My damn wife can't seem to deal with the money I make. I'm in the military and I don't make alot, but what I do make she fucking goes a blows it. I know she pays the bills with it, but all the extra is gone quickly. Like today... I have been in the field for a week and I come back to find out that the bank account is fucking 200 in the hole. What the fuck is this all about? Why can't women keep from spending money? Someone please tell me.


Back in January I found out that my wife was cheating, a huge fight broke out and I went to jail. I am in the military and the guy she was messing with is in the military, adultry goes against the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), I turned the proof into his command and nothing happens to the prick. So we tried to work it out but I just can not bring myself to even trust her with a tricycle, go figure. We are now seperated, she will not sign the divoce papers and now I have to keep giving her $1,000.00 a month to help support her lazy ass and my beautiful daughter. This bitch doesn't want to lose the benefits that come with the military, not to mention her meal ticket so she doesn't have to work. The one job she has had since we seperated she got fired from for fucking her boyfriend in the cooler of the store. The town she lives in has a moto so to speak, there idea of a virgin is a 3 year old that can out run them. The only damn thing that there is to do in this town that she lives in is get drunk, do drugs, and see how many people you can fuck. I hope that she gets some diseas that has no cure. As for my 2 year old daughter I am so damn pissed off that she has to live in this shit hole with her whore of a mother.

Fat Wife 3

My wife was slim when I met her but once we were married she started to eat everything in sight. Of course she started gaining weight... and gaining.. and gaining. It seemed the bigger she got the more she ate: cheese cake, pizza, burgers, fries, milk shakes. Of course, she says that if I love her I'll accept her as she is, which is now over 100 pounds more than when we met. She used to look good in a bikini, but now she struggles to lift her bulk and big belly up from the couch.

my wife 4

for years she has put me through an emotional hell of not knowing what she wants out of us and this marriage, i moved to america to be with her and then she decided she wanted to move back to the UK, i have turned my life upside down to be with this woman, and now i finaly realise i don't want to be with her i can't do it...i feel like a right muppet i know i can be happier than this but i feel tied to her. godamnit how dare she make me feel like this!

Wife 5

My stupid whorebag tricked me into marrying her. Not only was she 'impregnable' but supposedly she was 'safe' before me. HAHAHAHA. I'm so very glad I believed her when she said we didn't need a condom. At least I divorced her. But now, in addition to my genital warts (thanks hon!) I've got child support, which she'll use to pay off her credit cards and students loans she accrued before I EVER EVEN MET HER. At least I don't have to look at her fat ass everyday, anymore. Oh yeah, she got fat, too. If a woman tells you she can't get pregnant, she's lying.

Dumb Wives 6

I am so damn angry at these women who insist on staying with abusive, lazy, selfish, and self centered husbands, all for the sake of the children. HELLO YOU ARENT DOING YOUR CHILDREN A SINGLE FAVOR. When children witness disfunction, they tend to copy what they see. A boy who watches his mother get abused and disrespected by his father will grow up to have no compassion for women, also most the time the children know something is wrong, but arent aware of the cause, so even though the mother has a legit reason for being angry and bitter, the child percieves this as his mother being a negative and mean person. Same goes for little girls, they will get a warped idea of how a relationship is supposed to be, and they will go on to have trouble finding normal men to marry because they will choose angry losers who resemble their fathers. PLEASE END THIS VICIOUS CYLE OF DISFUNCTION! LEAVE THESE MEN FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN, DO NOT STAY WITH THEM!

*Note from Anger Central
Earlier this week the Webmaster received email from a woman who posted some time ago about how bad her life was with her husband. We told her to leave ASAP and seek help. She stated it took her 8 months to work up the courage, but she had finally left the loser and was doing much better now. The Webmaster replied to her wishing her well. He also reads these postings and uses them as examples of how NOT to be a husband to his wonderful wife. I guess this site has earned its brownie points for the year. :)

military spouses 7

Almost all military spouses are lazy and fat, and expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter. It makes me so mad to see soldiers busting their ass in the military, only for their fat lazy wives to sit there and spend all the money. DO they not want anything more for their life?? You only have one life, a military spouse is NOT a career. Military spouses are not in the military. I am tired of some damn DEPENDENT telling me about all the hardships of the military. ARE YOU IN THE ARMY?? HAVE YOU BEEN TO IRAQ????? Have you tried to sleep while IEDS and mortars are going off. Get off your fat asses and do something with your lives, you cant live vicariously through your husbands. Some of us females actually fight against the name that YOU give to us.

Husband Haters 8

I get so fucking sick and tired of all these women who bitch about their husbands and how much they suck, but don't ever take any initiative to change their lives. I mean dammit, if they're so fucking unhappy, LEAVE. And I'm sick of hearing "it's not that easy" because it is! Just pack your shit and stay with a friend or family member. Get a fucking restraining order if you have to! Quit fucking whining and complaining about a bad situation if you're not going to do anything to make it BETTER. FOR FUCK SAKE, LADIES, IF YOUR HUSBAND IS AN ASSHOLE, LEAVE ALREADY, BUT QUIT FUCKING BITCHING ABOUT HIM.

fat assed wife 9

I'm so tired of fat people pissing and moaning that its not their fault. Bullshit, the woman I married wasn't fat when I married her, but she sure is now. She eats like a pig, sleeps all morning and doesn't do a damn bit of exercise. Her sister, who is slim is "too skinny, all she worries about is her weight." Bullshit, she eats right and exercises. My wife eats everything and, get this, licks her fat goddamn fingers in a restuarnt to make sure she gets every little bit of food. She'll complain that the booths are too small, oh yeah, but not for me. She stuffs her fat white ass in the latest clothes, and asks me if she looks pretty. Actually, sometimes I think its funny cuz' I know people are thinking when they see her in clothes "what was that fat sow thinking." So fuck her and all other fat white bitches.

Wife's hormones 10

I'm fed up with my wife's PMS every month regular as clockwork for a week she makes mine and my children's miserable. She nags, moans, picks fault and builds herself up into temper tantrums. Then she gets upset and can't understand why we avoid her. If I try to reason with her it gets worse as she always justifies everything and turns the blame on us. She still manages to be nice to friends why take it out on us. I feel it's wrecking our relationship as I find it difficult to forget or forgive some of the things she says which are all justified in her hormone soaked brain. It's her problem control it or sod off for the week.

My Wife is Just Plain Fucking Stupid 11

I am so sick of my wife's bottom line stupidity. When she and I met she seemed pretty on the ball and somewhat intelligent. Since we actually got married I can't even begin to explain how extremely fuking stupid she has become. Common sense has no place in her actions. When I try to enlighten her on the sheer ignorance of her behaviour she bites back with "you are always trying to make me feel stupid." It's because she is just totally brain dead. Try fighting with a person whom a bucket of compost can outsmart or rationalize a situation to a greater degree. Holy crap I can't believe I signed up for this!


I not only pay all the utilities and mortgage, she doesnt work at all. And im supporting her and her first child along with our child now. I bought her a new car, new central air, new kitchen floor, yet she feels that im treating her like crap becuase she wants to remodel the entire house with my money TODAY not next week but TODAY. I asked here where does she think this money is comming from? GOD I HATE HER!!! She doesnt appreciate anything we already have! and now my 1yr old son is growing up thinking this is how a mommy should act?!@!

Wife, 13

Here are some examples of things that my wife has said in bed or during sex. Then she wonders why i don't want to have much to do with her anymore.

"I'm fed up with the whole bloody thing i don't want you to touch me anymore."
"Oh just stop it i don't want to do this any more."
"I'm just a convenient hole for you to but your d**k in."
"If you loved me you would lick my c**t." (i would if i could get past 19 stone of stinking fat!)
"It's not surprising that i don't want you to paw me and have sex anymore."
"I love you but I'm not in love with you any more I see you as a friend and companion."
If i ask for a back rub or massage she refuses and says i never do it for her. (she never asks. i would any time, if i try i'm told to stop as i will get "carried away")
Even if i want a friendly cuddly I'm told to stop as i will get "carried away"
"I'm too soft on you anyone else would have kicked you out years ago." (i wish she had years ago before we had kids).

I'm angry with her and sad at the same time because i would have been much happier in a different relationship as she might (there are some blind deaf saints out there!). But most of all i'm angry with my self for putting up with all this crap and not fighting back( although she can always justify saying hurtful things so i don't bother), taking my marriage vows seriously and trying to keep everyone happy but forgetting myself. I'm fed up with DIY jobs in the shower they satisfy the physical need but not emotional. What is the point of being married? In 4 years time both kids will have left home hopefully she will have a job i hope i will have the guts to do something then.

My Husbands Ex-wife 14

My Husband has the worst Ex-wife ever. My Husband and I have 50% of his children and without giving to much detail she is phycho. She lies to get her way and she is so pathetic. She is so disgusting that she hasn't had a relationship in nearly 10 years. She likes to medel in our lives to ruin my marriage because she is jelious that I spend more time with her children than she does. She needs to get a life....Stop asking my husband to take you back he is mine and he wouldn't take you back if I fell off the face of the earth. One day the kids are going to be adults and your sorry pathetic self is going to be all alone you won't have the kids to manipulate and use for your hypocondriac, Manic depressive benifit. Stop being so pitiful I am done feeling sorry for you. You are a backstabber, I am tried of your childish behavior, I can't wait for the day the kids see you for who you really are. MY HUSBAND loves me and when the last kid turns 18 MY HUSBAND and myself are going to have a "The stupid piece of crap is out of our lives party" Wanna come, you can be the guest of honor!

dumb ass wife 15

My wife is dumb as hell with money. she continually racks up credit cards. I now owe 49k in credit cards. Does she care hell no, and then the kids we talk and agree what to do for the kids b-days or x-mas right. A verbal agreement, well screw that she does what she wants, forget my side of the agreement it's what she wants to do. Oh by the way I have already sold my truck, my guns, my stock, pretty much everything I possibly could to pay off he credit cards last time they got up to 20k. I'm 37 my retirement fund consists of 4k. Here is another good one, I dont know what 49k has bought my family since everything in it except the house is paid for. But dont stop there it gets even better. I get called up and go to Afgan, I've been gone in country for 2 weeks and she emails me she is a bad wife she went out with a dude and cheated on me. She screwing up our company by wracking up debt like it was going out of style. I freak out I ask be relieved so I come home giving up 14 years of service. It takes everything I have not to cry when I see an military servicemen or commercial or something about the military, I feel like a stabbed my soldiers in the back since I was their platoon leader. She cant seem to understand why I am always angry that I work 7 days a week and have a bad attitude towards her, she says I need to learn to control my temper. But the one person I'm even more pissed at is myself for not finding a way to leave this bitch. But in Florida I will have to take all the bills and pay her money for the kids because I work so much to pay the bills there is no way possible for me to retain custody. So in short I am stuck with a bitch who I hate for the another 10 years of my life. Aint life grand!!

