people who hate themselves

i am so sick of people sniveling about how they hate themselves, life sucks, I'm a loser.. etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. get off your pity-potty, wipe your snotty nose, get some balls and change things. the "poor me" declarations are old and the only attention they'll get you are avoidance from people who are tired of your sniveling. so you're depressed and life is hard. big fucking deal. that's the way things are and if you cant handle it then at least shut your Prozac-hole and stop your bitching. its only noise pollution to those of us strong enough to build a bridge and get over the crap that life has thrown our way. grow up or shut up you whiny, emotionally underdeveloped wastes of airspace.

McDonalds Whiners 2

You get these damn people who wanna sue McDonalds and other fast food companies because they made them fat. Who the FUCK *made* you eat in McDonalds you fat bitch?? Yeah, chips and chicken nuggets are a really healthy option, there's no WAY it's gonna make me into a whale. Oh boo hoo I just ate a happy meal and now I have 86 chins, how the hell did that happen? Shut the hell up all you McDonalds whiners. In future save yourself £1.99 or whatever on the happy meal and eat a goddamn carrot stick. Just the other day I had to walk on the road because this big RHINO of a woman was taking up the whole pavement, GET A SALAD YOU PIG. And in future keep your trap shut about McDonalds unless you had their food physically forced down your fat gob. ~ By an outraged 15 year old.

wimps 3

you want to know what really ticks me off? wimpy people who don't have the nerve to say things to peoples faces, so they come here. they don't have the fucking balls to say shit face to face, so they do it behind their back...punks. these are the people that smile to your face, and stab you in the all suck!

People Who Cry OVER NOTHING! 4

SHUT UP!! So what,!! if people ask for money, if you don't want to give them money then DON'T! STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT! And "I am not trying to racist...,""""blah, blah. Then why even make a point to say it, thatís STUPID! READ A ______ book. EVERYONE HAS SOME type of issue YOURS are yours and not any more important than anyone elseís. GROW UP!!!


I am so pissed off at these ppl who rant on this site, but it makes me realize how severe my situation really is. You have all the things that I don't have a car, a job, friends, a gf, never had a gf, never had a college degree, fat, ugly, stupid, depressed with so many fucking disorders and your youth.

Im 38 this May and I still live with my parents. I am the king of losers. If you think your life is so hard think about me.

people who bitch 6

fucking douche bags who rant and bitch about shit. suck it up and get over yourself. no one fucking cares. try taking all the energy and time you spend bitching and do something worthwhile.

annoying 7

Charles of Pa makes me so angry. During cc practice he complains about every damn thing that freeking happens. "we're going to fast", "my knee hurts", "i'm tired". I just wish the little pussy would start taking things like a man. Also, he tries to control everything in practice, when he sucks at running. Im three minutes faster in a 5k, and he gets angry if I go faster then him in practice. I just want to scream in his face " you are a fucking asswhole", but I am a freshman and he is a junior. Plus he is 6 inches taller then I am. I really wish he would stop being such a fuck and be a man in practice.

Whiners who aren't really trying 8

Whiners who say they are trying, but really are not make me so angry. I have been dealing with a guy at my church for 2 years - he is unemplyed, so myself and others are always offering him work, "nope, nope, don't want charity". Then he confids in me he is addicted to porn and laying in bed 6-8 hrs. a day, while his place looks like a crackhead lives there. But he manages to wash & wax his car each week. And go golfing. So now he confids to me he is being tormentd by the brests of some nursing mom in our church, I am just like , "ugh, I can't work with you any more". I got a bit agro- in my definately got larger than life. I have now been asked not to return. Funny thing: several months ago my Pastor called ME, asking me if HE should ask the other guy to step-down from any activities or just leave. And I talked him out of it. MAybe that is what I am really angry about - "I" helped feed the stray cat and now I am the one bitching that it needs to get off the porch.

Whiners 9

Whiners piss me off so bad. I live with a whiner and she always feels sorry for herself. She sits in her chair all day sadly holding her head up with her hand while watching TV. She complains about everything. She won't stop complaining about the hot weather outside. I wish she would shut up for life.

I hate this because I'm part of the problem too. Every single time I see her feeling sorry for herself, I get so angry and I can't stop. Nothing seems to comfort me. I try lying down and taking a nap, and I'm so enraged that I can't sleep.

Whiners make me so angry and I don't know how to stop getting pissed off at them. Thank you Anger Central for letting me get this off my chest. I'm feeling a little better.

