I am so fucking pissed off that to label it as simply "angry" would be a major understatement and an insult! I work with this guy.....we'll call him Steve *****. He's such an arrogant PRICK!!!! Words cannot describe his attitude and behavior. PRICK is the best description. Though he has only been with the company for 8 months, he walks around thinking he's the fucking manager! He belittles the true manager (out of petty envy), hoping this will score him the position. He fucks with everyone's minds, is a general fucking man-whore, yet manages to carry with him a "holier-then-thou" outlook.

Well, fuck you, you backstabbing, two-faced snake! We all know what you're about! Why you haven't been canned yet is a mystery beyond mystery. Do me a favor and do something stupid, LIKE STEALING, just so I can have the pleasure of watching your sorry ass be hauled out the door in a set of silver bracelets. Why do good employees get shit on, and the assholes get away with it?

Stefan 2

Stefan... The very name conjures up hatred in my mind. I was friends with this guy when I was younger, but now he's a completely pathetic lazy good-for-nothing. He clings to what few friends he has left who only hang out with him out of pity. Then he follows you around like a dog. This alone wouldn't be so bad, if he didn't constantly whine. He complains about everything, yet he doesn't have the initiative to change anything. Once I invited the guy over to hang out with a couple of my friends and myself. Every once and a while I invite my friends over and I cook a big meal. I just ask my friends to bring something, and we have a nice big meal. All I needed him to bring was a piece of meat to cook. Anything, beef, chicken, pork, zebra, spam, I'd even take soy. I thought this was only reasonable, because last time we made chili all I asked him to bring was a paper package of the cheap chili powder. He didn't tell me before he came he couldn't bring what I asked. He didn't give me any advanced warning. As far as I knew, when he walked in that door he had meat with him. He shows up with a bunch of pre-packaged frozen food he had around the house. These things are one serving meals, and he only brought two of them. So I'm kind of screwed. I think about running to the grocery store, or asking someone else too, but I didn't want to sour the mood and make Stefan look bad. I manage to make a semi-decent meal that everyone else eats and says is good mostly out of politeness, but then Stefan rounds the corner and throws a hissy fit. Being a meat and potatoes kind of guy he's angry that there's vegetables mixed in with the meat. After taking advantage of me and my friends generosity the first time with the chili, which was completely fine we didn't ask him to bring anymore, but we did have expectation that he'd pay into it a little bit. Then he screws us over without advanced notice, and complains. Had his brother, who I respect, not been there I would have kicked him out of the house. On first glance you might think that Stefan is just a guy down on his luck who can't afford to bring a nice piece of meat, and was too ashamed of himself to call. However, Stefan is in his early twenties, works a full time job, and lives with his parents who pay for everything, food, electricity, cable, even his gas and car insurance. The only expense Stefan has is the extravagant amounts of money he spends on video games. But apparently he couldn't fit food into his budget. I guess it's hard to figure food into your budget when your mommy pays for everything. The real factor wasn't money though, Stefan was simply too lazy to swing by the grocery store on the way over. This isn't an isolated incident either. Whenever Stefan needs something done that requires hard work, he tries to con his ever-shrinking list of friends to help him. I remember once I got conned into helping him move in, and most of the time he was slacking off in the house hiding from work to benefit him! He's too lazy to even help himself. That's why the pity that once motivated me to hang out and help Stefan has evaporated. If he's too lazy to help himself, then why should I help him?

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