*Note from Anger Central
All we can say is talk to a professional scumbag...err Lawyer about all this. Other things you can do is cancel all the joint credit cards, open new bank accounts under your name only and close the old ones, basically cut her off as much as possible.

Housewives 16

What is a housewife? They do idiot work (cooking and cleaning) in turn for a car and a roof over their idiot head. Worse is they are dependent on their husband for money. Money in turn for what? Sex? The reason that these women give women a bad name is that they are just prostitutes with paperwork. They are parasites. When one of them gets abused why don't they leave? The reason they don't leave is because they can't make it in the real world. They enjoy their free health benefits, home, car, money, food. etc. So why listen to their sob stories? Why don't they get off their lazy ass and work. I'd feel like a whore if my husband gave me money and in the same night I had sex with him. And children? They have children because they can't find any other means of securing money. Stop bitching about your marriages- you put yourself in that position because your stupid and dependent. Getting knocked up isn't the answer to your financial dilemma. Next time your husband abuses you (because he has no respect for you) leave him. Dust off your idiot brain and stop behaving like some child. Stop using your body to get money and go get a job. Housewives are nothing but housewhores. Then they act like they've earned all of it. They are superior to the working women. Why? I don't know. They didn't work a day for anything they have. It was all given to them for free. They make me sick. Without their husband's identity they would be nobody. I can't stand them.

*Note from Anger Central
So, how are things at the Yearly Kos?

My wife - the landwhale 17

After reading these rants it’s pretty obvious that I’m not alone. When my wife and I met she was 5’4”, 112 lbs. She claimed she was athletic, loved to workout, cook, was a neat freak etc. Now 5 years later the siren death-call of the lard burger has fulfilled it’s evil destiny. El gluttonista does nothing but sit on her fat arse all day. She gone from 112 to 180lbs and can barely walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing. She took out a 1 year gym membership plus trainer. Quit after 6 months because it was ‘too hard’ - $1200.00 gone (guess who paid for it). I came home yesterday to find a $700.00 stairmaster being used to hang laundry (guess who paid for that one too).

The house – my house – is a bloody pigsty. She gets up around noon and sits around watching the telly all day eating chips and icecream. I leave home at 6.00 am get back at 5.30pm and I have to unpack the dishwasher, clean the house and make dinner while this lazy fatass sow sits by and moans and groans about what she saw on Opra, how unhealthy the ‘thin girls’ around my neighbourhood are, how tired she is etc. Get some exercise you bloody boarbeast!

When I asked her about what she was like when we were dating she told me that she was that what because that’s what guys are looking for. I work out 3-5 times a week and eat less in 1 day that she eats in 1 meal. Hello?

Sex? Don’t make me laugh- I gave up on it about a year ago. One of the spare bedrooms has been covered in a pile of laundry she been ‘too tried’ to pack away for 6 months (I now do my own). She’s actually gotten up at 3 in the morning to eat ice cream. Munch munch, slobber slobber you obese skank.

Now she has the nerve to tell me her biological clock is ticking and she wants babies? Ha! We’re going to Barbados this summer. Maybe I’ll get lucky and some Japanese whaling boat will mistake her for the landwhale she is and put her and her blubber out of my misery!

*Note from Anger Central
Sounds like Irreconcilable Differences to us. May we suggest the law firm of Cheetum, Screwum & Lootem? ;)

Army wives 18

I am so sick of army wives! You know the ones with army stickers all over their mini van that they cart their 50 kids around in! The ones who think they know everything! The ones who talk about the army 24/7! Get over yourself! You don't see wives of cops going around with Proud Cop Wife all over their clothes and vehicle! Is your life really so lame that all you have is the fact your husband joined the army! Its one thing to be proud of your husband for whatever but do these women really think the whole world cares!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Perhaps you might consider that Army wives have a much higher chance of becoming Army widows then the wives of police officers?

Fat Women 19

I am so damn angry because my wife is fat and this is unbearable!!! she just kept putting weight on!!! and the thing that makes me angrier is that do-gooders (minority losers) think that it isn't acceptable to think this way!!! well you try to suffer this life long misery i just cant wait until I die!!!

Wife 20

You know, I got some beef with my wife. I probably have more than anyone who reads this can imagine. As a man, I/we all feel guilty when we want to leave, and they know that, they play the cute card, and suck us back in, some of us literally sucked back in. This is our reality. I am so mad at her she can't shut her damn mouth , yet I love her when she loves me. Men are easy, were built this way, its our flaw, and they know it. I forget about being pissed usually within an hour. If anyone here is wondering how long.. Fucking long time.. Since Jan of 91.. I was only 20, just 20. She was hot, I'm pretty good looking as men go, but she was in a different class, holy crap! I was gonna marry her, and I did. She even had a child that was 10 months old. I took that baby in, with no questions. I took care of that kid and her mom, who was then pregnant. We were supposed to get married, we fought a lot, but I could not see then what I see now. There is another baby boy after that. We moved around a lot seeking the good life. I served my country, which she made me feel bad, and started cheating on me. Mind you, This entire time we are fighting like cats and dogs. She was arrested a few times for being physical. I left her once or twice, I can't really remember much, kind of a blur. She's really a vicious cheating bitch, but I can forgive all of that, its in the past. What I can't stand more than anything, which causes the rage to surge, is her yelling and bitching and that shitty attitude, you know then one. Its the one that makes you want to kick the shit out of her. Some of you do and end up in jail, some just put hands on them, but just lightly enough to possibly keep you out of jail. Some of you just wimper like a little baby. All of us cry, don't lie. I am a grown ass man. I used to be a fighter, like physical with other guys though. I can really kick the shit out of a guy pretty good, yet I got this fucking screaming whore in my face, and I usually am the number two guy, I just let her know a little, but not as much as I want to. She yells almost immediately when she gets pissed. Her PMS is like hell on earth. She will not stop, she will dig deep in to her hurt pockets, and hurl insults that actually make you do a penis check. Her voice 5 decibels above normal sends shivers down your spine. The very onset of a fight makes you cringe with fear. I am always like "F@$%, now the rest of the day is ruined, maybe even tomorrow." I just want to live in peace. Here is the problem, were institutionalized. I can't leave the institution, I don't know how to be alone or happy, and whos gonna take care of her right? I love her, but I have to leave to live. Thats my new slogan.. "Leave to live" WHY CAN'T SHE SHUT HER DAMN MOUTH?

wife 21

I am sick of my egotistical and self centered wife.

I do most of the cooking, yet she complains about the type of food I cook, but for some reason the kids really like it. I do most of the laundry, yet she complains because I don't do her work clothes first but all the laundry gets done on the weekends. I am caring for our children more than she is yet every time she and her mother see behavior from our children they like, it is because she is such a good mother, and all their bad faults are thanks to me, even though the children both say they would rather be with me because I don't yell at them like she does. If she has the children herself for awhile, all she does is sit on her ass and watch television while telling at them, yet I am suppose to always plan some fun events for them. I clean the house most of the time including vacuuming, dishes, floors, bathrooms, windows and even the yard work yet when her highness walks in, she purposely looks for any little thing I may have missed or not finished so she can complain and feed her ego that we can't make it without her. When she cleans up, there are still dirty dishes left out, floor is still dirty because she's too busy talking on the phone. I clean both our cars, but hers is always a trash heap inside.

When we have to watch our finances until our checks come in, that means I can not buy anything for myself which may cost only around $20 but she can get herself new clothes or even furniture we do not need. She can't stand any of my friends and they know she doesn't like them yet I am suppose to be open and friendly to her weird and stuck up friends. I may get upset with my mother and siblings but they have never spoken to my wife the way her family speaks to me. They have been very nasty many times. My family also knows she doesn't like them. If I tell her my opinion about something, she thinks I am being stupid, yet when her mother, father or sister says the same damn thing, then they are right.

So why do I stay with her? Because I do not want to be a weekend father. I want to be a part of my children's' lives. I know how the courts operate and once I'd be free from all this, she and her family would phase me out of the children's lives. I am really sick of my wife.

*Note from Anger Central
Much as we hate seeing a marriage fall apart, this one looks to be over. The major issue is the Children. If you want full custody, then we would suggest that you speak with an attorney and begin documenting every little thing you do and your wife doesn't.

There is a chance she might wake up and change, but it will take a hard slam to the head, figuratively speaking, in order for this to happen.

It might take a court order throwing her out of the house and being served with divorce papers and you seeking alimony and child support. Whatever happens, we hope things work out for the best for all of you.

Mutual Bitchy Wife 22

After 3 years of marriage with 2 kids and after having the ups and downs through thick n thin, i decided to think that the blood of idiocy in my wife cant ever be changed. She expect everything's is fine after countless turmoil. Disagreement and disatisfaction is consider normal in every marriage's. But on my case its just a disaster of miscommunications in regards egoism and arroganism. Both sides having those which on my standard is more towards the FACTS, with her being naive of thinking baseless worthy pointers as a FACT. Have done all kind of methods of solution in every angle which resulting peace for only in period of time. I cant handle this stupidity hormone keep on bregging about silly matter unto super serious fuzzy and twisted.

All i ask is for the to be simple and smart within reason and respect. But all she wanted is to be smartass, dumbass, bitchy ass in all things that matters to me.

P/S : Another story of me, an asian married to a pure American bloody person.

Stupid Wife 23

My wife pisses me of because she is so stupid.

