. I'll help anyone, whenever I can. But some girls, they just take advantage of the situation. When they need someone to talk to, you're there to hear them bitch and bitch, and you try to provide insight, and they tell you that you don't understand. However, you endure, and try to help them...but then, once everything clears up with 'Asshole Boyfriend #17', you're thrown out on your ass like last week's garbage.

Fuck that shit. I'm done being considerate to these bitches. They can find some other poor dude to make their manservant, because I'm done. I'm also done with dating until I find a girl who's actually worth my fucking time. Fuck all these bitches who have a new boyfriend every other week and every time claim that it's true love, and then they get fucked and get burned, and then they come crawling back to you like the manipulative cunts they are.

I'm sure many people reading this know someone, or have known someone, who acts like this. All I can say is, I hope you have already said fuck it to this kind of behavior, or that you soon will. Fuck these bitches, fuck their immature and downright fucking stupid behavior, and in-general, they can go fuck off somewhere far, far away from civilization.

Elaine H 68

Elaine and women like her make me angry. They have nothing better to do with their miserable existence than to go around trying to have sex with other people's husbands. She gets off from her wonderful career of a job at the fast food place, smokes a little crack then heads to the nearest AA meeting to pick up a man to screw in her blue Kia Spectra in the alley after the meeting is over. Her big, stupid, pussy husband just whines and complains. What really makes me angry is how she just goes from one to the other, then, when one turns down her advances, she goes on a drunk and tries to kill herself....after having gastric bypass surgery, and losing a ton of weight, she thinks she's the hottest thing that ever lived,,,with bleached hair, a giant purse..(To carry drugs in), she thinks no man should ever turn her down...but let me tell you..the black rotted out teeth don't help. There are a lot of those nympho, fried chicken slinging bitches out there, just waiting for a man to say yes. That's the only purpose in their worthless, meaningless lives.

Women are Looksist Bigots! 69

People like to say that men are the shallow ones. That is a bunch of fucking bullshit. I see it all the time that MEN are the ones willing to overlook flaws in physical appearance and it is the WOMEN who have sky-high expectations on what their date is supposed to look like.

Oh, it goes beyond that. If a man is unattractive, women downright HATE HIM just because of the way he looks. Ever notice that women rarely even have guy FRIENDS that are ugly? That should tell you something right there. If a woman doesn't find you "hawt" you are fucking worthless to her. Women's looksist bigotry runs so deep that an ugly man's mere presence offends them.

God fucking dammit, I AM SO TIRED OF THIS SHIT!! Yes, I know I'm ugly, but why the fuck y'all always gotta be so god damn mean to me? I AM a human being, you know. I have feelings, too.

Women 70

You're a nice guy. You work a job like a slave. You can hold a decent conversation. Sounds great right? Any woman would want you! Negative. Why am I angry? I guess it has to do with todays women and their egotistical, self loving, materialistic BULLSHIT! Ok ladies no more nice gentleman.. How about I take my hand to your face a few times and suck you dry of your money and lay around the house like some goddamned bum! I guess thats what you find sexy. The next time I hear one of you say that you are tired of finding nothing but assholes Im gonna go ape shit on your ass! Fuck you!

Jealous Married Women. 71

I am fed up with being the butt of gossip and shabby accusations. If I am seen talking with your deadbeat husband, it is only because he spoke to me first. I am not going to tell him to fuck off just because of your own pathetic jealousy. Actually I will keep on talking with him and I will laugh at his jokes and take an interest in his work because I know you don't give a shit what he does for a living, as long as you get your tupperware. Oh, and the best cuts of meat so that you and your fugly married friends can compete with each other at BBQs. Your men are too busy getting pissed with each other and talking about work to give a shit about how good your fucking caesar salad is.

It's not even him you should be worried about. It is YOU!! Get a fucking life outside your crappy self and I won't be a threat to you.

I know why you hate me. It is because I am single and I choose to stay that way. I AM HAPPY TO BE SINGLE AND YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DO YOU. Try walking, try smiling, try to control your kids so you don't come across as a harridan shrew in the supermarket or anywhere else in public. I don't blame your SO for wanting to chat with me. Who wants to go home with a gossipy, garulous, complaining bitch like you? You suck! I don't hate you and your shitty vulgar consumerist friends. I don't even pity you. In fact, I think you are oxygen thieves taking up the precious space that us nicer women deserve to live in.

I do not like your kind.

