Public school students

I am a teacher who absolutely hates my low life students and their low life parents. These kids all have brothers and sisters serving time in prison and their parents are all on drugs or prostitutes. Whenever you call home during the day, the parents are home, NOT working. Their kids are sprung on the world with low IQs, shitty attitudes toward school and work and other human beings. When you ask them what they want to do with their lives they think nothing of telling you about their brothers drug business or working in a strip joint as a bouncer. Their heroes are all rap stars who sing about the joys of pimping and killing people. They brag about stealing and impregnating girls even stupider than they are. Very few of their parents are married and the fathers are always out of the picture. I realize now that I am wasting my time trying to teach them as they don't value anything but sex, drugs, and working the system. They all get free lunches (paid for by you and me) but always seem to have money to buy cell phones and the latest clothes. Everything these students value I despise. I say we shut down the public education system, toss these people a couple of truckloads of crack, and walk away from them and their neighborhoods and leave them to their own devices.

Students (College) 2

You have no standards! You have no interest in learning! Furthermore, you think you know it all, so you just cheat on the quizzes! Of course no humans truly want to change, and learning changes you. You wouldn't have that, because you're narrow, judgmental, and intolerant, and you can't lose that! Do you know you all have a better car and house than I do? Do you know that I actually didn't cheat on my tests, but crammed and crammed and worked and studied and went into thousands of dollars of debt, so then I could fritter my life away looking at the drivel I'm supposed to grade? No wonder people don't give essay questions--the display of ignorance (and utter lack of writing ability) is frightening. Ah, some of you are great, really wonderful people who are inspiring to meet and know, and you remain lifelong friends. Others.... should just sign up in today's army.

High school Seniors 3

I fucking hate the seniors at my highschool. Just because they've been in the school longer than we have have makes them think that they are somehow superior to us. When your walking in the hallway, you always have to move aside for them, like they're fucking royalty. And they're allowed to cut infront of you in the lunch lines whenever they please, and its just accepted as part of the culture. And as if this isn't enough to drive a person crazy, they even have a lounge thats for senior use only. Can someone please explain to me what is so damn special about seniors?

school students 4

I haven't posted here in a LONG time.. but some SHITHEAD really pissed me off today. Those FUCKIN' LOSERS will probably be reading this later, if not now (oh yes, you know what I mean.. damn bitch thinks she's so smart). I'm talking about the bitch and that FUCKIN' GEEK that was with her behind me in the lab I'm in right now. Whether or not they are who I think they could be, they can BURN IN HELL. Fuck knows if they even attend the school and I could care less. I heard them whispering about me.. people think I never hear them.. FUCKIN' STUPID!!! I'm ALWAYS listening.. although sometimes I don't care.

Watch what you say because someday your mouth will get you in big shit someday.. if not with me, then someone else. Just a matter of time..

Regardless of how pathetic they think I am.. they NEED TO GET A LIFE!!! Regardless that I'm not employed and that they probably wondered "doesn't he have anything better to do?".. WHY DO YOU GIVE A FUCK?!? What I do is MY BUSINESS AND UP TO ME, and I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OR WHO YOU ARE. TO ME, YOU ARE AN INSIGNIFICANT PIECE OF NO GOOD STINKING SHIT!!!!!!

I don't understand WHY people concern themselves with me.. they don't even know who I am (but people always think they know what I'm about, yet they would feel the same way when it comes to strangers who would say anything about them).  EAT SHIT AND DIE.

Lazy Grad Students 5

Why is it that some people seem to constantly skirt the rules, regulations and guidelines that bind the rest of us? Yeah it happens all the time but the two places where it irks me the most are academia and the work place. Being fortunate enough to get into a competitive graduate program at a Western research university, I assumed this kind of thing wouldn't be kosher and that people would be respected for their achievements and that the slackers and worthless halfwits would get what they deserved and be booted out according to the supposedly stern guidelines upon which we were all admitted to the program.

Lo and behold, however, that this isn't the case at all. It seems that instead, backdoor shenanigans, behind the scenes dealings and 'office politics' run rampant. I watch people fail classes, lower their GPA *well* below the purported minimum and even drop their total credit hours below what is allowed. They even get complaints for being shitty teaching assistants, the only job they have outside of passing their classes! Despite all these transgressions, sometimes even by the same person in the same semester, their contract is renewed (for the same salary as mine) and nothing happens to them at all. There's no warning, no pay cut, no dropping of the assistantship as was claimed in the paperwork we all signed.

