Arrogant Snobs

Arrogant snobs piss me off. Who the fuck do they think they are. They probably date right back to high school where they act like they are the best thing since sliced bread. They are the sports jocks and the beauty queens. The rest are just divided into different categories (Computer geeks, potheads, library group, pedophiles etc) You know what, fuck them. We can laugh in their faces when they are the shitkickers of the world and we are in high paying jobs with superior jobs.

Snobby Girls 2

I don't like the way that snobby girls always tick me off. For example, this bratty girl Brandyn tells me, " You're so ugly your face looks like dog poo." HOW HARD IS IT TO SAY I"M SORRY AFTER YOU SAY IT PEOPLE?! Anyway, I am genuinely ticked at snobs.

Snobs 3

Snobs are just pretentious ignorant fucks who don't care about anything else but themselves. The only time they care is only when it concerns them. No wander nobody likes them, they act like they can't give a fuck about life. When they get a taste of their own medicine, swallow it! What goes around, comes around motherfuckers!!!

Skinny/Fat people 4

Im angry at the fat that skinny people think they are better than everyone, im angry at the fact that some guys have the nerve to be soo shallow and mark some girl off their "dating list" because of her outter appearence weather it looks like they weigh too much or if they look sickly skinny. Well does anyone have the nerve to ask y they are the way they are. I mean maybe they need help. To the people who kill their insides trying to be skinny like the magazines have plastered in the majority of the teenage girls' heads out there, just stop! Look at what you eat! Eat healthier and less of it! That doesnt mean to stop eating because when you finally decide to eat something your body will cling to it! The Best way is to eat a little less and to work out! Dont over work yourself because getting to a slimmer you takes time!

and to the people who think they can make fun of bigger people and call them names like "fat" seriously, think of what you are saying?!?! Fat, thats something is inside you its really impossible to be FAT.. And another thing, unless you have 0% body fat you shouldnt talk because im pretty sure majority of this world has SOME type of fat in their bodies! Please, dont frown upon a person that looks slightly bigger than you and start whispering about them... How would you feel if some freakin skinnier person came up to you with some friends and started talking about how you are fat!?

O and Bigger people in denial, if you hear someone call you fat or big or over weight or annything offensive, dont go and EAT MORE just have that motivate you more to become your desired size! HELL write it down on a piece of paper, and pin it up on your freakin wall with who said it so it really pisses you off and motivates you to get where you wish! Then when you are finally happy with your weight, thank that person in the end, because they helped you!!!!! So yeah that is all i have to say!
I dont discriminate between larger people and i dont discriminate against skinny people... I however DO NOT like people who hurt themselves to get skinny!

All I have to say is love yourself and be happy with your self and if you arent change yourself... But only for the better!

*Note from Anger Central
Placed here due to the scattershot targets.

judgmental people 5




Strict people 6

I get angry at people that take everything too seriously.

There is nothing worse than having a happy, funny, or just some overall good event ruined by some strict idiot lecturing about everybody being inappropriate. Nobody was being mean or harmful, so loosen up and and have some fun in your pitiful life.

judgmental people 7

I'm so sick of people thinking that just because I'm skinny that I make fun of people for being fat. I REFUSE to make fun of someone who is overweight because I know how much those comments can hurt. Another reason is because my mom is overweight and she is one of the strongest, most amazing people I have ever known. So the next time you see someone skinny and automatically think they're a bitch and all they do is laugh at fat people and judge them, why don't you try shutting up and quit being a hypocrite? Seriously, stop judging us because we're not all bad people.

Grammar snobs 8

Grammar snobs are the worst. It's bad enough trying to have conversations with all sorts of stupid motherfuckers over the internet. Now people have to interrupt others over fucking typos, as if anybody gives a shit. You bitch and act self righteous to everybody who has ever made a typo in their life. Fuck off and fuck you pricks! I plan on becoming a web master, and I'll always IP ban the grammer cunts over the peaple thot moke typoes. That was spelled badly just to piss you losers off. Go fuck yourselves!