She lock her keys in her car at least once a month or more because she doesn't want to use her remote. Lose her keys, cell phone or anything else she uses on a daily basis and is always broke only works when she feels like it and if the client or possible client can't meet with her on her time she will not work with then and she never wants to give out her business number because she doesn't want calls......It's on your business card and you get paid by commission!!! MORON!! she can never do any of the things I ask her to do for the family cook, clean house, get groceries but she has time to watch movies and chat on the phone or online.

Maybe I'm the idiot for staying in the marriage but I live in California if leave her there goes all my income.

Wife Bitch Problem 24

Why do women think it's always the man's fault when they complain about their wife bitching? I can tell you - my wife has a mental twist and she truly can not control it. You women going to tell me that all wives are so sweet and nice all the time? Some are just born that way.

wife 25

I am so thoroughly sick to death of explaining to my wife that the dirty clothes need to be put in the hamper, the "clean" light on the dishwasher doesn't mean wait until hubby gets here, the crust of bread is not a natural barrier, etc etc etc. It all seems so trivial, but when you've discussed the same crap over and over and over and over and over and , well, you get it, it becomes a major problem. I love the kids, don't want them to grow up like I did, but damn it, I can't take much more of this white trash hill billy crap. Run the friggin vacuum cleaner once a MONTH, dust the furniture occasionally, it is not that hard. And before you feminazi's freak out, I do 90% of the laundry, wash, dry, fold, and put away, most of the dishes, at least half of the kids' baths, all of the yard work, all of the vehicle maintenance, all of the handyman crap, all of the homework assistance, and at least 75% of the house cleaning! Enough! While I am aware some of you women have it rough, there are some of you who would rather sit and play facebook games on the damned computer than pick up a piece of pop tart lying on the floor 1' away. GOD I am sick to death of this.

wife 26

What ticks me off is how my wife suddenly decides "she can't live like this anymore" and now I have to deal with not seeing my children. I am the one who took care of them physically and emotionally. She was gone when each of them took their first steps. Then one day, the fat ass bitch decides she wants a divorce. No affairs, no alcohol, drug, physical or verbal abuse. I cleaned up the house, did the laundry, cooked the meals and took care of my kids plus work and go back to school while she would sit on her growing fat ass when she got home and do very little. Since she is the mother, she gets the kids. Even though she has hit the children, screams at them and is controlling, just because she is a women, I have to deal now with a life of being a father who gets visits with his own children. If she ever re-marries, the idiot she chooses will get to live with my kids while I am still allowed to visit them. This stinks like hell!

My bitching wife 27

My wife can never let go of the past! She throws every instance of lying and cheating in my face any chance she gets! She wanted me to change and I did! That didn't work cause she still always complains about the small things in life. I can't go out with any of my boys without her blowing a gasket, the best part is she can find a way to start a fight about something without haveing to mention why she's really mad. Example, if Im about to go grab a drink on a Thursday night she's not "mad" cause I'm going out she's mad cause I didn't tell her a month in advance that I was going out. Not literally a month but you know what I mean. She looks up girls I used to mess with up on all those social networking sights and starts trouble with them just so she can get them to spill all the juicy details that women love to do when they get confronted by another female. Then reminds me that I'm a liar cause I left out details. Yea it's bad enough that I got caught out there but does she need to know where and when and what hole and blahzay blah! She's one of those people that can't keep friends cause she "keeps it real"! She dosent realize that keeping it real and just being an opinionated bitch who steps on toes are 2 completly different things. She pushes me away to other women. It's like every other girl sees what a cool laid back guy I can be and wants to make me happy but she just wants to tare at the fabric of my man hood. Oh and the sex....lame. It's like fucking dead wieght! She won't even blow me the way she used to. She said it's cause I cheat but I cheat cause she don't take care of my needs! I'm a nasty dude when it comes to sex. Missionary is for nuns and priests....and aparently my wife!

wife 28

my wife has the most annoying attitude!!!! she fucken acts like a fucken brat, just because she doesnt get her way. fuck shes stupid!! argh, i like this site

My "too busy - too tired" wife 29

after 16 years of marrage Im fed the hell up with my wifes bullshit excuses. Im too tired for sex - then she sits next to me in bed and works on her laptop until the wee hours. ---im too busy to have any time for us - then she finds what ever the hell she can to be "involved in" it's NEVER anything i give a crap about. frankly EVERYONES agenda is FAR more important than ANY thing I would suggest. Oh and dishes? rinse the fucking things out if your such a miserable excuse for a sanitary human being and cant manage to work 2 buttons on a dishwasher - oh and while your at it, turn my kids into 2nd gen hogs too and make me live in your fucking mess.... thanks much! LOVE YA!

Fat People 30

I'm so sick of the fat person mentality. I love my wife but holy shit she's gotten fat, and the worst part is, she's NOT LAZY!!! We go to the gym six nights a week and she does 30 minutes on the eliptical, 15 on the stairmaster, and another 30 minutes lifting weights. She has a personal trainer to work with her on the weights once a week, and that ain't cheap either! Then she does pilates three or four days a week. Takes our dogs for a 2 mile run every day. So how is she still fat? She eats too damn much! No fast food, no cheetohs or cokes, no, but she cooks damn good and just eats too much. Like last night, she made us chili rellenos and I swear she ate 6 of them! I ask her, why are you eating so much? Stop eating all the time and you'd lose a ton of weight! She says she's hungry. I don't get it. And when I say fat, I mean she's fat, 2x size. But she doesn't care, she says her blood pressure is low and her cholesterol is low and she just doesn't care what the scale says. Same attitude all fatties have... if I'm not dead, I must be ok. Fuck. The woman probably has a rock hard six pack under all that lard and she won't put down the pork chops long enough to find out.

Fat Wife 31

My wife appears to be intelligent. After winning a scholarship to a private secondary school she got a degree in a scientific subject from a good universtiy. She's worked in science and is now a school teacher. She's got very good general knowledge and is good at pub quizes and crosswords. She understands economics and bank accounts. If you spend more than you earn your account gets smaller and if you spend less than earn your account gets bigger (fatter). So why at aged 50+ and weighing 21 stone (nearly 300 pounds in American) doesn't she realise that you need to eat less and exercise more to loose weight or eat more and exercise less to gain weight. It's realy that simple. The aches and pains the tiredness,the swollen legs the inability to walk up hills at a normal speed or more than a couple of miles on the flat these ARE all due to your weight, I'd suffer if I had to carry an extra 120 pounds all the time. Eat less and exercise more while you still can and stop trying to blame anyone but yourself.

wife 32

I am so damn angry at my wife who is a nut case of mental disorder and alcoholism ( in that order). To further my problems social services are involved as is the law ( for the third time) and nobody seem to be able to do a fucking thing about it. I understand as I couldn't myself. I've tried good, bad, great and lousy. I'm about to get a plane ticket going goodbye. This dumbass has been a homebreaker from the go. If you are young and meet one like mine tell her to eat shit and die. What the fuck is wrong with America and crazy bitches getting the victim status? this society is fucked

Oink Oink! 33

Yes, I too married a slim good looking woman. Then she started gaining weight like she was trying to be a Sumo wrestler. The pig!(Oink) It wasn't just meals, she ate all the time, she grazed like a cow (MOOoo). She had to quit her job(required too much exercise) she coudnt even bend down. I gave up on sex with her a long time ago and moved to another room. I have finally left her and the smell and sound of her constant eating.

Lazy Military wives 34

we are prior military family and my husband and I were blessed to get out of the military after just 2 enlistments. we had a exit plan to get rich and get out, we did not get rich but we did okay to become self employed to get out.

Now what makes me so dam sick on my stomach is stupid lazy ass military wives, the men work like dogs in the military while these lazy ass women, cheat, lie, get pregnant at the end of every enlistment, pretend to go to college they are so lazy and stupid they wont even go to college for free! I hired this one, but I have hired a lot of them in the pass and it all ends up the same way lazy, dont want to do nothing but lay up on a check that if fit for one. back to my story. This lazy sorry lying, cheating, evil girl, lied about every dam thing she claimed to have a degree in sales, I put her in the sale department she talked to over 90 sales calls in one day and didnt close one person. kicked out of the sales department, put her as a intake phone rep, just answering calls, she was so dam stupid, she couldnt even take a message. I kicked her out of that department,finally she said hey I can edit your customers website. horrible choice I had so many complaints, then this lazy you know what I want to say, did absolutely nothing but picked up a paycheck every week,I sent her work to another editing company that lying nasty stupid female had did nothing, then she had the nerve to ask me to give her more work and money....men it does not take a 25 year career to see if you have a lazy stupid woman in the military, signs of stupid and lazy ass woman, cant keep steady employment longer than 6months, always spending more than they have, horrible credit, put their value in their coochie box and looks, talks like they are something important to have. check out the employment history, if under 30 check out their independence to take care of them self.

My Wife 35

My wife is so ungrateful. I work 10 to 12 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week. I cook, clean, do the laundry, clean house, etc.

All she does is complain about us not having enough money, but in the same breath she'll talk about her latest purchase at Macys or wherever.

She complains about eating dinner so late, because I cook it when I get home, but she can't even be bothered to get out of her chair to defrost something from the freezer.

On the rare occasion when I get a day off, she complains that I want to sleep in to 8 or 9am and has to gall to call me lazy.

Sometimes I wonder if there's someone else for me that would appreciate me.

military wives 36

I live in a major military area and live in an apt. with many military couples. I am single and work myself to death at a real job. The military wives I have contact with in these apt. complexes sit on their asses all day long and it seems the men do all the housework and serve in the military. I have one above me right now who can't even manage to take her dog to the dog park next to the building...he just gets to go out on a short leash to do his business steps from the door. Being a military wife is about like being on welfare it seems from these examples. II would like to seem them get out and make a contribution to society! And give me some peace the little time I am at home.

Egotistical and Cheater 37

I have found no matter how much you give, it is never ever enough. Years ago, my then wife wanted me to go back to college so I could get a better job. Fine, I went to college, even majored in what she wanted me to. Right after I graduated, the recession hit and the job market fell. I couldn't find the job I went to college for. She decides to divorce me because I don't make enough money and she can't take the stress of waiting for me to get a better paying job. Two months after the divorce, she already has a serious boyfriend. It seems to me this boyfriend has been around longer than she claims. Now she is pushing this boyfriend onto my children. This stinks. What a bitch.