Why is it that slackers who can't even shave before coming to work and holding office hours (if they even show up at all) get paid just as much as me, get the same tuition discounts and employment perks, without having to do any of the hard work? Why is it that I have to take several classes at the same time to meet the department's standards while these people can drop classes and drop a third to half their workload without any consequences? They're below the minimum number of credit hours for an assistantship and nothing happens to them at all, absolutely nothing!

It really says something when the department staff claims they are unable to afford necessities like copies of the textbooks for the teaching assistants but they have no problem doling out paychecks for undeserving, lazy graduate students that can't do their job, much less meet the academic standards under which they were employed in the first place.

I hope you bastards get what you have coming when you leave graduate school, preferably in the form of a pink slip from an employer that refuses to tolerate your laziness.

Stupid Ass High School People 6

I'm tired of all of these fake ass bitches at my high school. These ol' bitch ass punks don't say shit to me...Hell, they don't even know I exist. And yet, they still expect me to help them with all of their stupid ass problems. They piss me off with their fake shit, then they wonder why I act like an asshole to them. GET A CLUE YOU FAKE ASS BITCHES!!!

Students 7

I am so damn angry because students don't give a shit and do not try on tests, even though I do all I can to make the class fun. Now, the piece of shit principal blames me for their low test scores saying I don't try hard enough to encourage them. WTF? I am so discouraged!

Students 8

Students my age are so immature! They all hate each other for no reason! Everything they say is so stupid, and hate people just because they are a spiteful pile of filth, all of them.

Unjust academic success 9

I am angry. Not just plain, boring angry, I am damn angry. Some mistook my anger for jealousy at school today when I tried to share my frustration, but I assure you, I'm not jealous, I'm angry.

Let's begin from the top. Every year at school here in Melbourne they give select seniors bursaries for so-called 'academic success'. At my school there are fairly smart people- not geniuses or child prodigies or anything but still smart- us 'nerds' at school all were pretty sure who was going to take out dux and bursaries etc. people like (not naming names) Ella, Fiona, Georgia. So today at school, during assembly the Head announces the four people who would be receiving the major bursaries from the Councillor. This came as a shock as

a) awards night isn't usually until mid November and 

b) only two people get bursaries- not four. I was sitting there expecting the usual 'shiners' to receive an award but then MASSIVE SHOCK! For privacy purposes I'm just going to call these four Anna, Bella, Chris and Diane. Let's go into depth of these characters.

I'm pretty sure when you went to school you can remember that person who was a massive suck-up to teachers and had all the personality traits of a nerd, yet isn't one. Getting Sound achievement on almost all assesment pieces except for the occasion fail. Well Anna is that girl.

Bella on the other hand was the underachieving, chain-smoking, school ditching skank (excuse the term, but it's true). She isn't a favourite in classrooms with teachers and quite frankly, I think she loathes school. Bella getting a $200 cheque for academic success was like a bad joke or something, a bad joke that the Head didn't notice.

Chris. What can be said about Chris. Let's see, he is in alot of my classes and yes, he is smart- but there are tonnes of people with a higher level of intelligence than him. He is the type of person who hates maths and science and makes sure the entire world knows of HIS pain in doing work. He has no interest in the effort the teachers have gone to to help him in these subject areas and generally gives up on the work and sulks or storms out of class. He is mildly smart as I said but no way polite or any of that jazz.

Lastly is Diane. I have nothing against Diane. She is a kind, sweet girl who is quite smart and an overall well-behaved student. Although I am left wondering why it was her to get it over practically wizz's.

So as you can see I am angry, although I'm not sure who exactly I'm angry with. The Head for selecting these idiots out of a hat or the students who received the cheque. The fact I'm angered may not be apparent to you, the reader, but to me, bursaries and end of year awards are crucial. Especially when I was expecting myself to be at least in the running to get a bursary. The second aspect of my rant is the fact three out of four 'overnight prodigies' (excluding Diane) were gloating for the entire day about how 'they're so smart' and their 'major, top-of-school award' all this plus the fact they received a cheque and get an assembly dedicated to academic success. Seeing as though no-one sees eye-to-eye with me about this anger, I thought that posting this online would make me feel better, which is does. All the anger in me has been released. Ahhhh!

