I am extremely angry at this extremely fat guy.. Because he annoys me all the time...

  1. he calls me all the time and talks some shit which I can't stand.

  2. he thinks he is the prettiest, the smartest and overall the best guy of this world.. But he is fat, ugly and stupid, of course..

He always compares people to each other and while he does this he thinks he is always the best. And he also thinks that everybody, who knows him or who he know are his best friends.. But all of them hate him and want to get rid of him and say he is an idiot and a motherfucker.. But he doesn't want to realise that no one really likes him.. Shit on him. Hope you read this..  ah.. I forgot something.. he thinks he can fuck like god, but he's still a virgin !!!

*Note from Anger Central
Would you be so kind as to tell us what "Winnie" is short for? What the correct name is? Just for our information.

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