Stupid Single Women 72

This is what pisses me the hell off is stupid ass single women talk shit about how they are leaving their husbands because he went and got a little coochie box,these stupid ass fucking women are so dam blind, hello if a fucking man is screwing you over and over and over a fucking again, he will get board okay stupid ass women. I have been married 19 fucking years okay, he is a good man hard working supportive, take care of home and me. and yes you stupid ass women, do he sneak off and get a little coochie box every now and then yes. you stupid ass bitches, you are not dripping Gold women. men can have more then one woman in your different religions and even if it is not religion you stupid ass women. now I helped my husband get a coochie box that he visits this woman,she is had been single for 3 years fixed, so who fucking cares they have been seeing each other for 3 fucking years and I am still fucking happy getting better sex than ever you stupid ass women. so wake up stupid ass women, let your man have another fucking woman,shit some of you shit may even need a dam friend..call her your sisterfriend and work together, shit check her medical records, make sure she is not a nasty whore and fixed so she can have kids and let the fucking go. you will keep a happy man and still have great fucking sex and hey the extra money is good too. we actually talks shit about him sometime...laughing..so women dont be fucking stupid.

Black Women 73

Why the fuck is it that black women, more than any other creed, are so fucking obnoxious and God-awful rude to everyone else, especially white men?

You hold the door open for a black woman and nine times out of ten the bitch won't even make eye contact with you, much less say "Thank You" or anything of the sort. I have yet to experience a black woman EVER holding a door for me or personally seen one do it for anyone else. The one time I confronted a black woman about this on-line, she actually said that she doesn't say thank you because if a man holds a door open for a black woman, he's only doing it to get a 'thank you' from her. What the fuck? Are you serious? So you're rude because you don't want to give someone the satisfaction of being thanked for doing something nice for you? Unfucking real.

Try going to a restaurant and listening to black women seated together at a table. Without fail, they are loud, obnoxious, pushy and rude. Waiter comes over and asks what they'd like and what do they say? "I WANT this and I WANT this and she WANTS that and ..." Seriously, you're an adult, why the fuck are you acting like a spoiled brat? You *want* ? Try "I'll have" or "I'd like" for a change. You know, like civilized people that don't actually think they're better than the person taking their order. If the server had said "What do you want?" you know these bitches would pitch a fucking fit. Somehow, saying they "want" though, is totally different. Honestly, just show some fucking respect for people why don't you?

And then of course there's the black women on the phone in customer service positions. This one really fucking kills me. Almost every single time I call a customer service number that goes to someplace in the US, if I get a black woman on the other end of the line, she is rude as fuck to me. Always some variation of the same thing too, consisting of the following:

  1. Cutting me off and assuming, wrongly, that they know what I'm talking about and that I'm asking a dumb question. Then they get pissed when I tell them I'm not actually asking about that and ask them to let me finish before they interrupt.
  2. Telling me that can't help me without even understanding what I'm asking for help with. See #1.
  3. Insanely repetitive and pejorative use of the word "sir" every possible chance. "Well, SIR, the reason I can't help you, SIR, is because..." I swear it's like they're deliberately enunciating the word SIR to get their jollies off being a passive-aggressive asshole. Pay attention next time you talk to a black woman in a call center, I bet you'll hear the same thing.
  4. Talking in broken English even though they're paid to communicate with customers in a professional manner.
  5. Making overly obvious that they are only interested in passing you off to someone else or getting you off the phone as quick as possible.

Honestly, I don't mean to sound like a racist here. I don't know why the fuck these black women are so God damned rude. Black men, I have no problems with on the phone or otherwise. Most of them, unless they're ghetto trash thugs, seem to treat me no different than anyone else, as I do them. Black women though, holy fuck, they can't even treat black men with due respect, let alone the rest of us.

I've gotten to the point where I almost feel like a fucking racist sometimes. I find out that the person I'm dealing with is a black woman and I almost can't stop from assuming that they'll be a rude bitch, give me shit because I'm a man and especially because I'm white, or that they'll just fucking say the word "sir" so many times that it will boil my blood. I am so very, very rarely wrong about it that it's sad.

If you're one of these rude black women, learn some fucking manners and stop being so fucking materialistic, rude, obnoxious, loud-mouthed, arrogant and stuck up. You're a woman, you're black and nobody gives a shit. You're not fucking special, nobody else owes you shit and no, most men (especially white) don't like your disgusting fat ass. Take the stick out of there and stop acting like such fucking trash, you might get some of the respect you think you're entitled to.

women 74

They are never satisfied. Whatever they have, they want more of it or something different or both. When they think they might be able to obtain those things from you they can be connivingly pleasant. But then when it suits them, when you don't have what they want, the pleasantness ceases. Generally even then though they won't be definitive about it, won't do you the courtesy of clarifying the position. Why not? Because it suits them to leave you hanging on, believing you are still special to them, in case in future they need something from you again. The best solution is to sever ties with all of them. An interim solution is to ensure that you are never subservient to any of them - deal with them only on your terms. If the bitch crosses the line, fuck her off....

A women named Jasmine 75

You came after me 9 months ago at my girlfriend's birthday party and hit on me. I told you no so many times but we were at another party together and you wouldn't stop asking. At one point you were begging and moving my hands where you wanted them to be. I was so fucking attracted to you and I gave in and gave you "the best orgasm of your life".

