Victor the asshole

 There is this guy i used to talk to on AOL and on a site called Myspace for a year and a half until last summer. We met in person and despite he already has a girlfriend he still wanted to meet me "as a friend" so he said. Anyway, we had a great time at the boardwalk and i had one pina colada and he had two long island ice teas and he kept talking about how much of a bitch his girlfriend is, she is already married to somebody else and has a kid with her husband but Victor (the guy i met) said at the time his girlfriend is pregnant with Victor's kid! I was thinking "what a creep this guy is!" He told me his girlfriend was sending him text messages on his phone when we were hanging out and he wanted to leave the boardwalk to go back to his place. I couldn't believe i went back with him to his place! I wasn't thinking straight i guess, i might have been a little drunk. We were just talking and sitting on his couch at his house and he was getting a little horny because he wanted me to give him a massage and i didn't seem any harm in that so i gave him a massage and then things started to get out of hand and we eventually had sex in his bedroom. Well he came on to me and i didn't want to have sex with him knowing he already has a girlfriend, but he forced himself on me. I didn't realize how much of a jerk he was until i met him in person. I am not going to fall for that shit again! >:(

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