Bad Wife, Good Divorce 38

13 years of dating. Bliss. Wonderful. Ups and downs as anyone would have but overall a very positive experience. Thus the marriage (I am a cautious person). Thought after 13 years I would know somebody? Nope.

After 1.5 years of marriage I realize I do not know this person AT ALL. Crazy. All of the sudden she is taking meds, blaming me, shutting out my family, no sex, no companionship, no honesty, no regard for me as a human being, no respect, no conversation, no communication, no mutual goals anymore. Complete change over 1.5 years of marriage. Tried therapy, nope. Tried interventions, nope. She is all hopped up on pills and hasn't worked for months. Blames it all on me. I ask her "what have I done exactly, what has changed?" Blank stares...over and over.


Filled for divorce, feel better already.

I credit her for keeping her head together for 13 years, that must have been really hard for her. But holy fucking shit, she let all of the crazy out immediately. I truly cannot wait to be rid of this person who, at one point, was both my lover and my best friend. Never thought I would be in this position.

Guys. I know a lot of married guys. Lots of them are less of men because of their marriage. Many are unhappy and just refuse to admit it due to fear, social/family pressure, or ingrained misguided morality. Let me tell you, don't do it. Never do it. Don't worry about being alone, your family and friends will always be there for you. You will be surprised if you haven't been one of those guys who cut off everything else in your life due to a relationship (very luckily I didn't so the support has been amazing).

Actually, maybe thats the whole point, be cautious of putting all of your faith in a modern woman. I mean, my mother is strong, adaptable, educated, intelligent, takes personal pride in her appearance and everything she does, and has ZERO sense of entitlement (even though she has wealth). There are many women like that from her generation. How about Gen X or Gen Y? How many women in the 25 - 35 range these days can you actually say that about? Well, I thought I had one, let me tell you, DON'T BE FOOLED.

Oh yeah, any women reading this thinking "this guy can't get laid"...seriously, fuck off. I am 6 ft, 4 in, 225 lbs, can bench 340 lbs, workout 6 days weekly, am an avid tennis and basketball player (and it shows), have a very lucerative job, own a great place in a great downtown location, have an MBA from a top 5 b-school (high honors), can converse with anybody on any level, and women very often comment (verbally or via physical cues) that I am extremely good looking (never had problems in that area).

I am not the fucking loser here, she is. If you are a woman in the aformentioned demographic you probably are too. So idiot women of the world, from this point forward, you are pretty much going to be seeing me on one night stands and within the context of abusive, self-serving relationships (serving me of course). Take a long look at your idiotic behavior, your lack of morality, and your role models (Kardashians and "Housewives"...) and then question why you are alone while I am going to be alone BY CHOICE (yep, you read that right, my "wife" for all of her ridiculous behavior actually doesn't want a divorce at all...well fuck her and fuck all of you).

Wow, I actually feel better. Thanks strange and random website!

Crazy Depressed PMS Wife 39

Sometimes living with someone who is depressed can be really rough. This may sound in places like I hate my wife. I don't - I care about her a great deal and thats why she can really make me really angry sometimes.

I'm sure I'm not alone with these situations. So if this stuff sounds familiar to you, you can at least comfort yourself by knowing that someone shares your pain...

I'm getting really sick of dealing with a wife who is dangerously bitchy for 2 out of every 4 weeks and blames it on PMS. I am becoming convinced that all she wants in the long run is to destroy us both. She doesn't seem to want to get better.

- We work from home and she succeeds at constantly creating such an oppressive atmosphere that I can't get anything done.

- She generally sleeps in 2 hours more than me every morning, but expects me to wait until she finally rolls out of bed and then she spends an hour checking all her social sites and email before I can start my work day. This means we cannot start working many days until 3 or so, and we are lucky if we can put in a 4 hour work day before she gets so hungry that she wants to stop for the day and spend 6 hours or so watching television. This means upwards of 9 hours in the day when I can't get anything done.

- She complains about how she has so much work to do, and then when I stay out of her way so she can work, she complains that I'm avoiding her.

-She says that we should talk, and when I ask her what she wants to talk about she says she doesn't know and gets all mopey because we aren't talking about whatever it is she knows damn well but is refusing to talk about. If I do guess it's usually wrong or offensive in some way.

-When she does want to talk her chosen subject defies all logic. Today it was all about how she is ruining our day by being so miserable. What do you say to that? If I just listen and try to be supportive, then it's not enough.

- I'm a distance runner and these days if I try to go out for a run she complains about what terrible shape she is in and resents me for making it apparent to her. Yet she will not exercise regularly (but is going to start some day when she has the time). I have learned that it is something that I should never mention.

-If I try to dress nicely she just complains about how ugly she is and how she doesn't have any nice stuff. This conversation is a trap. It is best to avoid commenting at all. You cannot win.

-If I try to suggest a responsible dinner she gets upset because she is fat and gets all depressed about it until I relent and we have something unhealthy instead.

-When she cooks she always makes way too much food and we usually end up throwing out spoiled leftovers at the end of the week. She then gets upset because we are wasting food. This is another trap which only leads to an argument. Either I'm trying to tell her how to cook, or I'm wasting food.

-Her parents do this too, and always sends lots of leftovers home with us when we eat there. So our fridge is constantly full of old leftovers and there is no room for vegetables, or other healthy ingredients.

-When we go grocery shopping, my ideas for food are constantly shot down but she will still continue to ask me what I want to get. This mind reading game will continue until I say something that I know she wants to get. Failure to offer suggestions will be taken as me "loading all the work on her".

- I am constantly accused of "making her do everything" when I offer to do whatever it is has prompted this my offer is declined. Usually she has decided to do whatever it is when I am in the middle of something productive.

- When I try do do something which she usually takes care of in order to make things easier for her I am accused of trying to "guilt" her because she didn't get around to it sooner. Even if it is clearly a very convenient time for me, and a big help for her.

-She is convinced that she must have some kind of illness which makes her fat. Depression doesn't count. It's something biological and despite endless tests has yet to be discovered by medical science.

-She loves to check out medical websites and any time anyone is feeling a little off it's some kind of exotic disorder. I can't just be tired because I was up all night getting caught up on work. Nope. It's some exotic disease, maybe it's cancer. Granted once it was cancer, but that was a statistical anomaly and I'm feeling much better now.

-She snores like a chainsaw. If I ever end up losing sleep because of it I can't tell her because she gets depressed about it. She has been to specialists, and they have suggested many exotic solutions (none of which she is happy with). She didn't used to snore about 60 pounds ago. Again, I dare not mention it and any doctor who suggests she lose weight lacks empathy in her eyes.

- If I try to do some cleaning she gets upset because she hasn't cleaned in so long and thinks it's her fault that everything is messy. So I stop and nothing ever gets cleaned.

-She will start doing the dishes in the middle of her work day and make a big show of getting upset that she has to do them when she has so much work to do. When I offer to do them she refuses. When I suggest we leave them until a more convenient time she refuses because she "will know that they are there."

-She will make it impossible for me to get anything done by moping around in my work area, and then complain that I never get anything done. This also applies to making money. Any time I suggest that I have lots of work to get done she gets upset because I am neglecting her and throws some kind of tantrum until I give up.

-The more productive I am being the more upset she gets until I stop working. She then bitches that I need to find more work. Seriously.

- She complains that we never go out and socialize with others but any time she is out in public she treats people so terribly that I'm embarrassed to be seen with her.

- She claims that I'm embarrassed to be seen with her because she is so ugly. I have tried explaining that she looks fine but that she needs to treat people with more respect. Bad idea. She just agrees and uses it as more fuel for her self loathing.

- She also complains that no one likes her. That people are mean. Meanwhile she treats them as if they are mean and don't like her... so they don't like her.

- She is completely incapable of being on time for anything. Any time we do anything together I am constantly apologizing for being so late, or missing appointments. Yet she insists on doing everything together. She has absolutely no time sense. I will say "we need to go" she will agree and then proceed to answer email, take phone calls from her mother...

- She is completely incapable of not answering the phone or email RIGHT AWAY. Rather than waiting until it is convenient she will drop everything she is doing to deal with someone else's problems. Unless they are mine.

Through all of this she wants to have kids. Yet I am really concerned that her depression is just going to get worse (or at least not any better) if children are brought into the situation. She is already feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities she has and is unable to cope with them.

She also seems to want to fill every moment with either Sex, Drugs, or Television when all I really want to do is my job.

I love my job. I sometimes think she is incredibly jealous of it and wants to sabotage it so that I'll fail and go back to doing something I hate for a living so she can comfort me like a little hurt animal. I have seen no conclusive evidence to the contrary.

Most of the time it's not too bad but it's really like every 2 weeks a switch is thrown and she turns into this miserable hateful person who wants to make everyone else miserable too.

She has constantly expressed a desire to seek help. I agree, but she never does. Our family doctor just suggested that she start taking St. Johns wort which may have helped for a while, but I'm not even sure that she takes it all the time.

More than some kind of herbal supplement is called for. She needs help from a professional but will not seek it out. I can't do it for her. She can't talk to me, and won't listen to me either. When she's feeling good enough to do something about it she doesn't want to because she's feeling okay.

I really want her to be happy, but I don't know how long I can take it. It's slowly sucking the life out of me, and while once the two weeks are over she is back to sunshine and roses but I find it harder every time to get over it.

I have no friends anymore because I never go out (except to have dinner with her parents). So I have no one to talk about this with. She would get *really* nasty if I were out socializing and she weren't. Because making friends for the both of us is my job and I cannot have any of my own.

We are running out of money because I can't get any work done at home, but can't afford to go work elsewhere because we don't have the money to rent the space.

I'm sure things aren't that bad. Usually we can talk about all of this kind of stuff. Sometimes even like rational adults, but right now she has PMS so it's no go.

Believe me, I tried.

...At least everything will be just fine in a couple of weeks!