I would not have cheated for anybody else- I fell so irrationally in love with you at that moment.

You told everyone what happened. I broke up with my girlfriend because I never wanted to cheat again and I knew if you asked again, there was a chance I might. For reasons I don't fucking understand, your girlfriend stayed with you and I spent 9 months exerting all of my effort to pretend that you didn't exist while you got drunk and texted me, or tried to cheat on your girlfriend with me. I turned you down every time, waiting for her to leave you so that I could have a shot.

You told your friends everything- my most personal, embarassing secrets. Then you told them I had come after you when you were vulnerable and that I had wrecked your relationship. Their friends told other friends. I am branded as a slut, a predator, and a cheater. I kept my mouth shut and my head high to protect your reputation. I forgave you. Time and time again you asked me if I hated you and I never could.

Two months ago I learned that you were breaking up with her. I broke down and told you that I had feelings for you and that eventually I wanted to be with you again. You told me that you wanted the same thing. Your girlfriend finally broke up with you three weeks ago, and you spent that time telling me that you were too hurt to hang out any or visit. You invited me over to wish you happy birthday a week ago, and when I went over, you ignored me and let someone else lead you to your room. I ended up standing awkwardly outside your room under the judging glares of your friends as they gleefully talked about how you were having sex right now and I tried my best not to cry.

The next day was valentine's day. I made you a valentine, flew in flowers and designed a display for them, found a bottle of your favorite wine, and stayed up all night devising a way to sneak in and leave the gift at your door. You ignored me for a week. When I finally confronted you, you looked me square in the eye and told me that what got you off 9 months ago was the fact that you were cheating on your girlfriend. I finally found my backbone and left before you could say anything else.

I hate you so much that I choke on the anger. You fucking bitch. Why would you wait so long and drag things out for nine months, then play coy like you were really hurt for two weeks while I gently pursued you only to invite me over on your birthday and then proceed to take her in your room while I stand there watching. I was willing to forgive your callousness in telling all your friends some of my more embarrassing secrets. But do you know how hard it is to stand tall around them or even to be around while they look at me, knowing every intimate detail about me and are judging me? They know everything about us and I have to pretend that they donít to be polite. The night of your birthday they stood there with smirks on their faces as I tried to keep the pained look off mine. They take great pains to discuss how the pounding sounds coming from the room are yours and how this thing has been going on for a long time while I do everything in my power to keep from crying. I knew you would be sleeping with other people and was fine with that. I canít even imagine how fucking mean you have to be to invite me over to see you leave the room with your purported ďjust a friendĒ. All I wanted to do was give you a hug and wish you happy birthday and maybe, if you were up for it, steal a kiss. But now I have nothing to say and the screaming inside my head doesnít want to stop.

Lead a miserable life. Lose everything that ever mattered to you and then die. And as you do, I hope that the pain resonating in your body is a gentle touch relative to the pain you feel for being such a fucked up, worthless, selfish, manipulative, sadistic piece of shit. Reflect on what a worthless speck of dust you were as you leave this world, and leave it crying as hard as you've made me.

Thanks for giving me the worst year of my life.

women 76

I'm angry because you don't get away from dealing with women by getting married. Nope! Commiting to one and only pussy does not except you from the fucking mouths of every other fucking bitch that comes within shouting distance.

I think any married man should have the ability to tell any bitch that is not his wife to shut the fuck up, and if not immediately obeyed, said man may enforce his statement by a bitch-slap to said bitches mouth hopefully swelling her lips so black and blue no one has to hear her for a fucking week

*Note from Anger Central
We understand the Taliban is recruiting suicide bombers. Might we suggest you practice a bit in private before you apply for the job you scumbag?

Fat intrusive cunts 78

Parked in a preggo/child parking spot to drop off some friends, a fat cunt comes behind the car and as soon as she says EXUSE ME, I flip out on her because I know shes trying to complain about me parking there momentarily. I let the bitch have it, and she calls the cops. Stay the fuck out of my business you fat ugly cunt.

Women 79

If a woman hits a man it's "empowerment". Around the other way, it's "abuse". If a woman cheats on a man, she will just run to the other room, leaving the two men to fight, as if it is none of her business. If a man cheats, he is an "adulterer". If a woman says sexist things, she is "recognizing the evils of the patriarchy". If a man does it, he is a "misogynist". If there is a women's only club, people will say it caters to women's interests. If there is a men's only club, it will be considered sexist. If a woman gets cosmetic surgery it is because of media pressure. If a man gets PE, he is a perv. Are you noticing a pattern?

women that complain about their husbands/boyfriend 80

I'm sick of the way women complain about their ex or present husbands/boyfriends being losers, yet stay for the sympathy they get when they play the VICTIM card. Give me a fucking break. As if you didn't know the guy had a "temper, drug, alcohol, past relationships and low achievement problem. You bitches stay because you know you're parasites and deserve nothing more. Worst of all, you give normal, healthy women a bad name. Losers!

