I have this friend Tara who although I get along with good I have to vent about her annoying fucking habit of going on and on and on and on about how fucking good it is in Toronto and how rotten it is here. This is a small town of roughly 15 000 and is in my opinion nice and peaceful. No rats and cockroaches and murders and fucking lower than shit pedophiles etc. I tell her all the time to move back if it is so bad here and to stop the whining. she's used to junkies and whores and fucking smog and shit. It aggravates me to no fucking end when someone is too fucking lazy to change if they don't like who or where they are. Better to yap on and on BLA BLA BLA cry me a fucking river BLA BLA BLA FUCKING DRIVE EVERYONE NUTS BLA BLA BLA. It won't be long before we're no longer friends. Maybe then I won't need the super fucking strong pills I take for the excruciating headaches she gives me.

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