Wife Sux! 40

My Wife is a piece of sh@#$@# She bitches she's fat, then doesn't do anything about it. I want to sign up for a gym membership, but she makes sure to make me feel guilty for wanting to take care of myself, "man, wish I had time to work out!" (she has time, but just doesn't want to do it!)

Her family is full of meddling, old hag bitches who always bitch at my wife for every little thing (we live 5 minutes down the road!). So as they say, sh@#$ rolls down hill, so she has to bitch at me for a half hour after they have bitched at her! Every bad thing that happens is somehow my fault! The kids are screaming at the store, and she finds a way to make it my fault!! I am always with the kids while she is gone at her store, she never cleans, never does the dishes, NEVER cooks a damn thing, yet she bitches and complains about how much I suck! I have NO FRIENDS (don't even attempt to make any, if I go out and do anything fun WITHOUT her, I get bitched at for half a day cause she's jealous I had fun). She got "inspired by God", to open a store! Of course, two bank loans later, she's got her store, and I can look forward to bankruptcy in 6 months when we can't pay the loans back!!) But at least she's happy!

wife 41

Angry because of fat stupid depressed wife

I stumbled upon this site and got some comfort that other good men were suffering as much as me or more. I am a 26 year married. My wife was a doll but still depressed and stupid as hell. We made a decent go of it until the first child, he died, and I think thats the last time I can remember my wife as a decent human being. She swelled up to 200 lbs or more and for 10 years I would come home and she would just be a blubbering piece of shit sitting on the sofa, nothing done and the home a wreck. I liken my marriage unto a captain who has set sail and is moving forward, forward in life, business and providing for the home. My wife has been the anchor that has been dragging bottom slowing the ship almost to the point of sinking. Not only is she a weight that is unbearable she beats the shit out of the guy steering the boat. I buit a million dollar home with my bare hands by my self and I swear to God I only remember one time her bringing me a sandwich. Her whole family was bio polar and she is as well. Some one ought to give us freaking guys a metal for carrying these stupid freaking women. God it gets hard and I have God in my soul to help. I would suggest to any man in search of a decent woman to look outside of the USA. These modern women have been destroyed by this stupid American culture.

Wife 42

She a bitch! Oh, she such a bitch. I give her a $100 and its not enuf. I try to hold a normal conversation and she "can't say anything without" me "having to add my 2-cents." Or "interupting" her. But if i don't say anything I'm "ignoring"her. What the fuck!!!!Can't she just shut the fuck up? then we wouldn't have these particular issues and concentrate on some others. Like the fact that I've worked damn near every fucking day and she has yet to hold a job for more than 6 days in the three years we've been together. But I don't give her enuf, and I'm the one's that selfish when I can't even look at her chair when she's not in it without getting screamed at to not even think about it. I hope she reads this. She will know exactly who she is

Wife 43

I'm sick to death of my whiny, boring, bitchy, obsessive, hypocritical wife who has to fucking complain about every fucking goddamn thing I do wrong, and make fucking disgusted sounds when I haven't put deodorant on and it's hot out or I've got a fucking food stain on my t-shirt for some fucking reason. Yeah, you know what, when you eat sometimes you get food on your shirt.

I fucking hate the way she's obsessed with her fucking weight 'wah, I'm fat, wah wah wah' then doesn't do a fucking thing to lose any, never realising in the first place that I DON'T GIVE A FUCKING RAT'S ASS WHAT SHE WEIGHS. Then she boycotts doctors if they dare to tell her that she would be healthier and her back would hurt less if she lost weight, saying that they're 'insulting her weight'. NEWSFLASH! Saying 'you should lose weight because being overweight is unhealthy' is NOT the same as saying 'ew, fat people are gross'. Now fucking either lose weight or stop being so fucking vain about it and deal with it.

I hate the way she constantly threatens to leave me for whatever the fuck reason she feels is relevant at the time then acts like she didn't say anything half an hour later. I hate the fact that she thinks I don't remember conversations properly so she can twist what I said and how I said it so that I look like the worst person imaginable. I hate the fact that she thinks raising your voice in anger constitutes emotional abuse.

I'm angry because she complains that she only has 3 friends she sees or talks to regularly WELL THAT'S THREE MORE THAN I HAVE SINCE I DON'T HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE BECAUSE OF YOUR FUCKING JEALOUSY.

I'm angry that whenever I try to explain myself or defend myself in an argument she says the conversation is over so she doesn't have to fucking hear it. I'm angry because she wake me up in the middle of the night when she KNOWS I have to get up at 7am most days for NO fucking reason OTHER THAN TO KEEP ME AWAKE so that she can whine and complain at me.

I'm angry because no matter how many times I reassure her that she isn't going to die of every fucking ailment or spot she gets she doesn't believe me even if I say it sixty five fucking times.

I'm just fucking angry and fed up and I really fucking hope she actually does leave me this time. It's not like I'm a fucking day at the beach either.

Wife 44

Ever since my wife lost her job in early 2009 she has become a lazy, ungrateful bitch. She is somehow still getting unemployment although she stopped contributing to family bills over a month ago.

Last month she tells me she wants a divorce and is dead serious then the next week she tells me I'm perfect and she loves me! Then it's back to wanting a divorce. So I try to work on our marriage and it's fine for a week, then she starts putting me off and ignoring me. So F it, I had had enough. She tried to file without a lawyer and had the paperwork all messed up. I retained a lawyer for myself (cost me $1,000) just to start! It is worth it though. $10,000 would be worth it to liberate myself from this miserable beast that I actually used to love some time ago. I feel bad for the kids. I will always support them. I opened my own checking and savings account. I stopped my checks from going to the joint account also because she was buying i-phones and junk with my money. Get your own job you lazy bitch! I work for a damn living.

Anyway, I can't wait to be a FREE MAN again. If I ever get married again, which at this point I have NO PLANS, there will be a pre-nup.

Wife 45

 I work 80 hours a week. My wife has a master’s degree but no job. It’s been four years since she worked. Supposedly she doesn’t work because we have three kids to keep her busy. Two of them are in school and I pay for supplemental childcare so she can “get things done” while I’m at work. So what’s getting done? Nothing. She goes to the gym most days, (during childcare) yet she’s 5’3” and 180 lbs. She won’t exercise outside because there’s no childcare and the weather might not be right, so I spend all this money on a gym membership that appears to be totally useless.
Every moment I’m home, she can’t be with me because she’s got to run errands. She’s got to go shopping for something pretty much every day. She can’t do this while I’m at work because she refuses to take the kids with her. It’s too hard she says. The kids are misbehaved and don’t listen to her. She screams at them and at me all the time. She calls me at work every day to complain about the kids and says that she’s miserable in the house. Fine, get a job. Well no, she can’t do that. She’s scared. So, I pay for her to go see a therapist about being scared (and angry) all the time. $120 per hour. She can’t call the phone company or the bank because she’s too intimidated. She can’t keep up the house or teach the kids to ride their bikes because she’s too busy. I ask her to drop the kids at my Mom’s while she’s at the therapist, so I can get the house cleaned for MY OWN birthday party tonight and she won’t do it because they don’t like to ride in the car and she just wants some time alone to “process”.

So, today I take them all to Burger King for lunch because she was too busy to make lunch. She starts telling me I can’t have onion rings. What? Yep, she says it makes my breath stink for four days and then she can’t enjoy sex. I say, “So, if I eat the onion rings we can’t have sex for four days?” She says, no it’s just that she can’t enjoy it. So I say fine, I’ll skip the onion rings. She says “I want you to do what you want - it’s just that I need you to know how I feel about it”. Cool, so I order the onion rings. She crosses her arms and purses her lips. I say “What? You said I should do what I want and now you’re mad?” She says “It just seems like you should be able to accommodate me on one little thing every now and then”.

Ok, darling. I threw the onion rings out. So can I ask you to accommodate me a bit, that’s fair right? Here are a few “little” things you could for me.

Get a job –or- Clean the house, plan the meals, do some of the basic housewife type things if you are going to stay home all the time.

Lose the beer belly

Stop screaming at me and the kids all day.

Quit bitching and try to be pleasant every once and a while.

I Am Tired of Wife Tantrums and UMS (Ugly Mood Swing) 46

I've been married 20 or so years and as time goes by, I've been asking myself why I put up with my wife's bitchy BS. One day I am great and she loves me. I wake up the next morning and I am a complete asshole and always have been. I was in the army and now make 6 figures but you know what? It seems that I have never made enough to make her happy. Bill F-ng Gates does not make enough. Actually, it would be fine for about six months and then it would become an issue. How the F does a person sitting on the couch go from happy to irate in seconds with no outward catalyst? I am sick of this shit. Sometimes my son looks at me with a WTF look on his face and I just shrug my shoulders. She is fucking miserable 90% of the time but can't say why. It is at the point where I don't want to be around her because she brings everyone else down. Constant complaining and bitching about inconsequential BS... Wow, that actually felt good to write down. Am glad to see that I'm not alone.