Women 81

Remember when holding the door open for anyone was considered polite? All of the MEN I hold the door open for give me a "Why, thank you sir!" or at least a smile and a "Thanks". All of the women I hold the door open for either don't respond at all or give me a nasty look. Today at the bagel store, one black woman tilted her head, crossed her arms, gave me the evil eye and said "Really?" as I held the door open for her. What, would you prefer the door slamming in your face? I let you even get in line before me and you don't even take a millisecond to thank me. One time, I held the door open for a woman (of course with her not even responding) and she quickly dashed into line before me as if I was going to still try to get into line first after holding the door open. When she broke from the line to grab her bratty kid that wandered away from her I jumped into her spot just as a group of 4 came in behind me. She walked up to me, asked if she could have her spot back and I just gestured to the back of the line. I'm a courteous person, but even I have my limits to bullshit from rude, ungrateful women.

Girls are a Problem! 82

I want to stay righteous about my school life. Girls really make it a pain.

So one of my friends talks to me often and I really like her. More than the others, you know? She is a very nice person and is just a great pleasure for others to be around. The only problem is that she just doesn't understand other people at all. It's obvious that she has not a single clue how I feel about her. I'd like to say something, but she would tell someone and that would doubtless find its way to the bilge rats and the dogs to whom I don't want to give a bother. I've even had affectionate moments with her, but it's like I'm still just another one of her crew.

To make matters worse, there's another girl who recently asked me to go on a date. I can't believe that a GIRL asked a GUY(Me!) out on a date. That takes some guts on her part. So I felt like a disgusting wretch for letting her down on it.

It doesn't stop at that... There's this other girl who I've known through school since a few years ago. One time there was a rumor spread about my liking her. It was even more frustrating because I didn't, yet it was too believable to be untrue. So now, this girl is in classes with me, and I have seen her looking at me. She does this, and yet never begins a conversation with me. Not for anything. So I'm worried that there's something wrong, and I can't clear it up because it seems like she's scared of talking to me ever since that one year of school.

GEES. Am I a total wuss-out for saying this? Don't care. I've always taken the nice guy route, and I intend to stick to it. I'm always conscious of my appearance and behavior around girls. I play it safe, I keep a smile on my face, and I help a lady in need. Regardless, I never come out on top because of my own innate retardation. Perhaps one of these days -if I can find the audacity- I'll stop being such a twat and have nerve enough to do something.

GAH- Rant complete. Time to walk the lump I call a dog.

pissed at women 83

there are so many women today that are filthy whores and lesbians, and they are a very filthy deadly disease that keeps on spreading. there is certainly no cure for this disease that they are. first, there are the filthy whores that have to go with as many men at one time to please them, instead of just having one man to be with. these are the ones that like men too much. second, there are those filthy lesbian pigs that just want as many women as they possibly can at one time to please them instead of just having one woman to make them happy. what garbage they are. third, we have the money hungry whores that take advantage of men with money. they will just go with them, because they have a lot of money. when they go with these men for money, they want the men to buy them a car and by a whole new wardrobe of clothes for them. plus as many things as they possibly can get from them. bottom line, all these women that are like this are just plain garbage today. i hope god punishes them for this, that will be justice.

Women 84

I am angry about women and their trickery and double standard. When you first meet them, their hair is died blonde, they are wearing sexy high heels, they have bright red painted fingernails, they are wearing lipstick, and they act sexual and seductive. Then after you've known them they complain that you only see them as a sex object. They tell you that their sexual fantasy is for you to do the dishes for once. They reveal to you that they don't really like sex. They reveal to you that that thing that you always do to them actually hurts.

When her feelings are hurt, it is your fault, and you should pay attention and not be selfish. But when your feelings are hurt, you only think about yourself.

If you have a good job, she complains that you are too busy for her. If you don't have a good job, she complains that she is stressed out because of finances.

Basically, there is always a reason why everything is your fault and why you are not taking care of her well enough. There is no way to win.

It's a double standard that you can't win and you can't fight. She will win every time, because the truth is, you care about her way more than she cares about you. You are her servant and slave, even though she complains that she is yours.

Wives Bitch or Bitch Wives? 85

What absolutely infuriates me is that most women today believe they are superior to men, in part because women claim they are so much more in touch with their feelings than men are. What these women never mention openly but demonstrate to their husbands privately is that the main feeling women stay in touch with once they are married is the vitriolic rage they feel towards their husbands.

Want proof? It's right here on Angry.net. So far 54 men have written angry posts about their wives, whereas the number of wives who have posted angry screes about their husbands is 383 - a whopping 700% more wives posting on Angry.net than husbands.

Being more in touch with feelings may make women superior, but being in touch mainly with angry emotions makes them superior bitches.

*Note from Anger Central
We've also noticed the large number of wives verses husbands in the postings here.