Pathetic people 10

I'm really fucking sick and tired of people blaming me for the fact that they are dysfunctional losers that fuck with other people and don't do anything with their lives. The constant arguments, insults, and passive aggressive behaviors I get because they can't look in the mirror and realize they are the losers. So now I gotta listen to these dumbasses constantly attack me when I just live my own life and not deal with their mental breakdowns and their awful judge of character.

Poor people 11

Screw these people. They have such a problem with other people getting better jobs with better pay. They think everybody has to do hard manual labor for low pay. I worked with some people that shunned office workers for working inside with air conditioning and computers, and making more money. Online I see these poor people talk badly about people that have good jobs, looking for better work, and running their own businesses. They think they have to work fast food and stocking shelves at Walmart, and forcing the companies to pay them $15 a hour. What a load of horse crap.

Self Conscious People 12

I am so angry at the fucking weak boned pussies who can't handle a compliment or fall apart when someone says something thinking their image has been ruined. I mean for God's sake you act like anytime someone says something to you or asks something of you, you act like it's going to fucking kill you. These people really have poor social skills and act like it's going to kill their fucking soul to be more social and come unglued over their own feelings.

God people GROW THE FUCK UP nobody has said anything bad to you and if they did before than fucking GET OVER IT. Like for example these fucking Catfish losers who are interested in talking or seeing you and at the last second they get cold feet; yeah these people piss me off because of how dishonest they are and don't have the fucking balls to actually tell the fucking truth about how they really feel.

Not to mention these losers have these so called goals on how to improve and they never do they just get lazy and say they can't do that I mean for God's sake stop with the excuses either do it or shut the fuck up. Oh yeah also it's easy to see why you have no relationships too because of your self conscious feelings; no one is going to waste their time having a relationship with someone too goddamn afraid of their own reflection in the mirror because you think you're not good enough for that person. Here's an idea the reason that person left you wasn't because of your looks it's because of your fucking self conscious insecurities, your inability to make up your mind, and finding excuse after excuse to put shit off and in the end it's too late for you that person you was into left you and moved on to someone who doesn't have a fragile image.

Self Conscious people really piss me off, grow some fucking balls and stop being pussies all the time.

Crybabies who are offended by "profanity" 13

I am so fucking pissed off that, here in the 21th century there are still people who get their tits twisted out of shape over those oh so horrible FOUR LETTER NAUGHTY WORDS.

I especially love how these prudes go into overdrive if the aforementioned words are uttered in the presence of women or children. Ahem. Since you uptight fucks haven't climbed out from your holes since the Eisenhower administration, allow me to help you get with the times. In these modern times, women are MMA fighters, police officers, military personnel, trades workers etc. The days of delicatizing them as if they can't handle words is long gone. As for children: they have the internet at their fingertips and the shit they're looking at will make Caligula's stomach churn. They are also going on XBox live and dropping every racial slur in the English language and insulting each other by going on about how they are going to perform every obscene sex act under the sun on each other's mothers. And that's just the grade school set. These days middle schoolers are DOING shit that a batshit crazy drunken sailor on shore leave wouldn't be caught dead doing. And that's about the age when they start listening to pop singers like Rihanna sing about how "whips and chains excite me" and Cardi B sing about her genitalia. Trust me. Someone saying "fuck" and "shit" in the presence of your kids isn't going to ruin them, and if you actually think your kids aren't going to be exposed to anything that goes against your "old fashioned, conservative Christian values," you people are even further over the hill than what you let on.

Your so-called "profanity" is just WORDS. They aren't even racial slurs or threats. They are merely expressive statements. The only reason these words were ever deemed offensive was because of old fashioned to the point of being archaic, religious based (which by the way not everyone follows) morality and mannerisms, and the only reason why anyone holds onto it is to be an uptight, anal retentive prude.

Every now and then one of these assholes will, upon hearing the oh so bad word, make an asinine statement like "do you kiss your mom with that dirty mouth?" or go into some stupid rant about how it isn't classy and shows a lack of vocabulary and intellect. First of all, I don't kiss my mom whatsoever you incestuous hilljack fucks and no one besides Victorian era aristocrat-wannabes gives a shit about being "classy" anymore. There is also nothing wrong with my vocabulary, and the average shit weasel who things those naughty words will be the death of mankind hasn't won any Nobel prizes nor have they earned their Doctorate. And even if you have, that doesn't make your shit smell like roses.

This is the 21th century, not the Victorian era or the goddamn 1950s. Pull the branch from your asses, quit being a bunch of fucking prudes, and QUIT GETTING BUTTHURT OVER WORDS. Or go share a safe space with your equally loathesome "social Justice whiner" counterparts.

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