Fat Wife 47

I cannot believe that im still married to this tub of lard after nearly 10 years of being together. She has to be the laziest woman i have ever met. The problem is that we get along well enough but its the weight issue that threatens our marriage. When confronted about ballooning weight she cries and tells me im the asshole!! hey bitch..your the one that has no repect for me by letting yourself get this FAT!! i look after myself ( 6ft4 215 lbs ) work out 5 times a week , surf , tennis etc... But she gorges on takeaway constantly and drinks a bottle of wine everynight. Sex totally grosses me out and i turn her down constantly. Her parents tell her her weight ( 190 pounds ) is normal range..bwahahahah...and that im an asshole for wanting a skinnier woman..NO!! I JUST WANT MY HOT/NORMAL WEIGHT WIFE BACK!! I just dont get what the deal is with women and food after marriage ( from reading here im glad im not the only one ) I never wanted to be the guy with the fat girl..guess what? im fucking married to one !!!! i have given her the ultimatum but nothing has changed... very sad its come to this but ill be divorcing fatty soon..

my fat ass wife 48

Im so angry that I married this fat piece of redneck trash she is. I dont blame her for being fat i mean after all I knew she had a weight problem before I married her. See, I helped her lose weight or at least i tried. She had gastric bypass surgery which her ex husbands tricare medical insurance paid for. When she lost the weight she looked good. I ended up shacked up with her while she was separated from her husband. She bought me all kinds of clothes and stuff with his money. She took out loans in his name, opend credit cards in his name and bought me new watches and stuff. I thought this woman is a real conniving bitch but she won me over and when her divorce was final I asked her to marry me so we could get BAH and live off base. Well, big mistake, she started doing the same shit to me. Taking out loans in my name, opening up fraudlent credit cards, forging my name on everything and adding my name on shit she could not pay from his child support. After she raped her ex husband of 1700 a month child support I almost cried when I found out this fat bitch was now pregant with my kid. I had the kid with her and she put on 20 lbs. Now 10 lbs heavier than me. The second kid only 2 years later and she put on another 20 lbs. She now weighs about 30 lbs more than me and she is disgusting to look at. Her skin from the gastric bypass surgery was bad enough but now she is blowing up like a whale with stretch marks. She has ruined my credit, forged my name with the IRS and lies and hides money for her fatass to buy food and new plus size clothes. I want to divorce her so bad i cant even have sex with her fat smelly ass anymore. I want to leave her but then Im stuck paying child support and having to say goodbye to my kids while her fatass sits on the couch and facebooks all her fat fuck friends. I could keep ranting. Someone please crash into my wifes car head on (without the kids in the car). thanks and btw if you have similar fat wife military lazzy ass wife story please share because misery loves company.

unappreciated wife 49

I'm so damn angry. I was a good husband.. I'm twenty yrs old and been with this girl since I was fourteen. We have a three year old together but after all the things I've done to keep us afloat, its all for nothing! She says I make her mad, bother, annoy her too much. When all I want to do is be with her. Maine I love her so much but lately she's never around. And whenever I want just play around, enjoy the time I'm being "annoying" now jan. 25 2011 I'm single... homeless... cuz she doesn't want to be with me. Says is pointless to be together cuz SHE is never going to change.... it makes me crazy knowing that she understands she's the one breaking our realtionship but she is not gonna do a damn thing about it. I don't care. I'm a man yes. I'm young yes. But fuckkk! I've put a lot. So damn much for us to be together and she just throws it away cuz she really don't care. I'm dumb. Wasting all this time. Last time she broke up with me she went and got a another guys name tatted on her titty. WTF! I shoulda let it go then. Now ima suffer all over again. The barrel is looking real friendly right about now.

Dirty Vagina Woman (Wife) 50

I am angry at my wife and her dirty vagina. She stinks. My kids tell her she stinks. As much as I admonish them for talking like that about their mother, I wholeheartedly agree with them. (They're only toddlers). Nasty, stupid, lazy, mooch. Only difference between a wife and a prostitute-one of them gets a certificate. My wife thinks that somehow she's earned some sort of entitlement to my hard earned money. I can't tell her she's a stupid human being, completely void of common sense, lazy, worthless, and uneducated. I paid for her college classes! She didn't even finish them! NO excuses! Only encouragement. I feel fucking stupid for saying shit like, "Babe, you'd be great at anything you go to school for. You'd make a good nurse. Who better for that than you?" What I should actually be saying is, "You fucking 'forget' to feed the kids when you're mad at me." You should be committed to a mental institution indefinitely. Dumbass. I love our kids. They're smart, beautiful, awesome kids. I don't leave because I don't want to be a weekend dad. What will happen when I'm out of the picture? Will she care for our children if the courts give her full custody? We seperated for a couple weeks once. Being away from our kids day on, day off was agonizing. But I never missed her. I worried about them. I can't tell her she's a horrible mother. I can't tell her she's stupid. That would be abusive, right? One adult calling it as they see it with another adult? Can't do that in a marriage. That makes me angry. I'm not perfect, but NOTHING takes place of my kids. Not my work, not any passive-aggressive bullshit, not any hobby, and no, definitely NOT my wife or her dirty vagina. Seriously? Who in their right mind would go unshowered for a week, neglect their kids, sit on their ass all day on the phone, and then argue that the bread-winner of the house doesn't give them enough. Excuse me for one moment while I vomit in my mouth. Fuck you. Oh wait, I don't fuck you. You're nasty. Emotionally, physically, and mentally. Nasty. Your apathy and ironic sense of entitlement make me ANGRY! You once told me you wished I died in Iraq while I was deployed! You told me quote, "You(soldiers) got what you deserved because you volunteered for it (military service)." You nasty, buck toothed, flabby, degenerate, dirty vagina bag. God damn. And to think...you're living off my disability and retirement pay? I'm 27. I'm retired. I earned this money the hardest way possible. I bled, I fought, I lost, I won. I lived. I wish I hadn't, but I did. I can't escape the horrors of war or death even in my sleep! And still, you want more! That's why I'm so mother-fucking-goddamned-fucking-beligerent and angry.

Dumbass Wife 51

My wife just turned 44 and decided that the dinner table with my Catholic parents was a good time to discuss religion and the fact that i do not go to church...WWTF??? we have never gone to church and I / we have always thought that church was bullshit. Then my son received the brunt of it as they attempted to indoctrinate him. I was livid as my wife was shedding tears of pain caused by my dosconnection with this new found need to be resureccted from the abyss?? In addition, sex would never occurs unless I initiate the event like some fucking begging mutt on the street. Im no fucking Mutt..Oh yeah her fucking loser retarded fucking dumbass brother that cooked his brain on drugs years ago has moved in with us and lives in the guest room of our home like a mutant...never comes out unless he smells food or needs toilet paper and cigarettes. He cannot hold a job, and then lays out by the pool in my backyard like he is on fucking holiday while i work 7 days a week 12 plus hours a day to make the ends meet. Everyday the dipshit asks me what Im doing, and everyday I answer the same answer: Im working you dumbass!. My wife live in lala fucking land with her newfound need to find religion; mind you I grew up catholic with all the trimmings, communion, confirmation and the the parents that raised 5 zombie robots that chant the psalms at mass. Im not hating on the approach, just not for me. My son is the same way with an open mind and an opinion...he does not want to be indoctrinated and effen brainwashed either. I support his decision...then, out of nowhere, at a nice dinner for her birthday , she and my parents gang up on my parenting skills as a father claiming I have not been giving my son the right direction on a spiritual level...and my wife, who has never even had any formal effen religious history of her own, began chiming in and lecturing my son and me.WTF??? I was proud of my 14 year old son who held onto his own opinion...he showed strong character in the face of some pretty crazy pressure...at that moment I realized my son does have a strong conviction and will be a tough son of a bitch as he develops into a man. Well done son!!! once we came home that night my son and I watched George Carlin's skit on Religion is Bullshit!!! Laughed our asses off. Now I don't go around baggin on my parents way of life, just stay the F out of mine and my sons. In the meantime, my wife with her bullshit can go eff herself...what a phony, crass dumbass move she pulled...Oh yeah, and I guess I get to help support her 40 year old fucked up, brain dead lazy ass brother until his last day on the planet , since he cannot go anywhere and fend for himself...so for some reason i get to support another full grown lazy ass dipshit for the rest of my life. Hi Hip hooray....!!! I hope there is god that is looking over me and my family, but to think that I need to be indoctrinated into a religion Catholic or otherwise to have spirituality in my life is a bunch of crap. God help me and my son as we go through this psycho crap!!!! Im sleeping on the couch after that complete hypocritical judgemental nightmare of an evening. Happy Birthday Retard!! way to go... I did everything nice , a good husband should do for your birthday, but all you could do was figure out a way to sabotage a nice night. Go pray for less wrinkles dumbshit!

Spouse 52

I have dealt with my wife going to jail for the most insanely stupid shit for years now. Her apathy apparently knows no bounds. She will literally ignore a parking ticket until it becomes a federal matter. Right now, she is sitting in jail for a $250 bond for letting the dog run off the leash! I am having serious doubts about living with such an idiot. I work about 50-60 hours a week and up until 3 weeks ago, she spent the last 7 years not giving a shit about the house, the kids, the cars, or anything else. time for divorce? or keep the faith and stay in this game?


Spouse 53

Im pissed off at her because the last five years I spent in the military she complained and complained I was never there, no shit its the fucking military I told you what it was like before we got married. so to top it off I get a trip to fucking Iraq for one fucking year the whole fucking time she spends money like a fucking retard. then with 2 months left i get a call from my cousin telling me he saw the bitch at the club at the time she had my daughter with her, but who was watching her while she fucked around? well turns out the bitch cheated on me I find out the day of my last convoy what a fucking awesome time right, the whole time I have the high ups ridding my ass and this bitch cheating on me. needless to say the whole fucking ride i hoped we get attacked nope. I get back to base I snap at top (MSgt) he finally (i was an E-3)asks what is wrong I tell him. Three fucking months yep three more fucking month later I get back to fucking bills and this fucking slut I wanna choke out. Two fucking years later, Im still with here and its all my fault that the bitch is unhappy. I stay with her because of my daughter, the fucking bitch is pissing me off to much to stay with her. and to top it off she still wont admit she cheated what a fucking bitch i wish she would just leave. well i could only hope

Bitch Wife 54

I'm so damn angry because my triple-F'er wife can't stop eating Reeces Pieces that she bought with my f'ing money. She said they were on sale at Target and that she was "in a bad place." I'd like to put her bad bitchy ass in a bad place, but the cops ain't gonna buy the shit I'll be selling. I AM SO DAMN ANGRY!!!

Wife and Her lies 55

My wife is really pissing me off. My fucking stepdaughter fucked up last year in school to the tune of practically failing, and this year is almost no different. My wife has been hiding the fact from me that she is not handing in assignments and when I ask her fucking ass about it she says oh it slipped my mind. My stepson was just put into inhouse last week and again, slipped my wife's fucking mind to tell me about it. 'Oh not trying to hide it from you dear, just slipped my mind' well what the fuck. Maybe I should go out for the weekend and fuck some whore and just let that slip my mind, how would she fucking like that? Then everything can just be blamed on me for being an asshole but at least I would feel like I got a little bit of revenge. How come every time she needs me to pay one of our bills it doesn't slip her mind, the bills make it into my mail every god damn time. Then she goes on to say 'Well she's only missing one assignment' BULLSHIT! She is missing three and the fucking school year just fucking started. 'Oh but she is still getting a B-' Yeah, for now she is barely hanging on to a fucking B- only because she got lucky on some tests and quizzes, you can't keep ignoring your fucking homework and expect to pass the class, and the grade isn't the fucking point anyway. The little bitch is too fucking lazy to do the work she is supposed to and yet my wife lets the little shit do whatever she fucking wants on the weekends. Well guess what my wife can kiss my ass, I'm done trying to make up for anything I've fucked up, if I don't make it home one of these nights I'm just gonna say ' Well it was only one night out of ten years I didn't make it home'. Fuck you wife, you can't even tell me about shit that happens to the kids how the fuck am I supposed to trust your fucking ass being home all god damned day. AHHHHH! Bitch!