Girls 86

I hate this. Apparently being the nice guy is TOO F'ing much for the girls!!! It's not like I'm skinny or anything, I've been told multiple times by guys AND GIRLS both that I am ripped. But no. I'm a varsity football player but no. Work my but off in everyting, I don't swear, I don't take drugs or smoke, but apparently being the only black kid in the world who doesn't do that crap, I guess I'm just "unattractive." Every body tells me to pray and that one day I'll find the right person, but WHEN IS THAT DAY GOING TO BE????? IVE NEVER EVEN HAD ONE FREAKING GIRLFRIEND AND ITS REALLY STARTING TO TICK ME OFF!!!!!!NOT ONLY IS IT EMBERASSING, ITS REALLY DEGRADING.But I guess girls only want to date jerks who beat them, treat them with no respect, only care about sex, and sleep around with every other girl in town.

Useless females 87

I'm angry that 90% of all females in this part of the world are completely useless. Almost every one is from the damn city, too. What is wrong with you ladies? I hope all you hens felt slightly ridiculous when I had to remove that terrifying garden spider from the sink the other day. I'm ashamed to call myself a female after seeing how you city girly girls operate. Shrieking at the top of your lungs over a grasshopper?! Oooo, sooo scary - an insect that jumps. What's it going to do, jump you to death? I wanted to smack your stupid, panicked, shrieking idiotic face, Sandy. You are an adult woman, not a 2 yr old. Insects and rodents are miniscule compared to you - just dispose of them and shut it with the whining, please. The screaming and freaking out makes you look like an utter coward. I am woman! Hear me roar! Not whine, whimper, and shriek in terror. I would never trust someone like you with safegaurding my life. Why do you always invite me camping? So you can sit on your tush while I chop firewood, haul it, make the fires, prepare meals, and all so you can wake me up at 5am with your retarded childishness because, "There's a moth in my tent and it keeps attacking me." You think? He's attracted to the light of the cellphone you never turn off, he isnt 'attacking' you. Could you not have unzipped your tent and shooed it out? No you just had to get me to deal with your vicious winged attacker. Than, calling me a murderer for killing the mice attracted to the chips you left out, real mature. Number one rule camping - NEVER leave food out! A mouse was the most harmless creature your food mess attracted. What would you have done if a bear came into our camp? You'd thank god I was there, because smart girls don't go into bear country unarmed. Hairspray and a lighter? Thats your bear spray? -_- c'mon!

Ladies - stop being prissy little city babies. You are not a helpless child, you sicken me with your cowardice and your girly girl annoying ways. You don't bring heels and short shorts on a fishing trip! Insects are not wolves or polar bears coming to devour you, their BUGS. You have shoes - squish them and stop crying. Not a big deal, no reason to scream my ear off over the big bad ants in your bedroom. Stop leaving all those dirty dishes out perhaps?

Work - good old hard labor. Things such as cutting the lawn, housework, fencing, gardening, etc. you have arms and legs - stop justifying your lazy ways by pretending your far too 'womanly' to stoop to having to 'work' around the house & yard. City girls and boys dont know the meaning of hard work. All ya'll spoiled brat city dwellers need to muck out some stalls, pick rocks, do some butchering, etc on the farm until you stop acting like five year olds everytime something needs to be done or a moth flutters into the room. Grow a set and murder some invertebrates. ^_^

Women! 88

I'm not a woman hater. But, I do have to rant from a guy's point of view. First, it has been evident to me for the longest time (as it has with any man reading this) that women have the most annoying habit of being totally nice to you one day and then blowing you off the next. I once did this to a woman just to give her a taste of her own medicine. It totally upset her to the point that she left in tears. Of course, she claimed it was my fault that I didn't try to talk to her about why I was mad at her. She failed to mention that she had done this to me multiple times. But, because I'm a guy, I'm only supposed to take her feelings into consideration.

Second, I'm fed up with women that lead us on. These women only flirt for the sake of flirting. It wouldn't be so bad to me personally; if they didn't have the audacity to expect us to be friends with them after all of what they put us through. They just seem to keep flirting with you until feelings start to develop and then, pretend to be shocked when you finally work up the courage ask them out. By the way, any guy who accepts the whole "let's be friends" thing is a total sucker. It will be a one-sided friendship at best. You'll be giving her relationship advice from a man's point of view. Advice that she'll use on her new relationship with her new boyfriend. He'll be reaping the fruits of your labor. All the money he's saved (because she'll be supporting him) from a prolonged relationship (that you helped perpetuate)can go to a new barbed wire tattoo that he can proudly display in all the nightclubs around town.

Third, women that still want men to notice them after they're already married. This is just something that might only bother me. But, if you're a married woman; you're a waste of time. These types of women want YOU to go make them feel sexually desirable and then go home and reward their husbands for it. Seems like a pretty shitty deal if you ask me.

