Why do people dents cars? Because they don't care about other people's property. If you have a nice car and a jack ass parks next to you and puts a dent on you car. Get even!

Vandals 2

Vandalism is the lowest, most despicable crimes on the earth. There is no justification for randomly ruining someone's property because you can't be bothered to do anything productive for society. I left my workplace today (Where I'm actually doing something productive for society! OMG!) and went to my car to discover that some excrement posing as a human being has left a gigantic scratch across my car fender to bumper, two windows are smashed in and four tires are slashed. Vandals should be chained to a cows ass with their mouths, nose, and eyes forced open to inhale the cows methane-filled farts until they die.

Bathroom Vandals 3

You're a whore with a constant monkey dick in your ass if you vandalize school bathrooms. Sorry some of us want to wash our hands after we take a shit. And seriously consider mutilating your dick if you destroy the locks on stalls. We get it you want people to watch you shit because you're a cuckold who doesn't get action. These freshmen virgins think they're so funny after they take out the soap container and splatter it all over the grass. I haven't even mentioned the wet paper towels. When I take a shit I don't want wet paper towels thrown into my stall. Thinking about just bringing a fucking rabid dog and releasing it on these vandals.

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