Wife 56

Ive been married for 15 years, 2 kids. She always had had a bad temper, shes a mexican, very hot blooded.

In bed, wow, but over the years, her friggin temper has really gotten to me. We go into these periods of time, days, that we dont talk to each other, or we just are basically like starngers... she carries on with a bitch attitude, not answering to me, etc.

So she spends all her time on Facebook, playing those stupid games, then goes on Netflix and watches a entire season of those stupid prime time cable series.

In between facebook when she has to deal with LIFE and the KIDS, she is a hating bitch with no patience. I really get to hate her during these times...

I mean, she just goes into these depresions, her face with a expression where she doesnt give a shit...

Really dont want to get divorced, I still live hear in a strange and twisted way, wow. But it seems we can live with each other. She then says that she will do more on her part, and she is better for a while, then its back down the pipes to her hell hole.

O but with everyuone else she is a nice person, she just reserves all her naasty bitch for me.

Thats life.

Lazy Wives 57

I am so fed up with the lazy women who call themselves 'wives' to men who slave their guts out at work and come home to untidy houses, microwave meals or takeaway (or no food at all). Especially the mummy martyr "stay at home" wife/mother mentality. For the love of Gawd, if you are a SAHM or SAHW, then clean your friggin house, and parent your child!! Stop using the television as a baby-sitter. Stop bitching that it's "the hardest job in the world". That is total BS - I should know, I stayed home after my first child was born.

These women infuriate the rest of us wives/mothers who look after ourselves, who cook from scratch, control our kids and are attentive to our husbands (because we LOVE them and don't treat them as a walking wallet), and who also work outside the home.

My experience has lead me to believe that defence wives are the worst. Entitled, lazy, and with a chip on their collective shoulders. YOU are not working. Your husbands are the ones who put their lives on the line - and all these women do is spend their husband's money and live off the status of rank. Sad, pathetic creatures.

No wonder many men cheat on their wives. As a wife and mother, I don't blame them one bit.

Wife 58

My wife likes to watch utter crap on the television and I get over ruled if I want to watch anything educational, interesting or films. Only she doesn't actually watch it. The moment she sits down the laptop comes out and she is on face book or playing stupid mindless games. I know she's not watching because is i make a comment on the program she often hasn't a clue what's happening and often I get snapped at because I'm interrupting the game or a conversation on face book. I suppose if I want to talk to her I could get a face book account!

Wife stupid as fuck 59

I'm so fucking tired of hearing this stupid bitch criticize me a million times a day. Every thing I do is wrong. The way I sit, stand, walk, talk, eat, drink. I'm not kidding. I feel like I'm gonna go apeshit if she keeps this up. Who would be stupid enough to constantly put down the person you say you love? Hey all you dumb bitches, try being nice for a change. If everyone around you is avoiding you, get the fucking clue. You're a fucking bitch and nobody wants to hear the godawful sound of your loud, obnoxious trailer park cunt voice. Your own kids probably hope you'll die soon every day. What a useless piece of shit I married. I must be the stupid one. I married this asshole. Surefire way to get into an argument with your stupid wife: being speaking about something you enjoy, and the dumb fuck will take a giant emotional shit all over it, telling you all the ways it's wrong and stupid. This happens over and over and over. I can't believe anyone could be so focused on being a miserable cunt. She has boundless energy to bitch me out... but can't hold a job because she can't get along with anyone. She belongs in a home wrapped in a straightjacket. If she passed quietly in her sleep tonight, I'd mourn her death and then I'd feel so free and happy and alive and I would never, ever, ever get married again.

my stupid asshole wife 60

not one conversation goes by that this stupid bitch doesn't ruin with her shitty attitude. you'd think after awhile, she'd look in the mirror and say, "hey you've got a great life and nothing to complain about and this guy treats you better than anyone you've ever met. why don't you stop being such an asshole to him all the time?" I promise you, if you were a fly on the wall in our house, you'd say, "hmmmm... he's a nice guy to her 24/7, and she's a total fucking asshole to him 24/7. I wonder how long 'til he leaves her?" Not long, bitch. Not long.

future wife 61

Already been married to a controlling, egotistical and cheating bitch who stole my kids and house.
Met a new woman, in church, who seemed to be very nice, humble and giving. We are currently engaged and she plus her two kids are living with me as we approach the wedding.
I am angry because I treat her kids with respect yet in 6 months she has yelled at both my kids and now my mother.
I remained calm while asking her why she did that, her response?
I just feel if I have an opinion, I should be able to share it.
Funny, I've never heard her talk to any of the annoying people in her family, or her friends, or even ex-husband the way she has yelled at my kids and mother.
She says she loves me but she has a strange way of showing it.
It's almost as if she is trying to alienate my family from me so she is the center of everything.
Damn, I may be scheduled to marry another future ex-wife.

Wife gone jabba 62

She cheats with one coworker that I definitely know about. When I found out she tried to continue it, and then find another one. She made him dirty pictures and videos, which is something she never did for me. She entertained a threesome. Wow, who knew. She is fat, fat, fat and just bitches all the time about everything. I can't laid by her and even if she did begrudgingly offer it up, it's such a sad state of affairs that I can barely muster the fake enthusiasm. It was time to go years ago.

Crazy Bitch Wife 63

My wife and all women I've ever met are crazy as F@#K. Don't get married, as soon as you say I do, sex drops to 10% and bitchy increases times 10. Just not worth it.

very stupid but sexy wife 64

My wife is unbelievably stupid. She means well, but ruins things, causes damage, and can't communicate. She mumbles and can barely put together a complete sentence. But, she is very very sexy. My dick is still committed, and I try to tolerate her and be patient, and to make a good comfortable life for us. But sometimes at night I think about how miserable I am and cry.

Wife 65

My fucking wife is such a total fucking moron. I can't believe anyone could be so utterly fucking stupid. She's got these strong opinions about things she knows nothing about. And if I dare disagree with her, she says I stink at communications and why can't I just agree with here? I mean, who's that fucking stupid? Then she says..."You never start conversations"!!!! I mean no fucking shit I never start conversations. Who wants to talk to a fucking crazy ass moron like that?! You can't make this shit up. SHe's the dumbest fucking asshole I've ever had the displeasure to be anywhere near. And if I leave the piece of shit, guess what I get to do? I get to have the net worth I alone created without her lazy ass's help taken away from me. You can call it our courts system, but don't call it justice. Because there ain't no justice in it for men. It's like she's trying her hardest to be as fucking crazy as possible. If I had any guts, I'd find some happiness elsewhere and leave her. She deserves to be left alone. She can't get along with anyone: parents, kids, everybody in the neighborhood, not anyone. She mumbles stupid shit under her breath and says I'm the one who can't communicate. I speak fucking English. She "sends signals," like all stupid fucking cunts.

Cunt wife 66

you wanna be truly miserable? Marry a fucking woman. The one I got stuck with fills the world with shit and complains about the smell--EVERY FUCKING DAY. She is worth absolutely none of the shit she causes, and she is constantly causing shit. She has ruined absolutely every day of our marriage. I'm done. I can't take it anymore. I'm so angry and so sad. This cunt is just another typical fucking loser. And she's trying to bring me down with her. Fuck her.

Wife a total bitch 67

I can hardly believe this. I haven't traveled for months, even though my job is on the line, just so I could take care of this stupid bitch because her back was hurt. Now that I'm gone less than 10 hours, she calls me up and bitches me out about a fucking chair in my office at home just because the cat jumped on it literally like 3 times and scratched up a little (the cat doesn't even have front claws). What the fuck do I have to do to get free of this shit? Move to fucking Mongolia? I do everything I can for this asshole and she does nothing but bitch up a fucking storm. Fuck her. I wish she'd just disappear. Fuck!

wife just can't grow up 68

I did absolutely not one single thing wrong, and she cops and attitude and stomps off. What a useless piece of shit.

*Note from Anger Central
You haven't learned the golden rule of marriage? The wife is ALWAYS right even when she is dead wrong.

asshole wife 69

My wife fills the world with shit and complains about the smell. If she were a man, everybody who knows her would call her an asshole.

fucking moron wife 70

this cunt actually stood there and told me she's not waiting to pounce on me the next time i do anything trivial, like making a sandwich on a paper towel. i can't fucking believe anyone could be this stupid. she has take up hours of my life bitching me out for making a mother fucking sandwich on a fucking paper towel. i can't believe anyone could be dumb enough to waste precious life on such trivia. i see no way out. i have to leave this stupid cunt. trouble is... our little dog requires lots of care, and it's expensive. i love him, but i fucking hate her dumbass. adults have an obligation to be rational. fuck anyone dumb enough not to do that. and fuck all the stupid cunts who make life miserable because they're too fucking stupid to do otherwise. i hope i can find someone who isn't such a fucking asshole. i don't want to be alone. but i don't want to waste one more minute of my life on this piece of shit and sick stupidity.

Abuse 71

It's just hit me after an embarrassing number of years that what my wife does to me is abuse. I can't do anything I want to do with my life, because my wife will abuse me for it. It's not because I'm a coward, or because I don't believe in myself or any other reason. When I was single, I rocked the fucking casbah. Now I sit here getting fatter and stupider by the day, because this stupid cunt bitches me out multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, and says it's my fault and if I'd just change, she wouldn't have to be such an asshole yelling her head off. I'm pretty sure that's what an abuser says and thinks. I need to get out of here. I'm so angry--at myself. I need help, but I'm the only person who can help me. Fuck this. Fuck this stupid bitch. Who the fuck does she think she is, bitching up a storm, yelling her head off because I made a sandwich on a paper towel, or pulled up the blinds "the wrong way," or a million other stupid fucking things? Fuck. Her.