Hmmmmm that was therapeutic.

low life garbage women 89


Condescending Women 90

I thing I loathe about women perhaps the most is their nature to make you're life a living hell. EVERY time I try and talk them they're always condescending bitches who don't give a shit about what I have to say, saying shit and looking down at me like you're better than me. Even when I'm frickin older than them! It's not cute or cool and you're not playing hard to get, it's fucking ANNNOYING! What's worse is that where it comes from? NOWHERE! Out of the blue it's like I'm the villain when they're spouting all this bullshit about me! I honestly envy the gays. They don't have to put up with all this shit with their partners. I know I'm using a horrific sweeping generalisation but honestly I don't care for all this condescending hard to get crap and almost every woman I encounter are fucking sluts who fuck all my friends and try to be cool about it like nothings happened. And don't even get me started on how shallow they get. I'm not looking for a relationship but I really want someone to be with that isn't you. Great, why the fuck did you tell me in the first place cunt? AARRGH they piss mee off soo much!!

women 91

It pisses me off with a lot of women that are so damn hung up on men's height even though she is all of in the range of 5'1" to like 5'5", downright demand and insistent that her man be 6' or preferably taller even though he is 5'9" 5'10". Women 5'9", 5'10" IS NOT SHORT!!! Yes we men can understand ladies that are 5'8", 5'9" up to 6' obviously going for men that are 6' that's just obvious!!! But it pisses me off and I know many other men with short women downright demanding and are extremely adamant that her GUY be a minimum of 6' tall. Then she pulls the "I like to wear high heels" crap or the BS "protection" card. Gawd the "protection" card also pisses so many men off. The high heels issue is such BS. Yes we get you ladies like high heels but with you ladies in the range of 5'1" to 5'5" we will still be taller than you in public plus people OBVIOUSLY know your wearing high heels. Also the higher your high heels the more of a "stripper" you look like than just plain sexy.

women are bitches 92

last night i was chilling in my bed, all alone, on facebook, then my crush came on chat and we started chatting, while we chatted she said:" you know i was trolling you about my sister..."

now let me explain what this means. sorry for the grammar i'm just fucking angry with this. so a couple of days ago, i was out in town, with my friends ordering some food, after ordering, we stepped out, to wait for the food, and to chat. while we were waiting, she, with her friends, whom i know, got in the restaurant, it's not really a restaurant it's just something like fast food but it's not fast. and while she was ordering my food came, so i went to collect it, now she was there, i came up to the counter, to her right side, saw it was her, just wanted to say hi, looked down on her she just went away, and i was like what the fuck. never mind i grabbed my food, and went. after i got home, i sent her a text message: "yeah you're so sick you went out and didn't even manage to say hi" yeah and before that i asked her if she's free on the weekend so we could do something together, she said she's sick. and you know i was surprised that she lied, so i sent her that text, she convinced me that she had a twin sister and that it was her sister in the restaurant not her herself. i somehow checked if that was possible at all, at it turns out that it did kind of, but i didn't want to ask anybody if she had a sister because i wanted to believe her, so i did. and i apologized, wrote a big message, writing how stupid i was and bunch of shit, and last night, she said you know i was joking about my sister, i was what the fuck ?! i couldn't believe it, but i told her that she can go fuck herself, and she went on saying it was a joke, and started insulting me blah blah blah, after that i just apologized for being rude, but still didn't want to be friends with her. so that's it, that bitch fooled me. i hope her children fuck with eachother.lesson learned never trust any woman, and don't give me that bullshit we're not the same, yes you are, fuck you, until i meet, one, just one normal girl i will stop saying that, in the meantime suck my dick, and fuck yall

cheating low life women 93

there are so many filthy low life cheating women today. they have a need to be with as many men as they possibly can, instead of just having only one man to be with. you women today are the filthiest whores that GOD by mistake created. at least years ago, women were certainly much more EDUCATED than the GARBAGE WOMEN THAT WE HAVE OUT THERE NOW. i live down the SHORE, and i have seen my share of very nasty women down here. they have such an attitude problem, and they think that their SHIT DON'T STINK. and now that many of them have high paying jobs, they think that they are all that. but you women are really nothing but LOSERS, and always will be. they are certainly the cause of the DIVORCE RATE being so very high today, and they seem to get everything in their FAVOR after the divorce is over. i should know for a fact, especially that my ex wife made me lose thousands of dollars. i hope that GOD really punishes these LOW LIFE WOMEN, because they would certainly deserve it.

