People ruin the movies, so I rarely go anymore

If it weren't for all the dillholes that go to the movies, I'd enjoy going, I really would. I don't even bother going at times when it's going to be super busy. I would never DREAM of going to a movie on a Friday night. Every punk in town will be there. The best time to go is in the morning, especially the first showing. I had a great time when I saw Date Movie. I went at 10am and there was like, 10 people there.

I can't even count how many horrible experiences I've had. I hate it when people sit next to me. One time this old fart sat behind me and he was talking and making commentaries to himself. Something would happen and he'd be like, "Uh oh!", "Oh boy!", "Oh no!" It was so stupid. Just shut the fuck up, no one cares to hear you. Go back to the retirement home and play shuffleboard.

And another time I went to go see Lemony Snicket and this group of tweens sat in front of us. They couldn't decide where to sit and kept getting up and switching places. There also wasn't enough seats to accommodate them all and so a few of them sat on the stairs which is very dangerous. They kept arguing about who was gonna sit on the stairs and kept switching places. And the ho in front of me had this flea-filled afro ponytail that was bobbing up and down and blocking my view. Finally my husband went and told the usher and the usher came in and told them they couldn't it on the stairs and that they had to find a seat. In the end, my husband and I ended up leaving the theater half-way through the movie. I HATE THE THEATER!!

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