Constant talkers

you really piss me off constantly chattering like a goddamn magpie -- SHUT YER PIE HOLE!!! I want my peace and quiet and I don't wanna be subjected to yer constant griping about whatever! my BF may be an asshole but at least he isn't constantly talking my damn ear off and making it bleed, argh!!! SHUT IT

Loud Talkers 2

These moronic embeciles think they are so fucking special and important and the whole world deserves to be subjected to their sound of their penetrating voices. These motherfuckers have to be the center of attention at all times and the hell with everyone else. Go home, stay home, close your windows and doors and talk amongst your obnoxious selves. No one really wants to hear about your opinions, your travel itinerary, your grandchildren's preciousness, your sex life, your health issues, your shopping trips, your kid's failures and faults, your kid's perfect lives, how much your friends adore you and you adore them, old stories about the crazy days, how your ex-spouses are dipshit losers, how your dog won't stop barking (sounds like she's in the right house!), how much you love your car and all your other material possessions that don't mean shit.

talkers who spit 3

Among the talkers who won't shut up are the ones who spit on you as they talk. What do I do, let the spit sit there on my face or on my arm? Give me some space here, spitter - BACK OFF! I like this saying that I found, "How about a nice cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Back off and shut up.

jerks who don't get the hint 4

I am soo mad at this guy because he keeps sending me instant messages when i am clearly not interested in him. I already have a boyfriend and he keeps harassing me with instant messages. now that I blocked him from the instant messages thing he sends me nasty emails. I hate guys who don't get the hint that i am not interested in them. :(

Talkers 5

I hate people who blather on endlessly with no consideration for the listener. You can't get a word in edgewise and the topic they've chosen to rant about is always trite - like the weather or their pets. They actually cannot grasp the fact that the listener is a human being with opinions of his own, and I don't know, A LIFE? THINGS TO DO?

You try to hide but they always find you. They might as well be talking to the air, because you're not listening anymore, which they don't notice, because they are narcissists.

If you've ever met a true narcissist you know how excruciating it is to be caught up in their dull, idiotic, pointless, self-congratulatory, self-righteous, depressing, ceaseless blather.
You can yawn, stretch, mutter an alibi, stab yourself in the forehead with a pencil, run away, and try every conceivable trick to excuse yourself, but they WILL NEVER STOP TALKING. Ever.

I want to lock them all in one big closet together so they can all desperately try to shout over each other, barking and spitting frantically, feverishly, raving, flailing, interrupting each other for hours, days, weeks, until their bloated faces are blue and their vapid eyes are red and bulging, until they finally drop dead from lack of oxygen and food.

*Note from Anger Central
Oh, you work with the same guy the webmaster does?

Talkers 6

What pisses me off is when you are trying to get ready for the beginning of your shift when some dam cheesehead comes up, and just starts talking about things that; A> Have no relevance to anything to what you are doing, B> you have no interest in hearing, and C> every time you tell the guy (nicely) that you don't want to hear this, he stares at you blankly for 2 seconds, then continues on where he left off. Here's a good topic of discussion, Me.. imbedding a blunt object in your head.... Knowing my luck however.. Chuckles would just stare at me blankly for 2 seconds and then continue on his mundane topic of conservation again.

people who talk junk for no reason 7

i cant stand people who talk mess about you and they don't even know you! these boys always have something to say and it takes all the strength in the world not to talk a pole and smash them in the head with it!

Talkers 8

This afternoon I was just chilling in my house having a great time. My parents left for the movies and the only other person with me was my grandpa, who was on the other side of the house doing his own thing.

Then guess who comes to the door? An old friend of my parents! She invited herself in and would not stop talking!

My grandpa had her call my parents, and they didn't answer for a good hour (you shouldn't talk on the telephone during the movie). When they finally contacted each other, I could finally retreat to my room.

Now my parents and the gabbing intruder are chatting it up in my house for three hours so far. I need to eat and get ready for work (yep, night shift). She will not go away!

I wish I had a shotgun so I could SHOOT HER DEAD! STOP TALKING AND LEAVE!

*Note from Anger Central
At least your parents brought you up right and you were polite to this rather rude person. She should have called ahead, and failing that should have understood that your parents weren't at home.

Talkers 9

I hate how everybody thinks everybody else cares about their opinion. These fuckers just have to yell their conversations both at home and in public. They never let you eat your meal at restaurants, they always want to talk your goddamn leg off.

Talkers 10

You know those coworkers who don't shut the fuck up, ever? Who can tie any unrelated subject to some inane, long-winded story from their personal lives? ("Did you finish printing that report? Oh that reminds me, my parents just bought a new camper and the refrigerator BLAH BLAH BLAH.") Who think everyone will find their special-snowflake kids and family as interesting as they do? ("My precious, darling daughter had her skating competition yesterday and let me tell you BLAH BLAH BLAH.") Who, when a coworker to ramble at is not available, immediately dials a girlfriend on their cell phone for some on-the-clock girl talk? ("So I got my pap smear and the office kept calling me to discuss the results and BLAH BLAH BLAH.") Who, after spending the last three hours going uninvited from office to office and gabbing endlessly about their uninteresting life, has the gall to complain that they have too much work to do and ask for help? I know one of those. And by now I know more about my coworker's life (and lady bits) than I'd ever want to.

Talkers 11

How can talkers go so long without a breath? Because they're always talking about themselves. Whenever I'm about to make my getaway (to the bathroom or to actually take in sustenance), they always tell me about the death of a close friend or family member to get me to stay and listen. (But sometimes they desperately mention that they've been sexually abused instead.)

The talkers make me angry because they're takers who can never get enough of another's energy. They bleed you dry with their needs, and they turn you into a dehydrated desiccated crisp whose foot bones have been permanently damaged from standing and listening. These people also like to cause major joint and back pain, and they love to latch onto you as soon as you come in a door holding heavy objects. They'll frenetically and incessantly talk your head off as you hold your laptop and books and tools in your hands, obviously enjoying feeling their jaw muscles lift way excessive weight. I do wonder how they can't tell that in each half-sentence they out-gas, I'm waiting for some "in" to abruptly conclude the monologue. "Your toilet backed up when you were being sexually abused and your sister died?? Oh! Speaking of bathrooms, I've got to go to one of those. Hope it doesn't back up, yes, right...."

Talkers -- GET A FUCKING LIFE 12

What in the royal fuck is the deal with people who insist on, especially in the middle of the week or during the day on the weekend calling you up or worse, showing up at your door just to fucking talk about nothing?

For the love of god! Don't you fucks have hobbies, jobs, responsibilities, or places to go just plain anything better to do? Obviously not, but the rest of us do. From Monday to Friday, most of us ARE AT WORK (obviously a foreign concept for a good chunk of you assholes) for 8-10+ hours. And when we get home in the evening, we are dog-ass tired and we are busy doing things like cooking/having dinner, cleaning up our living spaces, getting ready for work the next day etc. The last goddamn thing we want to do is sit on the phone or entertain some fuck who has too much time on their hands and has nothing better to do than sit there and chitter chat about pointless shit. If that goddamn phone rings or if there's a knock on that door in the evenings or during the day on a weekend, IT HAD BETTER BE MOTHERFUCKING IMPORTANT.

Sure, I can understand an elderly parent or grandparent calling just to talk but anyone who does this shit FOR FUCK SAKES CUT IT THE FUCK OUT AND GET A GODDAMN LIFE

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