Women who can't get over being "mean girls" 94

So glad to get this off my chest. We are supposedly adults right? I mean, I myself am nearing five entire decades of roaming around this planet. How is it possible that some women simply cannot get past the "mean girl" mentality? Okay, we get that in high school you were the bomb. We get that everyone wanted to be you. We get that you'd give anything to relive those wonderful days. Unfortunately ladies, it's time to let all that go! Why must you still work to rally other women around you? Why does it inflate your ego to regale us with the stories of all the fun you had on the weekend with other co-workers attending things we were not invited to? How can you not know that many of us would rather insert crochet hooks into our eyes and turn them clockwise than even consider spending out of office time with you? How can you not be aware that when you and your minions declare a day of silent treatment to one of us, that we are actually incredibly thankful for the respite from the snarky comments that so often color the spectrum of the work day? And yes,, I do realize that there are plenty of men that can flip the bitch switch at any given time as well. For you boys I suggest you pull up your panties, find a lipstick you like and get over yourselves as well. SHEESH!

Overconfident ugly bitches! 95

I know this girl that thinks she's so attarctive and ANY guy would love to be with her! Well excuse me but what exactly makes you so confident??? Is it your double chin? Or is it because you can't walk proberly cuz you're so damn fat? Or is it your bitchy personality? Or is it your ugly face? Seriously, if you are fat, ugly spoiled brat you shouldn't even consider getting a guy! Who would want to be with you?

I don't judge people by their appearence, I judge them by personality. But she, she is one hell of a bitch! She's a daddy's girl, very spoiled, snobby,always complain about everything, always blame people for everything, runs away from every task, doesn't want any responsibilities, doesn't want to listen to her nutrionist and stick to healthy eating, brings smelly greasy food to college and eats it like a pig, wears mini skirts when we can obviously see her "sexy" cellulite legs...etc. And when you mention hot guys, she goes like "he obviously wants ME!" EWWWW!!!

There's a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is a good thing, but not when you have nothing to be proud of!

over the hill hormonal whores 96

i work in an office full of menopausal women, and to be fair i am not that far behind them myself, BUT, the fucking air con is a fucking nightmare and if i knew how to break it without getting caught on the cctv then i would. one slag sits there with all the rolls of blubber spilling out of her too tight uniform, WITH a cardigan on and sits whingeing that she is melting and is going to faint. She nearly blew a gasket when i told her she cant have it both ways and if she is hot she needs to take her cardigan off because my nipplometer says its fucking freezing and its embarrassing sitting on a counter with pert nipples and old farts staring at you. Another wrinkly old cunt says she is melting from hot flushes the entire time she in work. HELLO! hot FLUSH! that means periods of coolness with HOT FLUSHES! lying fucking out of synch cunt. Then you have the dick witts that dash into work and say oh its hot in here turn the air con down to zero with the blower on full and on swing . fuck off you hormonal cunts, the air con is a fucking unhygienic argument provoking piece of shit that smells like a wet dog. I get told that it will happen to me soon enough and i will want it cold in the office, not on your fucking life, i am not so selfish that i would make anyone sit in there freezing to death with hands so cold your fingers dont work. I will get a personal desk fan that doesnt affect anyone else, if i do get afflicted, but i am not planning on doing so, i eat and drink healthily and i can cope with a flush anyway. Ban all air cons, the arguments they cause are horrendous and i am sick of sitting there with it on 18 0r 19 when 21 is just about bearable. I am going to post this on "people" too, because it applies under the heading selfish over the hill hormonal whores.


I am so fucking mad cause year after year, location after location, woman after woman all I ever see and hear are black ass women who KNOW they are the lowest form of life. DAMN! I am black, grew up in very poor and abusive conditions, spent many years homeless as a adult with kids BUT NEVER CRAWLED UNDER THE FEET OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS.

It has taken me YEARS to find out why I was NOT LIKED in a BLACK 'CHRISTIAN' church.
Why I was not liked at company after company where i worked.
Why I was not liked by my siblings or mother.
Why I was not liked by black men.

DAMMMMNNNNNNN all because my eyes are bright and open.

All because I walk in areas and speak kindly to anyone no matter the race.
All because all of any other race paid attention to me, respected my intelligence although many also despised it.
All because I am uplifting, have tenacity and because YALL COULD NEVER RELATE TO ME CAUSE I AM NOT A SLAVE AT HEART!

Damn many of you have DEGREES, NICE HOMES, GOOD PAYING JOBS but at heart and MIND you are some lowlife still stuck in the throws of slavery and you resent the fact that I KNOW I can go anywhere in this world and do anything humanly possible!

Every time there are groups of black women who WILL NOT BE FRIENDS WITH ME although I have many positive traits and would go to the end of the world for anyone who gave a damn about me!

Yall see my progress and instead of following you STAND BACK AND DITCH ME AND PUT ME DOWN!


I moved to this new apartment a few months ago. Yall listen, the neighbor beside me is a black woman, looks close to my age.

The lady across the hall is Hispanic and is VERY KIND and speaks to me all the time.
Two ladies beside her are Philipino and are VERY KIND and speak to me all the time.
The men above me are Arabic, Hispanic and Caucasian...again, always a 'hello'.



ITS AN EPIDEMIC FOR ME! IT HAS HAPPENED FOR YEARS! I HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS AND get real serious about developing relationships with other ethnicities.