College Kids 10

As my dad is fond of saying, "You can't teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it annoys the pig." The idea is, there are some things people just aren't capable of.

Take college kids. They're too sheltered to pay any attention and will probably remain that way. Up until age 18 these dopes were dreaming of facebook titty shots in their twin beds, peeing on rubber sheets, which mommy and daddy washed along with their underoos. Their new babysitters are the beleaguered faculty and staff put in charge of "teaching" these urchins. Young adults? More like walking sweat sponges soaked in Axe--- so gawky they look like their head sprouted from the pimply goo that encases them. Ooooh, you got TWO laptops for Christmas? And those new Ugg boots and your bright, drapey sweater rags? GOOD FOR YOU! You hit that mall HARD over Winter Break, I can tell.

A word to the wise, kiddies. Your future boss won't tell you to put the fucking iPhone away. You just won't get promoted-- if you can get a job with all your, like, totally, uhhm, not good way you, like speak, you know? And while you may not think it's obvious that you're staring at every word write while taking notes in class, I can feel your sleep-crusted eyeballs on me and I don't like it. Also, the middle of a staircase is not the place to stop and have a conversation with three others. This goes beyond courtesy, to which you clearly feel no inclination. It's just common sense!!! And, Miz Rhinestone Encrusted Headband, the next time you or any of your little chums decide to stop on those stairs, I'mma push a bitch!!!

PS: Don't major in Anthropology unless you're Indiana Jones's illegitimate child. Ass.

Assholes in School 11

I'm a cheerleader and yes I am almost 6 feet tall and yet some of the assholes at my school have been making fun of me over a particular incident that happened outside of school.

I was doing Cheerleading practices when some squirrels came chasing after me.

However my Fatass Asshole History Teacher made fun of me and so did everyone else when I told them what happened and he said the reason those Squirrels chased me was because they thought I was a Tree.

Ever since then the most popular guy in School named Patrick has made my life miserable by making fun of me by saying George of the Jungle better watch out for me and when I fell on my ass one day in class he yelled "TIMBER" and got everyone in class to laugh at me I swear I hate him.

Then another asshole named Brandon came in class one day when I was told to be quiet for 30 minutes and then Brandon made me blurt out something and caused me to lose so I tackled him to the ground.

Then one day Brandon took my shoes and threw them out the window so I had to climb out the window to get my shoes and then Brandon took my shoes and tried to shut the windows on me. Brandon would let me back in if I did three tree growth dances while everyone in the school was watching my humiliation while Patrick continued to torment me with his tree jokes.

I hate all of those assholes and that fatass teacher of mine, i'm switching schools, that way they can't torment me ever again.

Fucking Assholes.

*Note from Anger Central
First, we would file a complaint against that teacher. Way to many of these "Professional Educators" shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a classroom, and this idiot sounds like he or shee should be flipping burgers somewhere.
I would get your parents involved.
Next, deal with the loudmouthed bullies. Find things on them and, in a lwful maner, show them the error of their ways. If they break the law, sic the cops on them.
Revenge, if done correctly, can be very sweet indeed. (No violence or law breaking)

Slugfest Carl vs. Randal 12

I am retiring as a Substitute Teacher after what happened a while back when 2 students in the class I was subbing for, were having a slugfest in class ever since Recess. At Recess was when Carl and Randal were both fighting with eachother and after separating them several times I had them both stand at the wall for the remainder of recess but it didn't end there.

For the remainder of the day Carl and Randal kept fighting during class. They were punching eachother, throwing pencils at eachother, hitting eachother in the head with Science Books, crawling on the floor and Wrestling under the desks. This is not how 4th Graders should behave.

I sent them both to a regular Teacher's class to have her discipline these 2 since i'm not their regular teacher only Sub but I did let the regular teacher know of Carl and Randal's behavior and they won't be getting another recess for awhile.

I was at my Wits End and next year I'm going to sub for another School before I end up an alcoholic.

*Note from Anger Central
May as well bail while you can. The school system in America is in the process of collapsing.
Those two will probably end up getting shot trying to pull a robbery or something. Sounds like they won't be any great loss to society.

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