24/7/365 BITCH 72

Every time I travel, I call home. Every time I call home, I get an earful of pure shit from my stupid cunt wife. I can't fucking take it. I'm so fucking miserable with this cunt. I fucking hate her for how she's ruined our ability to get along. She doesn't get along with anybody, either. No friends. No family. Nobody. She's a total fucking cunt. If I divorce the fucking asshole, I'll have to pay her and reduce the standard of living I alone have created by working my ass off for 20 years while she gets high and drunk and sits in front of stupid reality TV shows and soap operas and Fox News all fucking day. I'm so pissed off I could explode. The only good thing about calling home when I travel for work is hanging up the fucking phone. What a fucking bitch. You bitch, I'm divorcing you and you're such a stupid bitch you don't see it coming. Fuck. You. Bitch.

wife 73

Yes i do drink too much and too often. Want to know why bitch? Just look in a mirror, yeah that's why. It numbs the constant bitching and criticism.

Wife 74

I am beginning to question if I can trust my wife.

First of all, she gets along with her ex-husband. This guy cheated on her several times, gambled their money away and had a bad temper. She says it is important to keep a good relationship with him for their children and now grandchild. I understand that, but it seems she can't say much bad about him ever since his girlfriend dumped him. She feels sorry for him, talks about what a great talker his is, how he is good at this and that. If I make any kind of negative comment or joke about him, she corrects me. She keeps telling me she loves me so much but I am beginning to think she is telling that more to herself than me. They keep having meetings for lunch "to discuss details of the kids" I am told. To make things worse, she is getting more and more liberal and does not like my views in any way. She was religious when we met, but that seems to be changing too. I am beginning to think I am being made a fool, yet again.

Wife 75

I'm writing here again. The wife didn't want to watch what i did on the TV (a good comedy that i really wanted to see). She wanted some crappy Christmas cookery program while also on the laptop doing Facebook or gaming. I've asked a few questions about the program or made a few comments and she's obviously not watching at all.Yet if i watch what i want online with headphones she gets really sulky because I'm not engaging with her. I'm off to the kitchen for a beer, thank goodness for beer.

Out. Over. Finished. 76

My wife doesn't get that being an angry cunt is not the solution to every problem. She says I'm the one who needs to change, but shes's the angry cunt who overreacts and thinks everything is a federal fucking case. I'm done. I'm out. Fuck this shit. Let some other asshole deal with this stupid trailer park piece of shit. I'm the best thing that's ever happened to her. Gave her a life she couldn't have dreamed, and she treats me like garbage and says everything is my fault. I'll remarry and she'll die alone because nobody wants to be around her. She has no friends. Her family is estranged. She yells her head off for things that don't matter. Gets high all day. Rarely gets dressed. Totally. Fucking. Worthless. I am finally, completely Out, out, double out, triple out. Gone, gone, gone. Fuck this stupid bitch. I feel sorry for her, but I don't love her or even like her. She's awful.

17 years of stupidity 77

I don't know who I'm more pissed off at, my bitchy ass wife or myself. After all, she's just being her stupid trailer park cunt self. I'm the one who stayed with her all this time while she poured her godawful toxic waste all over me day after day for 17 fucking years. Last night was no different. It seems I didn't jump out of bed to let the dog out nearly fast enough to keep the filthy sewer hole under her nose from overflowing again. So I got to have my life filled with 30 minutes of molten shit once again... on the night before a very important deadline for my job (which she knows about and doesn't give a shit about, and actively sabotages sometimes, the fucking asshole). I hope I can grow a pair and tell this stupid asshole to fuck off and get a divorce soon. I'm just a regular decent guy. I'm not doing anything wrong--except staying married to an abusive sicko.

Screaming crazy bitch 78

My stupid wife doesn't understand that, even when someone actually does something wrong, there are other ways to respond than being a fucking crazy screaming trailer park cunt. She loses her fucking mind at the drop of a hat. I can't wait to divorce this bitch, but I can't do it until our fucking house sells because we can't afford two separate places plus this place. The minute this thing sells, the minute we sign, I'm looking her straight in the eye and saying, "I'm divorcing you." I can't wait. Then she can go scream like a fucking maniac at someone else for the rest of her life (if she ever gets dressed and stops getting high and watching TV).

A final not-so-angry rant 79

I guess I'm still angry, but it's mostly at myself. I've realized that my wife is a lost cause. She'll never understand that nothing in this relationship can improve until she stops yelling and screaming like a nut over every little meaningless thing. She doesn't understand that moving some boxes into a room isn't a reason to lose her mind. And it's not, as she says, "evidence of a bigger problem with us." I realized that she'll never just be a nice, decent human being to me because she's got no self-esteem and is terrified that any little thing anyone does can annihilate her. I'm happy to say nothing anyone does short of murder can annihilate me. I'm not gonna live forever, and I've learned to take things in stride and enjoy the ride. I've learned how to live and that has made me see that my wife will never learn how to live. It's time to leave her. Thanks for listening, you beautiful angry people. Maybe I'll be back one day. Hope not. Adios my friends!

wife sucks 80

I said, "Hey hon, did you buy the movie tickets online?" She launched into a 15-minute trailer park cunt meltdown about how I don't know how to communicate because I didn't say, "Hey hon, did you buy the movie tickets already?" She says that means I have serious communication issues. Look at those two sentences. There's no context I'm leaving out that's important enough to impact this issue. What you see is exactly the words exchanged. She is a raging, out of control, trailer park cunt. I will never touch that piece of shit again. I hate her. Fuck her and her stupid cunt redneck kids and her whole fucking family. They're the most worthless pieces of dogshit I've ever had the displeasure to encounter on Earth. I have to get the fuck out of her, but I'm so sapped of energy I can't fucking move.

Angry gold-digger wife! 81

I'm not perfect by any means, but I used to be a pretty happy, laid back person who would help anyone who needed it. But I feel as though I've continuously made bad choices when it comes to women. And not only have those choices ruined my life, but I feel as though I am slowly turning into a horrible person in order to deal with my current wife.

I dated a few good women when I was younger that in hindsight I should have stayed with. Instead, I ended up with my first wife, who was an angry, demanding, money-grabbing bitch. I stupidly ended up having a child with her, and she immediately handed me divorce papers. I've spent the last 9 years paying for that mistake.

After that divorce, my head was in a bad place. I quit my job and started a company with a friend that did pretty well in a short amount of time. About a year later I took some time out and went travelling with friends. I met another woman on holiday who seemed like the perfect match. She acted sweet, happy, motivated, exciting, all the things my ex was not. And I fell for her hard. She went back home to the US and I went back to the UK, but we kept in touch for a year and she never left me alone, told me I was perfect, that she'd never met anyone like me, she couldn't bear to be away from me, bla bla bla. Really over the top romance, fake tears whenever I saw her, film quotes, the whole lot. She could have won an Oscar. I fell for all of it.

We got married in the US barely a year after meeting, as she wanted to move to the UK to live with me and needed citizenship in order to get a job (she said). She was working when I met her, so I believed her when she made out we would be a 'power couple' and have an amazing lifestyle. My first wife does nothing but take my money, so having an equal was very important to me. Based on this promise, I was willing to buy her the big house she wanted, the car, the pets, gym membership, weekend spa breaks, holidays, etc. It was all based on the assumption that we would have two salaries coming in.

What an idiot I was!

She's been over here nearly two years now. She's had a job for a whole nine weeks (after lying about applying to companies for months on end and me finally forcing her to), complained the whole time, then decided to just quit one day because 'the boss gave her anxiety' (i.e. she couldn't get away with her usual arrogant, self-entitled attitude). Since then she has started and quit three of her own companies, and uses 'being self employed' as an excuse to avoid getting another job. Yet she will bitch and complain about us not having more money and me having to pay child support to my ex. I'm earning a decent amount, but it's still not good enough. She spends most of her time hanging out at the gym, on her phone, complaining to her family back home (and they are spanish, so she will rant about me and I can't even understand what she's saying to defend myself), drinking too much, smoking weed, finding ways to spend my money, or taking photos of herself. She doesn't work, yet I've had to pay out for dog sitters for the last year as she 'was too busy' to deal with them.

That isn't the bad stuff.

Before we married, she acted like a sweet, loving, affectionate person that would do anything for anyone. She told me she had never been treated right by any man, her ex was the worst human in the world and had ruined her life and made me feel like a hero in comparison. I've since realised it was complete crap. He left her because underneath her fake act (which she still uses when we meet other people), she is a spoilt, arrogant, lazy, manipulative, angry, sarcastic c**t who treats people like dirt unless there is something in it for her. She complains she has no friends and people disrespect her, but refuses to accept that being so negative and nasty to people might be the reason why. And the contacts she does seem to have are all men (she can always dish out the charm when there's a man involved!). I don't believe anything she says about her past. One bad relationship is bad luck, but if all of your relationships are bad then chances are there's something wrong with you! Now I'm living with her, I can see exactly why her other relationships ended the way they did. I'm surprised she didn't drive them to suicide! She's the most obnoxious, fake, self-obssessed person I've ever met. At least my ex actually worked when we were together and did something in raising our child. My wife does nothing and has no excuse when it comes to having a child to look after. She doesn't even like helping out with my son when he comes to stay. She'll do the absolute minimum, avoid him as much as she can, then argue with him when they spend any length of time in the same room. It's like having an extra kid! She wants 100% of my attention when she decides she's free. But is happy to disappear for a weekend by herself when she wants to.

I was completely blinded by all of her fake sh*t when I met her. She is a good looking woman (which my money helps to pay for), but that doesn't make up for the bitch underneath. I would rather find a good woman and pay for her to look amazing. At least that would be a better deal than what I've got. I'm waiting for the day my wife admits she's shagging other men. It wouldn't surprise me at all. The only reason I haven't kicked her out is the guilt she makes me feel at making her give up her life and move here to be with me. That, and not wanting to hand over half of my money (and my son's inheritance).

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