Unhealthy People

I want to get rid of my hatred for people who intentionally murder themselves by eating poisonous food. It sucks. Every time I talk to somebody who is either drinking beer or eating shitty food, I get pissed internally and only think to myself, "these people don't care about life! They are taking it for granted. They are committing suicide on purpose! What dumbasses!" Because of this, I can't carry on normal conversations because my head is always fogged with these enraging thoughts. Damnit Man! I think this deep loathing feeling is because I have a brother who is addicted to pills who never leaves the house and eats garbage (a.k.a. I'm watching him waste his life away). Also, both of my parents died before age 50 because they smoked, stressed themselves out and ate horribly. Why the fuck are people so stupid? This can't be genetic stupidity, can it? I wouldn't be angry if people weren't educated and didn't know any better, but they do! Any advice? Please!!

*Note from Anger Central
Advice? Well, you can become a hard core leftist. They love telling people how to run their lives and forcing them to do "what is good for them". There is a problem with this approach. It may result in the violent insertion of a copper jacked piece of lead into your cranium Or, you can do the right thing and seek professional help. How people live their lives is no business of yours. Just run your own life and leave everyone else alone.

Sick Classmates 2

Why do parent send their kids to school when they are obviously sick? I am so angry at some this dude who sits next to me in my English class who was hacking and coughing all period yesterday! Now I'm sick AGAIN this season. When you are sick, you have to stay art home, not go to school and get other people sick!

People who put disturbing things on the internet 3

Im angry at people who put screamers on the internet and people who put up videos of people dying. I saw a man kill him self online recently at a conference.

Rick 4

I will never forget that time Rick came over to visit and gave me something that I would love to forget all about. He came over to stay a week with us and one night was a night that I wish he would have stayed home; my daughter yelled that she thought there was sewer damage in the house, so I went to track the odor and oh dear GOD, there was Rick sleeping on my couch barefoot and the odor was coming from his shoes. I was so disgusted I grabbed his shoes and immediately tossed them in the trash, what was he thinking wearing those in my house and not going over to wash his damn feet. The next day he actually went and found his shoes in the trash and thank God he left town after that day but I never saw him ever again though I do talk to him. Well the last I heard he was trying to get a job and failed to get one all because he actually farted during the interview. He also told me that he farted in the line at Walmart and even farted on the bus causing other passengers to leave the bus. It's no wonder you can't get a job or make it in life because you are so damn nasty with your god awful foot odor and your habit of farting out in public and worst of all you never made any effort to come and visit me you disgusting trash, but I am thankful because I don't want you stinking up my house with your feet or your farting seriously unless you learn the meaning of hygiene and manners than you'll never make it anywhere.

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