I hate you for the mental turmoil this has caused me.

Mentally Retarded Woman in Walmart 98

People who are mental should not be allowed in society, one woman in Walmart kicked an empty shopping cart in the aisle all because she couldn't get through; next time why don't you go the other way you stupid bitch, and there could've been a baby sitting in the cart while it's mother was getting something and if you kick that cart all because your retarded ass can't get through the aisle than, you will get the shit kicked out of you by an angry mother, you dumb mentl bitch, also you're ugly too and look like trailer trash.

People that mental should not be allowed in society, they should be killed on the spot because they are worthless.

very nasty women 99

there are so many women today that have such an attitude problem, so trying to start a normal conversation with them is very impossible today. i never seen so many very nasty retarded women in my life, up till now. it is bad enough that many women are the biggest cheaters, and that sure makes them the biggest losers too. for us straight guys that looking to meet a decent normal woman today, forget about it. 

Women - the truth about looks 100

Did you know that there is a Big Lie perpetuated by women in general and they are scared shitless of the truth becoming common knowledge? Here is the dirty little secret: When it comes to looks, woman are MORE visual than men! Looks matter MORE to women than they do to men. Don't think so? Open up your eyes and look around you. Look at all the skinny guys dating fat girls, yet girls will only date a fat guy if he's rich, and in almost all cases, she will eventually cheat on him because he isn't hot enough to meet her sexual needs. C'mon now...if you honestly think men are the shallower sex, you've been brainwashed.
So, why do women want guys to believe a good personality will offset bad looks? Because they want someone to foot the bill after they've "had their fun" with the men they are physically attracted to in their 20s. Because they don't want to be alone for the rest of their lives when they are no longer hot enough to get the men they are attracted to. Because they want to continue leading guys on for the free drinks, favors, gifts, etc. that they currently enjoy. Because they know that if the truth came out, guys would not tolerate any shit from them anymore.

See, most women are only sexually attracted to a very narrow range of guys - young, muscular/fit, full head of hair, chiseled facial features. This is the only kind of man a women can love. If you don't fit that description, you are either seen as a tool to be used - or as a nuisence. Ever notice that guys that are "good marriage material" usually end up in sexless marriages? Ever notice that the guy a woman cheats on her husband with is almost always much better looking than the husband?

If the truth came out, women would lose all the benefits they currently enjoy thanks to the guys that are "not hot" who think they have a chance with them. The "not hot" guys would be spending all their time, effort and spare cash getting their looks fixed instead of spending it on women.

That brings another point to mind...the whole "nice guy vs jerk" thing is just stupid. It's not the meanness the girl is attracted to. It's that good looking guys who are nice are VERY rare! Looks matter so much to women that they will tolerate an insane amount of abuse just to be with a guy that is better looking than what they can normally get. So, why are good looking dudes usually assholes? Because this shit I'm telling y'all right now, is no secreat among the guys women are truly attracted to. It is indeed very hard to have much respect for people who tread another human being the way women do. These men see how their girlfriends treat guys they are not attracted to and know full well if they din't have the looks, their girlfriends would treat THEM the same way.
The "have-nots" have the power to change things, though. If a woman ask you to do something for her, ask yourself this: would you would do the same thing for a guy? If not, you're giving her special treatment just because she has a pussy. STOP IT! If you run into a drink whore in the clubs, tell her to fuck off. If you see a girl on the highway with a broken down car, keep right on driving. The "have nots" need to stop giving away themselves so freely. Stop being "favor sluts", guys.

Also, and most importantly, do not let women decieve you by telling you beauty is something people are just born with and that you should compensate for your looks by trying to win them over with a "shining personality." That's bullshit. Beauty is made, not born. Most guys have the potential to be the kind of guy women TRUELY want if they work at it hard enough. Compensating for your looks simply DOES NOT WORK! If it did, you'd have a girlfriend by now. The hot guys wouldn't be such scary competition for you if your personality actually had the value you were bought up to believe it did. Know how to totally change your life with women in as little as 1 year? Hit the gym hard. Lose weight. Replace it with muscle. Save up for cosmetic surgery if there are any obvious flaws with your face. If you have acne, get it treated. Try a new hairstyle. If you're balding, SHAVE IT OFF. Have a female friend who's around your age help you shop for some new clothes. Wear contact lenses instead of glasses. If you're short, don't worry about it. Seriously. Good looks will definitely make up for it. I've had my ass handed to me by some short dudes when it comes to getting women.

Ugly dudes, remember this: Women have vested interests in KEEPING YOU WHERE YOU ARE! That's why they give you such bullshit advice. Its cold and harsh, but it's true - THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO IMPROVE!! Why? Because if enough guys fixed their looks up and saw the dramatic improvment it brings, they would rightly begin to question the myths women perpetuate in order to protect their own selfish interests.

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