Offended people 9

Offended people really need to stop taking offense at things I like.

I wish the feminists would stop taking offense at sexy women. It's not wrong for a woman to be sexy. I respect women as people and I respect their independence and intelligence, but according to feminists I am oppressing women because I love women that dress sexy.

It sucks when people get offended at violence in movies and video games. I like violence so stop bothering me. I don't go out hurting or killing people, and that's because this stuff is just entertaining. It doesn't cause people to kill others.

Finally, I don't like socialists that take offense at America and capitalism. I want to create my own business and trade my goods and service to other people for money. I'm not stealing anything from anybody. You do want to steal my right to freedom because you are offended and whiny.

Stop being offended. Stop trying to ban things.

Opinionated People 10

I know I happen to be sitting quietly in the same room as you, but it doesn't mean I want to listen to your opinions. And when I don't give you the response that you feel entitled to, it doesn't mean that I am stupid or somehow incapable of grasping your brilliance.

Did you consider that maybe your opinions are just your opinions, and not the universal truth? Did you ever consider that maybe I may not want to stop whatever it is I am doing just because you have something to say right now. Now before you stand there telling me how the real world is and how I should behave accordingly, consider that I am not the one who has the problem. Maybe it's you. Idiot.

Perfect ones! 11

Well, I hate my school and majority of the students in it! They're just too busy making their selves famous! Some of the groups don't even try to befriends with you because you aren't good enough as they are/you don't do things they do! WTF! It sucks being a part of the "REJECTS". (That's what I call to people like me.) It's like being lost in space! I hate my life even more. Shit.

Tooting theyer own horn 12

It drives me absolutely crazy you know the person or people... I am soooo awesome...I am very well taken care of by my boyfriend I am so awesome ...Is this for real at first I thought it was a joke... there are attention whores out there and this is how they convince themselves that they are soooooo awesome.... hahaha you never know just how you look through all the other peoples eyes if you did you would wither up in a pool of your own vomit and humiliation... now that is awesome!

Entitled Blacks that Act Very Demanding 13

I am so angry at these crackheads who I knew from High School and don't ask why i'm every friends with them because they go around making post after post acting very demanding and acting entitled to shit and acts like everyone owes them. Hey Dumbass nobody owes you a goddamn thing and writing post after post running your damn mouths talking shit saying we put more effort in making memes online than supporting a narcissistic loser like you, shut the fuck up. You don't deserve any support if you're going to go around demanding support and respect that's not how it works and saying people owe you, fuck off asshole nobody owes your dumbass a goddamn thing. I blocked this loser because nothing is more annoying than seeing some of these dumbass crackheads from High School going around demanding and acting entitled over their doomed to start Rapping careers guess what take your stupid ass shit the fuck away from me and do something more constructive with your life as in get a real job and set an example for Black People instead of being the reason why everyone hates you all.

Then you have black girls talking shit about men and money which is something a lot of these dumb bitches prefer over the other. Yeah nothing is more hit the block button worthy than seeing these stupid bitches talking shit about how they think men should trest them like Queens and always entitled and expecting them to bring them money and don't do a goddamn thing back. Yeah you dumbass bitches can go fuck yourselves, that's not how it works, do yourselves a favor a get a job yourselves and if you expect men to do everything for you than guess what you stupid bitches have nobody to blame but yourselves as to why you remain single forever you vile trashy bitches go prostitute in the streets why don't you.

Then some other dumbass who in his Profile Picture is wearing a suit made a post talking about how he thinks it's funny to cuss out fast food workers. Really wearing that damn suit and you think it's funny to cuss out McDonalds workers, they are trying to make a living and you make it stressful for them on purpose by cussing them out. You need to do something else with your life because obviously your dumbass has too much time on your hands.

I really have no tolerance for dumbass black people on facebook and is the reason racism is still a thing; how about instead of doing dumbass shit how about actually setting examples on how to act as a descent human being instead of setting an example on making dumbasses out of yourselves.

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