people who walk in the fucking road

Get out of the road. I mean it. I am sick and tired of seeing morons in the middle of the fucking road. Wow, that's right! You are totally in control! That is so awesome of you to make me stop my car because god forbid if I should accidently hit you because you're too much of a goddamned retard to understand that roads are meant for cars, not for shit-for-brains dumbasses. Ooohh! You're such a rebel!! Well, let me ask you this? If you're so awesome, how come you DON'T OWN A CAR??? Hmm? Isn't it because you're one of those losers that leech off me and millions of other taxpayers? Did your mommy and daddy not pay enough attention to you? What ever the fuck your goddamn problem is, you need to get the fuck out of my way or their will be hell to pay, assholes!

People who won't get out of the way 2

So I'm driving around in a crowded mall parking lot trying to find a space, and this fat-ass man and woman are waddling down the middle of the row I am driving in, not over to the side like any normal sane person would do. When I tap on my horn to try and get them to move their stupid selves out of the way, instead of moving over to the side like a thinking person to let cars pass by, they gave me these looks of idiotic defiance, flipped me the bird, and babbled some moronic self righteous drivel about having the right of way, and kept on sauntering down the middle of the row. I swear to God it was all I could do to keep from plowing into them and leaving their asses lying in the parking lot covered with tire tracks.

What in God's name is going through the feeble minds of people like this?? I can only assume that people that do this either have a death wish, are completely insane, just plain stupid, or a combination of two or more of these. For God's sake, even most birds and animals have enough sense to get out of the way of oncoming cars.

And as far as their having the right of way, when they abuse this right by walking down the middle of a parking lot row, the right of way is REVOKED! Some pedestrians apparently feel that having the right of way over cars gives them the right to a wholesale abandonment of common sense and judgment. Here's a newsflash to all of you selfish idiot pedestrians who insist on blocking traffic by walking in the middle of a road or a parking lot row, get your stupid asses over to the side and stay the f*ck out of my way!

*Note from Anger Central
When the Webmaster was in China he found out that pedestrians do NOT have the right of way. Oh, it's quite common to see cars driving on the sidewalks looking for a place to park too. 8-D

Dumbass Pedestrians 3

I swear to god why does it seem like most Pedestrians in my town are either fat, on meth, or just stupid in general to not know when there os a car coming that doesn't mean you try to dart to the other side of the road as fast as you can and nearly cause an accident, it means for your stupid ass to wait until I pass before you walk across the street.

I was on my way to get lunch and some stupid bitch was waddling across the street not paying any attention and nearly got hit by the driver in front of me. Obviously this stupid bitch was making her way to the Drug Addict Pain Clinic. I honestly think this dumb bitch should have been run over for not paying any attention while crossing the street.

Than a family of Meth Monkeys was about to cross the street as I was making my way out of KFC, clearly these stupid ass looking people were sleeping in class when their First Grade Teachers told them about why it's important to look both ways when crossing the street.

Then after that some stupid ass fucking Mexican or Black Woman who I'm assuming is some dumbass fucking prostitute with a brain full of Crack crossed the damn street as the light turned green for me and this dumb bitch started walking clearly not giving a fuck about the traffic she was starting to tie up. Part of me wanted to run this ignorant crackwhore over but I really did not want to get myself arrested for Vehicular Homicide today all because everyone in this goddamn town all overdosed on their fucking stupid pills today.

Oh and one other Moron to rant about is some dumbass in a white truck who made a turn and nearly hit me as I had the straightaway and after this moron nearly hit me he then makes a sudden turn almost causing me to rear into him. If there were any Cops around his dumbass would get pulled over for that kind of reckless driving Hell I think there should have been some Cops to pull over some of these dumbass pedestrians and revoke their brains. Hell everyone in this damn town Drivers and Pedestrians all needs to have their brains suspended until they know how to look both ways and wait their turn before crossing or turning in the streets.

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